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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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another lame shift for the -- lane shift for the bay bridge starting in a few hours. what drivers can expect when they make a slight detour to the right in oakland. state parks were ordered to close because of the state's broken budget. why the feds are saying not so fast. there are a lot of people who find themselves at pantries who never thought they would be at a pantry. >> and people living in one of the most affluent areas in the state are finding themselves at the food bank. the unlikely place here in the bay area where new pantries are opening. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. >> the bay bridge will remain open despite road crews reconfiguring some of the lanes off the lower deck. all to make room for bridge
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construction crews to make a landing for the new eastern span. don knapp is in oakland to explain how the new lane con figure race is going to -- configuration is going to work. >> reporter: folks are liable to be a little anxious on another holiday weekend seeing another project come along. i would say brace for, it but really, we're hearing it should be a piece of cake. >> this is traffic coming off the bay bridge on the oakland side as seen from chopper 5. drivers may paid little attention to the newly paved lanes on the right but starting tonight they will begin driving on them. >> probably around midnight you will see us take lanes eastbound coming off the bay bridge into oakland. we will be moving all five lanes of traffic to the south. >> reporter: caltrans put this animation on bay bridge to show how it works. drivers coming off the bridge in the oakland side will jog a bit to the right on the new 1,000-foot stretch of lane and caltrans does not plan to shut down the bridge or slow traffic. selected eastbound lanes will be
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shut down overnight from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., but traffic is expected to move smoothly. >> the reason we're doing this is to gain a little time on our construction schedule, and open the entire bridge at one time. by moving all of the traffic to the south, with this detour, and one we will do early next year westbound, we will put a construction beam in between the existing bridge and the new bridge and complete a part of the bridge that is going to have to take an additional six months to do. >> reporter: what about traffic heading west? nothing for them now. but that is coming, too. >> early next year, westbound, we're going to build out the bridge, the approach a little bit. shift traffic over. and then once we've made that traffic shift, we're going to surgically remove part of that structure. and that's what is going to give us the space to put a construction crew in between the two bridges. >> after big closures during a couple of past labor day, and problems with folks adjusting to the s curve, caltrans is taking no chances on what is little more than a jog in the road. >> whenever we affect main line 80 we have to take extra caution
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in making sure people understand their commute will change. we have been under construction for the bay bridge for a while and the alignments don't change that often. we just want people to know. >> reporter: once again with lanes closed, traffic should still move along just fine, at least in theory. >> we will keep our fingers crossed on that. don knapp in oakland, thank you. bart riders are experiencing some delays this weekend. bart crews are doing some repairs and maintenance work on the transbay chute that requires shutting down half the tunnel because under the san francisco bay, the work began last night after the last train rolled through and wrapped up around 2:30 this afternoon. they will be back at it tonight, tomorrow and again next weekend. expect delays of 20 to 40 minutes, while the work is going on. governor jerry brown's plan to close state parks to save money has hit a bit of a snag. federal officials say the state cannot close 16 of the parks on the governor's list because they receive federal funds that require the parks to stay open.
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among the parks that get federal money are castle rock state park in santa clara county, and candlestick point in san francisco. that's good news for park users who say the parks are vital to their communities. >> it would be a shame. it really would be. taking away from the community. we already need something, an outlet to go to. and this is close to home. it is a beautiful site. a lot of people would be hurt by that. >> if the state closes the parks, the national park service could declare california ineligible for future park grants. today thousands of bay area scouts remember the true meaning of this memorial day weekend. at golden gate national cemetery in san bruno, this morning, they placed american flags at the graves of soldiers who have died in the line of duty. there are 138,000 graves here. every fallen soldier was honored. >> we're just showing how much we care, and that what they've done for our country is not just looked upon and looked away.
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i mean they are true heros to us. >> the 2500 boy scout, girl scouts and cub scouts helped decorate the grave sites today. the groups have been doing this every memorial day weekend for more than 50 years. the economy might be bouncing back slowly but there are still a lot of people, still struggling to get by. and to eat. even people in affluent bay area communities. anne makovec shows us the need in marin county, and the help that is now available. >> organic celery. the bad news here, is that there are a lot of people who find themselves at pantries who never thought they would be at a pantry. >> reporter: the good news, they have a new place to go. the fairfax community church. it opened two weeks ago. since then, the number of people coming has doubled. >> i was happy to know it is right here because i live two blocks away and i don't have to get a big box of stuff and try to figure out how to get it home. >> this unemployed single mom used to hitchhike five miles to
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the nearest pantry. >> i pretty much live here. and carry the food back to my place. >> reporter: his play is a tent in the forest. and then there are the seniors who can't make ends meet. >> right now, i'm waiting for my ssi, and just a few more days. this will tied me over until then. >> reporter: marin county has always been known as an affluent community. the unemployment rate is 7.6%, the lowest in two years and the low nest california. but still, there are a lot of people who need help. >> that's the stereotype. and then is the reality, in reality, it is something very different. and i think that all of us have to wake up to the needs that are here. >> so many people competing for jobs right now that i find it makes it a lot harder. you just can't walk into a place anymore and ask for a job. >> reporter: the food bank hopes to open three more pantries in marin county this year, using volunteers and donated space. >> we want to be accessible to the families who need them. >> it can't solve all of the
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problems but if it can help a little bit, we're all over it. >> reporter: in fairfax, anne makovec, cbs 5 eyewitness news. we have human remains. but that includes partial remains. >> agony for hundreds of families, wanting to bury their loved one, a week after a deadly tornado. what is taking so long. plus, the determination of others, searching for the missing. thousands forced from their homes because of a wildfire. allowed to come home. but the fire fight is far from over. well, we take a look outside, we can see scattered showers and mostly cloudy skies. i have the detailed pinpoint forecast coming up next.
