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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  August 27, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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hurricane slammed into the east coast within the past few hours.... all eyes on irene. the hurricane slams into the east coast within the past few hours. heavy rain, fierce winds. we'll have a live report from north carolina. cracking down on game day brawls and drinking at candlestick park. football sounds off. next, the debate over the tough new rules. and new help for service members returning from the front lines. the bay area source that is helping them find homes.
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it is 7:00 on saturday morning, august 27. thanks for joining us today. i'm anne mackovic. >> and i'm jim bernard with a look at your weekend weather picture. first, let's take a live look at the east coast. you've been tracking hurricane irene, jim. >> big weather story here for the weekend, as irene is coming ashore across north carolina here this morning. not sure what we've got right here. >> that is a live look, but they are having technical difficulties down there. it's very, very windy, very wet, and the storm has just begun. it lost a little muscle by the time it hit the east coast, but officials on high alert. red cross workers from here in the bay area helping with disaster relief efforts there as the disaster only begins. drew levenson joins us live from kill devil hills, north carolina, where the monster storm is wreaking havoc.
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you can barely stand. how are you out there, drew? i think drew's having trouble hearing us this morning. it's obviously very fierce storm. >> trouble hearing you. he can barely stand there. >> we're having troubles. he did prepare a report, though, earlier. let's take a look at that. >> reporter: heavy rain and howling winds lashed the north carolina coast this morning. irene rolled in. tens of thousands of people are already without power and at least one tornado has reportedly touched down. >> we got to get out of there! >> reporter: nikki holland hunkered down with her family at this shelter. but despite mandatory evacuation orders, some residents chose to ride out the hurricane. >> this is our property. we live here. >> reporter: north carolina's governor has search and rescue teams and military resources on standby. >> we do have blackhawk
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helicopters and c 130 hercules aircraft ready to respond after the storm passes, if so needed. >> reporter: for the people living down here, the strong winds are just one of the concerns. the water is another. the storm surge, along with the heavy rain, are expected to bring severe flooding. up north, officials didn't wait for irene to finish pounding the carolina coast. >> if you want to be safe, now's the time to start moving. >> reporter: for the first time ever, new york city's mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation of residents in low-lying areas. the entire mass transit system will also shut down today. >> if that's what the city needs to do, then i mean, safety first. >> reporter: airlines aren't taking any chances either. more than 6000 flights have been canceled through monday, when irene should finally be heading out to sea. now, as we come back live to you, you can see the winds are really starting to pick up here on kill devil hills.
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the rain also is starting to come down harder and harder. that's one of the things that they are very concerned about here, anne, the storm surge and the rain causing a lot of flooding down here in north carolina. >> drew, i don't know if you can hear me, but if you can, i'm wondering about the people who decided to ignore the evacuation orders and are staying, and of course yourself and your crew. if you are staying, how do you brave this storm? >> reporter: well, first of all, for the people who decided to stay down, they are hunkered down here. we have seen very few people out today, and that is a good thing. they are at least heeding that warning to stay inside. they should have heeded the warning to get out with the mandatory evacuation. as far as we are concerned, we are doing our job, but also we are veteran reporters, photographers, and producers who have been through several dozen hurricanes and we know how to do this in a safe manner. we are not taking any risks that we shouldn't be. >> now, you mentioned you have
