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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 8, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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that's so cute, it's stupid.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a bank robbery in southern california, a suspect found in the bay area. how officers tracked the vehicle here. the latest numbers show americans are still concerned about the economy. the president's message to americans. >> it is supposed to help kids, but now the state is stepping in. why a popular childcare facility is being accused of putting the children in jeopardy. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. we begin tonight with a dwping story out of san francisco. >> police shot and killed a bank robbery suspect and late tonight, we learned details about the man. grace lee is near buena vista park. >> the fbi calls him the
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exbandit and it will become clear why they are calling him that. the bank heist came to an end right here. you can see the scene very active behind me still. there are bullets all across buena vista way and the suspect's car is full of gun shots. what happened earlier this evening is that they tipped off the san francisco police department. they said that this wanted bank robber from irvine was in the area. the fbi managed to track him through the stolen cars. when they tried to stop him, he tried to run away and run police over. that's what they are telling us and that's when they shot him. two hours later, he died. now this whole scene unfolded before matt. he lives right next to the crime scene. >> sort of something along the lines of, you know, freeze or step away. that sort of thing. which makes me want to get up and look out the window. i realized it was the police.
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>> i heard a will the of shots coming from all sorts of directions. >> now the fbi is calling him the exbandit because you can see his wool and cap. the feds tell us that he robbed two banks in irvine and did it a half an hour apart. his mo was to walk up to the teller and demand cash. he walked away and since then, they haven't been able to track him until police ran into him here today. now back here live, what we do not know is whether or not he was armed when he went into those banks and whether he had a gun here today at this scene. the san francisco police have not told us that just yet. all we know is that the exbandit made his way to northern california and it came to a very terrible end. dana. >> all right, grace lee in san francisco. thank you very much. >> a big rig going off
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eastbound 80 near the 580, 880 split. it's a mess. the 53-foot semi hauling dirt when it went off the freeway and down an embankment near west grand avenue. it ended up in a grassy area near a city street. two of the right lanes of eastbound 80 are closed while crews work to clean up the dirt and the diesel fuel that spilled. the driver suffered a broken arm, but he's otherwise okay. those lanes will be closed until at least midnight tonight. chp doesn't know what caused the crash. many parents trust their parents with them, but a childcare program in the east bay is accused of leaving some kids unattended, sometimes losing them and that's not all. now the state is stepping in to shut down four sites of san ramon valley's childcare program. juliette goodrich on the accusations. >> you shouldn't have to be forced to choose between safe or convenient. >> their six-year-old daughter
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was kicked out of kid's country at coyote creek elementary school in san ramon after they complained about inadequate care. >> our situation was unfortunate. my daughter's hair was cut by another child. she had scissors in her face. there were three teachers in the room. >> the california department of social services is getting involved. what are formal accusations being filed at four other sites. not the site that the daughter attended. these accusations include the children were left unattended and in some cases, children left the care center and headed home alone. >> my neighbor called me and said, do you know she was left alone today outside the classroom doors? >> employees at kid's country at the site in san ramon didn't want to talk on camera about the accusations, but they have stated they run 13 sites with
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more than 1350 children attending. the facility director said their incidents have been few and far between and some parents woul agree. >> i have nothing to complain. i have had good experience there. >> but they aren't about blasting kids country. they're about ensuring the health and safety of children. >> her safety was at risk. she was put into harm's way, like all of these other children. >> now the kids country facilities are still in full operation, so children will be dropped off here bright and early at this facility in san ramon, along with the other facilities. dana, the california department of social services say they take these accusations seriously. they are serious violations and they will look into revoking the licenses at four facilities. >> thank you. >> they are refusing to give up. the family of michelle lee hopes the missing nursing student is still alive and new billboards around the bay area
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today. saying that the search is not over. even though heyward police investigate this case as a homicide. police interviewed several persons of interest, including michelle's former high school friend. she openly hates michelle because michelle had an affair with her ex, but she is innocent. so much talent, so much potential gone. a prep football star who dreamed of playing in the nfl died after being shot in san francisco. grace lee on a promising future cut short by violence. >> reporter: dodging defenders for lincoln high, it looked like david henderson had an nfl career in his future. >> i think he lived and breathed to play the game. if he didn't play football, he was lost. >> local newspapers called him a star after he rushed 376 yards and scored five touchdowns to win against
