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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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several people that were here earlier. in fact, a police spokesman said he couldn't tell yet as it was chaotic in the early hours here whether the individual had been found inside one of the storm units or just outside. this scene is still developing allen and as we get more details we'll bring them to you. >> all right. joe vazquez in san mateo, thank you. well, she has been missing for 11 days now. hayward police are saying evidence is pointing to murder in the case of nursing student michelle le. that's not dissuading the family. they are still holding out hope of finding her alive. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: that's right. hayward police spent today analyzing everything from phone records to physical evidence and putting together search warrants. police believe that michelle le died in a kaiser hospital parking garage. but they are not sharing the proof leaving the family clinging to hope that she will still come home. reporter: >> people, please do not give up hope because we know we still belief that she is still
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alive. >> reporter: a desperate plea from the father of michelle le speaking out for the first time since the police declared her disappearance is a homicide investigation. >> everything that we have is telling us that unfortunately we have to do. grim reality that there is a -- we have to come to the grim reality that michelle is death. >> reporter: a possibility in which police are funneling all of their search efforts. our chopper captured these pictures of hayward officers combing niles canyon in rural fremont thursday although they wouldn't confirm that the search was for le. >> i really can't. i'd be tipping our hand, unfortunately, by giving up areas that we are searching. >> reporter: it is exactly that kind of ambiguity that has the family frustrated and unwilling to believe that le is dead. >> we have been frustrated with the lack of information. we still aren't getting much information. >> reporter: police have told family members that le was likely murdered in this parking garage. they have served five search warrants and interviewed more than 25 persons of interest including a former high school friend but there is no motive
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and no body. and for the le family, that's not enough to destroy hope. >> until the hayward police department can offer conclusive and definite proof, otherwise we will continue to believe she is alive, michelle is still alive and needs to be rescued. >> reporter: and just to underscore that point, the family is offering a $65,000 reward for information in her disappearance. they are also holding a vigil on thursday and then distributing more flyers for her on sunday. live in hayward, christin ayers, cbs 5. now to the deadly shooting of a 3-month-old boy in east palo alto over the weekend. the san mateo county district attorney says he could decide as soon as tomorrow whether to charge the 17-year-old suspect in the case as an adult. meanwhile, the shooting has raised a lot of questions about what role parents should play to cope their kids out of
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trouble. len ramirez says the mother of the murdered infant has a clear message to those moms and dads. len. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the gang influence is everywhere. we are here at a middle school in san jose. and as you can see right behind the drinking fountain is some pretty prominent gang graffiti. as you mentioned, the mother of the victim, the 3-month-old victim, yesterday had a message to parents. it's a message that antigang folks here in san jose and all over the bay area have been delivering for years. reporter: raising children in gang infested neighborhoods is difficult for parents. >> they should be in school learning, getting their selves prepared to be somebody in life, not killers. >> reporter: in her time of personal tragedy, the mother of the 3-month-old baby who was shot and killed in east palo alto allegedly by a 17-year-old boy delivered a powerful message to the parents of the
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youth and really to parents everywhere. >> i don't know where their parents are at. i don't know. but i definitely have to say to their parents to pay attention to their other kids if they have any. be involved in their kids' lives. pay attention to them. give them love. because if they don't, they will find it on the streets and they hang out with the wrong people and they end up being killers. >> reporter: we showed that clip to mario the director of san jose's antigang's antitask force. >> what do you think about that message? >> wow. the pain but still the strength to be talking about what needs to happen out there to prevent this. she's already in the mode of trying to stop this same pain from reoccurring. >> reporter: he like many of us found it hard not to be emotionally affected but he says the victim's mother was right. >> unfortunately, from time to time i'll hear that comment, you know? what can the city do to save my
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child? and there are resources there to support but it has to start from within the families. >> reporter: one resource called the parent project is run through the santa clara county district attorney's office. it's a 12-week course teaching parents how to do a better job, how to keep their kids in school, prevent substance abuse and gang involvement. but the first lesson is a simple one. >> it could be face to face i love you but when the program starts, the homework the parents get the first week, tell them they love them, the mood in the household changes. >> reporter: the parent project is offered in english, spanish and now for the first time this summer in vietnamese. anyone interested in contacting the people behind the parent project should contact the santa clara county district attorney's office. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. in oakland tonight, hundreds of people are coming together to call for peace. community members, students and teachers met for a peace march
