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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we start with another bart protest. right now, bart has closed the civic center and powell street stations. joe vasquez is at the civic center to tell us what police did differently this time around, joe. >> reporter: they acted more quickly and there are a lot more of them. let's take you up to chopper 5. this is right now. a protest is underway, already resulting in the closing of two bart stations. you can see there's several dozen demonstrators marching down toward the ferry building. right now, they are at battery and market. they're being trailed by motorcycle cops, something we didn't see last week. there is a much larger presence of police, not just bart, but sfpd as well. >> no justice, no peace! [chanting] >> no justice, no peace! >> this is video from down below
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at the civic center park station platform. you can see bart police shutting down the platform, the station around 5:30 and also shut down the powell station. muny trains are also not stopping here. they'll just keep going. bart police were in full force and they told us as the protesters were unlawfully assembling and quickly shut down that demonstration and slapped the cuffs on several of the groups. i want to tell you this video upstairs, the demonstrators, some are wearing masks. they were responding to a call by an internet activist group called anonymous, that are protesting bart's decision two weeks ago to shut down cell service this group is blamed for hacking into a bart website and is behind another protest a week ago. your point is about free speech, but doesn't your point get lost when people disrupt transportation? >> yeah, look, i don't think
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anybody should be delaying trains or climbing on top of trains or putting anybody at risk. it's not what i'm about or what i think most of anonymous is about, and you know, in terms of the delays that happened last monday, we think that was largely due to an overreaction on bart's part. >> there's two sides of the story. it's unfortunate what happened but you know what, these guys are here. it's unfortunate, but you know what, i wasn't going to really tell what happened to the story. you got one little piece and everybody's up in an uproar. >> reporter: it's just a few dozen protesters right now, not hardly as many as we saw a week ago but they are vocal and taking quite a bit of resources from the san francisco police as well as the bart police as they're chasing them down market street once again. here we are again a week later, people responding to that call on the internet by this group anonymous to come back and take over the streets. >> once again though, it's a little underwhelming. it seems an anemic turnout of
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this protest. there seems to be as many police officers and media as there are protesters, joe, but yet they've shut down these two stations yet again. >> right, well, for one thing, and i heard it today, i don't know about you, but people are saying why are you covering these guys. what if we had not ignored the fact that a major transportation system is being shut down. we had to come, you know, in fact, you're right. there are as many journalists and police officers or more for that matter than demonstrators and that is a little frustrating. >> is there any talk -- you spoke with the anonymous spokesperson. any talk of sitting down with bart and negotiating some of their positions? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, there is a bart public hearing at 9:00 a.m. wednesday and they're encouraging the public, including this group to go to that hearing. it would be interesting to hear if they actually show up to that hearing. they're trying to make a statement about free speech. they say no matter where in the world, whether it's in the middle east -- which this group has participated in helping people who are protesting
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against oppressive regimes, or even the bart the transportation agency is trying to get people back and forth every day. they say wherever that stand needs to be made, they'll make it and apparently they have at least a few dozen people who will heed that call. >> all right. at the civic station center, joe vasquez, thank you. keep us posted. police have identified the 4-year-old santa rosa boy who was killed in a hit-and-run. christopher buddy roe died on thursday. he was in the crosswalk with his two sisters and mother when a honda accord, the driver of the accord, hit him. the driver sped off. buddy died the next day at the hospital. a short time after the hit-and-run, police arrested marko garcia, and he made his plea on felony and misdemeanor charges. garcia did not have a driver's license and is scheduled to enter a plea next week. the failure of the oakland police department's radio system earlier this year led to a complete overhaul of that
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system. two months ago, the department unveiled a supposedly state of the art system. guess what, christen talked to the officers who say it still has bugs. >> reporter: officers call these radios their lifeline and say even after that multimillion dollar upgrade, they're still getting cut off. >> i was out when it broke and i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: months after the city upgraded its glitchy radio system, problems persist. >> officers have had to rely on hand signals and their cell phones in order to chase suspects. there have been many incidents of these things happening. >> reporter: it's become a high-stakes headache for officers. recently in the oakland hills, police chasing the suspect hit a dead zone and have to rely on shouting and calling each other on their personal cell phones. >> it's very frustrating because this is a very busy town. >> reporter: the transmission troubles reached a breaking point in january, after this high-speed chase and the deadly
