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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 30, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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radiation worries, experts monitor the air over the los alamos nuclear lab to make sure a wildfire hasn't affected stored atomic waste. tax break challenge. president obama takes on republicans over the debt limit and warns congress summer vacation may be canceled. and austerity anger. more violence is likely in athens as the greek parliament votes on a second round of spending cuts. captioning funded by cbs good morning everybody and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. the fire threatening the los al most nuclear lab has gotten so big, the haze from the smoke can be seen as far away as kansas.
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the government has sent a flying laboratory to monitor the air around los alamos for any possible radiation contamination. officials say it is just a precaution. the blaze is only 3% contained but there is some good news. forecasters say shifting winds could begin pushing the fire away from the nuclear facility. sandra hughes reports. >> reporter: an ominous sight, smoke creeping closer and closer to homes in los alamos. firefighters are cutting back trees and brush, they're trying to create a buffer zone of open space to protect residential areas and the los alamos national laboratory. >> as far as our houses, our residents, our county, the lab, we're in the best shape we've been since this thing started. >> reporter: the government ordered air quality inspection. in conjunction with the eps. the los alamos lab already analyzed a sample and found nothing dangerous. officials say the air and the complex are safe. >> i do not believe there is any specific danger to the public from our activities at los alamos.
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the dangers from that, the danger is from that fire on the mountain. >> reporter: some long time residents are reassured. >> those people who work there, they live next door to me. they're my neighbors, they're my friends. i know who they are. >> reporter: late in the day a dangerous situation was discovered, an open natural gas line very near the ridge where the fire could crest. emergency crews were dispatched and they tried to cover the hole for protection. some evacuees are staying in temporary shelters. they're concerned about what they'll find when they return home. >> do i have a home to go home to. >> what do we do until then? how do we go about our lives. >> reporter: the fire has grown to more than 100 square miles, and with the july 4th holiday weekend approaching, the governor is asking people to refrain from using fireworks, and potentially making matters worse. sandra hughes, cbs news, los alamos, new mexico. now to the showdown over the national debt limit. president obama challenged republicans during his press
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conference yesterday and said the refusal to end tax breaks for the rich is "unsustainable" it came as the international monetary fund warned that failure to raise the debt limit could spike interest rates and cause severe shock to world financial markets. joel brown is in washington with more on this. the president pointed out that the clock is ticking. >> he did betty, an aggressive and frustrated sounding president obama made it clear despite republican cries to the contrary, august 2nd is a hard deadline for getting a deal done on the debt limit and waiting until the 11th hour is not an option. senate democrats are considering canceling next week's holiday recess in the wake of president obama's public scolding. >> they're in one week, they're out one week, and then they're saying obama's got to step in. you need to be here. >> reporter: wednesday he blasted lawmakers for planning to skip town without reaching an agreement on raising the debt limit.
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the president wants republicans to agree to close many tax loopholes as part of the deal or risk the devastating consequences. >> by august 2nd, we have run out of tools to make sure that all our bills are paid. >> reporter: he makes sure his daughters get their homework done ahead of time. >> they don't wait until the night before. they're not pulling all nighters. you know, congress can do the same thing. >> reporter: but after the news conference, republicans dug their heels in even more. they accused the president of shirking his responsibilities and trying to force them into raising taxes. >> we know that if we increase taxes, this bunch of democrats in washington will spend every dime of it without cutting back on the things that really deserve to be cut back on. >> reporter: despite the stalled debate some economists believe a true default is unlikely. still treasury secretary tim geithner warned even the uncertainty of one could do just as much harm.
