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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. pg&e admits its own crews installed that blasted pipeline in san bruno. why it's now raising concern about other projects. president obama prepares to make a major speech on the future of afghanistan. the tightrope he is walking by bringing the troops home. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30, wednesday, june 22. what a beautiful day it was yesterday. >> gorgeous. hanging out by crissy field. >> it was packed out there everybody was outside. >> first day of summer. >> you got a little sunburn. >> i put sunscreen everywhere but the top of my feet. if you ever burned the top of
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your feet before, folks, it is uncomfortable. we went from sizzle yeah looks like to fizzle today as the temperatures going to start coming down around the bay area. plan on about 67 degrees. some patchy fog into san francisco. 76 should be mostly sunny in oakland. san jose looking at 86 degrees. still hot into concord and 93. but that's well down below the hundreds they were up to yesterday. temperatures will be coming down over the next few days. we may head below normal as we look toward the weekend. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> hard to remember what's normal, above normal, below normal. >> it's hard to reach normal. [ laughter ] >> right. let's go live towards the golden gate bridge. lawrence mentioned patchy fog out there. check it out. this is what it looks like out there. no official fog advisories by chp but obviously, some stretches across the golden gate bridge. also as my producer gianna was coming into work she noticed a lot of fog on highway 1 and
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daly city as you make your way through pacifica as well. so watch out for fog. that's going to be our big traffic story likely of the morning. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you. this morning, we are learning the answer to a key question in the san bruno explosion. pg&e's own crews installed the failed pipeline, not outside contractors. anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: good morning. not only who installed the pipeline here in san bruno, but also some new information about exactly what was put into those pipelines. you may remember initially the pipeline that blew here in san bruno was described as a seamless pipe. turned out that it had a patchwork of seams, welds, including some of the metal that was vintage 1944 when pg&e had initially said that this was a new piece of pipeline when it was installed. as part of the ongoing investigation into the explosion which killed 8 people
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and destroyed 38 homes last september, pg&e released 225,000 pages of new documents this week. according to "san jose mercury news," they reveal a history of welding problems in pg&e pipes including line 132, which is the one, of course that caused the explosion here in san bruno that is on top of the faulty recordkeeping that pg&e has already admitted to. you may remember again the utility listed this line as seamless and it turns out it had a lot of welds. and it was a pg&e crew who put it together, not an outside contractor. another disturbing element of these new documents, leaks caused by weld problems, including some reported elsewhere in the bay area, in san jose in 2010, in oakland in 2005, and in san rafael in both 1997 and 1998, leaks again found to be caused by weld problems. so when you look at the new information that's coming out on the pipeline that blew here,
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obviously, a lot of concerns for all over the area in places that may have had similar welds worked on by similar crews from pg&e. grace and frank? >> scary revelations. all right, anne makovec live in san bruno, thank you. the pressure is on state lawmakers to strike a new budget deal, this after the state controller said, sorry, guys, you're not going to get paid. yesterday john chiang said the budget spends nearly $2 more than it takes in. he said -- $2 billion more than it takes in. he said parts are miscalculated or unfinished. voters said lawmakers don't get paid if they don't pass a balanced budget on time. >> when we checked if they crossed their ts and dotted their is we found the math didn't add up. there were some bills that were not passed into law so that the revenues that would have been provided in those bill cost not be recognized for a balanced budget.
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>> there is already talk of a lawsuit to challenge chiang's ruling. governor brown vetoed the proposal by state lawmakers and now he is preparing an alternative budget plan. he told democratic lawmakers he could present it to them as soon as today. it's believed the governor will come up with a plan that would only require a simple majority to pass. we'll get an update from san francisco general hospital this morning on injured giants fan bryan stow. the santa cruz man is in critical condition since he was transferred from a southern california hospital. meanwhile the man l.a. police believe attacked stow is staying in prison on a parole violation. giovanni ramirez hasn't been charged with stow's beating. the san francisco medical examiner has now identified the man found dead in the harbor near fort mason yesterday morning. he was 20-year-old dennis knowlton of olympia, washington, neighbors say they had seen two young men living out of a car in the area in recent weeks. the car had washington plates and a sticker traced to an air
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force base just outside of olympia. 4:35 now. they booted a passenger because of his saggy pants. this is crazy. but u.s. airways allowed a nearly naked man to fly and we have a picture here to prove t here we go. joe tarlow got a passenger to post for him because they got on a flight from florida to phoenix. there it is. the man was wearing a woman's bathing suit bottom morning other things. black lace thigh high stockings and high heels. tarlow says yeah, there were complaints but u.s. airways told her the passenger was okay since no part of his anatomy was showing. >> i just kept thinking to myself what if i was wearing that outfit, what if i was in the same outfit, would u.s. airways not ask me to cover up? >> good question. the incident happened just a few days before deshon marmon was forced off a u.s. airways flight here in san francisco because of his saggy pants.
