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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 in high-definition. tonight the streets of manhattan abandoned. nearly 400,000 people under a mandatory evacuation order. how the city is bracing tonight for a rude awakening in the morning. now setting its sights on new york and new england. >> this is the worst we have ever had for traveling with any of the airlines. >> thousands of flights canceled. millions of travelers impacted. how irene is being felt coast-
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to-coast. new rules in effect at candle stick. >> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. new york is virtual hurricane shutdown at this hour. the category 1 storm is pounding the atlantic states and as it heads up the east coast the toll is up to 8. we look at the unprecedented measures happening tonight in new york. >> reporter: the wind is picking up. the time to evacuate is over. those with the records of new york city's mayor who urged people stay in place if you haven't left right now. in the same breath he also warned new yorkers about the possibility of tornadoes. tornadoes in new york city. in the nation's largest city it is hard to find anyone on the street. the outer bands of irene are hitting manhattan with strong winds and rain. businesses are shuttered and businesses and subways shut down. roads and theaters are closed. >> everyone should go inside and be prepared to stay inside
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until weather conditions improve which won't likely be until sunday afternoon. >> reporter: the massive storm is also creating tornadoes and it is believed one of these twisters ripped this delaware apartment apart. many told to evacuate in coastal areas. long beach, long island, this family grabbed as much as they could and got it. >> this place could be pretty washed out help we get back. >> reporter: the streets are already beginning to fill with water on long beach. once this storm strengthens it is believed 150,000 homes are at risk for flooding. irene ripped through north carolina and virginia with 100 miles per hour winds. thousands of homes damaged. more than a million people are without power. now the storm is soaking the mid-atlantic as it moves up the east coast. many airports are shutdown and some 9000 flights have been
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canceled. in boston the red cross is preparing for the worst. >> i think all the planning that we have done state wide is really going to show how ready we are to respond to something like this. >> reporter: a storm of this magnitude is rare in the northeast and the worst is yet to come. according to the latest update right now in the northeast more than 1.8 million homes are now without power. on long beach, long island. back to you. >> let me ask you. how he's -- easy to get out of harm's way? >> if you haven't left there is no place to go. the mayor has made it very clear stay where you are. when you warned folks about the possibility of tornadoes he really made it very clear. if you are in one of the low lying areas where you should
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have left you can't go into the basement because it is prone to flooding. he is urging people essentially if you haven't left you've got to pray to god. >> thank you very much. >> north carolina is starting to assess the damage. the hurricane unloaded a foot of rain on that state. as karen brown shows us irene's impact is being felt there tonight. >> reporter: as you can see here in the outer banks we continue to get pumelled with high winds. one resident called to tell me that his entire neighborhood is now underwater. and the flooding from the storm surge is expected to continue through the night. hurricane irene tore holes in buildings as it slammed into north carolina with 100-mile- per-hour winds. its huge gusts knocked down signs and power lines. during the heat of the storm some people headed outside to check on the damage to their homes. >> as long as it doesn't do much more than what it has
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already done then i think we had been okay. >> reporter: the state's coast the governor says was hit hard. >> our people have sustained some really significant damage. i don't know what the cost will be but i think the cost is going to be significant. >> reporter: here in the outer banks the damage is expected to continue through the night. you can see major flooding and officers tell me that neighborhoods like this one for 60 miles are inundated with water and the storm surge is expected to stay a major storm. an 11-year-old boy died when a tree crashed into his home in virginia. another falling tree stopped a fire truck in its tracks in virginia. maryland is starting to feel the storm's intensity. >> ocean city of course will get pounded. the beaches will take a pounding. >> reporter: new york city isn't taking any chances.
