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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  August 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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period. >> it was foggy. >> reporter: some say the notice was confusing. >> i'm stuck with the late fee. it's not even my fault. >> reporter: the dmv spokesman told me he can't go on camera this time. but believes the special order is clear. he points out there are detailed instructions on the dmv website as well as the bill showing just how much the fine will be depending on what day you pay it. now, that late fee can add up. if you have a $100 bill, tack on that 60%, we are talking about $160 bill at the end of the day. the dmv spokesman insists that although millions of people are getting these renewal notices, most are not confused and are doing it right so allen they have no plans to extend this grace period and you will have to pay what you owe. >> brutal these days. joe vazquez, thank you. well, it is now a federal investigation. did bart cross the line when it shut down cell phone service?
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demonstrators disrupted bart service at four san francisco stations for a time last night. upset the agency temporarily had shut down wireless service last week to foil another planned protest. well, now the fcc is looking at bart's move. as for the aclu, at first it said it would sue bart. then it said it would not do that. but late this afternoon the aclu sent us an email saying it has not ruled out the possibility of a lawsuit. bart said again today that what it did was perfectly legal. it's not unusual for cities to have surveillance cameras in certain areas to deter crime. now one bay area city is putting:a new kind of camera that can see things that the others can't. len ramirez shows us what it sees. >> reporter: you're right about that, allen. a lot of the larger cities do have surveillance cameras but here in the town of gilroy population 52,000, that camera on that light post back there is raising a few eyebrows not only for the fact that it's
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here but also what it can do with the 360-degree view, with zoom, tilt and even infrared. in downtown gilroy -- >> like a big brother. >> reporter: -- the eye in the sky has arrived. >> they are just going to watch everything you do. >> reporter: it's no hidden camera mounted on a stop light at fifth and the monterey street but the city's latest piece of technology is a hi-def pan tilt and zoom surveillance camera. >> quality is high. >> reporter: it will see and record everything happening here 24/7. >> it's able to read license plates north or south of the current location. >> reporter: ply say the $50,000 camera system will be for two goals. >> to prevent crime and use the video for investigation. >> there is no more crime downtown gilroy than gilroy or surrounding areas. >> reporter: the downtown business association chipped in $20,000 its own money for the system to help reverse a
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perception that there is higher crime downtown. >> years ago we had bars downtown and more bars, you had more liquor, you had more fights and things. so it had been an issue years ago. well, that's changed. people see that we don't -- we have the cameras down here and if they want to cause the problems go somewhere else. >> reporter: they added outdoor speakers, landscapes and banners it attract shoppers. so far one camera is up but plans call for six cameras along monterey street. some are concerned about potential abuse. >> some things you want to keep to yourself. not that you're trying to do anything illegal but, you know, you still want to go out and -- it's like somebody isn't watching you all the time. >> reporter: but others say it will help not hurt the city in the long run. would you feel safer? >> i would. absolutely i would. i have nothing to hide so they
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can follow me. >> reporter: the other cameras should be installed in the next couple of months, allen, but before that they have to work out some glitches in the system. that camera sends the signal back to police headquarters via the city's wi-fi system. but at certain times of the day like right now when everyone is on the road and a lot of people are using their cell phones and computers at home, the system is getting crowded and that signal is not going straight into the police department in realtime which is what they need if they are going to use it in court case and things like that. it has glitches to work out. >> you said the business association downtown paid for a lot of the $50,000 for the one of the what about the other five cameras? who is paying for those? >> reporter: well, the city is paying for the lion's share of this. it's an expensive thing and these budgetary times they feel it's so important downtown that
