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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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like to make these announcements at the end. season but it looks like some early -- at the end of the season, but it looks like some early media reports tipped their hand in this one and they are making the announcement earlier, this morning. it looks look neukom is out and baer is in as the giants ceo. as usual, it appears to be all about the money. bill neukom has only been with the team for a few years since the end of the 2008 season when he took over as giants managing general partner and chief executive officer. the team came into millions of extra dollars when the giants won the world series last year and neukom spent a lot of that money on big contracts. reports say his free spending ways appear to have annoyed the executive committee of the giants ownership group. >> i don't think the executive committee was upset necessarily about exactly what he was spending it on but they wanted to be kept in the loop and some of them ended up reading about some of this stuff in the papers or online or watching tv. and that did not make them
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happy. >> reporter: the giants president and coo larry baer is taking over as the ceo. he has been with the team since '92. he helped push for the construction of at&t park. neukom will stay on as chairman emeritus in 2012. the giants expected to make the big announcement today. they sent out this statement last night. "out of respect to the fans and the team, the organization has planned to announce the transition at the conclusion of the 2011 season." again, there are macing that announcement this -- making that announcement this morning. it does still need to be approved by major league baseball before it's made official but it looks like it will happen. back to you guys. >> a big shake-up. thanks a lot, anne. it's the kind of price tag that most college students can't imagine for public school. this morning, university of california regents are discussing controversial tuition hikes. when the board meets in san francisco this morning, the
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goal is to come up with a multi-year funding plan that would depend on how much money the state kicks in. it would allow for tuition hikes of as much as 16% a year for the next four years. undergrad tuition could rise from the current $12,000 annually to $22,000. and that's just within four years. 6:02. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann will attend a fundraising event in heavily democratic marin county. the minnesota congresswoman set to appear at a low key 9:00 event at a private home in san rafael. bachmann is among the favorites of the tea party movement and in most polls is currently placed in the top half among republican candidates. government leaders from the united states and australia meeting right here in the bay area this week. secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta will meet today in san francisco with their counterparts from down under. they are marking the 60th
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anniversary. asnsi treaty in which the two countries agreed to defend each other. the topics of discussion will include defending the countries against the growing threat of cyberattacks. they did not escape the hot seat. solyndra executives who missed the grilling yesterday are expected on capitol hill next week to answer questions about a government loan to the bankrupt company. the solar panel plant in fremont got more than half billion dollars from the government. house republicans say the white house rushed the deal so vice president joe biden could announce it during a groundbreaking ceremony in 2009. they cited a report by the office of management and budget. >> quote this deal is not ready for prime time. go to the next slide. given the time pressure we are under to sign off on solyndra, we don't have time to change the model." >> but the white house says the urgency was simply a scheduling issue for the groundbreaking. the fbi raided solyndra offices just last week but they have not said why. the faa could partially
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shut down this weekend. that would delay construction projects at the bay area's three major airports. tomorrow is the deadline for the senate to pass a stop-gap transportation bill. but under senate rules, all lawmakers would have to approve this plan because it relies on money that was shifted from an unrelated bill. republican tom coburn out of oklahoma is the lone holdout, demanding a change in the highway portion of the bill you. thousands of southern californians were awake and by an earthquake this morning. it hit a couple of minutes before 3:00. it was a magnitude 3.5 with an epicenter near newport beach. so far no reports of damage or injuries. but quite a wake-up call i guess. >> it was. an emergency evacuation from a plane that was bound for san francisco. the united airlines flight was taxiing outside of washington, d.c. yesterday when the pilot saw smoke coming from the engines. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg was among the
