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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 11, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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asking for the problems keep piling up for representative anthony weiner. he has not resigned but he is asking for a leave of absence. going cries for police reform as the homicide rate in san jose gets on track to be the highest since the 1980s. a budget out of control, threatening to take some of the fun out of california. what counties may be forced to do in order to keep going. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we start tonight with a major backup right now at the bay bridge and drivers are being urged to avoid it. now, this is what it looks like right now. at the toll plaza. you can see very slow going. traffic is backed up for miles on the east shore freeway. and on 580 heading into the macarthur maze. if you're heading into san francisco, plan for extra time, or take bart. this is all because of police action on the bridge, west of the tunnel. two right lanes were blocked for nearly two hours and well, this is the result. but police action is over.
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lanes have reopened. and the backup should be breaking up soon. well, it looks like new york congressman anthony weiner will leave capitol hill but only temporarily. he is seeking professional treatment in the wake of his twitter scandal. we have more on what is next for the representative. >> new york congressman anthony weiner wetting help. in a state released security, his spokesman says congressman weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person. in light of that, he will request a short leave of absence from the house of representatives. the news comes less than a week after the new york congressman confessed to exchanging inappropriate photos and messages with at least six women. top democrats stepped up calls for his resignation after he admitted sending twitter messages to a teenaged girl in delaware. the congressman insists the tweets were neither explicit nor indecent. house minority leader nancy pelosi urged weiner to seek help
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without the pressures of being a member of congress. other party leaders called his behavior, quote, indefensible and an insurmountable distraction to the house. congressman weiner has served this district in queens and parts of brooklyn for more than a decade. while some of his constituents are outraged over his actions, others, including people who live here in this apartment building, are showing support. >> give the guy a break. when election time comes, let the voters decide. >> it seems to me he has no integrity and he lacks character. >> reporter: weiner's camp says the congressman takes the views of his colleagues an constituents very seriously and he will use this time to make the best possible decision about his political future. cbs news, forest hills, new york. the top democrat in the house of representatives forced weiner's plans to seek treatment. nancy pelosi is among many democratic leaders calling for congressman weiner to resign. she didn't speak on camera today but shy did issue this statement
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-- she did issue this statement. quote, congressman weiner has the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the recognition that he needs help. i urge are congressman weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. well, the bay area radio preacher that predicted the world would end last month is now recovering from a stroke. 89-year-old harold camping suffered the stroke thursday night after finishing the nightly radio show. a neighbor says he is doing well. but the well known gravelly voice has been slurred slightly by the stroke. despite two incorrect predictions of the world coming to an end, he says judgment day will still come in october. san jose reported the 26th homicide this morning, in what is becoming one of the zi's -- city's deadliest years in decades. the body of hechter manual garza was found this morning. he was shot several times. so far, no suspects.