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marmon's lawyer says it was racial discrimination. president obama will speak to the nation in a nationally broadcast address this evening to reveal plans for the war in ago. as joel brown reports it includes bringing thousands of u.s. servicemembers back here at home. reporter: thousands of troops fighting in afghanistan will start coming home as early as next month. in a national address tonight, president obama's expected to announce with the drawl of 5,000 troops in the coming months and another 5,000 by the winter or spring. the troops are part of the 30,000 sent to afghanistan during the surge last year bringing some home this summer was always part of the plan. >> the president identified in december of 2009 the forces would begin to draw down in july of 2011. he is keeping that commitment. >> reporter: sources say bringing home the rest of the troops could take between 9 and 18 months. the pentagon wants a slow withdrawal so the u.s. doesn't lose ground but with the war costing $2 billion a week, some
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democrats want troops out quickly. >> i believe it is time for us to rebuild america, not afghanistan. >> reporter: in a recent poll, most americans said they are ready for the war to be over. and the united states' top diplomat in afghanistan is showing his frustration with that country's leadership. over the wing, carl eikenberry, the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, responded to recent criticism of the u.s. war effort made by president hamid karzai and other afghan leaders. >> when we hear ourselves being called occupiers and worst, our pride is offended and we begin to lose our inspiration to carry on. >> reporter: u.s. officials say military operations will be scaled back over the next three years. the president wants the afghans in charge of their own security by 2014. joel brown, cbs news, washington. the president's speech is set to begin today at 5:00. you can watch it right here live on cbs 5. yesterday was the first full day of summer -- or first
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day of summer. today's the first day of summer. there we go. and we're cooling down. >> the heat is niece nice but it's excessive in some spots in triple digits inland. but the cool fog sweeping back onshore. it's pretty thick being compressed right down to the surface so not making its way all the way inland. so 67 in livermore, 62 in san jose. but 50s and dense fog into pacifica and san francisco. by the afternoon still hot in spots inland. mid-90s in the warmest spots there. 70s and 80s around the bay with plenty of sunshine. but planning a day out at the coast only about 61 degrees. a little cool out in pacifica with low clouds and fog. and that trend will continue. that marine air will work its way further inland for tomorrow. that means those temperatures will continue to cool off into the weekend probably heading below normal as we look through saturday. the extended range is well below normal towards next tuesday. that's a look at weather.
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so much for that heat, elizabeth. >> you said upper 80s inland. i can handle that. >> not bad. >> we have a new sig alert just issued for san jose. northbound 87. now it's as you come up on san carlos street so sounds like a bad accident. a car overturned. fire crews are blocking a couple of lanes. they will be out there for a while. sensors are not picking up slowing. it's still very early. if you are coming out of downtown san jose, here's live look at 280 traffic. 101 and 280 quiet as you make your way along the peninsula. to the east bay now. bay bridge westbound traffic looks great on the lower deck of the bridge, you will find some roadwork. should be wrapping up within the next hour or so. but for right now, a couple of lanes are blocked. they say 6:00, sometimes it does wrap up a little earlier than that, though. fog our other big story. you can see the halo effect that happens often when we show you this golden gate bridge camera.
