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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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points to murder. >> huge tribute today for two fallen firefighters. the very visual way san francisco plans to honor them. >> good morning, it's tuesday, june 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 6:00. let's go ahead and get you out the door with a quick look at traffic and weather. a very nice forecast. lawrence, good morning to you. >> good morning. much improved weather around the bay area today. we are starting out with some low clouds and fog this morning but by the afternoon, here comes the sunshine just a couple of passing clouds, temperatures in the 70s into santa rosa, about 69 in mountain view, about 71 degrees in san jose. and only getting warmer over the next few days. we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check the roads first elizabeth. >> coming up at 6:00 we're doing great this morning. the earlier accident northbound 280 approaching the lawrence expressway is already cleared so really we are dealing with no major hot spots all across the bay area. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge in the commute
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direction. still nice and light, 13 minutes to take you out from hayward towards foster city. more traffic in a bit including a check of mass transit. in the meantime, jacket thank you. this morning, michelle le's disappearance is now being investigated as a homicide. kiet do is in hayward with some of the reasons that police think the missing nursing student was killed. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me here is the place where police say it happened. this is the parking garage at kaiser hospital in hayward and this is where police say michelle le was killed. investigators aren't releasing specific details but they say after interviews with 25 people, forensic evidence, cell phone records, video surveillance and items found during search warrants, hayward police say all the evidence points conclusively to homicide. police also believe michelle was not targeted that this was not a random crime. he should say she was targeted and this was not a random crime. michelle le went missing may 27 when she told her nursing classmates she was going to get
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something from her car during class break but never came back. detectives found michelle's car parked and locked on a residential street a block and a half away sparking a massive search by family and friends. hayward police are working with the fbi and alameda county sheriff's office to try to find the body. >> investigators continue to search remote areas of the east bay area in an attempt to recover evidence and ultimately hopefully recover michelle. >> family and friends were distraught by the news yesterday and left the press conference last night in tears. on their website, they have criticized hayward police for not releasing more information, say they want to get the fbi involved. they are also saying that they will release a statement themselves later on today. sydnie? >> all right. we will await that. kiet do in hayward, thank you.
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this morning a grieving bay area mother pleads with parents to be involved with their children. yvonne lopez and her husband were wounded when someone opened fire on the family in their car in east palo alto early sunday morning. their 3-month-old son was killed. >> i don't know where the parents were at. i don't know, but i -- i definitely have to say to their parents to pay attention to their other kids if they have any -- be involved in their kids' lives. pay attention to them. give them love. because if they don't, they will find it on the streets and they hang out with the wrong people and they end up being killers. >> two teenagers are under arrest, police searching for more suspects. they think the shooting was in retaliation for a gang beating that one of the suspects suffered last week and that it was a case of mistaken identity. the mother whose baby was
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killed wants parents to pay attention to their children so they don't get in with the wrong crowds. tonight coit tower will be aglow in red. it's one of the several public tributes being planned for two san francisco firefighters who died battling a house fire. anser hassan is at at&t park where mayor ed lee will appear at another tribute tonight at the ballpark. he joins us now with more. anser, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco fire department still doesn't know the exact cause of what started last week's fire that killed two san francisco firefighters. but the city is wasting no time in honoring two of its heroes. tonighter who at giants at&t park mayor ed lee will throw out the first pitch in their honor. lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter tony valerio both died in a house fire last thursday. they were caught in what's called a flashover. that's when everything in the room ignites at once causing a huge surge of flames and heat.
