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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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promise. there's a lot of those guys coming up and i'm looking forward to seeing the season getting under way. hey, folks, we have some sunshine coming our way today but we have to get through the fog first. 60s into san francisco today, 70s into oakland, 80 inland by the afternoon. we'll have more but gianna has traffic first. >> first accident the morning on the southbound side of 101 at san bruno avenue. so that may slow you down a bit. no word if any lanes are blocked. details coming up on that. in the meantime, back to you. an overnight shift turned terrifying for workers at an armored car company. they told police they were robbed and left trapped inside a warehouse. anne makovec is just arriving in santa rosa this morning with the latest and she joins us now with that story. good morning. >> reporter: two people are on the loose if the story these guys told state police true. they were locked here inside the building at the guarda company. you can see some of the armored
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vehicles behind me. this is the main trade of the company. but the building is very nondescript. the only way could you even tell what kind of a business this is is because of these trucks. they are hidden behind the building. this happened around 11:00 just before midnight and police have not satisfied what the robbers made off with yet if anything. they got a 911 call late last night from two men who were locked inside a secure area of the garda company warehouse. that's the building here on north point road. >> we arrived. we had to free the employees because the doors were locked, secured. and once we freed the employees we found they one harmed and we have our detective crew out here now in the preliminary stages of investigation. >> reporter: now, the men locked inside said the suspects may have been armed. but police have not released any description of these guys yet. they are also trying to figure out what may have been taken
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from the building. none of the armored cars was missing. still doing inlower to inside the warehouse. the company does deal with transporting cash and valuables. otherwise, it's in a residential quiet area out here in santa rosa. a lot of holes in the story now. we don't have a suspect description or what if anything these guys took but we'll gather more information and bring you more as it becomes available. >> and those two employees i guess kind of shaken up a little bit but okay, right? >> reporter: i'm sure. but we have not heard from them yet this morning. we know that they were taken down to the police headquarters and they are being interviewed there right now. >> thank you, anne makovec live in santa rosa. the parolee accused of killing an east bay toddler is going to be back in court this morning. we have some shocking witness video of the chaotic scene. this was shortly after this week's shooting. stephanie chuang is in oakland where police are still trying to find yet another suspect.
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good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, grace. well, oakland police here have said they have been working nonstop since monday's deadly shooting that killed a 3-year- old boy. this morning, 26-year-old lawrence denard is actually behind bars at the jail around the corner here. he is facing murder and attempted murder charges. now, police do say they believe he is responsible for the death of young carlos nava. >> oh, my god. they killed that baby, man, they killed that baby. >> reporter: and that's video from a cell phone. a witness started recording it seconds after that drive-by shooting after 64th and international on monday. you can see at first people are focused on those two men who police say were the intended targets allegedly with a rival street gang. they were both shot but they both survived. the one who did not was the innocent 3-year-old carlos nava who was being pushed in a race car stroller by family behind the two men. >> lawrence denard pulled out a
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gun, fired at a young child and killed and murdered a young child. that's enough of lawrence denards on the city of oakland. >> reporter: investigators say witnesses including at least one of the two victims helped to identify denard as the gunman. police arrested him in a pittsburg apartment late tuesday afternoon. the 26-year-old was arraigned on murder charges yesterday. but he insists that he was not involved in the murder. police would not talk about denard really nor about a second man who was also arrested tuesday in connection with the deadly shooting. but they did say that they recovered some handguns though they would not reveal if any of them was the actual murder weapon. now, as you mentioned earlier, investigators are still looking for a third man who they believe was involved who may have been the getaway driver who witnesses also say may have had a gun. he is still on the run although police say they do have some leads. meantime denard is expected in court at about 9:00 this
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morning when he may enter a plea. grace? >> all right, stephanie chuang with the latest in oakland. thank you. lawyers for convicted killers yusef bey iv and antoine mackey will ask for a new trial today in the murders of three men in oakland in 2007. they argue that key prosecution witness devaughndre broussard lied on the stand. broussard has admitted killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey on bey's orders. if the motion for a new trial is denied today, broussard is due to be sentenced. a very tough story here am a man lost his wife and future child after his pit bull killed her. greg napora came home from work yesterday, his pit bull standing over his wife's body. the dog was covered in blood. greg forced his 2-year-old dog into the backyard while paramedics tried to save his wife but the 32-year-old died at the scene. and then the pit bull got the