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covered several hurricanes. how does this one compare? >> reporter: well, depends on the hurricane you're talking about. i've covered about 50. so this is a category 1 hurricane, and don't be fooled by the sound that it's a category 1 versus what it was as a category 3. a category 1 hurricane can still be extremely dangerous and damaging, because this is a very large hurricane. it's about the size of what hurricane katrina was. it's not going to be as catastrophic as that because you're not dealing with the same damaging winds. but it is a slow-moving storm and it is so big that it's going to be over us for quite a while. it's going to dump a lot of rain here. the winds are going to be extensive for a long -- extended period of time. so because of that rain, because of the wind, you can have some major damage here and you can have also significant flooding. >> drew levenson, live in kill
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devil hills, north carolina. stay safe out there, drew. for more on where hurricane irene is heading now, we are checking in with jim bernard. jim, you just heard his take on it. category 1, you said maybe overkill when you're looking at all the preparations we're seeing? >> well, first time ever new york's been evacuated. of course we'll only know in the fullness of time the extent, but the main concern at this point is the amount of rain they will get. if it moves slowly up the eastern seaboard, it could leave a lot of moisture in its wake and they already have high water tables there, so that could result in a lot of flooding and obviously they are taking all precautions at this time. there you see the forecast track for irene, as right now winds 85 miles per hour, and category 1 storm. some gusts to 115 and copious amounts of rain along the leading edge of that front wall. that will be moving, again, up the eastern seaboard here through the next 24 hours. so time will tell how much rain they get out of this. at this point, looks like it's going to stay about a category 1
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storm. >> okay. a little bit of good news. we'll check in with you in a few minutes for our own local, mild forecast. >> mild intee.d. check your flight if you're planning on flying this weekend. dozens of flights leaving from bay area airports for the east coast have already been canceled. airlines have been allowing passengers affected by the storm to change their tickets for free. for flights still in service, there are delays in san jose and san francisco for up to 15 minutes. oakland international airport, all five main new york city area airports will be closed to arriving flights in about 2 hours from now. a moderate earthquake shook the central coast this morning. the quake occurred at about 12:18 a.m., just after midnight. had a magnitude of 4.6. that was centered 22 miles southeast of hollister. we had viewers calling into our newsroom, posting on our facebook page. some felt the ground shake in the pin calls, monterrey, and
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salinas. others reported feeling just a swaying motion. no reports of any injuries or damage. expect to see big changes if you're going to the 49ers game tonight. you probably remember the 49ers-raiders game last weekend. dozens of fist fights, drunken brawls. starting with this weekend's game, there will be revised security procedures in full effect, including no more tailgate parties during and after the game. there are mixed feelings among fans. >> i think it's about time they have to incorporate something just due to fan safety. >> what they are doing is taking the ambiance away from the game. >> you can watch tonight's game from the comfort and safety of your very own living room starting at 5:00 here on cbs 5. barry bonds, still gift a federal judge upheld bonds' conviction of obstruction of justice from march, relating to testimony he gave to a grand
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jury back in 2003. late yesterday, judge susan illson wrote the record of the trial supports the jury findings beyond a reasonable doubt. a major blow to a south bay gang. four men have been convicted of murder and will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. others have made plea deals that include lengthy prison terms. one of their victims was 33-year-old her man poba, working as a locksmith in san jose back in 2007, when gang members demanded his wallet and phone. he refused and they shot him 12 times. two men fishing for crab had to be rescued after their boat ran into propeller problems. the men set sail from berkeley yesterday when they got stuck near the lighthouse in the marijn headlands. the net they used to catch crab got tangled in the boat's engine, killing the engine. one man jumped onto rocks.
