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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 31, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: well, i would like to thank my guests, adam goldberg and lucy punch. i will probably thank lucy more than adam. [laughter] like, if i had a choice of how to thank them and a way of thanking them, adam, i would be like -- and -- that's all right. i like him. he is good. he is my bud. but who you! i've never seen that girl
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before. lucy punch. wow! [laughter] kind of blew my hair back a little bit, that did. it was kind of like, well, gosh darn it, i thought. i actually thought something else but it is cuss-free week on the show. and i'm really loving it. [laughter] well, shut the front door! [laughter] well, shut the front door! good night, everyone.,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, that's progressive. oakland. what happened you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> two people shot and killed in the streets of oakland. what happened before, during and after a side show through the eyes of a filmmaker. a nursing student missing, family and friends passing out flyers. the desperate search for for michelle le. >> there is a lot of green in this patch. why larry el evason is taking his neighbor to court i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. ken is off tonight. you'll hear two gunshots killed two people and you see the misery and the grief. and a man carrying a gun. >> it happened on national
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boulevard near 88th. michelle cook shows us the powerful video. >> reporter: what began as a neighborhood block party turned to this. [ yelling ] >> reporter: three people are shot and music is drowned out by the bone-chilling screams from the street. >> they were just shooting randomly. it seems like one person heard a gunshot and anybody else who had a gun in the area started shooting. >> lauren richardson is part of a film crew who happened to be there. in particular this scene. a man passes the camera openly carrying a gun. it's hard to tell who was the shooter because, after the shots were fired, many people pulled out guns. >> it's not okay to just shoot into a crowd. there was children out there. y'all are killing innocent people. >> reporter: cameras continued to roll as people gathered
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around the victim. aris bush of san leandro and kenny of san leandro. kenny's mother was with her when she died. >> you have your baby to go home to, you know, so you get up. she took like two deep breaths. she had a pulse for a minute and then no pulls. >> you know, and i don't even know her, so i can just imagine what her family is goin' through. they were right there. >> reporter: lauren recently finished a documentary about homocide in oakland, yet she never witnessed one until last night. all she could do was press "record" and let the pictures tell the story. >> power less, that's how i felt, powerless. >> reporter: a third shooting victim was taken to a nearby hospital and remains in critical condition tonight. police are using the video to look for suspects but so far
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they haven't made any arrests in this case. they are asking anyone with information to please come forward about this doubling homocide, back to you. >> hope they do. elizabeth cook, thank you. a mother of five children is one of two people murdered in stan josi this weekend. tonight there is a memorial for malissa roth, killed driving near hilliard park. a 20-year-old relative was riding with her and was wounded. the motives are unclear but ross' family says it's a case of of mistaken identity. it pushes the murder rate past all of last year. these are anxious hours for michelle lee's friends and family. she has not been seen since friday night. don knapp is in hayward with the family's now push to find her. don. >> reporter: it's been an anxious and confusing time, she is in san diego, her father en
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route from vietnam. they are announcing a $20,000 reward for her safe return, the money was pledged by family members to encourage leads to the hay ward police. the flyers were posted and placed in mailboxes an on screen doors here on el investor and ponderosa where lee's car was found. it's just a few blocks from the hospital. >> for her, this is very unusual. >> reporter: at about 7 ahead of the normal time. it has not been -- >> responsible, much more responsible than me. she always calls, she always calls me to remind me that it's my dad's birthday and i should call her and i know, she always calls me -- that it's mother's day and i should call my grandma. so -- >> reporter: police say they
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have no evidence to suggest foul play but they are very interested in any information that anybody has. they are asking them to call the hay ward police with that information. the number there is (510)293- 5051. dana? >> now don, she was leaving school early, there were people said she was going on a trip. did they say what the mood was she was in when she left school early that night? >> i don't have specific information on that but you're right, she did leave at about 7:00, that was before her training class was over, she was working in the maternity ward. she said, or at least it's been reported she was going to go torino, but her car was found in this neighborhood only a couple blocks from the hospital. >> okay. don knapp, thank you. other news making headlines now. brian stow's doctors say they are hoping that this week will bring more progress in his condition. doctors are slowly lowering his fourth seizure medication, his family says he should be off of it in a few days.
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they are also treating blood clots that have formed in one of his legs. he remains in critical condition in san francisco general hospital two months after he was attacked outside dodger stadium. good news for drivers heading eastbound on the bay bridge. crews finally finished lane changes on the oakland side ahead of schedule is to there are no construction delays to deal with today. the lanes have been configured with a slight jog to the right so crews can work on the eastbound landing of the new span. early next year, there will be another realignment for westbound traffic. in libya, new signs that muammar gaddafi is losing his grip on power, tonight rebel forces rejected a purported truce offer from the libyan leader in his last minute effort to escape. this comes as some of his top military leaders are jumping ship. allan advertisey is in tripoli. >> he arrived to the palm happen and clam or that is a signature of the regime of muammar gaddafi.
