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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: back in 2007, when bey was the leader of a family- run business called "your black muslim bakery," he targeted bailey because the reportedder was preparing an investigative story for the "oakland post." bey ordered a bakery employee to quash the story by executing bailey. so devaughndre broussard shot him to death in downtown oakland. broussard testified against bey as well as another bakery leader antoine mackey implicating them both in bailey's murder as well as the killings of two other men, michael wills and o'dell roberson. today the jury found the two men guilty of all but one charge. they deadlocked on the murder charge against mackey related to the killing of wills. >> justice has been done. >> reporter: chauncey bailey's family says it's a victory for them as well -- as well as journalists everywhere.
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>> journalists have a job. they shouldn't be squashed in what they are trying to do. that's what they were trying to do with chauncey. it should never happen. it's the only way the truth gets out. >> reporter: both men face a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. allen, that sentencing hearing is scheduled for next month. >> all right, joe vazquez in oakland, thank you. a public memorial service is under way right now for a baby murdered in east palo alto. friends, family and strangers are gathering at a redwood city chapel to remember 3-month-old jesus jimenez garcia. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. a teen has been charged with murder as an adult. a second service is planned north baby in menlo park tomorrow. the former bart cop who killed oscar grant will be a free man on monday. former bart officer johannes mehserle is set to be released after less than a year in jail
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for shooting grant in the back. anne makovec on how grant's family is taking this news. >> we relive this every day. you know, if this officer had been held accountable for the murder he committed, maybe we could move on. reporter: oscar grant's family knew this day would come but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. johannes mehserle's release from the l.a. county jail comes a year after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he was sentenced to two years but is getting out early for good behavior. >> there's a lot of people that's upset about it already. so, you know, i don't know what to say. >> reporter: mehserle's lawyer won't comment today but in the past he said his client wants to fade into oblivion and live a normal life. this cell phone video of oscar grant's killing on new year's day 2009 when mehserle says meant to use his taser instead of his gun will live on in infamy with a civil suit and the conviction appeal pending.
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it isn't over yet. >> we have always stated what we want in this and that was justice for oscar grant. we're very clear an adamant about the fact that this is not over. it's just starting. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> grant's uncle also says supporters of his nephew will hold protests in oakland and in los angeles this weekend before mehserle' release. did a love triangle lead to murder? hayward police say that a missing nursing student was killed by someone she knew. christin ayers in hayward, where michelle le's family is about to hold a vigil tonight. reporter: the vigil here at mount eden park will be the first since the family learned that police have now classified this a homicide investigation. since then, bizarre details have emerged about a possible love triangle and the strange behavior of one person of interest. throughout it all, michelle le's family is staying focused on one thing, finding her. reporter: this was the first vigil for michelle le one
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week after she disappeared. tonight's vigil will be smaller, more intimate and clouded by the fact that investigators say she is no longer alive. >> i looked up to her a lot when i was younger. but, you know, we focused and we stayed strong and we do whatever it takes to get her back. >> reporter: a brief moment of emotion from le's cousin christine beaten back by the kind of laser focus that has marked the le family's search for michelle t hasn't been easy. yesterday, disturbing details emerged about a former friend of le's named a person of interest in her disappearance. according to this restraining order in the days before levan i should, giselle esteban stalked an ex-boyfriend who had briefly dated le. >> we definitely read it in terms before it has an impact on the fact that we are optimistic in finding her home, no. we are determined to get her home and we're not about to talk down anyone or, you know, dig into the petty stuff. >> reporter: the le family has declined to comment on esteban
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or her restraining order. they firmly believe michelle is still alive, despite authorities' assertion that broad evidence was found in le -- blood evidence was found in le's car. their message to the community? >> please don't lose hope. we haven't lost hope. we still need your help and we still appreciate your help. >> reporter: that vigil will start tonight here at 7:30. the family admitted to me they are wary that the public interest could wane so allen, tonight's vigil will also be a remind their there is a $56,000 reward -- reminder that there is a $65,000 reward at stake and to keep the momentum going. >> thank you, christin ayers. and we do have some breaking news now. this is coming from the peninsula where chopper 5 is over what is a deadly accident involving a caltrain and a pedestrian. now, this happened less than 30 minutes ago near the burlingame station. a southbound train hit the person who was on the tracks and caltrain now advising
