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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  June 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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stadium. how it will impact the case and the prime suspect coming up. >> good morning, tuesday, june 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it may be june 28, but it's raining outside. you know, we thought that this was going to be done with. and yet here we are. >> it is roll back the clock day, back to the middle of winter. we have a storm system dropping into the bay area. look at that cold front already seeing some arena now showing up in parts of the north bay. it's going to pay a visit to all neighborhoods today. we'll talk about that and the rest of the forecast. right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> a little mist outside. be extra careful on the roads, maybe a windshield wiper day. here's live look at the nimitz. 880 through oakland so far looks great past the coliseum. an update on mass transit coming up. back to you guys. >> a close call for homeowners in concord. a wind-driven grassfire prompted voluntary evacuations overnight. kristy seifkin is in concord. firefighters, they weren't taking any chances with this one, were they?
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>> reporter: no, they weren't, grace. in fact, firefighters were out here immediately and actually called backup crews for this fire that broke out at 11:00 last night. a two-alarm fire and this is near the cal state hayward- contra costa center campus. looking at that video from last night you can see that the fire broke out in the dry vegetation, plenty of it in these hills. and wind was definitely a factor in this fire. dispatchers could hear how wedged did i was. wind was a big factor in the fire. the wind was kicking up, causing a fire to spread close to the homes. firefighters then called in additional units to fight the fire. the good news is that no one was injured in this fire. two acres burned and no individuals were injured, no structures damaged. there were some voluntary evacuations but no damage overall. this is just a reminder of the fact that fire season has in fact started and it's very important to keep that dry
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brush trimmed and from you in a place that actually allows fireworks for the 4th of july weekend, make sure to keep them away from the dry grass areas. there is no cause determined yet in this fire. we'll keep you updated as we hear more. back to you. >> hard to remember when a rainy day like today but it's a good reminder. >> reporter: always a good reminder. thank you. 6:02. there are two men in jail this morning for a stabbing at a car wash in walnut creek. it happened around 9:30 last night when an argument turned violent. this is on north main street. three people were stabbed, two of the victims in stable condition following surgery. the third victim was not badly hurt. 6:02. a new piece of evidence for the lapd in their investigation in the bryan stow beating. anser hassan is in san francisco with the video that apparently shows stow inside dodger stadium right before the attack. >> reporter: good morning, frank. the video shows brine stow inside dodger stadium the night
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-- bryan stow inside dodger stadium the night of the attack apparently confronted by an angry dodger fan. the 12-second video shows stow in a giants jersey inside dodger stadium allegedly on the night of his attack. the video those a man wearing a banda23 jersey but we don't know what that refers tomorrow. the dodger fan is screaming and pointing at stow and stow appears to indicate he wanted no part in the confrontation and the man returns to his seat. bryan stow's sister sent a text to cbs 5. she says, "it was heartbreaking to watch and see the shock and scared look at his face." now, the one thing the video shows is the man harassing stow is not giovanni ramirez, the lead suspect in the case. but that doesn't mean ramirez is innocent. because, you see bryan stow
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and he is aggravated, agitated and directing it at somebody who is not the suggestion respect in the case. >> to sit here and say that this will exonerate giovanni ramirez i think is a bit much. it's too much. i'm not going to say it. >> reporter: now, ramirez is back in jail serving a 10-month jail sentence for violating his parole. he was arrested back in may in connection to the stow beating. meanwhile, bryan stow is here at sf general, in a coma. doctors say he is showing signs of improvement. frank? >> has the lapd made any comment on the tape? and why did that take so long for someone to come up with this tape for this to surface with such a big reward out there right now? >> reporter: those are all good questions, and tmz apparently has the answer. they are nol telling when they got the tape, where they got the tape. and as for lapd, we do know that they are looking at the individual -- looking at the video and evidence very carefully. they are being careful to
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release statements when they have answers that will help answer these questions. >> they are going to have to be because they haven't even charged the suspectt yet. erika gallon gallego pled not guilty to kidnap of a child. she is accused of taking a bus and cab to her son's home in knightsen and take the baby to southern california. 6:05. some progress in oakland's efforts to reduce its $58 million budget deficit. all the major unions representing city workers have reached tentative agreements on concessions. among them, police officers, firefighters and workers and three other unions would pay 9% of their pension plans. the agreement would save the city an estimated $40 million a year.
