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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> mitchell: tonight, a brutal assault on a border town by the syrian army. wyatt andrews has the harrowing stories of protesters' attacked by their own government. the president and the speaker in a golf summit. bill plante tells uss what their camly-friendly game may mean for the budget talks. bear peterson reports on the homecome of gabrielle giffords. and the kiss seen around the world. elaine quijano has the story behind this couple's embrace in the middle of vancouver's hockey riot. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. we begin tonight with news of another violent day in syria, a day when syrian troops, backed by tanks and machine guns, once
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again stormed into a border village to attack their citizens. it comes just hours before syrian president assad is set to address the nation. >> reporter: it's a glimpse of exactly how bashar al-assad imposes his special terror on the syrian people-- army troops using tanks and a fleet of military buses rolled into the town of bdama today, making dozens of arrests and burning the homes of people thought to be disloyal. message received. if shooting into crowds doesn't stop the protesters, perhaps the roundup of their families will. we heard this story repeatedly from syrian refugees sheltered in camps in turkey. in cell phone videos done for cbs news, protesters wounded during the demonstrations, this man shot in the shoulder, this man in the stomach, this man shot three times in the leg, were all certain that if they were identified their homes
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would be destroyed and their loved ones would pay the price. 34-year-old samir, a demonstrator who was shot in the leg three weeks ago, helped cbs news tape the video. "they are afraid to show their faces" samir says "because they know the syrian government will kill their families and their children." when samir was shot and unable to walk, he never even considered being treated at a syrian hospital. the refugees say syrian soldiers were waiting at the hospital to arrest the injured demonstrators and lead them away to be tortured. samir is willing to be identified because most of his family is out of syria. his two-week-old son was born in the refugee camp, and he is enraged at assad personally for the pain he has inflicted on the innocent. "bashar al-assad "he says holding up his son. "what did this boy do to you? what right do you have to take him from the home of his
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grandfather?" and bashar al-assad was supposed to be the reformer, a man much different from this brutal and ruthless father. assad will announce his future plan for syria as early as tomorrow night, but to many syrians, the harsh reality is, he learned from his father too well. russ. >> mitchell: wyatt andrews in turkey, thank you. afghan president hamid karzai confirmed today his government and the u.s. are engaged in peace talks with the taliban. an insurgent attack on a police station inicable later in the day killed nine people. the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. nato said today its aircraft accidentally hit rebel forces in libya on thursday. a rebel spokesperson says the attack in eastern libya injured 16 rebel fighters and destroyed six trucks. back in this country, you can call it golf diplomacy it's president of the united states and the speaker of the house took to the lings today in what was billed as a friendly game of "getting to know you." but will today's round translate
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into a new round of cooperation? senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. >> reporter: that's the president of the united states lifting the flag from the cup on the first green of his long-anticipated golf summit with house speaker john boehner. for four hours or so, some forcesome with vice president biden and ohio governor casish spent on the course, was probably the longest time the president and boehner have ever been together but it wasn't long enough to settle the deep policy differences the president and republicans in congress. the speaker says president obama is violating the war powers act by continuing military operations in libya without consulting congress. it was a decision made by the president himself, contrary to the opinions of lawyers at the pentagon and justice department. the 90-day limit for deploying u.s. troops without congressional approval expires tomorrow. another major disagreement-- republican demands for big
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budget cuts before they will agree to raise the debt ceiling. the government's authority to borrow money which the administration says will run out august 2. vice president biden told reporters that talks on the budget were, in his word, getting down to the real hard stuff and that next week negotiations would start around the clock. but the speaker has been saying all week that today was not about negotiations. >> now saturday is about golf. and i hope it's just about golf. >> reporter: if today wasn't just about golf, they're not telling us. but things did look pretty relaxed in this picture released by the white house. today, the white house also did tell us that the president and the speaker beat the governor and the vice president on the 18th hole and won two bucks each, thereby priving a washington golf tradition established by president johnson-- the president always wins. russ. >> mitchell: bill plante at the white house. thank you. a number of other top
