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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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uses the same m.o. at the businesses he hits walking in with a handgun and demanding money. in the case of the san jose robbery the man got an undisclosed of money and fled on foot. >> this individual is somebody that's a very bold criminal. he planned out his robberies very carefully. >> reporter: police aren't releasing the names of all the business being history, police believe this business in menlo park was robbed by the same man on may 1. he ordered a store manager to take money out of a safe and four cash registers. police say customers are often in the stores and that's one reason they are so concerned. >> anytime a suspect goes into a business during business hours there's always the possibility that he could have some type of collateral damage. reporter: in willow glen, tiffany mason says she and her coworkers at this beauty salon are very concerned about the crime spree. >> i was scared because it's only girls at the beauty supply
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so it's nervous because who knows our business noticing that we're just girls. >> this is kind of scary that you could just run into it just in the middle of broad daylight. it's bold. >> reporter: police say the man depicted in the sketch is african-american in his mid-30s between 5'8" and 5'9", weighs about 200 pounds. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. as for bevmo, we contacted the corporate office in concord for comment and received no reply. >> thank you, mark sayre live in san jose. a man known as king of crime and a cold-blooded killer on the run for 16 years, the law finally caught up with james "whitey" bulger. agents arrested him late last night during a raid in southern california. kendis gibson in los angeles with more. >> reporter: and allen, whitey appeared here at the federal courthouse this afternoon
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behind me earlier this afternoon and is expected to be extradited back to boston within the next couple of days. as you know, the fbi and law enforcement everywhere have been searching for him for 16 years scanning the entire globe for him. in fact, for most of that time, 16 years, he was living on the beach. the fbi combed the world for james "whitey" bulger until a tip brought him here. they found him at the pacific ocean in an apartment. >> we have captured one of the fbi's 10 most wanted fugitives a man notorious in boston and around the world. >> reporter: agents say they found weapons and cash in both his apartment as well as fake id and arrested his girlfriend catherine greig. they had been on the lam for 16 years ago a huge frustration for the fbi team in boston which says he was the ruthless lead earth of the winter hill gang. a mobster so notorious he was the inspiration for jack nicholson's character in "the
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departed." the fbi said he didn't resist arrest but was verbally combative. he face charges in connection with 19 murders as well as drug trafficking and money laundering. he was on the "10 most wanted list." he this say he was living with greig and charles and carol gasgo. it came in response to a new publicity campaign n boston they had just about given up hope. >> i thought he was gone forever. >> reporter: police there describe bulger as diabolical, among the most cold-blooded killers in criminal history and said his arrest finally brings relief to families of his alleged victims. >> this pursuit of justice was for them and to hold mr. bulger accountable for the carnage that left behind. >> reporter: the manager of bulger's apartment building says he had been living there for 15 years, nearly the entire time he was on the lam. >> reporter: and that manager also said that bulger and his girlfriend were ideal tenants,
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paying their rent on time every month with cash. reporting live in los angeles, kendis gibson, back to you. >> besides that reward, i understand a way they went after him was through her girlfriend her concern for her looks? >> reporter: yeah. it was an interesting approach by the fbi. that public service announcement that they started in 11 states on tuesday focused on her. they were hoping that women would recognize her because they know that she often went to beauty salons. so they aired those ads during the daytime hours and were hoping that maybe some sort of person would recognize her. not sure who called in the tip but perhaps that was the reason why. >> may never know. kendis gibson in l.a., thank you. a federal grand jury is now hearing testimony in an east bay police corruption case. attorneys for the disgraced officers say the grand jury began hearing evidence a few weeks ago. meantime, norman wielsch, christopher butler, stephen tanabe and louis lombardi pleaded not guilty to charges
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brought by local prosecutors. they face 38 criminal counts including conspiring to sell stolen drug evidence. in an unusual twist, the lawyers say there are actually glad the fbi took over the case to avoid possible conflicts of interest with local authorities. but they say the case could be a long drawn-out process. >> federal conspiracy law is , you know, was designed to get at some very deeply embedded people in organized crime. and to do that, they have some very liberal expansive conspiracy laws. >> all four men will be back in court on october 13. a deadly car crash sparks a grassfire in contra costa county. it happened about 12:45 this afternoon in crockett. now, the chp says that a car, possibly a stolen car, hit a power pole after it went off the road starting the two-alarm fire. it burned about 4 acres near the carquinez strait regional