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standoff that followed, police radio failed and the mayor promised changes. >> we just need to fix it. >> reporter: the fix came two months ago. a brand new system that seemed to malfunction right off the bat, but city officials promised the issues would be temporary. >> and we're going to go through that period of refinement and making adjustments to the system for the next few weeks. >> reporter: two weeks has turned into two months and officers complain of garbled transmissions and dropped dispatch communication, in a job where one mixed message could mean life or death. >> something bad will happen to a citizen or police officer, and it will be too late. i hope we don't have to cross that bridge. >> reporter: the city is expected to meet with the manufacturers of these radios this week, possibly wednesday. the police union told me they're pushing for a system that doesn't just get it right some of the time like they say the current system does, allen, they want something that is perfect every time or they say lives could be in danger. >> ideally, it should work all
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the time. i'm thinking with the shortage of personnel and fewer officers for oakland, it's even more important. >> reporter: that's absolutely right and this has been a department that's seen a relentless number of issues and problems and this is the last thing they tell me they need. >> thanks. san francisco police have identified a woman killed by an muny bus last week. 23-year-old emily dunn of san francisco was in the crosswalk at 18th and hartford in the castro when the bus made a left-hand turn onto hartford, hit and killed her. witnesses say dunn had nearly reached the curb when it happened. the crash is still under investigation. the eruption of violence at saturday's 49ers raiders preseason match-up, shocked fans, team officials and police. late this afternoon, tough new safety measures were announced. phil matier is at candlestick where the battle in the bay is in jeopardy, phil. >> reporter: yeah, the battle got out of hand last saturday
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night that sent a shockwave still being felt at candlestick. here's the story. >> you have a rivalry situation and unfortunately you have the worst segment from a -- a very small segment from both fan bases that comes and brings about this type of an event, and it's our belief that we should recommend to the nfl that this game is at least postponed for some period of time. >> reporter: that was 49er's owner jet york today announcing his desire to suspend any future preseason games with the rival oakland raiders following the unprecedented violence that marred saturday night's game. >> and the degenerate behavior that happened on saturday is not going to be tolerated. >> reporter: by the time the night ended, two people had been shot and one person beaten into unconsciousness. in addition, police also reported a record 20 arrests, plus 20 citations for public drunkenness, 70 fan ejections, and 90 medical calls. this for a crowd that was 1/3
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less the usual size, and with 40% more cops in attendance. >> last saturday night was different. it was an aberation. >> reporter: officials listed a number of reasons for the violence. first up, the team rivalry, second, the fact it was a night game so families stayed away. another big factor, cheap tickets. many season ticket holders sold their seats on the internet or ticket outlets for as low as $40 a seat. >> if you have a ticket for the game you'll be allowed and encouraged to go inside the stadium. if you do not have a ticket to the game and you're in the parking lot, you'll be asked to go home. >> reporter: now, this is a big blot on not only the san francisco 49ers, which also happens to be a very big tourist draw for san francisco, but also for the city itself, when stories like this go national, it doesn't help anyone and that's why i think you saw everybody turning out in force with the new rules. >> phil matier at candlestick, thank you. the families of two cal grads, a teen in an iranian
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prison say they plan to appeal their sentences. shane bower and josh patal were both convicted saturday of espionage and illegally crossing the border from iraq. they were both sentenced to eight years, and that's on top of the two years they've already served. they have 18 days to file that appeal. a smoke alarm may have saved the life of a redwood city woman. that smoke alarm woke her up at about 5:30 a.m. she got out of bed, went to investigate what's going on and found flames in the garage. she grabbed her cell phone, got out, called the fire department and the home was heavily damaged. fortunately, no one was hurt. it's a fee that you may have to pay, but that your neighbor might not. what some will be charged for access to the fire department. we can't say it won't happen, but if it does, you'll have options. new protection starting tomorrow covering everyone who flies. the big names still have big
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money. now, we ask, how can it help the state. the latest idea to keep our parks open.