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>> he's got everybody convinced the world is going to come to an end. if you do that with financial markets it happens. >> reporter: president obama is hoping it won't come to that, confident both sides will find a way to meet in the middle. >> so while the senate may work through its vacation, the gop controlled house is another story. house speaker john boehner says that president obama's mistaken if he thinks the republican majority would pass a plan that raises tax revenues. betty? >> a lot of ground to cover. joel brown in washington, thank you for that. however the debt limit fight shakes out, many americans are pessimistic about the economy. according to a new cbs news/"new york times" poll 50% believe the economy will eventually recover. almost 40% say it is permanent decline, and that is up more than 10% from october of last year. and speaking of economic troubles, greek lawmakers are voting today on a second austerity bill, and it is likely the streets of athens will erupt with violent protests as they
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did yesterday, when the first round of government spending cuts was passed. mark phillips is in athens. >> reporter: these are not the sort of images that failing countries that depend on the tourist trade want the world to see, as the greek parliament voted to cut back public spending by another $40 billion, raise taxes and sell off about $70 billion in state owned companies. conditions demanded by the european union and the imf before greece is given another massive bailout loan it can't afford to pay back. >> it can't be paid back, no. the markets know it, that's why the spreads are where they are. >> reporter: what's the point of another bailout loan? >> none whatsoever. they want to gain time. >> reporter: time for greece not to recover but to manage a more orderly default on its debts. the violent protesters may represent the extremes of public opinion but there's plenty of anger in a country where youth unemployment is already running at 40% in some areas, and the public debt is larger than the
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national economy. these confrontations have become almost ritualized, the anger hanging in the air like the tear gas. they've not just become angry, though, they've also become futile. despite the protests, greece's minnesota born prime minister george papandreou managed to get his austerity measures through parliament. greece is cracking economically and socially and the bigger worry here is that the collapse will trigger another economic earthquake with shocks felt round the world. mark phillips, cbs news, athens. in iraq, three more american soldiers have been killed. the military says they died in a rocket attack on a u.s. base near iraq's border with iran. one military official says it appears to be the work of an iranian backed shiite militia. in all 15 u.s. troops have been killed in june, making june the deadliest month for u.s. forces there in two years. on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia were up today. ashley morrison is here in new
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york with that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. that's right, stocks in asia were higher this morning. tokyo's nikkei was.0.3% and hong kong's hang sang gained more than 1.5%. on wall street yesterday, news of the budget crisis in greece sent the dow rising 72 points, while the nasdaq gained 11. toyota has announced another recall, this time more than 110,000 hybrid vehicles. the recall involves the highlander hybrid, and the lrx 400h. it has to do with a power supply circuit that could cause the vehicle to stop suddenly. budget talks in minnesota have broken down. unless a deal is reached the state government will shut down tomorrow morning. lawmakers cannot agree on a deal with how to deal with a $5 billion deficit. the department of education released its latest guide to college costs at the low end, the university of puerto rico's
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annual tuition is about $2,000, while the most expensive school is base college in maine with tuition plus room and board topping $50,000 a year. and betty if you're headed to the beach, listen to this. the national resources defense council is out with its list of america's cleanest beaches. the top three rated beaches of rehoboth beach in delaware, dewey beach also in delaware and parks point club beach in minnesota. right now, just about any beach sounds good for the weekend. >> but those aren't the spots i would have thought, the sunny spots a lot of people are headed to. >> probably why they're cleaner. not as many people are there. >> i bet they're beautiful. ashley morrison here in new york thank you. just ahead on the "morning news" hackers attack a terrorist website. the latest on pain in the united states, how many of your neighbors are suffering. and turtles take to the airport runway. find out where they're going.
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just like spending time with my family. ask your healthcare provider about novolog mix 70/30 flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen. insulin delivery that goes with you. at kennedy airport in new york check it out, it was turtle versus jet planes. departing flights were delayed while ground crews collected about 150 diamondback turtles from runways. it's an annual event while the turtles migrate. david petraeus is expected to be confirmed as new head of the cia. petraeus was commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan and led of surnl surge of u.s. troops in
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iraq in 2007. a key jihadist website has been knocked off the internet by hackers. cyber security experts say the site advocating holy war on the west was taken down by a fairly sophisticated cyber attack. in an escalation of the battle for libya, france says it air lifted weapons to rebel forces. new video from the rebel stronghold of misrata shows anti-gadhafi fighters in weapons training. france says it air dropped them guns, ammunition and humanitarian supplies. a federal appeals court has upheld president obama's health care law. the three-judge panel in cincinnati says the constitution does give congress the power to require americans to buy health insurance. the u.s. supreme court is likely to have the final say in this one. and a new report says that more than 100 million americans suffer serious pain every year, costing half a trillion dollars in medical expenses and lost wages. duarte geraldino has details. >> reporter: mandy gardner has been living with pain since she
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was 10 years old. gardner suffers with fibromyalgia, which is pain all over the body. sometimes it got so bad she had to use a wheelchair. pain is a major health problem. a new report from the institute of medicine says pain affects 116 million adults in the u.s., costing the nation more than $560 billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity. >> the major types of pain are headache, back pain and neck pain. >> reporter: the report recommends more research to find out which treatments work and it says insurance companies need to cover multiple therapies. >> proper care is not just an injection, nerve block or some exercise program but a combination of treatments. >> reporter: the study also says doctors need to better educate themselves and their patients about pain management. right now only five of the nation's 133 medical schools have required courses on pain. after months of intense treatment, including physical
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therapy and injections, gardner is getting some relief. she says the key is never give up. duarte geraldino, cbs news. new york. straight ahead your thursday morning weather. in sports, rafael nadal wows the center court at wimbledon. wows the center court at wimbledon. [ male announcer ] from nutritional science comes centrum. with vitamins and minerals balanced to support your energy... ♪ ...immune function... ♪ ...healthy skin... and help protect your cells from environmental stress. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. the complete benefits of centrum. and if you're over 50, discover the age-adjusted benefits of centrum silver. express hydration. the fast absorbing body lotion for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology.
