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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 29, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. five days and counting, still no vote to raise the debt ceiling. now they are praying on capitol hill. >> school is out, but thieves are in. and they keep coming back. the gold mine they discovered. predicting crime before it happens. the new weapon police have and how it helps them work smarter. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm dana king. we are just five days away from default. and tonight, there is no doubt about who is running the show in washington. >> in fact, take a look at this. the headline on the
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conservative drudge report reads the vote, tea party in charge. tonight for the second time in a week, republican house speaker john boehner was forced to cancel a vote on raising the debt ceiling. jessica stone shows us people in the capital are resorting to prayer. >> there was no vote thursday on house speaker john boehner's bill that would cut $917 billion in spending over ten years. it appears he is still trying to line up support from conservative republicans demanding deeper spending cuts. all thursday afternoon, frustration boiled over on the house floor. >> this is getting serious, mr. speaker. very serious. we can't keep spending money we just don't have. >> in the capital rotunda, religious leaders gathered to pray, protesting budget cuts that would affect america's poor. 11 were arrested. more rallied outside the capital. all along, senate majority leader, harry reid, said if the
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house bill gets to the senate, it would be rejected. he has a bill of his own that would trim $2.2 trillion. it doesn't stand a chance in the house. >> we must not be here in six months. >> a fall on the nation's credit could mean higher interest rates for everyone, worry those rates could cause monthly mortgage payments to spike. >> i'm trying to stay within my means. if it goes up, then it affects my outcome. >> u.s. treasury will unveil a plan as soon as friday evening on how the government will pay its bills if congress will not raise the debt ceiling by august 2. jessica stone for abc news, washington. well even if congressional leaders on both sides are ready to make a deal, can they ever get the rank and file to sign on? on the cbs evening news, bob shaefer put that question to john mccain.
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>> i believe they can and will. how soon is i'm not clear on. it may require some kind of a warning shot. for example, watch the markets tomorrow, the financial markets around the world. i believe that the american people have very different views about what we're in, but one of the major views and even larger than that is that they want us to sit down and agree to something because they don't want this government to deprive them of the services which they need and earned. >> republicans are going to meet again tomorrow. two men are behind bars in miami accused of attacking an american airlines crew on a flight to ffo. the flight was about to leave the gate when it happened. police say jonathan biaz and his brother lew louis bias.
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threatened the pilot's life, then jonathan punched the pilot in the face and hit a flight attendant. >> everyone jumped up. the guy along with myself that jumped up to head out the situation, we waited to see what was going to happen and he struck the officer again and then he struck one of the ladies there again. >> about three or four of us went down there and tackled the guy. >> the pilot suffered cuts and bruises and possibly permanent eye damage. the two brothers from puerto rico are charged with aggravated assault and battery on a flight crew. copper is a hot commodity these days. a favorite of thieves who ransack everything from homes to street lights just to get their hands on the stuff. and while it's happening all over the bay area, thieves in vallejo have been really busy. they stripped seven schools of copper in the last several weeks. robert lyles shows us these guys are the very definition of
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bold. >> at vallejo's ben franklin middle school, up on the roof isn't a song. it's the only way to get to the scene of a crime. >> they are professionals. they know what they are doing. they are technicians. >> operating with surgical precision says assistant superintendent. 3 to 5 thieves went through heavy duty bolts and brackets. >> they know how to cut live wire and know how to full it. >> about 15 00 volts are going through this pipe. the danger these bandits are after the treasure inside, copper wiring. >> about $5,000 just for the wire in this one pipe. it's been a rash in the month of july as we communicated out. it's been ten hits in july alone and 14 overall. >> spread over eight campuses, franklin has been hit four times. >> this band of thieves is not only professional, they are fearless. something or someone
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interrupted the job that started right here two days ago. so what did they do? came back this morning to finish the crime. >> no fear, they don't believe it. >> cuts mean fewer patrols. >> what about police patrols? >> police are doing what they can do based on having an entire community deal with, but again it's going to come down to community watch. >> calling police with anything suspicious between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. because with damages mounting. >> we're looking at over $100,000 right now. >> copper theft could threaten the start of the school year. cbs 5. >> and some breaking news from oakland. a man in his 20s has been shot in the chest during what police believe was an attempted robbery. now this happened about an hour ago on 19th. it's a residential part of west oakland. two suspects fled from the scene and an ambulance took the victim to the hospital. other bay area headlines, investigators tell us that they