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late this afternoon starting at greenleaf whittier elementary school, this after a violent weekend in oakland that included five separate shootings and it was a young turnout. there seemed to be more kids than adults. >> they are the young generation, they are going to have to be the ones to, you know, to speak up. maybe if people see that maybe they will follow suit. >> oakland city leaders plan to meet with police chief anthony batts tonight after the walk to demand a response to rising gun violence. one day after his stunning admission, congressional colleagues are asking representative anthony weiner have you disclosed everything? >> i'm deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and action. >> the new york congressman confessed he lied about the "sexting" scandal but he says he has no intention of stepping down. as danielle nottingham reports, that is drawing an icy reception from his allies. >> reporter: congressman
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anthony weiner fighting to save his political life after an embarrassing admission. >> i haven't told the truth... and i've done things i deeply regret. >> reporter: the married new york lawmaker admits he tweeted a sexually explicit photo to a seattle woman and lied about it. he is facing a possible congressional ethics investigation and getting a dressing down from some of his closest allies, including house democratic leader nancy pelosi. the congressman admitted to inappropriate online exchanges with six women but says he will not resign. >> i don't see anything that i did that violated any rules of the house. >> reporter: up until now, weiner had been a rising star even touted as a top contender for new york city mayor. now he is hoping to hold on to his congressional seat. >> who is taking over what healthcare plan? >> reporter: he has been an outspoken liberal voice but this scandal may compromise his ability to influence legislation.
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>> he no longer will be able to do that for a long period of time, until this blows over. >> reporter: weiner came clean nearly two weeks after he claimed someone hacked into hits twister account and only after andrew breitbart posted explicit pictures of weiner on his website. >> i think that perhaps he has offered a limited version of the truth. >> reporter: breitbart is warning weaner, he will post an x-rated photo if weiner tries to retaliate. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> and there could be more trouble on the horizon. more women are coming forward with stories about weiner's alleged internet liaisons. a popular east bay jogging spot turns into a trail of terror. what happened when a good samaritan tried to save someone else. blue shield giving money back to its customers but is it all smoke and mirrors or the real deal? what's behind the apparent change of heart. >> bono and the edge are about to rock the east bay. how the stage is going to give
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fans a unique concert experience. ,,,,,,
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. california's top insurer known for its double-digit rate hikes is making an about-face by probably to cap profits and refund millions to policyholders. on the consumerwatch, julie watts finds out what's behind it. julie. reporter: liz, it's big news for blue shield policyholders who will see an average credit before $80. but some critics say there is an ulterior motive. >> today, blue shield of california is pledging to cap our annual income at 2%. >> reporter: and blue shield's ceo pledges to give anything over that 2% back to the policyholders. >> here you have a health insurance company that claims to be a nonprofit organization saying that maybe they are not a nonprofit maybe just a not too much profit organization.
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>> reporter: doug heller is critical. he points out it was just last month the department of insurance forced blue shield to reveal executive salaries totaling $14 million with the ceo taking home $4.6 million. last week a bill that would regulate insurance rates based on administrative costs passed the assembly and is on the way to the senate. >> blue shield and other insurance companies want to avoid oversight this bill would provide. >> reporter: he calls the pledge an impact to affect the senate vote but it's been in the works for a year. >> it's nothing do with the things going on around us. legislation is going to come and go. >> reporter: and says his salary is market-based. but how exactly will they calculate that 2% profit? does that include what you put into your reserves or what you're using to upgrade your computer system? is that considered profit or is that considered operating costs? >> it's a very simple calculation. whatever revenue that comes in the door minus all of our
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expenses. >> reporter: expenses that include reserve and $14 million worth of executive salaries. >> we can't guarantee our prices won't go up but we can guarantee our income won't go up because of it. >> reporter: policyholders will get a one-time credit, about $150 for a family of four. the give-back will continue every year they hit 2% profit. group policyholders, however, aren't eligible. this is just those individual policyholders. >> okay. thank you. well, you know what? a ride on one of san francisco's historic cable cars is going to cost you more. starting july 1, ticket prices will go up a buck from $5 to $6. it's just one of the fare increases taking effect next month. the price of monthly fast- passes is also going up by $2. muni blames the increases on continuing budget problems. well, a major expansion to a stanford hospital takes a big step forward.
