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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a teenager that la a chase, three crash scenes, several people hurt, including a child. the wild ride for a teenager that landed him in jail. and it was dark. it was the smell of diesel. the burning fuel on your body. >> new details of a disaster at sea. a bay area survivor of that fishing boat accident off the coast of mexico describes what happened. i know icon is an overused term these days but she truly is one. >> a look back at the life of betty ford and how she was an inspiration who touched so many lives. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a 17-year-old is in custody tonight after the chp says he stole a hummer, led them on a
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chase through vallejo, and crashed into several cars. the chase began on interstate 80, when chp officers were alerted by fairfield police. it continued through the streets of vallejo and ended when the hummer struck several vehicles. the hummer took the first car turning off redwood parkway on to broadway. four people were in that car including a 5-year-old who suffered serious head injuries. after that, the driver tried to make a run for it and hit three more cars waiting at a red light. in all, eight people were injured. three of them in one car. >> in that car was a 5-year-old boy who did receive major head trauma and was transported by air to children's hospital. >> the boy's mother was also injured. the hummer rolled over and the 17-year-old driver was arrested. he will face charges of stealing the vehicle, hit-and-run, and driving without a license. today is the first day of the oakland police department's reorganization. the idea to deal with higher
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crime with fewer officers. among the changes, no more motorcycle officers. they've all been shifted to patrol cars. also, 15 sergeants will be moved into patrol. the department is splitting coverage of the city into two geographic regions instead of three. so what will people notice the most? the highest-ranking officers will be engaging in the community more. and police in east palo alto held an event today aimed at making their community safer. it drew dozens of people, some as far away as the east bay. anne makovec on the program that takes weapons off the streets. >> show me the money. >> reporter: this man came to the gun buyback in east palo alto for two reasons, cash and conscience. >> i'm here to do the right thing. >> reporter: he is turning in two handguns. >> somebody owed me something. >> they gave you tkpwáug guns? >> as collateral. >> reporter: the guns are in police custody, no questions asked. each gun exchanged for a $100 gift card. though many here are worth much more than that. >> do you know how much it is
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worth? >> i think it is about like $600. >> your honor' turns your honor -- you're turning it are in for $100? why? >> no use for it. >> i wanted it to be removed in the proper way. that's the most important thing. >> this man drove an hour from concord to cash in on an old rifle that doesn't each work. >> hey, i can get $100 for it, that's about $99 more than it was worth. >> do you feel as if your program might be taken advantage of? >> no, no, when somebody shows up with 50 guns, and they're all fairly working, maybe a gun for concord, absolutely not. >> reporter: the guns they've seen turned in today, a wide range from simple handguns to semi-automatic military style rifles. now they will all be burned. the program funded by city money was in place for years, put in
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place by an accidental shooting of a 2-year-old. >> is there a magazine to go with it? >> they want fewer of them around. >> why are you getting rid of them? >> i don't need them. i have the police to protect me. >> reporter: in east palo alto, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> police tell us people turned in 75 guns today. the contra costa county community district police chief met today and it is not to talk about the department or the problems in the community. charles gibson talked about his harrowing experience as a passenger on the fishing boat that sank off the coast of baja california. he described what happened after being knocked in the water without a life jacket. >> there's a lot of chaos. because it was pitch black. the ship went down. it was dark. there was a smell of diesel. the burning fuel on your body. not knowing where you were. >> this is search video from earlier this week. gibson says he watched the ship sink and described it as being like the titanic.
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19 fishermen from california are among the survivors. seven others are still missing. the mexican navy is continuing its search. the inspectors are examining the rollercoaster that an army veteran was riding before falling to his death. 29-year-old sergeant james hackermer was ejected from the 208-foot tall ride of steel coaster in upstate new york last night. he had lost back legs in the war in iraq and was rebuilding his life. out on a family outing at darrian lake theme park resort outside buffalo. the amusement park officials say the safety restraints of the ride appeared to be working but they're looking at how he fell out. the park will be remaining open but the coaster is closed indefinitely. former first lady betty ford is being remembered today as an inspirational figure. mourners in mrs. ford's hometown of grand rapids, michigan, waited in line to pay their respects at the gerald ford presidential museum. the widow of president ford died