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passengers they can expect delays:up to an hour and any giants fans to plan to take the train are being told they should make other arrangements. coming up, criticized and branded as dysfunctional. the scathing report blasting pg&e's pipeline safety plan. preparing to honor two bay area firefighters killed in the line of duty. how that will procession will affect your evening commute. the information of hundreds of thousands of bank customers exposed. the vital information hackers got their hands on. ,,,,,,,,
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people are expected closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. thousands of people are expected to attend funeral services tomorrow for two san francisco firefighters who were killed on the job. traffic could be a problem as the procession goes on the bay area streets and freeways. linda yee is at st. mary's cathedral where a vigil is
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being held tonight. linda. reporter: grace, the public will get their chance to say their last good-byes to the two san francisco fallen firefighters. take a look behind me. you see that fire truck with the two raised ladders. it is a traditional salute and tribute to the fallen firefighters. just a few minutes ago, the casket of at least one of those firefighters was brought into the cathedral. they are being escorted with an honor guard. that vigil will start at 7:00. for funeral services tomorrow, upwards of 6,000 firefighters and police are expected to attend. >> we're hearing lots and lots of people. there's just an overwhelming outpouring of support for tony and vince. and i want tonight and tomorrow especially to be a fitting tribute to them. they gave their lives in the line of duty and trying to protect others. reporter: lieutenant vince perez and firefighter paramedic tony valerio were killed last week while battling a house fire in diamond heights. fellow firefighters at their
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station remain on duty as always answering calls for help duty that's tough there's days because of their grief. >> the sadness is with any loss of life in our family or in your own family, that the moments or the days leading up to the actual burial of someone that's passed, it's always a challenging time. >> reporter: during the services from noon to about 3 p.m., geary boulevard from davisidero to geoff will be shut down completely some 200 fire trucks expected. any city firefighter who wants to may attend the services. outside agencies will help cover city emergencies. >> we are doing something we have never done before, taking up the offer of the surrounding agencies to come in and help cover our station so that our members can appropriately honor tony and vince. >> reporter: during the funeral procession at least 50 fire trucks will be part of the
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honorary escort to the cemetery in colma. traffic will come to a standstill from st. mary's cathedral to market to valencia through the mission district to san jose avenue to 280 south. the highway patrol will shut down all southbound lanes of 280 to serramonte boulevard and that will happen during the commute hours as early as 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. so the highway patrol and san francisco police say that if you don't have to be in these areas not only around st. mary's cathedral but also 280 to serramonte, if you don't have to be there tomorrow, plan accordingly for alternate routes because it will be a traffic snarl. >> thank you, linda yee live in san francisco. cbs 5 will broadcast live
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coverage of the memorial at noon tomorrow and we'll have a live feed available on our website at understaffed and undertrained. those are just a few of the words and independent panel used to describe pg&e following the san bruno pipeline blast. panel was appointed by state regulators to study the disaster and issued a report at a blasting the utility and its technical competence. it says shortcomings in several pg&e's policies and procedures contributed to the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood. the panel also called the company's response to the disaster flawed. other headlines we're following around the bay area. muni drivers and managers met wan arbitrator today to work out a new contract. by a 2-1 margin last night, drivers rejected a tentative contract offer that their leaders had recommended. the arbitrator's decision is binding and it is expected by tuesday. east bay investigators are trying to figure out how a car
