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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this morning.. after a major big rig crash and diesel ill. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. what a mess. northbound 880 shut down for several hours this morning after a major big rig crash and diesel spill. we'll have the latest on the injuries and alternate routes. sad to see her land for the last time. but she has a great legacy. >> what's next for the shuttle program. good morning, it is wednesday, already the 1st of june. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. where's summer? >> it's coming close. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. and we begin with some developing news that could cause big problems with the commute this morning. >> a major traffic mess in the
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east bay. anne makovec is in oakland. that's where northbound interstate 880 is closed right now. reporter: traffic is being diverted on 980 right now, right in downtown oakland. a major accident has shut down 880 at 7th. you can see the scene here behind me there. right now they are trying to clean up about 200 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled after a car hit another car that spun into a big rig. that's what lost its load at that point. all of that diesel on the ground. it was a hit-and-run. one of the drivers of one of the vehicles started it and took off on foot. so they are still looking for that person. we know another person was transported to the hospital. the extent of the injuries is still unclear. here's how people describe what happened. >> there was a reckless driver going northbound on 880
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approaching 7th street in the oakland area, and he was driving very fast and in a reckless manner. he ended up rear-ending one vehicle and that collision caused him to go across the freeway and strike a big rig, rupturing one of the gas tanks and taking out his steering system. >> reporter: that's when the big rig spun out of control. so here now on the highway on 880 northbound, they are trying to clean up all of that diesel. they are putting down an absorbent and trying to sweep it up. you can see the caltrain truck going past me, very loud. a lot of debris in the air. it's difficult to breathe here on the highway this morning. going to be shut down until 7 a.m. traffic diverted on 980. let's check in with gianna franco who has more information on your morning commute if it involves this area. gianna. >> thank you, anne. of course being shut down until 7:00 will cause a mess for your morning commute. 880 closed at 7th as anne said. they are diverting traffic on
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the 980. use 980 get there as an alternate. for big rigs, typically they don't let them use westbound 580 but they are allowing big rigs to travel on 580 this morning so you can use that as an alternate. 580 and 880 are good choices. so avoid 880 by using 580 instead. we have a camera south of there. it's still early. traffic still very light but again, since this may be closed at least until 7:00. you are going to see some major delays so avoid 880. stick with 580 instead. bart always a great choice. you can use bart to get to work this morning. that's your best bet. there is a wreck in the south bay. i'll have that coming up. first lawrence has the forecast. >> we have scattered showers out there this morning. out the door, again, we need to prepare for some rain. mostly widely scattered showers showing up in parts of the east bay and north bay. look at this off the coast. more rain on the way. it will be picking up throughout the morning hours. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms and maybe even a little hail.
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we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> thank you. the space shuttle endeavour now back on earth for good. they landed at cape canaveral, florida, at 11:30 p.m. our time last night completing its 25th and final mission t traveled almost 123 million miles over the past two decades but it's now heading into retirement along with the entire shuttle fleet. its new home will be the california science center in los angeles. >> it's great to be bringing endeavour back in great shape. it looks like like it's ready for another mission but this is the last flight. >> the mission commander mark kelly expected to join his wife, arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords in houston tomorrow. she is being treated there for this a gunshot wound to the head. the shuttle program has just
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one more mission scheduled. atlantis now already at the launch pad for a liftoff planned about five weeks from now. we are going to have a live report at 5:15. 4: 35. a morgan hill infant who was abducted for several hours is home safe with her mother this morning. doctors say little one month old mariana is okay. the 24-year-old mother left the baby in the car when she went to a food bank yesterday afternoon and left the keys. when she came out the car and baby were gone. a hiker found car abandoned in a park near salinas about three hours later. >> what really struck me is that the car was empty and the baby was in the car and i'm like that's odd. why would somebody leave a baby alone in the car. >> thank god i have her back and thank you guys for helping me. >> police are trying to find who stole the car. they say it will be up to the d.a. to decide whether to file charges against the mother for leaving the baby alone in the
