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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 14, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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squaring off. the gop contenders play nice during the first debate, but gang up on president obama. scandal scrutiny. the pressure grows on congressman anthony weiner to step down. now even the president says it's time to go. and the hunt for bin laden. one man's mission to get to the bottom of just what happened to one man's mission to get to the bottom of just what happened to the al qaeda leader's body. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. the claws were out during last night's republican presidential debate. but the seven candidates meeting in new hampshire were not taking shots at each other, their target was president obama. joel brown is in washington with the highlights. good morning, joel. so, were there any fireworks?
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>> no major fireworks, betty. this was the first big debate. and the candidates are really trying to introduce themselves to voters without coming off as too negative. except when it comes to their views on the president. the race for the gop presidential nomination is off to a very polite start. last night in new hampshire, seven republican hopefuls, including newly declared candidate michele bachmann, avoided taking shots at each other. instead focusing on the man they all want to beat in 2012. >> president obama is a one-term president. >> the obama administration is an anti-jobs, anti-business, anti-american energy, destructive force that -- >> reporter: the contenders blasted everything from the president's health care overhaul -- >> this is another example of him breaking his promise. >> reporter: -- to his handling of the economy. >> this president has failed. and he's failed at a time when the american people counted on him to create jobs and get the economy going. >> reporter: with his own job on
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the line, president obama is traveling to battleground states, trying to convince voters he is getting the economy back on track. >> i will not be satisfied till everyone who wants a good job that offers some security, has a good job that offers security. >> reporter: in north carolina monday, he rolled out two new job creation plans. then at a fund-raiser in miami he asked for a chance to do more. >> it's still possible to bring about extraordinary change. >> reporter: this morning, the president heads to puerto rico to try to drum up more support. residents on the island can't vote in the presidential elections. but the nearly 5 million puerto ricans living in the 50 states can. betty, he'll be the first sitting president to visit puerto rico since jfk in 1961. a fact that president obama hopes puerto ricans -- puerto rican voters here remember come election time. >> joel, going back to the debate, who do most analysts see as the winners and the losers? >> well, you talk about winners,
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you can easily point out mitt romney. he went into last night as the gop front-runner and with no missteps he was able to solidify that position. but what about michele bachmann? she was a winner, as well. she was able to make some news last night, declaring her candidacy on national television and perhaps stealing some headlines along the way. and if you look at one of the contenders who perhaps needed a better showing, look at tim pawlenty. he's trying to establish himself as the alternative to mitt romney and he had a chance to make that distinction with the health care question, and betty, he chose to walk away from it. >> joel brown joining us live from washington. joel, thank you. well, the economy dominated last night's debate and it is clearly an issue with american voters. today "the early show" will broadcast a town hall meeting with top republicans. here's a preview of what they had to say about fixing the economy and the political hurdles they face. >> we're more interested in political careers than we are fixing the very real and urgent problems in front of our country, so rather than come up
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here and do the job, and have the courage and the honor to go out and defend your votes, what we do is we just don't vote. >> how do you change that, though? how do you change -- >> you change it with leadership. >> -- actions -- >> but leadership -- >> we pass ideas in the house. we said here's how we think we balance the budget, here's how we save medicare. >> why should we hand our country back over to republicans? governor haley why don't you take this one? >> i think what we first have to understand is both parties made a mistake. both parties did not handle the government responsibly the way they should. >> you can see the full town hall meeting a little bit later this morning on "the early show" right here on cbs. president obama has weighed in for the first time on the scandal surrounding congressman anthony weiner. in an interview with nbc's today show, the president said when personal distractions prevent public servants from serving effectively, it is time to step back. >> obviously, what he did was highly inappropriate.
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i think he's embarrassed himself. he's acknowledged that. he's embarrassed his wife and his family. ultimately, there's going to be a decision for him and his constituents. i can tell you that if it was me i would resign. >> house democrats meet this morning for the first time since weiner admitted to inappropriate online relationships. frustrated democratic leaders have called for weiner's resignation, but weiner refuses to quit and has taken a leave of absence. randall pinkston has that part of the story. >> mr. weiner, for a period of two weeks -- >> reporter: weiner was granted a leave of absence from congress monday night after his sexting scandal began to snowball. the house ethics committee launched a preliminary inquiry examining weiner's behavior that could progress to an ethics trial. many lawmakers are calling for him to step down. >> this is about the body of congress, not about his body. >> let weiner deal with his problems. i want to make sure we don't, as a congress, get distracted. >> reporter: weiner himself is now reportedly considering stepping down.