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and no motive. the spike in homicides has already surpassed last year's total of 20. the murder rate on pace to be the highest since the 1980s. the community leaders are asking police to hire neighborhood liaisons to increase corporation with residents. a teenaged girl is in stable condition tonight, after she was seriously injured in a hit-and-run. the 17-year-old was hit as she crossed soto road near cope avenue in hayward. that was around 9:15 last night. and witnesses saw a white car, possibly a toyota corolla or a volkswagen jetta speed away from the scene toward harder road. anyone with information is urged to call hayward police. democrats and republicans are trying to reach a compromise on closing california's remaining $9.6 billion budget deficit. senators passed a few minor bills today but did not address the tax question. democrats want to extend temporary increases to the sales and vehicle taxes for one year. g.o.p. leaders say renewing the tax
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hikes will hurt the economy. and they're calling for deeper cuts, pension reforms, and regulatory relief. well, something else threatened by the state's budget's broken budget. county fairs. anne makovec shows us how they're fighting for that's existence and what some say they need to do on their own to keep running. >> reporter: there are plenty of reasons to go to a county fair. >> the rides are fun. the food is great. >> i really like to see animals. >> especially this guy right here. >> curly fries. >> reporter: it is the opening weekend of the san mateo county fair and people are enjoying all of the spoils. but there may be fewer fun fairs in the future. as california's budget mess continues to spin out of control, state leaders are now talking about cutting $32 million in subsidies for county fairs. >> that's not right. i mean the fair is part of the state of california. >> it is a huge hit to the fair
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industry. >> reporter: organizers here in san mateo county take $150,000 from the state each year, but they are one of the few self supporting organizations in the fair circuit. they fund raise all year round. >> from small fairs, they will take -- there could be fairs that are absolutely eliminated by this $32 million. so it is really sad to see. >> reporter: she says fairs statewide will have to get creative. >> one. the great things about the fair network is we all help each other. it is not like private competition. where you don't share your trade secrets. >> reporter: and these fair fans are hoping they will pull it off, or that state leaders pass on the threatened cuts. >> it is going to be bad if they do that. because people got to have some outlet. what are we going to have? we are cutting everything and what are they going to do when there is nothing left to cut? >> reporter: in san mateo, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, a terrorist leader among the fbi most wanted is dead. the mastermind between the u.s.
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embassies in africa and what the u.s. says about the al qaeda leader's death. eyes burning. haze of smooth stretching across the country. the arizona wildfire jumped in size and begins to cross state lines. clouds and breezy conditions for tonight. 80s on the way. the pinpoint forecast coming up. ,,,,
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most wanted list for more than a decade -- is dead. a terrorist suspect who topped the fbi's most wanted list for more than a decade is dead. somalia says its security forces have killed astkaoul muhammad at a gun fight at a checkpoint and the mastermind behind the embassy bombings in africa in 2000 eight. on the visit to tanzania, secretary of state hillary clinton says this is a just end for a terrorist who brought death and pain to so many
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innocents. a bloody scene tonight in pakistan following a pair of explosions just minutes apart. the attack took place as c.i.a. director leon paneta and afghan pred hamid karzai were visiting the pakistan capital. the first went off, and as rescuers arrived, a second more powerful explosion hit the area. 34 people were killed. more than 100 injured. police say it does appear that the second blast was set off by remote control. paneta is in pakistan trying to repair strained relations in the wake of the raid that killed osama bin laden. it was nothing like the celebration held in april for william and kate but it had all of the pomp and pageantry fit for a queen. britain's queen elizabeth celebrated her 85th birthday today. with an open carriage ride through london. british troops escorted the queen and her husband, prince phillip. the annual ceremony is known as
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trooping the color. although the queen was born in april, she celebrates her birthday on a saturday in june when the weather is better. today's birthday celebration included a flyover with dozens of aircraft and she watched from the balcony of buckingham palace and joined by prince william and princess kate and prince phillip celebrated list 90th birthday. his celebration a much quieter affair. another headache for the international monetary fund. a cyber attack. also ahead, happy birthday mr. bubbles. a celebration for a legendary soap that has kept kids and adults clean for a generation. we have some clouds for tonight. but then it will clear out by tomorrow. we have a forecast that is looking good. the pinpoint forecast is coming up.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
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we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. strong winds are fanning the flames at the walla wildfire in arizona that is now starting to cross into new mexico. another 22,000 acres charred since just yesterday. no estimates, put the fire at only 5% contained. karen brown on the fire that keeps growing and growing. >> firefighters are working round the clock to protect key mountain towns in eastern arizona. under siege from a massive wildfire. >> the smoke was so dim and of a different nature and it began to frighten us and maybe it was something we couldn't handle.
