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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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,, your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. happy friday, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it has been a long week but we are now in the final hour on wall street and today, the dow has been on the seesaw. let's look at the big board.
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still up 131 points. kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks joins us live to bring us to update on the latest economic development as they keep on changing. >> reporter: grace, a wild week. fortunately coming to a merciful end and looks like it will end on a positive note unless we see some massive sell in the final hour. don't count anything out at this point. but it has been a decent day after some of the craziest moves we have ever seen on wall street. we have never seen the dow have four consecutive 400-point swings in either direction. and despite all of the big drops this week, we are still about 300 points shy of breaking even although with the dow up about 120 right now, 180 points for, and we would be even on this week. a lot of volatility out there. did get another piece of decent economic news today which helped boost the stock market right out of the gate. retail sales rose a .5% last month, the biggest gain since march a very important sign
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after we saw jobless claims drop below 400,000 yesterday showing that consumers haven't yet hunkered down for the long haul although we did deal with another report today from the university of michigan that consumer sentiment fell to the lowest in 31 years. we had all the problems with the potential of default and the downgrade mixed into all of that. no doubt that did freak out a whole lot of consumers out there but so far impressive that the stock market has withstood that negative report. another good indicator is european markets that were higher today. france up 4%. this after several countries including france, italy and spain enacted temporary bans on short selling to calm those rattled markets. of course, we'll be look every looking closely at the next moves coming out of europe and
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the economy. the market is up 125. >> if it ends up do we think calmer on wall street next week? >> hard to say. periods of volatility like this last for some time. it's going to take while before this smooths out. right now the dow is up 148. let's hope we can break even for the crazy week. >> thank you,. an autopsy will be performed on the woman though was killed by a family pit bull in pacifica yesterday. when greg napora came home from work his pit bull was standing over his wife's body covered with blood. he forced the dog into the backyard and paramedics couldn't save the wife, she died at the scene. the pit bull got around the
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fence and down the driveway. >> while we were tending to the victim the dog approached the officers and first responders. two officers shot the dog three times and killed it. >> the male pit bull was not neutered and that probably provoked the attack. a necropsy for the dog is also scheduled today. the man accused of shooting a 3-year-old boy to death in oakland was back in court today during a brief appearance, his case continued until august 29. lawrence denard is charged with murder and attempted murder among other offenses. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. stephanie chuang with who showed up today to give the parolee support. >> he is our friend. >> reporter: that's what lawrence denard's two cousins repeated outside his friday morning appearance in court where a dozen family members and friend showed up in support. oak police have pinned the 26- year-old as the gunman who shot and killed a young oakland boy
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monday. his family says that's impossible. >> i feel sorry for the baby's family. i have three kids of my own. i have a baby of my own his age. now you're trying to make my cousin out to be an animal. he is not. >> reporter: they insist he would never put a child's life in danger because he has a daughter of his own who will turn 4, similar in age to the innocent victim at 64th and international in a drive-by shooting on monday, 3-year-old carlos nava. he has no alibi. >> he wouldn't even know where oakland is. >> reporter: they said the family is going to hire a private attorney to rent 26- year-old oakland father. -- to represent the 26-year-old oakland father. investigators say he has a criminal past, conviction for gun possession and grand theft. police have statements from several witnesses including one of the two victims identifying denard as the gunman adding that this was a hit on rival
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gang members. again, denard's cousins say that's not true. >> that's a lie. never was a member of a gang. that's a lie. >> reporter: in oakland, stephanie chuang, cbs 5. >> denard's family say they are going to sue. three men convicted in the murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey are scheduled to be sentenced today. first the judge will hear a motion for retrial for yusef bey iv and antoine mackey. their lawyer says a third man devaughndre broussard lied on the stand a key witness for the prosecution but his lawyer said he may have fabricated his testimony. if today's motion is denied sentence will go proceed for all three. they were held up and then locked inside an armored car warehouse. this afternoon, santa rosa police are searching for the suspects involved in a late night heist. anne makovec with how the employees escaped. >> reporter: if the employee's story is true that means at least two armed robbers are on
