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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sunshiny wednesday. good morning, lawrence. >> yes. we are going to see plenty of sunshine around the bay area. blanket of low clouds though to start out this morning but by the afternoon here comes the sunshine and temperatures 67 degrees san francisco, about 69 in oakland. mid-70s in concord and san jose. the next couple of days temperatures heating up, probably 80s showing up, too. more on that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are starting to slow down now through antioch in the westbound lanes of highway 4. here's a live look at the sensors. it's starting to get sluggish from a street to somersville road. as we mentioned earlier, starting to see brake lights as well through livermore so your drive coming out of the altamont pass now 15 minutes towards 680 and the dublin interchange. coming up a check of mass transit plus a live look at conditions at the bay bridge. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. right now, arson investigators are at the scene of two suspicious fires in the east bay. kiet do is live in berkeley with more on the investigation.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here on the 500 block of craigmont in berkeley and this is the scene of a basically an arson fire. there is an investigator here looking for evidence trying to figure out what happened here. and you see him standing there? that's pretty much where the fire started this morning at about 1:00. and so as firefighters were coming out to this scene, they noticed one person was out here trying to fight the fire himself with some sort of garden hose. there was one person inside along with a pet. they rescued that person, as well. as a second crew was heading to this scene on the 500 block, they noticed there was a second fire on the 400 block. and so the berkeley fire department says that -- a slim chance that there is a coincidence. there wasn't any lightning or anything like that. so the chances of two fires starting within minutes of each other on the same street -- it's suspicious at this point. there is a strong odor of fuel,
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burnt metal, wood and plastic out here. so as you can see, this is an active fire investigation now. we'll have to wait and see whether or not the two fires are connected but that's the thinking at this point. snow investigator says he will be out here for at least a couple more hours here on the 500 block of craigmont in berkeley. >> kiet, how far are the houses apart? are they pretty close or is it quite a ways down the industry? >> within walking distance for sure. >> reporter: given the distance and the time and just the circumstances all happening in the same morning, it's just a bit too fishy. >> thank you, kiet do live in berkeley. a man wanted for robbing banks in southern california has been killed by police in the bay area. anne makovec is in san francisco where officers say that suspect tried to run them down. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation continues here this morning after the shooting yesterday evening.
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now the questions that come up are were police justified in shooting the suspect? let me tell you what happened. this happened just at buena vista park last night at 5:40 p.m. here's a look at that scene. local police in san francisco got a tip from the fbi that there was a man wanted for two bank robberies in irvine who was headed to this neighborhood. they tracked him to this specific street because he was driving a stolen car according to the fbi with an on board gps unit. well, officers approached the car and say that he aimed the car at them. they were afraid he was going to hit them and they opened fire. in man died two hours later. here's some photos provided to us by our sister station in los angeles from the robberies that the man allegedly committed. the fbi called him the gen x bandit because he wore a lot of platt. these surveillance photos are from may 17. police say he walked up to the tellers and demanded cash. we haven't heard yet, though,
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whether or not he was armed during those rob police or whether or not he had a gun here in san francisco last night before he was shot and killed by police. obviously a lot of questions. this is going to be the first officer-involved shooting vex under the new police chief greg suhr who has promised transparency so we'll see what comes out of this investigation. sydnie? >> all right, thank you very much anne makovec in san francisco. later today the 17-year-old accused of killing a baby in east palo alto is expected to make his first court appearance. he may be tried as an adult. that teen is believed to have fired into the car containing 3- month-old isaac jesus jimenez. the parents were wounded. police believe it was mistaken identity. the family is inviting the public to services for that baby tomorrow night in redwood city. some child care facilities in the east bay could be closed down by the state. the four facilities in danger of closing are run by kids' country in the san ramon
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valley. the kids' country operators are accused of leaving some children unattended and even losing some of the kids. one of the complaints came from a couple whose 6-year-old daughter was connected out of kids' country facility at coyote creek elementary school in san ramon after they complained about inadequate care. >> our situation was up. my daughter's hair was cut by another child. she had scissors in her face. no one saw it. there were three teachers in the room. >> coyote creek school facility is not one of those being having the by the state department of social services. kids' country officials say they operate 13 sites with more than 1300 children and it had very few complaints. michelle le's family refuses to give up hope that the missing nursing student is still alive. hayward police think le was killed may 27. now comes word that a person of interest in this case was hit with a restraining order three days earlier. the "oakland tribune" reports that order is against le's
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former best friend giselle esteban. the father of esteban's daughter requested the order saying esteban was stalking him and making threats. >> meanwhile, le's family has posted new billboards around the bay area promoting a $65,000 reward to find michelle le. 6:06. this is the best forecast i have seen since i arrived back in february. i forgot how nice the summers are here. >> you came from the biggest blizzard in quite a while, got out here and it hasn't stopped raining since. but weep looking very nice and finally seeing more -- but we're looking very nice and finally seeing more sunshine. as we head toward the afternoon, fog will break to the coastline and temperatures warming up nicely. right now 54 in livermore, 54 breezy in concord, 57 san jose, and 50s at the coast. but the afternoon the temperatures are going to be fantastic. very comfortable 75 degrees in concord, 72 in fremont, and 73 degrees in redwood city.