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shoreline before firefighters were able to contain it. and as you see here from chopper 5 video, helicopters were called in at one point for water drops. a viewer sent us some pictures, as well. ray was fishing when he saw the smoke and said he left when the wind started picking up. coming up, they say their kids were exposed to a violent environment for years. the major settlement involving a bay area school district. fireworks over no fireworks in vallejo. how come? i'm mike sugerman, i'll tell you coming up. the unprecedented acts that will affect what you pay at the pump. how soon gas prices are expected to go down. ,,,,,,,,
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settled a lawsuit stemming from a settled a lawsuit stemming ear-old a major victory for some families in the east bay. the new haven unified school district has settled a lawsuit stemming from a murder of a 14- year-old boy back in 2007. the suit claims school administrators weren't doing
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enough to prevent racial harassment. christin ayers was changes being made to -- christin ayers with the changes being made to stop future violence. >> reporter: the families that filed suit and got that settlement say it obviously won't bring back the 14-year- old boy who died on the steps of this school. but they say it is a victory against what they call a pattern of racial violence against black students. it was a shooting students say months in the making. in between, a member of a union city latino gang called the dakotos allegedly opened fire on a black student, a 14-year- old boy. >> the guy just pulled out a gun and shot two times and killed my friend. >> reporter: his friend told us he watched him die on the steps of barnes white middle school. in a lawsuit, six families claimed the gang had been beating and terrorizing students for months and the school district did nothing to
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stop it. >> numerous african-american students attend the school under the threat of harassment and racially motivated violence and threats of violence. >> reporter: 3.5 years later the suspect has never been caught. the families claim the violence continues and their children, who witnessed the murder, are still suffering. >> he has been diagnosed with post traumaer stress disorder. >> reporter: a woman's son who was the boy's best friend should have graduated from high school this year. >> emotionally and mentally, he is not himself. he didn't graduate from high school this year. he has been to four high schools in the last four years. and so it's a drastically affected his education as well as his mental state. >> reporter: the school district denies that it violated anyone's civil rights but agreed to pay the families a $725,000 settlement. as part of that the district will have to join restorative justice programs, provide gang violence education and maintain better fencing around schools. in a statement, the district
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claims the so-called pleadial policies and -- remedial policies and programs reared to in the settlement are primarily a codification of a long- standing effort to address issues that pervade our society in a district that's been pro- active in these areas for many years. >> we hope this will change how the district responds to incidents of available violence or gang-related attacks against its african-american students and indeed against all students. >> reporter: now, the six families have a second lawsuit pending against union city police claiming that officers turned a blind eye as well against hate crimes -- to hate crimes against african-american students. there is still a $35,000 reward out there for any information leading to the arrest in evans' murder. live in union city, christin ayers, cbs 5. barry bonds was back in san francisco federal court today. the judge gave prosecutors more time to decide whether bonds
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have been retried on perjury charges. a jury deadlocked on three counts of perjury in the month long trial that ended in april. the judge told everybody to be back in court in two months. tonight at 6:00, why some say the government has to retry barry bonds. a closer look at 6:00 tonight here on cbs 5. other bay area headlines, teed-off employees of an east bay country club protested against their employer today. castlewood country club in pleasanton locked out its cooks, dishwashers, servers and janitors 16 months ago over a labor dispute. the employees chose today to protest as the club hosts the men's invitational the biggest tournament of the year. police arrested 20 protestors after they blocked the streets after 14 years, two designs and countless public meetings. the oakland zoo gets a green light to expand. >> plans call for expanding 60 acres into noland park. 40 acres for a nature preserve and 20 acres for new animal exhibits. the environmental groups have tried for years to block that
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expansion. it's not a pretty picture, what led to a muni bus ending up like this. >> wow. is it really come to this? >> yeah, you may not notice until you really need it. what some carmakers are now leaving out of their new cars. from the cbs 5 weather center in san francisco, the coast is clear. but the day the rain appears in the seven-day forecast, yes, as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
