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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> i was very, very scared to go to school every day. >> i felt every day like i was sending him off to war. >> they would come on the computer and throw words at me. >> i walked into the room and there was my baby hanging. >> every school has a bullying problem. let's try to fix it. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway. a germy pump again. so we developed the lysol no touch handsoap system. it automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap
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to kill 99.9% of bacteria. for healthy tips, visit and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. . you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> from a field turned sa doctor, red ground in pennsylvania, to new york city,. >> dear dad, i just miss you. you died on september 11th. 2001 and i was born 26 days later on october 7th. >> here in the bay area. >> this one we put on the hill
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with everybody. we are doing it again. >> americans pause to remember a day that shook our country and changed it forever. good evening. it is already september 11th on the east coast where security is extra tight as investigators investigate the latest terror threat. randall is live at ground zero with new information about possible threat. randall. >> reporter: good morning. right now we are being told authorities haven't made any arrest or confirmed the threat to set off car bombs but they are continuing to investigate. the stage is set for tomorrow's dedication of the memorial here in lower manhattan. police are out in force in lower manhattan on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attacks. the high security follows a tip that al-qaeda may be planning
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to set off a car bomb in new york and washington dc. we are prepared and working very well with our local and state partners. >> season yore officials say there is no proof that the three they are looking for have entered the country to carry out the attack. still police are being extra aware setting up vehicle checkpoints and take away unattended cars. they are pay agriculture tension to the theft of three vans, two taken from a company that does business at the world trade center site. a third was taken from a facility in new jersey. officials stress that at this point the vans not connected to any specific plot. the terror threat is not stopping those who want to attend the event, remembering the attack. >> i'm concerned and yes i'm looking over my shoulder. i'm not going to stay away. >> reporter: at st. paul's chapel across the street from ground zero the names of the victim was written on white
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ribbon. a service was held for the 343 firefighters who were killed including lieutenant patrick lyon whose son was born weeks after the attack. >> i know you are in heaven and always watching over me. i love know that you are here. >> reporter: and at the pentagon former president bush laid a wreath. all the ceremonies the message is the same. never forget. the program starts tomorrow morning at 8:30 and there will be six planned pauses, two for the moment the planes attacked the world trade centers, one for at the pentagon, another for the crash of flight 93 and then pauses for when the towers collapsed, taking so many souls with them. reporting live. >> thank you very much. they gave the country a gift, they saved the capitol from attack. those are the words of the president today at dedication of the universitied flight 93
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memorial. that's the plane that crashed into the pennsylvania field after passengers stormed the flight deck. >> reporter: nearly two thousand paper lanterns cast a glow on to the memorial as night fell. one for every person killed during the attacks ten years ago. >> tom beamer. >> reporter: a bell told for open of the lives lost. presidents bush and clinton and others joined people at the final resting place. >> these are just citizens. >> reporter: among the family bob peterson whose brother and sister-in-law were killed. >> i'm just so thankful to have a great brother like he was and many ways he blessed me. >> reporter: president bush reflected on what happened. >> back of the cabin the passengers gathered to work out a strategy. americans are alive today
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because the passengers and crew of flight 93 chose to act. >> reporter: this rock where only family members are go marks the place where the plane went down in the rural field. these 2200 acres are now the nation's newest national park. as family members were applauded many felt compelled to stop and think of the horror. >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: on a wall near the field where the tiningments of remains scattered underground are the names of those lost. as one speaker noted, they are the courage of free people everywhere, they are our past and future. cbs news. >> local, state and federal law enforcement officials on high alert this weekend. homeland security counter terrorism teams are highley visible in all transportation systems. they are called the tsa vier team and they have been a
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regular patrol with bart police. officials say no changes are expected. police are also watching landmarks like the golden gate bridge. shortly after the attacks, bart locked rest rooms at all stations out of security connecticut certains. ten years later some have reopened but they have permanently closed them at the 12 underground stations because of worry of bombs in rest rooms and if there is an attack there is little escape for passengers. in the painful days after the attacks, people expressed grief in different ways, one tribute a giant flag in a haywood park. it lasted briefly. this weekend the creator and others are displaying the colors in a new way. >> reporter: all about showing our respect. >> reporter: in the form of a giant american flag on the
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hills above hayward organized by tom ballard. >> ten years ago you couldn't find one in the store this one was for everybody. we are doing it again. >> reporter: just after the attacks ballard painted this 8,000 square foot flag in the park but he didn't get permission. >> sadly, we had to rake it off the hill and bring it to a landfill. this time we have permission from the parks department. >> reporter: this time it's reusable vinyl. they prepared it, today unfurled the stripes. >> reporter: the volunteers were not only trekking up and down the hill they were bringing vinyl panels weighing between 30 and 150 pounds each. among them a two time purple heart receiver. >> i have a lot of friends that were hurt and i think medically they weren't taken care of and they just kind of
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wander the streets. >> reporter: also helping a blue star mom. >> i just think this is where i need to be. >> reporter: her son is in afghanistan. >> he decided on 9/11 in 2001 when he was 15. he said they will never do this to us again and from that point on -- he wanted to serve. >> reporter: ballard knows what it's like. his son died. >> eight days in to the extension we lost him on memorial day 2004. >> reporter: he said this flag is for him and for every civilian, soldier and first responder who lost their lives on and because of 9/11. >> i have to, i have to. >> reporter: why? >> who i am. >> reporter: it's a reminder of
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what we all stand for. you know that we are together in all of this. >> let's hear it for the white team. >> reporter: in hayward, cbs5. >> block party in the bayview neighborhood. the celebration for a new system that could save them manies of dollars. three quarters of a century after she disappeared the fascination is growing. how much some of her belongings are expected to fetch tomorrow. >> low cloud cover around the bay. however we do have stock strong thunderstorm cells moving in to the livermore area. we will take a look at it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mentally-disabled man. actor cliff robertso . he played kennedy and won an oscar, cliff robertson has died. in 1963 the president selected him to portray him about his world war ii exploits. he won an oscar in 1918.