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the second man had to be air lifted and treated for hypothermia. we're feeling quite lucky around here with our forecast, pretty warm, huh? >> different world, indeed, from the east coast, as we see low clouds and fog out there this morning. yep, a warming trend through the weekend. we'll have details on this drizzly morning coming your way in just a few minutes. plus, protesting a new law banning online chats on facebook. u.s. troops returning home from war now have some new help in the bay area for getting housing. i'm alan martin. that's coming up in a closer look. ,,,, ,,,,
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. and their families with the basi a north bay veterans group will begin helping 400 vets and their families with the basic needs of getting housing. today, a closer look at how a roof over their heads is just the beginning. >> we moved from state to state
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sometimes. >> reporter: jays mccoy has survived war. now, he's trying to survive life. the former marine served as an explosives specialist in iraq and afghanistan and he came home a changed man. >> i was a demolition guy out there, doing those explosions that we set. you get quite a bit of a shock wave. the thing about it is that it, like, shakes your brain, kind of turns your body into like a tuning fork. >> reporter: posttraumatic stress disorder and a brain injury have made it difficult for james to find work, let alone set up a stable life for his wife faith, and son, little james. >> it's awful. >> reporter: housing has been a constant struggle. the north bay veterans resource center has seen a sobering, steady rise in the last three decades of veterans and their families slipping through the cracks when they return from war. >> we would have to maybe look into it and how it would help
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you to stabilize. >> reporter: but the center has just been awarded a $1 million grant to help these families stay afloat, starting with the safe place to live. >> if we could help family get into a more secure place where he feels comfortable and while he's in treatment, he knows his family is safe, and that's kind of the emotional impact that this grant will have. >> reporter: the veterans resource center said the million dollars will help nearly 400 families, pay rent, moving costs, even pay gas to get to and from treatment. >> it's very important, because if we can't stabilize that vet, then we can't get that vet to the treatment that they might need. and then ultimately keep them in permanent housing and ultimately getting back into the work force. >> reporter: jays mccoy and other vets helped write the grant proposal. who better to explain what returning troops need to get back on their feet? >> it's a perfect footing. it will help me be stable for a little bit, so i can focus more
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on getting better and more with my family and then progressing from there. >> reporter: the veterans resource center is the only group in california to receive the $1 million grant and it's taking applications right now. we've put a link on our website, if you have a story idea, go to our website, send us an e-mail. allen martin, cbs 5. >> very good. we are on the cusp of a lovely weekend here in the bay area, huh? >> indeed. classic weather here on this coast, while out on the east coast, the main weather story today continues to be irene, which is headed up the eastern seaboard, category 1 storm. you see the forecast track, crossing north carolina this morning. and we'll head to new york city next apparently with lots of rain expected, anticipated to remain a category 1 storm as it moves up the eastern seaboard. lots of evacuations, first time ever for new york city, as they are expecting copious amounts of
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rain out of this system and we, on the other coast, are looking at copious amounts of fog. dense fog this morning, lots of drizzle out there in the fog bank, while from our vaca cam, we look back to the bay and look at a lovely sunrise out there this morning. as you can see, the fog bank is depressed this morning, tops of about 1200 feet, very dense. should be clearing through the day, leaving us with lots of sunshine out there this afternoon. extensive low cloud pattern along the west coast here, classic summer scenario with the weather disturbances going by well to our north. subtropical moisture moving into the central portions of the state, creating a threat of thunderstorm activity in tahoe and yosemite this afternoon. weak onshore breeze and looking at a warmer weekend, even with the cool start to the day, with fog and drizzle prevailing. we should warm here this afternoon. central valley warming, indeed, as we look for triple-digit
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readings to fresno. chance of thunderstorms over the mountains. back at the coast, different story, indeed. we see dense fog patterns, mid to low 60s prevailing there. our temperatures today, not as warm as the central valley, but we will look for a warming trend through the weekend. upper 80s, low 90s in the fringe locations. north bay, cooler, still in the 80s. upper 80s by tomorrow, as we see mid-90s for liver more and concord here, as things warm through the weekend. only the cool again come the beginning of the week. as you can see, that warming extends back to the east bay and almost to the coast. we'll keep things cool there. we look for mid to low 60s on the peninsula and at the coast. we see the interior warming up through the weekend, cooling again come the beginning of the week and another warmup scheduled for late next week, into next weekend, which is a pretty good bet for weekend activities, as we continue high and dry with exceptions of our drizzle at the coast here and we will continue to watch irene
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here as well for you through the morning. right now, let's head back to the news desk. >> thanks, jim. in missouri, a fight is brewing over how teachers use facebook. missouri's governor called for lawmakers to repeal a new law that makes it illegal for teachers to chat with current or former students on the social media site. the governor will take up the issue on tuesday during a special legislative session. an injunction is supposed to take effect tomorrow, blocking the bill. teachers say it violates their constitutional rights. one say the way the law is written, she can't even contact her own children on facebook. for more on this debate, jim steyer with common sense media is back this morning. thanks for being here, jim. what do you make of this law? >> it shows you how we'll change for our kids and schools. here we are, talking about whether or not teachers can contact their students on facebook. i mean, imagine having that discussion 10 years ago.