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our story is you. downtown san francisco. bart >> we quickly want to update what's going on with the bart protests in downtown san francisco. bart has just reopened the cal street station. however, the civic center station which was closed first remains closed. muny metro trains are not stopping at civic center. we're showing you videotape of the protests on the platform of the civic center that happened earlier. bart has arrested at least four protesters down there on the platforms. dozens of others have been walking down market street toward the ferry building. that's the very latest. the civic center station is closed, but cal street station is open. we'll continue to monitor it for
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you. in contrast, living the rural life has its benefits. there's privacy and lots of open spis. but it could soon cost more money for all that peace and quiet. more on the new fee some will have to pay. >> reporter: this will affect homeowners differently depending on where they live in the area or the state. others, if they live next door may not have to pay, but some do. for those who do, it's unclear what they'll get for their money. >> i didn't have one word of input. i sat on the association of california and we were just blind side and now everyone's playing catch-up. >> reporter: the fire protection district chief doesn't like the new law that requires homeowners that live in areas under cal-fire jurisdiction to pay a fire protection fee. the legislature came up with the plan while trying to balance the budget. >> is there anything you like about this legislation?
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>> no, i don't think it's considered local jurisdictions. >> reporter: originally, state legislators approved a fee up to $150 to make up the $200 million shortfall. today, the state's fire protection board said they'll charge homeowners between 25 and $90, depending on where they live and if they already pay local taxes for fire protection. but it does not pay for firefighters to fight fires. it pays for cal fire to try to prevent fires in grasslands. >> fee tax, you're paying more money, so just a little unhappy with just happening -- and not that it's not going back to the local jurisdiction, who is the primary response for all emergencies within the fire district. >> reporter: it's still unclear how the money would be spent, but likely for inspections and fire prevention planning, there is no cap on administration costs. >> is your concern that the money will be collected and go toward maintaining a bureaucracy, is that what i'm hearing?
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>> all in all, in government, yes. >> i felt it was very unfair the fact that a lot of people that live in the country, to be honest with you, they're retired or the spouse has passed away and everything, and it's hard to keep the country property today. >> reporter: fire districts are concerned people won't support local tax initiatives that support their local fire departments, meaning a loss of revenue. they're counting on more people like arlene smith. >> would you be willing to pay two different fees for fire protection and prevention? >> i believe so, really, even though i would feel it's unfair in a lot of ways but i would pay it to feel safe, yes. >> reporter: right now, there is nothing set in stone. we're watching the bureaucracy in motion, so the fire chief is adamant that the only way any of this will be changed or modified is if homeowners speak out now, because dana, the bills go out to the homeowners next spring. >> all right. ann, thank you. the first atlantic hurricane of the season is now a category
6:17 pm
2 storm. irene could hit the us by the end of the week. it's already ripped through puerto rico, tearing up trees and leaving more than a million people without power. us national hurricane center says the storm could reach category 3 by the time it hits the bahamas on wednesday. we're just looking for a little warm-up, roberta. >> a definite warm-up, a sharp warm-up for tuesday, panning out to be the warmest day of the work week . let's look out toward ocean beach where we have the clouds filtering in in the form of low clouds and a little bit of patchy fog out there with an air temperature currently at 56 degrees. this is our camera at past lake curry where the air temperature stands at 84. numbers across the bay area today, it was almost seasonal but we're still anywhere between 3 degrees below average in san francisco to about 8 degrees below normal in santa rosa, and in san jose, it was 80 degrees
