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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 16, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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cbs5 news in high- definition. he was on the b.a.r.t platform. now his friend was shot. making sure things didn't get out of control. a highly hiked monumental traffic jam did not materialize as was feared. how the people of los angeles are coping with the carmageddon bust. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. ann notarangelo is off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. there has been a shooting involving a police officer in the city's bayview neighborhood.
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it happened less than an hour ago. all we know right now is that one person was shot. and taken to general hospital. we are working on getting more information and when we do we will certainly pass it along to you. he was only a few feet away when a b.a.r.t police officer shot and killed officer grant. now grant's best friend is also dead, the victim of a shooting. joe vazquez is in hayward tonight to tell us what happened. joe. >> reporter: in about half an hour friends and family members will gather here at this makeshift memorial at the murder scene to pay their respects. all day they have been popping by here just shaking their head at the fact of the six men who were there that new year's day 2009 two have died violently and so young. >> oscar grant and then him now. it is crazy. >> reporter: two and a half years after the shooting death of his best friend oscar grant,
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25-year-old john caldwell was himself murdered. >> happened in broad daylight which is real crazy too. >> i don't know, it is just dum, i think it is. >> reporter: caldwell was sitting in a car at a gas station around 5:30 p.m. friday when someone walked up and fired several rounds. the suspect ran away. police searched the area but never found the gunman. investigators say they don't believe the shooting was random but they are not elaborating on a motive. new year's morning 2009 caldwell is seen in the infamous cell phone video on the b.a.r.t. platform. that is him in the grey hoodie. officer johannes mehserle shot his unarmed best friend oscar grant in the back. caldwell later sued b.a.r.t.
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b.a.r.t. the attorney that represented oscar grant's family is traveling in berlin. i talked to him by phone. >> losing oscar was bad enough. this certainly is adding insult to injury. suffered so much. now that suffering will be exacerbated by the loss of john too. >> reporter: the lawyer tells me he is unaware of any activity caldwell may have been involved in. police aren't elaborating what happened last night. he leaves behind two children. it is not clear whether that lawsuit can continue against b.a.r.t.on their baffle. >> joe vazquez in hayward.
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thank you. a three alarm fire this morning at a private school in oakland. the school is on webster street in the downtown area. when firefighters arrived they found the building filled with smoke. they had trouble finding the source of the fire so additional units were called from two other fire stations. firefighters finally managed to figure out where that fire started. >> sounds like it was sort of a small utility room and it is near the heating ventilation area. so that pushed the smoke throughout the building and then there is also a basement area that we had a hard time locating so that took a lot of extra time. >> firefighters say the building is old but has been renovated and divided. the back of the building is where the private school is located. while they know where the fire started firefighters are now looking into the cause of the fire. expect some delays if you're planning on driving across the golden gate bridge. at 8 p.m.
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tonight southbound and northbound connections to the bridge in san francisco will be closed. the closure is part of a mult million dollar construction project. that is supposed to take doyle drive safe during earthquakes. during tonight's closure workers will complete the transition from temporary traffic lanes to the new permanent route. everything is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. 17 hours in and los angeles is still standing tonight. cal-trans shut down one of the busiest freeways at midnight last night. so far l.a. seems to be surviving carmageddon. >> reporter: juliette, the potential for traffic nightmares the reason why they dubbed this carmageddon but it turned into carma heaven.