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>> after four years of debate, the palo alto city council gave the green light to the $5 billion project. it would add 1.3 million -- it would add 1.3 million square feet to stanford's medical facilities and add extra patient beds to stanford hospital and lucille packard. it is set to begin this summer with the hospital opening 2018. the world's largest toy company threatening our forests? coming up, the all-out assault against mattel and ken's message for barbie. dramatic video. a tornado's fury caught on tape as it rips through a parking lot. we are just going to forget about spring and totally segue from winter all the way into summer. we have your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,
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it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. woman found in a garbage bag in sunnyvale. the victim is 46- year old maria esther o authorities have identified the remains of a woman found in a garbage bag in sunnyvale. the victim is 46-year-old maria esther orozco of san jose. she was identified by her fingerprints. police responding to a call sunday morning found a large bag that appeared to be leaking
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blood. inside was the body of a hispanic woman. an autopsy determined the cause of death was a blow to the head. other headlines around the bay tonight, police are warning joggers to be careful on a popular east bay trail. there's been a series of violent attacks along the de anza trail in pitsburg friday night. last month a 19-year-old man was shot on the trail. police say they will step up patrols. and tonight there will be several tributes to the two san francisco firefighters killed last week. coit tower will be lit up red every night through friday to honor lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio. they died friday battling a house fire in the diamond heights district. also mayor ed lee will throw out the first pitch at tonight's giants game in honor of the two men. the wildfire burning out of control in arizona is now the second largest in that state's
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history. flames consumed almost 500 square miles and threaten several mountain towns. thousands of people in eastern arizona have evacuated. thousands more are on alert that they may have to leave soon. the fire is so big it is casting a smoky haze over the surrounding states. >> packed up everything we could. memories and clothes. >> firefighters think an abandoned campfire sparked the fire on may 29. the fire torched just five structures so far but firefighters are bracing for dry conditions, lightning and strong winds in the forecast. now to dramatic surveillance video of last week's twisters sweeping through a car wash parking lot in springfield, massachusetts. you can see the force of the tornado shattering windows, ripping apart the cars and the aftermath devastating. the owner of the car shop says he couldn't look at the video for days because he was too emotional from the devastation.
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roberta, for the first time in a while it finally felt like mid-june weather. are we going to see this in the future? >> it was definitely more seasonal today and you can feel that from the inland areas where the temperatures soared into the mid-70s and then driving into the city of san francisco, you're able to see that bank of low clouds and patchy fog. this picture is live our cbs 5 weather camera looking towards san jose cameras wavering a tad because those winds are blowing out of the west-northwest a good 13 miles per hour. we have some clouds over san jose but still bright sunshine out and about for the next "60 minutes." temperatures into the 50s at the seashore, otherwise low 60s to low 70s in our inland areas. and in fact, here's a peek at some of the current temperatures. 57 degrees currently in pacifica, 70 around suisun bay. low 70s to the north in santa rosa cotati and penngrove back into healdsburg and mid-70s around the delta into vacaville and fairfield. the bottom line is, we are
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segueing from winter to summertime. we are just going to forget spring ever even happened. gray start for your wednesday morning, coastal clouds, otherwise plenty of sunshine during the day. and the fog pushes back onshore. high pressure just clearing us all out diverting the storm track to the north but with the drier air mass if you notice your allergies are coming back to play again today? it's because the olive and juniper tree count is on the medium side. grasses also medium. temperatures going up. in fact, they will continue to trend up all the way into our thursday. looks like tonight will bottom out between 48 in pacifica to the low 50s in the interior valleys. with the west wind up to 15 miles per hour for your wednesday, number-wise mid-50s at the beaches, mid-60s in oakland which is spot on for this time of the year. average high in concord is 78 and bingo, that's where we stand. still about 4 degrees shy from where we should be for this time of the year in san jose. here's the extended forecast. the warmest day of the workweek
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will be on thursday. friday we have temperatures into the 80s, as well. then it appears as if we have this dry weather pattern through next week at this time. but you remember this weekend when we had the rain? joe snapped this photograph for us from burlingame. gorgeous rainbow over his neighborhood. keep the photos coming to >> thank you. in just a few hours, one of the world's biggest bands rocks the bay area. >> u-2 fans started lining up outside coliseum this morning to be some of the first to get inside and they will get a very special experience. tonight's show just one of three on u-2's tour that features a special stage that's intended to bring the audience closer to the band. >> coming up next, arby's dirty secret? what has protestors scaling down mattel's building today. >> and then a creative approach to combat childhood obesity. how one city is taking a cue from the flintstones.