7:19 am
>> well, right. we've been talking about this. it's a wild, wild west of facebook and social media, really changing things and everybody's scrambling to figure out what the new ground rules should be. >> correct, and this is clearly a fear on the state side that there's going to be some kind of inappropriate sexual contact and that somehow teachers will use this as an opportunity to try to approach students. >> well, that's interesting to me. why would you all of a sudden take it to that level? >> because they must have had a couple of cases that made them nervous. the truth is, though, you know i have four kids. they get their assignments online. teachers use twitter and tell students to follow them on twitter in order to get homework updates. here you have the world of social media invading the school. it's already happened. it's a reality and shows you how important it is, but also shows you, a, schools need to understand and be clear about it. my kids were just given i pads to use for their homework at the beginning of the school. and you also have an issue where parents need to understand what
7:20 am
the rules are, because now their kids are indeed not just getting homework assignments, but now in some cases contacting teachers on facebook. so parents need to pay attention and talk to the teachers about that. it's not just in missouri. it's here in california and the bay area. in fact, this is probably as technologically sophisticated place as any part of the united states. so this is the reality of schools and teaching in a world of digital and social media. big part of what we're doing. >> and you believe kids should not be on facebook until their late teens. >> you're right. the official rule is 13 and up and i always say you need to be careful about the social, emotional, cognitive issues. you have to assume most kids 13, 14 and up are going to be on facebook or some other social network, right? and millions and millions under the age of 13 are on. so even though i might recommend as a parent that you try to start and let kids start later,
7:21 am
the reality is kids are there. they are living -- by the way, teachers are reaching them on that platform. let's talk about rules for parents and kids if they are going to interact. >> first of all, parents need to set rules and talk to their teachers. pay attention. you have to talk to kids and say here's where the lines are. this is about doing your homework, this is about receiving assignments. this is not just for you to flirt with a teacher, for example, and anything that you post online can be used in ways that you didn't intend. and i think you have to be really careful and responsible if you're a teacher. this cannot -- even if you think something's funny, you might not want to stheand to a 14-year-old student. i think this is the lesson we learned. we're going to have a big town hall of parents and educators, hundreds of parents and educators this wednesday night, common sense hosting it with jackie spear, congressional representative, down at the
7:22 am
history museum. we'll have some of the leading industry people who run the big industry, tech companies, talking with jackie spear and me and others about kids and privacy and issues like that. how do you raise kids in this 24/7 world of digital media? here we go. >> good question. >> we're going to talk about this a lot. >> media mountain view, what time? >> 6:00 p.m. this wednesday night, open to the public. it's 6:00 p.m., wednesday night, and that's the issue we'll be talking about. jim steyer, common sense media, we appreciate it. great night at the ball park for the giants and the a's. next, why some people called it a slug fest as the oakland a's took down boston. we'll be right back. ,,
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beat the astros, to stay three games behind arizona in the n-l west. kim co the a's won a slug fest in boston and the giants over the astros to stay three games behind arizona in the n.l. west. kim coyle has more in sports. good morning, everyone. the giants will call up 24-year-old eric surcamp from double-a today. surcamp was 10-4 with the lowest e.r.a. in the eastern league. pablo sandoval was out of the lineup with a sore quad, and it was henry sosa beating his former team the other night.
7:26 am
last night, jeff help gear, the big hit against his old team, 2-run double in the 5th. giants hang on to beat the astros 2-1. there will be no waiver deal for the giants. keith bell is staying put in san diego. the diamondbacks scored 4 runs in the first, thanks to three padre errors. they win 5-0 and remain 3 games up on the giants. a's and sox, josh willingham hit his 23rd homer of the season and drove in 4 runs, as the a's continue to light up the scoreboard. they beat boston 15-5 and scored 36 runs in their last 4 games. and the raiders have agreed to a deal with 30-year-old quarterback lito shepherd, the two-time pro bowler a first round back in 2002. he spent last season with the vikings and had one interception. that's a look at sports. see you tonight at 5:00 for the 49ers and texans right here on cbs 5. and we'll be right back.