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the loose this afternoon. you can see the armored vehicles behind me. none were stolen but employees say some cash was. they say the robbers locked them inside this warehouse behind a steel door last night taking off with some cash. we don't know how much. one of the employees had a phone and called 911 and place arrived just before 11 p.m. >> we arrived. we had to free the employees. we freed them and they were unharmed. >> reporter: they say they believe the suspects had guns. there is no description of the robbers. there is a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. no comment in garda this afternoon. an hour ago at oakland international airport a bomb
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squad checked a suspicious package. it was harmless in terminal one next to an x-ray. it was a water bottle and a mattress pump inside. airport officials say there were no evacuations and no delays. the power is back for at least some walnut creek residents after an early- morning crash. a garbage truck hit a power pole and left 3800 customers including john muir medical center without power. police closed all eastbound race of ygnacio valley road. 10 residents are still without service. pg&e expected to replace the pole by 3 p.m. bart police are preparing for a possible protest again today. last night they shut off cell phone service on platforms and trains to head off trouble. but there were no demonstrations. but activists say they may stage protests for the rest of the month. this is in response to the killing of a man by bart police in july after he threw a knife at officers at the civic center
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station. coming up, it may have cost him a chance to compete in the winter games. >> the midair mishap that could kick one of the most elite skiers off the team. >> most inmates try to get out of prison, one tried to sneak back in. it was all caught or surveillance video. when they weren't taking aim at the president, the republican presidential contenders targeted each other. the two who had the biggest fireworks in last night's debate. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. time to talk weekend. clouds clearing out but we are in for some changes over the weekend. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco mayor. and this morning jeff adachi, the city's
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public def today is the last chance to file for anyone who wants to run for san francisco mayor. this morning, jeff adachi the city's public defender pulled the necessary papers. he has until 5 p.m. to file them. three candidates showed up yesterday at the department of elections to sign up for the race. venture capitalist joanna reese and former supervisors tony hall and bevan duffy all turned in paperwork. so far there are 36 people running. interim mayor is the front- runner. each of the republicans vying for the nomination for president are hoping for the strong showing in tomorrow's iowa straw poll. as tara mergener shows us they are fresh off a contentious debate last night. >> reporter: the republicans running for the white house wasted no time taking aim at presiden obama. and taking aim at each other. >> you said that the era of small government was over.
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that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> she led the effort against obamacare, we got obamacare. she led the effort against t.a.r.p., we got t.a.r.p. if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: the eight gop candidates who took part in last night's debate on the fox newschannel fought to stand out in the pack and to keep another presidential hopeful from stealing the spotlight. texas governor rick perry a favorite among social conservatives said just hours before the broadcast he will announce that he is in the race on saturday. most of the republicans who want to be the one challenging president obama for the white house next november are looking ahead to tomorrow's straw poll. it's a key test vote that could give their campaigns a big boost. they are shaking hands and answering questions, hoping to win over voters. >> they all steam have a lot of good things to say but i haven't pegged the one i'm behind. >> reporter: it won't determine
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who is in or out but a strong finish leads to more national attention and campaign cash. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. inmates trying to break out of prison not uncommon but trying to break in, well, that's a little strange. here we go, though. surveillance cameras catching marvin ussery scaling a 7-foot- tall barbed wire fence near folsom prison wednesday night. police thought he was trying to bring cell phones. ussery is now back behind bars charged with trespassing and violating his parole. a teenager's dream of representing the u.s. ski team in the website may have just been derailed. the 18-year-old from vermont kicked off the team after he was accused of getting so drunk on a jetblue flight from oregon that he urinated on a little girl's leg.
