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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  August 21, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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beating, and two shootings... the violence during and good evening. numerous fights, two shootings during and following the battle of the bay, going far beyond simple rivalry. it ended in numerous clashes in the stands and gunfire outside that sent three people to the hospital. linda yee on what happened, what's behind it, and what officials are saying now. linda? >> reporter: well, ann, police say that during a typical 49er game, they make numerous arrests for drunken brawls. they eject a lot of fans for unruly behavior, but for whatever happened and why, last night's game, the violence just escalated. there were a number of fist fights in the stands. a cbs 5 camera caught at least three of them. but after the game, it got uglier.
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two fans were shot, one remains in serious condition. a man wearing a shirt with an obscenity directed at the 49ers was shot several times in the stomach, but managed to drive his truck to find stadium security. a second shooting victim suffered superficial face injuries. a man was also knocked unconscious and remains in serious condition. 49er coach jim harbaugh says the violence at the sporting event is sad. >> i was saddened by that. i'm sorry for those people that were injured. >> reporter: people who work in the area say drunken brawls are not uncommon at some games. >> our crowd tends to be a well behaved crowd and just when they have big arch rivals that they party a little bit more than normal. i did see them, you know, on the
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tipsy side. >> reporter: police say officer presence is increased for games with intense rivalries, like the 49er-raiders game. the violence comes just a few months after giants fan brian stow was severely beaten after opening day game outside dodgers stadium. prior to last night's game, there was a friendly wager between the mayors of san francisco and oakland. today, they issued a joint statement, saying violence will not be tolerated. fans come to our stadiums to enjoy an afternoon of football, not to be subjected to imtimidation or violence. police released this description of the suspect in the beating incident. he is a somoan or pacific islander man, 25 to 30 years old, 6' 3, 260 pounds, had a goatee and long curly hair worn in a ponytail. police have also identified a person of interest in one of the shootings, but did not
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elaborate. >> hopefully they can track them down. thank you, linda yee. for the thousands of fans who went to see the game, the real action was off the field. team coverage continues with anne mackovic on the sunday morning quarterbacking over what went wrong. >> people just don't want to go to a game to have a good time. they want to go to a game to prove something and that's the problem that i think happened. >> reporter: whitney alves went to the battle of the bay with family and friends last night. >> you could definitely sense there was something in the air that was going to happen. >> reporter: they went as a neutral party. >> i'm a raider and niners fan. i want both teams to do well. >> i was dressed in my niner gear, plus a beanie. >> reporter: but as we saw on several videos posted online today, it wasn't all funds and games. >> it got crazy from the time we entered the parking lot. >> reporter: he says the combination of rivalry and the logistics of candlestick took a toll. >> you put that much pressure on people, you know, just getting
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into the stadium. it's not like the coliseum where you go in, you park, you pull out, binge, bang. this is a nightmare. >> reporter: then add alcohol. >> when you show up at a game four or five hours earlier and you drink alcohol and then you go inside the stadium and have four or five more beers, that's what contributes to a lot of these fights. >> fights were happening all around you constantly. >> constantly? >> well, towards the end, it was more than the beginning. >> reporter: his sister took her 12-year-old son. >> you know, i think it's always an eye opener to see the decisions other people make. and i think, you know, when people are having a great time, it's fun to see. but unfortunately, i think some people make some bad decisions and i think that's part of life. >> reporter: in the east bay, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >> you can watch more of the scenes in the stands and outside the stadium on our website, bart is preparing tonight for another round of protests that could once again disrupt the afternoon commute. don knapp at the civic center
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station with what's in store for tomorrow and how bart is defending itself for its past tactics against protests. don? >> reporter: that's right. bart found a powerful tool for thwarting protests, and the off switch it used to turn off cell service, but also found the tool cuts both ways and is now scrambling to explain and justify its actions on the eve of another protest. >> i've gotten over 9000 e-mails from people across the nation, how dare you cut off our right to speech. >> reporter: bart continues to get reaction to its decision to pull the plug on underground cell phone service before august 111 protest. a month earlier, bart shut down four stations, with threats of a man with a knife at civic center station. intelligence revealed the individuals would be giving and receiving instructions to coordinate their activities viacell phone, adding the interruption did prevent the planned coordination of illegal activity on the bart platforms
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as a resulting threat to public safety. >> i stand by the decision that we did last week. you know, we'll do it again. i think it's highly unlikely unless it's an extreme case. >> reporter: bart president says while there has been a national outcry over first amendment issues, bart riders likely appreciate bart's cutting cell service to thwart a destructive protest. reaction was mixed at civic center station. >> i think it wreaks of what happened in egypt, like where democracy and institution is partially funded by the people would turn off cell phones. >> my opinion is it is common sense. they had to do that in order to not have a public safety problem as far as the riding on the trains. what it really gets down to is public safety. >> reporter: the letter comes days before bart holds a public meeting to discuss the cell phone issues. >> cell phones can detonate a bomb. there will be scenarios when the public is at risk because of a communication device that we
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consider our first amendment right. >> another bart protest is planned for 5:00 here tomorrow at civic center station. no answers yet on whether or not they will allow cell phone service, ann. >> we'll have a crew covering it. don knapp, thank you. well, a teenage boy has been shot to death at an east bay birthday party. police say an argument at the party in antioch escalated into gunfire. a 6-year-old oakley boy was shot and later died at the hospital. a 17-year-old girl was also injured in the shooting. police have not released any information about the suspect. checking other bay area headlines, san francisco police are searching for another hit and run driver who injured a child. the 5-year-old boy was struck yesterday at a crosswalk at silver avenue nearle myra. police are searching for a 1980s model dark hatchback with a missing passenger's side mirror. two and a half weeks ago, a 9-year-old boy visiting from pennsylvania was hit by a suspected drunk driver.