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the deal, though, still needs approval from the rank-and- file. and a state legislatedture is set to vote on the budget proposal today. governor brown announced the plan yesterday with state senate president pro tem steinberg and assembly speaker perez. they say it will close a $9.6 billion deficit with a combination of more cuts and some newly projected revenues. >> revenues actually are up $4 billion so far this year, actual money in hand over and above what we thought. going forward, we do expect more revenues in the budget year coming up. but in case we're overoptimistic, we have severe trigger cuts that will be triggered and go into effect. >> those cuts that he is talking about could affect public schools, higher education, prisons and in-home care for the elderly and disabled. the governor is abandoning his push for a special election this fall to extend tax increases.
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if the legislature and the governor approve this plan, state controller john chiang will resume issuing paychecks to lawmakers. >> they will like tha. >> we love when the weather is nice, calm, warm and sunny. the weather guys love it when it churns up a little bit. >> now lawrence is super busy. >> geeked up, too, he is excited. >> we are going to keep everybody happy today. we have the rain for me today and the by the end of the week, we have some -- and by the end. week -- and by the end of the week, we'll have some sunshine. an impressive cold front is dropping into parts of the north bay now. the rain picking up into santa rosa. we are seeing showers there. you can see heavier amounts on the back side toward bodega bay, occidental and some making its way toward inverness but it's a slow mover across the bay area. so it looks like it will pay a visit to much of us but it will take toward the afternoon before it gets into the south bay. so with that in mind, with temperatures cooler than
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average, a promise elizabeth of some heat. i now like that heat on the holiday weekend. >> i do. thank you, lawrence. something in my eye. >> get it out? >> not really, no. yeah. [ laughter ] >> let's go out to our maps. talk about mass transit as i continue to blink here. ace train number one still running about 8 minutes behind schedule. they got a late start out of tracy and right now still running behind schedule. train number 3, by the way, is on time. bart looks good, as well. muni metro, caltrain. slow traffic out of the altamont pass. usual brake lights, 17 minutes towards 680 and the dublin interchange. improvement towards pleasanton. an earlier accident before 680 is now gone. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we'll try to help her during the break. >> eye wash, table 5. 6:08. new details about a fiery amtrak crash in nevada. what investigators hope to learn from the driver's cell phone coming up.
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the scene of the amtrak crash in nevada say they have recovered the cell phone of the truck driver involved in the deadly collision. federal investigators at the scene of that amtrak crash in nevada say they have recovered the cell phone of the truck driver involved in the deadly collision. it killed the truck driver lawrence valli and five people on the train. now valli's cell phone is being sent to the ntsb laboratory in washington. investigators would like to know if valli was distracted with texting or talking on the phone right before impact. 6:12. an east bay church is holding a vigil every night this week to pray for a danville teen. he was trapped in a sand tunnel that he was digging during a camping trip. the sand collapsed on two boys on saturday. they had dug a path 6 feet under the dunes at sunset beach in santa cruz county. people heard their screams and started digging with their hands. >> digging with their frisbees and pulling the sand away, and
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-- and just hands, digging like a dog, trying to get this boy out. i had him to the point where i had his legs in my lap and i'm trying to pull him up out of the ground but he's like cemented in. >> one boy got out okay but by the time rescuers got to brian buchanan, he had been stuck for 15 minutes. he is now anyone tensive care. james "whitey" bulger will nice a judge in boston today. the accused mob boss is expected to be assigned an attorney. he was wanted in connection with 19 murders when he was arrested last week in santa monica. investigators say during his 16 years on the lam, he made several gambling trips to las vegas and returned to his hometown of boston several times armed in disguise. >> unbelievable that he could manage that. >> just to go back to boston, because he lived in south boston, which is a very tight- knit community, and if he was
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in town, you know, you would figure someone would say guess who was down the street, that kind of thing. maybe not. afraid of what may or may not have happened. the fact that he was in vegas, crazy, crazy. snakes, lizards, dogs and cats, no animal left behind. why there is an effort to ban all pet sales in a bay area city. >> and taking on the story of a seal team 6. the graphic novel about the mission to kill the world's most wanted terrorist osama bin laden. time for your travel forecast. the clouds are rolling in. showers becoming likely at sfo. no delays yet. but that could change. temperatures 63 degrees. across the state, nice weather pulling into chicago today. sunny and 79 today. if you continue toward new york, clouds are thickening up and, yes, there is a chance of some showers, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. we'll have more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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show beating victim bryan stow inside dodger welcome back. 6:17. let's look at today's top stories. newly released very i don't appears to show beating victim bryan stow inside dodger stadium shortly before he was attacked. los angeles police are checking this video that was obtained by tmz. a stunned former illinois governor rod blagojevich is now facing up to 300 years in