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car. 4:35. the suspect in the beating of bryan stow will take a lie detector test today. his lawyers say they have 11 witnesses who say giovanni ramirez was not at dodger stadium march 31 when stow was attacked. meanwhile, there is a police report from henderson, nevada, about a man with a similar name and same birthday and description of ramirez. that ramirez is accused in a shooting in january. >> it's a plated case but this ramirez has a complicated life so we are trying to resolve those issues. two east bay restaurants are planning donations to help support bryan stow as he continues to recover here in san francisco. mr. pickles sandwich shop in dublin and pleasanton will give 25% of their proceeds to help stow. that offer is good today
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through june 14 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. 4:37. former bart police officer johannes mehserle is expected to be released from jail in a couple of weeks. tribune says he will be freed after serving about 11 months. a two-year sentence. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the 2009 disof oscar grant. he was shot to death as medicinally tried to detain him at the fruitvale bart station in oakland. the station will be the scene today of a news conference by a group denounces mehserle's sentence as too light. police searching for a missing hayward nursing student say they hope four different search warrants will help find her. 26-year-old michelle le was last seen friday night around 7:00. she had just left class at the kaiser permanente building in hayward. le had been parked in the garage but her car was later found blocks away locked. police are reviewing surveillance video from the
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garage checking her car for dna evidence, and looking at her laptop for any sign of where she might be. a mill valley man is in a triple trouble after three drunk driving arrests in three days. the first was at terra linda on may 17. two days later mcgowan was busted 2009, once in novato, again in san francisco. "the examiner" reports 50-year- old timothy mcgowan faces two years in jail. all cable car lines in san francisco will be out of service until sunday starting today. this is the first time in 27 years that maintenance work has shut down all the cable car service. it's all part of an improvement project to keep the line safe and reliable. muni buses will operate along the cable car routes for those who need to get around. the project is expected to wrap up in july. if you're from out of town. >> there will be so many disappointed tourists in town, one of the biggest highlights.
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>> the signature of san francisco. how about some weather? let's check in with lawrence and find out more about that wonderful rain that's coming this week. >> april showers bring may flowers. >> what does june rain bring? a lot of mad people in the bay area. they are tired of this rainfall. but it continues. this could be a really interesting day today as we're seeing the core of that low approach the coastline. not only will we see some showers but there is a possibility of some thunderstorms. wouldn't be surprised in this type of setup if we heard about funnel clouds in california. could be a real interesting afternoon outside as we see a lot of that spring heeding, as well. temperatures today plan on those numbers running well below average, 65 degrees in one. warmer spots in san jose. 60 in oakland. 59 in san rafael. 50s at the coast. and going to see those showers on and off throughout the day. looks like we have more to come. we are going to catch a brief break towards thursday. but friday late in the day, more significant storm is going to drop down out of the gulf of alaska, likely going to bring
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some rain to the bay area latter part of the afternoon, going to become heavy at times overnight friday night saturday. more showers into sunday. looks like extending into monday. so there you go, the first week of june, looking very wet around the bay area, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> wow. did you see all that rain in the forecast? >> it's june 1, come on. give us a break. >> poor lawrence. i have been giving out his number and email address. [ laughter ] >> kidding! >> i got start doing that. it i 4:40. why a santa cruz county town is struggling to get disaster money from the state. >> plus a roadblock for victims of the san bruno blast. how a bankruptcy could affect rebuilding. a cell phone warning from a major health organization. how some are using it in the fight against smartmeters too, that story coming up.