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the two veteran firefighters both grew up in san francisco. valerio joined the fire department in 1997. he died on saturday. the 53-year-old perez died of cardiac arrest the same day of the fire. the two were part of company 26 which has turned into a makeshift memorial of sorts for the two firefighters. the station say they have received hundreds of cards from firefighters from around the country and visitors who come by to pay their respects. even one of the survivors of last week's fire is mourning the loss. >> just sad for the firemen, families have to lose a fireman just supposed to be a small electrical fire. and it just got out of hand very quickly. so... >> now, many of you may know that coit tower was actually built as a memorial for san francisco firefighters. so starting tonight, coit tower will be lit red in honor of the two firefighters. the giants take on the
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nationals starting 579:15. mayor ed lee throws out the ceremonial pitch at 7:05. frank? >> it should be a big night and a nice tribute to those two firefighters. anser hassan, thank you so much. tomorrow the head of of the national transportation safety board will tour the san bruno neighborhood destroyed by the explosion and the fire last september. deborah hermesman will meet with some of the victims of the explosion as well as officials from pg&e and from san bruno. ntsb investigators are still working on the cause of the blast. its final report is expected sometime later this year. it is 6:06. are you tired of all that rain and cold and windy weather? i am, too. >> no. i love it. [ laughter ] >> i think it's fabulous. bring it on. >> finally, lawrence, we got a forecast that i think everybody will love. >> i think you're right. finally seeing some more normal weather around the bay area starting out with some low clouds and fog and that's typical of this time year. a little thick towards parts of the north bay valley so watch out for that. temperatures generally in the
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50s outside. by the afternoon here comes the sunshine and just a few clouds moving by, about 73 degrees, very comfortable in santa rosa. today 72 in livermore, 71 in san jose. and the weather only getting better. high pressure going to start to sneak in here, not a giant ridge but enough to warm things up through thursday and friday. cooling off over the weekend. elizabeth did you say road trip to napa this next weekend? >> maybe. i like that idea. if the weather isn't rainy any mornings i'm going to have to find something new to complain about. here's a look at the nimitz, 880 through oakland looks great. one of the sensors picking up speeds about 68 miles per hour right now as you pass the coliseum. so you're doing really well towards downtown oakland. we are going to head over towards -- we just lost our shot. everything is fine now coming up the peninsula 101 heading towards downtown san francisco. and hey, we have a giants game. they take on the washington nationals again at 7:15 so you may find some extra traffic this evening heading into the
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city. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:07. another alibi in the bryan stow case. the video evidence that could prove the prime suspect is innocent. i haven't told the truth. [ pause ] >> and i have done things i deeply regret. >> setting the record straight. a congressman admits to a lewd twitter photo. the bigger confession about his past coming up. and a gas giveaway that's turning heads. why some are calling a mayor's plan a shameless gimmick. ,,
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. beating bryan stow say there's video proving his client's innocence. the attorney for the man suspected of beating bryan stow says they have video that's proving their client is innocent. the lawyers for giovanni ramirez filed a motion yesterday to get surveillance video from a hollywood motel. he says it shows ramirez checking in the day after the attack and at that time, he had longer hair. witnesses say though the suspects had shaved heads. >> can you explain that why he went that day to the comfort
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inn. >> yeah, he wanted to be alone with his girlfriend. >> that's simple. it wasn't an alibi to hide out? >> no. his girlfriend was coming in from out of state. he lives with family members. >> workers say they don't remember ramirez but records show he did indeed check into that noel. ramirez remains in jail on a parole violation but he hasn't been charged in the beating of bryan stow. stow is in critical condition here at san francisco general. police in pittsburg asking for the public's help after a series of violent attacks on a popular walking and jogging trail. the latest incident on the de anza trail happened friday. a good samaritan was attacked as he tried to help a woman. police say that woman was being held against her will by three men about 10:45 at night after curfew. a man tried to help the woman and the suspects told him not to be a hero and to go away. then police say they grabbed and kicked him, stabbed him twice with a pocketknife and they also threatened to shoot
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him if they see him again. just last month, a 19-year-old man was shot. police are asking any witnesses to come forward. a major expansion to stanford hospital takes a big step forward. after four years of debate, the palo alto city council gave the green light last night to that billion-dollar project. it would add1.3 million-square- foot to the medical facilities and add extra patient beds to stanford hospital and lucille packard hospital. it's expected to be open by 2018. coming up we'll have live report at 6:30 on that expansion. he sent out a lewd twitter photo and even more. we have the steamy online life of a new york congressman coming up. and all eyes on apple this morning. negative impact on wall street following steve jobs' rare appearance yesterday. if you are traveling, we have partly cloudy skies at sfo today. temperatures of about 62 degrees. but it is going to get hot in