6:18 am
prison. he was found guilty on more than a dozen corruption charges yesterday. blagojevich is expected to appeal. and president obama goes to iowa today. he is scheduled to talk about jobs at a factory. the white house says that this trip is about the economy and not politics. >> so getting up on this summer day expecting sunshine? no. the clouds are rolling in now. we have a cold front coming in. we are getting rain in parts of the north bay now and that's going to be sagging to the south throughout the day. here it is in towards santa rosa now looking at rainfall and this will continue to work slowly into the rest of the bay area. probably weakening somewhat as it makes its way into the south bay. so if you are heading out the door, chance of showers early on to the north, more likely south in the afternoon. temperatures will be well below average. plan on 60s and 70s outside today with the rainfall out there and a very impressive cold front for this time of the year. looks like it will continue to
6:19 am
move by, dropping maybe as much as a half inch in parts of the north bay, lesser amounts further to the south. nonetheless, very impressive to get rain at this time year. so carry that umbrella with you today as this cold front moves on through. things staying unsettled and wet today and possibly into tomorrow morning. and then it looks like it's going to move out of town. here's some timing on one of our computer models showing the moisture makes its way slowly through the bay area through the middle of the bay as we head through about the noontime hour. this afternoon, sagging south. so you get the idea, slow mover, temperatures well below average. 60s and 70s outside for highs and that's it. but this is all going to change in the not too distant future as high pressure will start to sneak in here by late tomorrow afternoon. and that means some warmer temperatures expected into thursday. much warmer, hot, toward the holiday weekend. some temperatures near triple digits into sunday and monday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and unfortunately, we got a lot
6:20 am
of slow traffic right now heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see, they went ahead and turned the metering lights on so there is a backup behind t behind the pay gates looks like it's backed up to the end of the parking lot. so not too bad of a wait yet, maybe 10 minutes to get on the bridge but it is sluggish already up the incline. metering lights were turned on at 6:11 this morning. elsewhere, we also got some congestion on highway 4 through antioch. coming off the antioch bridge looks good. slow typical bottleneck past a street. speeds around 11 miles per hour. so when it's in the red, speeds are dipping low below 25 miles per hour. the nimitz 880 through oakland, this looks great. our sensors are picking up top speeds from hayward towards downtown oakland. and speaking of oakland, we have an as game later on tonight. they take on florida 7:05. for right now, easy ride up and down the nimitz. southbound traffic looks great as you head towards oakland
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airport. so no delay getting to the airport if that's where you have to go this morning. to the south bay now, and overall no big issues here, as well. a lot of the roadwork that we were dealing with on 880 in san jose is now cleared and coming out of downtown san jose, traffic looks great on 280, 101 by the way problem-free, as well. that is your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it started with puppies, and then kittens, and now san francisco board of supervisors is considering a ban on all pet sales. the ban would cover everything from dogs to mice even goldfish all in an effort to end animal cruelty. the plan was first introduced last year. it was put on hold after supporters wanted to include a ban on all animals with fur or feathers. animal activists say it would be symbolic. a bay area congresswoman won't seek re-election next year. representative lynn woolsey announced yesterday that she would retire. she has served the bay area and the united states for two decades now. woolsey is known for her
6:22 am
consistently liberal positions on issues particularly with the wars in iraq and afghanistan. 6:22. the supreme court weighs in. the justices say that kids can still buy the violent videogames. but the battle isn't over. >> and it looks like charlie sheen is winning again. his next role on the small screen coming up. tell you about it. ,, ,,,, [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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begin in washington video games to kids, says his fight isn't over. three state lawmaker behind a ban on selling and renting violent videogames to kids says the fight isn't over. the u.s. supreme court -- the u.s. supreme court shuck it down saying it violates the first amendment rights of free speech. the justices say it's up to parents to regulate what their children watch. supporters argue that violent videogames can be harmful. >> they expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality. >> the bill's sponsor, senator leland yee, says he and other supporters will study the court's decision and consider introducing another bill that will stand up to first amendment scrutiny. 6:25 now. and the capture and death of osama bin laden will soon be the plot of a graphic novel. a san diego publishing company is taking on the story