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he's seeking unspecified treatment after admitting he exchanged inappropriate messages and pictures with women online. the latest photos posted on tmz apparently show the lawmaker at the congressional gym with and without clothing. the most recent photos were taken on government property. which could add to weiner's ethics troubles. >> it's just made it impossible for him to be an effective member of congress, to really actually anthony weiner will be more like a dead man walking down here. >> reporter: weiner's wife huma abedin is on her way home from a trip to africa with her boss, secretary of state hillary clinton. weiner is not expected to make any decision about his career until his wife is back. randall pinkston, cbs news, queens, new york. now to the latest cyber security breach. this time the victim is the united states senate website. senate security officials say the site had been hacked this past weekend, but that security was not compromised. a hacking group that's broken into other high profile websites
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says it is responsible. also this morning, militants in iraq are holding hostages after an attack on a government compound. iraqi officials say the attackers set off two car bombs east of baghdad, then stormed the building. police say at least eight people were killed, and 27 wounded. this morning the army corps of engineers and hundreds of volunteers are working feverishly to try to save the town of hamburg, iowa. the missouri river broke through two levees yesterday. one near hamburg and the other near a missouri resort town. near hamburg, though, water is rushing through a 300 foot-wide hole in the levee and is expected to reach the top of the secondary levee that is protecting the town by tomorrow. >> i'm without a home, living with my kids, all my stuff in a semi. no job. where i work, they closed down. >> crews are working to reinforce the secondary levee. if that fails, hamburg could be under as much as ten feet of water. fire crews who have been battling that massive wildfire in eastern arizona are now
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paying attention to a growing blaze in northeastern new mexico. the fire near the border with colorado has burned over 2700 acres, forced evacuations, and closed the main north/south highway. back in arizona, though, the giant wallow fire is now 18% contained but the fire's erratic and destructive behavior was evident in the town of greer. >> the fire starts below it, it preheats the trees above it. you know, it burns more aggressively. >> the wallow fire is the second largest in arizona history. now some amazing storm video from wisconsin. last week a woman was literally blown away by powerful winds. she had taken refuge in a gas station because she was worried the tornado was coming. but she tried to get out of her car and look at this video. she was caught by the powerful wind. my goodness. she was shaken up, but believe it or not, despite all that, she was not injured. just ahead on the "morning news," the broadway lights
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for a delicious way to start your day. the new subway $3 flatbread breakfast combo. build your better breakfast today. in illinois, a very rare world war ii bomber burst into flames after making an emergency landing in a cornfield monday. all seven people aboard the b-17 flying fortress escaped without serious injury as the plane was destroyed by the flames. more than 12,000 b-17s were built, but now there are only a handful left that can still fly. on the "cbs moneywatch," a victory for the kardashian sisters. and airlines are soaring after raking in the fees. ashley morrison is here in new york with the latest on all of this. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. well, it was a mixed day for the asian markets. tokyo's nikkei climbed just over 1% while hong kong's hang seng dropped a fraction. today wall street gets the very latest on retail sales and inflation.
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on monday the dow snapped a losing streak but just barely. the blue chips edged up one point, while the nasdaq lost four. airline fees have hit new heights. government numbers show the airlines collected nearly $3.5 billion in baggage fees last year. a 24% increase over 2009. they also raked in another $2.3 billion from travelers who changed their reservations. delta was the biggest offender. some analysts believe without these fees the airlines would need a bailout of their own. get this, none of these fees are subject to taxes. leading economists want the fed to back off. in a new survey most agreed the federal reserve should not bother trying to stimulate the economy again with bond buyback programs. they actually believe it could make the economy worse by pushing inflation higher. meantime, americans appear to be losing faith in the market. investors withdrew $2.7 billion
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more than they deposited in to mutual funds in may, snapping a four-month streak. american express is adding to its array of plastics. the company unveiled a new no-fee prepaid card late monday aimed at the general public. the move is the company's biggest yet to carve out a place in the fast-growing debit market. and a big money court victory for the kardashians. a judge has thrown out a $75 million lawsuit against kim, kourtney and khloe after they yanked their endorsement for a prepaid debit card that was criticized for its high fees. they'll even get their legal bills paid for. the court ruled the sisters could not be sued just for voicing their concerns. they were lucky there, betty. >> yeah. all right, ashley, thank you so much for that. joining us live here in new york. and also here in new york tonight, the official broadway opening of "spider-man: turn off the dark." the debut of the $75 million musical was delayed several
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times because of serious technical difficulties. and injuries to cast members. the book and songs were also reworked after the original director was replaced. it is the most expensive production in broadway history. good luck getting a ticket. straight ahead your tuesday morning weather. and in sports the bruins rack up the gold against the canucks as they battle it out for the stanley cup. k9 advantix ii.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, light rain, 67. miami, partly cloudy, 90. chicago, partly cloudy, 72. dallas, sunny, 99. los angeles, partly cloudy, and 78 degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows a few clouds in the southern plains and southeast. and some scattered showers in the northeast. later today severe thunderstorms could impact states from kansas to south carolina. cooler than normal temperatures are in store for the northeast. and the southern areas will be very hot. in sports, the boston bruins forced game seven in the stanley cup finals, and they did it in dramatic style against vancouver. scoring a record-setting four goals in just over four minutes, the bruins battered the canucks 5-2. in baseball a horrible call at the plate in detroit. in the top of the seventh the rays justin rugiano appears to slide around the tag but the ump calls him out.
