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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and we lost, it was just too overwhelming. we couldn't bring him back. >> an announcement no one wanted to hear. a second firefighter badly injured in a house fire in san francisco. has died. what doctors call a blessing and how tony valerio's family said he would want to be remembered. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. dozens of firefighters from across the city flocked to san francisco general hospital to mourn the loss of a brother. tony valerio lost his fight for life early this morning after being badly burned on thursday. anne makovec on how the fire department and his family paid tribute. >> reporter: in the pouring
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rain, surrounded by dozens of san francisco firefighters, the chief made the announcement so many had feared. >> unfortunately, this morning at about 7:40, firefighter paramedic tony valerio was pronounced deceased. >> reporter: the 53-year-old firefighter paramedic had worked for the city for 27 years, one of two firefighters who died after being overcome by a flashover of super-heated gases while fighting a house fire in diamond heights on thursday. valerio arrived at the hospital badly burned in cardiac arrest. >> this was a minute-to-minute struggle for his life from when he got hurt to when he died this morning. minute-to-minute. and we lost. it was just too overwhelming. we couldn't bring him back. >> reporter: doctors say it was a blessing that valerio had 40 hours surrounded by his family before he died. >> i have had a lot of trouble in the last couple of days sleeping. i can't even think about life without him right now.
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i don't know... it seems like he's still here. i can't really quite process that he is actually passed. >> reporter: valerio was the oldest of seven children. his family calls the fire department his second family. >> present arms. >> reporter: they lined up to salute his body as it was wheeled into the medical examiner's van that morning. >> it is particularly difficult. we are mourning the loss of one and then have another one very close from the same fire is challenging for us, painful for us, but we will be strong. >> i would think he would want all of you to remember him as that happy person, always telling jokes, and just living life and that's what he did. >> he was very selfless. you know? he -- he -- he loved everybody. he loved life. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> and a third firefighter caught in that same flashover survived. tracy courtney was released
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from the hospital shortly after being treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. funeral services for lieutenant vincent perez could be held next friday but nothing is finalized. meantime, the san francisco firefighters union has established trust funds for the families of both lieutenant perez and firefighter paramedic valerio. you can donate through a link we have set up on the streets surrounding the diamond heights house that burned are still blocked off tonight and firefighters are keeping watch. that's because the house is considered a crime scene in mind investigation is complete. -- until the investigation is complete. the family that lives there went back to the house this morning. they went in to look at the damage and salvage what they could. they did not want to talk to us. meantime, the search for the cause of the fire is still going on. among the things investigators are looking at is what caused the conditions that led to the flashover that consumed the firefighters. the house has been diagramed and firefighters have been interviewed. investigators are using all
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that information to piece together what happened and what led to the events that caused injury and death to the firefighters. well, people who live in the bay area are used to the foggy june gloom. but this first weekend of june seems more like a weekend in january. don knapp is at lake merritt where an outdoor fair was one of the several events on the bay area that was ee little bit soggy. don. >> reporter: there hasn't been a wet gray june day like this in years. but we found people coping and putting on a brave face and trying to make the best of a wet situation. rain is good for plants and other living things but it can be really bad for social gatherings like this planned art and music event at the gardens of lake merritt a year in the making. >> you can never predict the weather. it's the gardens and we just keep our smiles on, keep upbeat and just -- you know, it is what it is. actually, gardens are beautiful in the rain. >> reporter: last year here it was 80 degrees and people were looking for relief from the