6:26 am
including the secret raid that led to the al qaeda leader's demise. some top military consultants are helping with an 88-page novel. its creators say code work geronimo will be an accurate depiction of the operation from the planning to the raid itself and it's expected to go on sale this september. it was only a matter of time before charlie sheen -- he reportedly signed on to star in another television comedy series. >> it's like the one he left. radar online quotes a source saying sheen will play a character similar to the one he played on "two and a half men" but the new show is set to be a little racier. the "two and a half men" producer plan to kill his character off in a car crash to kill off the notion he will return. >> soap opera central. his twin brother? hey, whatever it takes. coming up, we have a deal,
6:27 am
lawmakers come up with a state budget on time finally. the one thing that's noticeably missing, though. and who is shooting at falcons? two of the bay area's beloved birds have been targeted. the obstacle they face in making a full recovery. and proof that fire season is well under way. a fire breaks out here in concord. flames getting dangerously close to houses in a suburban neighborhood. i'll have the full report coming up. new questions, new clues, for lapd as they look into the bryan stow beating case. we'll have the video and show it to you coming up straight ahead. ,, ♪
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. happy tuesday morning. it is june 28. i'm grace lee. >> boy, that was with vim and vigor. >> half hour left. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we have some moisture out there. >> yeah. we have a cold front diving into the bay area if you can believe that. we are already seeing the rain in parts of the north bay towards santa rosa, sliding further south. this rain likely to pay a visit to your neighborhood too. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> yeah. we'll show you what it it looks like out there live. here's a live look at the misty conditions as you cross the golden gate bridge right now. now, we don't have any hot spots out there but we have
6:31 am
some slow spots including spots in livermore, antioch and the bay bridge. we'll break it all down in traffic in a few minutes. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> i'll take it. thanks, elizabeth. 6:31. a scary reminder that we are in fire season. wind whipped grassfire burns close to homes in the east bay. kristy seifkin is in concord where some residents evacuated in the middle of the night. but all is well there now. kristy. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. yes, flames broke out here around 11:00 last night. a two-alarm fire and i'm actually here with cheryl one of the residents who lives next door to where the fire broke out. what did you see when the flames started? >> reporter: the flames were pretty high at first. our neighbors woke us up. my husband and i were sleeping. quite a rude awakening to look out your backyard and see it all aglow. >> reporter: how close did the flames come to your house? >> there is a nice fire break. that's the good thing that our community does is they did the hill. so it was probably, i don't know, 300 yards away from the
6:32 am
house? maybe not that far, even. >> reporter: you guys are safe and sound? >> we are, yes. >> reporter: great, thank you very much. that was the case for the rest of the residents in the area as well. no injuries in this fire. wind was a factor, though. the fire department had to send out backup extra trucks because the wind picked up and that can cause a fire to spread, as we know. no injuries in this fire. no buildings were damaged. but it is a strong reminder that we are in fire season and certainly, as you make your way into the 4th of july holiday, make sure to keep that dry shrubbery trimmed around your house. and if you're in a place that allows fireworks, set those off far away from where any fires can start. >> thank you, kristy seifkin in concord. police have arrested two men after a triple stabbing in walnut creek. officers responded to a fight last night at a car wash near geary and north main street. they found two victims who are now listed in stable condition. they say a third person was injured but refused treatment. bail for the two suspects from
6:33 am
walnut creek set at $50,000. los angeles police have some new evidence in the bryan stow beating case. it is video apparently taken shortly before the attack outside dodger stadium. anser hassan is in san francisco with how this could impact the case. >> reporter: good morning. bryan stow is in a coma still at san francisco general. the police are reviewing the latest video released by tmz. the video shows bryan stow in his giants jersey inside dodger stadium allegedly on the night of his beating. the 12-second video was released on monday. tmz is not saying when or where they got it. now, stow appears to be avoiding a confrontation with an angry dodger fan who looks to be yelling and screaming at stow before return to his seat. the man is wearing a ban da 23 jersey, he is unidentified. the stow family watched the video.
