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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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can. >> the house will vote on a measure today that although not perfect will begin to change the culture here in washington. >> reporter: neither party is thrilled with the deal. but enough democrats and republicans appear to be coming around to give the bill a good chance to move forward. some of the plan's critics aren't ready to give up the fight. >> this bill, this so-called solution doesn't change the picture. >> reporter: the agreement raises the debt limit by up to $2.4 trillion through the end of 2012. there would be $1 trillion of cuts now and a new group of bipartisan lawmakers would determine where the rest comes from. it doesn't including tax hikes that the democrats called for but top white house aides say that won't stop the president from pushing for them down the
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road. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. back live now to washington, because right now the government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spent. if the plan doesn't pass by tomorrow in the senate the government won't have enough cash to cover its obligations including $23 billion of social security checks scheduled to go out august 3. and up and down on wall street ended with a drop in the dow. it rallied early, up nearly 140 points after word of this debt deal. but a weak manufacturing report caused those gains to fizzle. the dow at one point sank 145 points. it ended as you see down about 11. well, the crisis may have been averted, one bay area professor says it would have been a good thing if the government defaulted. mark sayre asked him why. >> well, i have always had extreme views. [ laughter ] >> reporter: san jose state economics professor jeff hummel is the first to admit his views are not shared by many. >> i think that a treasury
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default is inevitable and has been for a long time. >> reporter: he says the u.s. should go one step beyond simple default to out right repudiation of the national debt. >> a default is where a government temporarily stops paying interest. a total repudiation would be just saying we're not going to pay off the debts entirely. >> reporter: what does it say. it says invest in your own destruction. buy government bonds. >> reporter: he shows butcher stickers he sometimes puts up in his classroom to provoke discussions when he is teaching discussions on macroeconomic policy. he says the u.s. needs to enforce immediate u.s. fiscal reforms which would prompt elected leaders to be more responsible in the future. >> it would make it more difficult for the u.s. government to borrow so it's a balanced budget amendment with real teeth. >> reporter: he says what congress is doing now working on yet another increase in the national debt ceiling only delays the inevitable. >> if they implement reforms, they can put this off for 10 or
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20 years. i'm hoping to see the default in my lifetime. >> reporter: he says he first predicted in 1993 that the united states would default on its debt and the recent debate softened critics he thought were nuts. >> a lot of people are coming around to the view that some kind of default is nettable. >> reporter: -- inevitable. >> reporter: unlike recent predictions of the end of the world, he can't predict when the government will default because the congress can always approve additional extension. in san jose, mark sayre, cbs 5. and coming up on the cbs evening news, scott pelley sits down with speaker of the house john boehner about his take on this debt deal. the in-depth interview will air after our newscast coming up at 5:30. a mother of four is killed in an ambush style shooting in
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richmond. 25-year-old rose mcfadden was shot shortly after 2:30 this morning while she was pulling into her apartment complex on nevin avenue. police say at least one gunman walked up to the car and opened fire. mcfadden tried to run but was shot. a man with her in the car was also shot in the head. antoine williams, jr., died from his injuries this afternoon. neighbors say the violence needs to stop. >> as a community, we need to get some stuff out here, some things that we can invest in for our kids. our kids, we got bring up our kids right. we can't have this and act like it's not going on. >> the shooting becomes the city's 22nd and 23rd homicides of the year. there were 2 1 homicides in richmond in all of 2010. new details tonight on the bryan stow beating case. prosecutors say one of the suspects kicked stow's head several times even after he was unconscious. according to a new court
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document, louie sanchez ran up behind stow and punched the giants fan in the head. after stow fell and hit his head, prosecutors say louie sanchez and his co-defendant marvin norwood kicked stow while norwood said who else wants to fight? prosecutor say that sanchez also punched him. a man died in the stow case after eating peanuts he was allergic to. he was an important witness in the case. a surprising find in a basement. authorities were called to, a fetish film company that operates out of the city's old armory. this morning, apparently there was a plumber doing some routine work unearthed live world war ii artillery shell. the bomb squad was called and the 75 millimeter shell was