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other parts of the country. leave all the thick clothes behind. temperatures soaring to 97 in chicago today. further east, you will find some sunshine, maybe a couple of clouds but it will be a little bit cooler. still on the warm side. 88 in new york. we'll have a look at your local forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the search for a missing nursing student is now a homicide investigation. police believe michelle l in the headlines, the search for a missing nursing student now a homicide investigation. police believe michelle le was killed in a parking garage and it was not a random attack. they also say they have a number of persons of interest in the case. public tributes are planned in san francisco for two firefighters who died battling a house fire. coit tower will be lit up in red for four nights starting tonight as a tribute. and mayor ed lee will throw a ceremonial first pitch tonight at at&t park. and a wildfire burning out of control in eastern arizona has grown now to 360 square miles. this morning, firefighters say windy conditions and dry lightning will likely make things worse. five buildings have been destroyed but so far there are no reports of any injuries. good morning. if you are just getting up, well, it looks like we are finally turning this boat around weather-wise. we are going to see lots of
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sunshine outside. mount vaca looking good. low clouds extending down below but that's going to burn off and we are left with some pretty typical weather for this time year as the temperatures are going to start to warm up nicely. still some patchy fog and watch out especially in the north bay valleys some of that thick visibilities down to a quarter mile in santa rosa, half mile toward napa. this afternoon here comes that warm sunshine in most spots. cool at the coast. partly cloudy skies. and temperatures there mainly into the 50s. speaking of 50s, got plenty of those outside now with low clouds extending overhead but toward the afternoon, we'll find more sunshine and the weather is going to start warming up over the next few days. finally low pressure heading eastward one last little low off the coast and that may spark a couple of thunderstorms in the sierra nevada and keep some low clouds and fog along the coast but otherwise more sunshine coming our way and comfortable temperatures in the afternoon. south bay looking fantastic. sunshine, a couple of passing clouds, 70 degrees in santa
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clara, 71? san jose. 50s at the coast. some cool temperatures with the fog there. inland valleys mid-70s inland. north bay 70s in the afternoon. 73 santa rosa, 72 napa. cooling down a little on the weekend but now looks like we stay drive for the next five to seven days. how about that elizabeth? >> i like it. i'll take it. it makes things quiet on the roads, which is the case for the most part today. but we are just actually getting word of a new accident. we don't have a lot of details. westbound 4 sounds like it's around the a street exit so our sensors are suddenly getting really slow 6 miles per hour so looks like chp is heading to the scene now. coming off the antioch bridge, it's fine. it's really just that with bottleneck right there where we usually see it and an accident will not help matters. we'll continue to watch the
6:20 am
area. 880 through oakland, this is problem-free. moving great toward the macarthur maze. westbound 92 still holding steady green on our sensors. about a 13-minute drive from hayward to foster city. all the approaches to the bay bridge there's a lot of things being dropped over there. when these sensors turn yellow, that's the first indication the metering lights will be turned on. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain are on time. back to you guys. thank you. this is the white house. president obama will be meet with the german chancellor angela merckle. they are expected to talk about nato operations in afghanistan and libya, peace in the middle east and the world economy. that's just getting under way. live pictures from washington,
6:21 am
d.c. this morning a new york congressman says he will fully cooperate with the house ethics investigation. anthony weiner came clean yesterday tearfully admitting he sent lewd photos on twitter. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i had posted to twitter i panicked. i took it down and said that i had been hacked. i then stuck with that story which was a mistake. this woman was unwittingly dragged into this. >> the congressman also said he has exchanged sexually explicit pictures with women over the internet for the last three years. he says never met any of the women or had a physical relationship with them. weiner says he has no intention of resigning over this. he also said he will not be splitting up with his wife. 6:21. how does $100,000 of free gas sound? one mayor is serving it up. we'll tell you why his plan is
6:22 am
heavily criticized. and it was supposed to be a shining moment for apple. the surprise reaction when steve jobs took the stage right here in san francisco yesterday morning. coming up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co., a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jobs' appearance in san francisco. as soon as he took the stage yesterday, all eyes on apple today following steve jobs' appearance in san francisco yesterday. as soon as he took the stage, apple's stock started to drop.