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in livermore where we should be at 90. if you're out and about, 57 degrees at the beaches, and the winds are a bit breezy, the humidity is 29% inland areas. this is what you need to know. tomorrow, the hottest day away from the bay water. we're looking at the high pressure to really expand over the western states, drying out the atmosphere, temperatures will pop. we're going with 92 degrees in sonoma. otherwise at the coast, low 60s to the upper 60s, 71 in san francisco. 70s will be coming across the bay and the further east you move, i'm going with triple digits toward oakly and mountainhouse. otherwise, san jose's average high is 83, goy with 88 degree, the rest of the warm-up and what you should expect is coming up later on in the program, allen. >> see you then. a new round of airline passenger protection rules, some of them kick in tomorrow. on the consumer watch,
6:19 pm
explaining what happens to passengers getting bumped or delayed. >> we've heard the horror stories to getting bumped and being surprised by added fees. airlines now have a few more rules to protect passengers from travel nightmares. first off, tarmac delays. airlines can now be fined more than $27,000 per passenger if they leave an international flight on the tarmac for more than four hours. a similar rule for domestic flights has been in effect for over a year, and tarmac delays have dropped dramatically, although there has been a slight increase in canceled flights. when it comes to getting bumped from an oversold flight, passengers are now entitled to double the price of their tickets up $650 in short delays and four times their ticket value, up to $1300 for those longer delays, and finally from checked bags to meals and canceled reservations, airlines must prominently display all fees on their website. >> i appreciate that one. you said the canceled flights
6:20 pm
have increased, so is anything going to happen -- if that happens to you? >> the dot has proposed more regulations but of course the airline said wait, there's too many regulations, give us time to adapt. those will go into effect down the road come january but those will include better notification for canceled flights. they've got to contact you either by e-mail or if you're at the gate, let you know the flight's canceled, and also reservations, you will be allowed to cancel your reservation more than 24 hours in advance. >> like that. >> yeah, thanks, julie. >> thank you. . well, they absorb sunlight anyway. now, they are sharing the love, so to speak. so-called trees taking in sunlight and powering the south bay. we're going to have that in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ew devices that >> power doesn't grow on trees,
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but the south bay is maybe getting the next best thing. lynn rivera is up on the devices helping save some cash. >> reporter: exactly right. we've known about the benefits of solar power for some time now, but big governmental agencies like the county of santa clara have been sitting on the sidelines, until now. they'll be installing about 15,000 solar power panels like the ones you see behind me, with the goal of saving money and helping the environment. like rows of freshly planted trees, these solar structures will soon be bearing fruit in the form of electrical energy. >> this is our way of helping the environment. >> reporter: lynn ortega is overseeing a solar building boom for the county of santa clara, for the main employee lot to the registered voteerce to the jail, solar arrays are popping up to tower over eight employee parking lots, just one project in size will generate 1
6:24 pm
megawatt, roughly enough to power an average-sized home. >> these will save about $18 million over the next 25 years. in today's time, it's a lot of money. >> reporter: the county will own four of the structures and all of the power that comes from them and lease power at a lower cost from the others. >> the big factor from solar energy is the savings. >> reporter: at orchard schools, solar arrays have been over two parking lots for the last three years and the school is about to add solar to its roof tops with the goal of getting off the main power grid and being completely self-sustained. >> for a small school district, i think it's around 12 to $15,000 savgs a year, which is a lot of money for a smaller district. >> reporter: known as solar trees, the structures have an important side benefit, providing shade in hot, sunny weather and shelter when it rains. >> a lot of staff cars are parked here. it's great inclement weather, and keeps the cars cleaner and the shade, it's cooler too. >> reporter: in the past, real trees did that job but no more
6:25 pm
