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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  June 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the budget. linda yee shows us today the governor came to the bay area and republicans headed to brown's empty office. reporter: he is determined to get a budget. and governor jerry brown made it clear at this builders convention in san francisco the problems are caused by the ongoing bickering between the two parties which hasn't gotten any better since the first time he was governor 28 years ago. >> the deadlock between the two parties, worse. fiscal issues just get bigger. >> reporter: the governor's proposal includes plans for voters to approve an extension on sales, income and vehicle taxes to help balance the books. but he needs three-fourths of the assembly to agree. that means at least four republicans have to vote with the governor. >> just this morning, the senate republicans just had a big press conference out in front of my office saying no. no, they don't want to agree to
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any tax extensions. just generally a rejectionist posture. but hey, that's part of the process. part of the game. >> reporter: republicans say california must tighten the belt. >> this time i think it's the democrats i only have one plan and that's it. either you, californians, you come up with $50 million in the next few years and we are going to spend it all in a 27% increase over the next three years, but that's -- and we're saying no. we are not going to spend any more money, not going to raise taxes anymore. >> reporter: what the republicans want, spending caps and pension reform on the table. >> right here in san raphael, for instance, half, half of the entire budget for the city of san rafael goes to pensions. it's too high for californians and i think they have drawn the
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line in the sand as far as if we can't get the -- at least a spending cap, there is no movement at least from the republican side. >> we have all the -- we are ready to go, as ready last night, we felt we were getting there. so this stuff changes. sometimes they blow hot. sometimes they blow cold. i'm not giving up. i'm going to keep working until we get those tax extension and we will get them one way or the other. >> reporter: the governor says he will go around the republicans who refuse to play ball with them by coming up with an alternative budget which the majority, a democratic assembly, will pass. he didn't say how, but he says it will be within his legal and ethical powers. >> boy, there's so much riding on this. even though he says this is part of the process, it has to be very frustrating. >> reporter: i did detect he was disturbed and frustrated.
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>> tense. >> reporter: yes. >> linda yee, thank you. he is armed and dangerous. police are on the hunt tonight for a serial robber. the suspect is believed to have held up at least 20 liquor stores in the bay area. mark sayre is in san jose with what worries police most about these crimes. mark. >> reporter: allen, thrash of robberies is all taking place within the past two months. while fortunately nobody has been hurt, police are very concerned that the violence could escalate. reporter: police in 10 bay area cities are looking for this man in connection with at least 20 armed robberies at businesses during business hours. the latest robbery occurred at this bevmo! in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. tiffany mason works across the street. >> i just seen a lot of cop cars and a lot of police. it seemed like they were looking for somebody. >> reporter: police say the man uses the same m.o. at the businesses he hits, walking in with a handgun and demanding money from employees. in the case of the san jose robbery, the man did get an undisclosed amount of money and took off on foot.
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>> this individual is something that's a very bold criminal. he's planned out his robberies very carefully. >> reporter: while police are not releasing the names of all the specific businesses being hit, authorities believe this bevmo! on el camino real in menlo park was also robbed by the same man on may 1st, the man ordering a store manager to take money out of a safe and four cash registers. police say customers are often in the stores and that's one reason they are so concerned. >> anytime a suspect goes know a business during business hours, there's always a possibility that you could have some type of collateral damage. >> reporter: back in willow glen, tiffany says she and her coworkers at this beauty salon are very concerned about the crime spree. >> i was scared because it's nothing but girls basically that work here at the beauty supply. so it makes us nervous because who knows if he, you know, is watching our business and noticing, you know, that it's -- we're just girls. >> i guess it's kind of scary, you know, that you could just run into it just in the middle
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of broad daylight. it's pretty bold. >> reporter: police say the man in the sketch is african- american, in his mid-30s and between 5'8" and 5'9" and weighs about 200 pounds. police say this man is armed and dangerous and should not be approached. we contacted the corporate office of bevmo! in concord and didn't receive a reply. back to you >> thank you, mark sayre in san jose. today, we learned that for weeks now, a federal grand jury has been hearing testimony in an east bay police corruption case. in the meantime, norman wielsch, christopher butler, stephen tanabe and louis lombardi pleaded not guilty to charges brought by local prosecutors. they face 38 criminal counts including conspiring to sell stolen drug evidence. in an unusual twist, their lawyer says they are actually glad the fbi took over the case. >> i think in a local jurisdiction there's all these conflicts because they are all local police officers. so like i say, and i think mr.
