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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 24, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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bin laden bombshell, a captured cell phone may link the dead al qaeda leader to the pakistani government. bracing for disaster, floodwaters are pouring into minot, north dakota, and the worst is yet to come. and back to boston. mob boss james "whitey" bulger returns to massachusetts to face murder charges and more. captioning funded by cbs good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm manuel gallegus in for betty nguyen. we have new insight into possible links between osama bin laden and pakistani officials. the "new york times" reported a cell phone captured during the
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raid of bin laden's compound may tie the al qaeda leader to pakistan's intelligence agency. the cell phone belonged to the terror leader's most trusted courier, the man he depended on to maintain communications with the outside world. the "new york times" reports the phone contained contacts to a militant group in pakistan that bin laden used as part of his support network. the group known as harakat ul mujahadin was a longstanding asset of isi, pakistan's intelligence service, which allowed it to operate in the country for 20 years. by tracing calls made on the phone, u.s. intelligence analysts determined the group spoke often to and may have even met with pakistani officials. if true the report would draw the clearest link yet between bin laden and the pakistani government. the question of pakistan's complicity in hiding the al qaeda leader has hung over washington and islamabad since
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the may 2nd navy s.e.a.l. raid that took out bin laden. the relationship was complex before the raid and has become extremely tense ever since. u.s. officials say that it is not clear they helped hide bin laden but it has given them new leads in the ongoing investigation. no other news, a major earthquake struck overnight near alaska. the magnitude 7.2 quake was centered 120 miles off of the remote aleutian islands. a tsunami warning sent people scrambling for high ground in dutch harbor but has been canceled. no reports of injury or damage. to north dakota where the flooding crisis drags on, much of the focus on the threatened city of minot but most of the state's 53 counties have been declared disaster areas. in bismarck nothing could be done to save a house surrounded by floodwaters as it collapsed into the swollen missouri river. in minot 10,000 people evacuated
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as the high water from the mouse river will crest this weekend. jamie yuccas of minneapolis station wcco reports. >> reporter: she saw the flood in '69 but it doesn't compare. >> not anything like this. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: ruth schmidt usually walks around oak park in minot. it's closed. she brought her camera to the broadway bridge. >> they really worked hard. >> reporter: on highway 352, just east of minot, traffic cannot get through, except for trucks hauling sand and local authorities. they're checking out what's been lost and what soon will be gone. >> yes, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: markers near the broadway bridge -- >> their roofs are going to be covered. >> reporter: it what surprises locals the most. >> kind of makes a big lump in your throat. >> reporter: water will likely not just flood homes but soon cover them. >> that was jamie yuccas of minneapolis station wcco reporting. in washington it appears
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talks to reach a deal on raising the debt limit have stalled. republican lawmakers walked out of the talks yesterday. joel brown is in the capitol with more on that this morning. good morning, joel. >> manny, good morning to you. they had sped up the pace of the debt limit talks this week in anticipation of a breakthrough and instead found a big bump in the road. negotiations over government spending have stalled with a possible debt crisis just over five weeks away. republican eric cantor walked out of meetings with vice president joe biden and other lawmakers on thursday. afterward the vice president signaled the talks are temporarily suspended. >> it appears they're giving up. we can't give up. >> reporter: biden's group was making progress on a deal but both sides refuse to budge on certain issues. for republicans it's taxes. >> democrat members continue to want to bring tax hikes into this conversation and insist we've got to raise taxes on the american people. >> reporter: democrats are refusing to cut medicare
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benefits. >> the republicans are asking seniors to pay more to get less. >> reporter: hanging in the balance is the nation's ability to borrow money. the government's already hit its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling and if lawmakers don't reach a deal and raise the borrowing limit by august 2nd, the u.s. will default on its debt. with negotiations at an impasse, republicans say it's time for president obama to get involved. >> where in the world has president obama been for the last month? where is he? what does he propose? >> reporter: economists aren't sure what would happen if the country defaults on its loans. it's never happened before, but many believe it could trigger another recession, something neither party wants. so these final negotiations will seemingly be in the hands of president obama and speaker of the house john boehner. the two men discussed the debt limit over golf saturday and
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speaker boehner paid a private visit to the white house wednesday night. >> joel brown in washington, thank you very much. in seattle federal agents foiled an alleged plot to attack a military center. prosecutors say the plan was chilling and in its final stages. the suspects abu khalid abdul latif and wally majadid planned to attack a federal building with a machine gun and grenades. they were arrested wednesday and are due in court next week. now to james "whitey" bulger the notorious mobster captured in southern california after 16 years on the lam. 81-year-old bulger will be returned soon possibly today to the scene of most of his alleged crimes, boston. kendis gibson has more. >> reporter: invisible for 16 years, a balding james "whitey" bulger smiled as he was led away by law enforcement agents from a federal courthouse in los angeles, the
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reputed head of boston's winter hill gang will finally answer to charges, including 19 murders. >> he was ordered by the court to be transferred to boston. >> reporter: bulger led the fbi on a worldwide manhunt since his 1995 disappearance. it turns out he'd been living at this apartment in santa monica. the fbi got its break after a series of daytime tv announcements focusing on bulger's long time girlfriend, catherine greig. >> have you seen this woman? >> reporter: a credible tip came in. >> security concerns prompted the agents to lure bulger out of his residence and they took him into custody. >> reporter: they seized 30 guns and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. bulger and greig had been living under the names charles and carol glasgow. >> standing face to face, they had no idea. >> reporter: authorities say whitey bulger is a ruthless killer, so ruthless they say he killed just for the thrill of it. >> he stabbed people. he beat people. he shot people, strangled people, run them over with cars.
