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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 17, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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over richmond-san rafael bridge... it was shutdown in both directions...for about an a traffic nightmare in the east bay. chopper 5 is over the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's been shut down in both directions for an hour. no cars are out there at all. the first cars just making it over the lower deck of the bridge but on top, no cars there. they will have to get off westbound 580 at sir francis drake. the bridge is closed at the 101. a man with a gun has barricaded himself in a room at the extended stay hotel. the suspect fired one shot from the building. we have an officer on the
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phone. what can you tell us about traffic and how long this is going to take? >> reporter: unfortunately, it's still a very active incident. as far as an eta to own, i can't tell you. it's our goal to open the freeway as possible and cause as little inconvenience to motorists as possible. >> an extreme thing to do to block off both sides like that. >> safety of the public is our number one goal. we can't risk it. so we did close it but we have moved the closures up to the sir francis drake on- and off- ramps so folks will be able to get across the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> i know your focus is on the freeway, the bridge there, but do we have any idea just how far the reach could be for this gunman? i mean, it looks like you have shut it down for miles there. >> yeah. we had a very wide perimeter. our number one priority was the safety of the public. we have made a decision to close that end a little bit, to
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try and inconvenience folks as much as possible with safety still in mind. >> no eta, though, just until you get things under control at that hotel right now? it is what it is. >> absolutely. >> is there anything would you like tolt public at this time? this is just breaking. >> yes. i would encourage folks to plan detours around the are going from two lanes to one, you should allow for extra travel time. >> thank you, sir. traffic is tied up for miles from san rafael to the east bay. >> kristy seifkin was in the thick of it life in richmond and joins us -- think of it, live in richmond and joins us now with the latest on the traffic situation. >> reporter: the backup is already bad. we were making our way onto eastbound -- this is westbound
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580 and we had to get off at cutting boulevard, we only made it to richmond four miles from the bridge. traffic is starting to creep along slowly as bridge just reaped but the reason for the backup was around 10:30 this morning, there are reports of a man with a gun. there are reports that are unconfirmed of gunfire and at that point several marin police officers and a special response team flooded the extended stay america that's off francisco boulevard. about a half hour later they evacuated the hotel guests within there. and at this point we just heard that the suspect is still barricaded within the building. we don't know if anybody was injured. there aren't any reports of injuries at this time. police are staying tight lips at this point. the bridge has just recently re- opened so this backup was actually pretty bad. cars were kind of in gridlock for the four mile stretch and the freeway had been shut down. southbound 101 getting on to 580 and commuters are going
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westbound on 580. weren't able to get up to the bridge. those who made it over the bridge were diverted to sir francis drake boulevard so they weren't able to go near to the canal district or canal street which is close to the hotel. so we'll bring you more details as we have them but right now not much information about that gunfire. >> kristy, san quentin prison is very close to that area. is there any connection? >> reporter: we haven't remembered any reports of a connection but you're right, san quentin is just a short stretch between the junction of 101 and 580 there. so, you know, it remains to be seen if they are connected. >> i would imagine motorists in the area, drivers, probably curious about why there is a backup in the middle of the day r they stopping to ask? >> this stretch on cutting boulevard doesn't have a lot of
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residents around it. thank you. in other news two oakland councilmembers say enough is enough after a 3-year-old was killed in the middle of gunfire. today a citywide curfew and teenagers and more gang injunctions are proposed. but anne makovec says it's dividing the city. >> reporter: the plan is in the preliminary stages. it hasn't been officially presented to the council. there's already a lot of criticism and that was spoken about today here at the memorial for that 3-year-old boy who was shot august 8 caught in the middle of a gang fight. his cousin came here to speak today. >> we're trying to make sure that my cousin's death goes to good, not to bad. we want to bring the community together like on the car wash and not, you know, have all these policies that are going to split the community again.
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you know? >> what we're seeing is tenth and larry de la fuente and reid pushing strategies that don't work. the community doesn't want them. >> reporter: protests against the plan from council president larry reid and de la fuente calling for a curfew in oakland as well as an expansion of injunctions from fruitvale to east and west oakland. neighborhood groups say the plan doesn't work. >> what we know are transformative justice programs, after-school programs, job training, access to healthcare, things that build up a community rather than tear it down. >> reporter: but many people we spoke with this morning agreed with the kachdown proposal. >> think they should have curfews. keeps teens off the street at night. >> it might help quite a bit especially if the parents know that they have to be in and be responsible for them. >> reporter: the council is on
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recess until mid-september when this will likely become a heated debate. several councilmembers have expressed concerns as has mayor jean quan and there are still questions as to how it would work. >> it would seem like an excuse to have more police because that's what you would need. >> reporter: yeah, there is a concern about litigation and enforcement. when it comes to litigation, the council has already been through months of -- the city of oakland, months of litigation because of its current gang injunctions, one in fruitvale and one in north oakland. >> okay, anne. anne makovec, she is live in oakland. thanks. san jose police haveidentified the final suspect in a wild nightclub shootout that left three men dead. police say he is 26-year-old arturo velasquez. officers are searching for him and hector milla who they say drove the getaway car. a bar owner you can see running inside his club on january 8.