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a major problem in oakland. an accident involving a big
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rig, in oakland, traffic shut down around 880. more coming up. >> thank you. the city of capitola hoping for disaster funds that may never come. the california emergency management agency declined to attach any money to its disaster declaration for the city following the march floods. damage is estimated at more than $1.5 million. they have already burned through their reserves. it's waiting on a request for federal disaster money. >> clearly, the state's emergency declaration and not making available the funding to the city is a significant decision. >> we don't have the means to hire movers to come in here and move us and pay for all this and pay first and last month's rent and find another place to live and all this stuff. >> as for why capitola didn't get any state money, a spokesman says decisions are made on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the governor's office. a big setback for some survivors of the san bruno
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explosion who were trying rebuild their homes. a contractor vanderbilt construction has told at least five families that it has shut down operations until next week or maybe even closed for good. the san mateo county times said the families were introduced to that particular contractor by pg&e, whose natural gas line was the source of last september's deadly explosion. we are going to have a live report on this coming up at 5:00. time now is 4:44. today san francisco mayor ed lee will unveil his first budget. better-than-expected tax revenues may help the city avoid mass layoffs. it's currently facing a $306 million deficit. lee telling the "san francisco chronicle" the budget will contain cuts in services to the homeless but not public safety. san jose's deficit is just about a third the size of san francisco's. but the city council now playing a little hardball with the labor unions. councilmembers just voted to impose a 10% reduction in salary and benefits on four
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unions representing city workers. the council had previously reached agreements on concessions with six other unions. san jose police officers association has also offered 10% concessions but only for one year. president obama will meet with the republicans today to talk about raising the nation's debt limit. >> this comes after the house rejected its own proposal to raise the debt ceiling yesterday. the republican-led house organizing the symbolic vote to send a message to president obama that simply raising the government's borrowing limit is unacceptable. they say any increase needs to come with spending cuts. all sides agree the debt ceiling does need to be raised at some point. time now 4:45. it's the first major warning that cell phones may cause cancer but should you really change your habits? coming up. >> plus, the big meeting between sarah palin and the donald what they excused about the 2012 race. she has more facebook friends than most people and she is not born.
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the unusual way one couple is celebrating pregnancy when we come back. checking out today's travel forecast, san francisco, sfo, you're looking at showers, the temperature of 62 degrees. but we should able to get out of town if you want to do. that heading south going to houston? looks like it's going to be hot there today. partly cloudy skies and about 94 degrees. further east, you will run into more sunshine and a couple of clouds, "hotlanta" checking in at 49 degrees this afternoon. more on your local weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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there's a 65- percent chance the atlantic wil today of is the first day of hurricane season. forecasters say there is a 65% chance the atlantic will produce up to 10 hurricanes this year. fema and local government agencies already calling for residents down in the south to be ready. today joplin, missouri crews will start hauling away piles of debris left behind by that massive tornado. the twister killed more than
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100 people and destroyed thousands of buildings. missouri's governor says the federal government will cover 90% of those clean-up costs. the french government says another 75 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of a plane that crashed into the atlantic ocean two years ago. all 228 people aboard air france flight 447 were killed when the plane went down on the way to paris. the information from the flight recorder says it plunged out of control for four minutes before crashing into the sea. the data has raised questions about how the crew handled the situation. former governor sarah palin chatting pizza and politics with reality tv star donald trump. her bus tour stopping in new york city last night. trump and palin a brief meeting at trip towers before they split a -- trump towers before they split a pizza. trump said she did not ask him to be a running mate for the 2012 run for the white house.
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palin said she had a lot in common with the billionaire. >> we have in common a love for the country and a desire to see the economy put back on the right track. >> her bus tour generating hype and speculation about what she is running for president. but so far, she insists this tour is not political. well, here we go again, folks. if you are heading out today, keep that umbrella with you. we are going to see some showers, a little sunshine, could be a wild day around the bay area even the possibility of some thunderstorms. we have scattered showers out there this morning but they are widely scattered here. just off the coast we have a more significant line that you just begin to see now heading toward the bay area that will be moving in later on so yeah, if you are heading out the door, plan for more raindrops outside. temperatures not too bad, fairly mild, 40s and 50s. by the afternoon this is when things get real interesting. you get a chance for thunderstorms, afternoon heating giving rise to some of the cumulonimbus clouse and thunderstorms. 50s and 60s highs, well below
