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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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out:their home is worth less than they thought. the face of families is changing. how california dads are rising to the occasion. "i've seen people almost go to the bathroom in their pants in his presence" a crime king and a cold-blooded killer. we hear from whitey bulger's 2 closest mob lieutenants. good evening i'm dana king. i'm ken bastida. we begin with a quick, developing story: a big earthquake in alaska sent people scrambling for higher ground. the magnitude 7-point-2 off the aleutian islands struck at 8:09 pacific time. it triggered a tsunami warning for part of the alaska coast and tsunami sirens went-off in a town called dutch harbor. a longshoreman there says hundreds of people were seen climbing up ill. ... warning for part of the alaska coast and tsunami warnings went off in a place called dutch
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harbor. hundreds of people were seen climbing up a nearby hill. but about an hour and a half ago that warning for a tsunami was canceled and there was never any tsunami threat for california or the west coast. >> here in the bay area we have learned that letters will be going out tomorrow telling tens of thousands of homeowners that their home is worth even less than they had thought. >> kiet do on the surprising number of homes in santa clara county now underwater. >> reporter: when she bought her house in west san jose five years ago little did she know she would be a part of history. the home's value has gone down 25%. it is now a are the pa of the record number of homes underwater. >> it is hard to imagine it getting worse, it's been bad for a while. >> reporter: assessor larry stillen will mail out the bad news tomorrow. one of every four homes is upside down. >> i think we have hit bottom,
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i know we have hit bottom. >> reporter: there were only 6500 homes that were upside down. this year, thanks to the great recession, that number has skyrocketed to an all-time high of 124,000. however, stone says he has seen some significant rebound in silicon veil's economy everywhere and he is confident the worst is over. >> companies are hiring people, leasing space, gradually is a good sign. that's going to be a good sign for employment and it's gonna be a good sign eventually for residential property values. >> reporter: you believe him? >> i don't believe him. i see a lot of houses in the neighborhood still going up for sale, going up for foreclosure. >> reporter: but try telling that to paul smith. five years ago he bought his home in san jose for $700,000 and now it's worth just under 500. >> what are you gonna do, right? you got to try keep making payments and work it out with
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the bank. >> kim says she has no option but to be optimistic. >> we want to keep our house. >> this house is a short sale in west san jose. so of all the homes that are underwater there are some bright news. a third of them actually saw a slight bump up in their value, not quite where they need to be but getting close. >> something to hang onto there. kiet do, san jose, thank you. the makeup of many california households is changing. we often hear about single moms raising kids but juliette good ridge introduces us to a man who is a monk the growing number of men doing it all. >> mark and from buckley are heading to the movies. you have been raising your son as a single dad all of his life. >> yup, that's right. >> easy, challenging? >> there is always challenges. >> reporter: the number of single households in california
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has grown by 36% between 2000 and 2010. >> the biggest problem actually has been the travel because, yeah, mom moved out to florida. and -- >> reporter: new census figures show the percentage of californians who live in a nuclear family, a married man and woo man raising their children has dropped again over the last decade to 23.4% of all households. that represents a 10% decline in 10 years. most households have a spectrum of modern living aarrangements, same-sex households, unmarried opposite sex partners, married couples who have no children and single father's like mark buckley. >> what gets the headlines is the deadbeat dads and i don't think you hear enough about the single moms and dads both that are really stepping up to the plate. >> reporter: the hardest part for his son brian is the coast to coast visits to visit mom
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and dad. >> because of the travel it has been harder to do a lot of stuff i liked and wanted to do. >> reporter: but, otherwise, this father and son seem to be doing just fine. >> he is going to pirates, he knows his dad is a pirate fan so he is gonna watch it again. >> reporter: juliette goodrich in dublin, cbs5. a surprise move by the white house today. president obama tapped into the nation's emergency oil stockpiles. in fact, he ordered the release of 30 million barrels from the country's strategic petroleum reserve. the white house says it's trying to make up for supply disruptions from the middle east and cited a weakening economy. but with gas prices already falling, some republicans say the president is only playing politics. the judge told caltrans put down the shovels and park the bulldozers. he ordered the stop to the construction that's going on on