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velasquez allegedly points a gun as he chases him. police say the men wanted to kidnap sanchez because owed them money. the gun battle this followed killed that man and two intruders. the bar owner survived. a san jose teen who was stabbed in a mcdonald's parking lot is suing the restaurant's owners. he says they didn't have enough security for a big crowd leaving a nearby concert. someone stabbed the man several times in the parking lot on june 9. about 50 to 60 people were involved in a brawl that same night leaving five people injured. san francisco police are stepping up security around schools after two were hit by copper thieves. the first happened at the alice fung yu alternate elementary school in the sunset district. the thieves hit them four times in a week. then on sunday an employee at the french school on ortega street reported two men recovering some copper rain gutters there. so far no arrests in either case. and thieves aren't just hitting up schools. mcarthur boulevard in san
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leandro has been in the dark for almost a week now after nearly two miles of underground copper were stolen. today the city now making repairs to get the lights back on. the cost, about $16,000. a neighborhood golf course may be the latest victim of san jose's budget woes. the city is considering selling the rancho del pueblo golf course to save $2 million a year. golf players and pros say the course offers affordable price to the community. >> you know, the kids, they love the programs here. we had a smash with the summer programs this year. you know, it's just really up that the city is thinking about, you know, closing something that, you know, is still profitable but still, you know, it might not in their eyes be as profitable as it should be. >> there will be a public hearing scheduled for tonight at 6:00 at the mayfair community center. an explosive discovery on board a flight out of vegas. the really scary thing is how it got there. keeping dangerous offenders
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locked up. the new push to stop criminals like phillip garrido from slipping through the cracks. >> i'm stuck with the late fee when, you know, it's not even my fault. >> dmv playing a little hardball. the huge fees drivers could be slapped with even if they are just a day late. breaking news. a look from chopper 5, parts of 580 have been shut down because of reports of a gunman at the extended stay deluxe hotel in san rafael. we are just learning that the gunman may be wanted in a robbery from a grocery store earlier this week in san rafael. we'll be tracking this as chp shuts down parts of richmond/san rafael bridge eastbound. parts of westbound just re- opened. ,,,,,,
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behind bars. christina anderson is li tol with the new mrs. a plan to get justice for jaycee dugard by keeping people like phillip garrido behind bars. christine anderson is live at the new capital with the new bill to make sure dangerous criminals stay locked up. christina. >> reporter: this bill is inspired by the jaycee lee dugard case and this is it right here. senate bill 391 unveiled right here at the capital this morning. the authors of the parole reform act of 2011 say it's going to change the way a parolee is evaluated for release. currently a 2008 decision by the california supreme court called the lawrence case sets those standards weighing an inmate's behavior behind bars and medical evaluation more hellly than the original -- more heavily than the original crime that was committed. this will change that. >> currently it's based on performance in prison. if we are prioritizing by good
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performance in prison, if you have a good manipulator like phillip garrido, we didn't want to release people for the wrong reasons. >> reporter: now, if this bill passes, it would be up to the parolee to bear the burden and prove that he or she is actually ready for release into society. lawmakers are trying to get this passed before the end of the legislative session giving them a little less than a month to get it accomplished and they need a two-thirds vote for that to pass. in sacramento, christina anderson for cbs 5. >> thank you. today a state assembly committee discussed whether the death penalty should be replaced with life in prison without parole. it's a bill state senator lonnie hancock out of oakland has proposed. hancock contends the death penalty's legal process is costing the state millions a year. only 13 people have been executed in california since the death penalty was reinstated back in 1978. the committee is expected to vote next wednesday. and coming up, a popular free perk coming to an end. >> the big bank that's about to
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start charging people who use their debit cards. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. skies now clearing out around the bay area, still some patchy fog over the bay but we are looking good. how much summer sunshine will we see today? we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over 580.. the richmond- san rafael bridge... it was shutdown san as shutdown in b tipping to follow breaking -- continuing to follow breaking news. a traffic nightmare in the east
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bay. chopper 5 is over 580 now, the richmond/san rafael bridge was actually shut down in both directions for about an hour as we pull out here. the first cars making it over the lower deck of the bridge now. they will have to get off westbound 580 at sir francis drake. a suspect is barricaded inside the extended stay hotel in san rafael and has fired off at least one shot from the building. police have evacuated the hotel. we are also hearing reports that he is a suspect of the stabbing of a united markets employee after being accused of shoplifting on sunday. the bridge closed completely but now it is open westbound but as i mentioned, you have to get off at sir francis drake boulevard if you are heading out, heading from richmond to san rafael. you're going to have to find another way.