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so no incidents to report and no official fog advisories. but watch out on the golden gate bridge on the span and highway 101 through pacifica and daly city, pretty foggy, as well. mass transit might be a great way to skip the fog. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. and, of course, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. kicking off the summer with some good news for all you travelers out there. how you can cash in a $40 airfare. great deals out there. >> sounds good. black market transfers are costing muni big bucks. how police are now cracking down. and it's with the help of our investigation. i don't have to watch jaws anymore. i lived it. >> yikes. they have -- they have quite
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the tale to tell reeling in a 1,000 pound shark coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the crime: counterfeiting and selling muni transfers. our san francisco police have made arrests for a crime highlighted in a cbs 5 investigation. the crime, counterfeiting and selling muni transfers. our investigation found that people were selling these tickets out on the street and those illegal sales could be costing muni thousands of dollars a week. now, two men are accused of counterfeiting tickets in a home on 18th street. >> all the paraphernalia was there, a single laptop. there was cutting devices so they can cut them properly. there was even computer programs to help you print things. they have the special paper that was needed. >> police confiscated 287 counterfeit tickets. they only sell for about a buck each on the street but they believe that counterfeiting operation was so big, it was
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raking in about $500 a day. alameda county council members have approved a three- year contract for the city firefighters who have been working without a contract for a year and a half. the agreement calls for them to pay more into their pensions and health insurance. but they won't have to take paycuts, which upset some people who attended last night's meeting. the council recently voted to close an animal shelter and has made several other cuts to deal with the city's big financial problems. first at&t and now verizon wireless about to end its unlimited data wireless plan. they will go to a usage base model starting next month. the adjustments will be minor and customers already under contract won't be affected. at&t was the first company to drop its unlimited plans last year. last month, t-mobile did the same. now that it's officially summer, you might be planning a hill getaway. if you are we have some deals for you just time for summer. southwest airlines announced a major fare sale celebrating its
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40th anniversary. their fares will start at $40 each way. that's a little under 500 miles roundtrip. the sale is good for travel between august 23 and november 16. the promotion ends tomorrow night. so if you want to get away, jump online. actually, i guess i'm looking at the website right now, 0 to 450 miles is $40 one way and then 451 to 1250 is 80 and so on and so forth. so if you are going all the way to the east coast, it will cost about $250. >> but $40 to go to vegas? >> let's do it. time now 4:46. congresswoman gabrielle giffords opens up about the arizona shooting. the special project she and her husband are working on right now. >> it may look like any other police chase. that is, until you realize that there is a 7-year-old behind the wheel. how long it took police to put a stop to his joyride. and it works for babies. the tricks doctors say will give you some of the best sleep of your life. if you are traveling
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around, well, folks, we have sunshine in sfo, about 72 degrees as we look toward the afternoon. so no problem there with any delays. but if you are heading across the country, we could see a few more clouds and yes, some stormy weather in other parts of the country. cloudy and showers comfortable 74 in chicago today. continuing on toward new york, i think probably a better chance of rainfall, maybe even the possibility of thunderstorms there, as well. about 79 degrees. more on your local weather coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,
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together.. it will detail their careers and courtship, as well as th last january congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband are writing a memoir together that will detail their careers and courtship as well as the shooting in tucson last january and its aftermath. mark kelly also announced he is now retiring from nasa in october. on his facebook page the commander of the endeavour's final mission says he wants to be by his wife's side on her
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mission of recovery. former california governor schwarzenegger is signing autographs, posing for fans in austria, after speaking at a u.n. summit of energy issues in vienna. he said he misses the music of mozart or a juicy weinerschnitzel in his home country but the ex-terminator said i'll be back in the fall. he is going to open the schwarzenegger museum in his hometown there. they love him there. he has a few issues here. >> just a couple. an unbelievable story is. police in michigan got an unusual 911 call after a 7-year- old boy was spotted behind the wheel of a car. officers are telling us that this kid took off in his stepfather's car trying to go see his biological father. 16-year-old aaron scott happened to be on the road at the same time and noticed the young driver. so he started following him at speeds before 50 miles per hour. >> he looked like he was standing up on the floor mat
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barely touching the seat. he was hundred dollars over the steering wheel kind of like this. >> he is barely old enough to drive. aaron then called 911 but it took officers more than 20 miles to stop the boy. it's believed that his mother was sleeping when he hopped into his stepfather's car. if you are heading out around the bay area today, you will notice some cooler temperatures outside. the numbers finally coming down after that heat wave starting to snap just a bit. low clouds and fog moved in along the coastline. the fog is dense toward the beaches so watch out for that. that cool air has now reached well inland. temperatures there still into the 60s in some parts of the bay area. by the afternoon, it will still be hot in spots inland but not as hot as yesterday. triple digits are gone. 60s and 70s around the bay, maybe some 80s heading south into morgan hill and at the coast, looking at some sunshine and a couple of clouds and yup, the fog and sea breeze kicking back in. it's returned to the entire california coastline.