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fence open and came down the driveway. >> while we were attending to the victim the dog actually did come out and started to approach the officers and first responders. two officers shot the dog three times and killed it. >> the male pit bull was not neutered. dog experts say that very likely played a big goal in provoking the attack. a necropsy for the dog and an autopsy for the woman are scheduled for today. well, another big day on wall street. investors will be watching this morning's reports on retail sales for signs that the economy is improving. >> one survey finds economists are predicting a 4/10ths of 1% increase last month. world markets are mostly higher today. the exception, japan's nikkei average that closed slightly lower today. on to wall street, the dow climbed more than 400 points yesterday, the fourth consecutive session with a swing of 400 or more. lawrence karnow tells me that the market is going to do very well today because he is not only a weatherman, he's a forecaster! >> oh, man. if i were that good, huh,
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guys? yeah. >> if only. >> i'll tell you what the temperatures are likely to be up for today as we are seeing a little less fog around the bay area. it's compressed overnight as high pressure strengthened once again. it looks like like toward the afternoon more sunshine here but the weekend we have some changes in the forecast. temperatures around the bay area right now a cool 50 and foggy into santa rosa. visibility down a half mile. 57 in san jose and 55 degrees in san francisco. those temperatures up though this afternoon. how about some 80s in toward the livermore valley? 87 in concord. 81 in san jose. and 62 in pacifica. all right. it is traffic time now with gianna. the right lane is blocked. we are seeing yellow on the northbound side a little sluggish through there. the rest of 101 problem-free.
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101 at third and bayshore, "friday light" on the freeways overall. south bay problem-free no major snags to report. looking at the drive at 880/237 in milpitas, both directions moving problem-free. your clear on 101 as well as 280 through downtown san jose. and travel times everything is in the green with guadalupe parkway again 101 and 280 no major snags to report there. back to you guys. >> thank you. sparks fly as gop presidential hopefuls turn on each other. >> others ran, i fought. >> that's your view of effective leadership with results, please, stop because you're killing us. >> the person who could be a game changer wasn't even there. >> those two are from the same state. >> plus, britain blames facebook for days of deadly riots. the new push to crack down on social media in britain. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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battle between the republican the gloves came off in iowa last night in the fierce battle between the republican candidates running for president. the two candidates from minnesota traded sharp jabs. >> you said that the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> she led the effort against obamacare, we got obamacare. she led the effort against t.a.r.p., we got t.a.r.p. if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> each candidate tried to stand out from the pack. they did have one thing in common, though, all of them. their criticism of president obama's job performance. >> i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food, all right? what he served up was not what i would have done if i had been president of the united states. >> the debate came just ahead of tomorrow's iowa straw poll. that test vote will provide an early indication of where each candidate stands five months before those important iowa
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caucuses. a man who was not at last night's debate is about to enter the race for the gop nomination. governor rick perry of texas will announce tomorrow that is he running. perry plans to announce his intentions in south carolina an early-morning primary state this. weekend he will also appear in iowa as well as new hampshire. 5:12 now. london's mayor warns those charged in great britain's deadly riots should expect significant sentences if they are convicted. police are following through on their promise to track down and punish those responsible for this week's mayhem across the united kingdom. courts stayed open through a second night and into today. london police arrested more than 1,000 people. so far almost 600 have been charged. and social media played such a big role at organizing the riots in great britain, they might just ban facebook, twitter and blackberries to prevent future violence there. it's unclear how they might do that, whether the sites could
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be suspended or certain users blocked. british prime minister david cameron says when people use social media for violence, we have to stop them. so that's kind of an interesting thing. 5:13. a promise to protect every day this month. the warning about possible disruption to bart service. >> plus, on the street with no diploma, the bay area city with an alarming number of high school dropouts. if you are heading out of the bay area on this friday, we are looking at mostly sunny conditions at sfo by the afternoon. a comfortable temperature of 69 degrees. again it is going to be hot in the south, houston 97 degrees at least partly cloudy as we look toward the afternoon. should be easy to get in there. but things could change if you're heading toward atlanta. a few more clouds. even the possibility of about a 30% chance of thunderstorms, 94 degrees. the rest of your weather is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police are looking for robbers who reportedly locked two employees inside an armored car story in the headlines, santa rosa police are looking for robbers who reportedly locked two employees inside an armed car warehouse last night. it's unclear whether the robbers were armed or what they made off with. and a 26-year-old man suspected of killing a 3-year-old in oakland is due back in court this morning.