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this city's historic district went downhill that it's worth the investment to get people to invest here and open up stores and to come and shop. >> yeah. bring in tax dollars, too along the way. all right, len ramirez gilroy, thanks. the family of carlos nava buried their 3-year-old son today. the private funeral was at an east oakland church not far from where the toddler was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting last year. >> it takes time to show the reality and to unite in an effort to [ indiscernible ] in oakland. >> late this afternoon district attorney filed murder charges against the two suspects who have been arrested. lawrence dennard who they believe was the shooter and willie torrence the driver of the car. the 9-year-old boy from philadelphia hit by an alleged drunk driver at a giants game in san francisco is now returned to pennsylvania. he will continue his treatment there for a brain injury and
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broken bones. a spokeswoman at sf general says ryan white's condition improved enough that he could head back on a specially equipped medical plane. the 21-year-old hayward man arrested in the hit-and-run said he didn't know he hit the boy until police told him. today his bail was increased to $465,000. the public defender will join a crowded feel of mayoral hopefuls at a debate tonight in san francisco. this is going to be the first mayoral debate for jeff adachi, who announced his candidacy last friday. 11 candidates are scheduled to take part tonight. it's going to be at ucsf. cbs 5's phil matier will moderate. president obama's bus tour of the midwest heads to illinois tomorrow while today in iowa, he was sharing the spotlight with two republicans who want his job. tara mergener reports all three are talking about one thing. >> reporter: president obama's bus tour rolled into another iowa town where he is pledging to help small businesses and
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farmers. he is looking for new ideas from rural america on how to create more jobs and turning up the heat on lawmakers. >> we can do even more if congress is willing to get in the game. >> reporter: he is in the middle of a three-day three state trip through the midwest. he is greeting crowds holding town hall meetings and talking about improving the nation's economy. >> there is nothing wrong with this country. we'll get through moment of challenge. >> reporter: mr. obama also wants voters to know he is serious about job creation. he says he has a new plan that he will unveil next month when congress returns from summer break. some of his republican challengers aren't waiting to talk about their plans. >> mr. president, you have tried now for 2.5 years of government creating jobs. and it's time to let the private sector get back to work. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry took aim at the president's record during a
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campaign stop in iowa. michele bachmann did the same. >> he has been in office going on three years. he has yet to reveal a plan. >> reporter: even though the president's trip looks like a campaign swing, top white house aides say it's not. still, he is hopping off the bus every few miles to shake hands with voters and test the grassroots support for his re- election bid. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. he thought that the pit bull was coming after his kids. coming up, a father tries to protect his family. what he did that got him arrested. accused of chaining a fake collar bomb around a teenager's neck. the trail of clues a masked man that led the cops to him around the world. >> i don't think you can prepare for something like this. >> hiking from canada to mexico. elizabeth cook introduces us to one bay area man determined to beat the odds. the meaning behind his 2600- mile mission. ,, ,,,,,,
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a pit bull on the attack as children run for cover. tonight a man is facing animal cruelty charges for protecting his family. but ron jones shows us it's how he did it that got him arrested. >> he was my baby. he was almost attacked. but the people -- >> reporter: karla chavez was concerned her neighbor's pit bull was come after her four children. >> it was sad. >> reporter: she said at that same moment there was a friendly stray dog a german shepherd that so happened to be visiting their family in the front yard. >> he is a nice dog. i feed him and everything. >> reporter: she believes the shepherd intercepted the pit bull before he could get to the kids. >> that dog was depending the kids, protecting your kids. >> reporter: the dogfight was on. >> so i tried to pull all the kids up on the trampoline while they fought.