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in the 70s he made headlines for blowing the whistle on a financial scandal. there was a lightning storm in the skies above kern county last night. look at this amazing video and that is clearly not it. it was -- the trouble was that the storm sparked more than 40 separate fires and some of them are still threatening homes. authorities have issued precautionary evacuation orders, there it is if you can see. several communities on the watch, the storm also caused power outages. there are still about 5,000 without power. jim joining us with a look at the rest of the weekend. we have lightning last night and you have been watching it. >> we have more tonight as the -- pattern continues here around the bay and the foothills of the sierra where we continue to see the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. once again we have a strong cell out around livermore here with just patchy low clouds in
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and around the bay. let's look at the radar. we see that strong cell now, this is -- weakened quite a bit just in the last hour, it was extending all the way up in to the rio vista area. now it's pretty well confined to this smaller cell. temperatures cool, this activity will continue to weaken but it's not over yet. you can expect it to be slow moving. the potential for flash flooding in and around the cell as well as small hail and gusty winds a possibility. it's very slow moving and they seem to be wetter tonight than last night. not just dry lightning but heavy rain here. as we look in and around the bay we see the low clouds, prevalent on the coast this morning, they disappeared quickly. they moved automatic us from the sierra, bringing it the
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afternoon thunderstorms. temperature wise, we were in the upper 80's to low 90s. mid to upper 70's across the north bay, the south bay, san jose got to 86, 66 downtown san francisco, cooler than this tomorrow -- low 60a expected at the beach. the overall pattern hasn't changed much. this system off southern california is generating all the thunderstorm activity that's been taking place across the foothills of the sierra and mainly to our south. we are just on the northern fringe of this, catching a few cells last night and again tonight. possibility with us for this type of development again tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening and then pretty well should be gone by the beginning the week as we see most of the clouds moving from east to west through the day tomorrow. clearing out the patchy low cloud cover again. early in the day and once again leaving us with that threat of thunderstorms moving out of the valley toward the bay by late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening as we will
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look for temperatures to cool quite a bit. in the mid to upper 70s across the penninsula and the south bay, maybe 80 around morgan hill, the mid to upper 60's around the bay. upper 70's and low 80's for the warmer locations through the day tomorrow. brief warm up will reappear here early in the week but for tomorrow looks like those mid to low 70s with mid to upper 60s expect the beach and as we look at the seven day forecast you will see the chance of thunderstorms with us through tomorrow and then we will remove that and bring the low clouds and fog back by the end of the week to cool it down. >> nice mellow temperatures. >> back to near normal. >> thank you. >> hundreds of people gathered in san francisco's bayview neighborhood for what organizers described as a solar block party. the grid alternatives presented it's 6th yearly solarthon. it's to give solar systems to
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low income people. >> the power that solar can provide and the lower bill social security something that should be accessible to all of our communities. >> the panels are projected to save $1.3 million over the next 30 years. more than 70 years ago amelia earhart disappeared, it's only added to her legend. now some rare photographs and an artifact are going up for auction and are expected to draw serious bidders. >> reporter: she failed in her attempt to fly around the world. in the nearly 75 years since then her legend continues to grow. that means just isn't everything to do with her also grows, in value.