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removed safely. protecting pedal power commuters. the revolutionary device one bay area city is using to make street crossings safer for cyclists. another deadly accident at yosemite. what the bay area woman was doing before she fell to her death. and doctors call it a milestone. the healthcare services for women that won't cost a thing. ,,,,,,,,
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today or surers to provide th control cove we have big medical news. the government today ordered insurers to provide free birth control coverage for tens of millions of american women. that's not all. dr. kim mulvihill on the move that medical experts are calling historic. reporter: doctors call it milestone in the long-term health of women. under the government's healthcare reform plan, all insured women will soon have access to preventative medical
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service at no cost and with no copayment. the institute of medical developed the new guidelines, which include breast-feeding support, domestic violence counseling, diabetes screening and birth control. >> this should really decrease of number of unwanted pregnancies and the number of abortions. >> reporter: medical experts say that will save women, families and the government substantial amounts of money in the long run. it's estimated 41% of american women use birth control at a cost of $15 to $50 a month. insurance companies are going to end up picking up the cost, which could then mean higher premiums for some people. even so, many women welcome the savings. >> women have to pay men don't have to pay. it's unfair. >> airbags don't encourage you to get in a car accident. i don't think contraception will change your opinion on sex. >> reporter: many groups don't think the government should offer free contraception. >> we should not be told that preventative care for us is ending pregnancies. >> reporter: supporters say the free services which are set to
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begin a year from now will give women a greater chance at being healthy. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. a.c. transit passengers are going to have to dig deeper starting today. the basic adult fare goes up by 10 cents. the fares for youth, seniors and the disabled are now 5 cents more. this is the first step in a ten- year series of fare hikes aimed at raising $2.4 million in revenue. other headlines around the bay area, there was a diesel spill overnight near san francisco's fisherman's wharf. about 200 gallons leaked near pier 45 on jefferson street. only about 20 feet from the bay. the coast guard helped the fire department clean it up and fire crews don't believe any of the fuel got into the water. however, booms were set out just in case. and thieves are ripping out plants from gardens in san francisco's bernal heights. it happened in the middle of the night and police suspect that the stolen plants are
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either being resold or replanted in the thieves' gardens. there have been two arrests but the plants are still being snatched. i'm ann notarangelo in pleasanton where if you are a cyclist this traffic light is going to make your ride easier. how it can turn a red light green. cashing in on deals while helping charities. the bargains that give back, coming up. ,,
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park. for the decked time in two weeks -- second time in two weeks, there's a deadly accident at yosemite national park. 26-year-old haley la flame of san ramon was climbing half dome with some friends yesterday when she fell 600 feet to her death. the cause of the accident is under investigation. but it is believed she may have slipped on wet granite. this is the 14th person to die in the park. july 16th, several people were swept of some falls. the driver of a big rig is alive after his rig collided with an amtrak train near vacaville. the driver said when he stopped at the intersection, the crossing arms were up and there was no train in sight so he moved forward. then he heard honking and when he looked to the side, the train was approaching. he hit the gas but only made it partially across.
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the train smashed into his rear trailer. >> jerked me around. you can see the rest of my trailer is still hooked to my truck. >> reporter: do you feel lucky? >> if it hit me, i would have been dead. >> the driver suffered only my minor injuries. chp says it's fortunate the los angeles-bound train carrying almost 300 passengers did not derail. passengers were delayed several hours. a big rig crashed in sunnyvale today spilling more than 100 gallons of fuel on the road t rammed into the center median on 101 at 1:30 24 morning. it shut down mathilda avenue for more than 6 hours. 101 off-ramp southbound to mathilda was also closed. phone was hurt. no fuel leaked into any waterways. a bay area city is turning to military technology to protect cyclists. ann notarangelo joins us from pleasanton to explain how microwave sensors are making streets safer in the east bay.
