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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  May 29, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. good evening, i'm an note a rang low.
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she was in the middle of a nurses class when she stepped outside and she hasn't been seen since. tonight police say they need help to find a 26-year-old student. wendy is wednesday linda yeah is at the hospital where she was last seen. linda. >> reporter: this is where they say they last saw michelle le on friday. she was in her nursing class. lee's plan was to pick up a friend and head torino that night. she left class around 7:00 but the friend who was waiting for her told investigators lee never showed up and did not call to cancel that trip. classmates did tell them she usually parked in the garage nector the medical center. the police did find her car but not in that medical center garage. the honda c rx see owns was found locked a few blocks away. they are waiting for a warrant
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to search inside. >> nothing points to foul play from the outside of the vehicle but obviously we do want to go inside the vehicle and check for papers, for reseats, for notes or directions, anything at all that may lead us to michelle an to where she might be right now. we're interviewing people and trying to identify who is currently in her life, both friends, boyfriends, anybody she may have had an argument with. none of those things have come to light. as well as the past, anybody that had a vin death vendetta against her, or somebody she was dating she might have picked up with again. >> reporter: she did have her cell phone and they were able to pick up seasonals in union city, fremont and oakland. they did try to call her several times. she did not pick up and a signal has since disappeared. they have heard nothing from that cell phone in the last 12 hours. >> hopefully she is found.
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police are investigating the murder of a mother of five. the 35-year-old woman was found shot to death inside her mercedes in the 4,000 block of amber way. a 20-year-old man police suspect was shot at the same time showed up at the hossa short time later. witnesses have not been cooperative. two more homocide this weekend pushed san jose's murder rate this year past the rate for all of last year. in the first 5 months of 2011 there have already been 22 homocide. there were 20 in all of 2010. smooth sailing, though, as promised on the bay bridge. work on the eastbound lanes finished ahead of schedule. it was expected to day three nights but it only took two. what divers can expect next. >> reporter: as of 8:15 this morning this is the new view approaching oakland driving east from san francisco on the bay bridge, there is a jog to the right in the road way, a
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new set of lanes that moves trach every traffic over so they can continue working on the new bay bridge. >> the strips slow you down. >> this driver didn't notice the curve to the right. >> i did not but i also hadn't had my coffee so -- >> reporter: a lot of coffee from caltrans crews who worked from 1:00 this morning to 8:15 finishing so quickly the work for tonight is canceled. after the s curve debacle where construction confused a lot of drivers caltrans wanted to make sure this transition went smoothly. >> i'm expecting it to be different and being cautious about it but i'm afraid other people might not know about it and then i have to watch out for them. >> reporter: now drivers can watch out for the next phase of construction, a temporary catwalk built on the new structure within the next couple of months where they'll start stringing cable later this year. then in early 2012 we'll see
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another jog in traffic this time westbound. >> early next year westbound we're gonna build out the bridge, the approach, a little bit, shift traffic over, and then once we have made that traffic shift we're going to surgically remove part of that structure. and that's what's gonna give us the space to put a construction crew in between the two bridges. >> reporter: the new bridge tower is almost complete stocked with the world's largest cable saddle earlier this month. the bridge is expected to be finished ahead of schedule in 2013. anne mackovic, cbs5. checking other bay area headlines, an underground transformer explosion shut down a stretch of the embarcadero near peer 3 this morning, the blast was underground and blew two-man hole covers into the air. no word on what caused the explosion and no one was hurt. parole records of the man beating brian stow did not include his tattoos. the information was absent from
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the computer database and may help identify 31-year-old ramirez sooner. it was a tip from his parole officer who led to a break in the case. ramirez has not yet been charged but police say they are confident he will be. oakland library supporters are demanding the mayor put a tax on the ballot, he has proposed closing the libraries unless he receives union concessions or tax revenue. they have been blocking the partial tax saying the city needs to look for other funding sources. a controversial memorial for the jonestown massacre has been officially unveiled in oakland and it's a tribute to the 918 people who died including the consult leader, jim jones, who ordered his followers to commit suicide in 1978. a relative of some of the victims filed suit to keep jones' name off the memorial but a judge rejected it.
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>> traffic, 100 years. >> no. >> obviously that is not what -- she said "i forgave him years ago, that's what contributes my healing, you cannot feel if there is no forgive news necessary. but the woman who filed the first lawsuit says she plans to file another one to get his namoff the memorial. his son contributed $20,000 to build the monument. the alarming details about toxins in fresh caught seafood. >> you are actually eating a bunch that you didn't pay for. >> a bit of sweat equity leads to sweet results, the tradition that has whole families working for their food. well folks, we saw a wonderful day today, mostly clear sky conditions and warmer temperatures. things are gonna change. i have your pinpoint forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this!
