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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  July 16, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." good evening, i'm juliette
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goodrich in for ann notarangelo. he watched and a b.a.r.t police officer shot and killed oscar grant. now grant's best friend is also dead by the hands of a gunman. joe vazquez is in hayward tonight to tell us what happened. joe? >> reporter: juliette, family members of john caldwell wrapped up an emotional vigil here at the murder scene of the six people that were on that platform new year's day 2009. two have now died violently and so young. >> oscar grant then him now. >> reporter: two and a half years after the shooting death of his best friend oscar grant, 25-year-old caldwell was himself murdered. >> happened in broad daylight which is real crazy too. >> right. >> i don't know, it is just dum, i think it is. >> reporter: caldwell was sitting in a car at a hayward gas station around 5:30 p.m. friday when someone walked up
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and fired several rounds. the suspect ran away. police searched the area but never found the gunman. investigators say they don't believe the shooting was random but they are not elaborating on a motive. new year's morning 2009 john caldwell is seen in the infamous cell phone video on the b.a.r.t. plate form. that is him wearing the grey hoodie approaching police officers then walking away as officers ordered him to back off. moments later officer johannes mehserle shot his unarmed best friend oscar grant in the back. caldwell later sued b.a.r.t. for $5 million after he said he was "emotionally and mentally injured from witnessing the death of his friend he has been close to since school age." caldwell had a significant criminal history. the attorney that represents oscar grant's family is
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traveling in berlin. i talked to him by phone. >> the loss of oscar is bad enough. but this certainly adds insult to injury with this tragedy. john suffered so much and now that suffering will be exacerbated by the loss. >> reporter: calwell leaves behind two children and many family members, some of whom we just spoke to, right now their biggest concern, juliette is who did this and why. by the way they say he will be buried next to his best friend oscar grant. >> joe vazquez in hayward. joe, thank you. one person is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. it happened at 3rd and oakdale about 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. police shot one person. doctors have not released that person's condition. it is not clear why police opened fire. friends and family of a missing nursing student from san mateo spent another day
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searching for her. it is the sixth day they have organized a search party for michele lee. the 26-year-old was last seen may 27th in hayward leaving for a break at kiaser permanente medical center. >> it is really -- it takes a lot of energy and a lot of dedication but she is a sweet person. she wouldn't be given up anyone so we aren't giving up on her. >> police have reason to believe she is the subject of foul play. there is a reward in this case. three-alarm fire eresulted early -- erupted early this morning. when firefighters arrived they found the building filled with smoke. they had trouble finding the source of the fire so additional units were called from two other fire stations. firefighters say the building
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is old but has been renovated and divided. they are still looking for the cause. back in may an oakland preacher predicted the apocolyps based on his interpretation of the bible. turns out he was wrong. not two months later it was predicted for los angeles based on the weekend long closure of the 405. we are happy to report this dire prediction appears to be wrong begin. we are joined live from los angeles now. one person is quoted as saying it is dead as a door nail out there. what's going on. >> reporter: pretty quiet. best thing that has happened to los angeles traffic in decades. i'll tell you. we drove around all throughout the day and not only is the 405 closed off because of the construction project but they warned people about being on the west side of los angeles and i'll tell you traffic was absolutely amazing. some people are now saying that
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carmageddon was this year's y2k. didn't amount to anything. >> the mayor is surveying the area, looking at it all and all is calm, right? >> reporter: all is pretty much calm and after this is all over with there are some people who are probably going to look at the mayor with some bit of criticism because it was him who started this campaign several months ago saying beware of this weekend. it has the potential to be a traffic nightmare he said. he went on a campaign to try to get celebrities to tweet about staying away from the west side of los angeles. now the result of that is most people either got out of town, decided to stay out of the west side of l.a. and a lot of businesses in this area are hurting as a result. >> maybe just the word got out so people were actually trying to take precautions or get out of the area. were there any arrests? people were trying to get on
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the freeway. we heard reports of a jogger on the freeway. we heard that up here in northern california. >> eight people were arrested. some people tried to skateboard on the highway. others tried to bike. there was a jogger seen on the highway as well. when you look at it, i don't know how much you can tell right now. this is a major highway. 12-lane highway that people are used to being stuck on and it looks like a parking lot on most days. so of course it is quite appealing for anybody to have the opportunity to go on there without any cars being on there. so i can understand why those folks tried to do it. they were arrested as a result. i'm just surprised there wasn't a streaker. >> don't give us any ideas or them any ideas. >> reporter: we still have another day. >> yes, we do. thank you for your live report. appreciate that. expect delays on the golden gate bridge. southbound, northbound connections to the bridge in san francisco will be closed.
