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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. four gays days and still no sign of a missing hayward nursing student. how the family is stepping up the search and why police are looking into another unsolved case. a twist in the case against the bryan stow beating suspect. what his lawyer is doing to prove his innocence. good morning, it's tuesday, may 31. i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie has the morning off. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. tomorrow is the first day of june. guess what. it's going to look more like march because we have rain across the board. come on, lawrence! >> folks are saying enough is enough. i'm getting e-mails saying, okay, we are supposed to get some sunshine. we want to hike and enjoy the bay area. i don't see it right now. we have scattered showers around the bay area most of that located in the north bay. now, that's going to sag to the south throughout the day today so we are going to leave the showers in the forecast for today, tomorrow and another storm dropping in probably for
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the weekend. we'll have more on that in a minute. right now let's check traffic with gianna. >> good morning. we are monitoring this accident northbound 101 right at san antonio. it's fatal overnight accident. the left lane is shut down until further notice. chp says traffic is still moving through the area but there is no word as to when they will re-open the lanes. more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. the family of a missing student is offering a reward to get her home safely. kiet do is in hayward where michelle le was last seen last friday. good morning. reporter: live at the hayward police department, officially it's been four days but this is still a missing persons case so detectives with the hayward police department will be meeting with the fairfield police department to talk about similarities in another missing nursing student's case from last year. now, last friday at 7:00 here at hayward, michelle le went missing at about 7:00 in the evening at class at kaiser
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hospital. she was supposed to go to reno with friends but her car was found locked and parked a few blocks away. phuong le disappeared in fairfield in april of last year. phuong le was found dead in napa county. that murder is unsolved. both victims share the same last name, both nursing students, vietnamese in their mid-20s and both drive white hondas. last week family passed out flyers for a $20,000 reward for michelle le. they are very worried. >> for her, this is very unusual. she is very responsible. much more responsible than me. >> reporter: all righty. here's a look at the flyer the family members are passing out. $20,000 reward. michelle le is 5'6", black hair, brown eyes. again, last seen here in hayward. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> thank you, kiet do live in
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hayward. the chp is still at the scene of a deadly crash that killed a young woman in marin county. it happened about 1:00 this morning on northbound u.s. 101 just south of san antonio road. officers say it appears that a car crashed into the center divide then struck by a van. a 22-year-old woman in the car was killed. the four people in the van have minor injuries. officers said the crash might have knocked out the car's headlights making it difficult to see. the left lane of northbound 101 remains shut down right now. it is 5:03. this morning, police are looking at a video they say is part of a lederle shooting at a neighborhood block party and sideshow in oakland. three people were shot on sunday night and the music was overtaken by screams from the street. a documentary filmmaker just happened to be there. >> they were just shooting randomly. it seems like one person heard a gushed and anybody else with
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a gun in the area just started shooting. >> a man passed before the camera openly carrying a gun. witnesses say it's hard to tell who the shooter was because after the shots were fired, many people actually pulled out weapons. cameras continued to roll as people gathered around the victim. eric bush and latoya kenny died at the scene. in san jose a vigil tonight for a mother of five murdered over the weekend. melissa ross was shot and killed while driving near helyer park saturday night. a 20-year-old relative riding with her was also wounded. the motive is unclear but ross' family says it's mistaken identity. a new development in the bryan stow beating case. today lawyers for the main suspect plan to present evidence to police they say will prove his innocence. our anne makovec is at san francisco general where stow remains in critical condition. good morning. reporter: giovanni ramirez
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still has not been officially charged. we are not sure exactly what evidence his defense attorneys are planning to bring forward today to the lapd. but we know that the defense team has already brought forth several family members to defend him. >> we have come across evidence, witnesses, information that we believe ultimately will set giovanni ramirez free. >> don't know the place. never been to dodger stadium. >> reporter: that was ramirez's mother just heard from. she says giovanni ramirez was never there and is not a dodger fan. he was arrested a week ago and still hasn't been arraigned on charges of beating bryan stow on march 31. ramirez is in jail on an unrelated parole hold. police maintained he is their prime suspect. in addition to what you just heard from ramirez's mother, lawyers say his 10-year-old daughter is prepared to testify that she was with her father that day even though she was