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at the nab buy feels the -- tanabe feels the same, we welcome the federal investigation. that's generally not our position. >> any federal charges would supersede the state prosecution. all four men will be back in court october 13. he is a pulitzer prize- winning journalist who grew up in the bay area but in a starting admission, jose vargas has outed himself as an undocumented immigrant. len ramirez on why he kept quiet for so long. >> reporter: we are talking about a group of people who don't want the spotlight and attention as illegal immigrants. but here's a man who already had attention, he had a national name, his by line was in national papers. and he was on tv programs. but he came out as an illegal immigrant to focus attention on this issue. >> i'm an undocumented immigrant. what some people call an
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illegal. >> reporter: pulitzer prize winning journalist jose vargas has covered some of the biggest stories in american. but he outed himself as an illegal immigrant. >> my mother sent me to live with my grandparents in silicon valley. >> reporter: he said he didn't know he was undocumented until i tried to get a driver's license at 16. >> it is a common story. >> reporter: immigrants rights group like this one in san jose deal with hundreds of similar cases every year. but they say rarely does someone so prominent come out to put a face on the issue of illegal immigration. >> that highlights the exactly then why people come to this country, right, for the american dream, to have the opportunities that the parents didn't have. >> it's estimated that about 65,000 undocumented students graduate every year from high school. >> reporter: this spanish professor at the national hispanic university in san jose says not having papers means good students often have to give up on education because
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they can't afford it or qualify for financial aid. >> we spend so much money educating them to get them through high school, and then suddenly they finish high school and we leave them out in the cold. some of my students right now instead of going to college, they started working so they can save money and then in the future hoping that they are going to be able to afford going to a higher education institution. >> reporter: mr. vargas' story comes at a time when california is debating the "dream act" which would allow the children of illegal immigrants to qualify for state aid. although vargas doesn't argue for the "dream act," he says it's time to stop avoiding the issue. >> as a journalist, i have decided to do what i know best. ask questions. let's talk. >> reporter: mr. vargas is someone who knows something about the media and he is literally saturating the airwaves right now and saturating the print pages, allen. he is going on national
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television and there's articles right now in national newspapers and magazines. he has also hired new york pr firm to handle all the publicity. as for his future right now, technically by the letter of the law, he could be deported immediately. we talked to people today who have students who went to university and are deported, you know, just days in cases before they were graduating so it is a very dicey situation for him to come out like this and it will be interesting to see what the government does. >> well, he certainly feels that the risk is worth whatever the rewards might be. >> reporter: absolutely. an important issue. >> len ramirez in san jose, thanks. late this afternoon, a judge ordered caltrans to stop work on the niles canyon road widening project. the work on the road linking fremont to sunol is on hold until a lawsuit filed by an environmental citigroup resolved. the alameda creek alliance says the project has already resulted in the destruction of
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100 mature trees and has damaged the trout habitat. caltrans has been planning to widen the road for morning a decade and says -- for more than a decade and says it needed to boost safety. the government just bought some more time. so will they try barry bonds again? coming up at 6:30, a closer look at why they may not have much of a choice. from baby cribs to carpool lanes, a whole slew of new rules coming to california at the end of the month. what you may need to get rid of and what you may need to install in your homes. and when it comes to potholes, which bay area drivers have it worse? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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labor dispute. officer teed off employees rallied
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against a six-month labor disputes. castlewood country club locked out workers in february of 2010. the employees chose today to protest. as the club hosts a men's invitational its biggest tournament of the year, union members say they have offered to pay more into the cost of the healthcare but say the club's decision to lock out employees for 16 months was about power. >> they say it's over money and healthcare benefits. but it's not reality. >> the country club would not comment on the negotiations. police arrested about two dozen protestors when they blocked the streets. it appears the fireworks for the 4th of july in vallejo will fizzle this year rather than sizzle. the reason may come now as a surprise and this is the second year in a row that the show has been in jeopardy. mike sugerman on the money needed before time runs out. mike? >> reporter: well, dana, the city of vallejo is not going to put on a fireworks show. it's bankrupt. it can barely pay for fire and
