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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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may end up behind bars. plus... just what students don't want to hear.. rising tuition for more an out-of-control suv slams into a peninsula fire station. why the driver may end up behind bars. >> plus, just what students don't want to hear. rising tuition for more local college students. good morning, it's tuesday, july 12. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. it's 4:30 in the morning and the women are taking over. >> that's right. >> we are. >> we are starting with drizzle. hope it's not monday again. >> a little drizzle on the coastline is going to stick around for several days, cooler temperatures with below average temperatures throughout the bay area. taking a look at some here, san francisco only making it to 60 today. 36 is the high in oakland?
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>> 2 for san jose. and 73 for concord. so not in the 80s where we should be. 72 for san jose. we'll have a look at when it's going to warm up with my extended forecast. gianna has traffic. >> reporter: we have a traffic alert on northbound 280. that ramp to 19th avenue is completely shut down for a fatal accident that happened just after 3:00 this morning. more details on this coming right up as well as alternates and we'll have a live report. grace? thank you. we'll check back in with you. new this morning, a car crashed into a fire station. this happened in san mateo and police are investigating whether alcohol was involved. the accident happened around 10:30 last night at fire station 27 on de anza boulevard. a white gmc yukon plowed into the garage door damaging the building as well as the reserve fire truck. we have an unconfirmed report that the female driver passed out and that her teenaged daughter tried to take over the steering. the driver and girl were both
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taken to stanford hospital and their conditions are still unknown. well, today california state university students will find out whether they will have to pay even more for classes this fall. the board of trustees is expected to vote on a 12% tuition hike that would take effect for the upcoming fall semester. the school says the fee hike is necessary to help offset state budget cuts. it would be on top of a 10% increase that was approved earlier this year. on thursday, uc regents are also voting on a nearly 10% fee hike. amazon wants you decide on whether the site should collect sales tax. the new state budget calls for online retailers to collect sales tax on items purchased by californians. that's even if the company has no physical presence in the state. closing that loophole is expected to bring the state an additional $200 million every year. so far, amazon has not been
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collecting the tax it opposes. instead, the company is pushing for a ballot referendum to overturn it. voters may go with the site as consumers they like the fact they can get access to material without a sales tax. there are a lot of people who are still out of work,. >> if 505,000 ballot signatures are gathered, the new sales tax law would be suspended until the referendum until february or june next year. for the month of june the money brought in more money than it's spending. $4 40 million more came in than expected. corporate taxes exceeded expectations by $156 million. the state controller says it is a positive sign but a newly signed budget depends on continued economic expansion throughout the year.
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and this morning, a bart police review committee meets to discuss last week's fatal shooting. a man at a civic station center in san francisco was shot. it will be the first meeting of the citizens committee formed after the oscar grant killing by a bart officer. that shooting sparked protest at three san francisco bart stations yesterday afternoon. [ chanting ] >> 100 or so people gathered at civic center station and then moved to two other stations and they demanded bart disband its police force. bart says officers opened fire after the man lunged at them with a knife. bart has promised to release surveillance video of the incident once the investigation is over. pg&e says that it should not have to pay settlements to victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster who have sued the company. the "chronicle" reports that in the court filing, the utility says damage to the pipeline was
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caused by others. the filing isn't specific and the only known activity around the pipeline was a sewer replacement project in 2008. pg&e also says the blast victims themselves may have been negligent although it doesn't say how. the utility is facing more than 100 lawsuits. a preliminary investigation indicates that the death of a 14-year-old girl following a sleepover party was due to alcohol ingestion. the girl was found dead on sunday morning at her home. the sonoma county sheriff is awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine the exact cause of her death but they believe that the girl took vodka from a kitchen cabinet and poured it into a water bottle possibly mixing it with soda. >> once we find out what's inside the bottle, we can investigate further. >> three other girls who were at the party on saturday night became ill. they were taken to a hospital by their parents but they were not admitted.