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a woman struck and killed by a muni bus friday has been identified as 23-year-old emily dunn of san francisco. dunn was hit in the crosswalk as a bus was turning from 18th street onto hartford street. the bus has been taken out of service and the driver's being tested for drugs and alcohol. well, a rite of passage this weekend for thousands of college students, from berkeley to the south bay, moving into their dorm room. for about 200 returning students at san jose state, homes will be the clarion hotel. the university ran out of dorm rooms because of a record freshman class. more of the upper classmen are taking the placement in stride. >> i think that even though it was like a last minute thing, you got to make the best of it. >> the hotel offers a pool, hot tub, cable tv, plus a weekly maid service. but there is no cafeteria and students will have to commute to classes. the torturous two years becomes even more painful.
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the families of the jailed hikers in iran react to news that they likely will not be coming home any time soon. and a summer job search blends into the fall. the turnout by hundreds of people this weekend still looking for temporary work. and it's been another cool weekend throughout the bay area. temperatures today were pretty similar to what we saw yesterday, and cloud cover starting to roll back into the bay area. we will warm up, so for the start of the work week, i'll tell you exactly how much when we come back. ,,,,,,
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graduates -- bei it's the toughest news in two years for the families of two cal graduates being held in iran. shane bauer and josh fattal's relatives say news that the pair have been sentenced to eight years in prison has hit them hard. bauer and fattal's iranian lawyer has said he plans to appeal their convictions for espionage. well, it's a sign of how desperate people in the bay area are for work. hundreds of people showed up this weekend at great america, hoping for a temporary job at the park for the seasonal
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halloween haunt night. many have part-time jobs and are looking for more work. >> i would like to find full-time, but as of right now, just keep looking and keep looking out there till you get something. >> it's really difficult actually right now. been looking on the internet for a long time. >> california's unemployment creeped higher last week. the jobless rate in santa clara and san mateo remain among the lowest in the state. six flags in vallejo is also hiring for halloween. additions for zombies, ghouls and other creatures to perform during the park's month-long fright fest were held yesterday. auditions continue next saturday. clouds keep coming and going, and the next change should brighten things in the days to come. pinpoint forecast is coming up next. plus, the music and dance of decades past. the big draw in one bay area city this weekend. ower p
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n]♪ the unmistakable sound of power hour head lined the arts and soul festival today. thousands of people packed downtown streets to hear the oakland natives for the family-friendly festival, on about 10 blocks surrounding the oakland city center. saw some blue skies out there, but it has been a cool
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summer so far. >> good news, those people were in short sleeved shirts, so warm enough to enjoy some of the sunshine and more of the short sleeved clothing over the next couple of days as we finally start to warm up. it's been cool all weekend long and gray. at the coastline, saw some drizzle. this shot shows you what's been going on. plenty of gray, plenty of cloud cover, and we'll see clouds roll back in tonight. good news, we are going to clear out sooner tomorrow than we've seen the past few mornings. for tonight, temperatures sitting in the 50s for the most part. clear start in the inland locations, patchyy along the bay shores, mostly cloudy into the overnight, increasing cloud cover of course at the coastline, as usual for this summer. warming up tomorrow in the inland locations to low 90s. definitely closer to where we should be for this time of year. maybe seeing fog there in the morning. definitely sunshine by afternoon. sunshine at the bay shores as well, and the coastline. we will see mostly sunny conditions once we make our way through the fog and low clouds.