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warmer weather is on the way. we'll have more on that in a moment. first elizabeth has traffic. >> it is very quiet on the roads which is great if you have to led to work or where ever you're going this morning. top speeds including westbound 24 no big delays out of the caldecott tunnel. and traffic obviously very light still at the san francisco -- heading into san francisco across the bay bridge. metering lights remain off. they likely will be turned on in the next 10 minutes or so, so if you want to beat the rush head out there now. we also have a lunchtime giants game. they take on the washington nationals 12:45 over by at&t ballpark. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. time now is 6:07. so much talent, so much potential and it's all gone. how the life of a rising football star here in the bay area was cut short by violence. >> plus, gravestones marked with the "n" word. this morning, the new controversy at negro hills cemetery. and an apple a day does a
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morning. a top government official from washington will visit the site of the deadly san bruno blast sometime this morning. the head of the national transportation safety board and representative jackie speier will meet with pg&e officials, local authorities and some of the victims of the explosion. the ntsb chairman will also give an update on the investigation. the blast killed 8 people, destroyed 38 homes this past september. the cause is still under investigation. a bright football career cut short by violence. and now a san francisco family is urging police to find the people who shot and killed a lincoln high alum. david henderson died monday. two weeks ago someone shot the 21-year-old several times near his bayview home. many say he could have played in the nfl. he broke several high school football records and this march he played semi pro for the
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pacifica islanders. >> his mom was at every game. and she was just -- just -- so senseless. >> no arrest have been made. officers have not released a description of the gunman. city of alameda will ask for an independent review into a drowning that happened as rescue workers stood onshore. several people complained to the city officials yesterday about the incident. police and fire officials say they were not properly trained or equipped to help the man who waded into the bay and eventually died in the water. firefighters will start being trained for water rescues next week. it is 6:12. it has been a problem for kids and pets. the push now to ban a dangerous poison. and call it a super fruit. the secret benefits of apple coming up. and if you are traveling across the u.s. today, we are looking good. cleared for take-off. partly cloudy skies by the
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afternoon and 67 degrees. going to be very hot and a bit muggy as you head to the south as you will see 94 degrees slight chance of some thunderstorms into houston. watch out for that. heading over toward atlanta, we are going to see a lot of sunshine and again heat continues there, as well. 92 degrees. more on your local forecast is coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,
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san francisco police shot and killed a bank robbery suspect. officers say he tried to run in the top stories, the san francisco police shot and killed a bank robbery suspect. officers say he tried to run them over with a stolen car. the man was wanted for holdups in southern california. a gps in that stolen car led the police to him near buena vista park in san francisco. arson investigators are checking out two suspicious fires in the east bay this morning. firefighters responded to a car fire on craigmont avenue in berkeley before 1 a.m. they rescued a person and family pet inside the home. another fire crew spotted a separate home on fire on the very same street just a block away. two people had to be rescued from the home. a growing inferno in eastern arizona is now threatening new mexico. the forest fires charred nearly 500 square miles. some 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate. the wildfire which broke out last week, is the second largest in the state's history.