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the reward to help find missing nursing student michelle le is $100,000. the le family increased the reward after a fundraiser at a hayward restaurant last friday. the family plans to distribute flyers in hayward tomorrow and it's organizing search parties for friday and saturday. le disappeared may 27 from the kaiser medical center in hayward. deal or no deal? president obama and congressional leaders will try again today to strike a deal on reducing the nation's deficit and raising that debt limit. as joel brown reports, they are back to the white house for the third day. >> reporter: president obama wants lawmakers to return to the negotiating table with fresh ideas to tackle the deficit. he will sit down with congressional leaders this afternoon after failing to reach a compromise monday. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> reporter: both sides agree
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on roughly $1.7 trillion of the $2.4 trillion in proposed spending cuts but are still at odds over raising taxes. >> it tanks two to tango and they are not there yet. >> reporter: the president turned up the pressure rejecting gop plans for a short- term measure. >> we didn't manage our affairs in three-month increments. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner agrees the deal to raise the debt limit must be reached before next month but is not budging on tax hikes. he says they can't be part of the package. >> the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: boehner is under growing pressure from fellow republicans especially new house members who campaigned on promises of lower taxes. democrats on the other hand are vowing to oppose medicare and social security cuts. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> reporter: the president says
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failure to reach a deal in time could trigger another recession, possibly throwing millions of more people out of work. joel brown, cbs news. washington. we have breaking news out of daly city. a fatal accident has shut down part of 280 northbound. we mentioned this at the top of the show. elizabeth wenger is there with the very latest. elizabeth. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, grace. that's right. they got a pretty large area completely blocked off. we are in daly city northbound 280 ramp to 19th avenue. again, a very popular spot for commuters. as you can see, they have the flares out there right now. this is what sounds like a two- car crash. it just came in around 4:00. major injuries involved in the crash. we are told there is a body apparently lying in the road. so of we have an estimated time of opening this ramp close to 5:00 so again so this could be shut down for a little while longer. as an alternate, if you are coming up northbound 280 and
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trying to get into the city, use the junipero serra or san jose avenue off-ramps as your alternates. as you can see, the roads are slick. there's a misty drizzle going on right now. so obviously, slick surfaces could be cause for accidents. be extra careful out there. gianna franco has been tracking the traffic alert from daly city and she has the latest. >> good morning. thanks. it is a confirmed fatal as you said and again we'll show you a map of the area where we are seeing a backup as a result. so again, as elizabeth said, use junipero serra or san jose avenue. we have preliminary reports that a person may have been hit by one of the vehicles in the accident so again this may be closed for quite some time for the investigation. give yourself some extra time through that area. you can access 280 towards 101. that's open. the closure is at 19th avenue as you work your way into san francisco out of daly city. elsewhere, to the bay bridge we
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go metering lights are off this morning. that's the good news. but again, we have some drizzle out there so we are dealing with a few slick surfaces. i heard there may be a possible wind advisory in the east bay. i'll have more details on that coming up. right now, here's kristy seifkin with the forecast. >> another cold one in the bay area, this is unseasonable weather for us well below average as we have been for the last couple of days and the trend continues through midweek. satellite showing us covered with clouds at the coast, the bay and inland. those clouds will pull back to the coast later on this afternoon. put certainly seeing some drizzle out there. you can see that on the camera when elizabeth was out reporting. temperatures outside right now in the 50s for the most part. 53 for san francisco, 54 oakland, 56 livermore, 56 in san jose. and we are not going to warm up a lot today staying well below average only up to 60 in the city, 73 for concord, 72 livermore and san jose. to the north santa rosa a high of 73. now, we should in the 80s inland. so certainly cooler than we
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should be and you will see in our extended forecast continuing to see a cooling trend for the rest of the workweek and continuing low clouds at the coast and drizzle. by the end of the weekend and next monday, finally starting to warm up a little bit into the 80s in those warmest locations. so closer to where we should be for this time year. that's a look at weather. back to you, grace. >> colder temperatures, drizzle. you're not making it easy to get out of bed. when you put your life in another driver's hands, are you safer with a man or a woman? the new findings on bad drivers. that's up next. have you ever cut school? >> yes. >> i guess i have a couple times in the past. >> well, cutting class could get expensive. how much parents might have to pay if their kid is caught skipping school. and it was a dramatic end to a police pursuit in southern california. what officers did to stop the suspected car thief. ,,
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you're looking at live picture of 280 northbound in daily city. a lot of activity there after two cars crashed. one person has died. they expect this to be blocked off until 5 a.m., again, 280 northbound in daly city. we'll keach you updated throughout the morning -- we'll keep you updated throughout the morning the u.s. coast guard is trying to save seven fishermen in the gulf of california. crews covered more of the area where the erik went down in a sudden storm more than a week ago. the "contra costa times" reports that some family members were told on sunday that navy divers would get involved in the search but a navy spokesman says they have not been called in. jaycee dugard's book comes out today. the memoir about her 18 years in captivity is called "a stolen life. "dugard was only 11 years old when she was grabbed off the
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street near her home in south lake tahoe. she spent the next 18 years held captive in a backyard near antioch. phillip and nancy garrido pleaded guilty and are expected to spend the rest of their lives in prison. 4:45. the heat is on across the country. >> crazy all the time. >> it's awful. >> why this summer scorcher could get even worse. >> you could see the truck drivers are driving slower. >> life in the slow lane. why california truckers are easing up on their speeds. we'll be right back. >> and as you wake up this morning, you will see some low clouds and fog, a little bit of drizzle on the coastline as you take off and make your way to the east. a little bit better weather as we make our way to chicago where we are going to see partly sunny skies and temperatures that are certainly warmer. high of 81 in the windy city. continuing to go even farther east we are going to warm it up
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even more in new york, 94 and mostly sunny skies. we'll have a full look at your extended fork here in the bay area when we come back. ,, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment.