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a busy commute route. niles canyon road is only 2 lanes wide. caltrans was widening it buddy liz a bet cook shows us environmentalists won a long- fought battle at least for now. >> reporter: when you drive highway 84 through niles canyon it's easy to forget you aren't far from a big city. >> it's actually a treasure for the entire way area, not just for us in the niles fremont area. >> reporter: it was over a decade ago they began making plans for this $80 million widening project. mike dubinsky is with the alameda creek alliance, the group that filed the lawsuit to stop the construction. he said they didn't do their homework. >> what we found was the data that was supporting their proposal was flawed, seriously flawed. >> reporter: he believes the massive project will have a devastating effect on the wildlife. >> this canyon provides a -- an environment for a lot of species of animals, the protected ones as well as others, and we want them to --
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we want to maintain that environment for them. >> reporter: the creek that runs next to the highway is home to many animals including the red-legged frog and the alameda whip snake, both endangered species along with the steel head trout. the judge ordered a restraining order saying construction is halted pending results of the lawsuit. >> we don't want it to become a speedway. >> reporter: caltrans would not comment on the judge's comment to stop construction on the highway or the pending lawsuit against them and the next court date to decide the outcome of this lawsuit is expected to be in the next few months. ken? >> all right. we'll look for that, liz cook along niles canyon road. other bay headlines, a federal grand jury is now hearing testimony in an east bay corruption deals. normal welsh, stephen butler, lewis lombardi pleaded not guilty to local charges today.
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they face 38 criminal counts including conspiring to sell stolen drug evidence. in pleasanton, police arrested two dozen employees of the castle on the country club. they were among 100 locked out employees protesting a long labor dispute. employees chose today to protest because the club hosted its biggest golf tournament of the year. police in 10 bay area cities are looking for the man who resembles this sketch. they believe he is responsible for at least 20 armed robberies at businesses during business hours. the latest robbery at a bev mo in the neighborhood. the man walks into the store with a gun and demands money from employees. he might do it for the publicity, but it's still a little too brazen to ignore. how peta is planning to use the case of a mother accused of murdering her own infant to further its vegan agenda.
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>> not quite a hollywood ending for notorious mobster whitey bulger nabbed after 16 years on the run. the crime boss is linked to the bay area. bevmo. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard pay pass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at to urge people to go vegan. they are putting up billboards ea that the animal rights group peta is using the murder of a baby to urge people to go vegan, they are putting up billboards in the sacramento area that show a pork chop being put into a microwave. the caption reads "everybody is somebody's baby" including a picture of a piglet and its mom. it is based on what happened to this 6 week old baby in sacramento. the baby's mom allegedly put her child in a microwave and turned it on. >> i think it's very taste less. >> the feature of this story to us was a chance to talk about
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the fact that every time we might row wave a peace of meat we're microwaving a once-living animal who is another animal's baby. >> well the baby from sacramento did not survive and the mother is under arrest. a man known as the king of crime and a cold-blooded killer on the run for 16 years, but the law finally caught up with mob boss james whitey bulger. they arrested him in a santa monica apartment yesterday. he has been on the run for 16 years, accused of running boston's vicious winter hill gang, he has been linked to at least 19 murders. >> this pursuit of justice was for them and to hold mr. bulger accountable for the carnage he left behind. >> the 81-year-old appeared in a los angeles courtroom today along with his long-time girlfriend catherine greg. they agreed to be sent back to massachusetts on murder charges. 60 minutes has been on the
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bulger case for years now. the late ed bradley spoke with two of bulger's closest mob lieutenants. >> in 2001 ed spoke with eddie mckenzie, the first member of bulger's gang ever to speak publicly. >> he had such a stare of blank necessarily, no compassion in his eyes, that just would hoar if i anybody. you could be 6'6", 360 pounds, the toughest guy. i have seen people almost go to the bathroom in his presence, he was so scary. >> then in 2006 ed spoke to kevin weeks, a mob lieutenant, who knew bulger better than most. >> oh, he would stab people, beat people to death, shot people, strangled people. run them over with cars. >> you said he liked killing? >> yeah. >> explain that to me? >> explain that to me. >> after he would kill somebody was like a stress relief, he would be nice and calm for a couple weeks afterwards, like he just got rid of all his