hunting around for the shady spots, because almost every spot is a shady one, and that matters to families like this one. >> it keeps us a lot happier. the kids stay calmer in the car whenever it's shady and keeping us cooler, keeping us out of the sun, which is better for our skin. >> reporter: and who can argue with sitting in the shade. dana, that shade feels even better when you know you're helping the environment, after all of this work is done, they say that it's going to reduce emissions, carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalency of taking 800 cars off the roadway. >> seems like a great idea. thanks. the state's budget problems have sent agencies and services scrambling for creating ways to raise money. now, some people are suggesting that cash-strapped state parks sell naming rights. patrick sedio shows us it's worked for ball parks so why not state parks.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: it seems like a lifetime since the beatles played in this park. it became this arena several years ago, and even rocky had to have a little paid help. >> i trained you to be a fighter and not a bill board. >> reporter: could it happen to california state parks? >> the state decided to mark 70 state parks across california for closure next july. >> reporter: thomas peters says it's time to get proactive and raise some cash. >> we're also engaged in realistic contingency planning. >> reporter: that may mean going to corporations hat in hand. could it mean renaming our state parks, pepsi camp, or mount state park brought to you by budweiser. >> if it gets to the point where the corporations have a say in how they're run, it could be negative. >> reporter: they say rest assured. >> nobody we have spoken to wants to go around with a bunch of adhesive labels and paste
6:27 pm
them onto picnic tables. >> reporter: the danger of course is in the fine print of the contracts, but the foundation vows to keep everyone honest, and avoid situations like this. cbs 5. by most accounts, it's over. rebels, nato, president obama says libya is now a country without a dictator. the wild card that could keep that country from escaping months of violence. he went from the future president of fraps to the poster child for sexual assault. why lawyers who are going to prosecute him are asking for the whole case to be dropped. unfortunately, this has become as common at ball games as overpriced snacks, so what has changed? what's happened to fans? why it's not just a sports problem.
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the powell street and civic >> update now for you on our top story, our protest in san francisco. this is video of what happened earlier this evening. the powell street and the civic center bart stations are both back open. they were closed less than an hour. officers have arrested at least four of the protesters.
6:31 pm
they were at the civic center station. some demonstrators were also seen walking toward the embarkadero on market street blocking traffic and some are heading back up market but for the most part, things getting back to normal for the evening commute in downtown san francisco. in tripoli, libyan rebels say they have taken control of the government. they were celebrating in the former green square, which rebels have returned to name as martyr square. google maps ahead that change. comments included, congratulations to the rebels. bob constantine reports in tripoli. >> reporter: for months, rebels have been on the verge of taking over tripoli. world leaders called for moem moem to moem moem qaddafi to
6:32 pm
admit defeat. >> he's calling for the forces that continue to fight to lay down their arms. >> reporter: miles away from the violence, libyan americans in atlanta watched the developments closely and celebrate with those in their home country. >> this is one day i've been waiting for my home life and it's overwhelming, the sense of joy and happiness. >> reporter: oxmed and bashir omagerof say it was their father's dream to see the regime overthrown. their father was a libyan opposition activist who disappeared 21 years ago. his sons say libyan security forces took their father into custody. to this day, their family doesn't know if he's alive or dead. >> if he's alive, we'll be there in a split second to see him and to see -- we view him definitely as a martyr and, you know, gave his life up for his country and for his people. >> reporter: while international leaders call for this conflict to end without any
6:33 pm
more deaths, us and nato officials warn qaddafi loyalties may plan a last-ditch attack on libyan civilians. . >> charges may be dropped against a french businessman accused of sexual assaulting a hotel maid. prosecutors have asked the judge to drop the case against strauss-kahn. he is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. his alleged victim and her lawyer met with prosecutors today. those prosecutors said that they had serious credibility issues with the accuser, and that they couldn't expect a jury to believe her beyond a reasonable doubt. advocates call the filing outrageous >> the manhattan district attorney has denied the right of a woman to get justice in a rape case. >> we have physical evidence in the form of dna. we have injuries that are consistent with her allegations.