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yesterday, in southern california. shelby lynn looks back on the legacy that is beyond the first lady's role as a political wife. >> reporter: iconic. special. unsurpass able. those are just some of the words used to describe former first lady betty ford. >> the whole nation lost someone very special. >> i know icon is an overused term these days, but she truly is one. her vision, and her mission for the betty ford center is unsurpassable. >> reporter: the 93-year-old passed away friday surrounded by friends and family at the eisenhower medical center in california. soon after, condolences began pouring in from president obama, prominent political figures, and even celebrities, who sought addiction treatment at the betty ford center. >> i don't think she even really realized the impact that she had on so many lives. great people, truly great people don't really even realize how
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truly great they are. >> reporter: the family issued a statement inviting mourners to sign condolence books at the gerald presidential museum in grand rapids, michigan or the presidential library in ann arbor. >> she was a fabulous lady. fabulous. we are all going to miss her. >> reporter: betty ford, widow of gerald ford, the 38th president of the united states, dead at 93. i'm shelby lynn, reporting from atlanta. >> mrs. ford's funeral is tentatively scheduled for friday in palm desert. after another service in michigan, she will be buried next to her husband at the gerald ford presidential museum in grand rapids. well, it is described as nearly perfect. the first day in space, for the last mission of space shuttle atlantis. and the one problem that cropped up that has the crew on the ground chuckling. and royal recreation in southern california. celebrities among the hundreds watching prince william play for charity in a polo match. in e near well, chances of drizzle along the coast increasing, fog
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and cooler temperatures. i have the full pinpoint forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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maryland -- where president of the two f-15 fighter jets intercepted a small plane near camp david in maryland where president obama is spending part of the weekend. the north american aerospace defense command says the plane was out of radio communication. the fighter jets directed it out of the camp david air space. the plane landed without incident. a similar incident was reported last saturday. near record time. that's how quickly nasa officials say space shuttle astronauts completed their tasks today. they used the shuttle's 50-foot robot arm to inspect the shuttle's heat shield for possible launch damage. so far, atlantis does not even have minor glitches. the worst problem? the crew could not find an eye chart for a vision test. something that caused a chuckle among ground controllers. the four-person crew is preparing to dock with the international space station
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tomorrow. crowds have gathered in southern california where prince william has taken to the field for a charity polo match. a bit of a diversion for the royal couple who are here promoting british business ties to the united states. we have more from santa barbara with the royal fascination. >> reporter: american fans are loving the british invasion. the duke and dutchess are here in santa barbara for the prince's charity polo match. and curiosity seekers, including the famous, want a glimpse. >> i've admired them from afar for years. he lived his life with such dignity. and he seems like a really good guy. >> reporter: pamela slaven and howard petrone drove all the way from tucson, arizona. >> what is about them that fascinates us? >> i loved princess diana from the beginning. >> their arrival at polo grounds was very exciting. >> we saw the helicopter ground and we're excited about that. >> what do you think about the prince and princess stuff?
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>> i'm not a big fan of it. >> tickets for the polo match at the santa barbara polo club range between $400 and $4,000. if you want to get up close and personal with the duke and dutchess. and they sold out. after the match, the duke and dutchess head back to los angeles. they will attend a black tie dinner at the blasco theater honoring young british filmmakers and they will have hollywood royalty as company. >> a-list actors are clamor for the invites to meet royalty. >> the royalty assessment of the american tour so far -- >> already it has gone fantastically. i know they are loving it and they're very excited when they left. >> and so are their fans. sandra hughes, santa barbara. the unemployment rate may be up but there are new job openings and what those job openings have to do with a tsunami that hit a santa cruise harbor. temperatures are on the decline. about 15 degrees below average. i've got your detailed forecast coming up.
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it pays to switch, it pays to discover. . 150 dollars it now costs more money to own property in rural areas of california. $150 more to be exact. that's because land owners must now pay a new fee to cover the cost of fighting wildfires. the state spends an average of $177 million each year, fighting wildfires, and have to recoup some of the costs. the fee will generate as much as $200 million annually.
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new hope tonight for the santa cruz harbor badly damaged by the march tsunami and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. thanks to a $1.44 million grant, there are new jobs available. and repairing the tsunami damage could be yours. officials are taking applications. to be eligible you must be 18 or older and lost a job due to the tsunami or have been laid off at least 15 of the past 26 weeks. the work is temporary lasting a few months and pays up to $12,000. and don't get used to falling gas prices. they're beginning to march higher again. experts say the price of a gallon could return to $4 in the next few weeks. after two months of steady declines, some stations in the south bay hiked prices several cents yesterday, but demand is flat. supplies are plentiful. and crude prices dropped $2 a barrel yesterday. so what is going on? retailers blame investors who are betting demand will rise in the next few months.