6:25 am
it closed down 1.5%. apple's ceo look thin and frail due to his battle with cancer. jobs had emerged from medical leave to promote the company's new service the icloud which stores music, documents and photos. brian cooley will join us with more insights coming up life here in studio at 6:45. game on or at least that's what nintendo hopes. it's about to unveil a new gaming console at the convention in l.a. this week. that new console will be the successor to the wii game console. industry experts say it's certain to support high definition gaming something that the wii lacks. the new system goes on sale next year. well, this is something drivers have not seen in a while. >> yes. the average price per gallon of gas actually slid below 4 bucks over the weekend. that's good news. triple-a reports the statewide average for regular not much but it's 3.99 a gallon in
6:26 am
california. nationwide average never went over $4. ocean city, maryland, might fit the bill, the city council plans to give away $100,000 of gas to draw in the tourists but details run in the air. critics blast the plan and say it's a gimmick. before you can cash in you have to take a vacation to maryland and drive there. good luck. >> i don't know. you spend one night, get one gallon? that's all? 10 gallons might be better. >> but 10 gallons 10 days and four bucks? that's 40 bucks. yeah. it's a gimmick. 6:26. it's expected to change the future of healthcare in the bay area coming up. a live report on the billion- dollar expansion to stanford hospital. >> plus her baby was shot and killed in front of her. a grieving mother's desperate plea to other parents. and police say the missing nursing student in hayward is the victim of a homicide. we have details on a possible motive coming up in a live report. tonight, the giants, the city and the mayor go red.
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bring your gift to any sleep train... and help make a foster child's day... a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent-- but anyone can help a foster child. is expected... as traders await a your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and ford ringing the opening bell this live look as
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wall street opens for business today. a higher opening is expected as traders waiting for a policy speech from federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. >> the stocks have plunged over the last four days. we'll have an update in a couple of minutes wi -- with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. down over 400 the last few days. maybe under 12,000, hopefully not. good morning, it's tuesday, june 7. thanks so much for joining us i'm sydnie kohara. >> did you say it was june. >> did i say it was june? >> yes, you did. and that's good news because we finally have june weather. i'm frank mallicoat, by the way. it is 6:30. let's check in with our meteorologist mr. lawrence karnow. >> you thought it was february last week. >> yes. as of yesterday it felt like february. today looking good as we are finally seeing the weather turning around now. some low clouds and fog extending across the bay area. that's pretty typical. and by the afternoon, the result will be some clearing and sunshine. temperatures up into the 70s in many spots inland into concord, san jose, oakland of 6 degrees,
6:31 am
partly cloudy at the coast. but warmer weather to come. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. unfortunately, westbound highway 4 is going to be an extra slow ride right now. we had an earlier accident approaching lone tree way on the westbound lanes of highway 4. it has already been cleared to the right shoulder but there is some activity there so likely some looky-loo slowing as you pass the scene. obviously speeds under 10 miles per hour in some spots. out of antioch, things improve. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where they just turned the metering lights on. back to you guys. >> thank you. the case of michelle le who hasn't been seen for a week and a half has gone from a missing persons case to a homicide investigation. kiet do is in hayward. >> reporter: good morning. police have been able to positively confirm that she parked at the garage at kaiser
6:32 am
hospital in hayward and this is the scene where she was murdered. investigators are only saying that after 25 interviews, forensic evidence, cell phone records, video surveillance and items found during several search warrants hayward police say all the evidence points conclusively to homicide. police also believe michelle was targeted and that this was not a random crime. michelle le went missing may 27 when she told a nursing classmate she was going to get something from the car during class break but never came back. detectives found michelle's car locked on a residential street a block and a half away sparking a big search by family and friends. yesterday police returned to the home of giselle esteban, michelle le's former friend a person of interest in the case. this is the second time they have been there to question her and search her apartment. we spoke to giselle's neighborhood who said giselle told him she had a falling out with michelle. >> because michelle had an
6:33 am
affair with her ex. and that was a cause of grief for her. she didn't say grief but that's what i interpret. >> reporter: now, family and friends were distraught by the news yesterday, left the press conference last night in tears. on their website, michelle le, they say they plan to release statements later on today. at the bottom of the screen you should see a phone number by hayward police with a tip line. (510)293-5051. the reward is up to $65,000. back to you. >> thank you. kiet do live in hayward, thank you. and today sunnyvale police hope to identify the woman whose body was found stuffed in a trash bag and dumped on a street. an autopsy reveals the victim is a hispanic female. someone found the body on the sunday on ticonderoga drive. a bay area mom is sharing a story of unimaginable grief. yvonne lopez's 3-month-old son was shot and killed right in front of her eyes.