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weather looking very nice around the bay area today. we are starting out with some low clouds and fog that's moved onshore. overlooking san jose you can see clouds in that direction but that's going to break up. by the afternoon that sky is going to be filled with blue and lots of sunshine as we are expecting a gorgeous day outside. but outdoors right now we have low clouds and fog, temperatures running in the 50s. by the afternoon, well into the 70s, almost 80 degrees in some the hottest spots inland, 60s inside the bay, 70s at the san jose area, and 50s and 60s patchy fog at the coast. so finally seeing the low clouds and fog redevelop moving onshore this morning. pretty good sea breeze carrying the clouds well into the interior valleys but that's going to break up. through the morning, retreat toward the coastline, by the afternoon mild sunshine for most of the bay area. and this ridge is going to stick around. just minor fluctuations over the next five to seven days so as that looks like we are going to see lots of sunshine coming our way, just about every day. as a matter of fact, we may really heat things up heading toward next week.
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how about 78 degrees and sunshine in morgan hill? 75 beautiful in san jose. 72 degrees in fremont. 73 in palo alto and redwood city. east bay numbers up near 80 in antioch and brentwood. 77 in livermore and 74 degrees in dublin. as you head north, 50s around dublin, but warmer temperatures on the way. 74 novato, 79 fairfield. looking out over the next few, we are expecting some 80s on thursday and friday. eastern the weekend looking good with lots of sunshine, night and morning low clouds and fog. plenty of heat as we head toward the beginning of next week. let's check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and we are going to start off with some video that our news crews took overnight. this is the scene of an earlier accident along the peninsula. southbound 101 in palo alto, just past the lawrence expressway. one pedestrian was killed in this overnight fatal accident. still no cause for how this
6:19 am
happened. but for a while they had several lanes shut down. traffic was stacking up there for hours. first reported around 2:45 this morning. things are fine now along the peninsula on 101 up and down, also 280 looks good, as well. let's go to our maps. we can show you what it looks like out there. mass transit is all running on time this morning. bart has more than 40 trains all on time. ace train number one and three both off to great starts. on the roads, right now we are dealing with no major hot spots any longer so actually it's quiet out there right now. here's live look through milpitas at 880/237 coming around the bend, westbound 237 traffic looks great from silicon valley commuters. same thing across westbound and eastbound 92. here's a live snapshot there of the san mateo bridge. a little bit of fog in that camera but the camera is just past the toll plaza. so you can see the flat section of the bridge moving just fine this morning. about 13 minutes right now out of hayward towards the peninsula and foster city. eastbound traffic looks good
6:20 am
coming off the high-rise and to the south bay nice and light here in those northbound lanes of 280 coming out of downtown san jose. and, of course, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's for all the latest and greatest traffic information. that's your traffic and weather. >> thank you. a new controversy now at the negro hills cemetery in el dorado county. you might remember that cemetery gained notoriety recently when it was discovered that the headstones used the "n" word. well, now two of those offensive grave markers have been stolen. and the county has removed all the others as they try to speed up replacement of the headstones. >> we just want to do the right thing, do a nice project and replace these things with something respectful and appropriate. so we are going to keep moving forward with that and look forward to the completion of it. >> el dorado county contracted with the california prison authority to make new gravestones. no word though on when they will be ready. and the makeover for treasure island getting the
6:21 am
green light. the board of supervisors approving plans last night for a massive new neighborhood. that $1.5 billion project will bring residential units, stores, even a school. developers hope to break ground next year. it is 6:21. apple wants to expand. a sneak peek at the company's plan to build an out-of-this- world campus in the south bay. >> and toll cheaters, smile! how the chp wants to crack down on solo drivers taking advantage of the carpool lane. order to better pr closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. free-flowing across the span of the golden gate bridge. if you commuting from marin, it should be a nice quick trip. coming up a check. bay bridge toll plaza in a bit. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. 6:24. taking a look at health news, of the epa wants to ban some rat poisons in order to better protect kids and pets. that ban would cover most loose bait and pellet products. health experts say the move would keep thousands of kids from being exposed to the products every year. at least two pesticide companies say they plan to challenge the ban. and if you are looking to build more muscle, got to pick up a few apples. a new study shows the waxy acid inside the apple peel could increase the size and strength of muscles. researchers at the university