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southern california. firefighters h arly half of it progress on a wildfire burning in southern california. firefighters have a line around nearly half of it. that's despite strong winds fanning the flames. thousands of people who were
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evacuated were allowed to return home last night. two square miles, 1400 acres have burned near lake isabella northeast of bakersfield. the death toll is now up to 142. tonight, authorities in joplin, missouri, are working to identify all the tornado victims and return their remains to loved ones. but it is a slow process. and we have more on how many families are frustrated. >> reporter: the family of will norton is just beginning to breathe. loved ones were told by authorities late friday that the teenager's body had been identified. >> there is no way that you can not be touched by seeing this beautiful face. an absolute perfect child. >> norton was driving home from the high school graduation sunday when the powerful tornado grabbed his suv and started flipping it. family members say the teenager's seatbelt snapped and he was either sucked out or ejected from the vehicle. his body was later found in a
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nearby pond. >> i can't tell you how difficult it is for us as a family to being out there searching every day and being worried that we would miss him and wouldn't find him. >> reporter: for other missouri family, the search for loved ones continues. lindsey molina is trying to find her sister melissa. >> i probably cry myself to sleep every night after i get down with the day. >> reporter: nearly a week after the deadly tornado, authorities are still trying to identify about 140 bodies. dna and dental records are being used to identify remains. it can be a long process. but officials say it is necessary in this case. >> we have human remains. but that includes partial remains. some of those remains may be the same person. >> reporter: which means many families will have to keep waiting to bury their loved
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ones. president obama travels to joplin tomorrow for his first look at the destruction. he has had a week-long trip to europe and the last stop was to poland where he promised u.s. help for the missile defense upgrading and missile power and the nuclear power to boost energy security. an airmen from northern california has been killed by a bomb in afghanistan. the defense department says 32-year-old christopher soleski from citrus heights died in the kandahar province. he and his bomb disposal team were responding to a report of a weapons cache when an improvised bomb exploded. he was in afghanistan since january and scheduled to come back this summer. ,,,,
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weekend, as they put the squeeze on gas prices might be keeping more families at home in memorial day weekend, as they put the squeeze on summer vacation plans. analysts say the average family spent $369 on gas last month. that's up from $201 in april, 2009. the latest lundberg survey shows a gallon of gas going for an average $3.97 nationwide. prices are going down since they peaked a few weeks ago but a dollar more now than this time last year. you can also blame higher gas prices on a more expensive holiday weekend barbecue. gas prices are causing food prices to rise. as a result, the average memorial day barbecue will cost 29% more this year, according to
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a survey in new york. the total cost for a dozen guests is expected to cost $200. $45 more than last year. and it is just food. and it doesn't include soda and alcohol. if you had a barbecue this afternoon, you might have seen some rain. eric is here. welcome first of all, glad to have you here. >> and you brought some brain -- some rain this memorial day weekend. >> yes, conditions for today, we had some showers all day, scattered, on and off, all day. and what is great, is that that is going to clear out by tomorrow. leaving us with a wonderful monday on tap. so we're going to see some cloudier conditions for tomorrow. clearing out by monday. so a wonderful memorial day on tap. remember that. let's take a look outside, you can see that we do have a lot of clouds. some low and mid-level clouds that are building up nicely. but that is just because we do have abundant moisture as far as the eye can see. let's make our way in and see what you can expect for our doppler radar system. we see here that we do have plenty of showers working their way into the region.
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we also have abundant moisture working its way in from the northwest here. so we can expect more showers, by later next week, and that's going to mean more showers for tuesday, possibly through thursday. and let's take a look at what we can expect for tonight. well, continues looking really good all around. we have 40s to 50s inland and showers for tonight and cloudy condition, all around. and as we look at the satellite, you can see the low here. folks it is certainly affecting us today. a lot of instability working its way in. we have a low that is working its way in by tuesday as well. and let's see what we can expect here, moving on in for the highs, for tonight, as we get this going here, again, the lows working their way in, rather well. so moving on in, we can see the temperatures for the low tonight, keeping it mainly in the 40s. cloudy conditions all around. oakland, 49 degrees. and san francisco, also seeing 49. along with pacifica. and redwood city, 47 for you. and as we take a look at our highs for tomorrow.