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people who was forced to slide down an emergency chute. three people suffered minor injuries. ginsberg was not heard and tonight she will be speaking at uc's hastings law school here in san francisco. let's check traffic and weather. >> good morning. it's a cool morning. we are seeing temperatures that are well below average for this time of year. we are definitely going to need to grab the scarf heading to the bay or some of the coastal locations today. so these are a look at our average temperatures for this time of year. we saw some of these numbers a little earlier in the week but look at the numbers for today. a difference of 10 to 12 degrees below average in some spots. today 74 a high in concord. should be in the 80s. 72 for santa rosa. should be in the 80s, as well. and i'll tell you how long this cooling trend is going to last a little later in the show. but let's go to elizabeth now see how traffic is doing. >> okay. thank you, kristy. we are just getting word of a new problem now on city streets. castro valley boulevard there at westbound 580 apparently
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lanes are blocked. we are not sure about injuries. but again, expect some delays if you are traveling through that stretch. elsewhere san mateo bridge traffic fine. but that ramp, we are still dealing with a big rig accident southbound 880 to westbound 92. apparently the right lane is blocked so we just took a call from a member of the kcbs phone force who says it is sluggish from at least winton avenue. so that's the deal towards the san mateo bridge. traffic heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza is fine, slight delays in the cash lanes but the metering lights are off so far, so good across the upper deck into san francisco. more traffic in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:06. let the dirty politics begin. the first attack ad in the race for san francisco mayor. we have it for you. >> plus, the top bank out $2 billion. that's with a b. how all the plain is pinned on just one man. and is it a bird? maybe a plane? the mysterious object spotted in three states. we have it for you coming up.
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oakland. southbound into hayward delays approaching westbound 92. we'll tell you why coming up. the san francisco mayor's race just got nasty. the first shot has been fired the interim mayor ed lee. >> i am sure i'm not going to run. i mean, this has not been my agenda. >> state senator and fellow candidate leland yee ran this attack ad. he says the mayor is breaking his promise to the public by deciding to run for a full term. lee says these are the exact tactics that he wants to fight against. >> negative campaigning like that is another example of why i wanted to run for mayor in the first place. it does nothing to suggest how we create jobs, improve the economy or make the city safer. >> yee says chinatown activist rose pack influenced mayor lee to enter the race. jeff adachi says lee has cut back room deals with unions over pension reform.
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house speaker john boehner plans to deliver a speech today on the nation's job crisis. the nation's top republicans will likely include comments about president obama's latest plan to reduce unemployment. now, the president has been busy promoting american jobs act including a stop yesterday at north carolina state university and an event in washington for the congressional hispanic caucus institute. latest field poll shows that the president's support here in california is slipping. his approval rating here is now 46%. it is the first time it has dipped below 50% and 68% of californians polled believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. 6:12 now. more homeowners going belly up. the dramatic spike in foreclosures. and will they be released? the very latest on the two hikers jailed in iran coming up in a live report. a pretty mild start to this morning but temperatures will be quite cool this afternoon. i'll tell you when we can expect a warmup coming up.
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today's top stories: the giants have confirmed that bill neukom is out as managing general partner and c-e- y baer will take the giants have confirmed that bill neukom is out as managing general partner and ceo. team president larry baer will take over as ceo starting in
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january. uc regents are looking four years into the future when they meet here in san francisco this morning. they are discussing a tuition hike that could reach 16% every year. they will not vote though until november. and a big jump in the number of americans getting foreclosure notices. the 33% increase from july to august came after processing issues had slowed down foreclosures. definitely a cool start this morning and we'll continue to see cool temperatures into the afternoon well below where we should be. a little bit of cloud cover to start your morning as well if you are at the coastline, probably seeing some fog out there, maybe even need to flip on the windshield wipers for the drizzle. at the bay low clouds and partly cloudy conditions in our inland locations. this afternoon, not warming up a whole lot. look at this at the bay only into the high -- excuse me, at the coast 50s.
