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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 4, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[ male announcer ] at citibank, we believe small business is a big deal. what's your story? citibank can help you write it. you're watching newest newest in high-definition. a new comic book that has religious leaders enraged. tonight how foreskin man is trying to sway voters. a man remains in critical condition after yesterday's tragedy. we hear from a woman who has been in the same position. she says her daddy didn't do it. for the first time you'll hear the suspect's daughter in her own words. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dane dana king.
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>> very impressive to see this kind of storm. could see record amounts of rainfall and it is picking up right now, folks. lots of yellow beginning to show out toward the coastline, peninsula. spreading towards redwood city. more rain to the north. also picking up. light showers for the most part in san francisco but not far away from seeing moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall and that also continuing up in a good part of the north bay a lot of rain here. rain is going to be on and off throughout the better part of the weekend. a good weekend to hunker down and put on that hoodie. it will be a wet one. >> all right, lawrence, thanks. religious leaders are stunned by a new come comic book. as elizabeth cook calls us it is the villain causing an uproar. >> reporter: you've heard of superman, batman and of course
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others. foreskin man. his mission not so typical. saving baby boys from circumcision. in the jewish community the person that is trained to perform circumcisions. >> other way to look at it on the other side of the knife so to speak, from the person actually receiving the surgery. >> reporter: he is behind the measure to outlaw male circumcision in san francisco. he says it depicts the trauma a baby experiences when he is who has had a circumcision. >> having their genitals cut. >> doesn't make it right. >> reporter: antidefamiliaration league feels the comic is
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antisemattic. >> orthodox jews as evil in their facial features. as blood thirsty. as determined to try to do harm to this innocent child. >> reporter: she feels the most offensive part of the comic is the monster moyle character. >> couple of fingers in the panels look to sort of have claws on them. there is even spitlle spittle coming out of their mouths. >> reporter: but criticses say that's what they are doing. >> i am the parent. it is my choice. it gives a viewpoint as to have someone laid down to have their genitals cut off. >> they will get to make their own decision on the male
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circumcision initiative this weekend. supporters are not shying away from don't certifysy especially if it keeps their cause in the headlines. >> we will have to deep following this one. elizabeth, thank you. investigators looking into exactly what happened when a san francisco firefighter was killed in the line of duty yesterday. fire stations all across the bay area lowered their flags now to half-staff in honor of lieutenant vincent perez killed battling a fire inside a home in the diamond heights neighborhood in san francisco. he was caught in what's called a flash over which is an unexpected violent explosion caused when the temperature went up so fast everything in the room spontaneously ignites. >> every hose lead. every firefighter that was there yesterday was interviewed. >> vincent is a hero and he has a lot of friends that love him and care for him. >> a second firefighter anthony
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valario was also seriously injured. he remains in critical condition in san francisco general suffering from severe burns. his lungs are also damaged from all the intense hot smoke. his brother says right now it is touch and go. years ago another san francisco firefighter suffered similar lung damage. she wasn't expected to live at all. but managed to somehow. and tonight she shares her story with grace lee. hard to believe anyone could survive these conditions but somehow melanie stafford did. >> i remembered saying oh, my god i'm actually dying. the oxygen was so hot when i breathed in it burned my lungs but your body will not let you breathe in. >> reporter: she is not running into burning buildings these days. instead you can catch her puttering in her garden.
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after being burned over 40% of her body suffering brain damage that caused blindness she knows she cheated death that night and of it the hardest thing she has ever down. >> god. pure hell. my legs were so badly burned i had to be in a wheelchair with my legs up. when i did therapy it was just horrific pain. >> reporter: she said yesterday she hasn't started thinking about firefighter anthony valario. >> i do have empathy and there is somebody there that totally understands what it is like to be there. it is a long haul and it is a long haul for people around them too. >> stafford also says it is a long road to heal the body but the soul never quite recovers. it is one reason she lives in rural sonoma county. >> i couldn't stand the sound of fire trucks going by me all the time. i had flashbacks for a long time. >> reporter: she says what still haunts her is why she lived. but what she does know is
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despite all she has suffered she has no regrets for choosing the fire department. >> i would do that kind of thing for free. >> melanie spent nearly three months on life support but she was finally released from the hospital after four months. and in a lot of ways she said that was just the beginning. she had to go to speech therapy and relearn simple tasks. a really long road to recovery but it can be done. that's the important lesson here. >> she is a living example of modern medicine and everybody is pulling for tony valario who is still in the firefighter battling what she has already overcome. >> big spirit too. >> absolutely. grace, thanks. funeral services for lieutenant perez could be a week from today but the fire department tells us nothing has been finalized yet. meantime the san francisco firefighters union has established trust funds for the