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high pressure system is sliding east. as that does, we are going to see more of that sea breeze continuing to blow and that means we are going to see more fog and low clouds. this trough is going to work in toward the coastline too so temperatures are going to be coming down. so much for the heat wave. gone now, looks like those numbers taking a big hit today. temperatures dropping a good 7 to 12 degrees from yesterday's highs. of course, yesterday 100 degrees in concord. today checking in about 93. yesterday 96 in san jose. should be about 86 today. oakland going to be cooler at 76 degrees. and 67 in san francisco. so these temperatures coming way down. still, you can find hot weather if you are looking for it further inland. 63 with patchy fog into half moon bay and 78 in san mateo. east bay numbers into the mid- 90s well inland into brentwood and antioch. 93 in livermore. 92 into walnut creek. 70s into the oakland area. as you look toward the north
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bay, much cooler at the coast. 61 degrees stinson beach. 78 in san anselmo and 86 degrees in vallejo. next few days, temperatures will continue to come down. that cool marine air finally going to work its way inland by tomorrow bringing temperatures down to some much more comfortable 80s around the bay area. that cooling trend taking us below normal toward the weekend with more low clouds and fog on tap for the bay area and this looks fairly normal for this time year. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> let's go to san jose because we still have a traffic alert in effect. coming up the guadalupe parkway northbound 87, it sounds like it's near san carlos street. that's actually northbound 87 -- it's close to 280 but it is blocking two lanes of the northbound 87 guadalupe parkway right there. it sounds like fire crews are on scene. this is an injury crash so could be out there for a while. chp did issue a traffic alert for that stretch. if you are coming out of downtown san jose, so far, so
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good. 280, 101, both fine along the peninsula. it's not a "spare the air" day. but it's always a good idea to use mass transit. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all good to go. another good reason to stay off the roads, fog an issue. if you are coming from marin, this is what it looks like. this is actually the golden gate bridge. hard to tell this morning. you can tell by red halo effect. but traffic is okay across the span but no official fog advisory. but obviously, visibility is an issue here and highway 1 and through daly city. fog is an issue there. 880 through oakland not too bad past the coliseum. you may be able to see a little bit of the flashing lights. there is supposed to be some roadwork. i think that's what's going on up there high street towards embarcadero. a couple of lanes will be blocked until 5 a.m. they should be wrapping that up shortly. southbound traffic gets by fine. for your silicon valley commute, westbound 237 looks
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great exiting milpitas. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. speaking of the commute, plans to run bart trains later on friday nights are now on hold because of concerns that the change would unfairly affect low income and minority passengers. the six-month pilot program would have extended friday night service by an hour but that would mean starting the trains later on saturday morning because you need down time for maintenance. a bart survey found that the majority of riders on saturday morning are low income and minority. expect to pay more if you are going to park in downtown san jose. the city council just approved rate hikes for city-operated garages. starting july 1, three downtown garages will charge a $5 flat rate on saturdays at san pedro square. there will be a $7 flat rate for major event nights at hp pavilion. standard weekday and week night rates are also going up and visitors will still get two
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hours of free parking with validation from downtown businesses. all right. well, you know, we talk about sleep a lot here. >> we d. forget your bed. buy a hammock, set it up in your room. a new study suggests lying on a rocking hammock can soothe you into a deeper more satisfying sleep. the brainwaves were studied of healthy adults on a bed or hammock. they say those on the hammock fell asleep more soundly and woke up more refreshed. >> that's it. that's all we have to do. >> buy some hammocks. talk about the catch of the day. some south florida fishermen reeled in a 1,000 pound mako shark. >> i don't have to watch "jaws" anymore. i lived it. >> that group was taking part in a fishing tournament over the weekend. it took about 7 hours to reel in the 12-foot shark. some crewmen say it is the
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catch of a lifetime. i believe them. that is pretty unbelievable. you think they won the tournament? >> seven hours and 1,000 pounds? that's good eating, too. >> good workout. a botched budget means no pay for state lawmakers. the fuzzy math and why the saga could be headed for a court showdown. and a new document dump from pg&e in relation to the san bruno explosion. if you lined you will all the documents they would be about 75 feet tall. we'll give you the highlights or lowlights coming up. and we hit triple digits yesterday in the bay area. and today another hot day, already 71 degrees here in pleasanton. i'll have a full update for you about what to expect weather- wise in just a bit. it's saggy pants got a passenger booted a few weeks back but a half naked cross dresser cleared for take-off. how the airlines are explaining this clothing contradiction when we come back.
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