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his peace mission is seen as a last-ditch effort to find an exit for the dictator. the crowd chanted we want gaddafi but he was nowhere in sight. he was whisked away by south africa soldiers and police. hours later the two men strolled into an ornate hall believed to be part of the much- attacked compound known as balance abaziza. that was the the first time he has been seen. british planes are being armored with bunker busting bombs to predict that his reign of tractor would be end soon. five against told a press conference in rome they were joining the libyan rebels and that 120 officers and soldiers had deeffected in recent days. and now, it seems, the peace mission has fallen flat.
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on libyan and south african television gaddafi said he was willing to talk a a ceasefire, but made no mention of stepping down. in effect what scuttled the last efforts. on this memorial day president obama attended ceremonies at arlington national cemetery. tomb of the unknowns. he he nation owes a debt ♪[ music ] . >> the president paid tribute to the men and women killed in action, placing a wreath at the tomorrow of the unknown. he said the nation ohs a debt to its fallen heroes that can never be paid. not far from the president an unlikely set of dueling protests, members of the westboro baptist church in kansas turned up to protest the memorial day ceremony. but a group that says it is a branch of the klu klux klan showed up to rally against the church. the apparent kkk members say they do not approve of westboro's anti-troop message,
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the westboro church made headlines for its antigay protests outside military funerals. in the bay area they were several me morals including this one at san francisco's presidio. an estimated 2500 people turned out for the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of this country's entry into world war ii. the 400,000 americans killed during that war were honored and the presidio ceremony one of the largest in the nation. >> ready, aim, fire. [ sound of firing ] >> and in oakland it began with this 21 gun salute in mountainview cemetery and that was followed by the traditional placing of the wreath. what do hackers, rappers and public television have in common. how they used tupac shakur to get their message across.
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>> why oracle owner larry ele son is taking his neighbors to court. >> we'll see the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's phony ar hackers posted a fake story on pbs's web site claiming tupac shakur is alive. today's phony article claimed the rapper is living in new zealand. he actually died from gunfire in vegas in 1996. the hackers say they sabotaged pbs because they are upset over the network's investigative news program on wikileaks. critics say the show did not feature wikileaks in a very positive light. they have since removed the falls article from the web site. oracle ceo blamed his neighbors for blocking the prime scenery from his san francisco home.
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tonight a resolution. sharon chin on the arbor altercation. >> reporter: when larry ellison looks out his living room he sees the root of the problem. four trees obstructing his floor to ceiling view of san francisco bay that neighbors down the hill have refused to trim so he should them a year ago. tonight, when i rang their doorbell, it sounded like they are tired of fighting. >> we have just been through a lot so we just don't want to, we just want to let this go. >> reporter: he bought his house more than 20 years ago for more than $4 million, the von above ners bought their $7 million home 7 years ago and, since then, their three reed woods and acaron butler a have shot up several feet. they have caught ellison's workers trimming branches without their permission. they even asked the city to protect their 80-year-old acaron butler a as a landmark tree. but now they are backing down. >> we are hoping to have this very private matter and you know obviously it wasn't --
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didn't become that way, we are sorry about this whole thing, we're cutting our trees. >> reporter: we're from cbs5 tv. >> i'm sorry, i can't help you. >> reporter: know comment from the man at the modern 5 story home he uses for entertaining. he says he'll be mere more often for the americas cup race he is bring to go san francisco. many people sympathize with him. >> if i was him i wouldn't want trees in front of me. i don't know if i would go to court over it though. >> he cares about his view and property values or things like that. i don't think it has anything to do with it. >> if i were that rich i probably would have enough area around my house i wouldn't have to worry about the tree. >> reporter: he offered to buy the neighbor's property for $15 million but they declined. the attorneys tell me they'll settle the case amiikka blow by trimming their trees.