6:34 am
his sister erin said "it was heartbreaking to watch and see the shock and scared look on his face." what does this mean for the investigation? it's more evidence but it also shows that the man confronting stow is not giovanni ramirez. ramirez is the lead suspect in the case. that means there could be other suspects to consider. >> the implication is that if bryan stow was being wowed about his disdain for the dodgers, that there are multiple possible suspects here. >> a tape like this can be misleading to either side. >> as long as it doesn't show the actual incident occurring, it only opens the door speculation. >> reporter: giovanni ramirez is currently serving a 10-month jail sentence for violating parole. he is the lead suspect in this case and he was arrested in may in connection with the beating. lapd has gone through hundreds of pieces of video and surveillance video, as well.
6:35 am
this latest video is just one more piece of evidence that they have to build their case. reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan, cbs 5. thank you. 6:35 now. we could have a new budget today. the state legislature is voting on a new proposal. governor brown announced the plan just yesterday with democratic leaders and they say that it will close a $9.6 billion deficit with a combination of more cuts and some newly projected revenues. the governor is abandoning his push for a special election this fall. he was trying to extend tax increases. some republicans are now angry. they say that the budget was passed without gop input. >> so we get in here around 3:45 a.m., give or take, and there was a little bit of excitement in the weather department. lawrence was just, you know, really excited about getting on the air today. >> a huge hunk of weather is coming our way. >> was it that obvious? you know what, we are probably just not going to see another cold front like this until we get into fall. and indeed we are seeing that
6:36 am
cold front moving in right now. cloudy skies in the bay area and the rain has started to fall to our north. you can see it up towards santa rosa some moderate amounts of rainfall in this direction but it's sagging further and further south. likely to move through the rest of the bay area throughout the day today. so bring that umbrella if you are heading out the door. we are going to see some rain outside today. temperatures going to be way down, highs only expected in the 60s and 70s. hey this is one beautiful cold front working its way on through. these numbers well below average. we could very well head well above the average the latter part of the week. we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. and we will go right out towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we got a good sized backup already this morning. it extends -- did you say whoa? whoa, yeah. >> glad i'm not there. >> yeah, i know, a lot of people have to deal with this every morning. stacked up beyond the overpass. 10 or 15 minutes to get on the bridge and then still slow up the incline all the way towards
6:37 am
treasure island. coming down the eastshore freeway not too bad there. 19 minutes is your drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so yeah, they have been cycling through the metering lights slowly. traffic isn't moving very fast. benicia bridge looks great right now heading into martinez. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. a truck driver involved in a deadly amtrak crash, was he distracted at the wheel? that's what investigators hope to learn from the recovered cell phone. the the accident just east of reno on friday killed the truck driver, lawrence valli, and at least five people on the train. his cell phone is being sent to the ntsb's laboratory in washington. investigators want to determine if valli was texting or even talking on the phone right before the crash. the reward is now up to $1,000 in hopes of finding the thug who shot two peregrine falcons in oakland. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us with an update on the birds'
6:38 am
conditions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. falcon fans here in san jose have been outraged at the shooting of these two peregrine falcons in oakland earlier this month especially since one of them is mate of a baby chick born on top of san jose city hall back in 2008. we'll have more on that in just a sec but first, as you mention. , it was earlier this month that these two falcons were found in oakland with pellet wounds in their bodies and wings. they were rushed immediately to the lindsey wildlife museum where susan heckly says they underwent immediate surgery. >> it's guarded prognosis because we don't know how everything is going to happen. we don't know if the bones will knit together properly. we don't know if the birds will be able to fly once everything is healed inside. >> reporter: she says the birds are now eating on their own so that's good news. now, the mother falcon is nicknamed hia. she is the mate of hico who was born on top of san jose city hall 18 stories up back in 2008. and that's one of the reasons that falcon fans here in san
6:39 am
