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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the republican debate, more like a republican rumble. how the contenders are hoping to unseat the president. ((words can adequately explain the emotions that we feel at this moment. but know that we are still determined to bring her home.)) finally, an arrest. what we now know about the person charged in the murder of a bay area nursing student. ((my firefighter and myself got in the doorway to brace ourselves thats how long it shook)) rocked so hard they thought it
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was an earthquake. a year later, those who were first on the scene of the san bruno pipeline explosion share their stories. good evening i'm dana king. and i'm ken bastida. what was supposed to be a debate to foster good impressions, turned into a knock-down, drag-out fight. republican candidates for president went for the jugular tonight on everything from job creation to health care. and wait til you hear what one of them said about social security. robert lyles on the fight to unseat president obama. touted as a *civil republican debate of eight... tonight
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it. >> reporter: but ron paul seemed sidelined with this. >> detailed regular layings you can do it at the state level but the government isn't authorized to knit pick every little transaction the way we use the interstate commerce clauses. >> clauses. >> if we fail to repeal obama care in 2012 it'll be with us forever and it'll be socialized medicine. it must be gone now and as president i won't rest until i repeal it. >> reporter: herman cane coined a new tax code, 999. >> 9% tax on corporate income, 9% on personal income and 9% national sales tax. >> reporter: and rick santorum said he has a bi-partisan plan >> we aren't trying to pick
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fights. >> reporter: was a fight between perry and romey and for that the former speaker of the house called the moderators. on it. >> i'm not interested in your efforts to get republicans fighting each other. >> reporter: other debate topics, welfare, gas prices and immigration reform but with the president at a new all time low in the polls all eight attacked him on jobs and the economy and that's timed because the president will announce his 300 billion-dollar jump start to jobs that is tomorrow so you can best believe the debate made headlines tonight and the president will make headlines tomorrow. >> he covered a lot of bases and it was lively. >> it was. >> thank you. >> the president is putting the finishing touches on the high stakes speech. act getting america back to work. with the unemployment rate at 9% he will reveal his plan to create jobs tomorrow night during a joint session of
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congress. among the ideas, extending payroll tax cuts, providing new federal spending on retiring structure, giving money to states to prevent teacher layoffs and exfending unemployment benefits. >> months after her disappearance, police have made an arrest in 9 murder of an east bay nursing student. tonight that suspect is in jail. what people who know the suspect say about her. >> reporter: she is not talking to police. she has chosen to remain silent and asked for her lawyer. we came here to the home of the father of her child to try to learn more about her. as hayward police swooped into get evidence. those who say they saw her ugly side are talking. >> you shocked? >> yes. yeah, i just couldn't believe she would do this. >> reporter: the mother of scott, scott is the ex-
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boyfriend of the murder suspect and the two have a daughter together. three days before michelle lee went missing scott took out a restraining order because she threatened to shoot herself. >> the time he got stopped in san francisco. so we don't know what -- you know -- kind of like we don't know what will happen next with her temper. >> reporter: police revealed a list of circumstancal evidence. the hospital security camera captured her at scene before and after the disappearance. cell phone tracking shows the victim and suspect's phones traveled the same paths and michelle's dna was found on the suspect's shoe. >> there is no one piece of evidence or statement. it's all the circumstances as the investigation goes on. >> reporter: on may 27th michelle was in a nursing class. during a break she went to her car but never came back.
