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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  August 6, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a tragic accident leads to stepped-up enform. a young boy hit -- enforcement. a young boy hit by a suspected drunk driver in a south of
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market cross walk this week. and tonight, san francisco police are taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. don knapp on the extra patrols. don? >> reporter: and the question is, do we need police to protect us from ourselves? and apparently the answer may be yes. that's the idea behind these stepped-up patrols targeting not only motorists but pedestrians. these baseball fans leaving at&t park after the game are mostly cautious at intersections. but if safety is not enough incentive, then a ticket may be. police are cracking down. >> there are officers stationed at certain areas. every day it might be a different location. and it is not some type of sting. they're just standing there to see who runs the red light. >> reporter: or pedestrians who cross against the light. >> people need to be safe and the police are there to enforce the laws. they got to do what they got to do. >> reporter: a fan named don has a better idea. >> i think second street, it would be nice if they would cut off the traffic completely on second street. >> make it a pedestrian mall?
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>> make it a pedestrian mall. >> just for the game. just for an hour after the game. >> reporter: the renewed safety emphasis comes in the wake of the hit-and-run accident that sent the 9-year-old philadelphia visitor ryan white to a hospital with serious injuries. he and his family were returning to a hotel after a game when a pick-up truck shot through a cross walk, struck the boy and crashed into other vehicles and left the scene. andrew allen vargas was arrested on charges of drunken driving. >> drinking and driving is a big thing. >> reporter: bob ailman and his daughter lori from philadelphia say give drunken drivers jail time before they harm folks. >> i think it would be more beneficial to have checkpoints, especially during games to check for drunk driving. do what you have to do. >> reporter: and even presumably nondrinkers are pushing their luck and trying to beat the light on market street at 5th. a truck parked in a cross walk forced pedestrians to walk around it. some were crossing against the light. this man nearly got himself hit by a patrol car. the officer yelled at him but he slipped into the crowd.
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members of the southern station police community advisory board will target several areas downtown, first with literature campaigns raising awareness about the safety issues. and then the police will come in after that, and then give some tickets for those who are not paying attention. >> it might take a while to change behavior. >> i know. when you're down here watching these people cross the street, right behind us, as we're here, they're running across the street in front of traffic, i don't know what it takes short of getting hit by a truck. >> yes, all right, well don knapp, in san francisco, thank you. an antioch mother is dead. and her aunt is wounded tonight. police say they were innocent victims. simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a gun battle erupted in the 8800 block of b street in east oakland at about 1:30 this morning. the women had visited relatives and on the way to san francisco when the incident occurred. the killing is oakland's 72nd homicide of the year. it is the deadliest day for u.s.-led forces in afghanistan. since the war began. more than 20 u.s. special
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operations forces, most of them navy seals, were killed overnight, when their helicopter was shot down over eastern afghanistan. 38 people died in all. they were all in a helicopter like this one when it was apparently shot done by an rocket-propelled grenade. the group had just arrived to help another team in trouble which was conducting a night raid on taliban fighters. the taliban is claiming responsibility. nearly 300 americans have been killed in that country this year. the body of a hiker who went over yosemite's vernal falls has been recovered. horm david of modesto and two friends crossed a barricade to pose for pictures and fell. another hiker says that the swift water pulled the three over the 300-foot cliff. rangers are still looking for the other two people. it has been a deadly season in the angeles national forest. a man died today, when he and his companion fell from a cliff while hiking in the canyon. and another man died last weekend in a fall from the water
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fall. and just yesterday, a man broke both legs when he tumbled off a cliff in the same area. the coast guard is searching tonight for a concord man. 62-year-old christof crossno debski sailed out of alameda 12 days ago bound for san diego and not heard from or seen from since. and the coast guard is appealing for boaters up and down the coast to keep anite ow for him. checking bay area head -- an eye out for him. checking bay area headlines. the american legion hall has been the target of thieves and a worker leaves the game was stabbed during a robbery attempt but the two suspects did not get any money. the same bingo game was robbed twice last year. detectives are reviewing video surveillance of the latest attack. a petty cab war is brewing on the san francisco waterfront. on the embarcadero, an operation has moved on without the proper permit.
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the west coast petty cab of san diego is accused of jumping the lines and overcharging customers. and the west coast petty cap insists there is plenty of business for everyone. and prices at the pump may fall more in the coming weeks. the analyst say the bay area may see $3.50 a gallon gas by the end of august. a $0.35 drop. lower gas prices might lead to cheaper food prices, too, as the cost of transportation tumbles. and retailers are hoping the back to school shopping season will reenergize the slump in consumer spending. but for some families, a 12% jump in the cost of school supplies will be too much. juliette goodrich, on how some families are getting help with that. >> which one will you choose? >> reporter: backpacks. a sign it is back to school. >> it is hard to choose, huh? >> reporter: this salvation army backpack give-away, a sign of the times, and economy. many families can't afford to pay for their children's school supplies.