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cooler inland only to the mid- 70s. that's cloud cover you can see here on satellite. pretty much blanketing all the bay area right now, a little bit of clearing this morning but all of you at this point waking up to a little bit of gray. this area of low pressure sliding through, that's what's going to bring us those cooler conditions for today and tomorrow. so stronger sea breeze kicking in. we're going to see cooler marine air in the bay area bringing the temperatures down. your highs look like this. 63 for hayward only 67 in palo alto. just breaking into the low 70s for los gatos. pacifica quite cool today only 57 degrees. lock at all these inland valley readings only in the mid-70s today. 57 for walnut creek and -- 75 for walnut creek and 70 as a high in napa. the city is only making it to 60 today, almost breaking into 70 for kentfield and san rafael just not low 70s for sonoma. and this -- just into the low 70s for sonoma. this cooling pattern through friday. saturday and sunday more warmth and sunshine as high pressure builds in. start of next week, this is what you should look forward to
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if you like warmer temperatures or hot temperatures. finally back into the low 90s at that point. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> it's unfortunately been a very busy morning on the roads. if you are traveling 880 as you pass the coliseum everything is moving fine. it's farther south towards hayward where we are starting to see some delays. it's actually heading towards westbound 92 towards the san mateo bridge. bridge traffic looks great. unfortunately, we have this earlier accident now just cleared off to the right shoulder. southbound 880 before highway 92 there was an accident there involving a big rig and we took several calls from the kcbs phone force telling us it was stacked up from at least winton. so expect some delays. a new problem past the 92 exit approaching the tennis tennyson road. bay bridge no major delays for fastrak users. cash lines slight lanes backed up to mid lot but so far no
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metering lights. that is the good sign there. so use the bay bridge to avoid bigger backups later on in the morning commute. south bay this has been great all morning long no major roadwork and no major delays. you can see a few more headlights now making their way northbound out of downtown san jose going up towards cupertino. still no big issues there all along the peninsula, 101 moving fine, as well. and we just checked in with bart. they have all trains running systemwide on time. ace train numbers one and three no delay. muni, caltrain, everything mass transit-related is on time. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. a man is in custody in england accused of causing a $2 billion loss for the swing bank ubs -- for the swiss bank ubs. they earlier announced it as unauthorized trading by one of the the employees. ubs is switzerland's largest bank. it says because of this rogue
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trade it may have to report a loss for the entire 3rd quarter. on the stock market, shares of ubs plummeted by 9% today. another lawsuit has been filed against amtrak in the deadly crash with a truck in nevada. the train was heading from chicago to san francisco this summer when a semi truck collided with it killing six. now an amtrak waitress and cook are suing the railcarrier for negligence. they say a locked door leading to a baggage car slowed down their escape. the door was locked under some new company rules. when fleet week starts next month on san francisco bay one aircraft carrier likely to get attention. last may the uss carl vinson carried the body of osama bin laden to the middle. indian ocean burying him at sea. big crowds are expected they the ship anchors in san francisco on october 6. it is not equipped to handle tours, though. but onlookers can stand next to the boat and get their pictures taken. >> have you ever been on one of
6:20 am
those. they're massive. >> oh, my gosh, longer than a football field. >> like the size of a city. unbelievable stuff. >> if you can check it out, you should definitely check it out. there is a fireball that streaked across the sky. the mystery lights spotted in several states. >> and he is barely paying attention to the game but still snags a foul ball. when you're distract on the phone, hey, it's cool. got that coming up.
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credited with saving three dozen the bay bridge is busy. metering lights are on stacked up in all lanes. so much for the free and clear lanes in the fastrak lanes. we have delays on 880 through hayward and a pedestrian accident we are following on city streets i castro valley. it's coming up in a few minutes in your traffic report. today a former marine credited with saving three dozen lives in afghanistan will receive the medal of honor. dakota meyers sharing a beer with president obama last night on the patio outside the oval office. meyers will be the first living marine since the vietnam war to get the medal of honor. in afghanistan back in 2009, he saved 13 fellow marines and 23 afghan soldiers during an ambush. meyers says that it's hard getting recognized for the worst day of his life. good point. now, a very strange sight in the skies.