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all eyes on irene. the latest hurricane slams into north carolina's outer bays this morning. why some people ignored their evacuation orders. plus, the rules have changed. the new reality niner fans will be facing tomorrow at
7:30 am
candlestick park. and the new target for thieves. the vehicles most at risk and a free repair being offered for a limited time. welcome back to weekend early edition, just about 7:30, august 27. good morning. i'm anne mackovic. >> i'm jim bernard in to take a look at our weather pattern, which is much quieter than the other coast, where they continue to wait for irene. >> slamming into the state of north carolina this morning. >> category 1 storm at this time, as it comes ashore with copious amounts of wind and rain and it is expected to travel up the eastern seaboard here, remaining a category 1 level. the main concern at this point is the amount of rain that this slow-moving storm may dump across the northeast here and as a result, initiate massive evacuations for much of the eastern seaboard. so we will see how this plays out through the day, as it will be a weekend weather event, crossing into new york and boston area. >> taking a live look right now at morehead city, north carolina. you can see the boat being
7:31 am
tossed around right now. very high winds and heavy rain lashing the north carolina coast. been going on for a couple of hours this morning, as irene has been rolling in. tens of thousands of people are already without power and there are reports of at least one tornado touching down. mandatory evacuations are in effect, as jim mentioned, all up and down the coast. as most people have left, some have chosen to ride it out. >> this is what we know. this is our property. we live here. up north, officials aren't waiting for irene to finish pounding the carolina coast. for the first time ever, new york city's mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation. people living in low-lying areas, the entire mass transit system is shut down for today. irene causing travel headaches around the country. dozens of flights leaving from the bay area airport for the east coast today have been canceled. airlines have been allowing passengers affected by the storm to change their tickets for free. how do you like that?
7:32 am
a little bone being thrown by the airlines. for flights still in service today, there are delays in san francisco and san jose of up to 15 minutes. they have a similar situation at oakland international airport. all five area new york city airports will be closed to arriving flights about 90 minutes from now, noon eastern time. american red cross volunteers from the bay area are headed to the east right now to help with the disaster relief efforts. four volunteers from the silicon valley chapter are joining our volunteers from alameda, san mateo, santa cruz andsa lan know counties, travel to new york and new evening land. dozens more are waiting on standby. football fans, facing tough new rules at candlestick park. they can expect more security and restrictions on tailgate parties during tonight's 49ers game against the texans. linda yee talked to fans who are less than thrilled about what's being done for their own safety. >> reporter: by the second half of the 49ers-raiders game, all
7:33 am
the action shifted to the stands. fist fights, drunken brawls, dozens of them in and outside the stadium. starting with this weekend's game, security will be tight and they are laying down the law, including no more tailgate parties during and after the game. >> what they are doing is taking the ambiance away from the game. >> reporter: long-time 49er faithful hank barley says taking away the post game party is unacceptable. >> oh, that's the best part of the whole thing. sitting out there watching the people leaving after a good game and stuff, instead of going up the stairs and falling down half hammered. >> reporter: during last week's game, about 70 people were ejected, compared to the average of 20 at other games. two people were shot and a third man critically beaten. new restrictions besides the ban on tailgating during and post game will include no loitering in the parking lot when the game starts. tickets will be revoked for unruly behavior. no alcohol sales after the third
7:34 am
quarter. alcohol management teams will roll through the stadium, and dui check points after the game. some fans want the rules. >> i think it's about time they have to incorporate something, just due to fan safety. >> every time i've been at one of those games, there's been four or five fights breaking out in the stands. i'm not surprised in the least to hear about what occurred this time around. so i think the rules will help definitely a lot. >> reporter: but not for hank. >> i paid $585 for my two tickets. i'm paying $300 now for parking. come on! >> that was linda yee reporting. some unhappy 49er season ticket holders say the new rules are overkill because what happened last weekend never happens in games with other teams, they say. but the 49ers are not saying they will consider backing off from the new policy at some point in the future. moderate earthquake shook the central coast early this morning, occurring at 12:18 a.m. it had a magnitude of 4.6, 22
7:35 am
miles southeast of hollister. viewers called into our newsroom and posted on our facebook page. some felt the ground shake in the pinnacles, salinas. others reported feeling a swaying motion. no reports of damage. a major blow to a south bay gang. four men convicted of murder and will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. others have made plea deals, including lengthy prison term. one of their victims was 33-year-old herman koba. he was working in san jose in 2007 when some gang members demanded his wallet and phone. when he refused, they shot him 12 times. his family sat in the courtroom and say they felt no remorse from the gunman. >> it doesn't matter, because my son is not coming back. >> do you forgive him?
