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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 9, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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don't know. i'm not allowed to name starbucks? i might say jgeneric coffee outlet. geoff: i was just standing at the local ♪ craig: what do you get when you're at the local ♪ bob: burt reynolds standing behind you. craig: he is one of the great american movie stars. you know what i mean? you know that film when he was greased up? geoff: all of them? craig: he is so hairy that he can't get the grease off so he goes from one film to the next slipping and sliding through life. [laughter] geoff: wow. i just got excited. [laughter] craig: me too.
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as if burt reynolds was standing behind me with a mustache. geoff: in my pants. craig: well, we got to go but let's remember this. [laughter] that -- let's remember that this show was -- it was all right. come on. we have been worse. we have been better, i agree. but it has been worse. it has been worse, hasn't it? remember that night? oh! geoff: oh, man. craig: yeah. good night, everybody. good night.,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i was very comfortable going public with my addiction and going to treatment. >> betty ford was not afraid to talk about taboos from drug addiction to abortion to cancer. the legacy left behind by this accidental first lady. >> unemployment gone from bad to worse and it's not just because of the recession. what's really behind the job crisis. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm dana king. a woman who never sought the spotlight, but once it found her, she didn't shy away. > betty ford captivated and
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shocked the nation with her discussion on her personal battles. sandra hughes gives us a look back. >> betty bloomer ford never expected to become first lady, but she was thrust into the role when richard nixon resigned. she spent time in new york city as a student of modern dance pioneer martha graham. she modeled and then married, twice. the second time to a young lawyer just entering politics. 28 years were spent living in washington as congressman gerald ford's wife, raising their four children. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> just weeks after her husband was sworn in as the 38th president of the united states in the wake of the water gate scandal, the new first lady found out she had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. >> it came as a terrible shock, of course, to our family, and to me. breast cancer has never entered my mind. >> at a time when cancer was
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spoken of, betty ford was credited with saving thousands of lives. >> i would always think when i go down those stairs with my husband, they are probably wondering, now which side did she say it was? >> in the 2 1/2 years she spent as first lady, she was candid about her opinions and didn't shrink from controversy. mrs. ford favored the equal rights amendment and admitted she would probably try marijuana if she were a teenager. suffering from the stress of her public role, mrs. ford became hooked on pain killing drugs and alcohol after leaving the white house yet still very much in the public eye, she entered a california hospital to kick the habit. >> i was very comfortable going public with my addiction and going to treatment. i had been very public about breast cancer and that it helped a lot of people. >> afterwards she helped found
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the betty ford treatment center. mrs. ford served as its chairman and spent three or four days a week counseling patients there. work she said contributed to her own sobriety. >> i have always been kind of open about my life. probably sometimes too much so. >> but betty ford's openness turned out to be her greatest gift to her country. her frail presence at the funeral service to her husband served as a poignant reminder. cbs news. a south bay soldier whose name means victorious died in afghanistan. 36-year-old army sergeant was killed tuesday in a fire fight. he joined the marines straight out of westmont high school in campbell. he later joined the army and served 16 years in the military. friends say he was due home in
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a few months. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. despite a forecast that called for rain and thick clouds, four astronauts blasted into space on the last flight for a shuttle mission. >> two, one, zero, and liftoff. the final liftoff of atlantis. >> the crew is delivering a year's worth of supplies to the international space station and then will haul away as much trash as it can. the crowd watching the historic flight at cape canaveral was estimated at nearly a million people. >> i didn't realize that it would be so bright, so powerful, so overwelming. the sound and the sight itself very, very empowering. >> once atlantis returns in 12 days, thousands of workers in the shuttle program will be layed off. it will be at least three years before astronauts are launched again from u.s. soil. the unemployment rate has gone from bad to ugly. it's now 9.2%. the highest since december.
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and we can't just blame the recession. anthony mason shows us why the problem is much deeper than that. >> for more than 14 million unemployed americans, june was a discouraging month. private companies added only 57,000 jobs and with state governments struggling, minnesota shut down, nearly 40,000 government workers lost their jobs. after three months in which the economy looks strong, averaging more than 200,000 job gains in may and june, it just flat lined. >> businesses just froze. they are not laying off workers, but they have stopped hiring. >> economists mark sandy believes higher gas prices stalled out an economy still trying to get back to full speed. >> the size of the economy is actually bigger than it was before the recession hit. however, we were lucky if we got a quarter of the jobs back. >> economists sees a fundamental shift in the
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economy that affected our ability to create jobs. >> i think a lot of people think the jobs problem right now was caused by the recession. >> no it wasn't. >> something was ailing our economy before the great recession in the jobs market. >> in the 1970s, 80s, and 9 0áz, the u.s. economy created more than 18 million jobs during each decade. but from 2000 to 2007 the economy added only 7 million. >> the seven years before the great recession hit marked the worst business cycle we have on record as far as job creation goes. >> economists, heidi. >> we have now faced about 11 years of really weak jobs growth. >> meanwhile the so-called under employment rate which involves those that have given up working is back up above 16%. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. lawmakers on capitol hill will work all weekend to try to
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come up with a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. president obama told both sides to bring their proposals to a meeting with him on sunday night. the president today blamed all the unsun certainty for keeping businesses from hiring and causing the unemployment rate for going up. raise the debt ceiling/4 trillion in spending and keep tax loopholes. >> i doubt that many people would argue with the president when he says it could get worse if congress does not find a way to raise the debt ceiling so the government can borrow the money it needs to pay its bills. he got a double barrel reminder today of just how hard that is going to be to get a deal. democrats say they will not accept cuts in social security. republicans don't believe the two sides are close to any agreement and if they don't reach a deal soon, the united states will default on government loans for the first time ever. >> six people shot in 90
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minutes and all in the same neighborhood. happened at four locations in east oakland. none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries, but police are now trying to determine whether the shootings are connected. no suspects have been arrested. federal agents are now helping san jose police stop gang violence. not everyone is happy that the help is coming from federal immigration agents who are going after gang members here illegally. ask add group of protesters tonight what's wrong with that? ♪ [ music ] >> more than 100 people attended a prayer vigil tonight to say the agents are not welcome. >> bringing in ice agents, federal agents from operation community shield is not the solution. it's a trust breaker. >> church leaders invited police chief chris moore and he showed up. >> let us raise our hands in prayer for chief moore. >> he didn't budge.