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heat. this year, they are making the best of a wet situation. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at alameda's crown beach the annual sandcastle contest was rained out. jasper said the family reunion was on's struggled with a tent. >> bringing my family out here to meet my family. so we are going to enjoy the day, rain, shine, anything. it don't matter. >> reporter: watching folks on rainy crown beach you would think they were enjoying it. >> we don't melt. a little rain ain't going to bother no one. >> i don't like it. i wanted a day inside. my mom said no. >> reporter: weather problems were more troubling in sonoma county where wind brought down trees. a tree missed this home in penngrove but brought down a power line. another power line came down when this tree fell on hermit in santa rosa. fire crews cut up and removed a
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three fell across a road in santa rosa. this porta-potty became airborne after winds lifted it from a pickup truck on 101 near downtown santa rosa. the chp helped the owner to wrestle it to the side of the road and back on the truck. despite rain and mud, the contra costa county fair was also a go in antioch. not that the pigs minded the mud, nor did some participants, like this man involved in a barbecue competition. >> the cold temperature a little hard to keep your barbecue warm but not really. it doesn't affect it too much for the amateur barbecue. rain or shinyway. so here we are doing our thing. >> reporter: mostly rain, not much shine. but you might say the bad weather is bringing the best out in some folks. >> thank you, don knapp. no, it's not the usual june gloom. it's late spring storms. erika martin tells us about some records broken today. >> conditions have been wet all
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day. we are getting a bet of a break but as we look at our doppler we can see we have all that moisture that's starting to push on east and lets zoom in a little bit. we'll start to see rain cells moving towards the east but for the most part we are going to get some more showers by later this evening into tomorrow possibly through monday. let's take a look here what we have going on. santa rosa seeing the bulk of the precipitation right now. we have a lot of showers making their way in ahead of that energy. looking at our rainfall totals we have broken records. we could see over an inch of rain for mill valley, san francisco and oakland. seeing lots of rain showers for today, again clearing up for just a little bit until later tonight and then we are going to see showers for tomorrow, folks. on my next weather segment i'm going to share my seven-day forecast. we have a chance of thunderstorms but finally a break by the end of the next workweek. ann? >> look forward to that. thanks. some bay area headlines. bart riders have spoken after trying out seats in different
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widths configurations and materials in bart's seating lab. early feedback indicates the majority of riders are willing to give up a few minutes seat width to make the aisles bigger and give up leg room. the number one concern cleanliness. bart is asking for public input before replacing hundreds of seats in its aging fleet. public transportation is the way to go if you're visiting coit tower on the weekends this summer. transit officials will continue a program restricting visitor parking near the famous landmark. visitors are encouraged to park at the bottom of the hill take a muni bus up the hill. the restricted parking will ease traffic and reduce greenhouse gases according to officials. the restricted parking continues through september 25. next, a man believed to be the successor to bin laden killed in a missile strike in afghanistan. new hope for women at risk for developing breast cancer. the new options that could help prevent the disease. it landed in the hudson
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river. now this plane is completing its original journey but through the streets of new jersey. i have the story. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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missle strike. an al qaeda militant believed to be in line to succeed osama bin laden may have been killed in a u.s. missile strike. ilyas kashmiri is believed to be one of nine militants who died yesterday in the attack near the afghan border. kashmiri was an al qaeda commander involved in a siege in mumbai in 2008 that killed more than 160 people. a fax believed to be sent by the militant group he was heading promises revenge against america. it earned a place in history after making an emergency splashdown in the hudson river. now the u.s. airways plane that became the miracle on the hudson is heading to a museum. as duarte geraldino shows us it's completing its original journey to north carolina. >> reporter: new jersey drivers are sharing the road with history. >> i did i think i would see an airplane on 21. >> reporter: not just any plane. the airbus 320 captain sullenberger splash-landed on