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lawrence denard arrested tuesday in pittsburg denies involved. n murder. no major disruptions yesterday but bart police are preparing for possible protests today. activists are trying to gather crowds at civic center bart station where cops shot and killed a man last month. getting up on this friday morning it's gray in spots. no big surprise. but the marine layer has thinned out as it's being compressed by high pressure overhead. more sunshine in the afternoon. mostly clear in the valleys. patchy fog continuing inside the bay and mostly cloudy at the coast. today in the afternoon we are going to see plenty of sunshine. and warm temperatures inland up into the 80s in many spots. maybe some low 80s toward the santa clara valley and cooler at the coastline. 67 degrees in san jose.
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55 and cloudy in pacifica. visibility down a half mile there. plan on 91 and sunny in sacramento. 28 beautiful in lake tahoe and 93 degrees in yosemite. stow it looks like high pressure is going to hold on for one last day here and then this ridge is going to start to move eastward. it's moves out, we are going to see an increase of low clouds and fog. but for today, more sunshine than yesterday and warmer temperatures. very comfortable in the santa clara valley 80 there and 18 in san jose. 48 in los gatos. east bay temperatures low 90s but you have to go well inland for that today. 81 in san jose, 84 in los gatos. 69 in perked. north bay will see plenty of sunshine and temperatures up into the 70s in most spots although 80s toward benicia and fairfield. temperatures cooling down, expecting more low clouds and fog cooler temperatures into sunday. much cooler looking toward the
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middle of next week. all right. it is traffic time. for that we check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. that accident we had along 101 southbound near cesar chavez is cleared off the freeway. that indicates that everything is gone and no major snags there. traffic looking good both directions. a little sluggish on the northbound side for the connect there are but overall light this morning. we do still have some roadwork in effect. eastbound bay bridge working your way on the skyway towards treasure island, various lanes blocked in effect until 6:00 today. on the flip side the bay bridge westbound the upper deck there is no problems, no wind advisories, traffic very light. if you are looking good approaching the toll plaza, coming off the eastshore freeway west 80 only 18 minutes to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so everything is pretty problem- free through there. southbound 101 out of marin county still seeing delays due to ongoing roadwork. that's become pretty typical this time of the morning. this is an ongoing paving project. it will be in effect until september. hopefully things will be wrapped up by 6 a.m.