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found the marijuana grow site near rancho leguna park. evidence of the fire fight including casings from an assault rifle were sent to a crime lab. nobody has been arrested, but police believe that mexican cartels are behind this grow operation. san francisco police say that they have recovered the weapon a seattle man used in a gun battle with officers in the bay view a couple weeks ago. a neighbor led them to the pistol that police say belonged to kenneth harding. tests show it was the gun that was fired that killed harding, but police don't know if harding shot himself on purpose or by accident. a mother saw her baby tumble into a san francisco street today when a man grabbed the infant's stroller and threw it to the ground. the mother recounted the story to a medic after the attack on new montgomery street around 3:00. officers say the man was
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noticeably agitated and had been hassling others as well. the baby was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police arrested the man while he was trying to get on a bus. have you noticed all across the bay area, streets are getting a makeover. many of them are getting smaller. the latest example and what's behind all the downsizing. kit. >> allen, for a long time people would go flying down this one-way street. but that all ended today when they converted it to two-way traffic. we have been watching people dive out of the way and not used to all these changes. you could consider it growing pains as we try to adjust and make room for more bikers. >> you are witnessing the birth of a crosswalk. it's the latest sign we're trending towards more walking and biking and less driving and speeding. 55 miles an hour. >> some cars, yeah. >> san jose converted 15 blocks of st. james street from
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one way to two-way traffic to slow down cars. they plan to do it to seven streets in all and over the next decade, the city will double the amount of bike lanes to 5 00 miles. >> if you build it, they will come. you build more spaces for people to bike and walk, you'll get more people to do that. >> in santa clara, down four lanes to two and got bike lanes. on valencia street in san francisco, the lights were timed to match the speed of the bikes, not the cars. and in palo alto, the city just unveiled 10 page plan complete with rendering the fancy bike lanes that would make portland jealous. >> there really is a trend going on. >> yes. yeah. there's a change in design standards in terms of how wide lanes need to be for cars and by moving to some of what we call more progressive standards, we can reclaim space on the street and make space available for bicyclists. >> the one way conversion is
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going to take some getting used to. >> try to accept it. that's a good thing. >> i don't care for t. right now i have to deal with construction, too. >> the vast majority of travel in san jose, 80% is done by people who are driving alone in their cars. so by 2040, the city wants to cut that rate in half. alex. >> all right, thanks. coming up, what is sending more pregnant women and new moms to the emergency room? >> it's a mystery lighting up city hall. why is san francisco so blue? local cops have a new weapon. >> predict the place and time of day that a crime will happen. 71% accuracy. >> how this quiz is helping a
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it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. e number more pregnant women and new moms are having strokes. the cdc study finds that the number of cases jumped from 4100 to 6300 over about a decade. now that's a 54% increase, but researchers say it's because more moms are obese and suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. they also point out that women are having children at later ages and age contributes to that stroke risk. the new reality for many police departments is how do you fight crime with fewer
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resources? kit takes us to the first city in the country now using a new computer program that shows criminals are predictable. >> in this parking garage in santa cruz, police officers are armed with one of the most effective weapons in the fight against crime. information. with plenty of expensive electronics left out in plain view, the garage is a magnet for crooks. the key is knowing when they'll strike. introducing this cutting edge computer program. it keeps track of every single item around the house. it has predicted there's good chance thieves will be roaming about on this day. for officer andy, it has taken a will the of guess work out of patrol. >> coming this way because of that. if it wasn't on there, i wouldn't guarantee i would be in this garage. >> if you didn't think a computer program could predict crime, tell that to felicia. after increasing patrols in the garage, officers arrested her
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and say she was trying to break into cars. >> santa cruise police have been using this for three weeks now. so far it can predict the place and time of day that a crime will happen with 71% accuracy. >> i think that's a remarkable success rate. >> zach friend enters the information of all the thefts and burglaries from the previous day into a computer. the program crunches the data and comes up with a mass of the probability, day of the week, and general location where crimes will likely happen. the department shrunk 10% over the last decade, down to 94 cops while property crimes are up 38%. the department had to find a way to do more with less. >> we do owe it to the community to do things like that. you can't say you need more stuff. you need more unmany. whatever it may be. >> does it surprise you that it's working? >> it doesn't surprise me. >> the model is george moller.
