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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  July 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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eyewitness news in high- definition. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. digging up an abandoned section pipeline in san bruno is causing new problems for pg&e. don knapp on the gas smell that has neighbors worried. don? >> reporter: ann, when you stand in this neighborhood near ground zero and recall the inferno that roared through here not quite a year ago you can understand why some folks are uneasy and why the smell of gas triggers fears. >> somebody is not telling us something. that's what i'm feeling. i'm feeling very uneasy. >> reporter: kathy and her family live just 12 houses from the site of the blast that killed eight of her neighbors and claimed nearly 40 homes last year. silverman says she remains concerned about her own family's safety. when she came home yesterday she saw pg&e crews all over the neighborhood at a new dig that opened up an old capped off pipeline. >> it is obvious to me that something is not correct if there are that many pg&e people
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out there. >> how many were there? >> like i said, at least 50. at least 50. >> reporter: pg&e says it stopped work on retrieving a section of the unused pipe installed in 1948 when neighbors reported smelling gas. >> they had done some work and had determined there was no gas still in that pipe. the odor had been trapped in the pipe and when the seal was opened that odor escaped. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission wants to study the pipes old welds and metal for clues to last year's explosion. they say neighbors need not worry about the smell of gas. it is only the odorant that has been added to natural gas. they will resume next week when they place a camera inside the line. >> i don't know who to believe or what to believe. and i just want to be safe. my family needs to be safe. we all need to be safe. everyone that lives here needs to be safe and we all need answers. >> reporter: now, what investigators learn will help determine whether more testing is needed or whether they will
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actually have to dig up pipelines and replace them. ann? >> don, just curious. can you smell gas out there right now? >> reporter: no, i cannot smell gas and i understand that it was a brief, intense spurt of gas which seems to have gone away. there a stiff breeze here so it would have to be a lot of gas to smell it. >> don knapp in san bruno, thank you very much. >> in just a matter of hours the two cal grads imprisoned in iran may be free. the trial is set to begin in tehran tomorrow afternoon. the men and one man's fiancee were detoured while hiking in iraq near the iranian border. they are hoping the long end comes tomorrow. >> we are very hopeful. it is scheduled for the day of their capture.
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they were taken on july 31, 1999. they celebrated their 29th birthdays in prison. >> the muslim world also has a tradition of pardoning prisoners for the holy month of ramadan. sheeredwas freed many months ago. >> i was shown compassion and released. that was almost seven months ago and we pray that the time for compassion for shane and josh is near. >> the lawyer suggested the court could convict the two but then sentence them to time served. a peninsula city finds itself in the middle of a burglary spree. nine homes in belmont have been bur burglarized in the past two weeks. as anne makovec shows us the
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thieves are getting bolder. >> reporter: burglaries in this woman's home. daytime hits when people are occurring when no one is home. >> complete violation of your property. they lived here almost 27 years to the day and to have somebody come through and go through all their stuff. it is not right. >> reporter: and last night thieves upped the ante. burglars entered home when people were inside. a belmont police officer describes it. >> they had entered a vehicle and a residents through an unlocked window and took keys and a wallet off the table. >> reporter: in all of the cases the doors were unlocked. >> i have been here for 12 years. never heard anything like this happen before. >> reporter: police have two descriptions of people they think may have been casing the neighborhood. one is a white man in his late 20s, short blond hair and thin
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build. police say he knocked on at least one door asking if they had a dog for sale. they didn't and he left. the other is a black man between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build driving a bmw sedan. >> daytime occurrences. we have no leads on the nighttime occurrences yet. >> reporter: lock your doors, consider an alarm system and keep an eye on the neighborhood police say. ann mac, cbs5. still no deal to raise the debt ceiling. congress sitting for a rare weekend session to try to strike a compromise but house speaker john boehner left the capitol for the night and senator harry reid says they are no closer to an agreement. minority leader nancy pelosi drew boos from gop members after she accused boehner of sucking up to the most