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police. it would just lit rally be putting smoke -- the money would go up in smoke, that's what i'm trying to say. but the businesses in town they are trying to get some action for a fireworks show it's not working. reporter: this is the vallejo waterfront sky today. at the moment on the 4th of july, the sky here will look pretty much the same. and that's sad for a lot of people because for the past half century, with one exception, vallejo has had a pretty good fireworks show lately put on by pyrospectaculars of the east bay. vallejo hasn't had much to cheer about lately. its dilapidated downtown bears the scars of a bankrupt economy. the city is in fact bankrupt. police and fire have been drastically cut. >> i see everything going up in vallejo. >> reporter: ken ingersol is a half full kind of guy. >> i think the bottom was sometime last year and everything is kind of looking up. >> reporter: things are smoking at his restaurant gracie's family barbecue and business is coming back, too. a life-long resident he can't
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stand to think of 4th of july in his hometown without a fireworks show, nor can his across-the-street neighbor whose family has run victory stores fo 65 years. >> i have been going down not waterfront for the fireworks -- down to the waterfront for the fireworks since i was little. that he was one of the few days my grandfather closed the store. >> reporter: the city put on the show until last several years when "food-4-less" picked up the tab and then stopped. last year ken and raymond raised $18,000 and got these bangs for their bucks. but this year, after fundraising, they are still $5,000 short. >> there's not too many times you see vallejo on the news and it's for a good thing. so, you know, the fireworks is something that ken and i came up with that we could start and help out because in 2009, when they didn't have them, it was just like wow, i mean, we don't even have fireworks?! >> reporter: well, it's not $3,000 in there. fundraising is tough and time
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is running out. the deadline is friday at noon for the city to sign off on the show. well, it might have looked like i was having a stroke when i was introducing the story. i wasn't. i'm fine. don't call the doctor. but if you have some money, if you are a business in vallejo and you want to help, go to gracie's barbecue. now where it is. it's aing about store in vallejo. -- it's a big store in vallejo. give whatever you can before noon tomorrow. and i'm going to go have a cup of coffee. >> okay, mike. five grand, that's what they need. >> reporter: okay. yes. five grand is what they need. five grand. so if you have a spare grand around, come on down to gracie's. >> there you go. all right, mike, thank you. >> please give or we are going to have to send him out there tomorrow again! [ laughter ] after 14 years, two designs and countless public meetings, the oakland zoo has the green light to expand. that is, if there is no lawsuit by the east bay zoological society. plans call for expanding 60
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acres into knowland park. friend had tried to stop the expansion for years. >> roberta, we heard you laughing over there. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to tell mike. >> that sugar bear always makes me laugh, right? check this out. we are heading to livermore. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera where these people are out and about to enjoy "eye on the bay," which will be televising live there beginning at 7:00 tonight. so if you are in the livermore area go on by and say hello to liam, brian and thuy. again, 7:00 live from livermore where it's currently 77 degrees. at this hour we are working 22 degrees temperature span from the coast to inland areas. it's in the 60s around the central bay. out and about this evening for the next "60 minutes" from the 50s through the 60s into the 70s, that's after realizing highs today at the coast with some sunshine in the 50s. we reached 69 degrees which is pretty spot on for this time of the year in oakland. 83 was the outside number in
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the eastern portion of our district. areas of low clouds and fog penetrate inland after midnight tonight surging inland 50, 60 miles before retreating for your friday midday. so we are going to keep the temperatures very similar to what we had today. statewide, for your getaway friday, 80s and 90s in throughout the interior valleys. 70 in the high sierra. partly sunny conditions in eureka, backing down through mendocino county. now, meanwhile tonight we will see the overcast skies but boy, it's refreshing. 46 degrees overnight in santa rosa. temperatures pretty mild in throughout the valley and also 52 degrees in redwood city. it looks like tomorrow daytime high temperatures again similar to today. upper 50s beaches to the low 80s in our inland areas. and if you're mac your weekend plans -- if you're making your weekend plans this sunday, it's the san francisco pride parade, lots of sunshine in the mid- 60s. dana, next time around, i'm going to talk about your favorite subject. >> sunshine. >> rain. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and when it's in the seven-