6:34 pm
>> strauss-kahn has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal. his attorneys praise the decision to drop charges. two of the biggest automakers in the world are joining forces to develop the next generation of hybrid technology. ford and toyota announced the partnership today at ford's headquarters in michigan. they will focus on developing a more powerful hybrid system for ford's f series truck and toyota's tundra models. both companies will share the cost of research and development and hope the combined effort will create a product more quickly and at a more affordable price for consumers. tough economic times for a grocery chain with an 82-year history in the bay area. andronico's files for bankruptcy today. they have seven stores in the area and their most recent expansion piled on more debt than the company could handle. customers say closing any of the stores will be a lost.
6:35 pm
>> they're a great local market. i like to stop and support local merchants, so i'm sorry about that. >> the chain is $50 million in debt and may be sold to private investors. the company says inspite of the bankruptcy filing, its stores will remain open and the employees will keep their jobs. one of the biggest stories from this past weekend was the battle royale that broke out at the annual battle of the bay. those were the fans. among half a dozen incidents, two men were shot out candlestick park. another was found beaten and unconscious inside a restroom. the condition of all three men has improved. in fact, one of the shooting victims has been released from the hospital. the police and the team announced some new safety measures. what about the fans themselves? some say a mob mentality is developing in the stands. today, mike sugarman talked with fans and experts about the worsening atmosphere among fans,
6:36 pm
mike. >> you've been around a long time and i have too, and i remember going to giants games in the 70s, you wore a dodger hat and took your life into your own hands. candlestick has always been a place to see a ball game but it is changing. i bit you're thinking the same thing i am. the cheapest tickets was $64. beer costs minimum $7.75. who can afford to get drunk and start fighting at a game? plenty of people, apparently. sam jones wasn't there. he gave up his 49er season tickets eight years ago. >> there's a lot of throwing beer cans and foul language and it's just not something that you would want to do with your family. >> reporter: candlestick can be a tough place to watch a game. is it getting worse? >> what we're starting to see in the culture is senseless violence show up in all kinds of ways. >> reporter: joe kersch is a sports psychologist who runs the think tank, american sports institute, and has followed such
6:37 pm
trends over 30 years. it is different, he says. >> you keep kicking the can down the road, if you try and patch up the symptom rather than the problem. >> reporter: the problem he says isn't just candlestick and it isn't just a football game. in philadelphia, flash mobs of teenagers have been going into stores robbing them. a peaceful protest in oakland turns into looting. a look at the riots in europe shows a similar pattern. chris sees a lack of civility and says increased poverty and lack of health care. >> these are the issues that help create solid citizens, whenever there's a vulnerable population, problems are going to show up there first. >> reporter: this was a meaningless exhibition game, so many season ticket holders gave their tickets away or sold them cheap. it was a different crowd at the game. $8 beers, you can get drunk in the parking lot. again, this is nothing new. michael kuvis years ago was threatened by a thug, extortion
6:38 pm
for parking on a public street for a 49er game. $20 or i'll break your car window. we paid the $20 and we came back and our car was in pristein condition. the car behind us didn't pay the $20. >> reporter: maybe we're just noticing the violence more because of social media. there was no youtube even just five years ago. >> and i think that's an important distinction. when i was going to those baseball games in the '60s and '70s, people sort of knew about it, but if it was on youtube every day, maybe something would have been done right away. it's hard to tell and separate because there are so many issues, and it's such a broad picture. you know, it's happening at shopping malls and it's not just football games. it's society today. >> boy, and if the economy is not showing great signs of getting better, where does it go from here? that's an unanswered question and it's rhetorical. >> it's a story for months and years to come.
6:39 pm
>> all right, mike, thanks. a series of firsts today in washington dc, how a memorial of martin luther king, jr. made history twice, just why being unveiled and why it will be shut down in a matter of days. it's years and years away, but there is something we can tell you about the 2020 olympics. they will not be held in the united states. why the olympic committee did not submit cities from the usa. ,, [ female announcer ] we are taking new ultra downy with silktouch to the streets. which shirt feels more expensive?
