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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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family out of their homes. how one firefighter was injured fighting the flames. >> and he is considered the gop front-runner in the presidential race. the bay area stop to boost his campaign. good morning. it is tuesday, june 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. busy morning here. >> indeed. we begin with some developing news in downtown san jose. dozens of firefighters are battling a fire along san jose state university's fraternity row. we have the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good morning, frank. well, we know right now one firefighter has been taken to the hospital with burns to his hand. take a look behind me. the four-alarm fire burning at san jose state, this is the kappa sigma house on 11th street. apparently the fire broke out at 3:20 a.m. and it may have started in the laundry room. they don't know exactly what floor. the fire quickly spread to the attic. crews tried to go up there to fight the fire. but because of the intense heat, there was a threat this is roof might collapse so they
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backed down and now you can see them using the ladders and fire hoses instead of firefighters going up on top. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor burns to his hands. we know that it started out as a three-alarm fire, quickly spread to four alarms. it should be out in 10 or 15 minutes. there are no reports of injuries to any of the people in the house. school is out so apparently the students that were here are students that were here on summer break. and we'll continue to bring you the very latest. right now elizabeth wenger has traffic. >> thank you, anser. that's right. fire crews are still out this blocking several lanes around the intersection where the frat house is. let's go back out to chopper 5 pictures. we can show you the scene from out there. so again, as anser mentioned this is the intersection near south 11th and east san antonio street. several blocks east of san jose state university. also vta is affected by this, as well. a couple of vta routes are
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rerouted including the number 72 and number 73. so no word yet when they will wrap up this fire but it sounds like crews could be out there for much of the morning commute. let's go to our maps, show you what else is going on across the bay area. getting word of this new accident, eastbound 80 approaching ashby avenue going against the commute but it may cause slowing not yet on our sensors but watch out for that. westbound 80 eastshore freeway so far looks okay not seeing big delays through berkeley. your drive time still looks good 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. no metering lights yet at the bay bridge but it is a "spare the air" day so you're encouraged to ditch the roads and use mass transit. this is the commute direction westbound 92 looks great. eastbound 92 looks great off the high-rise. they wrapped up that earlier roadwork and again the "spare the air" day, mass transit remains on time. let's go to lawrence to talk about sizzle before the fizzle? >> that's right! we are enjoying the summertime outside. today's the first official day
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of summer. temperatures warm already. i'll tell you what under high pressure, those offshore winds, clear skies and already 66 degrees in san jose, 63 degrees in livermore and concord. by the afternoon, here comes the sizzle, 90s and triple digits in many of the interior valleys even inside the bay. you have about 95 degrees in fremont, 98 degrees in san jose. and out at the coastline, what a gorgeous beach day it will be, temperatures there in the 70s. we expect cooling, first along the coach patchy fog tonight into tomorrow morning. thursday and friday we really cool down around the bay area. so yeah, that is when we go from the sizzle to the fizzle as we head in toward the weekend. the temperatures will continue to cool off. after this heat wave, it's going to feel good to see that fog make a return. back to you. >> thank you. on to oakland where one firefighter has been hurt battling a house fire this morning. kristy seifkin is at the scene where those flames are now out. but there is an investigation
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under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire has been contained. we are here on 23rd avenue in oakland. you can see over my shoulder all the black the -- building entirely engulfed in flames. as we look at footage from earlier this morning, you can see that fire climbed all the way from the bottom story of the victorian into the second story and then into the attic and firefighters were actually fighting the fire on the roof but due to safety concerns had to be removedded. the good news is as you can see, the fire is out and all individuals were safely evacuated because their smoke alarms went off so there were 6 adults and two children safely evacuated from the premise. i actually spoke to one of those individuals who was waiting for assistance from the red cross. here's what he had to say. >> just heard my uncle and stuff yelling out, fire. and then we started running down. before we get out the room, the flames just destroyed everything, busted window, you