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supposed to be in school. meantime, bryan stow is in critical condition. this was a statement left yesterday on his family's website. "he was sleepy today with not much activity. hopefully more tomorrow. thank you everyone for your ongoing support." >> reporter: the family says that doctors are now weaning him off a fourth seizure medication and that they are also trying to treat some blood clots in one of his legs but they remain hopeful this morning. >> it's great people can follow him and his family on their family's blog, as well. >> reporter: that's right. hopefully we'll see some very good news there sometime joon thank you, anne makovec live in san francisco. starting today the golden gate bridge will get a little more crowded. a seismic retrofitting begins this morning and the entire west sidewalk will be closed through september. bicyclists, joggers, pedestrians will all share the east sidewalk during that time. people on bikes will have a 24- hour access while others will
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be able to use the walkway just during the daylight hours. so if you are getting across the bridge, keep your eyes open. >> watch out. yes. weather-wise, unbelievable week coming up here. it's june tomorrow and you have nothing but rain. >> what happened to spring? >> you know what? i keep looking to this thing keep thinking, hey, it's got to end sometime and it just doesn't. we have more showers out there right now scattered most of that into the northern parts of the bay area but this system is slowly sagging to the south. so if you are not seeing rain just yet it's going to be moving into your neighborhood on and off through the better part of today. keep the umbrella handy. all week long we have a series of storms to keep things wet outside. here's the next one that's driving on through not a real strong one just light showers so far. behind that we have some instability and some more scattered showers moving in keeping things wet through tomorrow. temperatures running in the 50s outside right now. by the afternoon we are looking at highs mainly into the 60s and 50s at the coast.
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more on your forecast coming up. gianna has traffic. >> when that rain hits things will get busy so leave early this morning. north of the golden gate bridge -- the bridge looks good. northbound is clear but past there headed north of the novato dump, we have a fatal accident northbound 101 at san antonio, left lane blocked. you have chp and tow crews on scene. there was quite a bit of damage to the guardrail so they may call out some caltrans crews to do some work so we'll keep you updated on that. negative impact to traffic. still very early and traffic light so the left lane closed but still moving in the area. better news in antioch. roadwork loveridge eastbound 4 full freeway closure wrapped up. everything cleared. looking good in both directions. no trouble off the antioch bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:08. the fallout over bad breathalyzers. the problems it's causing for
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some dui cases in one bay area county. >> plus, they thought they were getting a great deal on a car. how thieves are using craigslist to cheat people out of thousands of dollars. >> and a truce in libya was rejected. this morning, the signs the war- torn country's dictator is losing his grip on power. that and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. good morning. north 101 at san antonio in marin, left lane blocked for a fatal accident that happened just after 1:00 this morning. chp says traffic is still moving through the area but again, may cause slight spectator slowing as you approach the scene. we'll continue to keep you updated on that plus a look at mass transit coming up.
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5:11. santa clara county may not have to drop too many drunk driving cases despite problems with their breathalyzers. prosecutors began reviewing more than 800 cases earlier this month after learning of a manufacturer defect in breathalyzers used by san jose and palo alto police. the "mercury news" says so far, prosecutors have found potential problems in 42 cases and have dropped charges in just one of those. in most cases, there's additional evidence such as blood alcohol tests using equipment at the police stations. a chp officer accused of stealing electronic equipment from a target store will be in court this morning. shawn hammonds will be charged for taking xbox game systems. police say he stole merchandise from the store four times totaling $1,400 and authorities believe he sold them on the internet. hammonds has been with the chp for five years. he is on unpaid leave because
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of an injury. more people are being robbed after responding to ads in craigslist. "the examiner" reports two cases in san francisco's bayview area this month. two people from san jose were robbed at gunpoint when they showed up at an address to buy a used car on may 12. the robbers wore halloween masks. well, then just last wednesday, a man from fresno was the victim of a similar robbery. there are no suspects. time now 5:13. a budget crisis averted. a bay area city won't have to lay off police officers. but see why it's coming at a price. >> plus, some heavyweight help from victims of the joplin tornado. how the circus is now stepping in and why fema may be repeating a plan from hurricane katrina. do you want to get away from the rain and the showers? well, we are cleared for takeoff at sfo. no showers or delays this morning. 58 degrees for the high there. across the country, good weather especially to the south. into houston, yeah, we are
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looking good there. 90 degrees, hot with partly cloudy skies. further east looks like the weather is going to be nice as well just a few clouds but temperatures going to be hot. 94 degrees in atlanta. we'll have a complete look at your forecast coming right up. ,, ,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you.