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families of both firefighters. you can donate through a link we have set up right here. one week since nursing student michele lee disappeared. a few hours ago her family and friends held a vigil in hayward at the site where her empty car was found about halfway from kiaser permanente medical center where she was last seen leaving class. >> she is somebody's daughter. she is somebody's sister. she is somebody's friend. >> she means everything. everything. i just keep saying to myself what am i going to do without her, you know? >> police say lee's cell phone was transmitting signals until midday saturday. in other bay area headlines now the former contra costa narcotics officer accused of selling drugs and running a brothel is now also suspected
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of planning to grow his own pot. four are facing several charges in a case that just keeps expanding. today the district attorney announced that the fbi will be taking over that investigation. the former criminal technician at the heart of the san francisco crime lab scandal has pleaded guilty to drug possession. 61-year-old debra madden allegedly stole drug evidence from the police department in 2009 and that forced prosecutors to drop hundreds of cases and close the crime lab. more than 100 san jose police officers will get to keep their jobs. that's a result of a tenttative deal. a 10% pay cut to prevent the layoffs of 156 fellow officers and to help close san jose's $115 million deficit. that means up to $400 out of a police officer's paycheck every
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month. >> it is a good deal in a sense that, one, it allows us to avoid the additional layoffs of 156 of police officers. two, it is good for the community. >> also announced today. san jose got a federal grant that will allow the city to restore 49 firefighter jobs that were cut last year. >> the economic recovery seems to be losing momentum according to the labor department nearly 14 million americans are looking for jobs right now and anthony mason reports millions who have found jobs are working for less. >> we will get a look at what's going on. >> for nearly two years in st. clair shores, michigan, they were both out of work. >> we had zero money. we could hardly afford to buy food. >> reporter: michael who was laid off by ford just got a new job but at half his old pay. melissa is still looking for a
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job. >> even when we were out there both of us diligently looking for work, the work just isn't there. >> reporter: and now the job market is getting worse. after three straight months of strong growth hiring slowed sharply in may raising new fears the economy is faulterring. >> is this just a soft patch? >> no, it isn't, it is beginning of a new throttling back in the pace of growth for the economy. >> reporter: seeing a global industrial slowdown. manufacturing which had been leading the recovery and had added jobs in each of the past six months suddenly gave up 5000 jobs in may. >> what does this mean for job growth then? >> it means it is easing again. >> we are not going to return to a quarter million jobs a month? >> that's not going to happen anytime soon. >> the number of people out of work more than six months is growing again too to more than 6 million. that's 45% of the unemployed.
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melissa is on that list. when the couple were both out of work they lost their health insurance and their house. >> started kind of panicking and thinking, you know, really thinking outside the box what are we going to do? what can we do? last resort we are going to live in our cars. >> reporter: they have had to move in with michael's mother. >> i'm 44 years old and i'm having to move back in with my mom. that's another big hit on the ego. >> reporter: melissa who worked for government is now studying to be a nurse. in these tough years they said all that saved them were their unemployment checks. >> unemployment benefits have been a god send and i thank god literally every day for them. >> but melissa's benefits run out in july. and michigan is one of four states that have passed laws. nearly 8 million americans are now drawing unemployment checks. anthony mason, cbs news, new
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york. she has talked to police and now to reporters. she's the alibi in the bryan stow beating investigation. what the daughter said tonight. john edwards is indicted but he says he broke no laws. how chocolate was used to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] i love you guys. [ laughs ] i mean, just, you know, the whole heist thing. just putting jewels in teddy bears. this guy's wearing a wire the whole time. right? look at that! he's wearing a wire! [ laughs ] all right, let's do this. all right? before my wife changes her mind. go. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. no sequel for that guy. he violated federal election law in his 2008 campai john edwards is fighting charges that he violated federal election law in his
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2008 campaign. prosecutors say he used donations to cover up an affair. they say hundreds of thousands of dollars were passed through boxes of chocolate. the defense admits that there was a cover up but says it was for personal not political reasons. daniel nottingham reports from washington. >> reporter: former presidential hopeful john edwards emerged from a north carolina courtroom friday looking confident, his eldest daughter indicate at his side. he made an immediate distinction between doing something wrong and doing something illegal. >> i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others. but i did not break the law. >> reporter: edwards pleaded not guilty to federal charges he solicited and spent $925,000 to hide his affair with hunter.