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day forecast. that's next time. >> a little sarcasm there. thank you, roberta. no injuries after a muni bus rolled into a parked car in san francisco's haight-ashbury district. it happened this morning outside of a coffee shop on masonic avenue. the empty bus rolled away from the driver after the driver removed the wheel block from the bus. no passengers were on the bus at the time, and muni has taken that driver off the schedule. think you have a bumpy commute? some bay area cities are faring better than others when it comes to potholes. the metropolitan transportation commission says bay area roads are in fair condition at best. the worst roads are in rio vista, unincorporated sonoma county, larkspur, st. helena and orinda. the best roads are in brentwood, belvidere, dublin, los altos, and foster city. the list of new rules coming to california on july 1st. and can the right landscaping protect your home from fire? that's all in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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county. it happened around 12-45 this afternoon in crockett. c-h-p says a en car... st a grassfire in contra costa county happened around 12:45 this afternoon in crockett. chp says a car possibly a stolen car struck a power line after it went off the rome with that two-alarm blaze. it burned several acres before firefighters were able to contain it. helicopters were called in at one point for water drops. and a viewer sent us these pictures. he was fishing when he saw the smoke. he says he left when the wind started picking up. and fire season is the spark for tonight's good questions. can you plant landscaping that will protect your home from wildfire? here's ken bastida. >> reporter: believe it or not, the way you landscape your home could mean the difference between survival and destruction in a wild land fire.
6:23 pm
>> california is prone to wildfire. that's the real key here is residents need to be preparing themselves to prepare their homes with a defensible space. >> reporter: how you defend your home is key according to cal fire, who says you have to think of your home like it's the center of a bull's eye. the first ring or zone should extend 30 feet out. no dry grass or any plants with high fuel content. >> we're not looking for drought tolerant because some of them are heavier in oils. they may have more fuel load to them actually. so we want higher moisture content for those types of shrubs. >> reporter: the next 70 feet only succulents or well irrigated low vegetation spaced out, again with all dry grass cut down. >> the next 50 feet beyond that 70 and that's where you again want to start planting your trees and larger shrubs and create space between them. >> reporter: the last zone is transition where your landscaping meets mother
6:24 pm
nature's. the plan here gives firefighters the best chance to save your place but in a state like california, that is never a guarantee. go to, click on connect, to send me your good question. cribs with drop-down sides are about to disappear from stores. julie watts on the consumerwatch explains it's just one of a bunch of changes consumers may notice in the next couple of days. >> reporter: the start of summer means new rules for anyone who droves a hybrid, owns a home or has a baby. >> it can move two levels down or up. >> reporter: cribs like this are going bye-bye. starting next tuesday, all cribs sold in the u.s. must comply with new federal safety standards. the new rules require stronger construction, more durable hardware and the biggest change, no more drop sides. >> cribs are very simple to assemble because there isn't the issue with the drop side. and it's basically you're
6:25 pm
assembling a box with a screw at the top and the bottom and at the top and at the bottom. >> reporter: richard wu of city kids san francisco says new rules mean he will be getting rid of 40 baby beds. he can't sell them. but child care facilities and hotels have an extra year to comply with the new law. also on their way outcome july, those yellow clean air vehicle stickers. starting july 1, only drivers of cars with a white clean air sticker will be allowed to drive solo in the carpool lane. to get a white sticker you will need an all-electric or natural gas powered car, unlike the yellow stickers there is no limit to the number of white stickers the state plans to issue. and one more change next week. most california homes will be required to have carbon monoxide detectors. a new state law means the devices are now mandatory in all single-family homes with an attached garage. they are also required if you have appliances that burn gas, coal or wood. failure to install the
6:26 pm