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[ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. some of the species caught in bay area waters could be hazardous to your health. so e wary a warning for fish lovers. some of the species caught in bay area waters could be hazardous to your health. which fish should be weary of? don nap on the toxic advisory.
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>> reporter: ezra quan caught this fish off the pacifica peer. thanks to him and his family it's a bottom feeder low in pcb's and mercury. but very few were aware of a large sport fish containing mercury contamination. >> i'm a sport fisherman. >> and you eat what you catch? >> no. >> what do you do do with it? >> i give it away. >> reporter: the study points out that fish higher on the food change, shark, striped bass and perch have more of it while halibut, red rock crab and white croaker are lower. doctor jay davis led the first state-wide survey of contaminants in sport fish. >> we're finding moderate levels of contamination in most of the areas we have looked at. there are very few areas that are totally clean where the, all the fish were below all of the guidelines. >> reporter: davis says a good
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listing of what's safe and what's not can be found by googling my water quality and opening the first site that comes up, water in the bay, some concentrations are pretty high and concentrations of me they'll mercury in some species are pretty high. so there you need to be more cautious. >> reporter: it's a bit difficult to sort out which fish to fish for and where. >> the fish are a great source of nutrition, protein and formiga fatty acids. we don't want to scare people away from eating fish. >> reporter: you are it sounds like. >> like many foods these days, you need to read the label, you need to be informed. >> reporter: fortunately, says davis, the northern california coast and the pacific appear in particular have to have relatively low concentrations of toxins in fish. don nap. the so-called geezer bandit is at it again. he hit his 14th bank friday
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near san luis obispo. the elderly man pulled a gun on a teller and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. the same man is suspected of hitting 11 banks in the san diego area sips 2009. he has also held up branches in bakersfield and santa barbara. the f.b.i. says the man appears to be in his 70s though he could be wearing a disguise. no complaints about today's weather but we have glowing reviews for tomorrow. plus they put on their dance shoes for carnival. how the celebration concluded today. latin rhythms, colorful ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,
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lot of skin, on full display at san francisco's carnaval parade. latin rhythms, colorful costumes and a lot of skin on full display at san francisco's carnival parade. today was the second day of the celebration commencement. samba down 24th street in the mission district. it is the annual showcase of latin american culture, food, music and of course dance. this is about as fresh as food gets, cherry ripe for the pickings in the east bay. john ramos on the sweet reward. >> reporter: the roads outside brentwood are clogged with holiday travelers. but this isn't about visiting grandma. they are here for the cherries. >> it's fun to go out and have an experience, i never done it before. >> reporter: for thousands of bay area people, picking cherries right off the tree has become a memorial day tradition. >> $42. >> reporter: majory ranch is one of the two dozen cherry
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growers in the area. most is shipped off commercially but one weekend a year the customer come to them. >> i just think they like being out in the country and enjoy a day of it so when you grow up around here it's nothing new to you, you know, but these people don't see it all the time i guess. >> reporter: whole families come out here, including some people who look like they have never been off the pavement in their lives. oh, and there's one more tradition here. in a store it's considered shoplifting but here it's called sampling. >> sitting on a ladder eating cherries all day. >> reporter: so you are actually eating a bunch you didn't pay for. >> exactly. you have to weigh us before we go in and then weigh the bucket. >> reporter: it is considered to be one of the toughest jobs, farm work, that you ever do. why would people pay to pick fruit off a tree that they can buy in any supermarket? >> you get a chance to get out and explore and enjoy time with the family and do something different.