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investigators say she was likely in a struggle in the garage, the next day police found her car parked a half mile away with her blood inside but no body. her cousin said news of the arrest hit them hard. >> no words can explain the emotions we feel. know we are still determined to bring her home. >> reporter: her brother urged the suspect to give up her location and not drag this on. >> she would always call me to say happy birthday and say she loved me. i just want to hear her voice so badly. >> reporter: and hayward police say they have no idea where the body is and that they will likely never noms the suspect starts talking. she was a court appearance tomorrow. >> thank you. tonight 911 tapes are telling you more about what
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happened when a natural gas explosion went through a condo last week. >> and -- okay. >> burning like crazy. >> we --. >> do you see the flames? >> yeah. yeah. it's -- it's out of control. >> amazingly nobody was hurt. it took pg&e 90 minutes to shut off the gas. that's because crews needed to dig through the asphalt in order to reach the pipe and cap it. >> also tonight investigators trying to find why a man went on a shooting spree in carson that left five dead, seven wounded. of the four he killed in addition to himself, three were members of the national guard. investigators don't think that the shooter specifically targeted united states service members, they think it was just a random attack. tonight we are hearing the calls to 911 made during the rampage. >> right now, automatic
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weapons. >> [inaudible]. >> i don't know. we -- one guy going in, now he is coming back out with a gun. he is shooting people in the parking lot. he has an automatic weapon. go! go! he is shooting at us now! > >> police now say that he was involved in an incident related to his mental health that led to authorities committing him. he fought with police but was never formally charged. . >> around the bay baristas at a coffee shop busted for serving topless. neighbors have long complained about them. this is cell phone video given to the authorities by the wife a customer. on sunday police officers walked in and found two women working half naked. the women were cited but not the owner. the c aps one of 20 such coffee
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houses in the area. tsunami warning sirens from pacifica this morning. now it wasn't an emergency, just a test of the new system of eight sirens. they are much louder than the old ones. san nateo has been working to update them for four years. in the event of a emergency they will sound for several minutes. >> the governor vetoed legislation to toughen the state's law against talking on a cell phone while driving. that bill would have slapped higher fines on people busted, using a handheld cell phone while driving. those caught a second time could have gotten a point on their driving record and pay more than $500. a state senator authored that bill and said sentriesed by the
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vote. >> a lot can change in ten years and a lot can stay the same. why a goal set september 11th has not been met. >> half the neighborhood was on fire. >> flames three to four hundred feet high. they took the fire to five alarms in the first 15 minutes. you will hear from the first responders of the pipeline explosion. >> and why women have one more reason to pour themselves a aycock tail. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scie ir studies . a drink a day may keep the doctor away. harvard sciencists say their studies show middle-aged women who drink three to 15 alcoholic drinks a week are more likely to say healthy than nondrinkers. they say that doesn't mean that nondrinkers should start drinking, they say healthy habits like exercising regularly are more important to overall health and well being. >> emergency preparedness is
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on a lot of minds this week as we approach the ten year anniversary of september 11th but how prepared are we for that? some of the problem that showed people on 9/11 still exist today. >> reporter: since 9-1 the department of homeland scout has identified the bay area as one of 60 spots where emergency responders from different cities should be able to talk it each other. i spoke so to the man in charge to find what it'll take to make that happen. >> chaos. just something out of a movie. >> the building just came down,. >> reporter: the images of september 11th 2001 will always haunt us and so will the sounds. what you will never hear is the voices of panic from emergency crews unable to talk to each other. >> when you saw the twin
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towers go down and you heard about the chaos that happened from the lack of communication that went on between the fire department, the police department, and other emergency people, that had to hit home for you. >> certainly. i -- my first career in law enforcement and it was disappointing to see it but not surprising. >> reporter: mike is the executive director of a group developed after 9/11 to make sure all emergency people worked together but even now ten years later he said the bay area has the same problems as the crews at ground zero. >> it's a compatibility issue where you may have a different radio than i do, different type of technology where even though we are close enough to see one another we can't talk over our two radio system that are different. >> reporter: a lot of people will watch this story and say its been ten years and we still
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don't have a working system that seems ridiculous. >> we have works systems but the capabilities are limited. >> reporter: he said it would cost close to $80 million for the raid yeses to work with other counties. they are making headway but he said they aren't there yet. >> if there was some big event, a terrorist event or a fire or mudslide and you had three or four or five times the radio traffic on it because you were so busy they would pretty much all be overwhelmed. it's compatibility and a capacity issue. >> reporter: now emergency responders across the country want every city in the united states to be on the same system. right now in the bay area oakland is the only city to be on that universal system and of course it's yet to be tested in
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a huge emergency. >> can only be called pure terror. people on fire, the first responders to the san bruno fire as they made their way through the towering inferno. firefighters describe what happened when that pipeline blew. >> the station started shaking, everything was rattling. we got -- the firefighters and myself got in the doorways to brace ourselves, that's how long it shook. >> reporter: charlie thought it was a quake. his station, was just three hundred yard from the explosion. >> half the neighborhood was on fire. >> we have multiple houses, tries to get close. we have possibly several blocks on fire right now. >> reporter: the wind shield on their engine immediately cracked from the 1800-degree super heated area round them. >> i have people running out
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of the area, the pure terror in their faces, i had burn victims, people trying to jump on the engine because we were going fairly slow. this was different. people were getting out of our way coming in. really different perspective. it was strange knowing you were going into that. >> reporter: division chief arrived with in minutes to find flames three to four hundred feet high and immediately took the fire to five alarms. >> one of the men who worked for me is a training captain and he described it as the at fault burning like a grass fire. >> down the hill the other firefighters fighting alone try tried to make a stand but were running out of water. >> looked up at me and yelled chuck we have no water. >> we need them to lead into us. >> reporter: i had to watch four more homes burn that i could have saved if we had water. >> we will disconnect and back up to a safer position.