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looking a lot better. we will stay in the 70s. vallejo, a little cooler at 69 degrees. here is a look at the extended forecast. we can see that things are going to be a little bit cooler for the middle of next week. we have a cloudy condition, by tuesday, and as i mentioned, showers starting tuesday night, through thursday, and by friday, things are going to clear up nicely, leaving us with a nicer next weekend ahead. so ann, something to look forward to. >> all right. thank you very much, erika. well a retirement ceremony for two valley members of the san francisco police department today. >> clock ask 25 years old and served with sfpd since 1998. healthy but tired. and a right front leg injury here has caused him no longer to run. they're headed for a ranch in sonoma county. >> this is the ceremony that we
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do to retire these horses. it is to send them up to these ranches to give them some freedom and some pleasure at the end of their career. >> san francisco is one of the few police departments in the country that still uses horses. they work in golden gate park and during demonstrations and parades. kim coyle is here. we need some good news in the bay area. >> i have a little bit of good news for you. >> i know. but not a whole lot. >> not a whole lot. i don't know if the a's will get it in tonight. across the pond, jokavic puts his winning streak on the line in paris. and the brewers catch the giants by surprise. the finish in sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one day after hitting a grand slam in his majo we were just talking about what a depressing week it has been for the giants and giants fans. and we're waiting for something good to happen. >> it was really tough to be out therein on thursday. but a local guy from pleasanton, brandon crawford, he was teammates with buster posey in single a last year and one of the the players in major league history for a grand slam. one day after hitting a grand slam in the major league debut shortstop crawford was back on the bench and burres got the nod. one for four. and jonathan sanchez never had a chance for the win. bottom of the first, gomez slaps it down the right field line. but it gets under the glove of cody ross. and rolls all the way to the wall.
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and then the speedy gomez kicks it into high gear and comes all the way around for an inside the park homer. although i think the official scorer may want to rethink that decision. the giants offense finally woke up in the 8th. havril with a single to the left field and aaron rowand beats the run. and then in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. the brewers execute the suicide squeeze. perfectly. ryan brawn slides it down the line to win it. the brewers beat the giants 3-2. before the giants left for milwaukee, reliever jeremy asfelt made a trip to see bryan stow who was attacked on opening night in l.a. and made a trip to the hospital. >> i grabbed his hand and talked to him and prayed with him a little bit and he looked at me. and he looked over at me and it seemed like there was some stimuli there going on. but you know, for me, it was
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tough to take in. there was some pretty good damage done there. and i had to kind of absorb that as well. but it was good as well, it puts a lot of things in perspective. >> certainly does. cal's julian henderson pitched her 17th shutout of the season and frannie maria the first homer of the year to lead the bears to a 1-0 win over kentucky in the opening of the super regional. cal is one win away from advancing to the college world series. french open. the women as he side may be lacking star power with both williams sisters injured. and the top two seeds already eliminated. but on the men's side, the big three of federer, nadal and djokovic all survived the first week. >> djokovic has won 42 straight matches. he beat juan martin dell porto in four sets to advance to the round of 16 and is four wins away from tying the record of 46
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match winning streaks. and wouldn't you know it, he is also four wins away from winning the french open. 86,000 at wembley stadium for the uefa championship between manchester united and barcelona. 34th minute. barcelona up 1-0 with wayne rooney with a give and go. and the score is to get man u on the board but barcelona retook the lead for good in the 54th minute. an incredible season here with the 54rd goal for massy. for the third time in six season, the champion league tight the belongs to barcelona, they won against man u, 3-1. sergio garcia was not amused to see a mariachi band waiting for him after he bogeyed 16. and it was a good thing they didn't follow him to 18. he bogeyed again. and finished with a 74. fortunately, ryan palmer also struggled down the stretch. with bogeys on three of the
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final five holes. he leads sergey by one stroke. the course is certainly winning this weekend in irving. only 15 players are under par. lebron and the heat have been criticized all year for the decision and the welcome party that followed. but there has been one person in their corner from the beginning. miami radio host dan lee bitard. >> they got them all. >> discounted. gangsters. pimps. guns. godfather. we got them all. everybody wanted one of them. we got them all! >> give it to me again. give it to me again? the point at the end. lebron got them all. everyone wanted one of them. he got them all. lebron can't close. lebron can't close anything. except for an overtime game. except for an elimination game. except for boston's window. except for the season of a
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hallowed franchise. lebron can't close anything. how does it go for lebron? >> and we got to wait until tuesday night, that's when game one is, in miami, and it is really going to be interesting how dirk handles him and obviously lebron should be matched up on dirk. so it should be a lot of fun. >> i'm looking forward to saturday for another great clip. >> all of that just makes me want to pull for the mavs once more. >> just to hear him. >> thank you for being so positive about the skw skwraoeupbtsz. -- giants. guys will step up. and brandon belt may get going and it is like a free agent acquisition getting him back in the line up. >> thank you, kim. well, they are artist lovers of japanese culture and cartoon characters, and anime convention, and some of the attracts are drawing big crowds this weekend. that's coming up. 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30, we will see you back here in a half an hour and then of course at 10:00 and 11:00.
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see you then. good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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