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golden gate bridge not bad. festival at golden gate park, details coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. more people in the bay area are taking transit. caltrain ridership on weekdays is up 12% from a year ago. bart up 8%. valley transportation authority 7%. samtrans .4% and the ace commuter train up 14%. only a.c. transit and santa cruz metro reported slight declines from a year ago. a dismal dropout rate in oakland, 37% of last year's class of 2010 left school before getting a diploma nearly 1200 dropouts. statewide, the dropout rate for the class of 2010 is around 18% or nearly 1 in 15. 5:20 now. more red ink means more possible cuts at the post office. the u.s. postal service expects to lose about $8 billion this year. that's the second straight year t wants to save money by cutting jobs as many as 120,000
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of them t also wants to change health and some of their retirement plans for their workers. either move would have to be passed by congress. kate middleton, she is not skinny enough to be a cover girl? what the magazine which now admits to photoshopping the duchess. >> plus, kissing good-bye to kissing? why more married couples are locking lips a lot less. ,, [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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svelte enough for a fashion magazine that decided to slim her down. apparently, even the duchess of cambridge wasn't svelt enough for a fashion magazine that decided to slim her down. hard to believe. check the comparison between the cover of gratia and the wedding photo of prince william and kate middleton. so on the left, she is much thinner. according to the guardian, magazine editor said she looks skinnier because they cropped out her husband. that doesn't make sense. the process ended up shaving several inches off her waist. gratia apologized for the changes. >> she goes from what like a 3 to 2? >> like a 0 to negative 2 is more like. she is so skinny. you know, there are a lot of married couples not kissing very much. >> now, why are you doing that? >> because you're married. i'm not. [ laughter ] >> personal, huh? >> the british heart foundation found nearly one in five married couples goes without kissing for up to a week at a time. and when they do kiss, two in
5:25 am
five kiss for no more than five seconds. but the art of marital smooching isn't dead yet. the study also found that married couples ages 18 to 24, oh, well, i'm not in that realm, kiss 11 times a week and 5% of couples over 45, they find time to kiss more frequently. >> that's nice. >> 5% though? >> now, those very few people very happy. >> 5% of 100. yeah. [ laughter ] >> well, combine everyone in palo alto and concord. >> that's how many people are expected to flood golden gate park this weekend. the city's outside lands music and arts festival is kicking off today. i know some people who are going. 180,000 people are expected to rock out this weekend. 50% come from outside the bay area. outside lands is expected to bring in a million dollars for san francisco. >> like two bay to breakers races. >> yeah, something like that. >> should be fun. the 49ers kicking off the schedule of preseason games tonight in new orleans.
5:26 am
>> it is. it's a chance to see how the players perform against an opponent, also the first nfl game for that man right there, the new head coach jim harbaugh. he says he plans to focus on evaluation, execution and not really to results on the scoreboard. but that's what preseason is all b by the way, you can see the game at 5:00 right here on cbs 5. last night, by the way, the raiders lost to arizona 24- 18 but they looked good in the first half. and the third and fourth stringers didn't look so good in the second half. he is the barometer when it comes to all things raiders, lawrence karnow. >> raider nation! 5:26. wall street in for another wild day. we'll have a look at world markets and today's outlook. >> plus, a bay area woman mauled to death by the family dog. what sparked the attack and how police stopped another one from happening. is a company known for its security -- how did two employees get locked inside? police investigating what could be an attempted armed robbery. we'll have the details coming
5:27 am
up. oakland police say the moon killed a 3-year-old boy -- the man who killed a 3-year-old boy monday is behind bars this morning but the search is still on the for the getaway driver. the latest in the investigation coming up. ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is friday august 12. i'm grace lee.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:30 on a friday. >> it is a friday. >> we like that. >> excited about that. >> lawrence karnow is going to tell you what a wonderful weekend we are all going to have because the weather is spectacular. >> i do feel that excitement today, guys. yeah, it looks like it is going to be a great day today as we are going to see more sunshine coming through. patchy fog out there now. by the afternoon 60s into san francisco, 70s into oakland. some 80s into the valleys. more on the weekend forecast in a moment. right now we'll check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. a great morning on the roads, as well. we are accident-free and "friday light" throughout the bay area. hers a look at conditions right -- here's a look at conditions through the south bay. so far, so good. we'll have details on the rest of the bay area. in the meantime, back to you. an armored car warehouse is a crime scene this morning. workers told police that they were robbed and then locked up. anne makovec joins us from santa rosa with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: if these workers' stories hold water there are two armed robbery suspects at least two armed robbery
5:31 am
suspects on the loose this morning. a look at the scene in santa rosa last night just after 10:30. two employees of the company say they were locked inside the warehouse. this is a secure warehouse with a steel door, by two armed robbers. police haven't said what they made off with, an undisclosed amount of cash, after this robbery attempt. police just got this 911 call late last night from these two men who were locked inside the secure area of the garda company warehouse on north point road. the men locked inside said the suspects may have been armed and they are not saying what they were armed with. and police have not released any details, any description of these suspects yet this morning. they are still trying to figure out the story of the men who were locked inside here. but as far as we know, these two armed robbery suspects on the loose this morning. you can see these armored