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lawyers for a suspect in the hey have here's a check of some of
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this morning's top stories. lawyers for a suspect in the bryan stow beating say they have evidence that proves his innocence. giovanni ramirez has been under arrest since last week. today, his lawyers will meet with l.a. police with what they say is evidence that ramirez was not at dodger stadium on the date of the beating march 31. michelle le's family is offering a $20,000 reward to help find the student nurse who disappeared last week. she was last seen leaving class last friday evening and today hayward police plan to talk with fairfield police about a similar case from last year. in libya, anti-government rebels have rejected a reported truce offer from colonel moammar qaddafi. that is according to south african president jacob zuma who met with qaddafi yesterday. meanwhile a rebel leader says an offensive against qaddafi will be launched soon. good morning, we have a lot of clouds in our skies. yes, the showers have made a
5:18 am
return. you can see most of that located in the north bay. these are mainly just light showers but if you caught in one of these on the 101, wet into santa rosa. these will continue throughout the day and spread south. prepare for rain. keep the umbrella with you, a light rain jacket, as we're expected showers through the week. your system dropping on in, not a real strong system but enough to bring showers and a lot of clouds behind it. we'll see more scattered showers on the back side of the system. so out the door, mostly cloudy, temperatures mild, 40s and 50s. scattered showers into the afternoon and clouds. we'll see a couple of sunny breaks in between but chance of wandering showers moving on by a real possibility. temperatures now 55 in san francisco. 54 and wet in napa. if you plan on traveling around the state, showers in the northern half of the state. even a mix of rain and snow in
5:19 am
the tahoe area, can you believe that? and snow levels could drop to 4,000 feet in the bay area as early as tomorrow. no ridge of high pressure. the trough is continuing to allow the storms to roll into the bay area spinning off the coastline. that's going to keep things wet with showers today on-and-off showers into tomorrow, maybe even some thunderstorms and hail with it. could be an interesting day tomorrow around the bay area. 60s heading to the south bay so not a real cold day. fairly mild but temperatures running well below average. 67 degrees in brentwood. 66 in pittsburg and about 60 in richmond. through the north bay should be wetter in part of the north baby really the storm system probably going to develop maybe a third of an inch of rainfall at the wettest spots over the next couple of days. but we're not done there. we have a more impressive storm dropping in latter part of the day on friday could make things wet overnight friday into saturday. showers continuing if you can believe it right into sunday. all right. let get a check of the traffic. hopefully better than the weather. >> you know, i have good news.