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know, we just rarely get out from the house. >> reporter: now, none of those individuals was injured but one firefighter had a back injury. and he was sent to the hospital. arson crews will be on the scene for the next several hours trying to determine cause of the fire. back to you. >> there is no official cause, kristy, but did the family say they had a suspicion of where all the flames started? >> reporter: one of the individuals i spoke to said that they saw flames coming out of the wall near the television set. that was the family that had lived on the ground floor of the building. but they are not sure if that's what caused the fire. >> kristy seifkin in oakland, thank you. time now is 6:05. a lengthy standoff in oakland comes to an end this morning. police began leaving the area just about an hour ago. no word on whether a suspect was arrested. he was holed up in a house on cairo street for about 5.5 hours. it follows reports by neighbors that he had brandished a shotgun and threatened to shoot
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them. but apparently, this ended peacefully. prime suspect in the bryan stow beating case is staying in jail for at least another ten months. a parole commissioner in l.a. said yesterday giovanni ramirez violated his parole for having access to a firearm. police say think found a gun at ramirez's apartmen when they arrested him in march. his lawyer says they are going to fight the weapons charges. ramirez has not been charged in stow's beating. stow remains, of course in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. 6:60. if6:06. you might have to wait for a cab this afternoon, drivers protesting a 5% charge on credit card transactions. a pricy car service is using this to connect with new customers. today the company is cutting their fares in half to lure people who are left without a ride. and today is a first "spare
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the air" day of the year's hot weather season with those triple digits expected in some areas. the bay area air quality management district issued the alert because of poor air quality. this is because of the high temperatures. people are being urged to use public transportation and avoid pollution causing activities like don't barbecue or use gas power tools. fire danger is very high today. >> very apparent to say the least. go ahead. >> 6:07. complaints about coffee shops in the south bay. the startling video that's making it look more like a gentleman's club. plus, pg&e was warned. what new memos reveal about the company's pipeline system. and a breakthrough in the campaign against smoking. the new smoking labels that have just been released.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. state. this is a live look from chopper five... one live to the south bay fire crews putting out hot spots at the kappa sigma fraternity house at san jose state. one firefighter suffered
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injuries to his hands, but none of the people who lived inside were hurt. they were evacuated safely. in a few minutes, elizabeth wenger will tell us about the street closures in the area around south 11th street. it is 6:11 now. bay area coffeehouses that look like gentleman's clubs. madison nguyen says angry wives often send her videos from coffee shops that have waitresses who wear very little or no clothes. san jose police say naked servers are illegal but they have bigger problems now to worry about. >> if it's a choice between gang suppression or sending them into some of these coffee shops, which could be a labor- intensive operation if it's undercover, we are probably going to lean towards violent crime. >> we did talk with some neighboring business owners who don't like the x-rated coffee shops and some customers tell us if you don't like it, don't go there. state lawmakers can find out as soon as today whether they are getting paid.
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the governor vetoed the budget. it's up to the state controller to decide whether to cut those checks. this is part of a new law that docks lawmakers' pay for every day that the budget comes in late. at issue right now is whether the budget, the legislature approved last week is actually balanced. lawmakers stand to lose about $500 a day and that's money they will not get back. today is congressman anthony weiner's last day in office. his resignation letter will be read on the house floor today. he officially notified the house speaker and new york state official yesterday. and it takes effect at midnight. weiner is quitting after admitting that he sent explicit photos of himself on twitter to at least six women. 6:12 your time. pg&e's bad recordkeeping while not a big surprise. the warning the agency got nearly two decades ago, plus... >> i have never felt that bad in my life. >> a quadriplegic passenger