5:32 am
vehicles here behind me, this is kind of what the company deals with when they secure your valuables and cash. none of the vehicles was taken. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you, anne makovec. an oakland man charged with murder in the death of a 3-year- old is back in court this morning. but the search is still on for yet another suspect. stephanie chuang is in oakland and has more. >> reporter: good morning. this case is the number one priority for the oakland police department with the death of the 3-year-old boy monday. 26-year-old lawrence denard is in jail at the glen dyer jail around the other side of this building here. police believe he fired that deadly shot that took the life of 3-year-old carlos nava. now, the aftermath of that killing was caught on cell phone video. >> oh, my god, they killed that baby, man, they killed that baby. >> reporter: a witness began recording this just seconds
5:33 am
after that drive-by shooting at 64th and international on monday. at first you see people tending to the two men reportedly members of a rival street gang who police believe were the intended targets. they were both hit but both survived. the one who did not was the young boy behind them 3-year- old carlos nava being pushed in a race car stroller by his family. he later died at the hospital. as his memorial grows, continuing to grow with candles, flowers and messages, investigators were able to make two arrests. they took in the 26-year-old lawrence denard at pittsburg an apartment on tuesday. police also arrested a second man that day but aren't saying how he was involved. they are looking for a third man who may have been the getaway driver. witnesses say he also had a gun. >> there is one outstanding suspect that we are looking
5:34 am
for. i cannot speak about him but there are a couple of more loops to close as we actively pursue him. >> we'll prosecute with all the resource available. >> reporter: the third man is still on the run but police say they do have some leads they are working on. investigators did say they recovered two handguns though. they would not reveal if either was the actual murder weapon. now, denard is being held at the jail here on no bail. he is expected back in court around 9:00 this morning when he may enter a plea. denard does have a criminal history. he has been convicted of grand theft and gun possession. if he is convicted of this murder and the attempted murder charges, he faces more than 100 years in prison. frank? >> stephanie chuang in oakland, thank you. an autopsy will be performed today on a pregnant woman killed by the family's pet pit bull in pacifica. when greg napora came home from
5:35 am
work yesterday his pit bull was standing over his wife's body. greg then forced the dog into the backyard while paramedics tried to save her. she died at the scene. the pit bull then opened the fence and came down the driveway. >> while we were attending to the victim the dog came out and started to approach the officers an first responders. two officers shot the dog three times and killed it. >> the male pit bull was not neutered. dog experts say that very likely played a big goal in provoking this attack. a necropsy for the dog is set for today. >> the government's report on retail sales coming out at this hour is expected to help drive the markets today. world markets are mostly higher today. the exception is the nikkei closing slightly lower. the dow was up 400 yesterday, the fourth consecutive session with a swing of 400 or
5:36 am
more. we'll see. >> no huge swings in the weather. it's been cool lately. >> fog is the big driver of the weather here in the bay area this summertime and we are seeing that compressed this morning. that means less fog and i think some warmer temperatures outside by the afternoon except right at the coast. 50s out there now. we have patchy fog into the bay, some dense fog in santa rosa, visibilities down to half mile there. by the afternoon of course that's long gone and the temperatures heating up to the upper 70s into santa rosa today, 79 in napa, 71 in oakland, 78 in redwood city and 81 in san jose. weekend looking good, too, more on that in a moment. let's check the roads right now with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going to go live right now to our pleasanton cam. westbound 580 those headlights headed toward 680. not bad. extra volume. but "friday light" so traffic actually looks pretty good in both directions. let's jump over to our maps just east of there. we have reports of a broken-
5:37 am
down big rig westbound 580 just as you approach 205 and it is partially blocking the right lane so that may slow you down into the altamont pass. still seeing some green, drive time 14 minutes from altamont pass to 580. back to you. >> thank you. bart police telling riders don't be surprised by demonstrations on bart platforms this month. activists planned a protest yesterday at the civic center station but nothing happened. police say a strong security presence and briefly shutting off cell phone and internet service at their bart station helped deter some protestors. they are upset over the deadly police shooting of a homeless man last month. the man accused of running down a 9-year-old boy leaving a giants game is back in jail this morning. a judge increase the bail to $465,000 for andrew vargas yesterday. pleaded not guilty to hitting ryan white and several cars
5:38 am
last thursday night when ryan was leaving a giants game, a phillies fan. vargas's blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. ryan is recovering at san francisco general. a teenager died five days after falling in yosemite. the 17-year-old boy from fresno suffered head injuries after falling on the mist trail along vernal falls. he died at a hospital in fresno. more than a dozen people died so far this year at yosemite. governor brown may make changes to a fee that rural home owners have to pay for fire protection. right now the $150 fee can only be used for fire prevention programs. it can't be used on firefighting it self. they say that can leave the agency underfunded. the governor's office says he is looking into changing it so that the money can be used for firefighting. you go to tanning beds aall? >> no. >> never? >> never. not my thing.