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of iowa gave the substance to mice and found it works! more benefits, it all reduced body fat and cholesterol. probably have to eat 30 of them, though. [ laughter ] >> scientists hope to conduct similar tests with people. >> probably more like 10. move over, wie. nintendo has unveiled the w i- u. they released the device in the gaming convention in l.a. it has a tap type game controller and provides live interaction with other game players, video calling and web browsing access. >> it looks like an ipad but meant to work with a home console as well and you can use it like a little second tv screen. >> the wii-u is compatible with the existing wii accessories. it's due in stores next year. if it's anything like the wii, it will sell like you know what. a big deadlock in big d. >> the nba finals all tied up
6:26 am
at 2 games apiece. the miami heat missing a game time three-pointer -- a game tying three pointer as time expired last night. they blew a 9 point lead in the 4th quarter. the dallas mavericks led by dirk novitzky who scored 21 despite battling the flu. >> my wife woke me up about 8:30 and said you need to get up and watch this game because we are rooting for dallas. we're not big miami fangs. he had a temperature of 101 right before the game and still came out and won it. he won game 2, too. so go mavs. >> going to be a good series. 6:26. looks like something out of a science fiction movie. we'll get a sneak peek at apple's plans for a giant new campus in the bay area. >> it's cool. why a big auto ceo thinks you should pay lot more for gas. coming up. and arson investigators with the berkeley fire department are on the scene of not just one but two suspicious fires all on the same street. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up.
6:27 am
a suspected bank robber shot and killed by police because they say he pointed a car at them. we'll talk to a witness who saw this all go down coming up next. plenty of clouds to start, this afternoon lots of sunshine. temperatures well into the 70s inland, 60s a few 70s inside the bay and cooler at the coast. more on your forecast coming up. a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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i'm frank ma good morning. thank you for join us on this wednesday the 8th day of june. i'm sydnie kohara. >> good morning, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:30 is your time. and if there was ever a weekend to look forward to, this is it. not only the weekend but today, tomorrow and thursday. >> last couple of weeks we have had, lawrence happy to see you. >> thanks, guys. lots of sunshine as far as i can see in the long range forecast. lots of low clouds and fog will move back to the coast. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine mid-70s into concord and san jose. 60s into oakland and san francisco warmer weather on the horizon too. we'll talk more about that in a minute. time now for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you. and we will go out towards the bay bridge toll plaza because they went ahead and turned on the metering lights on like
6:31 am
clockwork on schedule right before 6:30. it didn't take long to stack up. backed up beyond the first overcrossing so maybe 5, 10 minutes to get on the bridge. no incidents at the bay bridge just your usual commuter traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:31. we get to our top story for this wednesday. ash son investigators on the -- arson investigators on the scene of two suspicious fires in the east bay. kiet do is live in the berkeley hills with more on this investigation. kiet. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can really smell the fuel and the burnt wood and metal and plastic here on the 500 block of craigmont in the berkeley hills. investigators are on the scene as we speak. active investigation. he is pretty much standing where he thinks the fire started here at about 1:00 this morning. when the firefighters got to the scene, they found one person on the outside of the house trying to fight this blaze by himself. one person was inside along with a pet. they were rescued.
6:32 am
they are all okay. believe it or not, they are actually inside the house right now sleeping and they have an appointment to talk with the investigator about 9 a.m. but as second units were arriving on scene here at the 500 block, they crossed the house on the 400 block that they noticed that a fire had just started there, as well. so within walking distance on the same street within minutes of each other two fires here in the hills. more than just a suspicious. so they have dispatched arson investigators out here to the scene. is there someone running around the hills setting houses on fire? we should know more in a couple of hours here and this investigator says he will be out here for at least a couple more hours trying to figure out who is setting these fires in berkeley. sydnie? >> 1:00 this morning. so we have one car fire and then, what, a home how far away? >> reporter: within walking distance on the 400 block. very close. there were no reports of lightning or anything that would naturally spark a fire so this is why this is very fishy.