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the hudson river. >> he is a good pilot. >> reporter: the so-called miracle on the hudson river captured the world's attention in january of 2009. the unusual journey u.s. airways flight 1549 is taking to its original destination will be turning heads for the next few days. >> an airplane landed on broad street so we ran outside! >> reporter: the fuselage is traveling 780 miles to charlotte, north carolina squeezing under bridges and negotiating narrow tree-lined streets. the trailer is custom made to account for the width and length of the plane and also more importantly to preserve all of the damage that was caused when it landed in the hudson river. >> it's going to be frozen this time as it landed in the river. so we are not going to repair any damage that happened in the accident. >> reporter: sean is president of carolina's aviation museum where the plane will have a permanent home. earlier some of the passengers unloaded everything from emergency exit doors to seat cushions. >> passengers have to say was
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it a crash or landing? so kind of looks like a crash when you see all this stuff. >> reporter: the plane is expected to arrive in charlotte just in time for a reception with crew and passengers next saturday. duarte geraldino, for cbs news, brunswick, new jersey. tomorrow marks 30 years since the discovery of the virus that causes aids. it's also in the annual aids life cycle from the bay area to southern california begins. what could happen to keep the event from starting on time? there is a break in those showers right now but we are expecting some more by later tonight lingering through tomorrow. i have your pinpoint forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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women at high risk of breast cancer have a new option to try to prevent the disease. a new study shows a drug sold by pfizer cuts the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half. as for women past menopause, the two drugs already available for preventing breast cancer have been unpopular because they cause blood clots and uterine cancer. the study shows this other drug didn't have these side effects. the aids life cycle from -- the aids life cycle from san francisco to los angeles starts tomorrow. hopefully it will be dry tomorrow for the tenth annual 525-mile ride. thousands of people take part in the event, which raises money and awareness of for h.i.v. and aids services. >> stigma is still a very important part of this disease and the broader community at large still needs to be educated about hiv and aids so
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something like aids life cycle is a great way to build awareness and help people understand more about hiv aids 30 years after it started. >> the ride takes 7 days along some of the most scenic roads in california. the first day of the trip goes from san francisco to santa cruz along highway 1. erika martin back with us. so is it going to be somewhat dry when they take off? >> just for the next couple of hours. it's going to be wet for the next two days. we have that moisture that's working its way in rather quickly. so folks, definitely grab that umbrella because it is going to be wet out there. again a brief break in that moisture and then those showers are going to roll right back on n here's a look outside. golden gate bridge we can see those showers, well, breaking up just a bit right now. those clouds certainly link, quite steady and that's just because that low is making its way into the region. and here what you can expect here is we have all that moisture that's working its way in here. we have abundant moisture over concord and a lot of moisture
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for the next couple of hours. we have a chance of thunderstorms. we have temperatures lingering in the 50s into the 60s. we are going to pull that right up here. this evening we still have those scattered showers. low 50s into the 60s. for tonight and for tomorrow, those chances of thunderstorms, as well. we have mid-50s to the high 60s and a significant thunderstorm possibility. the low will push the energy into the region. the green is all that moisture making its way in here. here's that low pressure system wrapping around. as it wraps around it's going to pick up moisture for later tonight into tomorrow. because we have a lot of cold air aloft, that's going to go ahead and cause those thunderstorms. here's a look at what we can expect as far as the temperatures. tomorrow still trending slightly below average. 69 for concord, 68 livermore. fairfield 66 degrees. here's a look at our seven-day
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forecast. folks, we can see those thunderstorms for tomorrow certainly possible. showers continuing possibly for monday. warmer by tuesday. we are going to see partly cloudy skies. wednesday and thursday, seeing warmer temperatures, as well. for the weekend ahead, we have partly cloudy skies, temperatures ranging from the high 50s into the mid to high 70s. so ann, a bit of a break next week, conditions still wet now. >> thank you. all right. despite our forecast, perfect weather today for a 9-year-old boy to make history in the southwest skies. bobby bradley became the youngest person to solo in a hot air balloon. he enjoyed a half hour ride before making a perfect landing on a dirt road in new mexico. the small crowd of friends and family gathered to watch the historic flight. because of his age, bobby had to fly a smaller nonstandard sized hot air balloon. his parents are licensed pilots and they trained him for the solo flight. look who's here, g force in