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♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪ lasts for hours. ♪ new express hydration with hydraiq. part of the essentials range. nivea. a hundred years of skincare for life. here's a look at weather, in some cities around the country. new york sunny 82, miami
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thunderstorms, 90 degrees there. chicago partly cloudy 88. dallas sunny, a whopping 100 degrees. l.a. sunny 80 degrees. time for a check of the national forecast, the latest satellite picture shows thunderstorms moving from the rocky mountains into the northern plains. the southeast has scattered storms, especially in florida. bands of heavy rain are moving north from tropical storm arlene toward southern texas. light rain is sliding across the northwest. later today hot and hazy conditions will spread across the central and northern plains. the northwest will see cool temperatures, 60s and 70s. severe weather is moving east across the northern plains. the southeast will get more rain and thunderstorms. in sports, wimbledon's defending champ, rafael nadal made some amazing shots to advance to the semifinals. in the fourth set he served to american mardy fish and despite an injured foot flicked an incredible shot into the corner. nadal is on a 19 match winning
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streak at wimbledon. in baseball an interleague meeting of first place teams. new york's jorge posada hit a shot to right field that he thought was a home run. umpires disagreed and he was tagged out. the umpires reversed themselves after a video replay showed it was a homer. the yankees beat milwaukee 5-2. in chicago two outs bottom of the ninth, the cubs aramos ramirez hit a single to left and the runner scored from third base. chicago celebrated a 2-1 victory over san francisco. finally in scotland something completely different, the world cup of swamp soccer, that's right. sometimes it's more like mud wrestling than soccer but occasionally a goal is scored. then comes the toughest part of every game, cleaning up afterward. yeah, that's going to take some time. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. and then meet digit the gorilla and her adoptive parents.
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reports of new phone calls, made from michelle le's cell. the mysterious call, made to le's brother. a dark day for public safety in san jose. the number of police officers, losing their jobs today. the free ride, in the fast lane is over. why hybrid drivers, are about to lose, a major commute privilege. and a wakeup call for diet soda drinkers. how the drink could be hurting your waistline. join us for cbs 5 early edition ,,,,
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. more thunderstorms are on the way for the southeast, especially along the gulf coast. a severe weather system is headed into the northern plains, the northeast will enjoy a pleasant day. here's another look at this morning's top stories, a high tech flying lab is checking for radiation as a huge wildfire in new mexico burns near the los alamos nuclear facility. so far the fire is only 3% contained. and in the battle over raising the nation's debt limit, president obama is challenging republicans calling for ending some tax breaks for the rich. canada is preparing for a visit by the duke and duchess of cambridge, better known as prince william and kate. the royal couple will first visit ottawa, the canadian
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capital starting today. they'll wrap up their tour next week in southern california. it's an article of faith for christians and jews around the world that god is a source of the bible. now an israeli team has used a sophisticated computer program to trace the human authors of the scriptures not by name but by writing style. their findings dispute traditional scholarship in key places including the first chapter of genesis. finally a story that is simply bananas. her name is digit. she is 13 years old and she's been adopted by a couple who manage a zoo near leone in southern france. digit stays in their home at night and returns to the zoo's gorilla enclosure during the day. this morning on "the early show" the recent e. coli outbreak in europe raises concerns about food safety here in the u.s. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a new poll shows that 40% of mortgage holders in this country making payments has become much more difficult for them in the past three years. 15% say they have missed a payment and some homeowners have stopped making payments all together, yet they're not moving out. jim axelrod reports. >> reporter: the sweet life ruben martinez lived on this block on staten island almost came to an end four years ago when he and his family were just days away from eviction. >> i lost it. everything at that moment just fell apart. and -- >> reporter: low point of your life? >> that's the lowest point of my life. >> reporter: trapped by a ballooning subprime mortgage and out of work, in 2005, martinez
4:26 am
stopped making his monthly mortgage payment of $1,774.84. two years later, the bank was about to foreclose, when a neighbor suggested he call lawyer robert brown. >> i have at least 50 clients that have not made a mortgage payment in three years. >> reporter: today martinez is still in his home, six years after he made his last payment. what saved him? as in millions of other cases, the record keeping was sloppy in the frenzy to write mortgages during the real estate bubble. >> the bank that started the lawsuit against the martinez family did not own his note and his mortgage on the day that they started the lawsuit, so the wrong bank was foreclosing on him. >> reporter: it's because of cases like this that foreclosures on 2 million properties nationwide have almost ground to a halt. in many states, courts are overwhelmed and have put in place strict rules to protect homeowners from illegal foreclosures. one analyst estimates at the
4:27 am
current pace it would take 61 years to repo cess all the homes in serious delinquency or foreclosure in new york state. even if the bottleneck clears it will take years to get them back on the market says kyle's firm tracks mortgages and discovers this massive number of homes in foreclosure limbo. it's these 4 million homes that could spell more trouble for the housing market. >> the phrase you often hear is we're shadow inventory, they're not listed to are sale today but the bank will eventually have to put that property to the market. >> reporter: ruben martinez wants to make a deal with the bank to stay in his house but for now he's not going anywhere. >> i'm going to fight to stay here. it's my house. >> reporter: and martinez is not alone. with those 2 million other americans in foreclosure and 2 million more in serious delinquency about to join him. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. coming up a little bit later
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on "the early show," president obama is trying to persuade republicans to end some tax breaks to the wealthy. will he succeed? then the first official tour for britain's royal newlyweds. starting today in canada. plus a special "early show" performance by english singer/songwriter david gray. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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