6:33 am
>> kiet, thanks very much. kiet do live in berkeley this morning. a suspected southern california bank robber shot dead by san francisco police. officers say that man tried to run them down with his car yesterday. anne makovec is in san francisco with how they tracked the suspect down. she joins us now with more. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according to the fbi, this guy was driving a stolen car that happened to have a gps unit in it and that is how police were ain't track him down to san francisco all the way from irvine, where police say he committed two bank robberies. let's look at the scene last night. this is where he was shot. he eventually died after police shot him. it was right by buena vista park in the lower haight neighborhood at around 5:40 p.m. the local police here got a tip from the fbi that the man was wanted for these robberies in irvine. they tracked him to this specific neighborhood because of that onboard gps unit. officers approached the car and they say that he aimed the
6:34 am
vehicle at them. they were then afraid he was going to hit them. and they opened fire. i heard something along the lines of freeze or step away, that sort of thing. so i got up and realized it was the police. i just heard a lot of shots coming from all sorts of directions. >> reporter: and the man died two hours later. the fbi called the suspected bank robber the gen x bandit because he wore a lot of plaid during his robberies. surveillance photos from alleged robberies on may 1 that's what you're looking at right now. police say he just walked up to the tellers and demanded cash. police haven't said whether or not he was armed during the robberies. they also haven't said whether or not he had a gun last night when police shot and killed him. a lot of that information is expected to come out of this investigation that's going on right now here at the sfpd. frank. >> okay, anne makovec, thanks
6:35 am
for the update in san francisco. the 17-year-old accused of killing a baby in east palo alto is expected to make his first court appearance today. san mateo county prosecutors will decide whether to try him as an adult for sunday's murder. he is believed to have fired into the car containing 3-month- old isaac jesus jimenez. the parents were both wounded. police believe it was a case of mistaken identity. the family now inviting the public to the services for that young child tomorrow night in redwood city. the family of missing nursing student michelle le hopes she is still alive. they have posted new billboards around the bay area. hayward police think le was cold in a parking garage may 27. police have interviewed several persons of interest, including le's former high school friend giselle esteban. she admitted to hating michelle le saying she stole her boyfriend. the "oakland tribune" reports esteban's ex-boyfriend has taken out a restraining order, he took it out against her
6:36 am
three days before le disappeared. he said esteban was stalking him and making threats after he was granted primary custody of their 5-year-old daughter. it is 6:36? >> i think it was a couple of days ago we were talking about chain requirements on 80 and 50. and now we have 70s and 80s and all is well with the world. >> we are certainly going to enjoy t lawrence tell us more about this beautiful forecast because some of us are already thinking about the weekend. >> yes. i know. we have earned this weather, folks. we have been through that very rainy spring. now the sun showing up around the bay area. mount vaca looking good as we are seeing mostly clear skies there. there is a low deck of clouds making its way onshore but that's typical for this time of year and that's going to begin to break up and as it breaks uhm, it will reveal lots of sunshine pulling back toward the coastline. still cool out at the beaches. but temperatures running a little below average but no complaints here. still 77 degrees and sunny in livermore. 75 in san jos.