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>> it is hard to make it in san francisco, so you add on the top of that, the school supplies, and the school uniforms, you could really put a big dent into your monthly income. >> reporter: this is the 13th year the salvation army has provided nearly 1500 low income children with brand new school supplies, in a carnival-style atmosphere. >> what do you have? >> i have colored pencils. >> reporter: the elliot family of four is saving hundreds of dollars today. >> it is awesome. it is awesome. i really appreciate this. >> reporter: and while the salvation army does this year after year, the biggest difference this year is that corporate donations are an all-time low. the need is at an all-time high. and this year, the salvation army actually had to pay for all of these supplies out-of-pocket. >> every year, the corporations, they give us their binders, their papers, and their pens, and stuff like that. well, this year, we didn't receive any.
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and not because they don't want to. it is just that businesses now are forced to make cuts. >> reporter: families had to pre-register for the school supply give-away. they also get a gift card for new shoes and a flash drive. >> the studies have shown that kidses that don't have the supplies that they need, they don't have that confidence to go into the classroom and focus on their studies. >> reporter: for the elliot children, and hundreds of others, it is exciting to know on the first day of school they're prepared. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> as students in san francisco aren't the only ones getting outfidded. in millipitas today, volunteers filled more backpacks for the kids in need. the family giving tree hopes to place backpacks on the shoulders of 20,000 students. >> unfortunately, the kids that don't have the supplies end up not being prepared for the school year. it really helps each kid have the tools they need to succeed and start the school year off right. >> and you can help family giving tree help students, in
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addition to money, they need binders, scissors and highlighters in the coming weeks. for more information, you can log on to and click on news links. a south bay attraction dries up. why the fountain at cesar chavez park has been turned off again. an app for a parent's worst nightmare. the technology for finding missing kids and where the critics say it comes up short. and we saw plenty of sunshine out there in those inland locations today. and the temperatures are making it into the low 80s. so certainly below average for this time of the year. but we have a beautiful day in store for tomorrow. i will tell you all about it coming up. ,, ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what.
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it's true. you never forget your first subaru. the popular fountains at plaza cesar chavez in san jose are dry again. this is the fourth time in five years. but this time, it is not because of a parasite making people sick. there was an equipment failure that caused an underground vault to flood. no word tonight on when water will flow again. it seems no matter what the need now-adays, there is an app for that, and for parents this
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app may include peace of mind. kit dough on the technology to find missing kids. >> reporter: an i-phone app that hopefully you will never have to use it. is called child i.d. and it allows you to store photos, vital information, and physical descriptions of your kids, so that you can quickly e-mail police if they're missing. the fbi stresses the first thing you should do is call 911, which you can do from within the app. among other things, there is a chilling checklist of what to do during the first 24 and 48 hours after a kidnapping. and one of which is expect that you will be asked to take a polygraph test. volunteer to take one. >> it is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: anthony gonzalez, with child quest international, has worked with more than 100 families of missing children. he applauds the fbi for offering it, but says the app can create a false sense of security. >> just because a parent has an i.d. kit or app, my kid can be
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invincible and you think you're safe but the reality is the app is only something to use when they're missing. >> once you hit send it formats the information in the e-mail and attaches a photo and takes the address field and leaves it blank. >> in a panic situation do you think you would be in the right mind to find an e-mail address to send it to? >> probably not. the quigest thing for me is 911. >> -- the quickest thing for me is 911. >> a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the u.s. and getting information out quickly is the first to a happy reunion. and they say the app is a first effort and plenty of room for improvement. nature's air conditioning just hanging around the bay. we have the pinpoint forecast ahead with kristy siefkin. and a moment in history being remembered in the bay area. the statue making the rounds.
