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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 25, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a bay area bound amtrak train in a deadly crash. we hear from the people on board that train. they were supposed to brighten bay area schools, but there is a dark side to these murals. the offensive images found within. >> it was a kind of a, what i call a rage aholic response. >> it seems whitey bulger wasn't very friendly. how his neighbors describe the infamous crime boss. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. it's still a mystery. why a semitruck slammed into an
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amtrak train heading to the bay area. >> as many as five people have been killed in that crash which happened out in the middle of nowhere. the high desert 70 miles east of reno. where that amtrak train was supposed to have arrived earlier tonight. sharon. >> ken, it's now about 12 hours after that crash and tonight some of the surviving passengers will be coming back here to the emeryville station. dozens of passengers who escaped serious injury in the crash crowded on to buses in reno tonight. the final stop, the bay area. before boarding the bus, linda and clayton cook of placerville described the inferno from two train cars away. >> all of the flames coming. there was diesel fuel all over the windows. >> we felt the impact and we looked out the window on the other side of the train and it was engulfed in flames. >> my heartfelt like it was up in my throat buzz we didn't
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know if it was the end or what. >> she's out there. >> a passenger with a cell phone captured the moments after the fiery crash. a semitruck carrying gravel slammed into an amtrak train this morning. witnesses say two train cars burst into flames when the truck plowed through with an explosive bang. >> train engineer itself saw this coming up, hit some brakes and then as the train collided it continued on. >> nevada highway patrol officers say those killed include the truck driver and train conductor. at least 20 people are hurt of the most severely injured, two in critical and three in serious condition at a hospital. 204 passengers and 14 crew members were aboard the california from chicago to emeryville. ntsb investigators are interviewing passengers and nearby truck crews to determine
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what caused the truck to crash. >> don't knowexactly what the cause was or why there was a failure to stop. >> authorities say it appears the safety gate's lights and bells on the crossing were all working and it hasn't had an accident in the last 20 years. once again a number of the surviving passengers are on charter buses right now. we understand they have left sacramento. they are on their way here to emeryville. we expect them in the early hours of the morning. ken. >> sharon chin with the latest. thank you sharon. one of the best known sex offenders just returned to the bay area. sex offenders move all the time. but robert lyles show us, authorities are making quite an effort to let neighbors know he's back. >> what we're telling them is to be aware that there's a high risk sex offender living in the area. >> so detectives and deputies
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rang bells and knocked on 1500 doors that straddle the road, telling all who answer, gary chandler lives next door behind this green gate. >> he lives way too close to the school. there's too many children in the neighborhood. >> do you think they should go door to door? >> yes. >> but the sheriff's door to door blitz as unnecessary. >> megan's law, carey is going to be on the megan's law wean site. >> in fact, a search of the megan's law website revealed 17 sex offenders living within one mile of one another. but neighbors say deputies never warned them of the other 16. >> one guy and telling us about one guy, they should have been telling us about all of them. >> the door to door blitz is harassment. >> we don't think it's harassment. we think it's our obligation to inform the public. >> door to door blitz is well within the law. megan's law that is, which
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spells out cops can take whatever means the department deems appropriate to ensure the public safety. but the 40-year-old convicted of four rapes is a portrait in redemption. due in part to voluntary chemical castration and decade long therapy that she believes is curved his sexual impulses. she also admitted. >> well he's no longer on chemical castration. >> san francisco district attorney says that means he is still a predatory risk. >> in addition to the criminal behavior, which underlies whatever got them into trouble in the first place is now enhanced by sexual urges, which have returned. >> so, are these fliers the police protection or big brother? that answer lies with carey. in bay point, robert lyles, cbs 5. >> a man honored for his colorful murals in bay area schools is under arrest tonight
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accused of possessing child pornography. linda reports that cops say he secretly put pornographic material in those murals that young kids walk by every day. >> what i love about these murals is you have all these buried jewels. >> san francisco police say what they found buried in some of these murals was not for family viewing. >> i think as an adult, you would see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them. >> mural artist anthony norris was arrested earlier this month accused of possessing child pornography. as the founder and director of kid serve, he worked with school children to create outdoor murals. recently cbs 5 profiled him in a story about his community service. but after his arrest, a school district team took a closer look at murals norris created at 20 san francisco schoolings. they found what they called
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offensive at four schools. >> negative of a photograph that is inlaid behind the clear tile itself. they are many different things, maybe construed as defensive, some may not. some of the tiles are actually drawings. >> some of the tiles have been taken down and turned over to the fbi. how many children were exposed before their discovery is not known. police hope no one saw them. >> these tiles were very small. you would have to get close to these tiles to be able to see the inappropriate images. some of the tiles are at such a height you would never see them. >> but children did work on the murals with norris. >> they were obviously done at school sites, but we don't have any evidence that children were harmed in the development of these murals. >> police revealed offensive tiles were removed in san rafael, old mill elementary and
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global family school in oakland. the san francisco school district said it has suspended all funding to kid serve. what they plan to do with all of these murals now is still under discussion. in san francisco, linda, cbs 5. >> other bay area headlines now, three men are in custody accused of holding up a santa clara pizza restaurant. a video shows masked men coming in through the back door armed with handguns. they order employees to the floor, tie up one of them, and then clean out the cash registers. one employee was pistol whipped, but he is okay. police arrested three suspects a short time later and they all face multiple robbery charges. a new chapter in that airline saggy pants story. the naacp is accusing u.s. airways of racial profiling. deshawn, a 20-year-old college football player was kicked off his flight after refusing to pull up his pants.