6:34 am
she and her husband were wounded when someone opened fire on the family in their car in east palo alto early sunday morning. police believe it was a case of mistaken identity. >> i tried to protect them as soon as i heard the gunfire. i protected the 4-year-old with my body and i tried -- i thought that i had protected my baby in the car seat but one of the bullets went into his head. >> two teenagers are now under arrest. police are searching for more suspects. tributes tonight all around the bay area to honor two san francisco firefighters. anser hassan is at at&t park. that's where one of those tributes will take place. anser, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. those of how make it out to the giants game tonight may notice a huge presence of san francisco firefighters and cops. chances are, they are here to honor two of their own. mayor ed lee says we are reminded how much the men and women of the san francisco fire department have sacrificed and put their lives on the line for
6:35 am
our city every day. today mayor ed lee here at at&t park will throw out the first pitch of the giants game to remember two men killed in the line of duty. 48-year-old lieutenant vincent perez and 53-year-old tony valerio both died last week battling a house fire. perez died the day of the fire. valerio passed away two days later. the two men were both san francisco natives, both of them grew up in san francisco. company 26 where they were stationed has received hundreds of cards and flowers from firefighters around the country as well as visiters who come to pay their respects -- visitors who come to pay their respects, even one of the mourners from the fire is mourning their loss. >> it's sad for firemen, families have to lose a fireman. this is supposed to be a small electrical fire. and it just got out of hand very quickly.
6:36 am
so. >> reporter: many of you may know coit tower was built as a memorial to san francisco firefighters. well, tonight coit tower will be lit red in honor of the two fallen firefighters. the giants take on the nationals for the second game of their series. mayor lee throws out the ceremonial first pitch at 7:05 and hopefully the giants closers can shut it down and bring home the win. reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan, cbs 5. >> anser, thanks very much. time now 6:36. we have your traffic and weather at this hour. lawrence karnow checking in with some good news finally, sir. >> yeah. you know, we're talking clouds outside right now but these are the kind of clouds we like to see. the low cloud variety and a sign that things are going to improve. already seeing breaks in between the clouds. there is the sun coming up on what on a fantastic day as we won't see rain but the clouds retreat to the coast. lots of sunshine coming our way. right now the clouds extending well onshore in some of the interior valleys but by the afternoon here comes the sun. and the temperatures warming up night 70s in many spots.
6:37 am
71 san jose. 73 in concord. 72 in the napa valley and 71 degrees in vallejo. you get the idea, back to more typical weather here and it will continue to warm up over the next few days staying nice and dry right into the next weekend, elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. and let's go out to highway 4 first. this is our developing slow spot or i wouldn't call it a hotspot yet because it is an accident cleared to the right shoulder so all lanes are open but it is very slows across this stretch. speeds remain under 10 miles per hour. and it looks like our backups are growing right now westbound 4. once you get past somersville things pick up especially in concord. all the approaches to the bay bridge fine. they turned the metering lights on about five minutes ago. so we are left with this backup to the end of the parking lot. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37 your time. the fate of a massive redevelopment plan on treasure
6:38 am
island is in the hands of the board of supervisors this morning. the board will consider an appeal by opponents of a plan that would add 8,000 homes to the former naval base. it also adds 140,000 square feet of retail space. the proposal comes with a $1 .5 billion price tag. environmental groups are worried about the impact on bay bridge traffic which could be pretty heavy. stanford hospital is about to get a lot bigger. >> the city council just giving the green light to a major expansion. kcbs radio's matt bigler is in palo alto to tell us more about the project. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's a lot of relief and excitement here at the stanford hospital the entire stanford campus at least the medical side after the palo alto city council unanimously approved the stanford hospital expansion project. the vote was 8-0 obviously unanimously. it happened last night and this morning, we have talked to several people here on campus who say this is great news. it's been four years in the
6:39 am