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it was 15 years and 120 million >> a quick update on the bart situation. minute by minute, things are changingment bart has closed once again the civic center station in san francisco. they closed it, reopened it and now it is closed again. you won't be seeing the olympic games in the united states this decade. the chicago tribune reports that the united states olympic committee will not make a bid
6:42 pm
for the 2020 summer games. the group has been at odds with the national olympic committee over revenue sharing. the deadline for countries to submit bids is september 1, and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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making. today the national >> it was 15 years and $120 million in the making. today, the national memorial to dr. martin luther king, jr. had its first visitors. danielle notingham shows us the soft opening. >> reporter: the more families turned their washington visit into a history lesson on civil rights and brought their children to a memorial to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. on opening day. >> we have been waiting for this moment and the moment has arrived. >> reporter: they stood in the shadow of the skupture of the slain civil rights leader. it's on the national mall honoring an african-american, and someone who did not serve as president. it took 15 years to plan and build and cost $120 million. >> this is amazing and just what
6:46 pm
it needed. >> it's really cool. it has all those words on it. >> reporter: 14 of dr. king's most notable quotes are engraved on this granite wall surrounding the site, the earliest from the montgomery bus boycott in 1955 and the latest from a sermon he delivered in dc four days before he was assassinated. the memorial will be dedicated sunday in a special ceremony that includes remarks from president obama. a quarter million people are expected to flock to washington for the event. it's happening 48 years to the day after dr. king gave his most famous speech just a short distance away at the lincoln memorial. >> because i have a dream today. >> reporter: people have just a few more days to tour the monument before the dedication. officials will will close it again thursday to give officials time for the ceremony. >> the memorial is located on the national mall right at the edge of the title basin. it is surrounded by washington dc's famous cherry trees.
6:47 pm
>> absolutely beautiful. hopefully they have beautiful weather on sunday too. >> on sunday, where, here or there? >> there. >> there, it could have some rain. >> really? >> we're tracking a hurricane . its name is irene and it could impact the southeast as well as the eastern seaboard as early as say thursday of this week. as far as we are concerned, we are looking at your tuesday and it is going to be the hottest day of the work week. you'd never know it by this. this is our weather camera looking out the transamerica building where we have some patches of clouds rolling on shore. can you see that deep marine layer to the west of the transamerica building? this is what you need to know. this is your tuesday. it's going to pan out to be the hottest day of the week before that marine layer deepens and moves back in tuesday night, causing drizzle. tuesday night overnight into wednesday, this is the reason why. you look at this, not a lot going on, except out there. over the four corner states, we have a ridge of high pressure and it's going to expand, so
6:48 pm
obviously, the inland areas will be affected the most, warming by 17 degrees in comparison to today. pleasanton into danzville, tracey, antioch and rio vista, otherwise sechts close to the bay of water. warming will be san jose, up from 77 degrees today when the average high temperature is 84, forecasting 84 degrees, and 60s and 70s with clearing of the skies along the beaches. 80s around the peninsula. also in the north bay, we're talking about up to 92 degrees in sonoma and glenn allen. otherwise, 60s to 70 degrees. counting on low 70s in san jose. these temperatures are about 4 to 6 degrees warmer than what we experienced monday. the marine layer will be pushing on showing overnight tonight. not as widespread for your tuesday. a shallow deck and retreating towards the waters allows for clearing. the extended forecast does call for sharply cooler temperatures,
6:49 pm
more seasonal by wednesday. hold onto that weather pattern through thursday, and then we'll begin to see high pressure rebound and warm us back up on friday and saturday as we slide towards the week into sunday and monday, we're talking about temperatures from the mid-50s at the beaches with a little bit of drizzle to the mid-80s in our inland areas. this is an opportunity for you to always send us your picture as ralph did it in the snow and ice. keep the photos coming at my pics at cbs dana. >> roberta, thank you. he escaped from prison and has been on the run for more than 35 years. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, how the feds finally tracked down the man convicted of killing a bay area bartender. the giants got some really good news tonight, without even taking the field. i'm dennis o'donnell, and pressure to win a championship, the coach says he doesn't feel it.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