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>> it's just getting back to nature. yeah. >> reporter: so maybe that's it. maybe, in today's world where so many things we rely on are out of our control, it females comforting to do something that feels like we're providing for ourselves. then again, some people just really like cherries. >> i would like to eat all the cherries i want. >> in brentwood, john rims cbs5. beautiful breezy in brentwood. erica martinez here with our forecast. >> hello and hello everyone. conditions are wonderful today. we're seeing some mid-level clouds but over all mostly clear sky conditions and definitely a warmer day today. that was good news for everybody enjoying carnival and your memorial day weekend. as you head out this evening you can see breezy, temperatures clear, range prosecuting the 50s to the 60, the bay area 60s, along with the coastal area as well. we'll have you take a look at our pinpoint weather. we're sitting under the influence of that high pressure
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ridge, that low pressure system working its way over us yesterday giving us those showers has moved on east coast and so leaving us with a wonderful day today but things will change so staying cool and dry for tomorrow morning. but then we've got that low that's gonna dip on down and that's gonna bring us some increasing moisture, increasing clouds and some showers, that could linger through thursday. now for tonight, conditions are going to be a little cool, fairfield 46, conklin 48, all around we're gonna keep it in the 40s and the 50s trending below average. for tomorrow the highs, memorial day highs, looking cooler than we saw today. again not that bad but by tomorrow night things will change. you got 60s in the south bay, 57 for half moon bay, risks pin 62, pleasant hill 68, walnut creek 69 degrees, and as we make our way into the north bay petaluma 65 degrees. fairfield a little bit warmer there, 70 degrees, partly cloudy, sky conditions around. here is a look at your five-day
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forecast, we'll get to the seven-day. monday, partly cloudy sky conditions, then those chances of showers by tomorrow night. tuesday through thursday chances of showers, cloudy sky conditions. by friday we'll start to see a clearing up there and warming up as well saturday and sunday, the highs in the 70s, dennis, on to you. >> erica, enough rain already. want my golf clubs back out. welcome by the way. buster posey has surgery, i'm dennis o'donnell, good news and bad news. an incredible finish with the indiannapolis 500 involves a bay area driver. sports is next. ,,
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it was the 100th anniversary of the indiannapolis 500 and j.r. hildebrandt of salsalito was on the verge of winning his first start in the greatest spectacle of racing. the greens were firing on all cylinders, danika patrick had a strongs day starting 25th and eventually she led the race. but a fuel pit stop backfired and she finished in 10th place. the sal is salito kid j.r. hildebrandt took the lead and it was his to lose. >> no, no, he hit the wall, he has to get around. >> dan weldon is going to win the race. >> yeah, yeah, dan. >> that is unbelievable. >> j.r. hildebrandt crashes on the final turn, he gives up the lead to dan weldon who wins his
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second indy 500. his car slides into a second place finish. >> the team deserved to win today, they have come in second the last three years in a row and i really didn't want to be the next brides maid. when it came towards the endive felt like i really owed this to them and this team. and, you know, it's a bum tore come home second again. >> i just felt a lot of relief. obviously i knew he was okay, i could see him moving. it's an incredible feeling, i want to say hi to my family back home and my mother and, you know, the alzheimer's association for giving me the opportunity to represent them. umm, it's just an incredible day. >> an emotional dan weldon referring to his mother who was recently diagnosed with the onset of alzheimer's at the age of 55. it was surgery for buster posey today, two screws placed in his left ankle.
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the general manager confirmed he will miss the rest of the season, in the only other entertainment today, milwaukee was with the sausages. a single past crawford, nigel morgan comes in. making his first start since being recalled from fresno. geovanni gillardo, the brewer's ace stopped 3 shutout innings. big daddy cain spent the majority of his day pitching from the stretch. rickie weeks matched a double down the left field line, he allowed 11 hits. the brewers win 6-0 and more bad news. red hot diamondbacks day over first place in the national league west. a's going for the sweep of the o ace at the coliseum. trailing 4-1 in the fifth, the come back begins. josh willingham, three-run jack accumulating 9 home runs. they day a 5-4 lead. all-star reliever andrew bailey was activated off the disabled list. he pitched for the first time in 2011 and gets a 1-2-3 inning
6:55 pm
in the seventh. brian fewen takes maybe ought to start fights more often, he shuts the door for his second consecutive game and picks up the a. they get one, 6-4 the final, they are now back at .500. yankees in town for a three game set starting tomorrow. cal's joline henderson started all three games in this region's super regional. after getting blown out this morning by kentucky they came back in the deciding game with 5 runs in the first inning. jordan wallace has a two-run double. cal is headed back to the college world series for the first time since 2005. right, heading back to the at&t. >> yes indeed. the winning streak is up to 43 matches. and not for that man, this is the byron nelson championship. ryan palmer hits one into the water and that opened the door for kynan bradley.
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who putts in for the pga victory, his first. only 5 players finished under par this week and he wins the byron nelson championship. he is regarded as the best talent evaluate tore in basketball? what does jerry west have in store for the warriors? >> putting a team together is like a muzzle i think. if you do the puzzle, the winner is in west virginia, and the puzzle is missing a couple of pieces. when i look at the team they need size in the back court and up front. >> he wants the warriors to day risks and that might mean breaking up the back court. so we want to know, what do you think, would it make more sense to trade monta or stephen curry? follow us on twitter at kpix sports. we'll share some of your responses tonight on game day. >> all right dennis. thank you much. well an 8-year-old full of pride for america takes on the mayor of a california city.
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>> ps. at the starting nine i looked up at the flag and noticed it was all ripped up and tattered. >> the boy found in his hometown, he found was disrespectful, what was done to fix the problem. we'll have have more tonight at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs5. that's it for this edition of cbs news. 60 minutes is next. the latest news and weather is on c enjoy your weekend. good night. ,,,,,,,,
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