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>> prosecutors insisting on a felony plea. that could possibly endanger the law. the indictment focuses on donations that prosecutors say should have been considered campaign contributions. edwards claims they were gifts. >> no one would have known or should have known or could have been expected to know that these payments would be treated or should be considered as campaign contributions. >> reporter: edwards' defense team recently argued the money was intended to hide the affair from his wife elizabeth. she died in cancer in december. if convicted edwards faces a maximum of five years in prison and a quarter million dollars fine on each of the six counts. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. one little girl could be the key witness in a case that has been dominating bay area headlines the last few months. tonight we are hearing from the
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10-year-old daughter of the man who has been accused beating bryan stow into a coma at dodgers stadium. >> i think that it is not my dad and i pretty much know it is not him and other people are saying that it is him. so that part makes me mad. but then i'm also sad because he is in jail right now. he stayed home so he wasn't watching t.v. he just slept or took me out somewhere. so that's pretty much all he had did that day. i was shocked and i just -- i knew that it wasn't my dad because he did have hair and he played around with me and i tell him to shave it and stuff. like he didn't want to listen. so he had kept the hair. and yeah, then a couple days later he had shaved it. >> i just want everyone to see
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her side of the story an what she remembers that day. everything that has been broadcast has been against him an making him look like a bad person. so people need to know he is a father. she needs her dad and it does affect her. so therefore it affects me as well because i am her mother and i need to look out for her well being. >> did either of you know them to go to a sporting event? >> no, never been a sports fan. no one coached her. one of the main reasons i also had him represent us as well. >> ramirez has still not been charged. he is in jail though on a weapons charge that's unrelatedded. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general. we are going to turn to lawrence now. we have a wild weekend of weather behind us. >> usually worried about fog and clouds and when it will burn off this time of year. not this time around. we have got a lot of rain showing up in the bay area some getting heavy already especially along the peninsula.
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heavy amounts of rainfall in half moon bay. redwood city. now making its way into parts of san francisco right out towards the zoo. heavier amounts of rainfall. headed towards the east bay. we will continue to see it intensify. a low sitting off the coast listen bringing a pretty heavy band of rainfall. could very well see record rainfall over the week. this is what we are working with. you don't usually see this this time of year. look at the core. very intense. pushing onshore throughout the weekend. just going to spin here and send wave after wave of energy through. the first one coming through tonight. then a brief break then looks like more scattered showers into sunday and probably monday too. so a wet weekend on tap on and off throughout the weekend. we will catch some sun income breaks ny breaks. in general we will keep the water flowing through our skies the better part of the week. heavier amounts of rainfall
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moving in early tomorrow morning and then as we head into the afternoon a lot of this energy shifts eastward making its way into the east bay hills and maybe get some sunny breaks outside the bay. temperatures running well below the average for this time of year. mainly 50s and 60s. over the weekend more rain on the way. even the possibility of some thunderstorms. the good news is come tuesday, wednesday and thursday looks like things dry out well into,, we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast. let's find out how much we can download before this rocket takes out this 4g hotspot. are you guys ready ? yeah, ready ! ready ! let's go hot. ready, set, download ! done ! done ! done ! what'd you get, what'd you get ? downloaded solitaire ! i got gulliver's travels ! i got a photo ! yeah ! all right ! it's america's fastest and largest high-speed wireless network-- verizon.
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near tonight is prom night for some teenagers who not be otherwise able to go. nearly 200 current an former patients at the children's hospital at stanford packed the cafeteria for food and dancing. the theme passport to adventure. for many of these party goers tonight's prom is the only dance they have ever been able to attend. >> we want to give these kids who are missing out on the normal experiences of life something normal which is for a lot of them to getting to to prom. >> part of the hospital was transformed with declarations
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and backdrops depicting landmarks for a trip around the world. this is all possible thanks to the hospital, some school teachers and dreamworks which supplied the declarations. as and red sox combining for 22 hits and 14 runs at fenway. the pleasanton native didn't disappoint. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sabean has reached out to both scott >> if he never plays another day in the big leagues i think we will all be happy. >> brian sabian has reach out to both the marlins g.m. and scott cousins to clarify his comments made yet on knbr were not intended that way.
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cody ross giving the fans something to cheer about in the 4th and two-run double to give the giants a 2-1 lead. he is 10 for his last 20. brandon crawford continuing to make the best of his opportunity. the pleasanton native follows ross with his own. 3-1 giants. no one more excited than the crawford family. matt cain. brian wilson with his 16th save of the year. giants beat the rockies 3-1. as and red sox. asking for advice. it pays off. tied at 5 in the 5th. delivering a two-out single to right. josh willingham scores to give the as a 6-5 lead but boston would answer in the 7th with a big two-out hit of their own.
2:07 am
carl crawford broken bat single. 8-6. the as have now lost four straight. roger feder. four sets and nearly four hours. federer ends with a win. he will take on rafael nadal for the fourth time in six years. shaq making his retirement official this afternoon and gave himself one final nickname on the way out. >> so from now on you guys can call me the big aarp. association for the advancement of retired persons. >> number 4, regionals in fullerton. striking out 8 and pitching a complete game to lead the cardinal to a win over kansas state. >> number 3. white sox and tigers. diving and throws to his knee to get the force.
2:08 am
the sox have won four straight. number 2, the braves beat the mets but a bunt off his face taken to hospitals for x-rays and a cat scan. memorial lead. hitting a hole in one on the 8 of the ,,,,,,,,,,
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we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business,


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