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the person admits he downed eight drinks, didn't realize it. he was detained by police once the plane landed in new york. he now faces federal misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure. coming up next, cutting the cord. >> more people are choosing to cancel cable. where they are turning for free tv now coming up. low clouds and fog breaking up around the bay area. weekend plans? we'll check the forecast coming up next. ,, honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet
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the end of a crazy like on
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wall street. now we have nothing but good news. it's now up 115 the final day of trading. and hopefully it will stay that way. fingers crossed on this friday. the irs is sending out a warning about a ring of scammers posing as tax preparers. the group targets mainly asian groups at community centers and churches. feds say the scammers charge victims up to $200 to offer help through tax credits through a program that no longer exists. the irs says it's received hundreds of reports in recent weeks from people right here in the bay area. the weak economy has americans dropping tv service by the thousands. but that doesn't mean they are not watching tv. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains. >> reporter: whether it's cable or satellite, subscribers are cutting the cord in record numbers. >> it's too expensive. >> i don't want 100 channels. >> we just keep going to hulu and other free internet service providers. >> reporter: they are not alone. the "associated press" reports
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nearly 200,000 customers dumped their tv providers between april and june. but some say it's not that they are cutting the cord; they are just not signing up in the first place. >> we have a normal churn of customers all the time but usually they are replaced by new customers and we are not getting that now. >> reporter: the consultant for the cable and satellite industry blames a housing market that has people moving back home with their parents. >> if my son moves back home with me, that's one subscriber where the cable industry has just lost. >> reporter: what about the rest? in a dismal economy many say they can't keep one constant price increases. >> too expensive to keep and it doesn't make sense. >> it will run you near $200 for cable, phone, internet. >> reporter: according to the fcc, in 1995, the average price of a cable bill was $22 .35. by 2009, it rose to more than $52. and today, dish network tells us its average is about $75. the expert's explanation? the cable company costs keep going up. >> when the giants or any other sports team pays more for who they want on the field, it goes
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through the team, to the league, to sports networks, to the cable operator and the cable operator to the customer. >> i keep cable so i can watch the giants. >> reporter: for customers like that switching to hulu isn't an option but internet tv is another reason subscriptions are dropping off. >> it is having some effect particularly for people who are not interested in sports, don't care about live programming. but the primary effect right now of the drop-off in subscribers i think is our current economy. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. i was going to say, it's the most important weather forecast of the week. >> absolutely. >> it's the weekend. >> can you handle it? >> we do not want to mess this one up. we'll have a lot of upset people. but it's going to be okay. the weather is looking good now. we have patchy fog at the coast. and some cool weather. how about ocean beach? yup. one car parked out there. that's it. [ laughter ] >> it's been there all week. >> i think that's the lifeguard. other than that it's looking pretty gloomy at the beaches right now.
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going to try to get a little sunshine there as we head toward the afternoon. we are finding that though in the valleys a few high clouds drifting overhead. some monsoonal moisture sneaking up into the bay area. we are looking good into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. warmer temperatures around the the bay area compared to yesterday. 60s and 70s at the bay, 80s at the santa clara valley, 50s and 60s at the coast. tonight we are going to see clouds moving n by the way, the perseid meteor shower is taking place tonight. if you get a chance especially inland and it's clear, check it out about midnight tonight. it could be neat. folks, we have that fog toward the coastline right now. high clouds also drifting overhead. that's just some monsoonal moisture moving on by here, may make for a really neat sunset this evening. temperatures starting to warm up. 77 degrees right now livermore. 71 in san jose. 72 degrees in san rafael. 74 in santa rosa. around the state you will find some hot temperatures into the
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valleys. 93 yosemite and high pressure finally giving up the ghost here weakening over this weekend and that means temperatures are going to start to cool off as this system begins to slide east. more sunshine for today. after that, though, things begin to change. temperatures are going to cool down. so with that in mind, we will bring those temperatures down across the board as we head in throughout the weekend. saturday and sunday the temperatures drop off probably below normal toward the latter part of the weekend and well into next week. and i think next week a lot of drizzle out toward the coastline. that's a look at weather. have a great weekend. back to you. >> you're camping tonight, right? >> better be nice. >> in his backyard. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> roughing it. golden gate park is about to be filled with thousands of music fans. >> how this year's edition of outside lands is expected to be a lot bigger and better than all the rest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and company coming up at 5:00. well, get ready for the sound of music to fill the city of san francisco. >> out said lands one of the biggest musical festivals kicked off at golden gate park. event planners are expecting as much as 180,000 people during the next three days. and that means hotels, restaurants and cabs will be busy. the festival is expected to have a $4 million impact on the city. look for changes today. >> nearly 70 band. >> i know. >> huge. fish i think is playing tonight. >> bundle up. it's going to be cold. >> bring a jacket. >> caption colorado, llc
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