5:20 am
i just got off the phone with chp and our radio parents as well updated on this. northbound 101 at san antonio all lanes open. it was closed for an overnight fatal accident. everything is now out of the road north 101 north of novato at san antonio so traffic is cruising right along through that area. good news before the morning commute gets under way. south of there if you are working your way through 101 around mill valley nice speeds. traffic clear both directions on 101. approaching the golden gate bridge, no major snags here, very light this morning. an easy ride into san francisco. roadwork at loveridge, on highway 4, completely clear. they wrapped it up about 10 minutes early so that's good news. highway 4 looking good in both direction. bart, ace, muni, caltrain. taking mass transit, everything is off to a good start. take a look at conditions in the south bay. here's 101 near alum rock in san jose. we are seeing extra volume
5:21 am
pretty typical but moving along at nice speeds. that is your morning drive. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:21 now. san francisco supervisors get a look at a new budget plan tomorrow. mayor ed lee getting ready to unveil his new plan for san francisco. the mayor says his spending plan will include some cuts but no major layoffs for city workers. the "chronicle" reports unexpected increases in tax revenue means there will be a $47 million surplus. that's good news. lee is still talking with police and firefighter unions about deferring $23 million of scheduled raises which is part of his budget right now. in. warnings the house takes up a bill today to raise the debt ceiling in washington today. the bill isn't expected to pass because all republicans are opposed to it. house speaker john boehner has insisted any increase in the debt limit be linked to a larger amount of spending cuts. president obama has invited house republicans to the white
5:22 am
house tomorrow to talk about it. it is 5:21. his google doodle got worldwide attention. the special honor for a young bay area artist. >> it's not the memorial day parade that he were planning on. how some stubborn sheep got loose and stopped traffic in southern california. that story and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tornado. the picadilly circus was supposed to joplin, missouri is getting heavyweight helping cleaning up after that tornado. the piccadilly circus was supposed to perform on memorial day but instead it is donating its elephants to help move tons of debris. the number of people still missing in joplin is down to 29. fema says it may bring in trailers like those used after katrina to house the thousands of people displaced by the tornado eight days ago. >> it was certainly a holiday weekend for people to remember in one neighborhood in san diego county. >> yeah, i guess so. a flock of sheep escaped in chula vista yesterday. they were roaming the neighborhood and even running amok in the streets there. they look docile. neighbors say -- there they go -- it is the strangest thing chef seen since last year when horses escaped a nearby ranch. >> i certainly didn't expect to wake up this morning and find seven sheep in my yard. [ laughter ]
5:26 am
>> guess not. after she counted all those sheep i'm surprised she didn't fall asleep. ba da bump. after a slow-speed chase police corralled them in a cul- de-sac. the local humane society took them way. >> they are cute. we don't get to see them fight anymore. i guess these are the ones that get along. >> looking for the memorial day barbecue. >> that's it. an elementary school in south san francisco will hold a special assembly this morning to honor a student whose artwork has been seen by billions worldwide. >> he is quite the artist. 7-year-old mateo president who was the lopez had his artwork on the google main page. he also won a college scholarship and technology grant for his school and plenty of nationwide attention. >> did you see it that day on google? >> i don't remember. [ laughter ]
5:27 am
>> days tend to blend together. it is 5:26. we all rent a car at some point. this morning, one lawmaker is planning to change the business. >> plus a deadly crash under investigation in the north bay. why the victim's car may have been difficult to see on the road. some new evidence expected to be presented today in the defense case of the man accused of beating bryan stow. we'll tell you what they are going to do this morning coming up. police, friends and family are stepping up the search for a missing nursing student in hayward. i'm kiet do with more on the $20,000 reward coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,
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just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. and i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie hi, everyone. good morning. it is the last day of may have. may 31. i'm frank mallicoat. >> time to pay your rent. i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie is off fly fishing. >> we have your traffic and weather. mr. lawrence karnow mr. congeniality this week -- not! >> no. boy, not many friends this week. we have a lot of showers again showing up around the bay area. and boy, from you doing anything outside like fly fishing, a tough go as we have this line dropping in. this is all spreading south. we are not ending there. we have more rain on the way. we'll have more details in a
5:31 am
moment. right now let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we head to marin county. we have had our eye on this trouble spot all morning long. northbound lanes open 101 at san antonio, no delays there. traffic looking good. clear across the golden gate bridge. we'll have a look at the altamont pass coming up. right now let's head back to the news desk. >> thank you, gianna. hayward police are digging deeper trying to locate a missing student nurse. she disappeared last week in the east bay. kiet do is in hayward, where police are now asking for help from another police department. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. detectives here at the hayward police department will be comparing notes with fairfield police about the eerie similarities to another high- profile missing nursing student from last year. now, stay with me here. last fright add 7:00 michelle -- last friday at 7:00 michelle le went missing after class in hayward. she was supposed to go to reno with a friend but her car was found a few blocks away.