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>> the hunts decided to stay put. although most of springerville is evacuated they wanted to help watch over their neighbor's property. >> there was key to get out and do something to protect your home. >> so far firefighters have managed to steer the flames around the town but as the high winds return, they are worried it could circle back and come straight for them. >> we will always appreciate what has been done for us. >> each day is one day closer to the end we hope. >> and now officials have another worry. extremely hazardous air quality. they say for the residents and the firefighters. the level of soot in the air is dangerously off the charts. for the community, the amount of particulate matter, smoke in the air, is a big issue. >> more than 10,000 people have evacuated as the fires consumed more than 430,000 acres. and destroyed at least 30 homes. fire mechanic howdy big low has his home in eagar, his family is evacuated, but he stayed to help keep the fire trucks running.
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he is working with a heavy heart. >> what has that been like for you. >> our whole mountain is destroyed. gone. >> and now, residents in new mexico are preparing to flee their homes, but the monster fire has crossed state lines and continues to burn uncontrolled. karen brown, cbs news, springerville, arizona. >> the international monetary fund says it was the target of a cyber attack. the new york times cites unnamed sources as saying the attack was sophisticated and serious. imf officials are not saying much other than the fund's computer systems are fully functional. the imf is already facing headaches after the arrest of the former leader dominique strauss-kahn charged with assaulting a maid in a new york hotel. a san francisco organization that provides social services for the poor and homeless is millions richer tonight. that is thanks to an auctioned-off power lunch with legendary investor warren buffett. the anonymous winner bid more than $2.3 million for the lunch
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with buffet at a famed new york restaurant and all of the money goes to the san francisco foundation. over the past 12 years buffet's lunches have raised more than $9 million for the tenderloin neighborhood association. good for them. most of us can't afford lunch with warren buffett. maybe a picnic. today would be too windy. >> the perfect day as far as the skies go but windy conditions because a lot of instability and the trough is working into the region but we do have a dry weekend. and that is always great news and ann is happy about that. we have windy conditions. but that's going to ease up by tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. for tomorrow. as well. as we take a look outside. we can see we have a lot of moisture, abundant moisture in the atmosphere. at the low and mid and upper levels. and that has to do with the trough that is starting to dig into the system here. so this is what we're going to see for the next two days and then clearing out nicely. by monday. and so as you take a look at the sat rad image here, we can see that we have a trough that is digging in quite a bit here, these are the clouds that are starting to push on in here, so
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as this starts to work its way into the coast, that's going to go ahead and increase the wind speed, and that's what we're feeling for tonight and into the early hours tomorrow morning. so clouds and breeze. and breezy conditions. on tap. we've got low 50s to the high 60s for much of the forecast region. for tomorrow, we will start to trend just a little bit warmer and we have 59 for daly city. and san mateo, 64. so we're starting to see the temperatures creep on up. and a little more seasonable. 75 for fairfield. and concord and livermore. 73 degrees. and fremont, 66 for you. as we work our way to bodega bay bay. 59 santa rosa and petaluma. and here is a look at our extended forecast. i'm smiling because things look really good here. by monday, we're going to start to see 80s in the inland areas. so we've got low 60s to the low 80s. on monday. and then that trend is going to continue through next week.
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and we're going to see friday, just a bit of a cooldown. and saturday. but we're still going to stay in the mid-60s to the high 70s. and we're going to stay dry. so just clouds. but that's okay. we will take that. >> summer kicks off and then we don't want rain. thank you very much. >> thank you. well, he has made bathing fun for generations of kids. and today, no exception. mr. bubbles turned 50 today. a party was held in his honor at a minneapolis water park that included the world ' s largest bubble bath for a stream of bubbles poured into an 11-foot by 16-foot pool. that actually looks fun. and the guest of honor was on hand to greet the kids and take pictures. tim coyle is here with a look at sports. >> we were talking about mr. bubbles. >> i once put a whole box of mr. bubble in the bathtub. >> like that? >> it didn't look like that but it created a lot of mess for my mom i suppose. >> a thrilling finish at the
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belmont stakes. i'm kim coyle. will the thrill turn back the clock? the giants could have used it today. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the giants are concerned, the first question i ask, did they win? second question, did anybody get hurt? it seems like that is what is going on these days. >> freddy sanchez was injured last year. he is obviously -- obviously everybody is wondering what the giants will be like without freddy for the entire season.