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ended up in the oakland estuary. the drivers pulled that gray honda sedan out of the water about 8:00 this mornin no one was inside. a driver passing by reported seeing the car sinking about 2:30 in the morning. police will now check to see if that vehicle was reported stolen. coming up next, a billboard now covered by a tarp. why some say what lies beneath it is just too offensive. the best tasting thing -- >> politics can be a lonely business. just ask presidential candidate newt gingrich. yes has been abandoned by his most trusted advisors. and some sweet relief for those summer allergies. how mother nature can help stop all those annoying symptoms. clouds at the coast, sunshine for most. we'll talk about how the clouds will impact the neighborhoods as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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several key aides-- including his campaign manager-- suddenly resigned today. trouble started onth when it was rev around he is ducks from newt gingrich's team -- a mass exodus from newt gingrich's team. several people resigned from his campaign. the trouble started last month when it was revealed gingrich was in major debt with high-end jeweler tiffany & company. things got worse when he went
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on a two-week vacation with his wife skipping an important conference with other presidential candidates. gingrich says he is relaunching his campaign sunday. we'll have more on his political changes coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." pressure is mounting for congressman anthony weiner to resign but he refuses. the scandal over lewd pictures and messages that he sent to at least six women is not dying down especially now that a new explicit photograph has been published on the internet. today more of congressman weiner's fellow democrats joined the call for the congressman to step down. >> lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign. >> even if weiner doesn't resign, he might end up losing his job. democrats could eliminate his congressional seat during redistricting next year. conditions are improving for firefighters battling a massive wildfire in eastern arizona. now, that fire has destroyed at least 6 homes in the resort
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town of springerville. and it threatens hundreds more. flames have scorched about 525 square miles. karen brown has more on this fight against the wildfire. reporter: lighter winds and cooler temperatures are helping crews in eastern arizona battle the second largest wildfire that state has ever seen. even so, officials warn the fire will grow today. >> this is the third big fire that we have had in springerville. >> reporter: don and caroline are two of the more more than 7,000 evacuees who loaded up their cars and left last night. many residents left behind white flags, a signal to fire crews they have surrendered their homes. >> worry about my wife. [ crying ] >> we're not young anymore. and it's tough. you know, but we'll get through it, grace of god. >> reporter: these people are lucky because their insurance will pay for a hotel. many of the others are staying
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in shelters, all of them anxiously waiting for word about their homes. both highways leading to the towns are closed and those who decided to stay had to sign a waiver. they must remain on their property or police will escort them out of town. the danger is real. so far flames have charred more than 336,000 acres. 3,000-plus firefighters have yet to contain any of it due to whipping winds and scorching temperatures over the past 12 days. >> we are not going to be off the here anytime soon. there is a lot of work to do. there's probably a good two or three weeks' worth of work to do if we were able to stop the spread today. >> reporter: and today crews are hoping for significant progress with conditions perfect for an all-out air assault on the flames. karen brown, cbs news, springerville, arizona. it seems like everywhere else in the country has it worse than we do, roberta. >> absolutely. the only snag in our forecast happens to be the return of the summer time june gloom in the form of the low clouds and fog
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that's now really embracing the golden gate bridge. has pretty much stayed there all day long. in fact, if you are out and about on this thursday evening, this is what you can anticipate. we have the cloud right there marching onshore pushing underneath the golden gate bridge -- it will eventually track 50 miles inland over night. out and about, 80 in concord and livermore. 60s common around the bay. if you are heading out to giants baseball action, it's 59 degrees and expect a little breeze so bundle up heading out to at&t park. let's set the stage for your friday. gray start, clearing all the way back to the coast by the afternoon hours. so then those low clouds and fog reform and stacks up along the coast and pushes inland. here's your thursday morning and notice the stratus all the way inland and then, in the overnight hours, it begins to deepen to roughly about 2,000 feet deep. that's what takes a while to burn off. tomorrow i'm anticipating a little earlier burnoff and that
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will allow the temperature to go up maybe just two degrees along the coast and into the bay. otherwise, inland areas with that cooler air mass aloft i'm going to have to bring down your temperatures down two degrees through saturday. otherwise, the trough to the north us continues to enhance that marine layer. so we have the clouds at the coast but sunshine for most. your temperatures for friday anywhere from 50s, 60s at the beaches. low to high 60s across the central bay. 81 at the delta. down from 81 today in concord to 78 degrees. and still below average in san jose at 73. pollen report is the olive and juniper grasses our tree count that continues to be on the medium side and the grasses also medium. now, the extended forecast calls for this dry weather pattern to continue each and every day all the way through this time next week. warmest of all will be on tuesday and wednesday in the interior valleys. that is your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. and as she said except for the coast with the fog there, for the next few days it is going