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we called ellison's neighbor who deals with neighbor and tree law but our calls weren't returned. joplin, missouri, is getting some heavyweight help after the tornado there. the pick a dilly circus was supposed to perform there. they are using the elephants to remove the trees. some why grateful but others were sad about the danger tore the animals. >> i think it's exploiting the animals. >> it's a publicity stunt. they could throw up a big sign and a wanner for that. >> tonight the number of people still missing in joplin is down to 29. fema says they may bring in trailers to house the thousands of people displaced by the tornado which happened 8 days ago. more rain coming our way and some colder temperatures too, huh, roberta? >> we have both those allan. let's fire up the doppler
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radar, green being detected around cape men data seen oh and trying to fly in a southern direction. the other side of the coin happens to be the unseasonably cool temperatures. today we were averaging 6 to 11 degrees below normal. it was only 60 in san francisco and 66 in san jose. a brand new area of low pressure is moving this way so we'll notice increasing cloud cover tonight becoming mostly cloudy, numbers from the mid- 40s to the north to the upper 40s to the south and the low 50s across the central bay. tomorrow morning's commute, carry that umbrella, you'll need it at one point or another during the day. in fact, to plan your week ahead once the boundary moves through tomorrow with those spotty showers the core settles in on wednesday with unsettled air mass. that's when we have a good shot at an isolated thunderstorm containing small hail. with that cooler air mass i wouldn't be too surprised to see a couple of snowflakes down to about 4,000 feet which means
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the mount hamilton area. yes i am talking about for the first day of june, not the first day of april, no april fools jokes, the first day of june. this area of low pressure, here it is. again the first part moves through tomorrow. that core behind it rolls through northern california on wednesday. we'll get a bit of a break on thursday. here is your pinpoint forecast and notice nothing is really organized. it is hit and miss. a few hundred this is of an inch of rain, 3/10ths of an inch north of the golden gate bridge with heavier amounts by wednesday. tomorrow your temperatures will be coming down into the 50s and low into the 60s, the winds will be slight out of the southwest, 5 to 15 miles per hour. we'll lay it on out for you, the seven-day forecast. there you have the instability on wednesday with that threat of a thunderstorm and even a couple of snowflakes. region of high pressure builds in thursday providing a dry day but by friday night another rain system promises to bring additional rainfall through saturday for all those
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graduation parties and then tapering off on sunday. >> ooh. >> wanted to share this with you today. i was out at pioneer park cemetery for the memorial day. this was taken in pleasanton, it was wonderful seeing people out there and i hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday. >> you as well. thanks roberta. well a neighborhood with a reputation now a neighborhood with an oasis. with an oasis. how this ,,,, lights, camera, netflix! so we started with a free trial and we were hooked instantly!
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it's a hidden corner of the tenderloin is an oasis in the urban jungle. its real name is coen's alley near the corner of levinson street but sit often called tenderloin national forest. it was created by artist laurie laser and neil smith. over the past few decades they have transformed the alley with trees and plants, many of them donated. >> and much of what you see has happened that way, it's come to us from generosity of others, that we have gold fish in both
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[ man ] i love you guys. [ laughs ] i mean, just, you know, the whole heist thing. just putting jewels in teddy bears. this guy's wearing a wire the whole time. right? look at that! he's wearing a wire! [ laughs ] all right, let's do this. all right? before my wife changes her mind. go. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. no sequel for that guy. >> through the magic of television c.c. sabathia is on letterman
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tonight, but he did not pitch in oakland today. >> no they did not but they had a guy who kind of looked like him. certainly pitched like him. >> wow. >> i would have bet the a's today, bar tomo cologne who has come back 10 times in his career but the a's starters have allowed 4 runs or fewer in 28 straight games. that's the longest streak since ronald reagan was calling the shots, trevor cahill kept that streak alive. he gave up four runs, i don't know how mark teixeira got that pitch. his breaker into the seats, his 16th of the year, 38-year-old bar tomo cologne out due elder cahill. who would have guessed. cologne who missed all of last season was clocking into 95 miles per hour into the ninth inning. a shutout, first since 2006, they win 5-0 to snap the winning streak. >> who do you want to talk
2:04 am
about. >> marcelo cologne. >> what do you want to talk about though. >> how great he was. >> we have a lot of confidence with him on the mound, he has been pitching like this pretty much since spring training. one giants fan hoping the bats were as hot as the weather. 06 degrees in st. louis. think said that was a fair ball. take a look at that again. that's a foul ball, folks. cost them a run, st. louis would score twice in the inning to tie the game. then andres torres his first career grand slam. giants win 7-3 matching their run totals on their previous four games. madison bumgarner picks up his second win of the season. [ chanting ] >> cameras are everywhere you guys, cbs5 exclusive college, jerry coach a beets stanford sophomore straight sets 6 love/7-6 to win her second national title in three years. she was unseeded so getting
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there was a great accomplishment. free tattoos for players can cost you your job. just ask jim trestle the ohio coach resigned after the buckeyes were penalized for receiving improper benefits such as discounted tattoos. the coach new it and should have come clean. ozzie guillen is blaming the fans, they are one out of first place. >> that's 20 and that 2005 team, we were share, yeah, thank you. soon as you leave the ball park they don't care about you any more, they don't. they monument, the statue they got, nephew on it when they are drunk. who o throw a base >> number 4, florida pitcher bryan johnson beaned in the head by his own catcher who was trying to throw a base-steeler out. university pitcher has a mild concussion. brandon phillips, look at
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that range. look at the rajon the reds 7-3. twins and tigers, number 2, flies one to left. don kelly, look at the catch there. to protect the 1-run lead. the tigers won. taylor foul sent a new record by jumping 332 in his truck at the indiannapolis 500. it beat the record by 31 feet. how come i -- my hot wheels never did that. >> that looks like a hot wheels truck. >> that was the idea, yeah. it's his hot wheels and remember the track and you had the powerhouse. >> yeah, yeah, the game with the extra ban dan. >> this guy created the track. that's the thing. >> wow, it really works. >> it does. there he is, and if you have the double powerhouse, you remember that, you were the coolest guy in the neighborhood. if you had a double powerhouse, i'll tell you. >> until you got grounded, your mom took it away and then you were back to -- >> how do you know my family history like that.
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