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humiliated. why a pilot forced him off the plane. >> travel plans for today? not too hard to get in and out of sfo as we are going to see clear skies about 88 degrees. but other parts of the country things could get bumpy outside again today as you're going to be seeing some stormy weather towards the chicago area even the possibility of thunderstorms for today. 88 degrees. continuing on your way towards new york, we'll see a few more clouds in your skies and yes, even a chance of a few more thunderstorms. 81 degrees. the rest of your forecast is coming right up. ,,,,
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firefighters are battlin blaze this morni all right. busy tuesday morning. 6:16. let's get a look at today's top stories. more than 80 firefighters are battling a four-alarm blaze this morning along san jose state's frat row. investigators believe that it began in a laundry room at the kappa sigma fraternity on south 11th street. one firefighter is being treated for a hand injury. an early-morning house fire in oakland is out and investigators are trying to figure out what sparked t one firefighter hurt his back while fighting the blaze. smoke detectors alerted two families to flee the burning home on 23rd avenue. today is a "spare the air"
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day in the bay area. air quality official have issued that alert because of high pollution levels due in part because of the hot weather we are experiencing. they are urging people to take public transit and to refrain from barbecuing and using gas powered tools. the fire danger is also very high today. live pictures from the frat house fire near san jose state university. this threat is east of the main campus. this fire is pretty much out right now. but crews have been out there since very early this morning since about 3:30 and they have had streets blocked in this stretch. so even though the fire is out, you can see the trucks still blocking the street. south 11th street is still completely closed for at least a block stretch. right here near east san antonio street not sure how long they will be out there likely for much of the morning commute so just avoid this area
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near san jose state. also several vta routes are impacted. they are having to reroute lines number 72 and 73. so again, this is just impacting city streets. 280 traffic out of downtown still light. 101 from morgan hill quiet and no delays that i'm seeing from the guadalupe parkway. an accident going against the commute no big delays eastbound 80 at ashby avenue. but two lanes are blocked so slowing in the westbound lanes through berkeley so watch out for that. we are watching it. mass transit our other big traffic story is it is a "spare the air" day. so you are encouraged to use mass transit. bart has 47 trains on time. that's your traffic. for your weather forecast, lawrence is practicing his rapping skills today, a little sizzle before the fizzle. >> sizzle, fizzle and maybe
6:19 am
we'll soon get a little drizzle, too! we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now outside, you have sunshine coming up. we are checking temperatures in the mountains into the upper 70s already across some of our mountains. so you get the idea, hot temperatures are already in place. triple digits by this afternoon. right now inside the bay mostly clear skies, 50s and 60s, 70s in the interior valleys of. 50s at the coast. by this afternoon, 90s even some triple digits staying hot there. sunny and warm the hot conditions continuing inside the bay. and out at the coastline, should be a beautiful beach day with highs into the 70s. high pressure in control. probably the peak of the heat for today. it happens to come on the first official day of summer and then it looks like this ridge will start to weaken and slide eastward allowing for cooler air beginning to move ining an although the coastline. temperatures above average today. about 88 degrees that's 20 degrees above the average in san francisco.
6:20 am
checking in at 98 in san jose. 17 degrees above the average, 95 in santa rosa, that's 13 above the average and 99 degrees in concord, 14 degrees above the average for this time year. still it's going to be hot around the bay, no getting around that. 90s in toward the mountain view area, palo alto 95 degrees. 70s at the coast. a hot 100 degrees in morgan hill. i think more common you are going to see triple digits in many east bay locations. 101 in antioch, 100 pittsburg, and 100 in walnut creek. still toasty in oakland. 90 degrees by the afternoon. coastal areas looking at temperatures in the 70s along the north bay. but you head inland again a lot of the 90s showing up in toward the afternoon. next couple of days probably returning to patchy fog at the coastline slight cooling on wednesday, more extensive cooling on thursday and friday. heat relief is in sight. looks like temperatures cooling off toward the weekend. that he was the latest from here guys. back to you. >> thank you.