detectors could result in a $200 fine. now, california's fire marshal says carbon monoxide detectors should be installed outside every bedroom and on each floor. owners of multi-family dwellings have until 2013 to comply with the new law. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. 762 career home runs and convicted on only one count. >> all people will remember is that they didn't really get him. >> so what happens next for barry bonds? why some say the government has no choice but to put him on trial again. and a murder at this school and a lawsuit. what a new settlement will force school officials to change. and from alcatraz to hollywood to the ten "most wanted" list, the bay area ties of legendary crime boss james "whitey" bulger. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time t barry bonds was back in a san francisco federal court today. the judge gate prosecutors more time -- gave prosecutors more time to decide whether bonds would face a retrial on the three charges that the jury
6:30 pm
couldn't decide. they will be back in court in august. there is another fight going on here. bonds is arguing that his one conviction, obstruction of justice, be thrown out, be given a new trial. tonight a closer look at why bonds' steroids scandal days are over. it's been more than two months since the jury convicted barry bonds on one count. >> the counts which alleged steroids, needles and human growth hormones, those were mistrials. >> reporter: and this was about barry bonds. >> i think very little of it was about barry bonds. >> reporter: cbs 5 legal analyst paul henderson a former prosecutor says despite the celebrity factor, this is still about steroid use and setting an example. >> we were all in the room because of the steroids use and abuse. that's how we got here in the first place. barry bonds elevated that situation when he chose to lie in the grand jury or interfere with the prosecution.
6:31 pm
>> the singularly focused light. >> reporter: the former federal prosecutor now criminal defense attorney tony brass says to barry, it was all about barry. >> barry bonds was a guy who grew up playing baseball from a baseball family and reached a very heights of that career. so when he was given immunity, all that did was protect him from criminal prosecution in the event that he admitted using steroids. >> reporter: which he never did, nor was bonds convicted of lying. the closest the jury came to that was a votes of 11-1. one juror didn't believe a witness who said she saw bonds being injected. >> well, i just thought she was very unreliable. that doesn't mean his sister is but there is a slight possibility. i just didn't feel comfortable going against the reasonable doubt. >> in this case, i think that's one of the strongest counts that they have with that perjury charge. specifically, about whether or not he received the injection. i know that's what the prosecution is likely doing as they are evaluating whether or not they are going to move forward on the perjury counts specifically. >> reporter: which is why tony brass thinks the government has
6:32 pm
to retry bonds. >> when barry bonds walks away with a lesser charge with an obstruction charge, all people will remember is that they didn't really get him and if you remember the day the verdict came in people were applauding for him and asking him if he was going to go celebrate. barry bonds said there is nothing to celebrate but the perception was that he had won and that means the perception is that the government lost. >> reporter: in the end, people will ask, was it worth it? >> i don't think it's the expense that will be on the government's mind. i think it's the public perception of the expense. does the federal government want to look like they are so zealous about every case, they are so zealous about a case no one cares about, that they disregard their audience? >> it's costing a lot of money. >> it's costing a lot of money but we don't know how much it's costing and prevention. we don't know what we are getting in prevention. >> reporter: meaning how many of athletes are going to say, i saw what happened to bonds and i'm not going down that road. the next court date is in two months. if you have a story idea log on to and click the connect and scroll down to
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closer look. send me an email. an east bay school district is paying the price for not adequately protecting the students. a family filed suit after a 14- year-old boy was shot to death in 2007. christin ayers with the changes being made to try to stop future violence. >> reporter: 3.5 years later the murder at this school is still unsolved. but some families told me that there is some closure in that settlement. they claim the school district turned a blind eye on racial discrimination against african- american students. it was a shooting months in the making. in 2007 a member of a union city latino gang called the dakotos allegedly opened fire on an african-american student, 14-year-old vernon. >> the guy just pulled out a gun and shot two times, both of the bullets hit my friend. >> reporter: back then vernon's friend said he watched him die on the steps of barnard white
6:34 pm