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he uses the same thing seismologists use. molar says crime itself also has aftershocks because thieves are robbers are convenience of habit. >> we all have our routines that we fall into, you know, everyone has them. so in some sense, people are predictable, but again in a probable sense. it is crime fighting in the new economy where you work harder and smarter. in san had tay cruise, cbs 5. >> a near riot on the film in hollywood and the question tonight, who is to blame? a small party for an invitation last night got way out of the hand. thousands of uninvited guests showed up. chaos over several city blocks brought out police in riot gear. it looks like it all started when a popular dj sent out a
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tweet telling everybody to join the party. city officials are deciding whether to hold the dj responsible. san francisco city hall is blue. it has nothing to do with the politics going on there. the building is really blue. elizabeth cook went o find out why. liz. >> you know; it's one of the most iconic buildings. the backdrops, legislative events, now the building that one of the tallest domes in the world has turned blue. >> what color would you say that building is? >> ugly. >> blue. >> not just any blue, smurf's blue. he is the building manager. >> e haven't seen the movie, but it looks like they were trying to get on to a bart train. >> sueony pictures made the film opening tomorrow and picked up the tab for the lighting scheme. there was supposed to be a party at city hall, but sony
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pulled the plug on that. the blue light stayed. rob says the city uses the extra income to help keep the building maintained. >> that's one of the ways we offset the burden on the citizens. >> it's not the first time city hall has changed. normally it's for hole dais or awareness campaigns. >> but for the smore fs and blue for autism week, christmas time is red and green. >> now there were mixed revies on the buildings new color. some thought it was absolutely beautiful and a nice refreshing change. others thought, well, they like it the old way. the more classive way. i guess that is the purist point of view. it took minimal construction. all construction crews had to do was put a blue jell screen over the lights and the building will be back to normal on monday niesmght cbs 5. >> i don't know, i see blue
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and i think cooler conditions. we are all going to be seeing red. the day this weekend that will be the warmest as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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roberta tosses back to set all right, roberta said it. she is seeing red. >> i am seeing red. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. let me get out of the way so you can take a good look at this. matt is a genius. he's one of our photo journalists and he shot this beautiful video for us tonight at the golden gate bridge and you can see the fog just playing tag with the tiptop of the tower there. in fact, that's how we are going to kick start your morning with areas of fog and low clouds and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we are playing out the low clouds in the fog like this. according to the forecast, yes it extends inland, but we have the fog bank, the marine layer is compressing and it is located about here. another ridge over the four corner states, but what is really interesting is this right here.
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monsoonal moisture and one computer model wants to lift it up in a northerly direction, by the east bay mountain areas so sunday can be an iffy day. i went through that fast. it could be iffy with a chance of thunder. now that is sunday. one day at a time. 61 degrees. 88 degrees for your friday and sanoma. east of the bay with the sunny skies, warmer conditions, a west wind at 15. 60s to 70 along the seashore except for pacifica with partial clearing. average high in san jose is 83. instead, 86 degrees for your friday. and this weekend, it's the annual garlic festival. if you can cook it, throw garlic on it and serve it up. temperatures in the 90s. all right, danny was saying seeing red, you bet you. each and every day. that's the pinpoint forecast, we did ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the giants new star made his debut today, but it was the old one who stole the show. carlos beltran 0 for 4 with two strikeouts. he was batting third and that might have helped pablo in the cleanup spot. in his first at bat, he homered to give the giants a 1-0 lead. the star, though, tim lincecum. sidelined the last two days
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with the flu made them look sick tonight. the red-hot a's sent men to the plate scoring against tampa, going for the sweep. there goes conner jackson, his fourth home run of the season. this is getting fun to watch. but the bullpen, which is the best in the american league gives up seven runs in the 7th inning. and takes brian's teeth to raise the sweep and win the finale. 49ers will hold their first practice tomorrow, but they'll be without michael crabtree. the former first round pick will miss four to six weeks with a foot injury. this means he'll likely miss the entire preseason for the third straight year. 49er kicker who was due to make $1.87 million this year was released and now plans to announce his retirement tomorrow. 49ers will try david acres. and the niners freed up more cap space after cutting nate
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clemens. he signed a deal in 2007, but never really lived up to that rich deal. niners are still believed to be in the running. the raiders opened camp this afternoon in napa and while quarterback hasn't been the most stable position since rich left, new head coach made it clear that jason campbell is his guy. >> as far as quarterback concern, you have one? >> say that one more time. you did not ask me that question. he did not ask that question out here today. does anybody not know who the starting quarterback is of the raiders? doesn't he wear number eight and jason campbell? he is the starting quarterback of the raiders, period. >> as for the big moves around the league, reggie bush is a dolphin. former bengals wide receiver, chad ochocinco. top five, carlos beltran may
2:07 am
have struggled at the plate tonight, but he did flash. he won three gold gloves during his career. and number four, opening round, usc you are open. second eagle of the day. he has a two-stroke lead. number three, bank of the west classic, serena williams in three sets. she will play maria scherr sharipova in the finals. the throw from the outfield. and at number one, opening day, exgame 17. steve mccann doing his evil kanevil. he would win the gold medal in the bmx big air. i don't know, remember 1969, people don't know this. it was actually allen martin's first gig. you remember this?
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you reported on the jump at cesar's palace and it was reminiscent of that crash tonight. >> except for he was -- >> evil kanevil ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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