jose who have been watching these chicks being born on the popular falcon webcam are now donating to the reward fund that's set up to catch the guy that shot hico's mate in oakland. as you mentioned it's now up to $1,000. that money will be given to the person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever shodded shot the birds. shooting a falcon is the violation of federal and state laws under the migratory bird treaty act. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. >> matt, i guess the birds weren't shot on the same day, they were shot like a week and a half apart. so they really think someone is out stalking these birds? >> reporter: it's possible. that's one of the reasons that the game wardens are looking for whoever the gunman is. they think someone may be hunting the birds and if it's pellet wounds it could be a shotgun of some kind and they are definitely interested in getting some information to track that person or persons down. >> okay, matt bigler live at
6:40 am
san jose, kcbs radio's own, thank you, matt. time now is 6:39. home prices on the rebound. how the bay area compares to the rest of the country. coming up. >> and here's a double surprise for you apple fans. not just one but two iphones could be released this fall. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley will have the details for us. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the numbers. so far, so good. everything heading in a positive direction. coming up, we are going to get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, bay area! waking up on this summer's day, we have a cold front dropping into town. the clouds moving in right now, and we have some rain already beginning to show up around the bay area. rain is expected to be around the entire bay area at least as we head in toward the afternoon. showers right now confined mainly to the north bay and you're seeing moderate amounts of rain in toward santa rose, petaluma. and there's more to to come. this cold front lingering across the north bay and off the coastline. heading out the door, plan or showers outside so bring that umbrella with you today and a light jacket. it is going to stay cool. of course, we've started out with a little drizzle. by the afternoon, showers
6:44 am
sagging further south into the south bay by the latter part of the day. temperatures well below average, the cold front coming from the gulf of alaska. doppler radar picking up on moisture off the coastline. this is going to be sliding through and bringing the rain on and off throughout the day today. so carry that umbrella. i know it's late in june, but at least one last storm system is coming through and then things quiet down and heat up quite a bit later in the week. still it looks like the rain is going to continue to drop through. computer models picking up on it this morning and showing it moving through the middle of the bay through the middle of the day. by the afternoon, the showers continuing to linger into parts of the south bay. and then we'll start to catch a little bit of a break. plan on much cooler temperatures into the 60s and 70s. today the rain maybe a couple of leftover raindrops, more scattered toward tomorrow. then toward thursday and friday we start to warm things up, getting very hot, elizabeth, as we head in toward the holiday weekend. >> it is. think you love that low
6:45 am
pressure, lawrence. >> you bet! [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you, let's take you out live to show you what it looks like out there. here's a live look through pleasanton. as you approach the dublin interchange, this is westbound 580. there was an accident actually earlier in the morning right there as you approach the dublin interchange. it is long since cleared. so right now we're dealing with about 25-minute drive time from the altamont pass towards this area right here towards pleasanton. elsewhere slow traffic and misty conditions which lawrence was just telling us about the in north bay. you can see it from the view of our golden gate bridge shot. this camera is positioned just before the toll plaza. so far, southbound looks great coming into the city not much slowing traffic there. where it is slowing here, the bay bridge. metering lights have been on since about 6:11 this morning, so stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing and it is a slow ride. we're seeing brake lights all across the upper deck heading into the city. so just your usual stuff through here. also, pretty sluggish through antioch. westbound highway 4, once you reach a street, that's when we
6:46 am
start to see these speeds under 10 miles per hour now. and it remains that way all the way towards hillcrest. speeds do improve into pittsburg into concord. then things turn green. so green is good. we like to see green out there. and we are seeing some green in silicon valley for the silicon valley commute westbound 237 as you leave milpitas. so far, so good, typically closer to about 7:00. that's when we start to see some delays coming off of 880 towards zanker road. right now, you are good to go. and up and down 101, we should have a live camera. well, this is the central freeway. into and out of san francisco, looks pretty good. if anything changes when you hit the roads, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. we share all our information with them. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco helps lead the way as home prices are on the rise actually across the country. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and jason, this is actually a good sign, right? the market may be recovering?