6:37 am
67 in san francisco and that's normal. feeling good. >> i like normal. normal is it good. i can deal with normal. thank you, lawrence. well, we're dealing with some normal conditions as well approaching the dublin interchange. you know, we are just seeing the usual stuff through livermore. a little sluggish as you make your way past vasco road. but you can see that things are slowing down a bit approaching the dublin interchange. on the maps we can show you the drive time for this stretch growing to now 18 minutes, sluggish from tracy to livermore all the way towards pleasanton. bay bridge metering lights on, so just kind of the usual stuff here, as well. backed up to about the west grand overcrossing. we have a giants game lunchtime game so expect extra traffic heading into city around 12:45. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37 your time. the head of the ntsb headed to san bruno this morning. deborah hersman along with representative jackie speier will meet with pg&e officials, local authorities and some of
6:38 am
the victims of the deadly pipeline explosion. hersman will also give an update on the investigation. the blast killed 8 people, destroyed 38 homes this past september. two elected officials just lost their jobs in the east bay. hercules had a special election for a recall vote. more than 80% decided they wanted to get rid of mayor joanne ward and councilman donald kuehne. there was also an election in richmond where voters rejected a sales tax proposal. measure d would have raised the sales tax in richmond by half a percent. meanwhile measure c passed advising richmond officials to use any extra sales tax money to pay for services that lost funding due to state budget cuts. apple is looking for new digs in the bay area. >> pretty crazy. steve jobs is pushing for a design that's just out of this world. kcbs radio's matt bigler live down in the silicon valley bureau with more on what apple may start building -- when apple may start building its
6:39 am
new campus. pretty cool. good morning. >> reporter: those are the exact words that steve jobs used last night to the cupertino city council, pretty cool, as he described this new spaceship-looking campus. we'll talk more about that in just a second but showed up at the city council meeting last night, it was a surprise to a lot of people. and he pitched his vision for how apple should expand in the city of cupertino. they are not going to leave the city. they are going to stay there and hopefully move to a new campus which is just down 280 from where they are now at infinite loop. it's on 150-acre property and in the upper right-hand corner of the property is this giant circular structure. looks kind of like a spaceship. steve jobs told the city council there is not a single straight piece of glass on the entire building. >> it's all curved and we have used our experience in make retail buildings all over the world now, we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use and we want to make the glass
6:40 am
specifically for this building here, we can make it curve like this all the way around the building. >> reporter: that building can hold 12, 13,000 employees. so it's a massive structure. there's also a large presentation center, cafes and testing center. its own natural gas power plant. in fact, jobs said that they don't want to rely on the grid as their primary power source. they want to rely on their own power plant and use the grid from pg&e as the backup power. and besides all this high-tech stuff, there's also a lot of landscaping. jobs says that they want to roughly double the number of trees that are on that property and they are going to did that by allowing people to park underneath the property. most of the parking structure will be underground. the timeline on all this ground could be broken next year if the city council of cupertino gives its approval and jobs says they want to act fast on this. they could have it done by 2015. that's the latest from here in
6:41 am
silicon valley. back to you guys. >> that's going to be a fascinating structure. all those windows and landscaping, maybe everybody gets a wind -- window cubicle. >> what's the response, leaning one way or the other? >> reporter: we are not sure. it seemed like the city council was very receptive to jobs' pitch. they did ask some questions about whether or not apple would be providing anything to the city like free wi-fi the way google has in mountain view. jobs said no. they are going to continue to pay taxes in cupertino. which is a lot. >> no doubt they wanted to keep them in the city. thank you, kcbs radio's matt bigler. the head of gm wants you to pay more for gas. why he wants a tax hike to benefit his company, company. and the new crackdown on toll cheats in the south bay. and let's check the stock market numbers. it's early. everything is down a little. coming up we'll have an update
6:42 am
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6:45 am
low clouds and fog clearing out this afternoon. temperatures will warm up. warmest temperatures in quite some time. outside we have temperatures running in the 50s and the clouds all the way to the interior valleys this morning. that will break up. this afternoon, sunshine and nearly 80 degrees in the warmest parts of the bay area. 70s in the san jose area. low clouds and fog hug the coast and moving onshore. but it's going to begin to break up through the middle of the morning and by the afternoon it's going to camp out at the coast so we are left with mild sunshine for most of the bay area. minor fluctuations. it will hold strong and as it does we are going to see some dry weather for the next five to seven days and normal temperatures. 75 in san jose today. 73 degrees in redwood city and los altos. east bay plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. and some very nice
6:46 am
temperatures. getting warm into antioch and brentwood, lots of 70s there, almost 80 degrees by the afternoon. 47 novato and 75 petaluma. as we look out over the next few days, 80s returning to our skies on thursday and friday. the weekend looks good, too. going to keep things nice and dry just some night and morning low clouds and fog return to normal, elizabeth. how about that. >> i like it. i know, you see dogs that find sun and don't move all day? that's going to be me this afternoon. thank you, lawrence. let's go towards the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been on since 6:18. so it is stacking up just beyond the west grand overcrossing. not too bad. 10 to 15 minutes to get on the bridge, no incidents but sluggish up the incline so we haven't seen any major hot spots no big accidents out there for the last hour. we have a giants game daytime, they play the nationals 12:45. so you may find some extra traffic heading into the city later on today.