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>> reporter: her husband couldn't pull the dogs apart. the children panicked. >> some were crying and yelling stop. >> reporter: juan was so concerned about the children's safety that he attacked the dogs with a machete. he doesn't speak english very well but says he struck the built bull on his back but it didn't slow down the pit bull. and another fight broke out. >> you have a black eye, marks on your face. what happened? >> reporter: the owners of the pit bull, three women were so angry about their dog being hit with a machete, they attacked her. did they punch you in both eyes? >> i think just this one eye. but they scratched me like i say, they pulled my hair, they kick my back, hold my feet. >> reporter: the kids were safe. but when deputies arrived, they took her husband to jail for animal cruelty. >> he has a court date. >> ron jones says the owners of the pit bull were not available to comment but juan loza says
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he would rather do jail for animal cruelty than see any of his children hurt. the commute melanoma is smoother -- the commute home is smoother than the ride to work. a big rig crashed after it came off a ramp in san mateo this morning. it dumped pile of scrap metal then close today with lanes of southbound 101 for six hours. nobody was hurt. there will soon be light again on mcarthur boulevard in san leandro. some street lights have been shut down after somebody stole the copper wiring there sometime between august 4 and 5. replacing that wiring will cost the city a reported $16,000. authorities say the thief or thieves probably got less than $1,000 reselling it. lights should be back on by friday. lost and now found. a 350-year-old rembrandt swiped from a ritz-carlton. the unlikely place where the pricy artwork was found. >> how about watching tv the
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same as smoking cigarettes? why it could be just as bad. and we have all done it when things get crazy for us. the top tips to deal with stress eating before it sabotages you. ,,
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australia say he kid
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t a a man is accused of a bizarre extortion plot. now, police in australia are saying that this man actually terrorized an 18-year-old girl putting a fake bomb around her neck. manuel gallegus on how they finally tracked the guy down half a world away. >> reporter: an fbi s.w.a.t. team moved in on this home outside louisville and arrested 50-year-old paul peters. he is accused of breaking into a sydney, australia mansion and chaining a fake bomb around the neck of 18-year-old madeline pulver as part of an extortion plot. >> the middle of last week the investigation team in sydney identified a suspect for this offense who we had reason to believe had traveled to the united states. >> reporter: peters was tracked to the home of his ex-wife in kentucky. but authorities don't believe she had any knowledge of his alleged crimes. australian authorities used an email account to help find peters. on august 3 police say peters attacked madeline pulver the daughter of a wealthy businessman while she was home
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alone studying for an exam. after attaching the device around her neck he allegedly pinned a list of demands on her chest before departing. pulver was attached to the device for 10 hours before the bomb squad was able to remove it. the pulver family is relieved a suspect is in custody. >> these past two weeks have been a very difficult time for us and we're hopeful that this development marks the beginning of the end of this traumatic ordeal for our family. >> reporter: australian authorities want to extradite peters to face charges. manuel gallegus, cbs 5. a prized rembrandt sketch stolen from a luxury hotel over the weekend is recovered. the sketch entitled "the judgment" was snatched off a wall during an art show at the ritz-carlton hotel in marina dell rate. the masterpiece was discovered yesterday at a church in encino inside the pastor's office. the question now is, who dropped it off? if you deal with stress by reaching for a snack you have
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plenty of company there. we have some help for those high calorie cravings. >> reporter: between two kids, two businesses, balancing her budget, a single mother in agoura hills stretches herself to the limit. and like many of us, her daily routine is surrounded by stress. >> stress to me in my life is being able to find a balance. >> reporter: stress can eat away at us and control what we eat too. you know that something sweet? salty? you just have to have? >> munchie food because i like munchie munchie munchie. >> reporter: your cravings could be caused by cortisol. >> it's a stress hormone which affects your body in a negative way. >> reporter: health and fitness experts believe the more stress the more cortisol and the more likely you are to gain weight. >> the cortisol in our body is causing our fat in our body to
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desire these foods which are not hunger but craving. >> reporter: in a study at the university of michigan, researchers found when levels of cortisol were boosted in even nonstress adddults they ate more snack foods than usual in adults. >> water retention, overall fat and lethargy. >> reporter: stress eating quickly becomes a habit. to break the habit, it's ultimately about the changes in your choices. >> healthy pretzels and chips instead of fries with salt and sugar. >> reporter: experts say to keep your emotions in balance, it's important to eat regularly. consuming complex carbs like oatmeal or whole grain foods counteracts stress. we still haven't figured out where she finds the time but the young mother makes it a point every day to exercise. another trick? she feeds her kids healthy feeds so she can follow suit. >> make it a lifestyle, make it