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>> agents are staying. >> they will be there, and again, very carefully supervised. that's never been the question. >> san jose layed off 66 cops for the first time last month. the city's homicide rate doubled. mostly driven by gang violence. >> the city is broke. we are laying off police officers. what are we going to do? >> well i wish i had a solution to that. >> the chief promises the agents will not deport innocent people and is asking for a chance. >> but it's them giving me an opportunity to succeed or fail and i think that's all i ever asked for. give me the opportunity to do something well and we'll reevaluate and see if we need to change it. >> a federal agent working is still a federal agent. >> why not give the police chief the benefit of the doubt and let them try it out? >> because he did not consult us. he made the decision without consulting us. if he had thought about consulting us, he would have said, heck no. >> in san jose, cbs 5. >> other bay area headlines, a family of four was killed when
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their small plane crashed after takeoff into part of the watsonville community hospital last night. david, his wife dorothy, and their two young sons, 12-year- old luke and 10-year-old ryan were on board. so far, no word on what caused that crash. friends and family of missing nursing student michelle lay held a fundraiser at a sizzler restaurant in heyward to pay for their search efforts. 20% of the restaurant's earnings went to the fund. a celebration in san jose to mark a milestone. the creation of the world's newest country south sudan. it's a move that people hope brings an end to the civil war that has killed 2 1/2 million people. the fighting led to the lost boys of sudan who came to san jose as children to avoid being forced into the military. the immigrants say that they now have hope for a better
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future for their impoverished people. first, critics didn't like its name, then the building itself was ugly. after that vandals targeted it. now elizabeth cook shows us a pizza parlor is changing its colors. >> when you eat at a restaurant named pizza argasmica, you can be confident subtlety is not on the menu. >> it needs to be vibrant. it cannot have pizza in black and blue. >> the colors of the building are hotter than the pizzas and the customers like it that way. >> it's really energetic and pulls you in. >> yellow is one of the colors that people want to eat when they see. it's one of those -- >> it gives you appetite. >> not everyone thinks it's appetizing. since taylor mya opened pizza in san rafael back in february, he battled the city and other businesses. they were even vandalized with
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graffiti. >> you cannot please everybody. >> taylor is tired of fighting everybody and changing the colors to a more mellow yellow. >> we are going to tone down some of the areas. we did compromise. >> it isn't the only restaurant that is making a statement with color. just around the corner, isn't exactly under stated, but are they being asked to change? >> yes, in a letter to the restaurant framed on the outside, a customer said the color was garish and ugly and they weren't the only one. only pizza orgasmica has to change because it's a historic building. >> what is more important? hey, i want the space closed for years and people come into the business. you figure, do the math. >> businesses can conduct
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themselves as needed and if they are bringing in the business, it's good for the community. >> in san rafael, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> rolling out the royal red carpet. what's in store for the prince and the ditches in their first u.s. visit. >> i felt violated and felt like this was inappropriate. >> did the tsa go too far? why one woman said she was singled out. >> and you better pay attention to what you eat. how a bad memory could ,,,,,,,,,
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southern california today. the duke and dutchess of cambridge, k ns british royal newlyweds began their tour of southern california today. the duke and duchess of cambridge known to their fans as simply william and kate landed in los angeles this afternoon. governor jerry brown, his wife, and mayor antonio villaraigosa welcomed the couple. then they went to the hotel to meet with media leaders while fans outside hope for just a glimpse. >> their romance is a true fairy tail. i love it. i want to believe in it so much. >> which is why she's wearing a tiara. the royals attended a reception at the general's home. william and kate are staying there for the weekend and tomorrow prince william plays polo in santa barbara.