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>> reporter: bulger's disappearance was an embarrassment for the boston fbi but for the sake of his alleged victims, authorities never gave up. >> i would hope that every day would be as painful as those eight hours he put my brother through. >> reporter: bulger is also wanted for murders in florida and oklahoma, both those states have the death penalty. kendis gibson, cbs news, los angeles. just ahead on the "morning news," drivers are about to get a major break at the pump. plus bieber mania and a big scare for the star here in new york city. this is the "cbs morning news." new york city. this is the "cbs morning news." specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people
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vo: new pc. what's it gonna be? erika: i'm a pc, and i got what i wanted. jesse: as usual. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more. on the "cbs moneywatch" stocks were up in trading on asian markets today. terrell brown is here with that and more. terrell, good morning. >> good morning to you. asian markets made some strong gains today after the eu offered billions to help greece get out of its debt problems. tokyo's nikkei climbed almost 1%.
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hong kong's hang seng up almost 2%. wall street gets the final gdp numbers for the first quarter today. thursday stocks finished mixed. after a jump in jobless claims. the dow dropped 59 points, the nasdaq up 17. gas prices expected to fall 50 cents or more within weeks, this after the government's decision to tap the strategic reserves. the obama administration said it was releasing 30 million barrels of oil into the market to make up for supply disruptions. critics say using the reserves now when gas prices have been falling is politically motivated ahead of next year's elections. google is bracing for a major legal fight with the government. according to the "wall street journal" the internet search giant will be hit with subpoenas from the ftc into looking whether if violated anti-trust laws. the company's ad service brings in its major revenues.
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ford fell to 23 in jd power's annual new car survey. car owners complained about malfunctions with ford's new dashboard touch screens. lexus, honda and acura topped the list. dodge was the worst performing brand. manny, i think we need a vaca, buddy. turns out the average american worker works 350 more hours per year than the average european. that's nearly 44 more days. the reason? americans take less sick days and nearly half the vacation time of their european counterparts and americans work more overtime, much of it overtime. you know how it is, work every day of the week and don't complain about it. >> that's right, and give it all back to your employer when you can. in new york, terrell, thanks a lot. have a great weekend. >> you too. here in new york an advanced case of justin bieber fever. the teen singer was promoting his new perfume and he drew a huge crowd, when he came out, there was a scuffle, when a barricade fell. bieber's security team rushed him back into the store, but then police struggled with a man
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miami, thunderstorms 90 degrees. chicago partly cloudy 75. dallas, sunny and windy, 95. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows much of the eastern seaboard under cloudy skies with heavy rain falling in parts of the northeast and southeast. it's mostly clear in the midwest and california. later today thunderstorms will range across much of the nation from the texas gulf coast to upper new england. the southwest and southern plains will remain hot and dry. the northwest will be cool with highs in the 60s. in sports, two of the world's top players won their matches at wimbledon, defending women's champ serena williams used an overpowering serve to continue her comeback from foot surgery and on the men's side, six-time champion roger federer kept his opponent running and easily advanced to the third round. in the nba draft, cleveland made the first pick, the
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cavaliers selected duke point guard kyrie irving. cleveland hopes he'll be a key player following the departure of lebron james. later in the first round, phoenix took markieff morris, and in the 1th pick was his brother, marcus morris to the houston rockets. in baseball, st. louis cardinals got a home run from john jay and lance burkman and crushed philadelphia 12-2. the cards are tied with milwaukee for the first place for the national league central. lance nix hit a sacrifice fly to left field. the runner from third place scored and the nationals beat seattle 1-0. after the game washington's manager jim riggleman quit in a contract dispute with the team. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and they're long dead but scientists can now take dinosaurs' temperatures, and what they found is surprising. now take
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nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums c-p joins the protest today, over a passenger's saggy pants arrest at s-f-o. why it's accusing the airline of racial profiling. plans to relieve a busy bay area road, now going nowhere. how frogs, and snakes are standing in the way. an emergency move by president obama, to relieve the pain at the pump. the gas price relief, we could see by the fourth of july. plus.. a party for gay pride. how it could slow your commute ,,,,ght.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. another round of strong storms will batter the northeast and much of the eastern seaboard. dry and sunny in the southwest and parts of the west coast and thunderstorms will form in the midwest. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a possible link between osama bin laden and pakistan's government. a cell phone recovered during the raid on osama bin laden's compound contained contact numbers for a militant group that worked with pakistan's intelligence service. and record breaking floodwaters are due to crest this weekend in minot, north dakota. 10,000 people have evacuated. officials expect the town to be