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convenient and easy. you end up not stressing about stressing. >> reporter: cbs news. >> we all know cigarettes are bad for our health but turns out there is something equally as bad and i'm afraid you're doing it it right now. new research in australia says watching just one hour of tv a day after age 25 cuts about 22 minutes off your life. so what can you do about that besides turn the tv off? don't do that. researchers say 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day will add three years back to your life. all right. it was in a featured film. now tourists are flocking to it. the bay area spot that is catching a lot of people's attention. from the cbs 5 weather center in san francisco, welcome to your summertime in the bay area. we have the fog socked in at the coast in the golden gate bridge. the effect this will have on your wednesday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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hollywood. more people are a popular bay area spot is attracting attention these days thanks to this hollywood movie. more people are visiting muir woods in marin county after it appeared to be shown in the movie "rise of the "planet of the apes"." the scene was actually filmed somewhere else. but until this summer the park had about 4,000 visitors a day and now the park rangers say they have seen some days where they get 5,000 visitors. roberta, juliette goodrich and i are upset because we were supposed to be in the movie. we got edited out. >> i hear you're in the credits? >> great. good for my career. [ laughter ] >> you have to see the movie. >> this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out at san francisco from the transamerica building. you can see the deck of low clouds and patchy fog now beginning to swirl into the city already captured by this
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particular view in ocean beaches keeping the temperature currentfully pacifica in the upper 50s. 56 degrees with the sunshine in oakland where we don't have the fog penetrating that particular area as of yet. you can see that finger of fog make its way under the golden gate bridge. working its way due east, meanwhile, where it's sunny and bright is still 89 degrees in fairfield and in livermore, 80 in san jose. tonight 7:05 the oakland as playing the baltimore orioles. clouds will roll in with game time temperature at 64 degrees. we'll bottom out in the 50s across the board from santa rosa all the way to san jose. you saw it. the deck of low clouds and fog is the marine layer and it will make a penetration inland overnight. then quickly dissipate across the bay. late afternoon hints of clearing at the coast but not much. inland as this inning expands we'll have the warmest day of
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the workweek. 62 and partial clearing in stinson beach to 30 degrees warmer towards the delta. smack in between san rafael at 82 degrees. east of the bay number-wise 60s through the low 90s. 93 degrees in brentwood. san jose will top off in the low '80s cloudy in pacifica in the 50s. the extended forecast the warmest day of the week on wednesday, slight cooling by thursday. a deeper marine layer allows no clearing from friday through tuesday at this point at the beaches. allen, that is the seven-day pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. by the way, i'm the good- looking ape. [ laughter ] >> of course you are. a berkeley man plans to run, hike and climb his way from canada to mexico. 2600 miles total. elizabeth cook with what's behind the trek. >> reporter: 24-year-old sam fox is preparing to embark on a journey few have ever completed. >> few people have successfully
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hiked the entire thing. >> reporter: he plans to go the entire trail from canada to mexico, 2,650 miles of treacherous terrain. those who complete it take several months. sam plans to do it in two. that means he will need to cover 44 miles a day for 60 days. that's over 100 marathons with no days off. >> somewhere around 100 to 150 people attempt the entire trail each year and between 30 and 40% finish it. >> reporter: sam has been training for the past 11 months with a challenge he knows will test him physically as well as mentally. >> i don't think you can actually prepare for something like. >> >> reporter: so why are you doing this incredibly grueling trek? >> to thank my mom and to honor her. >> reporter: sam's mother was diagnosed with parkinson's disease 10 years ago. he is doing the stroke raise a quarter of a million dollars for the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's
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research. so how do you think she will feel when she sees you finish in mexico? have you thought about that moment? >> yeah. i have. that's kind of like the number one image that i call upon at mile 35 on a long day. >> so are people telling you you're crazy for doing this? >> sure. i hope they do. i hope they continue to because that's one of the reasons i chose something so physically difficult. i'm hoping that people will expect me to fail and as a result follow along. >> reporter: in berkeley, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> you can donate to sam's run and parkinson's research by going to ,,
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news at 6. th big i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. little kids playing with big guns. the pictures from the north bay event that has some people alarmed. and police defend their outreach tactics. that and more at 6:00. >> next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," americans' relationship with credit cards is changing. >> caption colorado, llc >> pelley: tonight, the recovery at risk. new numbers show worried americans are buying less-- even at discount stores, signaling more trouble ahead for the economy. republican presidential contender rick perry rustles up


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