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new revelations this morning about pg&e's flawed recordkeeping. according to some newly released internal documents requested after the san bruno pipeline explosion, the utility has known for 18 years about problems with its gas pipeline safety records. in a memo dated 1993, a pg&e records manager said in the future, it would be difficult for the utility to defend its failure to find safety records. nine new reasons not to smoke. today the fda is coming out with the most shocking cigarette labels yet. the nine graphic health warnings will appear on every pack of cigarettes sold here in the united states. the graphics will also be required on all cigarette advertising. they are going to cover half the front and back of each pack and cover 20% of each large ad. the warning labels will appear by september of next year. i think they mean business. >> yeah, they do. >> in a big way. >> disturbing pictures there. >> guess so. it's a daycare center and it's standing in the way of stanford's billion-dollar
6:22 am
hospital expansion. how it can delay that project. >> plus, he is the front runner to take on president obama in 2012. what mitt romney is hoping to get done right here in the bay area. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. if you are just waking up with us, our big story this morning
6:25 am
has been this four-alarm fire at a frat house near san jose state university. as you can see from these live pictures, the fire is out. but emergency crews are still out there working. so there is still a traffic impact. there are still closures on south 11th street. several vta routes are being detoured. we'll have live report with all the latest details coming up. republican presidential front-runner mitt romney is in sacramento today at a luncheon for $1 now a plate. the former massachusetts governor will be in california for the next three days. he is trying to raise money. his stops include the bay area, los angeles, orange county and the inland empire. stanford university is delaying final approval of a $5 billion hospital expansion project. the palo alto city council approved the bulk of the proposal a couple of weeks ago and was scheduled to vote on a couple of related issues last
6:26 am
night. but the university decided to postpone those votes so that it can clear up some issues with parents whose kids attend a nearby daycare facility. 6:26. and frontier airlines is now saying that it's sorry and it will investigate what happened to a quadriplegic man. >> a little embarrassing. he was kicked off a flight because of a disability. that man, john morris, was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident five years ago. can't keep himself upright in a chair. that hadn't been a problem on previous flights but when he tried to fly home from dallas to denver on sunday the pilot said no. it wasn't safe for morris to fly. >> felt humiliated. >> we just can't understand why this particular pilot was not going to allow john to fly. >> morris was removed from his scheduled flight but frontier put him on the next flight and that pilot didn't object.
6:27 am
>> probably be hearing more about that. >> that's just the tip of the iceberg there to be sure. 6:26 now. coming up, firefighters have been very busy this morning. there have been two major fires they are battling. anser hasan is in san jose. >> firefighters are cleaning up the aftermath of a four-alarm fire that destroyed a frat house here in san jose state. we'll have the latest coming up live. and a victorian home in oakland goes up in flames overnight. one firefighter sent to the hospital. i'll have the full story coming up. all right, kristy. if you hail it, they probably won't come. the big taxicab strike at one bay area city and how some car companies are trying to take advantage. ,,,,,,
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>> caption colorado, llc your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a fraternity house goes up in flames. we have live pictures from chopper 5. right now, more than 80 firefighters are on scene in san jose. >> summer starts today. we are smack-dab in the middle of a heat wave. 99 in concord. 98 in san jose. even 88 degrees in san francisco. your forecast is coming up. whoo. all right. it is starting to crowd up there at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on now. why it will be a great day to use mass transit. that's coming right up. good morning. it's tuesday, june 21. the first day of summer. i'm grace lee.
6:31 am
>> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:30 your time. and our big story this morning, more than 80 firefighters all battling the flames right now at a frat house just east of san jose state. anser hassan joins us from fraternity row. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, fire crews have stopped pouring water on the kappa sigma frat house in san jose. the fire broke out at 3:20. i'm joined with mary gutierrez at the san jose fire department. >> crews arrived on scene early this morning. when they got to the second floor they popped a hole in the second floor ceiling, heavy fire involvement already. >> reporter: that's when you started to use the ladders? it was unsafe to send firefighters up on the roof? >> no. we did an aggressive interior attack with hand lines with multiple crews putting water
6:32 am
into that second floor ceiling area to try to knock the fire down. we did that for 45 minutes. it became unsafe. our battalion chiefs called a vacate order to vacate all the firefighters out there was because of the conditions. the fire went defensive 45 minutes into the fire. we have three alarms' worth of equipment, 75 firefighters. >> reporter: where do you think the fire started? >> preliminary reports from students inside said they smelled smoke. they heard the smoke detector go off. they went in the laundry room. they saw some flames at the vent of the dryer. and some of them actually went on the roof and saw fire on the roof and tried to put it out with an extinguisher. fire investigators will check it out after the cooldown period. >> the fire is out but firefighters will continue to clean up. >> we'll continue to stay on scene. we are in a cooldown period for 20 to 30 minutes to see if there is any flare-up of fire. dampen that down if we have. and we'll do salvage and overhaul. >> reporter: one firefighter was injured?