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it is a joy for the first time anybody can remember to drive around los angeles. a project has shut down a 10- mile stretch of interstate 405 in los angeles. a vital connector between the san fernando valley and l.a. basin. construction to remove the mullholland bridge started friday night. drivers have been obsessing about it for weeks. but so far carmageddon appears to be a bust. the hype is out driving the hastle. >> haven't had any traffic today. >> are you kind of surprised? >> very. >> traffic is running normal. i'm shocked. >> reporter: this is a site. it easily carries up to a half million vehicles to the beaches, airport and other expressways on a typical july weekend. this weekend drivers are hunting for detours and other things to do. >> if you can't drive were not ride your bike, right? >> reporter: construction crews appear to be cruising through
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their assignment. >> the project is progressing as planned. traffic is cooperating. and it is moving freely. >> reporter: transportation officials hope the project will steer drivers into their local neighborhoods where businesses hope to cash in. >> we figured we may as well be in the eye of the storm on foot. >> reporter: cal-trans promises this short term discomfort will be worth it for the long haul. a new 50-mile long car pool lane will help to reduce the driving time down the road. the 405 is expected to reopen in time for the monday morning rush. we are back out live now and crews continue to nip away at that bridge that is at the center of this weekend's construction project and weekend closure of the 405. things are going so well in fact, many expect the 405 will reopen well before monday morning. live in los angeles, back to you. >> thank you. 300,000 homes selling as
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low as $65,000. now is your chance to get in on it. the abundance of homes in california selling at a fraction of the cost. >> i have a card. i don't like them in the lawn. a tough job but someone has got to do it. one city's secret weapon against gophers. well, temperatures are still cool and that fog will be returning tonight. but we do have warmer weather in store. i've got your pinpoint forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. a three-point- de earthquake woke little bit of shaking going on in the east boy this morning. 3.4 magnitude earthquake woke up some people near berkeley. this is what it looked like. it happened just a few minutes before 4 a.m. the tremor was centered near u.c. berkeley's california memorial stadium which is undergoing a $300 million retrofit and renovation. the quake was too small to
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cause injuries or any damage. it sounds like good news for the housing market. foreclosures slowed for the first half of this year in california. but analysts say it is likely because of backlogs in foreclosure processing. anne makovec reports, for buyers there are still plenty of homes out there on the auction block. >> i'm not renting it, i'll selling it. you can own it when i'm done. $40,000. >> reporter: among the fast talking auctioneers an investors buying in bulk there are people like beverly. >> today i purchased a home. >> reporter: she saw this foreclosed property in antioch online. it is a fixer upper by instantly. >> fell in love with the house. >> reporter: she had been living her son for the past two years. >> everything was out of my price range. >> reporter: the auction said it was once valued at $219,000. she paid 115 cash. >> i have been saving a long time. don't buy unnecessary items. >> reporter: all of the homes were available for viewing before today's auction. now, this home here in richmond
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was once valued according to this place sold for $62,000. the buyer has to pay tens of thousands of dollars in closing costs depending on the property. there are plenty to choose from. in california one out of every 51 homes received a foreclosure notice. that's over 236,000 homes. >> the banks are going to lose an arm, they don't want to lose a leg in this deal. >> prices in california have fallen by almost half in the past four years since the height of the real estate bubble. but prices started out so high in california that even now it is still almost twice as expensive to buy a home here as almost any other place in the country. >> reporter: for buyers though, the auction can be an opportunity. >> actually gives people who lost a lot the chance to come and purchase something for a
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reasonable price and maybe get another second shot. >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream right now. i got a home. i got a home. >> sold. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs5 she loves animal but one pest has got to go. one woman's crusade to protect property as well as preventing injury to people who are enjoying the outdoors. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪
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destroying the very ground beneath your feet. but san sco is fighting ba they are digging, tunneling, destroying the very ground beneath your feet but
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san francisco is fighting back. elizabeth cook introduces us to the city's best weapon. >> i want to get him and if i can't get him i'll think about it. sometimes they will pop their head out and you feel like they are teasing you. come on, come get me. i'm sheila bradford. i'm a gardener at the golf course. for the past two and a half years i have been catching a lot of gophers. >> reporter: from golden gate to crocker amazon park she logged more than five years mowing lawns and pulling weeds for san francisco recreation and parks. then she found her calling. >> i have a peta card. so it is not like i enjoy killing the gophers. but i don't like them in the lawn. they do so much damage. it is so many tripping hazards. >> reporter: bradford was working here. her turf was overrun. a mine field of gopher holes.
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kids struggled to run across the grass. at least one dog broke its leg. so she developed a strategy and went to war. >> this is the gopher trap. i just ordered them on ebay then i started catching more. >> reporter: a lot more. enough to reclaim the plaza and launch a gopher count for the record books. >> when i started my tally sheet. >> the total was 1290. my little going to battle mascot. >> now the war rages on at harding park. >> the greens. >> there it is. >> a little shovel. >> reporter: with some simple tools. >> my trustee gopher probe. >> reporter: a little strategy. >> right there. >> where it gives easy you know there is a tunnel. >> reporter: some cutting. >> just put it down there.