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it is an iconic image from the end of world war ii. this statue based on the famous photograph depicts the celebration in new york's times square. and now, the 3d version is traveling the country. leading up to next week's anniversary. today it was at fisherman's
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wharf and then moves on to san jose. looks like a pretty day out there. kristy siefkin joins us with the forecast. another mild summer weekend. >> pretty much. another cool one. we are getting some 80s but it should be 90s in a lot of the inland locations. this is the pattern all season long. below-average temperatures, once again today, but still sunshine out there. and we're actually seeing some temperatures in the 80s in the inland spots. a different story as you can see at the golden gate bridge right now. plenty of fog. cloud cover elsewhere around the bay shores. and the temperatures definitely starting to cool off by this evening. but outside right now, seeing temperatures in the low 80s in the inland locations. and high 70s as well, 77 for redwood city, and 60 in san francisco. and 78 in san rafael. so for tonight, we will be clear. in those inland locations. becoming mostly cloudy. a little bit later on. the bay will be partly cloudy. and then become mostly cloudy in those overnight hours. seeing some fog at the coastline. temperatures are going to be in the 50s at our coolest point. for tomorrow, we will see patchy fog in the inland spots but then warming up mid 80s in our
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warmest locations. seeing some sunshine. and then along the bay shore, we will see the temperatures that are sitting in the 60s to 70s, and mostly cloudy, but we will see some clearing a little bit later starting with fog and some drizzle along the coastline tomorrow morning and then partly cloudy, in the afternoon. and so very minor changes between today and tomorrow. and we're seeing the trough in the picture that is keeping the temperatures below average for this time of the year. and once again, seeing the fog and drizzle for tomorrow morning. we are seeing warmer weather. other parts of northern california. 90 for sacramento. 97 in fresno. and cooler at monterey at 65. and 62 as a high in eureka. the highs for tomorrow look like this, 81 in livermore and 80 in concord. and 68 for oakland and 62 for pacifica. and 76 for santa rosa. pretty similar to what we're seeing for today. you can see as we look at the next several day, not a whole lot of changes in store. we will start to warm up slightly by wednesday. the high pressure builds and we start to see the ridge building. so bumping numbers up to the high 80s in our inland spots at that point. and then start to see a slight cooldown for thursday and friday
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but temperatures remaining pretty similar for the most part over the next several days. so go inland tomorrow. if you want to get a little bit of sunshine. and let's go over to kim now with a look at sports. >> all right, thanks, tiger woods drops further down the leader board in the first tournament back. and another philly lefty shuts down the giants. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there wasn't another brawl. but it was uneventful kind of today. >> yes, a little bit frustrating
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for giants fans. phillies come to town, big series, and a big week in general for the giants. they just couldn't get it done. they didn't have much to say after last night's bench-clearing brawl but the phillies manager charley manual certainly had a reason why simone ramirez through at victorino. >> he hit vic and then he came off the mound after him. he is going to send a message. if you go back and look, that's what i saw. it wasn't like -- vic almost has to go. unless he wants his teammates to call him chicken. really, i mean that's kind of the way baseball works. things were much more laid back at the ballpark. phillies on the board first. a single to right. jimmy rollins scores. and hitting .371 since being traded to philly. and later in the inning, matt cain throws one off the glove of eli whiteside.
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and chase utley comes in to score. 2-0 phillies. and the skwraoeuptsz giants had two on and nobody out in the 4th. cole hamels strikes out carlos beltran. next hit pablo sandoval, he swings at the first pitch. and a 4-6-3 double play and just like that the inning is over. cole hamels one out away from a shutout and sandoval gets the giants on the board with the 12th homer of the season. only the third run of the series. the come back would end there. orlando cabrera grounds out to end the game. hamels goes the distance as the phillies beat the giants 2-1 for the ninth straight win. the giants have lost eight out of nine and the offense continues to struggle. they only scored three runs in the series. and are 0--17 with runners in scoring position. lou piniella checking out the former team, the rays. abosom -- alex cobb, the
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youngest arm developed by tampa bay. this is a solo hit to right. and the a's lead the rays 7-0 in the 9th. red sox and yankees. separated by just one game. cc sabathia leads the majors with 16 wins. but he is 0-4 against boston this season. jacobi elsebury drove in six runs, three on the 19th homer of the year. the sox win 10-4 and tied with the yankees in the east. scary moment last night in colorado, rockies pitcher juan nicasio was hit in the side of the head by a line drive. he will miss the rest of the season. after undergoing neck surgery today to stabilize a fractured vertebra. he is expected to remain hospitalized into next week. last year, darren mcfad-a breakout season, but he wasn't alone in the raiders back field. michael bush racked up over 600 yards and scored eight touchdowns. the raiders version of thunder and lightning will remain intact after the team re-signed bush to
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a one-year deal. and first-year head coach hugh jackson is optimistic the raiders will have their first winning season since 20á -- 2002. >> this game is truly about winning and that's what the raiders are about and the owners are about. commitment to excellence and pride and poise and that's what the raiders stand for and that's what we want to get back. >> there are some great players that have played here and we want to uphold that standard. that's what we talked about. we are going to put it on for this city ♪ put it on for my city. >> the song that everybody talks about, it is our turn to put it on for the city and we will rep the city and do it well. yesterday a reporter suggested to tiger woods when players return from an injury it is okay not to respond and tiger responded i'm not like other guys. i think his ex-wife would certainly agree with that. the results have not been much better with the new caddy brian
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bell. he three-putted on 18. and shoots a two under 72 and is 13 shots back. meanwhile, it is all smiles for former caddy stevey williams. he is now on the bag for adam scott who took sole possession of the lead, thanks to three straight birdies on 14, 15, and 16. he shoots a 66 to get to 12 under. rio ishikawa and jason day each one stroke back. [ cheering ] >> you don't have to worry about kevin durant coming out of shape when the lockout ends. he scored 66 points in a pro am game at new york's legendary wrecker park. everybody getting to see what he is all about. especially this year in the playoffs. hopefully he will be back playing ball soon. >> everybody is so excited. and he is like yeah, whatever. >> i love how the nba players are taking part in all of the street ball now. >> this summer. >> it has been fun to watch.
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>> it is entertaining for those guys also on the teams. >> be careful, we might not see nem -- nem in the nba. nearly a week and no verdict for the cal grads held in iran. the trial for josh fattal was last sunday and the iran's foreign minister says there is a strong indication the two hikers will be released soon. that story and more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you again at 11:00. until then, your latest news and weather on have a good evening. ,, [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back.
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