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republicans are at their party's leadership occurrence in new orleans this weekend. and that's where we find our political analyst john dickerson. john, good evening. >> good evening, russ. >> mitchell: what is the headline so far? >> what you heard from speakers and attendees was the constant theme that they're worried the next generation won't have it as well off as this generation. that's why they want so badly to beat president obama. halley barbour said republicans can't be focused so much on the ideology, the purity of candidates, but jim demint of south carolina said only if they focus on the purity of their candidates can they win. >> mitchell: let's talk about texas governor rick perry who has not said if he is in or out of the presidential race. are republicans excited about him? >> they are excited. there are a lot of republicans who would like a couple more people to join the race. you hear rick perry's name. when i was in iowa talking to people out there, they kept
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bringing up perry's name. he's got a few days, though. he says he won't announce what his decision is until after the texas legislature is out, and that happens later this month. >> mitchell: michele bachmann, of course, is in the race and she was there yesterday. what kind of reaction did she get? >> she's on a bit of a roll. she did well in the new hampshire debate earlier in the week. a poll came out after that in new hampshire and he's doing well. in iowa, where she was born, she has a good following. i talked to one g.o.p. activist there who said she could win the state if she gets the organization. in new orleans, she was very well received. the audience was very happy to more from her. and the thing is they don't necessarily think she could be president but what they like to her, russ, is what she's saying, and they say she speaks for them. >> mitchell: john dickerson in new orleans. as always, thanks a lot. >> thanks, russ. >> mitchell: and results from a presidential straw poll of that g.o.p. conference show ron paul finishing first while former utah governor john huntsman placed second. in one more sign that the economic recovery may be slowing, a trade group said this
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week that small-business optimism dropped slightly in may, the third monthly drop in a row. lower optimism means fewer hires. seth doane has a case in point. >> reporter: small businesses, like shade tree jarnlg in morristown, new jersey, are usually engines of job growth, employing hamp of all private-sector workers in the u.s. > i hoped by now to have at least four additional. >> reporter: how long before you hire those folks? >> i don't anticipate being able to do that before next spring. >> reporter: john o'connor doubled the size of his shop in 2008 on a hunch that the recession would force folks to fix their old cars rather than buy new ones. but customers are even more fruital than he'd imagined. >> we'll tell them their brakes are getting very thin, and they'll say, "can i get another month?" i mean, they literally want to go one more pay period before they do the brake job. >> reporter: the national federation of independent businesses, a trade group that represents countries like shade tree garage, found that for the
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third straight month, those companies are reporting decreased optimism. of course, that reflects mood, and that impacts hiring. >> we do expect when jobs are created it will come from the small-business sector, but in the near future, our data indicates that we can't look to them for job growth. >> reporter: the federation's may report revealed small companies have the worst hiring outlook in eight months. o'connor says business is stagnant all around town. >> whether i talk to jason up at the coffee shop, you know, other independent repair shops, it's-- if we're flat we're almost happy. >> reporter: his 10 workers have a 401(k) plan and health care benefits. but o'connor's health care costs alone were up more than 20% from last year. >> every bill i get has gone up. and i know that's true with the individual consumer. the good news is we're not out of business. there's always an up side. >> reporter: for an economy in need of a jump start, small
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businesses may not be a quick fix. seth doane, cbs news, morristown, new jersey. >> more good news in the recovery of gabrielle giffords. today she went to her home in tucson for the first time since she was shot five months ago. barry peterson has that story. >> reporter: just five days after these incredible photos were released showing a smiling gabrielle giffords, the arizona congresswoman returned to her home town, her twitter page announcing her arrival friday night. "wheels down, tucson. gabrielle and mark looking forward to a beautiful weekend." giffords' astronaut husband, mark kelly, who recently returned home himself from space, said in a statement yesterday that his wife's homecoming was a priority and that the city of tucson is "a source of strength for her." giffords is a third-generation tusonian and went home to spend father's day weekend with her dad. it's her first visit since that
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devastating day in january when a gunman shot her in the head at a town hall meeting nearly taking her life and cig six others. susan hileman was one of the 19 people shot that day and says giffords' remarkable recovery is inspiring. >> everything you hear is gabby wants to do better and certainly we want her back. >> reporter: her husband is asking for privacy during their tucson trip, no public appearances or interviews. now that she's home, she's looking forward to what all of us want on a lazy summer weekend-- a touch of normal. barry peterson, cbs news, los angeles. >> mitchell: a federal report due out next month is expected to show hundreds of hospitals are performing unnecessary double ct chest scan on medicare patients. today's "new york times" says more than 200 hospitals. ed the double scapes on more than 30% of their outpatients. the national average for medicare patients is 5.4
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business. a united airlines computer outage stranding passengers seemed to be cleared up today. the five-hour outage last night affected united's reservations system. 100 days after japanna nuclear accident, how goes the recovery? that story when the cbs evening news continues.