5:32 am
compare that to the case of phuong le, who vanished suddenly during a trips to barnes & noble in fairfield in april of last year and her car was found unlocked with the windows down in the parking lot. she was found dead in napa county and that case remains unsolved. so both students share the same last night, no relation though. they are both nursing students, vietnamese, both mid-20s, both drove white hondas. last night in hayward family members passed out flyers about a $20,000 reward. they are terribly worried. >> she is not a bad person. she didn't deserve to have this happen to her. [ crying ] >> i just want her home. >> reporter: here's another look at the flyer family members were passing out. michelle she 26, 5'6", black hair, brown eyes and anyone with any information is asked
5:33 am
to call hayward police. >> thank you. a deadly shooting under investigation in the east bay this morning. shots were fired in housing projects in rodeo about 10:15 last night. contra costa county deputies found a man in his early 20s who had been shot and was in the street. that man was pronounced dead at the scene. there are no suspects. all northbound lanes of u.s. 101 in marin county are now clear after a deadly accident early this morning. it happened about 1 a.m. just south of san antonio road. officers say it appears the car crashed into the center divider, then struck by a van. a 22-year-old woman in the car was kill. four people in the van have minor injuries. officers said the initial crash might have knocked the car's headlights out making it difficult to see. 5:33. a new twist in the bryan stow beating case. today lawyers for the main suspect plan to present some
5:34 am
evidence to police that they say will prove his innocence. anne makovec in san francisco now with the latest developments. good morning, anne. reporter: good morning. the defense team has a meeting this morning with the lapd. the team says it's confident that they will be able to clear ramirez's name. he is in james and has been for over a week now. defense attorneys have brought forth several family members to depend him. >> my son is innocent from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: what do you base that on? >> because i know my son. he doesn't like sports. he doesn't go to places like that. >> reporter: that's ramirez's mom. she is referring to dodger stadium. she say giovanni ramirez has never been here and is not even a dodgers fan. ramirez was arrested in east hollywood over a week ago, still hasn't been officially arraigned on charges of beating bryan stow back on march 31. of course, ramirez is in jail on an unrelated parole hold meantime but police have maintained he is their prime
5:35 am
suspect. in addition to what you just heard from ramirez's mother, lawyers say that his 10-year- old daughter is prepared to testify that she was with her dad that day even though she was supposed to be at school. meantime, of course, bryan stow remains in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital. doctors are right now trying to wean him from a fourth seizure medication. he would still be on three seizure medications but that would indicate some progress. they are also working on blood clots forming in his leg and the family says they are hopeful this morning. frank? >> anne, have the police given any indication when they might press charges? it's been a week and a half now since they arrested him. >> reporter: yeah. there's so many questions inn and people are wondering how good a case do they have? police have always maintained he is their main suspect. they believe they have enough to take him down. they want to compile the strongest case possible before they turn it over to the
5:36 am
district attorney. ramirez is up for a parole hearing on june 4 so i believe they are trying to come up with the strongest case possible between now and then because they have the extra time but a lot of people are starting to wonder about their case. >> thank you, anne makovec. jury deliberations continue in the trial of yusef bey iv. the former "your black muslim bakery" leader and antoine mackey are charged in the shooting death of journalist chauncey bailey in 2007. both men pled not guilty and face life in prison if convicted. time now 5:36. >> do we have to go to lawrence with the weather? [ laughter ] >> yes, we have to talk to the grim reaper. >> i have a little girl who would love to play in the sun.