6:24 am
but parts of southern california, nevada and arizona -- above parts of southern california, nevada and arizona yesterday. >> a lot of witnesses said it was a streak of light in the sky but others say it was a fireball. whatever, it caused a stir around 8:00 last night. experts don't know what it was. but a national weather service spokesman says it may have been a meteor that they saw. there's another remote possibility though. it could be a defunct research satellite which nasa experts expected to fall back to earth in the coming weeks. so not sure what it was but it caused a lot of talk. >> defunct research satellite? >> right. like it's going to end up in area 51 somewhere. >> nevada, there you go. >> never know. the new england patriots are backing away from comments made by their star quarterback. san mateo native tom brady, joking around with some of the reporters yesterday when he said he wants to see the crowd pumped up for sunday's home opener. listen.
6:25 am
>> yeah. start drinking early. [ laughter ] >> ask nice and rowdy. 4:15 game, a lot of times you get lubed up, come out here and cheer for the home team. >> tom, what are you thinking there? well, here's the way the patriots are spinning brady's apparent suggestion that fans get drunk before the game. team claims he meant, quote, stay hydrated, drink a lot of water. [ laughter ] >> be loud and drink responsibly. >> right. >> sure that's what he meant. it's safe to say a lot of people who talk on cell phones are too distracted to do other things like drive a car. check this fan, though. foul ball. he is on his phone talking -- just a minute, i have to catch a foul ball. reaches over, grabs it during the rangers and cleveland indians game. if he had a beer in his hand while talking and caught the ball, he would need another hand. doesn't he need three hands then 13 it was a good catch. cool. all right. 6:26 now. a tea party favorite heads to the bay area. the unusual choice for michele
6:26 am
bachmann's stop. >> their freedom is in limbo for the jailed cal grads. a live report coming up. >> developing news overseas. a deadly fire on a popular cruise line. what we are learning about the victims. a surprise change at the top of the giants organization. coming up we'll tell you who is in, out and why. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. we are just seconds away from wall street getting under way on this thursday morning. futures are slightly higher overnight. consumer prices are on the rise and may give them a little bump. two harbors just about to ring the bell. we'll get the early trading numbers from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up in 15 minutes from now. [ opening bell ] >> trading gets started on wall street. >> and they're off. good morning, it's thursday, september 15. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 on your thursday. let's get you out the door a little traffic and weather, toss it over to kristy because it's cold. >> it is cold. accurate observation, frank, good job. we are seeing focke and cloud cover this -- we're seeing focke and cloud cover this morning. all -- we are seeing fog and cloud cover this morning all
6:30 am
over the bay area. more coming up. >> we have seen numerous problems on the roads and we keep having them come in, unfortunately. if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge, traffic is actually extra slow right now southbound 880. it's because of an earliering about rig accident on the ramp to westbound 92. word of a new problem on bay bridge. details coming up. iraq's president seems to be trying to get help to get the two american hikers out of jail in iran. there were hints this week that they would be released steam soon. charlie d'agata is live in london with the very latest. charlie, what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, good morning to you. shane bauer and josh fattal may be coming home soon. as you mentioned, the iraqi president is now on board doing what he can in terms of diplomacy. a jet may have been flown from oman to tehran. these are indicators because their companion, sarah shourd,
6:31 am
who was released a year ago today, she was released in a similar circumstance, a jet was flown from oman to pick sarah up and then she was brought back to the united states a couple of days after that. it's worth noting in terms of timing, however, there's a holiday in iran friday and saturday. -- excuse me, today and friday so there are indications that if this is to go ahead, the two young men could be released on saturday. what has clouded the situation is events earlier this week where the ear arenaian president mahmoud ahmadinejad -- where the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said they would be released within days, then the clerics who control the courts said not only was the information wrong but he should have not been giving it out. these two, these mixed messages, are some of the indications we get a year ago when sarah was released. so it's copying a play-by-play. and that's what's made people hopeful now that we may see these two men return before ahmadinejad returns to the
6:32 am