6:33 am
>> one firefighter transported about two hours ago to a local hospital for burns to the hands. >> reporter: everybody who lived in the house got out okay? >> yes, everybody got out safely. >> thank you for joining us. >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with frat house president. he told me 28 people live here. they were all asleep. once they got outside then they realized how big the fire was. when the fire destroyed their house, all they could do was watch from the side. they told me they will meet with the school later on today to decide where the students will go from here. reporting live in san jose, unser anser hassan, cbs 5. >> the pictures showed it went up quickly. >> reporter: a lot of them were in shock. they tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher. they realized how big the fire
6:34 am
was when they got outside. people from other frat houses came from food and blankets with help. they will meet with the school later on today to determine where things will go from here. >> if you are a college kid, someone says fire, yeah, right, sure, especially at that hour but very serious situation. fortunately? >> is okay. in oakland a firefighter was hurt as a large victorian home went up in flames. kristy seifkin tells us two families why forced to get out and the flames are pretty intense in this one, as well. kristy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the flames have been contained by this point where certainly earlier this morning around 1:30 the building was engulfed in flames as we look at video from earlier morning. the fire was throughout the entire building starting on the ground floor, continuing up to the second floor and even through the attic. and firefighters were up on the roof trying to contain the fire but eventually had to get off.
6:35 am
it was too unsafe to stay up there. i talked to a fire captain earlier. he said that crews will continue to investigate the cause of the fire. they don't know the cause. but he did have this to say. >> we are investigating to try to find the cause of the fire. all the units will stay on scene and base what we are doing is removing all the burned items from the structure and ensuring that there is no more fire in the house. >> reporter: the good news is that the smoke detectors did go off so both families that live in the house on the first and second story were able to safely evacuate. there were six adults and two children that evacuated the building. one firefighter was injured, a back injury, while fighting the fire and is currently at the hospital. we'll certainty get back to you with more information on the cause of the fire when we have the details. >> thank you, kristy seifkin.
6:36 am
also in oakland, a standoff coming to an end just a short time ago. a s.w.a.t. team and some other officers began leaving the area about 90 minutes ago. no word on whether a suspect was arrested. it appears he was arrested peacefully. he was holed up in a house on cairo street for about 5.5 hours. it followed reports by neighbors that he brandished a shotgun and threatened to shoot them but there was a peaceful resolution. lawrence mentioned sizzle. >> fizzle. >> and then drizzle. >> yeah. >> i don't think you can go any farther. >> it's all sizzle today. these temperatures going to be hot around the bay area overlooking the bay area right now. that ridge of high pressure overhead so that's compressing all the air heating up the temperatures. also it's a "spare the air" day today, as well. still temperatures running very mild this morning around a good part of the area. 60s in the bay and valleys. mountains into the upper 70s
6:37 am
already. so the hot air is already in place. temperatures are going to get cooking by the afternoon. 90s even some triple digits into livermore by this afternoon. 80s and 90s inside the bay. some 70s out toward the immediate coastline. all right. let's check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> lawrence, when you're done with this whole weather gig, i see rap star in your future. >> i think you're right! [ laughter ] >> thank you, lawrence. it is a "spare the air" day and mass transit is not free but you are encouraged to use it and right now we have been checking bart systemwide on time. they have at least 45 trains all good to go. ace problem-free. muni, caltrain, look good. several vta routes are being rerouted, though, due that frat house fire down by san jose state university including lines 72 and 73. so watch out for that. otherwise, to the roads, bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on since 6:15 so our backups are growing just to the very end of the parking lot. so they did clear that earlier accident in berkeley eastbound
6:38 am
80 approaching ashby. that's your traffic and weather. >> thank you. it's at least another 10 months in jail for the main suspect in the beating of bryan stow. a parole commissioner in los angeles said yesterday giovanni ramirez violated his parole by having success to a firearm. police say they found a gun in his apartment when they arrested him in connection with the attac on stow. ramirez isn't charged in stow's beating. stow is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. taxi drivers in san francisco planning to strike from noon to 2 p.m. this afternoon. they will gather at city hall to protest being charged with a new 5% fee every time a passenger pays with a credit card. >> if they don't listen to us, we have to make them listen to us, you know? we have to do something. >> and they are doing it today at lunchtime.