5:37 am
but we have storms rolling in and we are seeing scattered showers outside. most of this light rain out there. traveling up 101, scattered showers through san francisco. sun between the clouds but you get the idea. we have a late season storm that continues to bring more rainfall to the bay area. there it is. behind that you can see more clouds out there. so yeah, we are going to see unsettled weather today, 50s at the coast, mid-60s in the warmest spots inland and more rain to come. gianna has traffic. back to work after a holiday so things might be busier later on. bay bridge so far, so good. not a lot going on. clear ride across the upper deck into san francisco. coming off the eastshore freeway, only 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 880 clear towards the maze both directions. altamont pass not bad. some slightly slower speeds
5:38 am
working your way westbound and let's check 580/680 the dublin interchange. extra volume but moving well. back to you. >> thank you. this morning police are looking at video to shed light on a deadly shooting at a neighborhood block party and sideshow in oakland. three people were shot on sunday night and the music was overtaken by screams from the street. a documentary filmmaker happened to be there. >> they were just shooting randomly. it seems like one person heard a gunshot and anybody else who had a gun in the area just started shooting. >> in this video, one man can be seen openly carrying a gun. witnesses say it's hard to tell who was the shooter because after the shots were fired, many people pulled out guns. cameras continue to roll as people gathered around the victims. 29-year-old eric bush of san leandro and 28-year-old latoya kenny of union city both died.
5:39 am
more people are being robbed after responding to ads on craigslist. the "san francisco examiner" reports two local case just this month two people from san jose were robbed at gunpoint in san francisco when they showed up at an address to buy a used car. the robbers in the may 12 crime work halloween mask -- or wore halloween masks rather. just last wednesday a man from fresno was a robbery victim. no suspects yet. faulty breathalyzers may not force santa clara county to drop too many of their drunk driving cases. prosecutors began reviewing more than 800 cases earlier in the month after learning of a manufacturer defect in breathalyzers used by the san jose and palo alto police. the "mercury news" says prosecutors have found potential problems so far in 42 cases and only dropped charges in one of those. in most case there is additional evidence such as blood alcohol testing and using equipment at the police station. share the sidewalk or watch
5:40 am
out. that will be the message on the golden gate bridge. starting today the the entire west sidewalk will be closed through september because of seismic retrofitting. bikers, joggers and pedestrians will all share the east sidewalk during that time. people on like have 24-hour access while others will be able to use the walkway during hours on bicycles. >> you know how many people cross the golden gate? it's like 10,000. >> how do you know? >> we have done the story a couple of times. i made it up. >> you would be a good jeopardy contestant. good question. >> okay. well, it is 5:40. roundabout she goes, the confusion sarah palin's tour is creating for the media and her own support. >> the value of a view. how far would you go to protect your landscape? the fight involving oracle's ceo. [ flashbulbs popping ]
5:41 am
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just getting up this morning? the last day of may and we have some more showers showing up outside mostly just light. but scattered around parts of the north bay. we have tweaked the doppler beam down because of low-level moisture. even showers down into san francisco right now but difficult for the doppler to see that. we are going to see that on and off throughout the day today and as we do, we are going to continue with the raindrops. looks like into tomorrow and well beyond. there is another storm system going to drop in. probably going to be good as we head in towards friday. out the door mostly cloudy skies. chance of scattered showers around the bay area. in afternoon, the skies going to stay mostly cloudy. we'll see sunny breaks in between but then wandering showers coming through and temperatures well below average for this time year. a fairly mild start to the day because the cloud cover. you have 55 degrees in
5:44 am
pacifica, 55 in oakland and 55 degrees in concord. but you have the raindrops out there as well so be careful on the roads a little slick out there, too. traveling around the state you will find more showers in northern parts of california and get this. a mixture of more rain and snow in the sierra nevada. so be prepared heading up there if you are planning to camp. be prepared for wintry weather throughout the week. here's your storm system dropping down. no ridge of high pressure, a large trough continues on the west coast. as long as the storm door stays open, we'll have more storms. thunderstorms tomorrow, as things could get interesting weather-wise as we head into the afternoon. temperatures still going to stay fairly mild. plan on mid-60s into parts of the south bay, 50s at the coast. mid-60s many spots into the east bay, as well. 56 in walnut creek. the same in danville and 46 in pleasanton. 50s at the beaches again for today in the north bay and 60s inland but the scattered showers continuing on and off