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en outhern california. it began last night in san rnardino county. the a driver is in custody after a freeway chase came to a dramatic end in southern california. in began last night in san bernardino county. the highway patrol tried to pull over a ford explorer because its headlights were off. as you can see there, that's how it ended. the officers chased it along interstate 10 to l.a. county and it ended in west covina where officers performed a pit maneuver. that's when they tip the car. it ended up flipping the vehicle over. a government hearing is planned today in london over the growing phone hacking scandal. this involves british newspapers. at issue is why london police didn't pursue an investigation two years ago on the rupert murdoch tabloid "news of the
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world." the controversy forced the paper to cease production and is threatening murdoch's efforts to take over british sky broadcasting. the latest hacking controversy involves a medical records of frasier brown, the son of former prime minister gordon brown. the younger brown was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. people across the country are dealing with some excessive heat. it could reach dangerous levels this week in nearly two dozen states. as we report, some areas have already seen temperatures well above 100 degrees. >> it's about 105. reporter: and forecasters say that's just the beginning of the heat wave. 23 states are under heat warnings from oklahoma to connecticut at from the deep south to th ohio valley. in illinois a 51-year-old man died because of excessive heat. his air-conditioner wasn't work. in oklahoma, temperatures topped 100 degrees for several days in a row, causing a road
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to buckle. and in milwaukee, dozens of runners were either hospitalized or treated for heat-related issues during a half marathon sunday. doctors say anyone, know matter what same they're in, can fall victim to the heat. >> it can be very serious and you can do long-term permanent damage neurologically. your brain can't function at temperature extremes. if you get to hot you can have long-term damage. >> reporter: high temperature records have been broken in some states. it could get to 115 in some areas. i'm melissa rainy reporting. no relief from the heat is expected until tomorrow. quite a different story here, tomorrow, right, kristy? >> right. no heat waves here in the bay area. our temperatures are the opposite, well below average this time of year. out the door, you will feel cool temperatures and at the coast, might see a little drizzle so sitting in the 50s for the most part this morning.
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we will warm up but not a lot by this afternoon. clearing for the most part in those inland spots making it into the mid-70s. around the bay only in the low 60s and breezy conditions there. at the coast some of that lingering low clouds all day long and continuing to see some of that drizzle we have seen this morning. that deepening marine layer means we have cloud cover throughout most of the bay area, not just on the coast and the bay but inland. partially pulling back for the afternoon. so sunshine inland, at the coast once again a little gloomy today. that low is holding strong here. that's the reason that we are seeing those below average temperatures and really isn't much change in sight for the next several days. your workweek this week is going to be cool and breezy and moist. here's a look at the temperatures for today. 70s in los altos, 71 sunnyvale, cupertino and milpitas. cooler union city at 67. over in the east bay a mix of sun and clouds of 60s and 70s. 63 oakland. 75 antioch and brentwood.