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the city suspended mass transit and shutdown airports in advance of the storm. officials say even though irene is weaker it is still is he dangerous and will impact areas as far north as canada. and with the flooding expected to continue through the night, the national guard is at the ready in case anybody needs to be rescued. in fact, they have already been called in several times today and in some areas the flooding happened so quick hurricane. all residents could do was scramble to their rooftops but the national guard again it manage to rescue them. i'm karen brown. now back to you. >> thank you, karen. air travelers in the bay area feeling the effects of hurricane irene. at s.f.o. more than 40 flights to the northeast were canceled and at least two flights were canceled in sean jose. travelers were scrambling to book alternate flights. >> to l.a. and then from los angeles los
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l.a. we are going to nashville and then washington, d.c. then we had have to book some sort of transportation to go back home. our car is in j.f.k. >> it is just ridiculous. they have got nobody working here. and you're stuck and they don't tell you anything and the number to call, an hour and a half. no one answered the phone except we can you can fly american airlines when you want with advantage miles." >> if you plan to fly you should check the status of your flight no matter where you're headed. airport officials are saying passengers should not come to the airport unless their carrier has indicated that their flight will depart as scheduled. if you need to reschedule you're urged to to so online. but not at the airport. we will post the latest pictures at the 49ers were back at candle stick tonight since the shootings and fights that marched last week's fame
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against the raiders. tonight a different scene. don knapp was there. >> tailgaters the first to experience the new rules keeping 49ers games under control. at game time they have to go in or leave. >> they have new tough rules on you guys. what do you think? >> i think it is a good thing. keep us safe. >> reporter: the crackdown is focused on alcohol-fueled craziness like last saturday's raiders 49ers game shootings that sent two men to the hospital and a beating that hospitalized another. >> i don't think the fans would enjoy it as much. >> reporter: 49ers c.e.o. jed york sat in the stands with fans where last weekend's fights broke out. saying the problems were an anomaly. >> a lot much fans did not come in because of the new rules being enforced. >> reporter: a season ticket holder daniel simons whose picture is on some system
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tickets says they believe eliminating the 49ers raiders game solves the problem. >> they are absolutely not into this super clamp down because of a few rowdy fans that came over from the other side of the bay. >> reporter: others worry about the dui check points after the game. >> we have to be careful after we leave the game. we can't stay here in the parking lot. >> was it less fun? >> of course not. we are not here to get drunk and cause problems. >> reporter: about a dozen people were ejected from the game and some arrested for public intoxication. one other thing contribute to go an unevent -- contributing. >> kim coyle will have highlights from the game coming up in sports. a fire threatening one
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home. expanded north toward vacaville. a communications tower that was threatened earlier is safe but a single family home remains in the fire's path. officials say the fire is 60% contained and probably won't be under control until tomorrow. one of the suspects in an armored car robbery will face murder charges. freddy daniels' brother was shot during a holdup. state law allows suspects in a courtroom to be charged with murder regard of who was responsible for the killing. daniels and a third man william fuller has face attempted murder and robbery charges. >> palo alto police released surveillance photos of a suspect in a series of commercial burglaries. the most recent was wednesday on birch street but the burglaries date back to 2009 and police say he is a suspect in at least ten of them. police say he may the man
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responsible for similar restaurant robberies. a memorial ceremony was held today for a soldier from the peninsula killed last december in afghanistan. 21-year-old corporal derek simoneeti died in a suicide bombing. he was killed two months after returning to the war zone. an earthquake shook an area 30 miles south of san jose. the 4.6 quake struck at a depth of nearly 5 miles. there are no reports of damage. several aftershocks have been felt since. a coastal protection group is suing san francisco for dumping debris. the rocks were put into place to block erosion. but the group claims the city
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is violating state coastal protection laws. celebrating the start of the school year. the swag that gave kids something to smile about at a bay area street party. >> the whole neighborhood is going to look so much better. >> a toxic site reborn as a park. how years of hard work have paid off in the south bay. >> jim bernard here in the cbs5 weather center. expecting a little bit less fog. we had take a look coming up in your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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but in oakland, it was a pay atmosphere.. music the city threw a street fai, with free food and entertainm the new school year can bring excitement and anxiety but in oakland it was a party atmosphere. the city threw a street fair with free food entertainment. it was also an opportunity to hand out supplies. organizers say it is a great way to get kids ready for school and parents prepared to get involved. >> i look forward to it because it is a new chapterner my daughter's life. i keep a scrapbook of all of
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the years at school. i love it. >> the rally was open to all. targets low income, at risk students to give them a positive start. the oakland school year begins monday. a grand reopening today for a park in one of san jose oldest neighbors. built on a former dump site closed since 2005 because of contamination. anne makovec talked to residents that welt come the park's arrival. >> reporter: a celebration to a park, a phoenix rising out of ashes in northern san jose. >> the whole neighborhood will look so much better because we don't have a fence around the park. >> reporter: the pash was closed forrics years while the city renovated. this was the park just before it closed in 2005 because of contamination. >> reporter: the city didn't know this was any problem at watson park until they started digging to build a skate park
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in 2004. they uncovered some burned trash underground. did some environmental testing and found contaminants and led in the soil. >> that really caused the project to get even more complex. >> everything that was here was either carried out on trucks or buried many feet below. >> in the early 1900s there was a garbage dump and incinerator. waste and ash had been buried fo decades. >> reporter: he is glad to see the new park with the dog run, playground and soccer field. >> it is a real park so i can walk the dogs or i can walk the stroller and my mom can play with the talking in the park. >> we are really thank fundamental it happened this way. and the crowd turning out makes it twice as precious. >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs5. >> looks like such a big day.
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kim coyle has been saying it was freezing at candle stick. >> chilly. indeed cold under the fog blanket. it is indeed cold. warmer tomorrow. obviously not warm here. golden gate you can barely make out there. very weak onshore breeze this evening. will maintain that fog bank into the early hours. temperatures in the low 90s. east bay we saw low 80s to upper 70s out there. cool at the beach as low 60s prevail. even the beach will see a little more sunshine. clouds will clear by midday throughout the region with a couple at the grease warmer. nothing dram at dram at bick.