middle school. in a lawsuit six students said gangs were terrorizing african- american students for months and the school district did nothing to stop it. >> numerous african-american students attend the school under the threat of harassment and racially motivated violence. and threats of violence. >> reporter: 3.5 years later the suspect has never been caught. the families claim the violence continues and their children who witnessed the murder are still suffering. >> he has actually been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: her son should have graduated from high school this year. >> emotionally and mentally he is not his self. he didn't graduate from high school this year. he has been to four high schools in the last four years. and so it's drastically affected his education as well as his mental state. >> reporter: the school district denies that it violated anyone's civil rights but agreed to pay the families a $725,000 settlement. as part of that the district
6:35 pm
will have to join restorative justice programs, provide gang violence education and maintain better fencing around schools. in a statement, the district claims the so-called pleadial policies and programs referred to in the settlement are primarily a condification of long-standing efforts to address issues that pervade our society in a district that's been pro-active in these areas for many years. >> we hope that this settlement will change how the district responds to incidents of racial violence or gang-related attacks against this african- american students and indeed against all students. >> reporter: now, there is still a $35,000 reward out for any information leading to an arrest in that murder. there is a second lawsuit pending against union city police. the families claim they did not protect the african-american students from that violence. live in union city, christin ayers, cbs 5. tonight one of the fbi's most wanted is behind bars. agents arrested accused mob
6:36 pm
boss james "whitey" bulger in santa monica in an apartment late last night. he has been on the run for 16 years accused of running boss's vicious winter hill gang. he has been linked to 19 murders. in 2006, one of bulger's lieutenants told "60 minutes," the mob king was a violent cold- blooded killer. >> he stabbed people. he beat people with bats. he shot people. strangled people. run them over with cars. >> you said also that he liked killing. >> yeah. >> 81-year-old whitey bulger appeared in a los angeles court today along with his long-time girlfriend catherine greig. they agreed to be sent back to massachusetts on murder charges. now, bulger spent time in prison before. this was his mugshot from a stint on alcatraz in the '60s for bank robbery. he spent three years on the rock before being transferred to another federal prison. president obama made his pitch. now the world responds. from afghanistan to europe, reaction to the president's
6:37 pm
plan to wind down the war. to paraphrase speaker boehner, this was not an adult moment. both sides agree the fate of the american economy hinges on the debt limit talks. so what happens to the economy now that those talks have fallen apart? >> i'm dennis o'donnell. the nba draft is under way and the warriors think they got their man. >> with the 11th pick in the 2011 nba draft, the golden state warriors select... ,,,,,,,,
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♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪
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[ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. president obama, speaking to we have turned a corner where we can begin to bring back some of our troops. >> president obama speaking to troops at fort drum, new york, today. >> he talked about drawing down the troops so that the progress against the taliban won't be lost. the president of afghanistan supports our president's plan to bring american troops home. he says his forces are ready to
6:40 pm
take the reins. but as tina kraus reports, some afghan soldiers are worried. reporter: afghan soldiers say they are training even harder knowing u.s. forces will soon leave them in charge. this soldier says, we have the capability to take control of the security of our country and let the americans go home. but afghan army trainers aren't so sure. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: he says we need better and heavier ammunition or we'll face serious problems in the future. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai welcomes president obama's timetable. karzai says the youth in his nation will stand up and defend the country as u.s. begins to pull out troops. most european countries are following the u.s. plan to gradually withdraw their forces. french president nicolas sarkozy says his 4,000 troops will come home around the same time as u.s. soldiers but
6:41 pm
america's biggest ally, britain, says its 9500 troops will remain in afghanistan as long as they are needed. >> any reductions in british forces will be dependent on the conditions on the ground. they will be fully discussed at the national security counsel and fully based on military advice. >> reporter: taliban fighters dismissed the plan saying only a full and immediate withdrawal will stop the bloodshed. tina kraus, cbs news. >> the top two republicans today bailed on debt reduction talks led by the vice president joe biden. eric cantor and jon kyl blamed democrats for demanding tax increases as part of the deal. they want democrats to accept a trillion dollars in cuts to medicare and other government programs. it could force the president to get more involved in the talks. >> where in the world has president obama been for the last month?! where is he?!