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it's a mess. in the meantime, president obama is wrapping up his three- day bus tour in his home state of illinois today. the white house calls the midwest trip a listening tour on the economy. tara mergener reports how the president is now preparing for a major speech that focuses on jobs. >> reporter: president obama is meeting with voters in his home state of illinois. it's his last stop on a three- day midwest bus tour. >> there is no reason why we shouldn't put americans back to work all across the country. >> reporter: the president is holding the first of two town hall meetings today to talk about creating jobs. >> we have seen over the last 17 months two million -- over two million private sector jobs created. but everybody here knows we have still got a long way to go. >> reporter: while the president is asking voters for their advice, he is getting ready to unveil a new jobs growth plan next month. white house aides say the speech will include fresh proposals to create jobs, not just a rehash of the plans he
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has been pushing for weeks like an extension of the payroll tax cut and road construction projects. but the president's republican challengers say government is the not answer. texas governor rick perry told iowa vote irs the president's policies are to -- voters that the president's policies for high unemployment. >> we have tried for 2.5 years of government creating jobs. it's time to let the private sector create the job that will create the wealth. >> reporter: perry is taking that message to new hampshire today about he won't be alone. mitt romney and ron paul are also campaigning there, each trying to convince voters they would be better at getting americans back to work than president obama. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. an explosive discovery on board a flight from las vegas to kansas city. a flight attendant found a ziploc bag full of fireworks under the seat last night. now, the flight was delayed for about an hour. all the passengers had to get off, so agents could inspect their bags and search the
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plane. they didn't find anything. and no one confessed to bringing the fireworks on board. tsa is investigating. usually it's me who is complaining that it's chilly but you said that earlier today. >> i know. i took a walk, no jacket. it is kind of cold out there. >> kind of cool. let's talk a little weather news around the bay area today. looking good as you head outside today. look at the fog making its way as lou toward sutro tower there. nice blanket of fog just beginning to break up. and it looks like we are going to see more sunshine even into the bay as we head in toward the afternoon but you can expect that fog to keep camped out at the coast. numbers in the upper 90s, toward the afternoon some 70s inside the bay, and 60s at the coast. tonight you're going to see low clouds and fog shoot back onshore starting to make their way into the valleys, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. that patchy fog thickening up toward the beaches today. and it's going to stay that way. looks like we'll hold onto this nice pattern for at least another day or so and then
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things change. high pressure weakening and that trough is going to start to slide in toward the coast. with that in mind, we are looking at 90 degrees in livermore high today, 91 concord, 85 santa rosa, 67 degrees the expected high in san francisco. and 64 with that patchy fog into pacifica. so looking out over the next few days, yup, that ridge is going to hold for one more but then here come the changes as that ridge slides eastward we'll see more low clouds and fog on the way, probably some drizzle at the coastline. and cooler temperatures it looks like right now, guys, as we head into the weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. we have a warning from the dmv. do not be late or else it's going to cost you big time. a lot of car owners are facing heavy fines on the registration renewals. the states sent out the renewal notices late this summer because of the delays by the legislature. the dmv did give drivers extra time but watch out because on day 31, you might think you only have to pay a one-day fine but actually is to pay a 31-day fine and that could be 60% of
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in the east bay.. parts of the interstate and the richmond-san rafael traffic is back to normal on 580 in the east bay. parts of the interstate and in the richmond/san rafael bridge were closed for about an hour. it caused quite a mess. drivers will still have to get off westbound around 580 at sir francis drake. >> this all started because of the search for a gunman. the chp tells us that the gunman fired a couple of shots toward the freeway so that's why they shut down 580. we are told the suspect is now barricaded inside the extended stay hotel in san rafael. we are also hearing reports that he is a suspect in the stabbing of a united markets employee and this is a surveillance picture from that market. he is also accused of shoplifting at the store on sunday. it's what we learned about the
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gunman. >> plenty more on we'll have more at 5:00. >> caption colorado,llc ,,
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