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to to be dry inland and that means a lot of sneezing and wheezing. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with what some are calling a sweet recommend i do pollen and think winnie the pooh, huh, kim? >> absolutely right. reporter: more and more allergy sufferers are taking a road to relief that's paved by mother nature. it's honey. not just any honey but the kind made in your own backyard. reporter: the buzz is this allergy season could be one of the worst all thanks to our unusual weather. >> this year it's been the worst. >> really itchy eyes, throat, sneezing. >> reporter: to fight mother nature and all her pollen some -- >> i take over-the-counter pills. >> reporter: -- others are embracing mother nature instead by eating unfiltered local honey. >> i take a tablespoon of local hon day. it's important to start at the beginning of allergy season so i start in march and i take it all the way through the frost. >> reporter: sheila o'donnell tried allergy medication but the side effects were so bad she tried honey. >> do you actually believe that the honey is what's helping
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your allergy symptoms go away? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> we have a number of customers who come back and, you know, sing the praising of the honey. >> reporter: the theory that local bees carry local pollen back to their hives where they marc the honey. when people like sheila eat it she is exposed to the allergen that makes her sick, slowly immunizing her against the effects. doctors are skeptical. >> unfortunately, there is no evidence currently, no scientific evidence whatsoever, in a honey can treat allergies. >> reporter: honey is found safe but medical experts say it could also pose health risks. >> in fact, i just saw apatient with this yesterday where potentially a person could get allergic reaction to honey consumption. >> reporter: sheila never had a reaction to the honey and is convinced it worked for her because she can enjoy spring sneeze-free. >> sort of the best tasting medicine i think you could ever find. >> however, you should never give honey to a child under 12 months of age because of the risk of botulism. he a baby's immune system is
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not fully development and botch little spores in honey can be harmful. >> thank you. someone has thrown a black tarp over a billboard for a tanning salon calling the ad porn. it's getting a whole lot of attention from people passing by along highway 49 in auburn. now, underneath the tarp is a woman in a bikini lying out next to folsom lake. most people say they are not offended. the company said it ran the design past residents young and old before putting it up and then the feedback was positive. you have may have gotten one in the mail a business credit card application but some consumer groups say you should drop them. the sneaky drawbacks that could get you into trouble.
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one of the nation's biggest banks is warning customers you better watch your accounts. citigroup says that hackers broke into its computers system last month. the hackers were able to view
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the information of about 200,000 citibank credit card account holders. the bank says that the hackers were not able to access social security numbers. but they could see the customers' names, addresses, phone numbers. citi says it's notifying the affected customers and may give out new credit cards. some banks are trying to drum up credit card business by offering customers a different kind of account. julie watts on the consumerwatch is here with the new push to enroll regular customers in accounts for businesses. >> reporter: the credit card act of 2009 put in place a lot of new consumer protections. but those rules don't apply to business credit cards. that's one reason banks are now pushing those business cards on regular customers. you might have seen them in the mail. 10million offers went out last month alone. reporter: they are intended to help business owners keep track of work-related expenses and the incentive to sign up is
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nic but they have drawbacks. >> they are not covered by the protections of the card act. >> reporter: unlike regular credit cards marketed to consumers the interest rate fees and other conditions on a business card can change without warning. another concern? consumers might not realize business credit cards are different than regular credit cards. >> what's really sneaky is that a lot of these offers are identified as professional credit cards which is not clear what that means. and, you know, somebody might just open up their mail and say i'm a professional so i'm getting a professional credit card. >> reporter: last week a consumer group went so far as to urge consumers who get offers for business cards to throw them away. now, bank of america is one of the handful which is voluntarily extending some protections in the credit card act to its business cards. and keep in mind these cards may actually work for you if you pay off that balance every month. and if you have a consumer problem, give us a call, 1-888- 5-helps-u. we'll be right back.
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