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greenpeace says barbie's got a dirty secret. today environmental activists hung a banner of greenpeace says barbie has a dirty secret. today environmental activists hung a banner of a frowning ken doll in the mattel building in l.a. county. it says barbie it's over. i don't date girls that are into deforest station. greenpeace says the paper packaging they use comes from indonesian rain forests. the mattel says it is surprised and days pointed by today's demonstration and that it will assess packaging improvements. eight protestors were arrested. >> barbie looks broken up, doesn't she? muscles keep us strong, burn calories help us look younger but when middle age hits, boom, they're gone. where did they go? dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: it's a bummer but in our 30s and 50s, most of us begin to lose a little muscle about a quarter pound every
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year. scientists are coming up with new strategies for staying strong going, going pro, meaning protein. reporter: 67-year-old susan wants to stay healthy and vital. that means keeping her muscles strong. >> it's sort of a use it or lose it or at least try to maintain it. >> reporter: strength training is a great way to stem muscle loss. but a fitness expert says it's not enough. >> if you do not take in sufficient protein your body will rob it from your muscles. >> reporter: now scientists are finding out how much of which kind of protein you eat and when you eat it may really matter as you age. >> researchers today are actually examining whether or not if we increase our protein intake, can we increase our muscle mass? >> reporter: registered dietician joanne hattner says you should eat the amount of proteins in grams equal to half your body weight. >> so if you are 150 pounds, that would be 75 grams of protein a day. >> reporter: in addition, some studies indicate older
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individuals may need to eat protein that contains a larger amount of a certain amino acid. >> loselucine is a popular amino acid. studies show it may be a stimulus for protein synthesis. >> reporter: it includes poultry, fish, dairy and whey powder. also in plant proteins, including nuts and beans. >> beans, for example are wonderful protein source in the vegetable family. >> i have more energy during the day. i'm stronger. >> reporter: she is on pro, eats her protein and gets her exercise, as well. now, also shift when you eat protein. your body can only use so much protein from a single meal to build muscle. so instead of eating a big serving of protein at dinner, eat your protein in smaller portions throughout the day. >> spread it out. >> thank you. forget the school bus.
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in italy, it's all about foot power. elementary school kids in in northern italy are encouraged to walk to school on supervised routes. they call it the foot bus. volunteers in yellow vests pick up students on several places and escort them. a third of schoolkids there participate in the foot bus program. the program to burn the -- the purpose is to burn calories and, of course, help the environment. fresh evidence of trouble ahead as the president weighs in on whether we're headed for a recession. tonight on the cbs evening news. h.ruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities.
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for eyewitness news at 6. he spent 42 days straight on a snowplow... and still the record snow pack is proving to be stubborn... why the experts predict the sierra will i'm dana king. he spent 42 days straight on a snowplow and still the record snowpack is proving to be stubborn. why the experts predict the sierra will be neck high in the white stuff for many weeks to come. and one of the most common forms of cancer in men may have met its match. the all natural treatment that is showing promise. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is up next. the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you in 30 minutes. >> caption colorado, llc


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