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and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare. >> mitchell: workers in japan today had to quickly suspend an operation to remove contaminated water from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant after radioactive reached dangerous levels. 100 days after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami, the politplightof many japanese rems desperate. >> reporter: three months after the triple disaster and
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nearly 125,000 remain homeless, holed up in schools, civic centers or staying with relatives. while the worst damage was concentrated, victims have scattered to every corner of the country. many remain idol without jobs, plans, or hopes. this fukushima resident said, "they got our whole town down here and that's it. nobody seems to have any idea what to do next." the government is rushing to build temporary homes by mid-august, about 30,000, or more than half, have been completed so far but some construction has been stymied by shortage of available land. space is tight because coastal towns are still struggling to clear away debris. less than a quarter of the mess has been removed. it will be three years, say authorities, before the garbage is gone. the rubble has also frustrated efforts to find the nearly 8,000 victims who are still missing. about 4,000 police and soldiers are now scouring the coast from
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helicopters and boats. meanwhile, at the fukushima plant, workers are racing to set up a water filtration system to clean up the tons of radioactive water being stored at the complex. without such a system, workers can't repair the reactors and stablize the plant as promised by january. as the plant continues to spew toxic plumes, residents even outside the evacuation zone have demanded topsoil be removed from schools and daycare centers. no light at the end of the tunnel yet for a traumatized nation. lucy kraft, cbs news, tokyo. >> mitchell: china is sending in troops to help cope with what's being called the worst flooding in more than 50 years in central and southern provinces. officials say at least 25 people have died and more than half a million have been evacuated. a tragedy at an air show in poland. a biplane used for acrobatic tricks caught fire and crashed d into a river. the pilot was pulled from the wreckage but died of his
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afflicts up one-third of all american adults. here is our medical correspondent dr. jon lapook. >> mary kathryn haas is one of more than a million americans this year who will come down with shingles. >> it was red and blistery, itchy. >> reporter: the rash wasn't her only problem. throughout her month-long outbreak, haas was in severe pain. >> it's a constant burning pain with an occasional, like, zap, like, you know, somebody taking a hot poker to you. >> reporter: shingles is a recurrence of chicken pox. so if you had chicken pox as a kid, like 95% of american adults, you're at risk. the difference is the end of the rash is not always the end of shingles. >> that irritation of the nerve doesn't always go away very quickly. sometimes it doesn't go away for years. >> reporter: that's something margaret phillips knows all too well. the 81-year-old new yorker got shingles 13 years ago. on a 0-10, what was your pain. >> 11.
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12. >> reporter: only after her doctors at st. luke's roosevelt hospital center implanted an electric stimulator in her spine was the pain messengerrable. she say now it's a six. you're constantly in pain. >> every second of the day. >> reporter: for as many as one in five shingles patients pain lingers long after the rash clears up. >> we don't know anything that could prevent shingles, other than the vaccine. >> reporter: the shingles vaccine, zostovax, made by merck, is recommended for people 60 and older. but they account for only half the cases. so now, the c.d.c. is considering whether to recommend shingles vaccine at age 50 which would cover two-third of cases. for patients in their 50s, the vaccine lowers the risk of getting shingles by about 70%. for those 60 and over it cuts the odds in half yet only about 10 pes of eligible patients are getting the vaccine.
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cost may be a big reason. pharmacies charge around $200 for the vaccine. the medicare drug plan reimburses people over 65. as for private insurance, it depends on the plan. margaret phillips wishes the vaccine had been available before she got shingles. what happens when your great-grandkid jump up on you. does it hurt. >> i go -- >> reporter: that must not feel good. meanwhile. >> i grin and bear it. >> reporter: imagine what a hug without pain would feel like? dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> mitchell: the couple who distracted the world's attention from the vancouver hockey riots. that story is next staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> mitchell: black and gold bruins mania ruled in boston today. up to a million fans lined the three-mile parade route to celebrate the bruins' victory over the vancouver canucks this week to win hockey's stanley cup for the first time in some 39 years. you may recall the scene in vancouver after the home team's defeat wednesday night was quite different. a series of violent incidents punctuated by a kiss. elaine quijano has the story. >> reporter: when the vancouver canucks lost to the boston bruins and angry vancouver fans rioted, alexandra
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thomas and her boyfriend, scott jones, who were just trying to leave the area, were trapped. >> oh! >> reporter: between police and rioters. >> i was starting to get really frightened because i had 97 experienced anything like that before, and it's really scary, you know. >> reporter: amateur video captured that moment as police rushed in and alexandra was knocked to the ground. >> i don't know why we weren't being aggressive towards them or anything like that, but eventually they passed over us. and that's when we were on the ground. >> reporter: at that moment, a photographer captured this image as scott jones comforted his frightened girlfriend with a kiss. the photo ricocheted around the internet. as the image went viral, half a world away in australia, hannah jones thought she recognized the man. >> went to scott's facebook page and all the friend were commenting, "do you know you're on the news? you're famous." i said oh, my god, it's my
6:28 pm
brother. >> reporter: but on twitters users speculated on the story behind the image. "staged or real," tweeted one person. "are they cizzing or struggling" tweeted another. now the couple of six months wants to set the record straight. >> i didn't pose that way so i think people will be able to see it's just a moment that happened to be on camera and that it's not-- it's not embarrassing at all. it's actually a really beautiful shot. >> reporter: a kiss that wasn't just a kiss. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> mitchell: and that is the cbs evening news. later on cbs "48 hours mystery." thanks for joining us this saturday evening. i'm russ mitchell, cbs news in new york. i'll see you back here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the "saggy pants" inci the united airlines computer glitch has apparently been fixed but passengers are still trying to get home. the saggy pants video caught on video. a college football player kicked off an airplane for the way he was dressed what he has to say now. >> to find your child there laying on the street breathless, and i couldn't do nothing about it. >> a wild shootout at a science show that left to dead. the painful campaign for one victim's family to find a killer. cbs5 eyewitness news is next. see the most traffic web cams at brought to you by your northern


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