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for kim coyle. good to see you. >> that's good to see you. >> once again nobody called me about the color which is cool. >> eggplant tonight. >> is it plum? >> whatever you would like to call it. >> whatever. i'm going with purple. coming up in sports nine innings not even close to finding a winner in the as and red sox game. who won the marathon at fenway? look who was bad at it at the memorial. steve stricker another one from way out his bird of choice no doubt the eagle. all the action coming up in sports. stick around. ,,,,,,,,,,
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was, they sang "take me out to the ballgame" twice at fenway... red sox cl to give you an idea of how long the as red sox game was they same take me out to the ballgame twice. papelbon took the mound with a four-run lead. it looked like coco crisp hit into a double play but under the glove of pedroia and the nightmare is just beginning for papelbon. cliff pennington to the plate smacked a double. one runner scored, 7-5 and the red sox catcher jason varitek gets tossed. a shot down the third baseline kicked off the glove of kevin youkilis. coco crisp scores behind him pennington to tight game up at 7. papelbon blew a four-run lead then blew his lid and got
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tossed for arguing balls and strikes and may be suspended for bump the ump. no touching the up in baseball. the as took the lead on a sac. fly in the 11th giving bailey the first save chance of the year but after striking out the first two batters, he gave up back-to-back doubles and the sox tied this thing back up. another blown save for the as make it 8 this season. j.d. drew struck out four times but he ends up being the hero in the bottom of the 14th. the single knocked in carl crawford. the red sox win the-8. the as have lost five straight and the five-hour 50 minute game is the longest in major league this year. crazy. brian sabean's comments created a buzz. now buster posey is trying to fan some flames saying in a statement, that it's time for everyone to move on. >> the tarp finally came off after a 30-minute rain delay. scoreless in the 5th inning, manny burris makes the diving stop there flips it to second for the force to brandon
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crawford who throws it into the colorado dugout. 1-0 rockies. bottom of the inning picked off at second by leaning. ross cuts the deficit in half with his fifth homer of the season. today was cody ross bobblehead day. bottom of the 9th, rockies still up 2-1. final chance for the giants. brandon crawford gives it a ride but watch this. ryan makes the diving catch right there. running catch that is. right at the wall you see him grab that one. great catch. rockies beat the giants 2-1. bumgarner took the loss now just 2-7. after the game the team placed brandon belt on the 15- day disabled list. small fracture on the left wrist hit by pavin on tuesday night in st. louis bush hit by a pitch on tuesday night in st. louis by a pitch. college baseball, regionals
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from houston. after losing their opener last night, cal beat alcorn state. they will play tomorrow in another elimination game. softball action joleen henderson won her 40th game of the season and the bears fought off elimination in the college world series. decker found the right field line to the wall. everybody scores. that's fun. a three-run triple for decker. cal beat oklahoma state 6-1. now they are playing florida and trail 4-2 late in the ballgame. upsets and injuries knocked out nearly all of the big names on the women's side of the french open. and that left us with francesca schiavone and li na in the finals. schiavone was trying to make it back-to-back french open titles. she won last year but would not have enough to get past li na. the 29-year-old from china with one of her 31 winners right there. na took the first set 6-4 and then finished schiavone in the second set winning the first nine points of the match to finally winner had first major
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title and maybe even better more impressive na becomes the first chinese player to ever win a grand slam, man or woman. from the clay to the grass, in ohio and this is the memorial. steve stricker finished his round yesterday with a hole in one and a birdie. today he picked up where left off. check this out. nice little eagle that rolls right in. you got to like that. i wish i could that. look at the color of the shirt. plum. stricker another eagle on the 5th but struggled down the stretch with two bogeys on the final hole and is at 12-under and has a three-shot lead over jonathan bird in the final round. amazing. >> we need the giants to keep moving forward. so many injuries already. >> people getting hurt left and right. it's still early. so -- >> always the optimist. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in half hour and then of course again at 10:00 and 11:00. until then our news updates are
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on have a good night. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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