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stress. >> by killing? >> yes. >> that's a bizarre way to get rid of stress. well we know that bulger spent at least some time here in the bay area. he did a three-year stint on alcatraz for bank robbery going back to the 1960s. all right, we're gonna turn to roberta now. she uses the r word in her forecast. roberta? >> no. >> rain? >> that four-letter word? okay. take a look at this. this is our weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge where we do have overcast skies. those overcast conditions today kept the temperatures down from what we have been experiencing all week long. in fact, highs, 57 degrees in pacifica to 69 degrees in oakland. you know, when you look at these numbers they are actually pretty close to spot on for this time of the year. average high in san jose 81, today 79 degrees. it is an average high 79 in santa rosa, bingo, that's what we hit. 82 in livermore, a little below average, tomorrow for your
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morning commute, everybody is grey, then the clouds gradually peel back to the coast. temperatures 50s and 60ings, but you know, i'm gonna put it on out there for you. tomorrow will be very similar to today. turning sunny and mild. over the weekend we'll hold this weather pattern, very steady temperatures, then by tuesday there is a chance of rain in the forecast. albeit a 10% chance but it's out there from the santa cruz mountains to the south as an area of high pressure pushes through the veil and taps into tropical moisture. but these are the clouds that will greet you tomorrow for your morning commute. as the day progresses they dial back to the sea shore and play tag with the beaches. keeping the temperatures 50s and 60, that enhanced marine layer is all due to this low pressure anchored off the pacific northwest coast and will be dangling there the next three to four days. with the blanket of clouds overnight tonight temperatures in the mid-40s in santa rosa to
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the north, 5 0's, 53 degrees from oakmont to piedmont. an inteen you're sex of our bay area, '08 degrees to the north, mid-60s in san francisco, the average highs around 68 degrees. mid-70s will be coming around the peninsula back into the santa clara veil. the finale, the nascar finale will be on sunday at insid i don't know speedway 78 degrees, then to the east tomorrow for your friday, it's the 99th annual alameda county fair, lots of doings going on there, and it will be fairly nice. you know, gang, fog hat is playing this weekend. >> weather girl knows about her fog? >> fog hat, wow. >> we'll hold a steady weather pattern through the weekend, bump up the temperature on monday, put that 10% chance of rain into tuesday and wednesday's forecast, dry out significant leon thursday. this photo was sent to me by eric, these are his pups, they are big cal bear fans, even though they are dogs, they
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didn't have a lot to cheer for but i think dennis has a lot to say about that. >> roberta. >> you still a supporter? >> i'm telling. we're gonna come right back with kenny's good question. >> no sports tease necessary. >> no, clearly not. ,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by xfinity. endless fun to do xfinity. >> it's kind of soothing, you go to ocean and look at the waves rolling in, if you watch long enough you will notice there is some pattern going on there. sammy wants to know, is there really such a thing as wave sets? that's tonight's good question. >> the waves are, you know, 10- foot at 15 seconds kind of thing and that tells you the wave height and the period apart they are coming. >> you want to know about waves who better to ask than a surfer. >> especially a beach like
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ocean beach here in san francisco, it's really unpredictable and it changes by the hour. >> at the aqua surf shop it's ryan morgan's job to pay attention to wave sets, groups of waves that come ashore at regular intervals. >> basically waves are created by wind and wind, over distance, creates wave pullses and the farther the pulses travel, they'll spread apart a little bit over distances. sort of like when you throw a stone into like a calm pool and you'll see the ripple effect it has. as the rips get farther away from where the stone was thrown they tend to spread apart. >> believe it or not a lot of surfers have become experts at predicting web sets by logging on to websites like this one setup by noah. surf competitions like mavericks track this kind of info before scheduling an event but nothing compares to being there. >> you really don't know until you watch the waves or actually get out there and start, like, counting the waves during sets or during pullses when you
11:23 pm
start to feel the energy that's really coming and you can tell. >> go to and click on "connect" to send me your good questions. and this g d warrior fans my good question, who had the worst earned run average in the national league this month? which pitcher? and this guy is pumped, but would warrior fans be celebrating their draft pick? find out next. ,,,,,,,,