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balpoa in the turkey bowl. in march, he played semipro for the pacifica islanders. >> he always needed to be seen. >> nearly two weeks ago, henderson was shot multiple times near his home in the bay view district around noon. the 21-year-old was in critical condition until yesterday when he died at san francisco general hospital. >> his mom was at every game. she was just -- just so shameful. the world is missing a star right now. >> now his older sister wants justice from the san francisco police department. and bay view residents were introduced to their new police captain tonight. >> we grieve for the family. we have had a number of homicides in this district over the years. many of them are senseless and
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we will do our job to try to find out who the perpetrator is. >> this is one time i can say i really, really expect the justice system to do its job. >> grace lee, cbs 5. >> and in oakland tonight, hundreds of people are coming together to call for peace. community members, students, and teachers met for a peace march late this afternoon starting at green leaf woodier elementary school. this after a violent weekend in oakland that included five separate shootings. oakland city leaders plan to meet with anthony after that walk to demand a response to the rising gun violence. and a special tribute for two fallen san francisco firefighters. this is a live look now at the tower glowing red tonight for lieutenant vince perez and anthony valerio. they died last week fighting a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. this tribute will continue every night this week through
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friday. one of the leading couples in the effort to legalize same sex marriage in california is now divorcing molly mccay and molena separated. don knapp has some reaction from others in the movement. >> reporter: molly mccay have been high profile advocates for same sex marriage. they have been prominent in proposition 8. >> the good news is the stay is lifted. the bad news is, the judge said it lifted next wednesday. >> now the same sex marriage is heading for divorce. the breakup is the worst thing that happened to her, mccay told the bay area reporter. she said she thinks of all the gay kids who clipped pictures of her and devina and loves the fact they were able to give a picture of true love and help them see the future. >> our hearts go out to molly
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and devina and any couple having a hard time. >> john lewis and stewart were plaintiffs in the 2008 california supreme court case that ended with same sex couples being allowed to marry. >> there are rights alone that come with marriage under federal law. and those rights are very, very important to people both in marriage when it's working and unfortunately if a marriage breaks up and divorces. >> reporter: mccay says she will continue to campaign for same sex marriage and will be at the marriage pavilion. but doesn't know if she'll be wearing her wedding dress. it was cute when she was 25, she told the paper. but now she's approaching 40. san francisco, don knapp, cbs 5. the latest numbers show americans are still concerned about the economy. the president's message to americans. they are in the middle of a
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very public breakup. how green peace is making trouble for barbie and ken. it's a return of the summertime stratus and the effect it's going to have on your midweek forecast. ,,,,,,,,,
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americans are extremely concerned about th polls show the majority of americans are extremely concerned about the economy and today president obama publicly joined them.
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chip reid with mr. obama's message about the recent economic slowdown. >> economic data that in better times would pass without comment. now suddenly people wonder, well are we going to go back to this terrible crisis? all that affects business confidence and consumer confidence. it affects the capital markets and so our task is to not panic. >> even mentioning the word panic is a stark contrast to the president's message on the economy over the past few months. during february, march, and april, jobs growth was fairly robust and the president's tone was consistently positive and confident. here's how the president spoke about the recovery just last month. >> we're moving in the right direction. the fact that the economy is growing is a good thing. >> so what happened to make the president lose that confident tone? the white house advisers say primarily it was the dismal jobs report for the month of may and the president says it
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is still not clear if that was just one month of bad news or the beginning of a long-term trend. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. sign of the times really. the first couple is at odds over the environment. today activists hung a banner of a frowning ken doll on the mattel building. it says barbie, it's over honey. i don't dig girls that are into deportation, barb, paper packaging mattel uses comes from indonesian rain forest. >> future like this rain forest, i'm willing to go through a little bit of uncomfortable. >> we are surprised and disaponted they have taken this inflammatory approach. we will continue to assess our
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paper sourcing and packaging improvements as we move forward. police arrested eight protesters for trespassing. we have more amazing pictures of what it's like to be inside a tornado. these were taken by a surveillance cam are at a car wash in springfield, massachusetts. you can see the force of this tornado. it shatters windows, rips apart cars, makes things look like match sticks. the owner says he couldn't look at the video for days because he was to emotional from the damage to his business. amazing. >> crazy. >> yeah. >> we don't have that here, we have sunshine. >> we do have sunshine in our inland areas with partial clearing along the coast. right now we do have the coastal clouds and fog lining up. this is our high definition live weather camera from the building looking out at a very dark city of san francisco. it's quiet. currently we do have temperatures in the 50s across the board in the city of san