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u.s. airways regularly allows a 65-year-old frequent flier to fly in what appears to be women's underwear. >> san jose is turning to the feds for help in stopping what has been a surge of gang killings. not just any feds. homeland security agents. >> starting next week, two federal agents will be working with san jose police to bust gang members. they will report to immigrations and customs enforcement. this has some people in the community nervous, but the chief insists this is not a witch hunt for illegal immigrants. >> if you are a law-abiding citizen, we aren't interested in your status. if you are a gang member, we will use whatever resource we have to to bring you to justice. >> the city is laying off 100 officers next week. sjpd says they need the help. immigrants rights groups, however, are skeptical. >> there's infrastructure in place to catch the bad guys.
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so i think we need to be clear about what this collaboration means for our community and if it really is about public safety. >> in the gang investigations unit, this will be the agent's new home. they will reevaluate the partnership in six months. cbs 5. >> as tens of thousands in the bay area celebration gay pride in san francisco this weekend, lawmakers in new york have legalized same sex marriage. >> it means that all of my friends can finally do the things that they want to do that i can do. it means that we're equal. >> tonight's vote in the republican controlled senate came after a week of intense lobbying from both sides. the swing vote came from steven, a republican who changed his position. >> i know my vote is a vote -- it hasn't been approved by the people. it's been the legislatures that shoved this down people's
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throat. >> andrew signed this into law hours ago. new york becomes the sixth state and the largest to allow gays to get married. new york has no residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license, so the state could become a magnet for gay couples all across the country. and pride celebrations got underway in san francisco with one of the largest gatherings of transgendered people in the world. the purpose of their march, strength in numbers. elizabeth cook on why some feel they're not part of the community. >> i just had legally my name changed, my gender changed through the court. my birth certificate i received, i'm full female now. >> it was a sea of color along the streets of san francisco as thousands of transgendered men and women march from delores
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park to city hall. >> i'm trying to put the t in front of the lgb. >> this is like one of the biggest gathering of transgender people like anywhere in the world i think. so it's pretty magical. >> i came out a year ago and so it's very important to see as many of us as possible. >> they marched to show other transgendered people they are not alone. >> especially younger people, you know, because they have a better chance. me, i had to wait until i was old. >> i feel that this day is a part of something that will give me more strength to carry on. >> this parade kicks off a series of lgb pride events this weekend. although many of the people we spoke with today feel that transgendered people are marginalized within the community. >> invisible compared to the gay and lesbian community. >> when asked about new york
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city's vote to legalize same sex marriage, most of the responses were lukewarm. >> gay marriage child abuse up most of the resources for gay and transactivism. >> there was no debating the theme of this year's transmarch. >> everyone can live together as human beings. we are all pink inside. >> in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. far from a reck loose, an infamous mobster lived a regular life complete with neighbors. how they describe living next door to a suspected killer. ,,,,
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that's so cute, it's stupid. most wanted is finally facing justice. after 16 years of being on the run, one of america's most wanted is finally facing justice. james whitey bulger appeared in federal court today. his brother former massachusetts speaker of the house, william bulger was also there. whitey bulger asked for a public defender, but prosecutors objected siting a large sums of money seized from his santa monica home. bulger is being held without bail and faces numerous charges including 19 murders. tonight bill talks to the people who shared a neighborhood with the alleged mobster and his girlfriend. >> people in this beautiful seaside city lived beside james whitey bulger and his girlfriend for almost 15 years, but most never suspected a
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thing. barbra lived on their floor and did see flashes of anger. >> he would sort of scream, stop talking to her. or don't talk to me. and there was a kind of a -- what i call a rage-aholic response. >> 81-year-old bulger and 60- year-old katherine greig lived nondescript lives in a neighborhood full of retirees,, they were hiding in plain sight. >> famous, notorious guy, criminal was living in a rent control building, perhaps not. but maybe it's a good strategy. >> their neighbors, bulger and greig were almost unnoticed. when it comes to public records, they were almost nonexistent. there's no public record of an address. no record that anyone called to the police to complain about them. no record of a traffic ticket. not even a phone listing.