6:47 am
and watch out for all the people heading home as well once the game wraps up. to the east bay 880 near the coliseum, things look great in all lanes north- and southbound 880. nice smooth ride all of our traffic sensors picking up top speeds and along the peninsula, we are doing fine. a couple of live traffic sensors you can see how fast things are moving across the stretches of 101 and 280. everything is fine right now. an earlier traffic alert in palo alto, actually a pedestrian was killed overnight fatal accident. it was terrible. about three lanes were blocked for several hours but right now, everything has been re- opened actually for the past hour or so. and to the south bay coming out of downtown san jose, we are looking pretty good right now in the northbound lanes of 280 so quiet towards cupertino. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. get the latest traffic information once you hit the roads. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:47. california's top insurance company is planning to cap
6:48 am
profits and refund millions to its customers and healthcare organizations. blue shield of california's ceo says the company will limit its annual profits to 2%. he also promised anything over that amount will go back to some policyholders. that amount right now is $180 million. blue shield says this does not mean there won't be rate increase, though. fed chairman had some things to say about the economy that wall street really didn't want to hear. >> let's find out more about that. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and jason, good morning. >> reporter: perhaps next time ben bernanke will wait until after the closing bell before he starts talk about the economy. the market was looking like it was going to snap a losing streak but once he started talking about the economy the market sank and we are on a five session skid. no bombshells from bernanke but reaffirming economic growth is slowing down. he says that monetary policy itself isn't the sole thing that will lift the economy up
6:49 am
but he stood by his prior stance that he feels that the economy will pick up in the second half. there were no hints of further monetary easing, perhaps some investors locking for that. there has about -- looking for that. there has been speculation of a third round of quantitative easing. nothing about that yesterday. no help for gas prices from opec. they decided to maintain current output level. there had been pressure from within opec even from saudi arabia to start raising the production levels to bring prices down. but others like iran and iraq say this, well, $100 a barrel is fair. as a result, oil prices have just jumped up a couple of dollars to about $101 a barrel. have been easing back a little. gas prices are essentially 20 cents cheaper today than about a month ago. sprint is going to be feeling lonely in the silicon valley these days. a number of high-profile companies including facebook, yahoo, oracle, number of venture capital firms in fact
6:50 am
silicon valley, sending letters to the federal communication commission standing by and giving their support to at&t's $39 billion takeover of t- mobile. sprint is vehemently fighting that because it will place that deeply into third place behind at&t and verizon but the tech companies probably like the fact that there will be another increase in chance for development opportunities. stock market right now is searching for direction. we are on a five-session skid right now. the dow is lower by 11 points. nasdaq is down by 10. frank and sydnie, the s&p is down by 2. >> when you wear a tie, the market usually goes up. >> reporter: since i have been doing this, the market has been head in the wrong way. >> it has a chokehold on you. >> we'll talk to the producers about that. [ laughter ] >> jason, thanks very much you look niles. jason brooks with kcbs and if you are one of those drivers who cheats in the express lane and you know who you are, watch out. >> you better. new cameras may snap your mug along the bay area's first toll
6:51 am
lane. the bay area toll authority is thinking about installing them on interstate 60 between pleasanton and milpitas. a new report shows that a lot of solo drivers are using the lane without paying up. plus, taking way too much time for chp officers to monitor and then ticket the violators. first cameras could be installed this fall so listen up and watch out. the head of gm says people need to pay more at the pump. all to help the auto industry. yesterday dhanaker dan ackerson suggested raising the gas price by $1 a gallon to force people to buy more fuel-efficient cars. the current federal gas tax is only 18 cents a gallon. ice cream lovers describe it as crunchy and delicious. >> i bet. but it's not your ordinary ice cream flavor. missouri ice cream shop puts cicada ice cream on its menu and yes it's made with these
6:52 am