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conservative house republicans. >> the speaker chose when he didn't have the votes, instead of to reach out in a bipartisan way to see how we could work together, he chose to go to the dark side. let's bring -- >> boo. >> let me repeat. and i repeat. he chose to go to the dark side. >> if both sides cannot agree by tuesday that could not only hurt the economy but also jeopardize social security checks and even pay checks for u.s. troops. a terrifying seen on a runway. a jet with 163 people on board crash lands and breaks in half. the amazing thing that happened next a flashback to 2006. housing prices are sky rocketing in one part of the bay area up nearly 30% in just six months. what's behind the recent boom? fog and low clouds continue
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to keep temperatures mild across the coastline here. we did see afternoon sunshine. more to come. i'll have the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and broke in t it is amazing no one died. 163 people on board a jet crashed and broke in two after touching down in guyana, south america, yesterday. the plane slid off the end of the runway through a chain linked fence and stopped just short of a deep ravine. no fatalities. the cause of the crash is being investigated. these are dismal times in the nation's housing market. the bay area's high tech haven silicon valley. home prices in some communities there have jumped in the past six months up to 30%. >> reporter: in america's troubled housing market there
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is one place where people with buying and house prices are rising like it is 2006 all over again. >> anything under $1 million is a bargain? >> exactly. >> reporter: real estate agent katy hammer briggs showed what less than a million will buy. >> this is $725,000. >> i'm sorry, it is a shack. >> reporter: yes. but it is a shack in the heart of silicon valley. >> in some parts of the country you would get a mansion for $725,000. >> exactly. that's what you get here. >> reporter: the new prospect of young wealth growing from young internet companies like twitter and linked in is reflecting the housing markets. all those new billionaires need a place to live. a five bedroom house tucked away listed for $5 million. sold for $7 million. the buyer facebook founder mark
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zuckerberg. >> people are saying i don't want to compete with those people when they get their millions, i want to get in now. >> reporter: for this woman and her husband that meant signing papers to sell faster than they ever expected. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: their house went on the market monday morning and sold monday afternoon. >> full price? yes, full price. >> reporter: 2.15 million all cash. quite a contrast to the rest of the country drowning in foreclosures and homes that linger unsold for months. here it is just the opposite. lot of eager buyers, few houses. for tucky and amy that meant trouble. >> i was pregnant and we thought we had a good six months to find a house before we had the baby. >> reporter: but every time they put in an offer someone else put in a better one. >> we looked for six months, placed six offers over that
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time, got beat every way, shape or form we can possibly imagine. >> reporter: finally by bidding over the asking price they got a house. the same week their daughter was born. it looks a lot like what happened across much of the country in 2006 when the housing bubble inflated just before it burst. but now silicon valley may be the only place where buyers see a bargain in a $700,000 shack. a public art sculpture. elaborate landscaping. sounds more like a museum than a library. this amazing facility in one bay area neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fares increase this coming >> prepare to dig a little deeper in your wallet to ride an a.c. transit bus. fares increasing august monday, 1st. up a dime to 2.10. youth, senior and disabled fares $1.05 up a nickel. a new library open today. the new facility near 10,000 square feet. four times the size of the old library. it costs more than $13 million paid for by a bonds measure
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several years ago. preparations underway for tomorrow's san francisco marathon. the race begins 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning at the embarkadaro through the city, golden gate park, precidio and across the golden gate bridge and back. delays and parking problems. use public transportation and drive accordingly. talk about the dog days of summer. take a look to beat the heat one bulldog tried to drag his swimming pool inside where it was cooler. >> a little trouble getting through. eventually did get the pool inside but lost all the water. there it goes into the house. >> we need to invite that dog to come to the bay where where he would love the weather. >> he is obviously in texas where they continue with the heat wave that has been 20 days and longer. >> and their drought too. >> combined with the drought. very miserable conditions there. not so much across the bay area where we see low clouds and fog continuing to keep temperatures on the mild side.