6:47 am
>> a little sign. >> oh. >> reporter: basically the hope here according to the kay schiller report is maybe we have seen the second bottom reached in home prices since the bubble burst. we saw losing streak of eight months end in april with a slight gain in the top 20 market. about a .4% gain from the month of march. although it was still a decline year-over-year. san francisco area saw a 1.7% gain but still prices were down 5.5% from the year before. only one city, washington, d.c., actually had a year-over- year gain of about 4%. housing prices the -- housing market still really stinks. and spring is the real prime time buying season. we haven't seen it materialize. the only thing to hope for is perhaps we are once again seeing the bottom and maybe start to gradually come back a little bit higher. greece is another factor. we have seen violent protests taking place as people are upset about another round of austerity cuts that are going
6:48 am
to be voted on tomorrow by the greek parliament. that austerity measure must be passed in order to get a second bailout in order to avoid defaulting on greek debt. stock market reacting to that, hoping we'll see something. like to see positive housing news. the dow up 71 right now. nasdaq up 17. s&p is up by 7. also getting word that consumer confidence fell in june. still in positive territory, but the fall there isn't going to help things out today, grace and frank. >> you know what? we have had so much bad news, any kind of glimmer of hope we'll take it. >> reporter: yeah on the housing market no doubt. >> i sold mine, believe it or not. i took a bath but finally unloaded it. >> reporter: that's the problem. you lose money in the process. >> he said this before. they asked for the refrigerator, the big-screen tv, they wanted the lawnmower. >> reporter: they wanted your 401(k) account in the process. >> i said you want the bed spread in the master bedroom, too? come on. it is what it is right now. >> reporter: certainly is. >> at least we sold it. thank you, jason brooks with
6:49 am
kcbs and well, everyone is waiting for the new iphone to finally come out. >> but apple could actually shake up the tech world by releasing two of them this year. cnet editor at large brian cooley joins us today. is this true? >> this is the new rumor. >> my fossil. >> i have frank's here. normandy mali we have one iphone on the market -- normally, we have one iphone on the market at the same time. what could happen for the first time is apple may release two iphones at once this fall and here's the reason. look at this graphic on the screen. the red bars you see there is the market for expensive smart phone. the blue bars are the market for more affordable smart phones. notice that's growing starting this year rather remarkably after 2015 until they get to more people wanting affordable smart phones than expensive ones. it's roughly at parity but it's a growing curve. a lot of people don't want a two-year commitment. that's about a $2,200 experience when you count it all n that's a lot of money.
6:50 am
>> it is. >> plus the cost of the phone plus the activation fee. >> and if you want to change carriers, you're stuck for two years or pay a big disconnection fee. so apple may have a new version of the iphone 4 for the prepaid market, boost, virgin, cricket, those kind of guys to give them a bump in the specs and they may give the 5 to verizon and at&t with all the bells and whistles like an 8 megapixel camera and a dual core processor which is in the new ipad 2. so they might vary the market. they want to hit like a $300 to $500 for the lower cost market. isn't clean. but realize that that's with no commitment so you're not tying into a $2,000 marriage on top of that. the iphone today if you buy the iphone 4 or 5, this is a $650, $700 device with the memory. so they are talking about bringing the price down by half
6:51 am
for the prepaid market. >> if you are looking for two years and you prepay before, right now, when you post pay it's $2,200. what is it when you pry pay? >> it can be a better deal on data plans, significantly cheaper. you have no commitment. you can buy the minutes as you go. and the other thing is a lot of those guys still offer unlimited data. at&t and verizon and the big boys are getting away from that. they are giving you plans with limited data amounts. still a big amount but it's a limit. the unlimited data tracts a lot of people so that's the market apple wants to play stronger. >> when is it coming out? >> this is rumor, in the fall, perhaps august for september availability, put that as a rough idea. >> it's late for at&t to be joining the prepaid market, isn't it? >> well, the whole idea of getting prepaid is to go after boost, cricket, metro pcs, virgin mobile, the guys that are getting a lot o market. theyit's month by month and
6:52 am
prepaid. >> no commitment. >> thank you, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley. >> thank you. time now 6:52. crucial piece of evidence in the bryan stow beating case on video. we are going to share it with you coming up. >> and a confrontation caught on tape. there it is right there at the dodger game. that's bryan stow and and angry dodger fan. that's coming up. and if you have a story idea or comment to share with us, email ,, i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'.