6:39 am
drivers are also upset about electronic tracking systems that are found in cabs. city transit spokesman doesn't expect customers to be hit hard by the protest. he says it is set at a time when there is low demand for cabs. a private car service is using it as an opportunity to connect with customers. uber is more expensive than a regular cab. today they are cutting fares in half in hopes of luring people left without a ride. 6:39. a six figure severance package may be approved today for the outgoing executive director of muni. san francisco transportation officials are discussing it behind closed doors later today. nathaniel ford's tenure will end on june 30. and under the terms of his contract, he is due $384,000 in cash and benefits. state senator leland yee plans to appear at that meeting today and present a petition with more than 1,000 signatures opposing what he calls an
6:40 am
excessive severance deal. he says for the amount of money involved, muni passengers could ride free for a d.a. -- free for a day. 6:40. state lawmakers could find out as soon as today whether they are getting paid. since the governor vetoed the budget, it is up to the state controller now to decide whether to cut those checks. it's all part of a new law that docks lawmaker pay for of day the budget is late. at issue though is whether the budget the legislature approved last week is actually balanced. lawmakers stand to lose about $500 a day. that's money they will not get back. time now 6:40. another major milestone for facebook. >> plus, they are those sneaky little charges that randomly show up on your phone bill. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley is here with how the feds are giving you a break. >> the stock market opened 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far, so good. green lights across the board. coming up, though, we are going to get a little update from
6:41 am
kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks to tell us what it's all about when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. good morning. our big story this morning has certainly been down in san jose. let's go live to chopper 5. this is the scene of a frat house fire.
6:44 am
now, it sounds like right now the fire is mostly out. but at one point, it was a four- alarm blaze. fire crews are still out there working the area. it's been three hours of road closures around south 11th street right there between east san antonio street and east san fernando street. so likely going to be blocked for much of the morning commute. you will want to avoid this area. also, a couple of vta routes are being detoured including lines 72 and 73. you can see all the brothers from the frat house there just hanging out as they watch the house burn. no injuries to any of the people living inside. let's go to the maps show you what sells going on. our other big traffic story, it is a "spare the air" day so you are encouraged to use mass transit and everything except for those vta delays, everything else is on time including bart, ace, muni, caltrain, everything else on schedule. let's show you our slow spots. so far, so good across the antioch bridge but we zoom on
6:45 am
in towards a street towards hillcrest. sluggish, all speeds under 25 miles an hour. and again, the drive coming out of the altamont pass, not doing much better. it's almost a half hour now from 205 to 680 and the dublin interchange but you will notice speeds improve quite a bit once you reach pleasanton. the closer towards hopyard we see speeds get up there closer to where they should be. all right. all your approaches to the bay bridge, so far, so good. but they did turn the metering lights on at 6:13. not sure why i i remember that but there you go. strang -- not sure why i remember that but there you go. so ditch the roads and use mass transit today. that's your traffic. for more on these sizzling temperatures, let's go to lawrence. >> i have a number for you. summer officially begins at 10:16 this morning. but feeling like it outside already, you have clear skies, beautiful over the city of san francisco. around the entire bay area, mostly clear skies and the temperatures already beginning to be warm. 50s and 60s in most spots
6:46 am
although upper 70s in the mountains already. by the afternoon, 90s and 100s inland. inside the bay 80s and 90s. at the coast, beautiful beach weather there, temperatures up into the 70s. high pressure remains in control probably the peak of the height for today, the first day of summer. but then this ridge breaks down, slides east, and that's going to allow some low clouds and fog to creep in and cool down temperatures. today above average in most spots. 20 degrees above average in san francisco. 14 degrees above average in concord. you get the idea. these temperatures soaring toward the afternoon and it will be hot everywhere you go except along the coast. 96 sunnyvale, 99 concord. east bay temperatures triple digits more common. 101 in pleasanton, 100 degrees in walnut creek. and 101 in antioch. cooler temperatures coastside in the north bay but still some