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francisco. 53 degrees. 55 degrees in oakland and in fact your morning commute tomorrow, temperatures pretty much in the 40s and 50s. we will see the clouds move all the way inland a good 40 miles before they begin to retreat. it appears as if we will all be great for tomorrow morning's sunrise at 5:47 and then we'll have the coastal clearing at the bay side. a little bit of clearing at the coast at best. this is our pinpoint forecast. notice this how far inland the clouds do extend before they begin to peel back at the bay and work their way to the immediate seashore. so the temperatures at the coast are going to be really influenced by that deck of clouds. all be it patchy with a cooler air mass as well. the trough to the north of us enhancing. summertime weather pattern returning right here to the bay area. tomorrow daytime highs trending upwards to the mid 60s around the bay. as warm as 79 degrees in
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fairfield. back into discovery bay. now tomorrow with the dryer air mass, we also are going to have problems as far as our report is concerned. it's the juniper trees on the medium side. grasses come into play as well. take a look at this and see if ewe can go out to play. our temperatures are going up with the warmest day of the workweek on thursday. yes, go ahead. we have been waiting a long time for this. dry weather pattern continues through tuesday. take a look at my picks. mary sent this in saying this was the reported temperature in her backyard today. no she didn't. it was 79 degrees in napa. we trust mary. >> mary is pulling your leg. >> i don't think so. i know in pleasantton today, fact, it was 76 degrees. >> really? >> we need those napa temperatures. >> you know, mary, you can keep sending your pictures of your dog, too. she sends me pictures of her
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dog, too. >> what kind? >> it has jazz paws and sits on the tv set and watches me and sends me photos. at least somebody does. >> yeah, well get that puppy a box. >> thank you. >> she is blushing. it's so rare. we're coming right back with kenny's good question. to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drive legally in this state..but what exactly are you paying for? you have to pay it if you want to drive legally in this state, but what exactly are you paying for? mike lindsey wants to know. how are the dmv registration fees calculated? that's tonight's good question. the day you purchase your car is the day you start paying fees to the dmv. >> you can buy a 2011 toyota camry. immediate you're going to be assessed a 1.15% fee on this car which would be down here, $266. >> for the next eight years,
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that number gets reduced by 10% and in year nine, it changes again. from years 9 to 11, that number will be reduced by 5% up until the 11th year and that's what you will continue to pay for the rest of the time you have your car. >> dmv says your renewal notice has a lot on it. there's the registration fee. >> that's a flat fee that everybody is going to pay here in california. >> then there's the wait fee. >> you don't have to worry about that unless you have a commercial pickup truck. >> that's another $80 on this notice. there are fees for special license plates. money that goes to the chp. highway towing guys, even fees assessed by the county you live in. >> there's auto theft and dui. abandoned vehicle. fingerprints and air quality. >> if you fail to pay a parking ticket, that will show up as the owner responsibility fee. >> and you can't renew your registration until you pay that money. >> go to
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click on connect to send me your good questions. i'm dennis o'donnell and guaranteeing that tiger won't win the u.s. open. the warriors coach is guaranteeing something else, guaranteeing something else, and take ,,,,,,
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state warriors to be the playoff team next year, unquote. >> he's going to hit it out of the ballpark. >> congratulations. >> jackson working for abc game four of the mavericks seen dirk had a 102-degree feverment lebron had seven assists, but just eight points. 18 seconds left, scores to put dallas up by 3. he had 21 despite the fever. miami with a chance to tie the game. >> wade lost the ball, throws it to back court, gets it to miller. miller puts it up. air ball. >> yeah, miami scores just five points in the last seven minutes, 28 seconds. dallas evens the series at two games a piece. >> how aware of his illness were you guys and did you discuss it at all? >> i mean, i've never been out there and somebody pointed and
2:06 am
say he's got a fever. you know what i'm saying? >> there's colin, he's the new quarterback. nationals pitcher, jordan zimmerman allowed one run, but his greatest contribution was a perfectly executed safety squeeze that gave washington the 2-1 lead and the giants lose by that score. making his major league debut tonight for the a's. brett anderson put on the disabled list. however, struck out. they seem to make every opposing pitcher look like psi young. baltimore played a home run derby. there's scot, and then adam jones off michael to the 6th. orioles win 4-0 sending okay land to their eighth straight loss. the baseball team scored four times in the 9th against baylor last night to advance to the college world series. radio man starts the top five.
2:07 am
>> the pitch. a base hit into right field. he slips, he is going. he is safe. california wins it. i apologize, focus, i'm sure you didn't hear any of that. my voice is gone. i called two games yesterday. >> oh great stuff. there's a safety florida clemson college world series. the pack 10 won the last six in a row. and number three, carlos beltran sinking home run, but carlos goaps is thinking otherwise. look at that baby, the mets face the brewers. why get the jumbo sized popcorn? well this is why. and at number one, throwing, play at the plate. >> wow. he's safe. >> he's safe, okay?
2:08 am
beautiful call. jerardo threw a beautiful play. dana king is right for the first time this year. miguel was the catcher. i understand they are going it have bobble head day for him. tiger woods has withdrawn from the u.s. open because of the injuries to his knee. tiger will not win that major. he may not win another tournament. >> oh come on, i'm not going to go that far. >> that's why you're the hall of famer, what can i say? ,,,,,,
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