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of the two, greig who became the focus of the fbi search was out and about more. >> she was just very lady liked, very well-dressed, she seemed to be a very sweet person. >> neighbors who recall talking to bulger describe him -- >> he had a little angry way about him. >> he told me how the people who put dogs in dumpsters should be shot. >> those words send chills down her spine. the couple on the run found the perfect place not just to blend in, but fade away here by the sea. bill, cbs news, santa monica. the man behind one of the most well known tv detectives has died. >> something that i'm not clear about, but that can wait. you want to go to bed. >> peter faulk passed away yesterday at his beverly hills home. he won four emmy's for his role
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it's the weekend finally and people looking ahead to see if it's going to be warm, cold, somewhere in the middle. roberta. >> we take you to the hotel. i love this hotel. at one time at ten stories it was the tallest hotel in san jose dating back to february 1931 when they had the ground breaking ceremony. you go down in the middle of the night and make your own sandwiches. done that, been there. looking ahead towards san jose and all of the bay area. on saturday it turns sunny. on sunday it will be the warmest day of the weekend. on tuesday, a chance of rain beginning in the north bay. tomorrow it's the low clouds and the fog will fill up the entire bay area. turning back to the coast by
2:01 am
midday. and then just linger along the san mateo coast, keeping the temperatures relatively on the cooler side. otherwise for your get away weekend, a pair of 8's in sacramento. 93 in redding, and 70 on the south shore. low 60s in monterey. overnight with a blanket of low clouds into the 40s and 50s and tomorrow waking up with gray skies. peeling back to reveal sunshine, a pair of 7's, which is two degrees off its mark. upper os with little clearing. low 80s toward the delta. east of the bay from 70 in alameda to 80 in pleasant hill. low 80s and pleasantton. home of the 99th annual fair where it will be in the mid and high 80s by sunday. now starting with the peninsula, 60s and 70s will be common with areas of patchy fog. it appears as if we will have sunday as the warmest day. monday we'll hang on to this
2:02 am
weather pattern. slight chance of rain by tuesday night into wednesday. and look at the temperatures drop significantly beginning to warm back up on thursday, friday. lemonade sale today. the girls in the hood, they were getting together and they had their own lemonade sale to raise money to fight the big fight against breast cancer. hey kim, what's up in your world? >> a little bummed out. the sharks trade one of their young forwards for an all star and after a couple days off, torres returns to the lineup. torres returns to the lineup. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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of a doubleheader with the cubs... barry zito will return to the giants rotation tuesday in chicago for the night cap of a double header with the cubs. and after that, maybe he'll take jonathan sanchez's spot in the rotation for the second straight start, sanchez doesn't make it out of the 5th. he only allowed two hits, so one of them was a two-run double by carlos santana. sanchez adds to his major league bleed with six more
2:05 am
walks. giants would rally back with three unearned runs in the 6th. deep enough for torres. move back into first in the west. >> a's and phillies took a no hitter into the 6th and pitched seven shutout innings. scoreless in the 8th. finds out the hard way that cliff pennington is one of the best shortstops in the american league. bottom of the 9th, the a's choose to pitch to ben francisco with the first base open and he makes them pay. the phillies win 1-0. the a's lost 12 of 14 on the road this month. hockey news, 24 hours after agreeing to a new three-year deal, the sharks turned around and traded the popular forward and two prospects to minnesota for brent burns in a future
2:06 am
draft pick. aj almonddinger is your sitter for sunday's race. now to aj almonddinger. he'll start 7th. the former cup star faces a tough task of driving the number 43 car. racing legend and team owner, that's right, richard petty. >> he introduced himself which was really odd. i was like, really? yeah, i got you king. at that point it was mr. petty. he said call me the king. i said whatever you want. i just remember it was such a huge honor to have him say man, you know, i think you're good. i want you in my race car. >> andy was knocked out at wimbledon and failed to reach the semifinals. will he ever win another grand slam? >> he let folks creep in that
2:07 am
may never happen for you. >> sure. you're human. of course it does. you know. you may never get your favorite job either. no offense to your current employer. >> ouch. number four, another example that baseball players have way too much free time. and number three, this is what you call multitasking. a photographer makes play and keeps the camera on his shoulder the entire time. number two, back to philly. no hit would have ended in the 2nd if it wasn't for ryan sweeney's diving catch. very nice. and number one, college world series, south carolina wins it thanks to a throwing error. they beat virginia in 13 innings and are headed back to the championship where they'll take on florida and south carolina has won three of their world series games on a walkoff chrks is amazing. >> florida is looking very, very tough. >> they are looking tough and
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