childreny little creatures that come out -- chirpy little creatures that come out. they add it to the ice cream. but because of possible health issues, they are not serving it anymore. >> people bought it. it was an instant hit. it sold out in a half hour. >> it's a novelty. but ugh. no thanks. >> got to try it. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." >> erika hill joins us now from new york. erika, good morning. >> what do you think? >> you think about the poor bugs spend years underground. you catch the poor thing and turn it into dessert? >> ground it and fill it with chocolate and munched up? no thanks. >> no thank you. this may not be quite as exciting at cicada ice cream but it's still very important. we are talking about the economy this morning. ben bernanke says the sluggish growth is temporary. for a lot of folks they might choose a different word especially when you look at the number of jobs that are actually available this
6:53 am
december. so now we are looking at the auto industry some wondering if the auto industry could help bail out the u.s. economy. alan mulally talking to rebecca jarvis talking about his company's ambitious plans for growth in the next few years and how that could affect jobs. >> also arizona wildfire news. we'll have the latest on that situation. and as you can see in our series, the arab summer, we are going to look at egypt this morning. four months since the upheaval since president mubarak stepped down. upcoming presidential elections on the clear. what does it mean for the country and america's stake in egypt? we'll take a look and a controversial story about fish. turns out the fish you buy may not be what you think it is. >> hm. [ laughter ] >> definitely going to be watching for that one. >> guess so. >> okay. er car, we thank you. you start at 7:00 here in the bay area. >> we'll see you in just a few
6:54 am
minutes. >> thanks, erika. 6:53. we are going to update your top stories. plus even bears need a break. one woman's reaction when she came face to face with one just hanging out and swimming in the family spa. all coming up.
6:55 am
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you dress like a prostitute. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of her serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. on the scene of two suspicious
6:57 am
fires in the east bay. do is in live in right now arson investigators on the scene of two suspicious fires in the east bay. kiet do reports from the east hills where firefighters found two fires on the same street close to each other. >> reporter: yes. just within a couple of minutes of each other, too. we have been watching this arson investigator all morning long. he has been at this car and able to determine that the point of origin is on the rear left side of the car. this thing started at about 1:00 this morning. fire crews got here and they found one person trying to fight this fire by himself from the outside. they rescued another person and a pet from the inside. as a second crew was heading out here to this scene, on the 400 block, which is just within walking distance on the 500 block of craigmont avenue, they spotted a second fire that had just started. so that crew peeled off and knocked those flames down very quickly but they are saying that two fires on the same
6:58 am
street at that time of morning, and the close proximity very, very coincidental. suspicious at this point. so that's why they have arson investigators out here right now trying to figure out, is there a person out here setting fires out here in the berkeley hills? sit any, back to you. >> thank you, kiet do live in berkeley this morning. well, it is 6:58. one last check of traffic and weather. and man, you are just loving this. >> we got a lot of sunshine coming our way today, folks. we have some low clouds and fog if you are headed out the door this morning and temperatures in the 50s but by this afternoon, here comes that sunshine. temperatures cranking up well into the 70s. hey, by tomorrow, we are tacking about some 80s in some of the valleys and that will continue over the next few days, just some night and morning low clouds and fog early on then pumping temperatures up next week. how about this beautiful shot for you today? beautiful sunset from emeryville. looking good there. how about that? >> i know. that's my favorite time of day
6:59 am
sunset. >> you don't like sunrise. >> no, not as much. i never see it. >> you really shouldn't have a cocktail at the morning. >> there's many reasons to enjoy sunsets. 880 in oakland, here's a live look and it suddenly got very dark. we want to let you know there is a pothole reported negotiable 238 right there as you get past 880. sounds like crews are on the way to the scene right now. apparently that pothole is large enough to be partially blocking the right lane so watch out through there. the bay bridge just in the busiest lanes backed up to the 880 overcrossing so maybe 15 minutes to get you on the bridge. that is your traffic. >> thank you. hey, rub a dub-dub? a bear in the tub. >> a florida woman came home to find a bear in her backyard. it took a little drink and then got all the way in. the woman banged on the tabl


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