5:39 am
>> that's good. a lot of folks are desperate for a fix. how tanning can be just as bad as a drug or alcohol addiction. also ahead, others ran, i fought. >> that's your view of effective leadership with results, please, stop because you're killing us. >> sharp jabs during the first gop presidential debate. how the biggest development took place 1,000 miles away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:41 am
good morning. happy friday. out the door patchy fog around the bay area not as thick as yesterday. sunshine and warmer temperatures. looking clear, mostly clear in the valleys, fogg thick in toward santa rosa visibilities to half mile there. at the coast lots of clouds,
5:42 am
50s, as well. sunshine in the beaches, inside the bay mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 80s at santa clara and well inland temperatures into the 80s and low 90s. you have 50 degrees, some of that fog in santa rosa. 57 in the napa valley. 56 degrees and clear in livermore. i think as we head toward the afternoon, sunshine around much of northern california should be beautiful into high country, 82 degrees at lake tahoe, 98 hot in fresno. 91 degrees in sacramento and 56 partly cloudy skies into the monterey bay. high pressure holding on for one day but then it looks like it's going to start to weaken and slide eastward and as it does our temperatures start to cool down so enjoy this today. more sunshine around our skies because the weekend looks a little grayer as we are going to see more low clouds and fog pushing onshore. 80 in santa clara, sunny in mountain view, 61 patchy fog into pacifica. east bay numbers some of the
5:43 am
warmest well into the 80s. 72 san leandro. north bay sunshine latter part of the day should be as high as 79 degrees in napa today. and about 76 in kentfield. things change, low clouds onshore, i think we may begin to pick up more drizzle as we head in towards sunday morning at least along the coastline. and i think dreary days ahead as we head into next monday, tuesday and wednesday especially out towards the beaches. that's weather and here's gianna with the rest of the track. on the maps, a new problem to report a broken-down vehicle second lane from the upper deck around treasure island blocking the slow lane. still light not a big backup. here's live look at the bay
5:44 am
bridge toll plaza, not bad, traffic good approaching the pay gates. and again up the incline just a stalled vehicle on the upper deck. elsewhere a broken-down big rig blocking lanes. this is the westbound side of 580 just as you approach 205. it's causing sluggish conditions towards the altamont pass. right lane blocked, still 15 minutes westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. then 680 good. mass transit on trial. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all problem-free. later on this week muni will be adding extra service for the 5 fulton and n-judah lines because they are expecting 180,000 people to attend outside lands festival this weekend. today through sunday. closures in effect until sunday night. they started shutting down entrances to golden gate park yesterday about 8:00. so if you are trying to get in and out of the area you will need a ticket. it will be shut down, entrances
5:45 am
to motor traffic. residential parking will be tough. walk, bike or use mass transit again lots of folks expected to attend. so things will be a bit busy through the area. busy as well out of marin county now. southbound 101 slow and go due to ongoing roadwork. hopefully things will wrap up in the next 15 minutes. we are seeing 11 minutes southbound 101 from 37 to 580. here's live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is looking "friday light" through there. that's a look at your drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the top stories. santa rosa police are looking for robbers who reportedly locked two employees inside an armored car warehouse last night. it's unclear if they were armed or how much money the robbers made off with. tokyo's nikkei average fell a few points today but most other world markets were up. they were hire. just in united states retail sales are up for july, .5% the biggest gain in four months. the u.s. postal service is
5:46 am
talking about cutting more than 100,000 jobs and changing health and retirement plan systems. the post office is $8 billion in the hole for the second year. it's friday, it's also deadline day for candidates who want to run for san francisco mayor. three mayoral candidates showed up at the same time yesterday at the department of elections to sign up for the race. venture capitalist joanna reese and former supervisors tony hall and bevan duffy all submitted paperwork. so far there are 10 people running. on the national political scene, eight republicans vying for their party's nomination for president took part in a very lively debate last night in iowa. as jay dow tells us, they were critical not only of president obama but also of each other. >> reporter: the race for the republican presidential nomination is getting ugly. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> lead is the effort against