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in the tenth ramon santiago smacks the game-winning rbi and tiger's 2-1 over tampa bay. another great play at the plate at the angels jeff mathis slides into seattle catcher and knocks the ball out. he is safe, and ties the game in the seventh. angels would go on to win 6-3 over seattle. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. and the california man determined to find the body of osama bin laden no matter how far or how deep he has to go. sports sponsored by touch of gray. gets rid of some gray. never all.
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and.. it may just be the friendliest debate, you'll ever see. the biggest surprise, as the g-o-p candidates squared off. join us for cbs 5 early edition, on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. hot and humid air hangs over the southeast, while dry heat covers the southern plains and southwest. showers will keep the northeast cool. scattered thunderstorms are expected in mississippi and the river valley there.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. at the republican debate in new hampshire last night, the seven candidates took aim at president obama's handling of the economy. and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann announced that she is officially running for president. and floodwaters from the missouri river are threatening the iowa town of hamburg. there is a 300-foot breach in a nearby levee. a secondary levee is all that stands between the town and disaster. the u.s. government has not released much information about exactly where osama bin laden was buried at sea. but, that is not stopping one california man. he is determined to find the body of the al qaeda leader. reporter adrian moore of our san diego station kfnb has the story. it is an adventure of a lifetime to prove a point. is he dead or not? >> reporter: call it fishing or proof or a far-fetched quest,
4:21 am
but noah warren is on a mission to find the body of osama bin laden. >> it's going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. but i always believe in luck. >> reporter: after navy s.e.a.l.s killed the al qaeda leader last month his body was lowered into the north arabian sea. warren claims he has a good idea where the body may be, but is still awaiting more detailed information from sources. he refuses to identify. >> so i'm going to pull out all the -- all the stops and just try to find more information about where we should really begin to search. >> reporter: over the last 30 years, the entrepreneur and self-proclaimed treasure hunter says he's discovered more than 150 shipwrecks and recovered items worth millions of dollars. he says he has a boat standing by in india, and a 15-person team of divers ready to go. with help from high-tech sonar equipment, warren says he can pick up anything in the ocean, as far down as 9,000 feet. >> they put him in a white canvas bag, rubber lined. it is a typical navy burial at sea bag.
4:22 am
and then they weighted it down. so when people -- the first thing people say is, well the fish have already eaten it. they can't eat through the sack. >> reporter: photos of the most wanted man on earth were never made public. which makes warren skeptical bin laden is really dead. >> somebody needs to go out and -- and if we're lucky say, yes, he was actually killed, here are the photographs. >> reporter: and if he's lucky, what will he do next? >> videotape him, we're going to do a documentary, a two-hour documentary of the hunt and possible find, and take some hair from him and hopefully get dna sampling done. >> that was kfnb's adrian moore reporting. this morning on "the early show," top republicans answer your questions on the economy during a special town hall meeting. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a warning this morning about pesticides and apples. a report from the environmental working group puts apples at the top of the list of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. the group recommends buying organic apples. a british woman is hoping to become the first to successfully donate her womb so that her daughter can have a baby. the surgery would take place in sweden where the daughter is a biology teacher. sky news reporter darren little has more. >> reporter: eva ottoson can soon make medical history. she's going to have her womb removed and transplanted to her daughter. who then hopes to have eva's grandchild using the womb which once held her. >> my first question to her, isn't that kind of weird? but she's -- she, i know, is again.
4:26 am
i think both me and my daughter is very swedish, very, you know, grounded. and we just see it, well, i have one that is okay with the doctors. i'm not going to use it again. she doesn't have any. she wants to have one. if they can use mine, fair enough. >> reporter: eva's daughter sara was born without a uterus because she suffers from a rare condition. doctors will remove eva's womb in a four-hour-long procedure similar to a hysterectomy. the organ is then transplanted into sara, her daughter. the surgery is more difficult than transplanting a kidney, liver, or heart. because it's more difficult to avoid hemorrhages and blood vessels need to be long enough to connect the womb. sara will then be on strong medication to ensure her body does not reject the organ. >> when you reach a successful transplant, eventually, hopefully with this particular
4:27 am
swedish recipient, then the idea is to have one baby, and then after that baby is born, you remove the uterus, because otherwise you're going to keep that patient on anti-rejection treatment, which is dangerous. >> it has been a success with a baboon, and probably i'm just, you know, a little bit more than a baboon in this case. no, but all -- i mean, you have to have faith in the research team. they would not go ahead with it if they wasn't sure, more or less, that this will work. >> reporter: it has been attempted before, but was unsuccessful. eva and her daughter are hopeful it will help overcome a familiar problem in a highly unusual way. darren little, sky news, nottingham. >> very interesting. all right, well coming up a little bit later on "the early show," a breakdown of last night's gop presidential debate with former governor tim pawlenty, who took part in the debate. and former white house press secretary robert gibbs.
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plus the remarkable story of an 8-year-old girl who got rabies and against all odds survived. plus top republicans will answer your questions on the economy during our special town hall on, of course, the economy. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. ,,,,,,,,
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