6:42 pm
what does he propose?! what is he willing to do to reduce the debt and to avoid this crisis, that's building on his watch? >> i think it's now with what kyl and cantor have done, it's in the hands. speaker and the president and sadly probably me. >> there has been a lot of talk in recent days that the president and house speaker john boehner would take more of a role in the negotiations. still ahead tonight, dennis talks live with the newest member of the golden state warriors. ,, ,,,,,,
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6:46 pm
reason number one, the weather is always great this hour of the night. reason number 2 they hold it at carry-ongy park whichever you prefer. it's historic, that's the library that andrew carnegie provided the funds for a century ago to build a library in what were then small towns around the country. and reason number 3, liam mayclem is going to be making a rare public appearance, i know that you very rarely see liam in public or thuy vu, she will be here too. but this winery also features local wineries that pour for you at the farmer's market. that's got to be fairly rare. and speaking of wine, thuy is going to tour the wine country by bike. she will visit a couple of mom and pop wineries, one in a family's backyard. and mr. mayclem will scour downtown for day trip ideas. he found the perfect bloody mary and a cinema where you can dine and drink local wines in the theater. and then i will rely on my usually untrusty mgb from 1964 to take you on a road trip that even locals say they very
6:47 pm
rarely have seen these back roads themselves. it's all coming up live from livermore with my good friends! liam and thuy! >> it's going to be fun. see you in a few minutes live in livermore. >> more fun that humans should be allowed to v see you at 7:00. >> it looks so nice out there. >> he is just praising all the beauty that i try to get across every, single night. he says some of those back roads that you don't know about? we know about them on our bikes, on our bicycles. i recognize one of them. mines road at the junction. it's fabulous. you notice how quickly everything is drying out? did you see that? and that is why we do have high fire danger around the bay area. today we cooled down 63 in san francisco to 83 degrees apiece in concord and sonoma. so right now, it's 55 in pacifica. 60s bayside. low 70s inland. livermore still at 77 degrees. things you should know about
6:48 pm
towards the weekend, very little temperature change from friday through the weekend. by tuesday, we have a chance of rain in the forecast. you know it actually quieted them down over there. chance of rain primarily a 10% chance anywhere from the santa cruz mountains south towards monterey bay. today's high temperatures in the 50s in pacifica with the clear skies, otherwise 60s bayside into the 70s and 80s inland. pretty spot on actually for this time of the year. similar conditions again tomorrow because this is your marine layer that pushes back onshore in the overnight hours after midnight with the low clouds, patchy fog, dialing back to the immediate seashore by midday hours. so temperatures hold steady as that area low pressure just dangles off the pacific northwest coastside. tonight becoming overcast into the 50s and into the 40s. tomorrow's daytime highs, north of the golden gate bridge, 76 in mill valley, otherwise 83 degrees for the second day in a row in sonoma.