making. a $5billion project that will add to not only stanford hospital but also lucille packard children's hospital and the stanford school of medicine. we are talking about even more hospital beds, 104 patient beds, and that's the stanford hospital, and make that -- scratch that, 144 patient beds at stanford and 104 at lucille packard children's hospital. and apparently these are going to be really nice rooms, private individual rooms at both locations. i talked to marianne zamora the assistant clinic manager in cardiology. she says this will allow even more patients to come to stanford. tons of patients already want to come here because it has world class healthcare. now they won't have to turn as many people away. there is a downside to all this expansion. the expansion means that there will be an increase in patients which also means an increase in traffic. around the campus, expect to see even more traffic as we watch some pass by this morning over on el camino, on page mill
6:40 am
road. but that's sort of growing pains that stanford is expected to experience. construction should begin this summer, an estimated completion date 2018. that's the latest from stanford. back to you. >> thank you. two city officials caught in scandals in hercules could be recalled today. it's up to the voters. the allegations against the mayor and the city council men include financial mismanagement as well as sweetheart deals and jobs for friends and relatives. one of the challengers is gerard boulanger. he is now facing ethical questions about shaky claims of government service in france and having two master's degrees. he says it's just a communication problem translating his experience from a different country. up next a major speech from the fed chair today plus a trend in the housing market. >> and the jobs effects. brian cooley is back with reaction to steve jobs' big
6:41 am
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our story is you. ♪ all right.
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weather looking good around the bay area. starting out your day some low clouds, stretching out over the city of san francisco. some of it breaking up. that's a great sign as we'll see more sunshine and some dry weather in the beginning of a much drier period here in the bay area, just what we need after the rain of the last few days. out the door clouds will begin to break up. already seeing that now. this afternoon, more sunshine on the way and how about these temperatures? 60s, some mid-70s in the warmest spots. 60s and 70s inside the bay. still cool out at the coast with 50s and partly cloudy skies there and that patchy fog. numbers outside the right now mainly into the 50s but toward the afternoon, we are going to see a whole lot of sunshine and that will warm up temperatures in a hurry. no strong ridge to speak of. we have another low that's rotating down into california that may spark a couple of thunderstorms in the sierra nevada and probably reinforce the low clouds and fog at the coast. but other than that, more sunshine coming our way and some nice weather toward the afternoon. temperatures in the santa clara valley 70s. 72 los gatos. and about 68 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures well into
6:45 am
the 70s. heading inland, you get inside the bay those temperatures cooling off into the 60s and breezy in berkeley and oakland by the afternoon. still pleasant weather there. the napa valley looking good at 72 degrees. 73 in santa rosa and 70 in san anselmo. next few days that ridge of high pressure should get going and that should warm temperatures up slightly on thursday and friday. very comfortable as we head in toward the weekend although those temperatures will start to cool down just a few degrees. that's the latest from here. elizabeth, to you. >> to me! and we'll catch it and we'll show you a shot -- live look right now at the dublin interchange. here's a live look at westbound and eastbound 580. in the commute direction sluggish especially through livermore. sounds like it's about a 17- minute drive time from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange to here, 680 and the dublin interchange. so in those westbound lanes of 580. it's been uneventful so much just your usual slow traffic in your usual spots and where are your usual spots? here, the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been on
6:46 am
since 6:20 or so. and so we're left with a typical backup, looks like it extends to about the west grand overcrossing. 10, maybe 15-minute wait to get you on the bridge but again no incidents at the bridge, no wind advisories like yesterday. so your marin county ride still looks really light. southbound 101 is fine from novato towards the golden gate bridge. that was a live look through mill valley in the southbound lanes so from the north bay we'll get a check of the south bay and mostly green on our sensors a little bit of slowing coming up 101 into san jose but you can see 280 traffic looks great still coming out of downtown nice smooth ride all the way towards cupertino. want to take you back to highway 4. because it's always slow on highway 4. it's going to be slower today. we had an earlier hit-and-run accident on westbound 4 approaching lone tree way. so that is now cleared. it sounds like there may be some activity on the shoulder though and that's what causing these really slow speeds through the antioch area. mass transit remains on time. that's your traffic and