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it will include the mcarthur title. the closure part of a multimillion dollar project that is supposed to make doyle drive safe during earthquakes. during tonight's closure workers will complete the transition from temporary traffic lanes to the new permanent route. everything is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning at 11. car pooling was big in the 70s and 80s, but guess what, not any more? according to the census data in the last 30 years more and more drivers have been commuting alone. especially in the south bay. car pooling in santa clara county has dropped from 14 to 10.1%. state wide 16.9 to 12%. ways side 20 to 12%. experts say the trend could be that more people are working in the suburbs and not in a major downtown area. >> they are going to lose an arm. they don't want to lose a leg.
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>> one person's misfortune another chance for another's bargain. the deal to be had at this bay area foreclosure auction. and what might finally end the three-month dispute over sacred burial grounds. well, cool temperatures, plenty of clouds and patchy fog are currently in the forecast but we are expecting a warmup. i've got the details next. ,, denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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a park on a native american burial ground. the city said this week it will e development righ the city of vallejo will scale back plans to build a park on a native american burial ground. the city said this week it will share developmental rights with two northern california tribes that have been camped out at the site for months blocking construction. the tribes must now sign off on plans for restrooms, trails and other amenities. tribe members tell the chronicle they won't leave until the deal is set.
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analysts saying foreclosures are slower because of backlogs in processing. for buyers there are plenty of homes still out there on the auction block. anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: among the fast talking auctioneers and investors buying in bulk there are people like beverly. >> today i purchased a home. >> reporter: she saw this foreclosed property in antioch online. it is a fixer upper but instantly -- >> fell in love with the house. >> reporter: she had been living with her son for the past two years. >> everything was out of my price range. >> reporter: the auction said it was once valued at $219,000. she paid $115,000 cash. >> i have been saving a long time. don't buy unnecessary items. >> reporter: all of the homes were available for viewing before today's auction. now, this home here in richmond was once valued according to at $324,000. today's starting bid was $25,000. it sold for $62,000. the buyer also has to pay tens of thousands of dollars in
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closing costs depending on the property. and there are plenty to choose from. in california one out of 51 homes receive ad foreclosure notice over the past six months. that is over 263,000 homes. >> the banks will lose an arm. they don't want to lose a leg in this type of deal. >> reporter: but all of this pricing has to be put in per speckive. >> prices have fallen four times since the real estate bubble. but prices started out high in california. even now it is still twice as expensive to buy a home than any other place in the country. >> reporter: for buyers though the auction can be an opportunity. >> actually gives people who lost a lot a chance to come and purchase something for a reasonable price and maybe get another second shot. >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream right now. i got a home. i got a home. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs5 eyewitness news.
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we have got a cooler temperature for the next three days but a warmup by wednesday. hump day is looking pretty good. i've got your details coming up next. ,,,,
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. little bit of shaking going on in the east bay this morning. a 3.4 magnitude earthquake woke
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up some people near burkely. this is what it look like on the cbs5 seismo-graph. the stadium is undergoing a $300 million retrofit and renovation. the quake was too small to cause injuries or damage. be careful what you wish for. i was asking for warmer temperatures. but not too warm. >> don't want it too warm. not the triple digits we were seeing. starting today we are still trending cool right now and it will be the case for the next couple days. but then we will see a warmup by wednesday. let's take a look outside. we are seeing some low clouds working their way over the forecast region. that's okay. they will dry out by tuesday into wednesday. in the meantime we are going to see a lot of clouds making their way over and that is just because we had that moisture ahead of that low. so as this low moves back in it will pick up all the moisture and what we are seeing is a
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visible satellite image. for this evening still seeing patchy fog, gusty conditions. sunset 8:30 p.m. so the day is getting just a little bit shorter. temperatures overnight lows seeing pretty much just ranging in the 50s. low to high 50s and that's pretty average for this time of year. and the reason why it is so much warmer we do have plenty of clouds to insulate the surface of the earth here. oakland 67. san francisco 65 for you. this weekend a lot going on out there. cooler temperatures just may be welcome. arden wine festival. 72 degrees is the expected high temperature for tomorrow with partly cloudy sky conditions and the half ironman 74 your expected high. a look at the low pressure system working its way into the forecast region. as you take a look down here this is a high pressure system really affecting the south and midwest right now. so they are getting very warm temperatures. what's going to happen is as it