6:47 am
70s there at the beaches and beautiful. 90s inland in the napa valley. and getting towards triple digits towards fairfield. we are expecting temperatures to cool off a little bit towards tomorrow. yup, it will be the fizzle as we head in toward the next couple of days, low clouds and fog, maybe even a little drizzle towards thursday and friday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. >> you think lawrence is trying to tell us something here? >> it's going to be hot. >> hot, baby. wall street off to a good start. another milestone for facebook. here's jason brooks with kcbs and how hot is wall street going to be today? >> well, we'll see if wall street is going to rise up with the summer temperatures. probably not as hot as the growth we are seeing at facebook at least. facebook has about 700 million users worldwide. now its poised to top yahoo as the top leader for display advertising. the emarketter says with 80%
6:48 am
growth this year, facebook will have 17.7% of the display advertising marketed topping yahoo for the first time which would have about 13.1%. google is growing pretty well too up 34% to about 9.3%. and that's probably poised to take over for yahoo in the next couple of years, as well. facebook seeing double growth over the past couple of years. and when you have that many eyeballs, that's where all that money is flowing to. the stock market is really focused on greece once again. the greek government is facing a confidence vote today which is necessary in order for the government to pass new austerity measures by the end of the month which are required if greece wants to get a second bailout from its european partners. if it doesn't get that bailout, there is a strong likelihood that greece will default on its debt and that could nail banks all across europe and send europe back into another recession potentially. federal reserve begins a two- day policy meeting today, ending tomorrow. no big changes expected in
6:49 am
policy. interest rates will probably be left where they are. attention tomorrow will be on what ben bernanke says about economic prospects. wall street feeling positive about greece this morning. dow is up by 23 points. nasdaq is gaining 13. s&p, frank and grace, supt by 4. oil prices heading back a little bit closer to -- is up by 4. oil prices heading back a little closer to $94. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and today the fcc is going to be cracking down on phone companies. >> they are. it's to help make sure you're not being overcharged on your monthly bills. and with a little breakdown here's cnet editor-at-large brian cooley. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's always crazy when open up your bills and you find all these little microscopic little fees. >> oh, yeah. first there is your bill. the stuff you know you pay for. then at the bottom of the bill the stuff you don't understand. there are the tax and the surcharges. we understand those. but often there are other fees in there that are part of what's known as cramming. this is the idea where you can
6:50 am
get billed on your phone bill for things that may not have anything to do with telephone services. it's typically on land lines but it can happen on wireless, as well. you can get anything in there from yoga lessons to long distance you're not using just because you clicked on something or enabled something, with fine print you didn't read so you have to make sure now what all those fees r you can be paying anywhere up to $20 is the common thing the fcc found. >> it's legal? >> it's legal because a merchant works with a billing company. somewhere they got you, they tricked you basically into clicking on taking up an offer. like there is a facebook iq test floating around. if you take it you're signing up for an additional long distance you don't need in some cases. or you could be, you know, going for a coupon offer, a discount at a restaurant and by part of asking for that coupon, fine print says, you agree to a monthly charge of yadda yeah for something else. >> you have to stay away from everything. [ laughter ] >> there's always that advice. >> so here's what the fcc is
6:51 am
working on. they levied $12 million in fines last week at companies that are doing this and not being transparent. they are going to improve the truth in billing act so that it becomes easy on your bill to figure out what am i paying for on this 4, 5, $6 a month. so it doesn't say something just generic. you can complain at their west, or call the fcc. they are cracking down. >> how soon can we say changes? >> no timetable on the revised bill format from this truth in billing format upgrade. they are starting procedural hearings. maybe late year. >> i just give up. just pay it. >> they say up to 20 million american homes are paying between $2 and $20 additional they don't understand per item and sometimes multiple items. this adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars each year. >> somebody is getting rich. >> not us. >> think of all the cell phones and phone.