6:47 am
weather. back to you. >> thank you. free financing sure seemed like a good idea years ago but a lot of americans now are paying more for their homes than they're word. >> here now is jason brooks with kcbs and jason, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have heard about people being under water on their mortgages for quite some time. one of the big overhangs on this economy. core logic says that people that took out second mortgages on their homes particularly during the housing bubble are about double the rate of those who didn't when it comes to being under water. 38% of those who took out second loans are under water compared to 18% who didn't. this is a huge problem. people have less money to spend. that's another reason why consumer spending fell back because people took out that money during the housing boom to spend on other things. vacations, boats, new cars, flat panel tvs, things like that. now that credit has been tightened up, it's hard to get
6:48 am
a second loan. people aren't spending that money on the economy. speak of the economy, that will be a topic today when ben bernanke addresses an atlanta banking conference. last time he spoke was in april. and at the time, the economy was still showing some decent growth. since that time a number of reports have shown that growth slowed down considerably. all eyes will be on bernanke and whether or not he gives any hints as to potential changes in fed policy whether or not there are going to be changes to interest rates or perhaps another round of quantitative easing, although a lot of people don't think that will be the case and the economy needs to start weaning itself off of that life support from the central bank. stock market is trying to stop a nasty losing streak over the past four sessions. so far, so good. dow right now is up by 42 points. nasdaq is gaining 5. and frank and sydnie, the s&p up by 4 points. >> all right. we need to claw back some of those losses.
6:49 am
jason, thanks very much. jason brooks with kcbs and a lot of -- >> a lot of -- >> yeah. >> i'm excited. a lot of excitement about apple's big announcement and steve jobs' appearance at a keynote speech but now we have to ask, i mean, why should we care about all this new technology and if you are a mac user, what's your next move? cnet's brian cooley joins us now with that information. you have all the answers huh? were you there yesterday. >> don't put me on that pedestal because this was the most complicated apple announcement ever. >> how do you decipher it? i was looking at an apple blog. put that in there and what is that? you had already left so i was saying -- >> there were something like 450 updates into the various software platforms they announced yesterday. let me boil it down simply. some of the most exciting things are this, you can synch your portable device without that annoying white cable anymore. that's going to be great. so that's going to make it go wirelessly. >> that's the icloud --
6:50 am
>> that's not the icloud. >> oh, my gosh. okay. >> icloud is when these devices your ipad, iphone what have you will now synch up to a cloud a server that apple runs and replicate it. whatever is on your device will be on everything. in your apple devices. this may not do much for you if you are like me you have an android phone, apple ipad and use windows computers. most of us are like this. so this is like the apple ecosystem so bear that in mind. >> there is a new operating system for the computers. >> i just bought a new computer a couple months ago with the leopard and now there's what, lion? >> now we are going to lion. snow leopard was the last one. leopard was before that. if you have leopard and millions do, you have to get snow leopard first to then get lion so you have to do a double upgrade. $30 plus $30 is $60. >> do i need the upgrade?
6:51 am
>> it has nice screens. it turns your screen into something like an ipad and an auto save, never lose anything. a lot of nice features too many to go into. it's a worthy upgrade but not life changing. >> it's times when it's just good have a pc. >> the old stuff that still works. so we get july is going to be our date for the new operating system for the desktop. that upgrade is a download as an app and then the mobile stuff is coming in the fall. >> iphone 4? >> maybe in september. that what we expect. >> they didn't talk about that? >> no hardware yesterday. >> we have to go to the website and read the fine print then. 450 -- cnet, right. >> a lot to look at. >> cnet editor at large brian cooley, thank you. we appreciate it. it is 6:51. let's take a check on your top stories, that's coming up. >> plus, this little piggy caused some trouble. how a tv reporter stepped in when things got a little wild.