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6:55 am
[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. beating investigation. los angeles police are now looking dium, welcome back. 6:55 now. a new twist in the bryan stow beating investigation. l.a. police are now looking at a video inside dodger stadium before stow was attacked. anser hassan is in san francisco with how it might impact the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lapd is reviewing this new video for new clues in the bryan stow beating case. take a look at this video released monday by the website tmz. this 12-second cell phone video shows dodger fan juan banda wearing the banda 23 jersey confronting bryan stow inside dodger stadium allegedly on the night of the beating.
6:56 am
stow appears to indicate he wants no part of the confrontation. the stow family watched the video of. stow's sister erin told cbs 5, it was "heartbreaking to watch and see the shock and scared look on his face." giovanni ramirez remains the lead suspect in the case. his attorneys admit this new video doesn't prove ramirez is innocent. lapd says this new video is new evidence that they need more information about what happened the night of the attack outside dodger stadium. reporting live, anser hassan, cbs 5. >> thank you. 6:56. two men are in jail this morning for a triple stabbing that happened in walnut creek. it happened around 9:30 last night at a car wash on north main street. police say an argument turned violent and three people were stabbed. two of the victims are in stable condition following surgery. the third victim, though, wants bad his hurt. the state legislature -- >> the third victim though was
6:57 am
not badly hurt. the state legislature is going to propose a new budget saying it will close a $9.6 budget deficit. they will do it with more cuts and newly projected revenue. the governor has abandoned his push to extend tax increases. it's wet and drizzly. from fizzle to drizzle? >> i thought you put your doppler to bed. >> we'll be working it hard as we have the rain showing up around the bay area. clouds now making their way in toward the east bay no rain just yet. but that's about to change. and here it is. you can see more of that rain located in the north bay right now. but this whole cold front that's sliding to the south, so we are going to see rain picking up, becoming moderate and heavier amounts at times, maybe even the possibility of a couple of isolated thunderstorms. so a very interesting day weather-wise here in the bay
6:58 am
area especially for late in june. a chance of a couple of lingering showers as we head in toward tomorrow. but then i think we start to dry things out and as we do, a strong ridge of high pressure likely to build in by friday. we're talking about some of those temperatures up into the 90s in the warmest spots inland. as we head in toward the holiday weekend, near triple digits just the way elizabeth likes it. >> a smorgasbord of weather, huh? the low pressure for you, the high pressure for me. >> i'm happy all around. >> yes. it is really gray out there. look at this, here's a live camera across the san mateo bridge. the right side of the screen a little difficult to see this morning but that's the commute direction and despite the kind of misty conditions out there, your drive time still holding steady at 13 minutes out of hayward toward foster city and the peninsula. bay bridge unfortunately has had a big backup since 6:15 this morning. continues to grow. right now it is jammed solid to the macarthur maze. no incidents, just all those commuters heading into the city this morning. so it's sluggish all across the upper deck. south bay 280 doesn't look too bad out of downtown san jose.
6:59 am
easy ride towards cupertino. and a little sluggish right now just like we usually see it around this time of the morning as you leave 880 on westbound 237. so a few brake lights there. and mass transit, everything is now on time. we were dealing with some earlier ace train delays but everything is now good to go. and bart also no delay there, as well. >> hard to see it in some of those cameras. you have to rub your eyes. >> it's the weather. >> well, we have a warning. you won't see this on your morning commute. watch out for zombies. this was in newfoundland, canada. >> commuters are looking up at "expect apocalyptic doom." pranksters reprogrammed the sign. city crews took it down after a while. >> that happened in boston and they said road closed ahead,


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