united states next week. >> i was going to say. that seems to be probably a nice pr move on his part before he speaks to the u.n. why not release the two students and let them come back home and, of course, he will get a better welcome. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and president mahmoud ahmadinejad really needs this politically but we spoke to one of the lawyers yesterday and i said, well, is this really a song and dance? is this mixed message something that's being orchestrated out of iran? and he said, well, no. ahmadinejad isn't that well supported by some of the clerics. they want to make sure that when the decision is made, it's a decision that they do and ultimately, it resides with the supreme leader. so ahmadinejad would love to have these two men return to the you status just in time for him to go to the u.s. to address the u.n. general assembly next week. this would give him great political currency. it's not a dead certainty that the clerics will allow that to happen of the we are seeing a
6:33 am
power struggle in iran. >> thank you, charlie d'agata in london. 6:33 now. two people are dead after a fire aboard a cruise liner off the coast of norway today. nine other people are injured, most of them crewmembers. the coast guard checking reports that four others are still missing. the norwegian ship had 262 people on board many rescued from lifeboats. no word on what may have caused that fire on board that cruiser. 6:33. one of the top republican presidential hopefuls will be attending a fundraising event this morning in an unlikely place. heavily democratic marin county. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann is set to appear at the 9 a.m. event at a private home in san rafael. bachmann is a favorite among members of the tea party movement. the in most polls she is currently placing in the upper half among republican candidates. a big leadership shake-up in the giants organization and it's happening even before the end of the season that has been a disappointment for the giants
6:34 am
is and, of course, the fans, too. anne makovec is live at at&t park while the team gets ready for a big press conference coming up in short order. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no surprise the giants have not been as hot this year as they may have been in years past. but the shake-up at the top appears to be about the money as much drama does appear to be. bill neukom has only been with the team for a few years since the end of the 2008 season when he took over as giants managing general partner and chief executive officer. of course the team came into millions of extra dollars when the giants won the world series last year and neukom spent a lot of it on big contracts, players like aubrey huff and carlos beltran. reports say his free spending ways appear to have annoyed the executive committee of the giants ownership group. >> i don't think the executive committee was upset necessarily about exactly what he was spending it on but they wanted to be kept in the loop and some
6:35 am
of them ended up reading about some of the stuff in the papers or online or watching tv. and that did not make them happy. >> reporter: so giants president and coo larry baer is going to be taking over as giants ceo. he has been with the team since 1992. he helped push for the construction of at&t park. neukom is going to stay on as chairman emeritus in 2012. the giants planning on making this announcement later on this morning. it is earlier than they had wanted. it looks like they kind of had their hands forced by early media statement. they said "out of respect to the fans and the team, the organization had planned to announce the transition at the conclusion of the 2011 season." now, major league baseball also has to approve the deal but get this both neukom and baer both expected to be at the press conference this morning. i would say that could be a little awkward.
6:36 am
but we'll see. frank? >> yeah. that should make for some interesting words to be sure. now, neukom still owns a small percentage of the team. is he going to have to give that up or will he still own a small part of the giants? >> reporter: it will be interesting to see how things go forward. the giants say they still have the utmost respect for him. he is still going to be around. he is still going to be part of the board. but what role he will play remains to be seen. >> thank you. a price tag most students can't imagine. this morning university of california regents will discuss controversial tuition hikes. now, the board meets in san francisco in two hours from now. the goal is to come up with a multi-year funding plan that would depend on how much money the state will kick in. it would allow for tuition hikes for as much as 16% per year for the next four years. currently under grand tuition
6:37 am
is $12,000 -- undergrad tuition is $12,000. if this goes through it could be $22,000 per student within the four-year period. an actual vote won't take place until november at the earliest. repair crews are on the scene of an early-morning train derailment in downtown san jose. matt bigler explains the wheel of a vta light rail train went off the tracks near the children's discovery museum. good morning, matt. >> reporter: trains are moving now. the last train of the day was rounding the bend this morning around 2 a.m. when the front two wheels one of that carriage of wheels slipped off the tracks. passengers heard a rumbling and felt a rumbling sensation and then the train came to an abrulte stop. there were no -- an abrupt stop. there were no injuries. six passengers were taken off that train and put on another.