6:52 am
brian at cbs 5 dot com. and if you have a story idea or comment to share with us, email ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. homicide. kiet do is in hayward with
6:55 am
reasons police think the missing nursing student was killed. michelle le's disappearance now being investigated as a homicide. kiet do is in hayward with the reasons that police think that that missing nursing student was killed. >> reporter: behind me here is the place where police say it went down. police say there was a confrontation at this parking garage and this is the location where michelle le was killed. investigators aren't releasing a lot of specific details but they say after 25 interviews, forensic evidence, cell phone records, video surveillance and items found during several search warrants, hayward police say all the evidence points conclusively to homicide. police also believe michelle was targeted and that this was not a random crime. michelle le went missing may 27 when she told her nursing classmate she was getting something from her car during class break but never came back. detectives found michelle's car parked and locked on a residential street about a block and a half away. that sparked a massive search by family and friends. hayward police are working with the fbi and the alameda county sheriff's office to search for
6:56 am
the body in a remote part of the east bay. friends and family were distraught by the news and they left a press conference last night in tears. they criticized hayward police for not releasing more information. on their website, they say they will be releasing a statement later on today and the reward for information in the case is up to $65,000. >> kiet, a tragic turn of events. kiet do in hayward, thank you. lawyers for giovanni ramirez want to get some surveillance video from a hollywood motel. they say it will prove that ramirez never attacked giants fan bryan stow. they claim the video shows ramirez with longer hair. witnesses say the suspects had shaved heads. let get another look at traffic and weather. good news all around i say. >> this is the first time i have been able to say this in a long time it's going to be dry for the next five to seven days. >> since september. >> no kidding! how about this, folks. finally catching a dry spot
6:57 am
here. temperatures warming up, maybe mid-70s in the warmest spots this afternoon inland. going to continue to warm things up through thursday and friday. this weekend, yeah, we may cool things down a little bit more fog and low clouds moving along the coastline but otherwise, it looks like it will stay dry the next five to seven days. elizabeth, you're loving that, huh? >> i am. it's great. i really do, i think i'm vitamin d deficient. >> is that right? >> yes. >> i have had many conversations. >> we all need to go to stinson beach. >> i agree. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are just getting word of an accident, unfortunately. it sounds like it's just past the metering lights. if it's on the incline sometimes those take longer to clear so not sure if lanes are blocked and what it will do to the commute but if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it's already stacking up beyond the west grand overcrossing and an accident is not going to help matters. metering lights have been on since about 6:20. mass transit though everything remains on time for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. and we'll show you a couple
6:58 am
more live traffic cameras, silicon valley ride on westbound 237, just started to slow a bit exiting 880 just in the last five minutes or so. so a little sluggish towards zanker road. but the south bay looks pretty good. northbound traffic on 280 moving fine out of downtown san jose. that's your traffic. back to you. >> we need to bring in a little proof here. this is her yogurt. coffee stirrer. >> that's why elizabeth stays so thing she eats them with coffee stirrers. >> i thought they were chopsticks. >> do you have an extra spoon? is it gone? >> i will bring one in to you. >> poor elizabeth. >> yeah. >> okay. all in a day's work, right, explaining. >> i guess so. a tv reporter coming to the rescue. >> i got you, i got you. [ pig squealing ] >> that's a real pig in a blanket right there. it was running into traffic on a pennsylvania highway. kind of cute. one woman stopped and managed to get little piggie off the road and that's when the reporter jumped into after.
6:59 am
a little reporter involvement threw a hill blanket over it and took it away squealing, packing it into the woman's trunk. the pig is fine. >> you noticed reporter takes off his shirt so he is going to look nice for his live shot. [ laughter ] >> took the tie off. >> put it in the trunk? >> not the back seat? >> this little piggie went to market, i guess. [ laughter ] >> a chance to own a piece of music history. >> michael jackson's iconic thriller jacket is about to be auctioned off. the red and black leather jacket -- >> lawrence would look great in this. >> wouldn't? i. >> -- said to get $200,000 to $300,000. it will be auctioned in beverly hills. worn and signed by the singer. also on sale a wig fedora and trademark glove. ♪ thriller [ laughter ] >> i'm just going to say good- bye because i don't sing. thanks


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