5:47 am
obamacare. we got it. she led the effort against t.a.r.p. we got t.a.r.p. if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: former minnesota governor tim pawlenty and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann traded sharp jabs at last night's debate in iowa. they joined six other gop hopefuls fighting to stand out in the pack. >> i'm running on my record and i'm proud to run on my record. >> i represent growth. >> reporter: one thing they all had in common was their target, president obama. >> i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food, report? what he served up was not what i would have done if i was president of the united states. >> reporter: the debate leads up to tomorrow's iowa straw poll. the test vote is considered a key measure of campaign strength but someone not even on the ballot could end up stealing the spotlight. texas governor rick perry is expected to make his run for the white house official tomorrow in south carolina. he will then spend the weekend campaigning in new hampshire and iowa but he was noticeably absent from last night's debate. >> was he out smarting you?
5:48 am
>> it doesn't bother us or my campaign, that's just one more politician. >> reporter: perry has been in office for more than a decade and is the nation's longest serving governor. some analysts think his job creation record alone could be enough to catapult him to the head of the gop race. jay down, cbs news, washington. >> they are just getting started. >> no kidding. 5:8. just one too many crosses. the setback for a bay area memorial honoring fallen soldiers. >> the new life once again for the seti program. coming up. for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle.
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and you get an extra hundred dollars back on these laptop deals. the college of mime doesn't count. that's not gonna help. [ male announcer ] staples has great laptop deals for students. that was easy. and you get an extra hundred dollars back on these laptop deals. the college of mime doesn't count. that's not gonna help. [ male announcer ] staples has great laptop deals for students. that was easy. researchers in some people just cannot resist getting tanned and now scientists think they know why.
5:51 am
researchers looked at brain activity of people in tanning beds and found blood flow patterns in the brain are similar to what happens to drug addicts. like addiction tanning may create a reward in the brain and may explain why some people use tanning beds despite the danger of skin cancer. another type of danger out there a church scam in the bay area targeting asian immigrants and the elderly. the irs says thieves are showing up at churches and community centers promising free money from the government. scammers charge $200 to prepare fake tax forms. an irs spokesman says there have been hundreds of complaints from san jose, oakland, fresno and sacramento. so be on the lookout. that hillside memorial lafayette will stop adding crosses. the memorial had placed a cross for each u.s. military death since invading iraq in 2003. but project organizers say it's too hard to keep track of in addition to maintaining the area, the total number of american deaths in iraq and afghanistan now standing at
5:52 am
over 6100. the search for radiowaves which might indicate life in the universe is going to get going at a site near mount shasta. the seti institute array of 42 radio telescope dishes will be turned back on by september. the mountain view-based program ran short of money but now received more than $200,000 in donations. and that includes some money from actress jodie foster. she appeared in the 1997 film "contact" based on a book about the program. all right. are you ready for some football? >> delivered beautifully might add. well, i think we all are folks. tonight 49ers play their first preseason game in new orleans. of course an opportunity for each team to see how their players fare against somebody else. it's also the first nfl game for their new head coach jim harbaugh. the former stanford guy says he plans to focus on evaluation and execution, not too worried about the scoreboard results. and, of course, you can see the game right here starting at 5:00 here on cbs 5 with dennis
5:53 am