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in a storage locker full of stuff diane brown got when her mother died was a envelope with photographs. they could bring up to $60,000 tomorrow. this is the airport's old northfield all earhart drive. she took off from her on her second attempt to fly around the world and flew into history. her plane most likely went down in the south pacific. brown's mom got the photographs before the attempt. value now is 6 to $800 each. >> i believe this to be at the oakland tribune building because it's particular -- from the smock i believe to be and that's the bob. the -- being fueled in 1937. for the first attempt. >> reporter: this press photograph should bring one to
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two thousand dollars because it's signed. this pair of goggles was worn by earhart. >> 20 to 40,000. >> reporter: why are people so fascinated? >> she is an icon and disappeared. everybody still wants to find her. >> reporter: in oakland. cbs5. >> andrew luck adds to his resume for the heisman. and cal plays it's first overtime game in five-years. the finish is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helped duke slow . andrew luck playing well. >> he is completing 69% his passes and any team would love to have him on their roster. not even the coach could have helped duke slow down stanford this afternoon. the cardinals gained over 500 yards against the blue devils. luck threw a touchdown on the opening drive. 10-0 cardinal late in the second luck shows he is human. he gets hit as he throws and the pass is hipped and duke safety butler will one day be able to say he picked off the number one pick in the 2011 draft and returned it 71 yards for the touchdown. the blue devils would recover and on side kick and that was okay for thomas. final minute of the first half, luck with a quick out to chris and this speedy receiver does the rest. stanford led 17-7 at the half and they would blow it open in the second half.
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luck throws deep down field. he scores his second touchdown of the game. luck throws four touchdowns and sits out the final quarter as stanford keeps duke 44-14. jets and the bears only won one road game, today taking on colorado. anthony miller, makes the sweet one hand catch. 16-6 cal, first of two touchdowns, colorado got with in a field goal after a touchdown and they went back to the well. this time it's a 78-yard touchdown for richardson, the sophomore finishes with 1 catches for 284 yards. cal down 27-23. anderson taking right up the middle and put the bears back on top. 30-27. anderson is -- combine for 117 yards rushing but colorado would tie it and send the game
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to overtime. steve williams knocks down the pass and the buffaloes have to settle for a field goal. cal could win with a touchdown. >> short drop, throws, he has it, touchdown game over! >> he finds his brother for the game winner. sure they did have quite a few times in front of the house growing up. cal wins, 36-33 in ot. no one has off limits for the ucla defense tonight. san jose state downed 17-10 in the second. forget about moving the chains, brandon goes through the pile for a 69-yard touchdown. to tie the game as the team is -- they ran for over 200 yards, ucla's running game was even better. derek staying on his feet just long enough to cross the goal line. he goes over the century mark and they pile up 268 yards on the ground.
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they beat san jose state 27-17. brian wilson may be on the dl but the giants closer still managed to impact tonight's game. >> there is your camera. poppa is back and he is in the booth. >> he you have to love him. posey on the field playing catch before the game. the dodgers have three straight infield hits in the 4th. kemp scores to make it 2-0. the dodgers go onto win 3-0. that's the 14th time the giants have been shut out this season. the diamondbacks magic number to win the swift now down to eight while the giants now only two and ia half up on the dodgers for second place. a's and rangers, willingham wishing for some padding on the wall. tied at three in the six. bases loaded for sizemore and he clears them with his first career grand slam. he has driven in 46 runs since joining the a's in june.
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last chance for texas, tying run at second but beltre lines out for the final out. the a's hang onto beat the rangers. still to come, nascar runs it's final race of the regular season and the finals set at the open. serena dominates and a five set match. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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grand slams and . it's already been quite a year for novak.
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he has bonk two yan grand slams and only lost two matches. federer has won a grand slam every year since 2003 but that streak was on the line in the open. federer in the near court had novak on the rope its early winning the first two sets, but the top seeded novak fought back and forced a 5th set and found himself down, serving for the match, only to once again stop elimination and finally win over the crowd which had been profederer. he wins the final four games for the match and beats federer in five sets to improve to 63-2 this year. he will take on nadal on monday in a rematch of last year. over on the women's side, serena williams walks in to the finals, she beats top seed, in straight sets. she has yet to loose a set in the tournament and will go for the 4th title tomorrow .
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nascar, under the lights in richmond. kyle busch with the patriotic car this weekend. johnson gets spun out. he would finish in 31st. harvick taking the flag for the 4 the time and moves in to a tie with busch for first place in the points standing. they will be joined by jeff gordon, matt, johnson, edwards, busch, newman, and brad and hamlin in the chase for the cup. just ten races to go. >> wow. thank you for keeping us up to date. >> we will be right back. ,,,,
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0050 "when you do a full throttle run, you hit full throttle and then it sets you back in . you won't believe this, a jet powered school bus. >> we doing full throttle run. you do that and hit the after burner, it sets you back in the seat and you just launch. up to 300 miles an hour. >> the -- a spare f4 jet engine. he gives rides, if you are doing the math traveling at 300 miles an hour will get you to los angeles loss from here in an hour and 15 minutes. kim will need that because are you going tomorrow -- >> denver tomorrow night. i could rock that. >> absolutely. >> get to school on time. >> thank you. >> no tary note. i think that's fabulous.
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>> all right. that is it for us. thank you for watching. see you back tomorrow night. good night. ,, ,,,,


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