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seeing a pretty deep marine layer the last couple of days. that will thin out a little bit, meaning clouds will dissipate earlier tomorrow morning, making way for the sun breaks, and a warmup in store starting tomorrow. pretty mild for tomorrow, then we start to see the warmup for tuesday, as this low starts to zag to the southwest. this area of high pressure that's over oklahoma, that will move in, warming temperatures up. norcal, 96 for redding, 62 for eureka, drizzle to their start. 91 in yosemite. 95 for fresno. bay area, seeing 90s as well. 73 for sunnyvale. 78 for redwood city. union city, just a degree cooler. brentwood, one of our warmer locations at 90 tomorrow. 86 was the high for san ramon. 64 alameda. few degrees warmer in richmond. vallejo to 74. 84 in fairfield. cool in the city tomorrow, only making it to 66 there, and 66
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also in sausalito. slight warmup for your monday. tuesday, that's really when we start to see high pressure building in. that's where we'll get into the mid 90s. then we taper down a few degrees for wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday and sunday, you can see we dip down in temperature a few degrees, sitting in the high 80s and low 90s for the end of the work week. definitely sunshine in store over the next several days. that's a look at the forecast. looks like good golf weather! >> absolutely. well, how can you spoil a strong 49er victory with a report about discontent? that's coming up. and another day, another injury. could the giants avoid a sweep in houston? next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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ore the giants won four games, but lost five players on their 10-game road trip. closer brian wilson is the latest casualty, placed on the disabled list with a sore elbow. brandon bell grew up 2 hours from houston, the texan getting tickets for 50 friends and family this weekend. and this will get you to cheer loudly. a second deck homerun off former giants prospect henry sosa. 3-run shot, had 4 hits and the bell contingent loving every second of it. can't get out of the 2nd inning, giving up 4 runs. houston takes a 4-3 lead. moving to the 8th inning, game tied at 4-4. bases loaded, 1 out for chris stewart. fly ball to left.
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schierholtz runs, tags up at third. martinez throws the strike. schierholtz is out at the plate. he went with the slide instead of the takeout. game goes to extra innings. still tied at 4-4 in the 11th, but then sandoval playing with a bad shoulder, so he can't swing right-handed. probably a good thing today, because from the left side, 2-run shot. giants salvage the final game in houston, 6-4. meanwhile, a fading first place diamondbacks still see the cup as half full, trailing in atlanta. kelli johnson tags up, the throw to the plate, and he is out. great job by the catcher brian mccann on that play. look there. the braves make that run stand. they win 1-0. arizona now has lost five in a row. giants move to within a game and a half of the d-backs. giants start a 12-game home stand on tuesday. braves are 8 games in front of the giants for that wild card. catch of the day, the cameraman at the a's game.
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nice bare handed play, but can he hit? perez making his major league debut, gets conor jackson looking. perez perfect through 5 in his big league start. bases loaded for cocoa, double play. perez, 6 innings, 1 hit, no runs allowed. bautista, a major league best 36 homeruns in the 7th. a's shut out for the 13th time this season, 1-0, the final. 49ers dominated the battle of the bay last night. scoreboard may have read only 17-3, but they outgained the raiders by almost 200 yards. running game was the story on offense, as they piled up 239 yards on the ground alone. one day later, the running game is still the story. espn is reporting that frank gore is unhappy with how slow negotiations are going on a new contract. but he didn't sound too upset
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when he spoke with exclusive coil last night on our post game show. >> you're here and you want to retire a 49er, you've made that very clear? >> yeah, i do, but right now, i don't know. going through the contract right now, but hopefully i can get it done before the camp is over, before the first game. and i would love that. but right now, you know, i don't know right now. nascar, last week marcos ambrose. today, he was rear ended going into the pits, into the wall. his crewmembers were okay. he finished 27th. kyle busch outlives jimmie johnson to take the checkered flag. stanford had a free fan house day, where 2000 fans came out to the cardinal practice. ap poll came out last night. stanford was ranked 7th in the country, highest preseason ranking since 1950. new coach david shaw remembers
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playing under former stanford coach dennis green. >> if you want to crowd them, then crowd them-- >> didn't learn denny green's temper, did you? >> you know what? the guys know it, you know. i believe i'm slow to anger, but once i get there, sometimes i stay there for a while. >> they are who we thought they were! and we let them off the hook! >> guys have mercy on the guy that didn't agree or step in line, because denny would let him have it. >> you can hear that david shaw interview tonight on game day, plus the 49ers blindside story, demarcus dobbs. remember the blindside, the movie? niners have a lineman with the same story, tonight at 11:30. >> and are you going to talk about the giants and fixing all the-- >> i don't know what you got to fix. i think you got to wait for guys to come off the disabled list. the thing is, the giants have been dodging bullet after bullet after bullet, but they are only a game and a half out of first
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place. they are in one of the most difficult seasons. >> if they were all healthy, just imagine. >> just imagine! >> thank you much. well, this could be it for moammar gadhafi. rebels have taken over the capital city of the tripoli and there are reports gadhafi has surrendered. thousands take to the streets for democracy. that's tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. you can find your latest news and weather on have a great night. ,,,,
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