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average for this time of year. impressive this first of june. the next system dropping in, hanging around on and off the better part of the day. so we'll see those scattered showers on and off throughout the day today and maybe into the nighttime hours, as well. so staying unsettled throughout the day today and cooler than normal around the bay area. this one will move by. we catch a break thursday. but by friday, a more significant storm drops into the bay area and we're talking more rain as we head in toward the weekend. computer models picking up on it pretty well. here's that line of moisture off the coast about the middle of the day it could get interesting. you get that spring sunshine, that gives rise to those thunderstorms, we can have some funnel clouds reported here in the bay area, possibly in toward the central valley so could be a fascinating afternoon around the bay area. numbers looking like this. 63 in concord, 62 in livermore. 65 on of the warmer spots in
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san jose. 50s at the coast. you will see sunshine, then storms, those towering clouds, towering cumulonimbus clouds rolling on by with a chance of thunderstorms. thursday a break in the storms but late in the day on friday, that's when that next low is going to drop out of the gulf of alaska, camping out on the west coast bringing heavier rainfall overnight to the bay area on friday night into saturday. more showers continuing right into monday. gianna, how about that? >> that's not good. i hope that rain holds off until we get this mess on 880 clear because it's not a good drive in oakland. northbound 880, you're looking at live pictures now, closed at 7th street, completely shut down for a big rig accident and diesel fuel spill. they are diverting traffic to 980. caltrans and chp are saying at least until 7:00 is when these lanes will b re-opened. we'll get you some alternates to get around it. use 580. typically big rigs aren't allowed on 580 but they are
4:53 am
this morning. so big rigs can use 580 to get around 880. also cut across broadway over to 580. we are starting to see delays away from the broadway at least to 580. traffic is starting to build again because they are diverting traffic over to 980. of course, we'll monitor that until it opens up. trying to get to the bay bridge via 880, again, use 580 or cut south and just use the san mateo bridge. that's a good idea, as well. we'll show you that in a second. bart always a good alternate to get around that mess. the rest of mass transit is on time. over to the san mateo bridge, if you want to use this, it's clear. bay bridge clear, no snags. north 101 at 237, an accident cleared to the right shoulder. we are seeing slight delays through the area. again, it's just been cleared to the side. traffic should improve there. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights off, so far, so good across the upper deck.
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that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the world health organization says there may be a link between cell phones and cancer. >> we have been kind of chitchatting about this. the warning comes from a review of 37 pieces of research most of which showed no problems. a doctor from uc-berkeley school of public health says the w.h.o. found the cell phone was as dangerous as gas exhaust or ddt and that prolonged use of a cell phone produces a brain tumor. >> this is major news in terms of being the first scientific body that has made this kind of declaration. >> opponents of smartmeters say the warning may be proof that wireless devices, whether cell phone or smartmeters, are pulsing radiation. pg&e says smartmeters are just 1/1000th radiation of a cell phone. but something to think about, that's for sure. facebook just keeps getting
4:55 am
bigger and bigger. >> the site is nearing 700 million users and most of the growth is coming from brazil. facebook added more than 1.9 million new users there just this month -- or last month, i should say. the u.s. is still the most represented country on the site with about 150 million members. so you have been counting your friends on facebook? >> no, i never do. never do. one user though has more facebook friends than most people and isn't even born yet. a texas couple decided to announce the pregnant on their social networking site. within a day, baby marriah gained more than 200 friends. she is attending tummy university, plus she likes soccer because she has quite a kicker. and now that she speaks in the first person, her facebook friends respond quickly. >> she would say, oh, i'm kicking my mom today or i'm doing somersaults and they would start, you know, oh, do somersaults this way or that
4:56 am
way or you should try doing this marriah. oh, people are interacting with us! >> marriah's parents plan to share more photos and details of the birth on facebook. probably fun for the family. >> fascinating, the sonogram pictures. >> got a little profile pic up there, too. endeavour's final landing. more on that coming up. good news after a four- vehicle accident on highway 880. when they are going to re-open this roadway coming up. and some san bruno fire victims may be out of luck after a contractor bows out. we'll have all the details live from san bruno coming up. plus, some new revelations about the bryan stow beating suspect's past. the violence crime he may be tied to in nevada and the crucial test he is taking today. coming up.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. lanes shut down after a big rig crash. n t may be your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a major mess for commuters. negotiable 880 lanes shut down
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after a big rig crash in oakland. but good news, it may be open sooner than expected. >> sad to see her land for the last time but she really has a great legacy. >> endeavour's historic final landing and what's next for the shuttle program. hi, everybody. good morning. it's june 1. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time coming up on 5:00. traffic in the east bay was a big, big problem earlier this morning. >> still a little mess there. >> yeah. >> but because of a wreck that's closed northbound interstate 880 in oakland. anne makovec is in oakland with the latest on when that road might re-open. we hear good news on that, anne. take it away. >> reporter: yeah. the highway here, 880, is supposed to be re-opened by 6:00 at the latest. originally they said 7:00. so that's good news. caltrans is working on cleaning up the highway.


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