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swamped. now the latest indication of how this country is changing. for the first time, more than half the children in the u.s. are minorities. the latest census figures indicate nonhispanic whites make up just under half of all children under 3 years old. by contrast, whites make up 80% of people 65 and older. demographers say ethnic minorities will become the u.s. majority by mid century. the census also reports a troubling statistic about this country's children. one in five kids between the ages of 2 and 5 is overweight or obese, twice the rate seen in the 1980s. some families are beginning to fight back as kerry edderrer reports. >> reporter: a few months doctors told the gutierrez family that 2-year-old xavier and 4-year-old sebastian needed to slim down. xavier 15 pounds overweight, his brother even more. >> when he said 30 pounds,
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that's when we kind of like, we sat together with the wife and we have to start doing something. >> reporter: the institute of medicine now says obesity prevention needs to start from the beginning when children are infants and toddlers. the report recommends limiting television, increasing physically active play and promoting better sleep routines. >> the idea that a chubby baby is a healthy baby is one that's been around for a long time and i think the idea has been that children will outgrow that baby fat that tends to persist over time. >> reporter: childhood obesity is a huge problem in the u.s. about 10% to 20% of babies and children under 5 are overweight or obese. >> we really need to be having these conversations and working on the problem. >> reporter: that's what the gutierrez family is doing, cutting out junk food and juices. everyone is slimming down. >> we go shopping with healthier
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foods and we, i mean we're on the same track where i'm losing weight as well. so i guess it's a win/win for the whole family. >> reporter: getting healthy now to prevent health problems later. kerry edderrer for cbs news, new york. it's been 65 million years since dinosaurs ruled the earth. and scientists have learned something new and surprising about them. by studying dinosaur teeth they found the giant creatures with body temperatures similar to humans. scientists say that doesn't necessarily mean they were warm blooded like modern mammals but weren't cold blooded like crocodiles and suggests unlike modern reptiles they were active, agile animals. this morning on "the early show," president obama releases millions of barrels of reserve oil. we'll examine how that might boost the economy. i'm manuel gallegus and this is the "cbs morning news." orning news."
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spectacular pictures from southern chile, where an erupting volcano continues to pump vast clouds of smoke and ash into the sky. the ash clouds have buried nearby towns and disrupted air travel as far away as australia. here at home, the unemployment rate remains around 9%, but things are much better in texas, and particularly in the dallas ft. worth area. mark strassmann shows us why. >> reporter: on the plains of dallas, the pioneers have moved into offices. >> you can shoot projectiles out of the air. >> reporter: of the exploding video game industry. only silicon valley is bigger. >> at gearbox we've had a great few years, a great run.
4:26 am
>> reporter: steve gibson is vice president at gearbox software, one of america's largest independent video game studios, 200 programmers, designers, artists and producers, developers of mega hits like borderland and brothers in arms. so profitable, gibson handed out more bonuses this week. >> look at that! wow! >> reporter: five-figure quarterly bonuses. >> you've got, you know, hundreds of guys and girls working here who have, you know, a safe job and who will help grow that local economy and more talent keeps coming to texas, and it's been a great time. >> reporter: so blue skies? >> as far as you can see. >> reporter: think of this game's bad guy as the recession. around dallas the video game industry has helped knock them down with double-digit growth every year since 2005, that's right through america's worst economic crisis since the great depression. why dallas? mostly happy coincidence. in 1993 a dallas company created
4:27 am
doom, a landmark video game. the industry took off. video game studios now employ 1,100 people here and dallas based game stop has become the world's largest video game retailer. affordable escapism is top. the u.s. annual video game revenue is $25 billion, almost double movies and music revenue combined. >> it's not just a social thing for people. a lot of people it is also a protection from the worries of the outside world. >> reporter: all these graduate students want a piece of the gaming action. peter rod founded southern methodist university's masters program in video game development. >> for a place like texas these are great, great professions to have. the average salary of a video game developer is on the order of $90,000 a year. >> reporter: dallas has found a fantasy that pays real money. mark strassmann, cbs news, dallas. coming up a little later on
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"the early show," mobster whitey bulger is headed home to boston to face the music. you'll meet a cop who spent two decades chasing him. then the changing face of america, minorities are now the majority. and evidence that dinosaurs weren't lumbering cold-blooded beasts. they were hot and fast. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm manuel gallegus. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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