6:49 pm
right around 60 in bodega bay. meanwhile this weekend we have lots of action at infineon speedway both days temperatures near 78 degrees. now, east of the bay we are talking about temperatures closer to the bay of waters 60s and 70s. the further east you travel into the 80s. 81 degrees the forecast high in livermore. now, that is slightly below average. if you are heading out to pleasanton, expect 83 degrees in the fairgrounds for the alameda county fair. they have been doing this for 99 years so they are doing something right. it's going to be fairly nice at the fair. okay. this weekend tower of power and foghat performing. 50s and 60s at the coast. 70s at the peninsula. 82 degrees morgan hill. the extended forecast calls for little change for the week, a bump up on monday, a bump down on tuesday and then that slight chance of rain showers tuesday and wednesday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis, take it away. >> roberta, can lincecum rediscover his magic? and you are looking live at the newest member of the golden
6:50 pm
state warriors. he is next on cbs 5. ,,,,,, denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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were hoping for a miracle. " " the nba draft was held today and the warriors were hoping for a miracle. >> trying to think if bill russell can turn back the
6:53 pm
clock. that's our biggest need. [ laughter ] >> well, there was no bill russell. there wasn't even a joe berry carroll. but with the 11 pick the warriors made their move. >> with the 11th pick in the 2011 nba draft, the golden state warriors select... klay thompson from washington state university! >> thompson is a 6'7" guard led the pac-10 in scoring at 21.6 points per game. he can shoot and pass. but he is not the big man the warriors truly need. his dad is michael thompson who was picked first overall by the blazers in the 1978 nba draft. top five picks. kyrie irving number one to the cavs. derrick williams number 2. and then so on so forth. let's get to our live shot. joining us live from new jersey, the site of the nba draft is klay thompson. klay, thanks for take the time. a lot of college players to go to the nba aren't fully prepared. you had the pedigree from your
6:54 pm
father. how did that experience -- will that experience help prepare you for the nba? >> absolutely. you know? i just been around the game since i was a toddler. so, you know, all my life i have just known basketball. and you know, just look at with stefan curry on the warriors with his high basketball achievements. he was around the game his whole life, as well. i come from a similar situation. i'm just trying to prove myself at golden state. >> it's funny you said as a toddler you have been playing basketball. your father said he think he knew you would be a great outside shooter when you were three. who did you tailor it after? kobe? clyde? where did that jump shot come from? >> uhm, i just say, you know, playing the backyard with my brothers, you know, we went at it so much. it was so close in age and played two on two with my dad, as well. a lot of practice. you know, my dad helped me with
6:55 pm
that, just good form. and i just think a lot of it is natural, too. he put the basket in my hands as a kid and ever since then i had a good shootingstro. >> larry riley said after this pick because monta is there and stefan is there, you will pay a lot of the three of the small four. how prepared are you for that transition in the league? >> i think i'll be ready. i got a lot of improvement which i'm going to work on, on the defensive end this summer especially having to guard three. there are some animals at the next level. so yeah, it will be a challenge. but, you know, every year i was at washington state i improved on my defense and i'm just going to try to use my quickness to bother whoever i'm guarding. i think golden state is getting a very complete player. yeah, i mean, i'll help whatever position i'm at whether 2, 3, even a little one. i'll take whatever i can. >> okay. maybe center, too. klay, you got the whole package, man. can't wait to see you cover
6:56 pm
some of these animals. klay, thanks a lot, appreciate the time. >> thank you for having me. >> that's the warriors number one pick. baseball the as are last in the major leagues with 40 home runs so it wasn't good news when josh willingham to leads the team with 10 home runs was placed on the dl with a strained tendon. the as called up collision carter from sacramento -- cris carter from sacramento to replace him. mets starter chris capuano pitched six scoreless innings against oakland and struck out seven before leaving with a sore thigh. 3-0 new york in the sixth with two strikes, two out. jose reyes popped it up. cris carter got called up. i hate when that happens. >> whoops. >> that kept reyes at the plate. as lose 4-1. reyes had two runs batted in so the mets take two out of three. look at brian sabean tanning in mccovey cove today. [ laughter ] >> nice. >> he is going to kill me. no more interviews with sabean.
6:57 pm
tim lincecum brilliant. seven score list innings allowed three hits struck out 12. despite that, the giants offense made it interesting. cody ross base hit aubrey huff scores. that was huge. it made it 2-0. turned out to be a big insurance run. brian wilson allowed a run in the ninth but with the tying run on second base, wilson got luke hughes to ground. pablo decides to run and look, did he get him? he got him. and that is the end of the game. cal is still playing. the cal bears in a elimination game. they have to win. right now doesn't look good, they are losing 6-0 to virginia. >> what innings? >> 8th inning. can i have a live update, please? 8th inning, they are trailing 6- 0. >> oh. okay. well. they need a miracle. >> "eye on the bay" is next. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth.
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