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up in the north bay, not much warmer. 72 the high in sonoma. 56 stinson beach, mill valley 63. that cooling trend continues for the next several days as you can see on our extended forecast. only breaking into the 80s and getting closer to where we should be for this time year. by the end of the weekend and the start of next workweek, closer to where we should be for this time of year. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. -- with gianna. >> let's start with a live look at daly city right now. we have a fatal accident at 3 a.m. a vehicle versus pedestrian. lots of activity there on the scene. this is north 280 just as it splits off over to 19th avenue so you cannot access 19th avenue off 280, that's completely shut down. you can still take 280 towards 101 but again all lanes are closed north 280 connecting to 19th avenue as they conduct this investigation. of course, we'll get you more information as it comes in. you see on our maps you can see there is a backup already
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traffic slow as you approach the scene. in the meantime, use junipero serra or san jose avenue as an alternate to get around these delays here. again, north 280 at 19th avenue closed. 280 is still accessible towards, say, 101 over into san francisco. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are still off. no major delays here. i did get word from chp, windy. so use caution as you work your way across the span into san francisco. looking good san francisco into oakland. not a bad drive out of marin county, south 101 easy from 37 to 580 only 9 minutes. golden gate bridge not bad. traffic good towards the toll plaza. mass transit always a good choice. everything right on time, bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain off to a good start. your east bay commute off to a good start as well, no delays along 80. some slight delays through the altamont pass. pretty typical. and 880 clear between oakland and hayward. 880/237 in the south bay, no major delays or accidents. this is live look in silicon valley where traffic is moving along nicely, very light this
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tuesday morning. no accidents to report through that portion. and live right now and take 101 in snake in alum rock, a photographer is showing us good traffic. no major delays to report in the south bay. don't forebet when you hop in your car, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you, grace. and the concord city council is expected to vote today on a plan to crack down on kids who cut school. under the daytime curfew, anyone under 18 caught skipping class will be fined $100 for the first offense. fines would then go up to $200 and then $500 for the second and third offenses within a 30- day period. >> currently we don't have an ability to cite or fine anybody for violating that. all we can do is return them back to school and they often come back again later in the afternoon or earlier in the day when they are still supposed to be in school.
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>> despite that, concord police recently swept 400 truants off the streets in one week alone. a report found that the leap from cutting class to committing crimes is small. joe montana is expected to make a big business pitch before the santa clara city council this evening to build an entertainment complex near the site for the future 49ers stadium. the plans include a luxury hotel, restaurant and sports bar on city-owned land. city manager opposes the land saying others should have a chance to bid. the cost of diesel is going up and truck drivers in california are slowing down. truck companies say on a good day, drivers following the speed limit of 55 would get 5.5 miles per gallon. at 65 the miles per gallon drops to 5. drivers say even though 55 is cheaper and safer,
4:56 am
it's still too slow for cars. >> people are flipping you off? >> you know what? it's a whole lot of -- i mean, it's -- what can you could? >> companies say with diesel prices at $4.30 a gallon, driving the speed limit will save them about $12,000 a year. it adds up. 4:56. details continue to unfold from that uk phone hacking scandal. who is being targeted by parliament this morning. we'll tell you that. plus, an early-morning wake-up call for astronauts aboard the space shuttle atlantis. why their mission could be extended. and a major freeway off- ramp is completely shut down in daly city after an overnight fatal accident. we'll have all the details plus alternates four coming right up. before you plan your class schedule for next semester, check your finances. a vote today may keep college students from getting to class. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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a little french's brings a whole lot of happy. and now french's comes with 40% more happy in every bottle. french's. happy starts here. >> caption colorado, llc your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a developing story this morning. a fatal accident has closed parts of the freeway in daly
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city. how this could impact your morning commute. plus, just what students don't want to hear: tuition going up again for college students. the faculty salary hike that's sparking outrage. good morning, it's tuesday, july 12. i'm grace lee. frank has this mornin off. let's check traffic. it's drizzly causing problems on the road, kristy seifkin? >> people were probably hopeful that tuesday was going to be sunnier than monday but still waking up to drizzle and low clouds and cool today. san francisco only going up to 60 today. oakland to going up to 63, san jose to 72, concord to 73. well below where we should be this time year. i'll have a full look at your forecast and tell you when we're going to warm up in a little bit. first, gianna franco has traffic. >> thank you. we are monitoring windy conditions on the bay bridge as well as this major accident north 280 at 19th avenue where lanes are shut down due to a fatality. we'll have more


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