7:36 am
>> no. no. >> koba was one of the last victims of a crime spree that gripped san jose in 2006 and '07. 74 people were killed. now the district attorney hopes the recent convictions of hard core gang members will clear the way for prevention programs in the community. a memorial service will be held tomorrow for a santa rosa 4-year-old boy hit and killed by a hit and run driver. christopher rowe was crossing west 9th street with members of his family nine days ago when a car sped through the intersection and hit him. the boy died the following morning. tomorrow's services will be at 3:00 in the afternoon at st. eugene catholic church. officers have arrested the driver. people in atascadero can stop boiling their water supply after being given the all-clear yesterday. more than 100 people lost their water supply when a pump stopped working overnight monday. crews replaced the pump earlier this week. health officials needed time to
7:37 am
test the water to make sure it was safe. the tea party express is launching its 29-city bus tour, called reclaiming america and they are launching it today at the napa valley expo. the super rally, as they are calling it, is expected to draw very large crowds of conservative tea party supporters. the bus tour will end with the debate among conservative candidates in tampa next month. the green party will host its own rally and march in napa, beginning at 11:00 this morning at veterans memorial park at 3rd and main street. at 2:00 p.m., organizers plan to protest at a march at the site of the tea party rally. they are calling their counter rally the green tea party. you know, it's going to get interesting after today. >> interesting, which it is right now, as you see lots of fog out on the bay. rain, but nothing compared to the rainfall we're seeing with
7:38 am
irene on the east coast. we'll take a look at what you can expect on the other coast, coming up in a few minutes. also, the hot new item among east bay car thieves. where car owners can get free help to protect themselves. still to come, honoring the emergency crews at ground zero with a very ambitious climb. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:39 am
7:40 am
taking a live look right now outside at kill devil hills, north carolina. you can see hurricane irene is moving in, been around for a few hours. and this is a live look at more head, north carolina. lots of wind, lot of rain there, as irene hits the coast and of course is expected to move on up the east coast. they are preparing as far north as new england. you see that boat being tossed around in some of those strong waves and the winds. the rain, coming in sideways this morning. we'll keep you posted on what's going on there throughout the day. an east bay woman, meantime, says -- we'll be right back. ,, [ man ] did we get anything good?
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shar an east bay woman said she wanted to find the city of oakland a way to give a big hug. here's this morning's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: terae frederic has transformed her home into a headquarters for giving. as her two daughters neared adulthood, she made a new commitment to serve her community. >> it's something i've always wanted to do, but i was raising kids and doing the wife thing and taking care of home. >> reporter: in 2008, tarae founded the ascending sisters social club. the nonprofit collects food and clothes and donates them to hundreds of low income people mostly in oakland. eight volunteers help her decide which neighborhood needs help next. >> oakland needs uplifting, someone to grasp them and hug the whole city. that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: besides the clothes and food distribution every other month, the ascending
7:43 am
sisters social club also hosts backpack drives, christmas toy drives and hiv prevention awareness with local biker clubs. tarae, a medical assistant, says serving her community just feels right. >> my boss used to tell me, we're not going to give this money if you can't make little itty, bitty payment arrangements. i did it for nine years and it killed me. >> reporter: growing up, tarae said she was inspired by her parents and grandmother's generosity. >> our door was always open to people that didn't have. >> reporter: her father, lewis stone, described tarae as selfless, even as a child. >> she would give a kid, you know, she would give it to somebody else. >> reporter: today, raising compassion for the poor inspires
7:44 am
her fellow volunteers. >> no one's left out. >> reporter: tina brown pursue wit says she's honored to pray and serve with tarae. >> she's a leader and she's god-giving, heart felt, tenacious. she just has so much love in her heart. >> i'm doing what god has in store for me to do. i don't see it any other way. >> reporter: for organizing events that supply the needs of hundreds of low income east bay families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to tarae frederic. sharon chen, cbs 5. >> and you can nominate your local heros for a jefferson award online, click the connect button at the top of the page, then jefferson award to find the e-mail nomination form. around here, looks like it's going to be a lovely weekend. juxtapose that against what you are dealing with on the east coast, we are so lucky.