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>> reporter: the explosion had completely blown out the entire neighborhood's water supply. every hydrant was dry. he ordered arriving engines to start stringing hoses together across the lane, find a hydrant with water. >> command we have an active hydrant at clairmont and concord. >> probably three to four thousand feet of hose they had to lay to get down to the engine. >> reporter: it worked, other engines start add living eventually stopped the fire from progressing. it would be another 90 minutes before pg&e could shut off the fire ball. in the end 38 homes burned, eight lives were lost, by all accounts it could have been much worse. >> guys made stands where -- it was -- they were putting themselves in harm's way. they made huge stands and made decision the fire isn't going any further.
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>> the chief said that with the two firefighters there they did their best but he said that this was the most frustrating thing that happened was they just couldn't save the four homes, outside of the loss of life which was horrible. he said that just drove him crazy for the longest time and after looking at the video he knew he couldn't save them. >> when you roll up on the scene you expect there to be water and to not have any and to have to lay out the hose for almost -- a half mile. >> 4,000 feet. >> and only three guys were there. they were waiting for them. it was coming but they weren't there yet. they had to hold the line and did. he was a captain when that happened, they promoted him to battalion chief after that. >> well delivered. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. wednesday september 7th in the weather books, 63 degrees at half moon bay. 97 livermore. 82% waxing moon on its way to being a full moon on the 12th day of september.
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tonight we are noting patchy fog along the coast trying to slip into the bay. number wise -- between 54 and 60. tomorrow it's going to be a cooler day. it's 66 san francisco, low 80s, san jose, which is normal for this time of the year. patchy fog at the -- cooler temperatures, for example, today it was 93 degrees in san jose, tomorrow 83 which is a ten degree drop and back to seasonal highs, low 90's morgan hill. 80 palo alto through sunnyvale. out of the triple digits is brentwood, the low 90s pleasanton. back through danville. otherwise north bay numbers from the 60s with partial clearing with 83 in navado. fog bank, marine clouds, sure it's there. many it'll hang tight but a west wind ten to 20 cools us down. here is the extended forecast
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hanging on friday. tropical moisture, a 10% chance of a thunderstorm saturday through monday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis with sports after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you. care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. ow. plane carrying a russian professional hockey team crashed
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. sad news out of russia where a plane with a hockey team crashed into a river bank. 45 were on board and 43 are reported dead in the worse disaster in sports history. the plane struggled to gain altitude and hit a signal tower before crashing about a 150 miles from moscow. somebaseball the giants score 13 runs in taking the first two games in san diego and seem primed for a critical sweep in a must win game. matt cane takes him out, he won't give up many runs and won't get any. that's kind of a tough way to get a souvenir but they get the run back.
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solo shot, second in as many game, game tied. cane couldn't hold it. former giant, guzman lining it through the hole. padres beat the giants 3-1. drops to 11-10. what a crime. the giants are now seven back with 19 to play. tough pill to take. game -- pitching a no hitter. he got eric to end the 7th. he allowed just one walk to that point. how about that? two outs, 8th inning. perez, a no hitter with a base hit. he allows two hits in eight and two thirds and the a's win 7-0. i have the top five. on a wednesday night. number five, if you don't dive on the turf you will get a rug burn. mike mccoy didn't mind as look as he caught the ball.
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number four, maybe he can play short stop. they could use him after another drop by cabrera. the indians have changed their name to the flying squirrels. one way to get it out. number two, giants rookie, he made it -- didn't he? >> yes. >> jurors welcome to the show rookie. he was okay by the way. number one, back to the a's game. did you still see -- wait a minute. you know -- just give me the -- robert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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