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pulls pulls
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i think these guys did for college baseball what team u.s.a. did for, you know, olympic hockey. they got everybody involved. >> was anybody nationally talking about college baseball before cal's situation came along? >> no, never. >> i think this was the first and it ends tonight. if you were to write a perfect ending, cal bears would win the world series of college baseball. darryl matthews tried his best to keep cal in the game against virginia with that number but it was his error, two innings later, that summed up the bears night. he comes up empty on the sinking line drive, rolls all the way to the wall, the first error of the season for matthews. bob just kept running, he has
11:27 pm
got an inside the park home run. virginia beats cal 8-1 and cal's season officially ends. but the good news? they'll play again next season. >> i think it's been a year that really has taught them, as well as myself, a whole lot about the human spirit. >> you know, we made it to omaha, a lot of people say -- something a lot of people can't say they did. we did it with our best buds, it's something we're gonna remember for a while. >> one of the first things i thought was, no, is it really over? this has been -- couldn't really believe it. and second thought was, well, win it next year. >> brian sabian catches some rays in mccovey. [ laughter ] >> tim lincecum had the national league worst e.r.a., today 7 scoreless innings, allowed 3 hits and struck out
11:28 pm
12. the twins got on the board, tying run at second base, then pablo sandoval is gonna track it down, reaches and makes the tag. he could have just thrown to first base, did it the hard way, and the giants win 2-1. how about the a's and mets? mark ellis making his first career start at first base, chris carter was called up before the game and took over for ellis in the sixth. the kid can hit but don't expect him to win any gold gloves. that at-bat would continue because of the drop and on the next pitch jose reyes base hit center field. the melts win 4-1, they take 2 of 3 from the a's who head to philadelphia this weekend they took one of the best scorers in the country. >> the golden state warriors select klay thompson from washington state university. >> the son of former number 1 pick michael thompson, he led
11:29 pm
the pac-10 in scoring but the 6'7" shooting guard will have to get used to playing a little bit of small forward. he's >> how prepared are you for that transition in the league? >> i think i'll be ready. i got a lot of improvement, which i'm gonna work on, on the defensive end this summer, you know, especially having to guard, there's some animals at the next level. so, yeah, so it will be a challenge. but you know, every year i was at washington state i improved on my defense and i'm just gonna try to use my length and quickness to bother whoever i'm guarding and i think golden state is getting a complete player. >> kyrie irving was the number 1 overall pick. cleveland? derek williams is number 2. drew romania was the 10th pick. >> how about jimmer. >> that is jimmer. serena williams over came a first-set loss to win the next two sets and defeat is a monday
11:30 pm
a hleck to move into the third round. she hasn't played since last year's wimbleton but is looking for a third title. she beats the romainan samona hleck. >> in the nba draft, why, in the top 10, is there a lithuanian draft and a guy going to the turkey team. did you see that? >> well there is a lot of european players that are making their way into the nba and they are finding that the talent pool over there is sometimes more advanced than the kids who are freshmen or sophomores coming outs of college, they are almost nba ready. that's the theory. >> but my question is are they going to play in lithuania or turkey or they are coming from it. >> they are from there. >> oh. >> they are from there coming to play here. >> okay. thank you for clarifying that. i was very unclear on that. >> any other questions for me? >> no, i think that's it. we're out of time. >> we'll be right back with
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more. >> that was my good question. >> ow. ,,,,,,,,,, fee court is now in session.
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infomercial about flipping houses so you can," again, "pop your collar and make 'em holler" with your new found millions. i guess that's it. >> pop your collar and make them holler. >> let me ask you a question. would you buy a house from this guy. >> you ever seen those guys at late night, they show themselves in theriot and beautiful homes. "if you buy my system you too can get rich and have all the women and yes it is that i have" but this guy, vanilla, he is something else because he was a big dealment big rapper, international star. kind of sad to see how far you'll fall. >> i think he should hire milli vanilli to help him out. >> ice, ice, is still my favorite song on my ipod. when i'm working out, ice, ice. umm, umm, gets you a beat goin'. >> yeah. try it. >> yeah. >> it does. >> i love that song. >> right


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