7:45 am
>> all eyes on the east coast, where hurricane irene is the major weather story here this weekend. for us, much milder pattern here. we're actually looking at a slight warmup into the weekend, but first let's check in on irene, a category 1 storm brushing up against the coast in north carolina. it will play touch and go with the coastline here for the next 48 hours as it heads north into new york and boston. expected to remain category 1 storm. did grow to a category 3 yesterday, but has weakened as it came ashore here. as you would expect, still copious amounts of wind and rain associated with irene, causing problems along the eastern seaboard, which i'm sure we will hear more about in the days to come. as we take a look locally, we find a horse of a different color. well, same color, but different intensity, as we see the low clouds and fog hanging around the bay. coit tower, very, foggy. drizzle out there this morning. compressed fog layer, about 1200
7:46 am
feet deep. looking back from vaca, we see the top of the cloud bank. compression squeezing a bit of drizzle out of the low cloud deck this morning. across the interior, looking at morning clouds, which will give way to mostly sunny and slightly warmer through the day. morning clouds in the bay, with lots of afternoon sun expected, even back to the beach, things clear out, but a little slower to clear there as you would expect. taking a look at the expectations through the weekend, we've got a weak onshore breeze right now, maintaining the low cloud deck in and along the shoreline. not expected to last long. this high pressure system out in the desert southwest is backing a bit towards the west coast. that will help to clear things out through the afternoon and bring us slightly warmer temperatures, as well as a chance for a thunderstorm or two out across the highcountry of the sierra. lake tahoe, yosemite may see buildup as they warm to the low to mid-90s. central valley in the triple digits today, from redding to fresno, hot and dusty, as things
7:47 am
continue cool and mild. lot of drizzle at the coast this morning. fringe locations warming into the upper 80s, low 90s today. add a couple of degrees to that for tomorrow, as we'll see mid to low 90s for inland locations. back in the bay, cool, into the mid-70s around the east bay, mid-60s on the peninsula and low 60s by the time you get to the beach, as low clouds linger into the afternoon hours there. the warming trend lasts through the weekend. cooling down come the beginning of the week. then we look for things to heat up again just in time for next weekend, which is a pretty good pattern when you think about it. warming for the weekend, good for everybody's plans. good time for another warm beverage if you're in the fog bank, as it is cool and drippy. giving way to lots of sunshine by the time you're ready to get outside through the day today, and we will watch from a long distance what's going on back on the east coast, as irene
7:48 am
continues to move northeast. >> and you say it's not going to be as bad as we've been hearing. no drama. >> it's a category 1 storm. unprecedented precautions, evacuating new york city, mainly due to the amount of rain they are expecting. they are taking all the precautions, but the storm is weakening, category 1. >> hope you're right. >> we shall see in the fullness of time. well, it turns some of your car's pollutants into harmless exhaust, apparently a very hot item among east bay thieves. there have been several thefts of catalytic converters. police say toyota 4 runners and trucks have been hardest hit. vox vehicles are higher off the ground, giving thieves easier access. a car dealership wants to help out. concord toyota will install free tamper-resistent hardware on those vehicles. >> we try to make it a little
7:49 am
bit tougher so they could unbolt them. they will have to cut them off, make more noise, be there longer, hopefully deter them. another thing we want to do is mark them in some way that would be unique to that vehicle. >> the service is only being offered to concord residents who have older toyota 4 runners or trucks and the offer will end september 20. we'll be right back. se? y did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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mark the 10-th anniversary of the septemeber 11 attacks. bay area firefighters, polic in two weeks, the nation will mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. an ambition climb honoring the emergency crews who responded to the terror attacks. for more on the memorial stair climb, firefighter greg calasos joins us now. thanks for being here this morning. tell us about the climb. >> this is our second year, commemorating the 10-year
7:52 am