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call or come in and talk with us today. after a bus rolled into a parked car in front of a co hop. muni is investigating after a bus rolled into a parked car in front of a coffee shop. it happened this morning in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood. the empty bus rolled away from the driver after the driver removed the wheel blocks for the bus. no one was hurt. muni has taken the driver off the schedule and following standard procedure, the driver will be tested for drugs and alcohol. a surprise move by the white house. today president obama tapped into the nation's emergency oil stockpile. he order the release of 30 million barrels from the strategic trum reserves. the white house says it's
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trying to make up from supplies disturbances in the middle east. with gas prices already falling, republicans charge the president is playing politics. it means prices will go down starting next month, but we are not likely to see gasoline prices below $3 a gallon. don't get your hopes up. triple-a says the national average for regular 3.61 a gallon always higher in the bay area. in fact, oakland 3.85. 3.97 in san francisco and 10 cents lower in san jose. if you're buying a new car even one with all the bells and whistles on it, chances are it's going to be missing something very important. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us about a new trend that some find very troubling. >> reporter: many popular carmakers are now selling cars without the spare tire. at 22 bucks a pop, hyundai reportedly save $4.4 million a year on elantra's alone. they say fuel efficiency is the
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motivation which is catching car buyers by surprise. >> so where's the spare tire? >> there isn't one. >> reporter: when he decided to buy his wife a new mustang he didn't realize it would come with four instead of five tires. >> they were very good about explaining why there was a big hole where the tire was supposed to be. >> reporter: ford is among a growing number of carmakers who now have to explain why the new cars come without a spare. >> they wanted to save on weight for fuel economy and it helps cut costs a little bit. >> reporter: most of the cars in this showroom come without a spare, and it gets rid of 30 pounds allowing carmakers to meet efficiency standards. they say fewer drivers change their own tires these days anyway. >> wow. is it really come to this? if i can't get a tire in the car i don't want it. >> reporter: a reaction is not necessarily uncommon when car buyers learn their spare tire is replaced with an air pump.
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>> people doesn't like change. it's part of the car. they are so used to it. >> reporter: another thing people don't like added fees and car lawyer lewis liberty says while ditching the spare tire is legal -- >> they are breaking the law when they charge you the $1.57 for the phantom tire. >> reporter: many dealers are charging fees on five tires instead of four, just one more frustrating thing. vince is happen which without one. >> fuel economy and extra storage. the only negative i can see is when you buy a car with five tires, when you go to replace your tires, you only have to buy three. now, most automakers do offer a $100 spare tire option when you buy the car and free roadside assistance for the life of your limited warranty. >> thank you. as long as we're not talking about my spare tire around the waist, right, roberta? >> absolutely. we have a workout program for that, right? >> yes. >> let's head to san jose where
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we have wall-to-wall sunshine. check that out. that's glorious. air quality is good. and the winds are currently blowing out of the northwest at 13. compare that with this, the city by the bay. the city of san francisco telegraph hill where today was considerably cooler than how we kick-started this workweek. and we do have some changes in the offering. what you need to know. tomorrow very little difference from what we experienced at a. all the way through the weekend. but by tuesday we have a 10% chance of rain from the santa cruz mountains through monterey to the south as an area of low pressure taps into subtropical moisture. it's a long way off but i wanted to put that out there for you. meanwhile, we don't even have a cloud in the sky. we have lots of sunshine and the coast is clear. temperature-wise in the 50s. 60s bayside. currently 80 degrees in concord and fairfield. the abundance of sunshine for the next 60 minutes before we temperature into in a marine layer for the overnight hours. pinpoint forecast, here it comes. a deepening marine layer pushing onshore into the overnight hours. perhaps so deep, even a little
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bit of condensation by the morning commute. then those clouds peel back to the coast by the midafternoon hours. pretty steady temperatures not only friday but through the weekend as this area of low pressure dangles off the pacific northwest coast. so tonight, becoming overcast in the 40s and 50s. i hope you notice a difference with those refreshing temperatures last night. meanwhile tomorrow's temperatures anywhere from 59 in pacific could to 85 in concord. if you are heading to the alameda county fair in pleasanton, warm temperatures there, fairly nice. i couldn't help myself, fairfield nice at the fair? there is the extended forecast -- fairly nice at the fair? there is the extended forecast. a 10% chance of rain only on tuesday and wednesday and the far reaches of the southern district stow santa cruz mountains and monterey. i got excited when i started seeing the computer models alluding to that. >> crazy. >> nothing to complain about. >> nothing out of the ordinary. >> thanks, ro. there may not be a