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hi, ann. >> reporter: look above that traffic signal. see the blue transmitter? it can tell whether there is a bicycle coming down the street. reporter: as the slyke lists rode along foothill boulevard and got closer to the intersection, this traffic sensors picked up their movements and could do one of two things, change the light from red to green so they didn't have to stop or keep the green light green longer so they could pedal through. >> they are not going to get halfway across before the light turns green with peopling beeping at them. >> reporter: pleasanton is the first city in the country to take this one-time military technology and tuesday to change traffic flow. the transmitter send out a microwave signal and can tell if a car or bike is coming. >> it will delay the traffic signal if needed. >> reporter: if there is no bicycle it will stay the same for drivers. cathy thinks it will make her
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ride safer. >> a lot of times they don't stop. just like when we went down there the light was green for us and i was counting down and we almost got hit. >> reporter: the only impatient people we saw today were cyclists running red lights. but the vehicle code said the bicyclists have the same rights as drives and more communities are looking to pleasanton to follow their lead. >> i believe memphis, tennessee called and asked about it. >> reporter: you hadn't heard about this? >> no, this is the first i have heard of it but seems like could work. >> reporter: in fact most people we talked to including the manager of bicycles- pleasanton didn't know about the half dozen intersections that already have the intersecters or the four more that will get them soon. they cost about $5,000 each and may someday replace the cameras and in-ground sensors that aren't as accurate. but this new technology also has its own limitations. it doesn't collect as much data as the traffic engineers would
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like but elizabeth, they think that the technology will get better and we'll see more of these theirs in pleasanton, maybe throughout the bay area -- more of these at least in pleasanton, maybe throughout the bay area. >> are they trying to encourage people to bike to work? >> reporter: they are not actively telling people to go out -- a lot of the people here are recreational bikers. they want make this a bike friendly city. >> thank you, ann notarangelo. there is a drop in the number of traffic tickets cops are handing out in san francisco but it doesn't mean drives are being more careful. we asked linda yee to check it out. >> reporter: there are a lot of reasons why those traffic citations are down. police will say part of the convenient that people are learning to follow the law. but those are in smaller numbers and it's only because they have had those ongoing crackdowns on traffic violations. now, the police say the streets have become a little safer and, yes, they are writing fewer
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tickets for moving violations. and especially for those red light runners, those tattletale cameras at the most dangerous intersections are working. there is no reason why there are fewer tickets overall. there aren't as many traffic officers out there because of the budget and the funding isn't expected to get any better. now, violations are down about 18%. for the first five months of the year officers wrote 52,000 tickets. last year they wrote 6 3,000. so even though the numbers are better, police say overall, education does work. but people still need to follow the rules and the motorcycle cops will still be out there writing tickets. linda yee, cbs 5. the officials giants championship baby could be born the next few hours. >> 7:54 tonight marks the exact nine-month anniversary of the giants winning the world series. knowing many couples celebrated
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the big event, comcast sportsnet bay area will crown some newborn the championship baby. the title comes with a gift card worth $2,010 a signed birth certificate from the giants and a commemorative brick at at&t park. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. low clouds and fog clearing out all the way to the coastline today. but there are some cooler temperatures coming in our direction. we'll talk about that coming up. and nasa goes green. how the next journey to jupiter will be different from all the rest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, folks. turned out to be a great day around the bay area. even the coastline, the folks at the coast are enjoying the sunshine. they have not seen much sun over the last few days. it's a gorgeous day even at the beaches today. yeah, temperatures still a
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little cool in spots but not bad at all. over the city of san francisco, looking back toward the golden gate bridge, you have clear skies there as well. a little hazy outside and the breeze starting to kick up but what an afternoon around the bay area, some very comfortable weather. one thing we saw, some of that subtropical moisture, that monsoonal stuff making its way up to the sierra nevada once again putting on a light show towards yosemite. it looks like like this will taper off as the ridge weakening. tomorrow sunny, warm, temperatures in the 80s inland, inside the bay 60s and 70s mostly sunny after some patchy morning fog. at the coastline partly cloudy, cool, 50s and 60s, hoping to send more sunshine your way by tomorrow afternoon. right now 38 in fairfield. 81 in livermore. 73 degrees in san jose. 63 degrees in san francisco. these temperatures really running cooler than normal for this time of year but still very comfortable with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. if you want some heat, how about fresno?