anniversary of 9/11 attacks. the reason why i'm here is because we need 200 more climbers, firefighter, police officer, or military person. >> that is because you're looking for the goal of 343 climbers. what is significant about that number? >> the 343 number is very significant. that's the number of firefighters that were killed on 9/11. >> so when people sign up for this, what are they getting into? we're talking about quite a workout. >> well, it's not going to be much of a workout, but more of a happening. it's going to be a gathering of firefighters from all over the nation. we really want this bill to be passed and what's really cool about it is that as you know, firefighters are like brothers and sisters. so it's just going to be a gathering of the family. we talked a little bit about your background. you've been a san francisco firefighter for 11 years. you had one year in before 9/11. how did that affect you? >> it was crazy, because it was my first year in as a
7:53 am
full-fledged firefighter. someone came in, said turn on the news, something terrible is happening in new york. we turned it on and saw the second plane go into the second building and from there on, it was just very devastating. lot of us, just still affected by it. we have suppressed it, and now even when i look at the images now, i just start reliving what happened back then. so this is a great opportunity for us to get together and really celebrate the recovery of our nation, and it's going to allow us to get together and show the community that we're still together, and we're all in this together. we invite the community to come out and support us. some of the changes that you've noticed since 9/11, you mentioned you live the experience when you see the footage. there seems to be more social services or more reaching out to firefighters, maybe the ability for you guys to express your feelings. >> i think what we have found is that when we get to talk to one another, more of a peer support system, that we're able to
7:54 am
really get out what we really are stuffing inside. for us, on a regular day, we see a lot of things that people don't ever see in their whole lifetime, so compounded by, you know, the 9/11 attacks. these are things that we need to talk about, express ourselves, so then we can go on and live norm will a, happy lives. you're shutely right. every time i go to a murder, crime scene, police, firefighters keep us back, us reporters back a certain amount. but the things that you have to see on a medical level, you run into crime scenes as well. how do you deal with it? are you trained properly on that? >> we're trained properly, but no one is trained properly to see something horrific. no one is. the first responders support network helps firefighters when they are in crisis. we suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, stress, and we found there are services out
7:55 am
there. so all we have to do is reach out, ask for help, because we're also out there helping people. we never ask for help for ourselves. >> right. there's the culture. you're the tough guys, too. you don't want to do that, but really this opens things up a little bit more. >> absolutely. let's talk about the event. this is going on september 11. how can people sign up? >> you can sign up by going to the website, www.sf9/ >> we'll have a link to that at >> great, and it is important for people that register are uniformed personnel and they need to be first responders. >> greg, with the 9/11 memorial stair climb, thanks for being here this morning. thanks for all you do. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
another live look as hurricane irene hits the east coast. this is kill devil hills in north carolina. you can see the rain coming down, the surf whipping up, and the wind blowing everything around there. drew levenson is standing there, waiting for another live shot with another station, and he's been tossed around all morning. >> been in the same spot for the last hour. >> he's certainly got a tough job to do, and everybody else is leaving the area. so many evacuations up and down the coast. some of the reporters are heading in. jim, you've been watching this whole thing go down and have been making some predictions. you don't think it's going to be as bad as we've been fearing? >> no, i'm not making predictions. >> isn't that what do you? >> well, here's the forecast. here's the official forecast. i'm going to take the official line-- >> sounds like a prediction, but i'm just saying. >> it is a category 1 skirting the eastern seaboard, as you saw headed to new york, towards new
7:59 am
york by tomorrow. out on the west coast, low clouds, fog and drizzle, more more benign weather pattern. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30. next newscast on cbs 5 is coming up tonight, football game this evening. a little heat p us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]


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