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erika martin with the forecast. and we need a sweater? is that what we're talking about? >> we experienced quite the rain today. triple digits earlier this week. and now we're plummeting steadily into 70s. that's what we are seeing next week inland. so the temperatures definitely cooling down. all due to a low pressure system that is working its way into the forecast. as we take a look outside, we can see the clouds are definitely hugging along the coast and low clouds making their way into the forecast. we also do have some fog. as we take a look at our image, we can see that we do have the fog, that is hugging the coast here and quite a series, and actually just moving in, all of that moisture, ahead of that colder air, aloft so that is actually increasing the cloud coverage and we will see that far inland and temperatures today, temperatures ranging from the 50s, to the 80s, and we could even see some gusts up to 22 miles an hour, inland. our temperatures currently, cool right now, and they will be cooling down. quite a bit. we've got 77 for livermore. and concord, 80 and 77 for san rafael. and again, these are below-average temperatures. all due to the fact that the low
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pressure system is working its way into the forecast. we have been cooling things down quite a bit. and the temperatures for game time, 6:05 p.m., 57 with breezy conditions. some low clouds as well. here is a good luck at that cooling-down process. here is the low. it is going to push on down. it is actually going to increase all of that moisture there. and what is going to happen, it is actually going to lift the cold air. we play see some drizzle along the coast for tonight. and as that trough starts to be introduced into the forecast region. our overnight lows santa rosa 47 and 52 for san francisco. san rafael, 49 degrees. below average high temperatures. as we take a look at the high for tomorrow, san mateo, 75 degrees. 75 for redwood city. 62 for half moon bay. let's make our way to the east bay. brentwood, 86. 84 for antioch. and 82 for pittsburgh. again, cooler temperatures and seeing some fog for tomorrow morning. and 79 for petaluma. 57 for bodega bay and santa rosa. 20 degrees warmer, at 77. but these are not that warm at
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all. here is a look at the extended forecast. we can see that we do have temperatures steadily on the decline, and then finally, increasing just a bit by the end of the workweek. but we have the possible chances of drizzle in the forecast for the coast. >> all right. thank you very much. well, today, only six days from the center of the three consecutive odd number, 7, 9, 11 and one bay area man suggest people celebrate the date which he says is odd day by doing odd things. and the suggestion, take care of odds and ends, and route for the odds on favorite and then watch the odd calm. >> ron gordon has been fascinated by curious dates ever since 9, 9, 81 date he noticed was a quare root. >> four giants pitchers are headed to the all-star game. which one has the lowest e.r.a.?
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some of the greatest players in baseball history p the new york yankees have had some of the greatest baseball players in history put on the pinstripes but none of them have ever reached 3,000
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hits until today. >> derrick got the first hit on may 30 of 1995. a single to the left side off tim belcher. 17 years later, we stand at the precipice of history. that is good. deep to left field. going back. joyce looking up. see ya! 3,000! history! with an exclamation point. >> the yankees captain becomes the second player ever to hit a homer for his 3,000th hit. he gets mobbed by his teammates and the day didn't end there. jeter finished the game five for five and drove in the game-winning run in the 8th. as the yankees beat the rays 5-4. and yes, jeter did get the ball back from the fan that caught it. >> i do have the ball. i held it. it feels like all the rest of them. [ laughter ] >> actually i didn't think about it. someone, i forget who, someone said you got to try to get that
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ball back an that was the last thing on my mind. really, after it was all said and done, i was saying, i hope it doesn't rain. because we weren't through five innings yet. >> derek jeter has done it! in grand style! >> you want to hit the ball hard. i mean i didn't want to hit a slow roller to third base and have that be replayed forever. >> i felt a lot of pressure to do it here while we're at home. so i have been lying to you for quite some time. to be the only yankees to do, it to be the only yankee to do anything is pretty special. the leader in strike-outs, if that was true, i would be happy about it because so many people have played here. the last 10 are the hardest to get and it took me a month to get the last 10. and yes, i agree. >> if were you to guess, which giants starter would have the lowest e.r.a., most would go with tim lincecum or matt king, but instead, it is a guy who wasn't even on the team until
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mid april. lion vogelsong has the second lowest e.r.a. in the national league. not bad for a guy who wasn't even in the majors the last four years. last week, he was named to the all-star team. along with lincecum, kaine and brian wilson. >> i haven't started picking their brain too much yet. i heard there is a lot of stuff to sign. which is not going to bother me one bit. the road i've been on, adding a couple hundred baseballs is not a big deal. never in a million years did i ever think that my name and being a major league all-star would go in the same sentence. so it is pretty amazing. >> women, u.s. open, look at all of the rain, they had to huzle all weekend to get in as many holes as possible. and micka had a four under 67 to move to the top of the leader board through two rounds. they will try to play 36 holes tomorrow. paula creamer is five strokes back. pebble beach.
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champions tour. no one wants to dig too big of a whole the way jay haas is playing. much easier sand to hit out of on the 10th. and puts it safely on the ground. haas is six under for today and a 10 under for the tournament with a one shot lead. kobe bryant recently had knee surgery. but he looked just fine when he wowed campers with a 360 dunk earlier this week. kobe said he would be open to playing overseas if the nba season gets canceled by the lockout. speaking of europe, quarter cup final, england and france is decided on penalty kicks. the back of the net here to put the french on top. and put all of the pressure on england's fay white. >> it is not in. france reaches the semifinals. >> france will take on the winner of tomorrow's usa brazil match in the semifinals.
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host germany would be left in tears, in the other quarterfinals. japan's corinna maryyama scores the only goal in the 108th minute. japan holds the two-time defending champs germany the first world cup loss since 1999. they will take on either australia or sweden in the semifinals. >> i love that story. >> that is the best story. >> and just a nice guy. and just as nice derek jeter being a nice guy, vogelsong is a nice guy and all of the guys on the giant, they do appreciate where they come from. >> i love. that thank you very much. well, he says he is just trying to attract customers but other businesses say his approach is ugly. the battle over bright colors has fencing red in san rafael, which is causing a controversy. and what the owner says he is going to do about it, that story and more coming up in 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back in a half hour. and then of course at 10 can and 11:00. until then you can find our news
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