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we've heard complaints about airport security patting down babies and the elderly, but this is a new one. a traveler claims she was dediscriminated against because of her hair. she went through an advanced imaging search at an airport in washington state where she was taken aside for a hair patdown. now she wonders if it was racially motivated. >> there were many other females around me who were not having their hair searched. i distinctly looking at a woman with a hair in a ponytail thinking, why isn't she being accosted as well? >> the agency has a policy that any head coverings that might conceal weapons can be searched. do you suffer from lunch amnesia? scientists say if you don't remember what you ate for lunch, you are more likely to pig out at snack time. british researchers fed identical lunches to 29 female
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students. some were told to multitask, others were told to focus closely and an hour later the students were presented with a plate of really good looking cookies. those who focused on their lunch ate half as many snacks. >> it appears the use of cash is on the decline. the treasury department didn't print any new $10 in the last fiscal year and production of $5 bills dropped to its lowest level in 30 years. people are using debit and credit cards more to buy things. despite the downward trend, cash is not likely to disappear for good. experts say many of course prefer to use it to pay the babysitter or tip the wait staff. >> i'll give you $1 for a sunny warm day, lawrence. >> yeah. sunshine in spots. temperatures are coming down around the bay area big time. that fog is rolling in. how much cooler can it get? ,,,,
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t we have the weekend. but we have cooler temperatures, too. right lawrence? >> yeah, that's okay. it's been hot in some parts of the bay area. some triple digits. those temperatures going to be much more comfortable around
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the bay area as we head towards the afternoon hours. the fog is starting to surge. it should be a stronger on shore flow, that means more fog when you get up tomorrow morning and slow the burnoff as we head towards the afternoon. sunny and mild inland. the hottest temperatures in the mid 80s. more comfortable tomorrow inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. os, maybe a couple low 60s. right now still very mild in concord. 65 in livermore. 62 degrees in san jose towards the coast. the fog and low clouds and right inside the bay. that fog is moving on shore right now. still we are looking at changes for the weekend. of course we have been enjoying that beautiful summer heat, but that looks like it's fading away with high pressure headed eastward. a trough of low pressure that will camp out here. cooler temperatures expected for the weekend, but much cooler as we get into next week. well below the average. enjoy tomorrow. should be beautiful. santa clara looking at 78
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degrees. plenty of sunshine. 75 in palo alto. 50s toward the immediate coastline and pacifica. 86 degrees antioch. good breeze in the afternoon into berkeley at 67 and 68 degrees in oakland. talking about the north bay, 50s and 60s towards the coast. you'll see 70s in many spots. getting near 80 degrees in santa rosa by the afternoon and 82 into fairfield. so looking out over the next few days, temperatures not too bad for the weekend, but boy after that, that trough really begins to dig in. i think some of these temperatures are going to struggle to get into the mid 70s in some of the warmest parts of the bay area by next week and a lot of drizzle to go along with that. so nasty during the middle of next week. a reprieve from all that hot weather that you love so much. >> might want to move your chair back a little bit. >> i don't see anymore heat for the next seven to ten days,
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maybe more. sorry about that. i know. >> take that for the weekend. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> have any better news? >> i don't. the giants have more walkoff wins than any other team. tonight the giants and mets were tied in the 9th. would there be late inning magic? and david ortiz does more than swing for the fences. it ,,,,,,,,,,
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player... he bought a new glove before yeste josh hamilton is cooper stone's baseball player. he bought a new glove before yesterday's game to catch a ball from hamilton. but the dream turned into a nightmare when his dad died after falling nearly 20 feet trying to catch a ball for his son. >> hearing the little boy screaming for his daddy after he fell and then being home with my kids really hit home last night. >> certainly want to express. >> a moment of silence before the game for shannon stone. both teams wear black ribbons on their jerseys. >> less than a week after being named for the all-star game, shortest start of the year. mike's grand slam tacks off a five-run first. seven runs in four innings. the rangers beat the a's. 8-5. >> mets all-star will join the giants traveling party to
2:06 am
arizona following sunday's game. maybe i can convince him to waive his no trade clause and work out a deal. loud mouth pants found someone with a bigger waistline than john daly. 5th inning giants up 1-0. angel pagan, the only two runs he would allow. a 19 game hitting street, but no giant is hotter than nate, his third homer of the week. ties it at 2. she may not fear the beard and scott harrison doesn't fear any pitcher in the orange and black. he now hit 12 career homers against the giants. the pinch hit puts them back on top. nba news, ming is retiring after nine seasons with the rockets. he couldn't stay healthy. he missed 250 games over the last six years.
2:07 am
he got another fair well message from another recently retired big man. >> one of the greats players to come out. i'm going to miss you, brother, enjoy retirement. let's go on vacation, bro, me and you. >> number four, the u.s. women's open has had plenty of rain the last few days. two-stroke lead. at number three, cubs and pirates races in for the diving catch. the pirates win and they are one game out of first place. >> nascar john lan nonleft the game after being drilled in the nose by the comebacker. the rockies beat the nats 3-2. and at number one, red sox and orioles. pops one to center. craig yells at him to run and ortiz does just that, sprinting towards the mound. each are doing a miss before getting ejected. the runner on third would be
2:08 am
called out because he left the base early. however, the red sox do win 10- 3. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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