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we are below normal for this time of year. we are looking at mid to low 80s for the hot spots. should be in the 90s right now. but this persistent fog bank keeping things cool even inland to the inland valleys here. we saw the fog clearing through the bay leaving us with some afternoon sunshine in around the bay. we look for that pattern to repeat itself once again tomorrow as we continue with enough of an onshore breeze to keep the fog around and across the interior we are looking at enough of a southerly breeze to keep some thunderstorm activity out over the mountains. across the foothills thunderstorms from yosemite up to tahoe. lots of thunderstorms up there. energy moving into the west, into the central valley, greater bay area continuing mild with low clouds and fog being our main weather feature here. i don't think thunderstorm activity will make it back into the bay. we may look at it out there across the high country. but for the most part it will stay in the foothills as once again we can expect the inland
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temperatures to peak out in the upper 80s to low 90s for the hot spots. upper 70s to low 80s in around the bay. little cooler at the coast. as we look for continued mild conditions here. a couple degrees below normal for this time of year. and the seven-day forecast continues that trend into and through the week as we see other than the buildups out over the interior more low clouds and fog continuing at the coast where temperatures again will stay on the mild side even into next weekend. now time to check in with kim and get a sports update. >> thank you, the niners bring in a super bowl m.v.p. for a visit and raiders signing former stanford quarterback. plus, what chad ochocinco was willing to give up to get his number 85 with the patriots. sports is next. ,,,,,,
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. receiver... former super bowl m-v-p, plaxico burress is coming in for a visit burress mi with michael crabtree injured the 49ers could use help as wide receiver. plaxico burress is coming to town for a visit tonight. burress missed the last two seasons while serving a prison sentence for gun possession. expected to sign elsewhere another player moving over into be the niners starting nose tackle. the 29-year-old started every game the last four seasons so he enjoyed the extra off time this off season. >> i was cooking for my wife, watching my kids but the main thing was spending more time
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with the family. and be safe and away from trouble. >> two days after being released by the niners cornerback nate clements has agreed to a deal with the bengals. he was let go by the niners because he was due to make $17 million this season. the raiders were reportedly close to a deal yesterday with 6'9" left tackle gaither but they decided to pass due to health concerns. the team did resign barnes. raiders agreed to a deal with trent edwards. he started 32 games for the bills before being released last season and expected to compete with kyle bowler for the backup spot. peyton manning the biggest paid player. he will have to agree to a tie with tom brady, five year $90 million deal.
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manning turned over $100 million so they would have room to move. keeping track of who is the latest available and latest rumors go to the cbs5 sports page and follow the free agency tracker. >> can i get a group hug? i don't know you guys. thank you, i love you guys. >> chad ochocinco met with the new england media for the first time. the always outspoken wide receiver promises to tone down his act now that is he a patriot. tight end aaron hernandez gave up his number 85 to ochocinco won't have to change his name again. >> i drive a toyota prius. that's the best i can do. he can drive it on the weekend. i have some leftover mcdonald's coupons. >> he has 2 million followers on twit, but don't expect his new head coach bill belichick
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to be following him anytime soon. >> that's not something that i follow. i don't twitter. i don't myspace. i don't do any of those things. >> myspace. marion bartoli advancing to the finals after dominika cibulkova withdrew because of an injury. everyone looking for birdies at the women's british open. 22-year-old 18 holes away from her biggest win in her career. last year's winner is two strokes back. u.s. senior open. sinks the birdie from just off the green on 18. shoots a 65. now 15 under for the tournament which is the senior open record
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through 54 holes. two strokes back. making history at infineon this afternoon. qualifying first for a record 139 times. the 62-year-old will go for his second straight win during the elimination round. his son-in-law robert hiatt would be the number 2 seed. infineon fans can meet the first lady of drag racing this weekend. after all these years she is still one of the sport's biggest stars. >> a lot of racers will go there quietly out of ear shot and complain that my autograph lines are interfering with their pit stakes. it is just another excuse to complain. but that is pretty much the way it is. and they will stand for an hour and wait for that one signature. >> and some breaking news out of the as right now.
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they are close to a deal to sends rich harden to boston and will get a prospect in return. that what happens when you're 12 and a half games out. braves now interested for coco crisp. we should see a number of as players moving in the next day. we are watching where two u.c. berkeley graduates could be freed for anytime now. they have been held for two years for espionage. tonight at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. we will have more as proceedings get underway. that's it for us. have a good day. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,,,,,,,,,
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