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expands it will push on back then we will see warmer temperatures by wednesday. but we do have a couple of days to deal with. in the meantime here is a look at our extended forecast. we do have those cooler temperatures for the next couple of days then a warmup in store by wednesday for the next weekend. so a little bit of a cool down and then a warm up. >> okay. that sounds good. >> does it? >> yes. >> because i'm ready with the kids. >> so ready. >> now on to kim for sports. green jacket. is that a symbol? >> well, it is major weekend but these are masters color. moving day at the british open for everyone except darren clark. godzilla may be stuck on 499 homers but he can still flash the leather. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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northern ireland is becoming the me of champions. so even if your a gambler you couldn't pick it. >> that's right. 31 golfers within four strokes of the lead coming into today's third round. northern ireland is becoming the home of champions. graham mcdowell opened last year at pebble beach. rory mcilroy won this year's u.s. open now darren clark has a chance to break through. not exactly a picture-perfect summer day in england. barring a record comeback tomorrow rory mcilroy won't be winning back-to-back majors. he shoots a four over 74 and is nine shots off the lead. >> ricky fowler made his way up the leaderboard with three
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birdies. he came within an inch. 4th. he is three shots back. phil mickelson has never won an open championship and he has his work cut out for him tomorrow after shooting a one over 71 to leave him four back. dustin johnson. briefly with a share of the lead and will head into the final round one shot back. darren clark played the front nine even but would get back to five under after the birdie on number 12. the 42-year-old shoots a 59 and is 18 holes away from his first ever major title. >> i thought in the open it would be my lifetime dream if i was to win it. it is that sort of thing. all players are judged on their majors. we are not judged on what tournaments we win. >> not the typical athlete like
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everybody. i don't go to the gym every time. i like to socialize, relax, and i think most of the people that come to watch will identify with that. that's probably why they seem to like me so much. >> i can definitely relate to that. all right, clark will play with dustin johnson who has also never won a major. lucas glover dropped to fifth after shooting a 73. a little lighter tournament up in lake tahoe. former vice president dan quail learning the carlton dance. normally the best part of showing celebrity golf highlights making fun of charles barkely's swing but there is nothing to laugh about here. sir charles hits it right in the middle of the fairway. but actor jack wagner has a six-point lead. it is 80s weekend at the coliseum so today fans were treated to an old-fashioned double header. that's right. two games for the price of one. spare you the regular version of a handshake. the as have their hands full
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with all-star starter jarret weaver. looked like they would get on the board in the 5th. kurt suzuki with a hit. running on the pitch. going to be out by a mile at the plate. 7th inning. angels up 2-0. eric makes it 3- 0 with his seventh homer of the season. trevor cahill. conor jackson scores to make it 3-2. weeks with a three-hit game and he lifted his average back over 300. runners on second and third for coco crisp. ibar knocks it down and gets it out. angels take game 1, 4-2. as for game 2 kurt suzuki getting the night off and that was in the lineup. as backup catcher down the right field line. josh willingham comes in to score the tiger woods run.
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the as would take a lead in the 5th but the angels come right back to tie it. vernon wells homers into the second deck off rich harden. it is 3-3 right now in the top of the 7th. no player enjoyed the spotlight more during the all- star break than giants closer brian wilson. and anytime there was a mic and a camera, the beard wasn't too far behind. >> it is like you suck? haha. what? no, no, i don't. >> do have you that insured. >> that's a great idea in case i wake up one day and someone is scissoring my face. you have immaculate hair right now. get a shot of that. i want to get in there with whatever else is in there. garden gnomes cutting down trees. >> came in the fan mail. said enjoy. that was the letter. and i'm currently enjoying
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them. >> there it is, juliette. >> the tux? >> yes. >> you could rock it. >> you think so? >> you'll see a lot more of those because of brian wilson. you see more beards around. guys are growing it and dying it to look like wilson. >> kim, thanks so much. officer-involved shooting in san francisco apparently over a passenger who didn't pay fare on a muni train. the story is developing. we will sort out all the details and have more information for you in just a few minutes. also this time tomorrow casey anthony could be out of jail. a look at some of the security concerns. we will see you back here at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, [ bell ringing ]
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