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fireworks spectacular this year for vallejo on the 4th of july. the reason comes as no surprise. >> the second year in a row the show has been in jeopardy. mike sugerman on the money needed before the time runs out. it's coming up, huh, mike? >> reporter: well, yes. two weeks? 4th of july, it's wrapped up in family and history and tradition. what is the 4th of july without fireworks? well, vallejo may soon find out. it's not the city that's the problem. businesses are trying to fill the gap and they are in trouble. reporter: this is the vallejo waterfront sky today. at the moment on july 4, the sky here will look the same. that's sad for a lot of people. for the past half century with one exception vallejo has had a pretty good fireworks show lately put on by a company in the east bay. vallejo hasn't had much to cheer about lately. it's dilapidated downtown bears
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the scars of a bankrupt economy. the city is in fact bankrupt. police and fire have been drastically cut. >> i see everything going up in vallejo. >> reporter: he is a half full kind of guy. >> i think the bottom was sometime last year and everything is kind of looking up. >> things are smoking at his restaurant. gracie's family barbecue. business is coming back too. a life-long resident, i can't stand to think of a 4th of july in his hometown without a fireworks show. nor can his across the street neighbor raymond, whose family has run victory stores for 65 years. >> you know, i have been going down to the waterfront for the fireworks since i was little. and that was just something that, you know, my family did that was one of the few days my grandfather actually closed the store. >> reporter: the city put on the show until the last several years when "food-4-less" picked up the tab and then it stopped. there was no show in 2009. and last year ken and raymond raised $18,000. they got these bangs for their bucks. but this year, after
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fundraising, they are still $5,000 short. >> there's not too much time left. so, you know, the fireworks is something that we came one that we can start and help out. because in 2009 when they didn't have them, it was just like wow! i mean, we don't even have fireworks?! >> reporter: well, there's not $3,000 in there. fundraising is tough and time is running out. the deadline is friday at noon for the city to sign off on the show. all right. so there's hercules and pinole and oakland and pittsburg and a lot of cities around the bay don't have fireworks shows. but they are really trying to do it in vallejo. this is a hard knock town. they really think it would boost morale and if you can help at all, just go to gracie's barbecue in downtown vallejo. now where it is. it's got some of the best ribs i have had. give them the money if you can. fantastic. anyway, if you are a business owner there, you want to see vallejo get a leg up, do what you can. >> it isn't just vallejo. all these other cities have
5:23 pm
dropped their fireworks. a lot of people come from all around to see those. means a lot. >> reporter: yeah. >> can't have 4th of july without fireworks. >> reporter: 4th of july without fireworks? >> thanks, mike. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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it could some day become a reality. and that imagine being able to zero in on a criminal suggestion respect using saliva. it could someday become a reality and that's not the only thing saliva could be used for. scientists at the university of california in los angeles have discovered a new way to estimate a person's age, using saliva. >> which we're able to do is actually predict the age of a person within about five years of error with just a sample without knowing the person. >> reporter: researchers spent three years looking at saliva samples from 128 people. they found chemical changes to the dna in saliva can accurately tell how old a
5:26 pm
person is. scientists hope crime scene investigators will one day put these findings to good use. traces of saliva left behind could narrow the age of a suspect. >> one could imagine if there was a saliva sample at a crime scene, tools like this could be used to help. >> reporter: experts hope to use this research to one day calculate a person's dna age. it would help doctors determine if a patient's body is aging faster or slower. >> these are the potential targets for treating the aging process. >> reporter: scientists are now testing hair and blood samples to see if get the same results. after a 16 year manhunt, a notorious mob boss is finally in custody. how police caught whitey bulger. plus, insight from "60 minutes" interviews with some of his closest mob lieutenants. that's tonight on the cbs evening news.
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"s i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. where does the california budget debate stand? >> sometimes they blow hot, then sometimes they blow cold. >> okay. jerry brown blows through san francisco. his strategy for ending the deadlock that has lawmakers working without a paycheck. and from baby cribs to carpool lanes, a whole slew of new rules coming to california at the end of the month. what you may need to get rid of and what you may need to install in your home. that and more at 6:0


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