head in saturday's loss to the 49ers..meanwhile, the raiders picked up another quarterback today.. former ohio state joshua >> the raiders picked up another
6:53 pm
quarterback today. >> good job. very good job. >> former ohio state quarterback terrell prior was the only player chosen in the nfl supplemental draft. the raiders used a fourth round pick on him, which means they'll forfeit that pick in the 2012 draft. he's suspended for the first five games of the regular season as part of the fall-out from the violations of rules at ohio state. >> he can run with it, he's smart and tough, delayed in big games, and again he's another young athlete that we'll add to the mix that plays quarterback and we'll work with him. >> i'm thankful for the opportunity to play for the raiders, one of my favorite teams as well so i'm glad i'll be wearing black and silver. >> it was a huge accomplishment for tp, and then to go to the raiders, that's awesome, taking nothing away from jason campbell but they have a very unsettled quarterback situation. >> and the 49ers have traded
6:54 pm
safety taylor mayes to the bengals for an undisclosed draft pick. mayes was a bust. it was the second round draft pick in 2009. he'll join other 49ers in cincinnati. the niners have released quarterback massoli. he was a long shot to make the team after josh was signed and played one series in the preseason. the niners will host the houston texans next saturday night in their third preseason game and you can see it on cbs 5. the sanford opens up their season. the san jose state cardinals are ranked 7. that's the highest preseason ranking since harry truman was in office. david shaw spent the last four seasons as the team's offensive coordinator and played wide receiver for the cardinal danny green in the early '90 snoos we're not who we thought they were and let them off the hook.
6:55 pm
>> god have mercy on the guy that didn't agree or step in line because he was going to let him have it. >> if you want to crown them, crown their --. >> you didn't learn denny green's temperature, did you? >> you know what, the guys know it, you know, i believe i'm slow to anger, so once i get there, sometimes i stay there for awhile. >> can't wait to see these post game news conferences. in baseball, the giants have the night off but they will begin a season-long 12-game home stand tomorrow, which also happens to be the day carlos beltran is able to return from the disabled list so stay tuned. diamondbacks manager curt gibson may activate himself pretty soon. the losing streak is up to 6 for arizona. jason worth's three-run jack is the difference tonight. the nats beat the d-backs 4-1 so the giants are only one game back in the west. >> sitting around and just bs you all the time, i won't do
6:56 pm
that. if i feel you said something bad about me i'll confront you. >> barry bonds will have another chance to confront a critic on another reality show "hater" this fall. bonds will try to convince the fan that can't stand him that he really is a nice guy. luckily for barry, no members of the bay area media were there to participate. if you were busy harassing joe herrington at a bachelor party this weekend, here's what you missed. >> he drops back and he throws, and bralon edwards with a brilliant pass at the 45-yard line. a one-handed number for the 49ers receiver. >> a great play by play for you. >> the best part of the nba lockout is the local pro-am league has been packed with nba players. kevin durant, he's made a career out of robbing people in center field. yesterday, there's a taste of his own medicine from adam jones. he can't believe it. jones has been the only bright
6:57 pm
spot for the last-place orioles. remember when you were a kid playing in front of the house, your biggest fear was breaking a window. not a high-def camera. >> and the one-one. in the air to shallow center field, jackson has it measured, catch is made, they're going to try and score the run. here's the throw to the player, and he is home. and the tigers win the series. >> sometimes it's just fate, and it's looking that way for detroit, which now leads cleveland by 4 1/2 games in the american league central i don't know if anybody wants to win the national league west. giants are back closer and closer and arizona can't win a game. >> it's so hard to believe. >> i was reading he was on the dl until tuesday. is that tuesday as in tomorrow or next tuesday. >> that would be next tuesday. but that's okay, because the giants are in a situation where i think they want to make sure he's healthy. >> he went and saw dr. james
6:58 pm
andrews. he'll be okay. the civic center bart stations are still closed. more at 10:00 and 11:00.
6:59 pm
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