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and now he plays hard and goes hard and it is frustrating and a lot of guys are not happy with not having him around. he dislocated his shoulder diving for a ground ner last night's win over the reds. the team expects pablo sand val to come off the disabled list. he could see some action however behind the plate. the giants sure could have used will clark today. the thrill taking a little bp, bounces one into the cove, and he's still got it. tim lincecum never had it today giving up seven earned runs. he hasn't done that since he was a rookie in '07. the reds knocked timmy out of the game in the 5th. on the other side mike leak got it done on the mound and at the plate. eight scoreless innings and eight strike-outs and got two hits off lincecum as the giants lose 10-2. former tar heel and current indiana pacer tyler hansbrough watching his team trying to
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eliminate the cardinals, and 7th inning, tar heels up 4-1. and north carolina has some insurance. two runs score. and the cardinals would chip away at the lead. eighth inning. austin wilson doubles. two runs score. right now, it is 6-5 north carolina. in the 9th. they're in a rain delay. we will have full highlights tonight at 11:00. brett comes next. looks to third. the pitch. and he baked it into right field. coming in to score is booker. brenden swift. he is safe. and california wins it. 9-8. i cannot believe it. i apologize, folks. i'm sure you didn't hear any of that. devon rodriguez. my voice is gone. i called two games yesterday. >> i'm on the side of tea, lemon and honey. >> yes, that is a good thing. because bryceinger is going to need his voice for the bears three-game series against dallas
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baptist. >> hard getting words across in a moment like that. and for him to really capture it like that, it was pretty amazing. >> it is all over the place. it has gone viral. pretty sweet. >> do you think joe starky is proud of danny? >> yes, absolutely. >> of course cal is taking on dallas baptist right now in game one of the series. the second inning, tad bunting has a three-run shot to give the bears a 3-0 lead. and that's the score. right now in the third. remember, they only need the best of three series, so they only need two wins to advance to the college world series. 20-1 animal kingdom won the kentucky derby. and shackle ford took the preakness. see where i'm going here? the trend continues at the belmont stakes. >> they're off at the belmont stakes. animal kingdom. and shackle ford.
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thriller on ice. down the wire. thriller on ice. he wins the belmont stakes. he won it. >> roller on ice. >> and a belmont shocker. >> 24-1 shot. ruler on ice, the longest long shot to win a jewel in the triple crown. and the winning jockey forgot to thank the horse. >> we won the race today, guys, it was a big one. >> i'm thinking oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm going to win the belmont. >> just a phenomenal moment for him and his family. and an incredible finish. i for one love the underdogs. i pull for them to win the race. i should be pulling for a triple crown winner but there hasn't been one in quite some time in over 30 years so hopefully we will see one. we always got next year skwhr . >> and it is exciting to watch the jockeys and the thrill and the excitement and something you don't necessarily see when it is
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a sure thing. >> it is nice for the jockeys you never hear from to get the opportunity and then you see the families on the other hand, shackle ford and animal kingdom and the disappointment on their faces. and their horses were underdogs in the first two races. >> and some day someone will thank the horse. some day. we're waiting. >> thank you very much. let's check in with you. we were talking about fire season. it is getting kicked off. and the wind are always a problem. and always bad when you want to go to the park. when you want to go to the park and driving. and what happens when you're driving, the wind gusts in, and you start to kind of shake your car around a little bit and you have to definitely take control of it. for tonight, into tomorrow, we will feel windy conditions. gusty conditions as well. and then partly cloudy sky conditions for tomorrow. once that trough is introduced into the atmosphere, we will see cooler, calmer conditions. and then warmer conditions on tap by monday. >> all right. that looks good. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you back in a half hour. until then, our news is always
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on have a good night. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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