o'donnell and crew. meanwhile in oakland the raiders came up a little short against the arizona cardinals. quarterback jason campbell completed six of nine passes. rookie dinar just moore making a nice impressive gain there good for 26 yards. raiders up 15-10 late 3rd quarter but then the cardinal retook the lead in the final minute of play. touchdown there for the raiders. but they lose, final score 24- 18. but just preseason. they are just kind of figuring it all out. >> getting excited. it's been a long tough road to be recognized as one of the greats. >> but today, chris mullin will be inducted into basketball hall of fame out in springfield, mass. mullin played 13 of his 16 nba seasons with the golden gate en state warriors. he is the fourth all-time leading scorer for the warriors also a two-time olympian and a dream teamer back in '92 with bird and magic and crew. he battled alcoholism, turned to basketball in 1988. he finished his nba career with
5:54 am
an 18.2-point average and working with the warriors now. so good for chris mullin. let's go check in with lawrence. i know he was watching the raiders last night. >> yes. a great game to watch. well, i'm pretty tired today t didn't come on until late but fantastic, folks. hey, we have some great weather around the bay area as things already beginning to break up over the bay right now. so you get the idea the fog not as thick as yesterday. i think signs are pointing toward a warmer day outside. it should be a beautiful one before we see some big changes as we head into the weekend. could get as high as 88 in livermore more today, 81 san jose, 71 oakland. patchy fog at the coast this afternoon mainly into the 50s and 60s. weekend temperatures lower, high pressure sliding eastward. temperatures will continue to dive toward the middle of next week well below average. drizzle showing up at the coast. i think a return to dreary weather here in the bay area. okay. last night it was the raiders at the coliseum. tonight, can you believe it,
5:55 am
those groundskeeper have to be very busy. it will be the as back in action with the texas rangers, just after 7:00. partly cloudy skies, temperature of about 65 degrees. that's quite a turnaround from those guys after playing a little football last night, huh, gianna? >> i guess so. >> yeah. >> that's as much as i know about sports, lawrence. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm just kidding. so if you are going to head to the oakland game tonight, don't forget there will be some extra busy conditions along 880 so give yourself some extra time as you work your way through there. also bart we are dealing with mass transit delays at the pleasant hill station. five- to ten-minute delays in both directions if you are heading towards pittsburg bay point or towards sfo. ace, muni, caltrain problem- free. that's the good news right now. we have a broken-down vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge blocking the right lane. looks like it's not doing too badly. we are still seeing green on our sensors so still fairly light. bridge crews are on scene trying to push that off the freeway there. elsewhere though as you approach the bay bridge, traffic still very light, some slight delays there though in some of the cash lanes.
5:56 am
fastrak lanes though moving nicely and no delays coming off the eastshore freeway. we are seeing a bit of a few brake lights as you work your way westbound 580 approaching 205. we have a stalled big rig blocking the right lane. now, you have tow crews and chp on scene and it is causing some delays there and you will see slow conditions into the altamont pass. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> gianna, you're a football fan? >> i like the chargers. born and raised in san diego. >> well... >> we'll talk fashion later, gianna. >> sounds good. >> don't hang out in oakland. >> no. 5:56. markets opening in a half hour. the new report that could send numbers back up for the second straight day. >> we like that. plus, a strange scene during the a jetblue flight. the problems one passenger caused and why he doesn't even remember any of it. when we come back. employees at this armored car company say they were robbed and then locked inside the warehouse. we'll tell you what police have to go on and the reward money being offered coming up. the man police say fired the deadly shot that took the
5:57 am
life of a young boy monday is behind bars this morning but the possible getaway driver is still on the run. the latest in the investigation plus new cell phone video recorded just seconds after the shooting coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. robbers lock employees inside an armored car warehouse. the terrifying moments and what police say was taken. i think it's terrible. >> a family pet malls a pregnant woman to death. how police stopped another attack at that last second. good morning. it's friday, august 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. let's get it down to lawrence. lawrence in a good mood today. does it have something to do with the weekend? >> why would that be? >> yes. >> it's friday. >> yes, it is friday, folks. i hope you're enjoying the start to your day, as well. i think we are going to see an improved day weather-wise. some patchy fog out


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