5:45 am
and right into tomorrow. i think we catch a break on thursday. more impressive storm system dropped in friday. wet next weekend. let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you. let's go live now to san jose. we have our photographer standing by with a live shot near alum rock. so far, so good in this direction. extra volume, traffic still moving. south of here we are getting first reports of an accident. northbound 101 again this is just south of alum rock and you can see we are starting to see red on our sensors. traffic is slowing down north 101 before 680. possibly on the convict connector ramp an injury accident involving two vehicles. we'll keep you updated. past that traffic looks good on 101. 280 off to a good start. not a lot of cars on the road just yet. 11 minutes north 280 from 101 to 85. elsewhere, golden gate bridge not bad. southbound clear out of marin county. northbound you won't see any
5:46 am
delays heading into santa rosa. we had an earlier fatal accident but everything is now completely open. all lanes clear on 101. if you are taking the bay bridge this morning, metering lights are off. it's still clear off the eastshore freeway. no delays as you work your way across the upper deck into san francisco. lower deck also clear heading into oakland. san mateo bridge problem-free, as well. some nice speeds both directions still about 14 minutes to go between hayward and foster city. no wind advisories for the san mateo bridge this morning. and if you are working your way along 101 through mill valley traffic very light through that portion. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. 5:46. in the headlines, a man was shot to death in contra costa county last night. the victim is in his 20s, was found in the street outside a housing project in rodeo. no suspect information this morning so far. the family of a missing nursing student is offering a
5:47 am
$20,000 reward. michelle le was last seen leaving class in hayward friday evening. today hayward police plan to talk with investigators in fairfield about a similar case from last year. and the mother of the main suspect in the bryan stow beating case says her son is innocent. giovanni ramirez under arrest in connection with the meeting that left stow with a serious brain injury but ramirez's mother says he has an alibi. lawyers for ramirez plan to present that evidence to lapd today. anti-government rebels in libya have rejected a record truce offer from colonel moammar qaddafi according to south africa president jacob zuma who meted with qaddafi in trip -- who met with qaddafi in tripoli. he says they are ready to accept a cease-fire with conditions that ended previous cease-fire efforts. meanwhile a rebel leader says an offensive against qaddafi will be launched soon. this comes after eight top army officers have defected from
5:48 am
qaddafi's military. another world-renowned financial expert has been arrested accused of sexually abusing a maid at a new york hotel. police say mahmoud abdel-salam omar was arrested at manhattan's premier hotel yesterday morning. the 74-year-old businessman is the former chairman of one of egypt's major banks. he is accused of sexually abusing the maid and holding her against her will inside his hotel room. this comes just weeks after the arrest of the then imf chief on similar allegations. the house of representatives votes today on a bill to raise the debt ceiling. the $2.4 trillion bill is not expected to pass. that is because all republicans are poised to vote against it. the house speaker has insisted that any increase in the debt limit be linked to a larger amount of spending cuts. president obama has invited republicans to the white house
5:49 am
tomorrow. form alaska governor sarah palin adding fuel to the speculation that she will run for president in 2012. she is touring historical sites on the east coast by bus including stops in washington, d.c., maryland, virginia and pennsylvania. but officially she is offering no hint yet on whether she will seek the republican nomination for president. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. it's -- it's still, you know, a matter of looking at the field and considering much. there truly is a lot to consider before you throw yourself out there. >> not ready yet but former bay state governor mitt romney is expected to announce his bid for the nomination this week on thursday. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum are also expected to join a crowded field shortly. "san francisco chronicle" will release an app for the ipad today. it will include articles from e day's edition along with photos, video and other content.