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so the gopher is there. >> i cover that so the dirt doesn't fall on the trap and set it off. >> reporter: plain old good hard work. >> it is nice to be good at something. not the best thing in the world to be good at. but it is nice when people acknowledge it. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs5. >> okay. >> what can we say? >> when do i take the kids to the waterslides? >> by wednesday. cooler temperatures for the next few days then we will start to see warm ups very high temperatures wednesday into the end of the next workweek but for today we do have those clouds, fog and cooler temperatures. take a look outside. you can see we do have some low mid-level clouds working their way over the forecast region and that's plenty of moisture that we do have there as a low start ton. really just influencing us here. we can see here this is a
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really cool picture. it is showing us the reflection of the sunlight off of those clouds. we can see just how thick those clouds are. for this evening we will see patchy fog more much of the forecast region. drizzle. breezy conditions all around. just very typical of this low. but what we will see in addition is warmer temperatures overnight and that's because that blanket of clouds, really just keeping things very warm. for tomorrow, still finding below average. we have got 60s. high 50s for pacifica. 70s for santa rosa there. the art and wine festival for tomorrow. temperatures turning below average. 72 degrees. partly cloudy sky conditions. temperatures cooler. may just be enjoyable. here is a look at the low pressure system working its way out of the forecast region. we will actually get a high pressure system that will retro grade or push back and that's when we will start to feel warmers temperatures by wednesday into the end of the next workweek. here is a look at your extendedf. not much to talk about. cooler conditions for the next couple days but then by
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wednesday we will start to see those warmer temperatures climbing steadily into the end of the next workweek. 90s inland. so just a couple of days of cool temperatures. not that bad at all. actually, for everybody that is going to participate in the ironman tomorrow, it just may be a welcome cooler condition. >> absolutely. i bet. >> okay. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for everyone except darren clarke and godzilla may be stuck on 499- homers but he can still flash the leather... sports is moving day for everyone in the british open. northern ireland quickly becoming the home of champions. dowell won last year. mcilroy last year. now clark a chance to break through. not a picture perfect day in england. barring a comeback rory mcilroy won't be winning back-to-back majors. shoots a 4 over 4 and nine shots off the lead. 22-year-old ricky fowler with three birdies on the back nine. fowler shoots a 68 and three shots back. phil mickelson has never won an open championship and got his work cut out for him tomorrow after shooting a one over 71 to leave him four back. dustin johnson matched fowler's 68 for the low round of the day. in fact, he briefly did have a share of the lead and will head into the final round one shot
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back. darren clark played the front nine even but would get back to five under after the birdie on number 12. the 42-year-old shoots a 69 and is 18 holes away from his first ever major title. >> darren clark back to the top of the leaderboard. >> i felt if i won the open it would be my lifetime dream if i was to win it. all players are judged on the majors. you are judged on your majors record. >> not the typical athlete that everybody else is. i'm not the guy that goes to the gym all the time. a little bit on the heavy side. i like a drink. i like to socialize. i like to relax and i think most of the people that come watch identify with that. that's probably why they seem to like me so much. >> clark will play with dustin johnson who has also never won a major. glover shot a 73 dropping to
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fifth. no american has won a major since phil mickelson won the masters in 2010. little lighter tournament in lake tahoe. dan quail learning the carlton dance. normally the best part is the golf highlights making fun of charles barkely's swing but nothing to laugh about here. sir charles hits it right in the middle of the fairway. jerry rice. he tried to compeat in a few compete. jack wagner has the lead. today fans were treated to an old fashioned double header. that's right, two games for the price of one. >> oh, yeah. >> did you mess that up? >> no, i didn't. >> did i? >> good thing they are playing two. that was the longest handshaky
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have ever seen. third inning. as up 1-0. here comes hideki matsui. he makes the catch in foul territory. as had their hands full. kurt suzuki doubled off the wall. takes a perfect toss to wells. running on the pitch. will be out by a mile at the plate. 7th inning, angels up 2-0. eric making it 7-0 with his seventh homer of the season. as would break through against weaver in their half of the 7th. weeks flukes a single to right. conor jackson scores to make it 3-2. weeks lifted his average back over 300. a shot to short. angels take game 1, 4-2. they
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lead right now 2-0 in the 4th. giants closer brian wilson. anytime there was a mic and a camera, the beard wasn't too far behind. >> you suck. what? no. >> does he have insurance have insurance? >> i should. wake up and someone is cutting it. >> and then you know what the best thing about wilson was, he shows up monday for the espy and he is wearing that tight tux which would look good on you. >> really? >> yes. >> all right. , kim, thank you so much. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news.
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news updates always on see you soon. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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