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at the beaches the onshore breeze weakens. a warmer sunday. this high pressure will give way to the upper heavily disturbances once again through mid-week which means more fog and cooler weather will be back through the week. by the weekend we should see another warmup. plenty of warming taking place in the central valley. fresno. thunderstorms in the high country of the sierra here. likely to appear again tomorrow afternoon. much like it did today. fog will move back to the beach through the day leaving us with a little more sunshine than what we had today and slightly warmer temperatures as once again we will see mid to low 90s for the hot spots. into the upper 80s across east bay and into the north bay. upper 60s. on the peninsula mid to low 60s at the beach and brief warmup will cool off again through mid- week as we see that cooling trend for most of the week a little bump headed our way
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again just in time for the weekend. that's your forecast now. let's get all the chilling details on candle stick from kim. >> definitely was chilling on the field and in the stands. most important thing to take from tonight's 49ers game was that it didn't count. and the giants and astros needed extra innings. we will have the latest on the n.l. west race next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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almost seven quarters to sce hdown of the >> i think kim is telling niners fans not to panic. >> it is like last year. 4-0 in the preseason. how did that work out for them? >> you're right. >> maybe this is a good thing.
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it took the 49ers almost seven quarters to score their first touchdown of the preseason but they got in the end zone tonight on the first play from scrimmage. >> set to take on the niners defense. has time. touchdown 49ers. great call by dennis. they would score on their next three possessions. hitting owen daniels. 17-7 texans. troy nolan steps in fronts of the pass. nobody on the niner offense too interested in making a tackle. so he takes it 73 yards for the touchdown. and it is 24-7 texans. alex smith. late in the first half he gets hit as he throws and there is
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nolan again with the pick. smith only two of five with an interception and was sacked twice. we will spare you the second half highlights as the texans win. >> no excuses. we haven't -- we are game playing it too. >> fans were booing out there at some points of the game. i know they take the preseason pretty serious. was it frust rate to go hear that as a player? >> you just have to take it for what it is. if they win, that's our thing. just trying to get their winning atmosphere back. the fans will be up there and we will be cheering. >> i'm glad i got the interception to put some points on the board. that starts things off for the team. and i thought we were going to feed off of that energy but we fell short today. >> the giants placed nate schierholtz on the disabled list with a foot injury but two
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players are expected to come off the the d.l. tomorrow. up from double-a making his major league debut. 1-1 in the 6th. chopping one to third. rather than throwing it to 1st and having bang, bang, bang, he ends the inning. still 1-1 in the 10th. mark derosa. wasn't done running yet. swing and a shot. here is the throw home. it is over. >> jeff keppinger gets the big hit against his former team for a second night in the row. giants beat the astros 2-1. diamondbacks beat the padres for their fifth straight win. so the giants remain three games back in the west. matt cain had been on the mound
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tomorrow in the series finale with houston. as paid a double header in boston to avoid hurricane irene tomorrow but they got plenty of home today. brandon al hen continuing to swing a hot bat. solo shot. third homer of the road trip. red sox. jason varitek hits a two-run shot into the bull pen. gives up eight runs in four innings. boston takes the opener 9-3. >> i keep saying i don't think the heaviness will come down for quite awhile. >> the red sox let people in for a free, following a third rain delay during game 2. graham godfrey got called up from sacramento to make the start. david ortiz welcomes him back to the big leagues. popping one up down the first baseline. but the rain and wind turned it into a nightmare for brandon.
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little league world series. us championship huntington beach taking on billings, montana. california's dillon palmer hits a two-run homer to right. his first at williamsport. california beats montana 11-2 to advance to tomorrow's championship game where they had take on japan. we are not done yet. whose the early leader in golf? fedex cup standings. find out next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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winning for the second yeara row at infienon went up this afternoon... power claimed e pole position for tomorrow's grand prix of sonoma... >> what are the chances for winning for winning? they went up when he got the pole position. holding off martin truex jr. and jeff gordon for his third win of the year. kyle bush and jimmie johnson today. shortened to 54 holes due to irene. an eagle on number 4 after hauling it from the sand. matt kucher tied for the lead with johnson but had back-to- back bogeys.
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shoots a six under 55 and wins the opening fedex cup tournament playoff by two strokes. this is his first win of the year. and finally the earthquakes visiting toronto. scoring in the 87th minute tying the game at 1. the 9th goal of the season. the quakes tie and earn a point but it is now 13 matches and counting since their last win. of course, the raiders will play their third preseason game. it is sunday night football but it is blacked out. but they are hosting the saints which should be a very good test for them. >> to you think this home team is going to be per than the other home teams? >> you know, it is interesting pause the saints really gave it to the niners and blitzed a bunch in the first game but then last week they lost to houston some who knows. >> we had been right back. ,,,,
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hurricane irene is barrellig toward the nation's northea. new york is taking unprecedd precautions -- hurricane irene is barreling towards the nation's northeast. new york is taking -- taking uniparous tents unprecedented. death toll at least eight. we will is the latest for you on eyewitness news tomorrow morning. we will see you tomorrow at 5:30 right here on cbs5.
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