5:50 am
subscription costs 5.99 a month or just about $60 for the year. other newspapers with tablet editions include the "new york times," "wall street journal" and "usa today." time now 5:50. keeping you safe on the road. how one lawmaker plans to change the way rental car agencies do business. >> plus, a tree, a view and a big battle. this morning how a neighborly dispute sending. -- is ending. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. spoiled for hundreds of people in florida. from cocoa beach to cape canaveral, more than memorial day weekend was spoiled for hundreds of people in florida because of those guys right there from cocoa beach to cape canaveral, more than 800 people were stung by jellyfish. experts say atlantic onshore winds are to blame for the high
5:53 am
number of jellyfish that washed ashore. that will ruin your vacation, huh? >> hm. a u.s. senator wants car rental firms to stop renting vehicles that are under recall. dakota charles schumer -- democrat charles schumer of new york says a law is needed because of serious crashes recently involving rental cars under recall. he says rental agencies must be held to the same standards as dealerships that don't lease cars for longer terms until a defect is fixed. the commander of the space shuttle endeavour now heading back to earth says he believes he made the right decision by going on that mission. in as his wife congresswoman gabrielle giffords recovers from being shot in the head back in january. >> i don't have any regrets. we trained as a crew. the six of us trained for over a year and a hal to get ready for this flight. so when january 8 happened, when that day came, it didn't look likely i would be on this
5:54 am
flight but her recovery went well enough and things lined up with her being able to go to rehab in houston that i was able to rejoin my crew and complete this mission. certainly no regrets. >> the endeavour is scheduled to land in florida later tonight. he threatened to sue to get his view of the bay back. larry ellison blamed his neighbors for blocking the prime scenery from his san francisco home. there are the trees. neighbor refused to cut the redwoods and acacias that grown between his home on the view of the bay but now the neighbors have had a change of heart. >> we were hoping to have this very private matter, you know, obviously it wasn't -- didn't back in way and really sorry about this whole thing. we are cutting our trees. >> ellison uses the pacific heights home for entertaining and is expected to be there more often during the america's cup race which by the way he is bringing to the bay in 2013. got to tri the trees.
5:55 am
>> i'd live there with or without the trees. >> not much to look out, out there right now. >> what's the deal? >> that's what everybody is asking. what's the deal with the rain? we continue to see showers moving in across the bay area. we got a big pacific ridge of high pressure. we'll see storms rolling in. today no exception. more scattered showers today. >> oh, lawrence. >> showers continuing tomorrow. thursday we'll catch a break. i think the storm on friday is impressive especially overnight into saturday. possible showers continuing right into sunday. all right. let get a picture for you. this is the baxter. >> did baxter get up on the wrong side of the bed? >> we'll have sunshine for him looks like next week. gianna has traffic. >> let's check the roads. we have a snag out there heading through san jose
5:56 am
northbound 101 connector to 680. we have reports of an injury accident. no lanes are blocked. just south of the wreck we are seeing delays along 101 in san jose on the northbound side. antioch westbound 4 starting to load up looking good off the antioch bridge. if you are taking the all the month pass, seeing delays westbound 580 and it gets a little busy at the dublin interchange. traffic is loading up around pleasanton. buckle up. >> you guys like our fancy new traffic cameras? >> cool! >> where is that? >> westbound 580 approaching 680. [ laughter ] it is 5:56. in the next half hour, clean-up efforts under way in joplin. why animals are being used to move tons of debris. >> a safety warning for craigslist users. how mask men are luring victims
5:57 am
into a bay area neighborhood. lawyers are confident they will be able to clear the man arrested in the beating of bryan stow. what they plan to do today. we'll update you on stow's condition coming up next. and the big push from friends, family and police to find the missing nursing student in hayward. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ♪
5:58 am
[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp.
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we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. lawyers will prove today that l-ap-d got the wrong man... in the attack on bryan stow. they say he is innocent. how defense attorneys will prove today that lapd got the wrong man in the attack on bryan stow. why hayward police believe a case of a missing nursing student could be connected to another case in fairfield. good morning, i'm frank


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