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100 degrees there in the afternoon. 90 degrees, partly cloudy in yosemite. and 92 degrees in the sacramento valley. we are going to crank up the temperatures away from the immediate coastline. still looks like changes are in the works. high pressure beginning to break down. this ridge really over the desert southwest has been pumping that moisture back toward the bay area and firing up the thunderstorms over the sierra nevada but now that's headed eastward. we have more sunshine on the way. just some night and morning low clouds and fog early on. and then it looks like we'll get that sunshine on the way. but there are changes in the works in the not too distant future. we'll watch temperatures cooling down again as the trough returns to the bay area. how about this tomorrow afternoon? we have sunshine, about 87 degrees in morgan hill. milpitas looking fantastic at 76. 63 in half moon bay. partly cloudy skies there. 74 in san mateo. and 75 degrees in union city. east bay warm, 88 in brentwood, 87 in antioch, 85 degrees in
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pleasant hill. about 69 degrees in berkeley. breezy in the afternoon. 70 into oakland and 71 degrees in alameda. north bay mostly sunny skies 60s and 70s in many spots. as high as 76 in sonoma, 77 napa and 86 in fairfield. cooler at the coast 50s and 60s. but, you know, this isn't bad weather just a little cooler than normal this time of the year. wednesday a carbon copy. things change as we see winds kicking up late wednesday. by thursday, a few more clouds. a trough will dive down cooling down the temperatures a little bit. but looking toward next weekend this the good news. i think high pressure builds back in and temperatures warm up at least near 90 degrees in the hottest spot so it's not too hot, it's not too cold. i think it will be just right! [ laughter ] >> not bad. >> and 90s, not too bad. >> that's not bad. other parts of the country are cooking. 110 degrees, that's just way, way too hot. >> and a drought.
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>> yeah. >> okay, lawrence. daily deals are all about instant gratification. but there's a new online shopping experience that takes gratification a step further. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us how one woman turned her love for philanthropy into a business that also gives back. reporter: she traded in a high-powered career to stay at home raising her son and raising money for charities. >> i was in middle school when i first got involved in philanthropy and i ran a cancer drive at my school. >> reporter: she continued volunteering while earning degrees from stanford and harvard but once in the business world something was missing. >> that other side of my personality where i felt fulfilled by doing philanthropy and i didn't really have time to do that when i was working. >> reporter: so she created social goodies, a daily deal site like groupon where buyers get bargains and give back. >> so i thought to myself, wow,
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wouldn't it be interesting to take a for-profit business model and use it to fund the good works of charity? >> reporter: she says 20% of each purchase is donated to a 501c3 charity that goes through a rigorous review process. >> right now our featured charities are teach for america, doctors without borders and the nature conservancy. >> reporter: so now this harvard grad has the best of both worlds, helping mankind from her laptop and making a living with her son by herself. >> i'm feeling very intellectually stimulated but also very fulfilled personally. we have some breaking news for you right now. chp has issued an amber alert. this is after a teenager was reportedly abducted off a street in antioch. police say a 16-year-old boy was forced into a car by a suspect holding a sawed-off
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shotgun. here's the important information because chp wants you to be looking for a 1996 black gmc yukon california license plate 4way944. the suspect is a black man about 25 years old 5'7", 180 pounds wearing a black cap, dark blue jacket and blue shirt. if you see anything like this, don't try to stop him. immediately call 911. and a second breaking news story. a three-alarm fire in fairfield. it is burning near central place, mostly grass. we are told no homes are threatened. but as you can see, a lot of white smoke coming up. this again in the fairfield area. we have chopper 5 over it. we'll continue to watch it and bring you the latest. ,,
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for eyewitness news at 6. i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. will he or won't he? it is the biggest waiting game in san francisco. what our exclusive cbs 5 poll reveals about mayor ed lee's chances in november. all that and more at 6 crock. >> okay. you then. nasa is going green with its upcoming mission to jupiter. juneau a spacecraft powered by solar panels will blast off friday or an five-year trip to jupiter. the trip is the farthest nasa has gone using solar energy. once it reaches jupiter it will


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