6:52 am
>> i promise i'm not on your bill. i didn't trick knew anything. >> sometimes it's better than paying the $20. >> i think i'd pay someone to decode my bill for you. >> first thing to do is pick up the phone actually and call these guys? >> go through your bill and look for those areas. it's typically under other charges or calling services. figure out what those are. if you don't understand them call your phone company and have them explain the charges. it's happening a lot. >> he is cnet editor-at-large brian cooley. thank you. more than 80 firefighters are battling a frat house fire near san jose state. we are going to have live update on how this is impacting students there as well as road closures in the area. >> if you would like to share comments or story ideas to us, email ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. anser hassan is live in san jose.. where dozens of ed to the a major fire this morning at a fraternity house near san jose state university. anser hassan is live with the latest where dozens of firefighters are still at the scene. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. 27 students are without a home this morning, many of whom you can see behind me as they watch their frat house go up in
6:56 am
flames. a four-alarm fire ripped through the top story of the kappa sigma house here at san jose state university. mary gutierrez of the san jose fire department said the call came in around 3:30 this morning. 75 firefighters responded. they have been here all morning. the initial report suggests that the fire may have started in the laundry room. all the students here were going to summer school. they got out without any injuries. but they also didn't have a chance to grab anything because everything happened so fast. fire crews will be out here for a couple of more hours. the students will meet with the school later this morning to determine where they will stay for the rest of the summer. reporting live, anser hassan, cbs 5. >> just looking at the pictures, have they said anything to you about the structural integrity of the house? >> reporter: it's gone. building has been destroyed. it's built in the 1960s so it may have been an old building to begin with but as you can
6:57 am
see from the pictures, it was a four-alarm fire and it looks like most of the house is destroyed. >> all right. thank you, anser hassan from san jose, thank you for joining us. one oakland firefighter is recovering from a back injury suffered on the job this morning. the firefighter was hurt working on a burning victorian home on 23rd avenue. it went up in smoke. alarms alerted two families to the fire. everyone is able to get out safely, though. a fire investigator is trying to find out exactly what may have caused that fire. and today is "spare the air" day. the first of this year's hot weather season. the bay area air quality management district issued the alert because of poor air quality due to the high temperatures out there. triple digits in some areas. people are urging everyone to use public transit, avoid pollution-causing activities like barbecuing and using gas- powered tools. fire danger is very high today. so take it easy out there. >> we have is a little sizzle
6:58 am
out there today. so we have to put on the shorts? >> yeah. i mean, it's going to be hot. folks aren't used to these temperatures. grab a water bottle out the door this morning. >> it's weird seeing on your maps, 101, 102. >> we are putting them in there. we haven't seen anything like that for quite a while. at some point summer is going to happen and looks like it's here today. 100 degrees in livermore, the 9 in concord, 99 in fairfield. you got 95 in fremont, 99 in concord. even at the beaches today, expecting temperatures in the 70s. sunny skies all the way to the coastline. cooling down tomorrow, especially along the coast, maybe a couple of patches of fog. but as we look towards thursday and friday, we are going to see more of a sea breeze kicking in carrying with it more low clouds and fog, cooling down our temperatures all around the bay area. cooling right into the weekend, elizabeth. >> it's funny when 89 is cool, huh? >> yeah, much cooler. >> all right. let's go back out to chopper 5. as our reporter anser just told us the fire is pretty much out but we have been following this
6:59 am
all morning at the frat house by san jose state university. fire crews are still out there and there are still road closure as you can see them. they are blocking the streets. south 1th at east san jose street. vta route 72 and 73 are being rerouted. we have a couple of hot spots developing. telling us about this accident westbound, bailey road on pittsburg, they have one lane blocked. it is already jammed solid through antioch. northbound 101 at oakland road an accident. so 101 slow through san jose. 280 a better alternate. >> you were out and about yesterday? >> i hopped on a double-decker tour bus. it was me and a bunch of tourists from florida. it was fun. >> she is like, i'm thinking about jumping on a double- decker bus and i'm like do


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