6:38 am
the derailed train was put back on the tracks and hauled to the main station where it's now being investigated. earlier, repair crews why checking out every inch of these tracks to find out if this was a mechanical malfunction or a vta spokesman says this could be operator error. >> the incident of the wheels coming off the track, it is a situation that is going to be looked at and it is under investigation. we are checking to make sure that there hasn't been major damage to the rails or the car. these incidents are not ee normal occurrence. >> reporter: vta does have a very good safety record and derailments don't happen very often for light rail. in fact, the last one that happened, there was a car that struck a light rail train forcing it off the tracks. we talked to some passengers this morning. they are concerned about what happened. but everybody we talked to said they are still going to ride
6:39 am
the light rail and they are confident that the safety will be maintained on the vta. that's the latest from here in san jose. back to you guys. >> matt, they are not expecting any more delays throughout the day, right? >> right. as i mentioned, service has been fully restored. it was restored shortly after the derailment. so that's not something to worry about. vta light rail service is normal as can be today. >> thank you, matt. 6:39 now. this is not a thursday light day for traffic. >> no. it's been really busy out there. >> it has been really busy. sometimes we have days like this. it all started with that vta derailment that you just mentioned then for a while the webster street tube closed due to an overnight accident. fortunately, things have been clearing quickly so nothing has create a huge hotspot but now word of a new problem at the bay bridge where we never like to see problems. it's actually a stalled motorcycle on the upper deck approaching treasure island. as you can see, we went from
6:40 am
light traffic to busy traffic. it is stacking up already out towards the eights eights overcrossing. problems at the san mateo bridge sluggish on southbound 880 from a street towards the westbound 92 exit. that is your traffic. let's get an update on your thursday forecast with kristy. >> thank you, elizabeth. outside now mild conditions but this afternoon, we are going to see very cool conditions well below average temperatures and probably going to need a jacket in a lot of parts of the bay area today. let's look at some of these highs that are unseasonal. san jose only to 70 today. morgan hill only to 74. santa clara not even breaking into the 70s today. now, antioch should be in the 80s or 90s, only at 76. livermore 75. same story for pleasanton and walnut creek. san francisco just breaking 60. hayward at 63 and sausalito at 59. full look at your extended forecast in just a bit buy for right now, back to you. 6:41. the big netflix price hike got people mad. this mornings the changes that the company is now making.
6:41 am
plus, one of the most controversial films of all time gets a modern makeover. "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem gives us his take on straw dogs. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick peek at the early numbers. and they are better than my voice right now. they are up across the board. we are going to talk to our man kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks and get the skinny on the markets when we come back. stay right there.
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if definitely feels like we didn't get summer this year. temperatures cool today cooler than yesterday. and all the bay area waking up to some gray this morning. cloud cover at the coast and inland. live look from the roof cam shows not looking to bright yet. we'll see some sun later on inland. temperatures this afternoon, definitely below average for september. seeing cool conditions at the bay and inland. not as noticeable at the coast but that's because we're not starting out too warm this morning. satellite showing us that clouds pretty much blanketing all the bay area right now and
6:45 am
some of those will linger in the forecast throughout the day. the reason that we're seeing these unseasonably cool conditions, sea breezes bringing cooler air through tomorrow, as well. northern california temperatures also below average for them after year. sacramento only at 85. redding into the 90s though today and about a 20% chance of some thunderstorms in lake tahoe and in yosemite for this afternoon. highs here look at this, not a single 80 on the map. only 70 in napa today, 75 fairfield, oakland 63, redwood city at 68. these cool conditions will continue as we make our way into friday. a little but the of a warmup for your weekend though, saturday and sunday seeing more sunshine and seeing that high pressure build in and monday, tuesday, wednesday, finally going to see some nice hot temperatures in those inland spots. that's a look at your forecast. elizabeth, still a mess on the roads? >> well, it's definitely busier out there.
6:46 am
conditions near the dublin interchange westbound and eastbound 580, headlights approaching 680. our earlier problem was a little farther west. on the maps, westbound 580 right there near the redwood road on-ramp we had an earlier accident with three chp units on scene involving a car and bicyclist. an ambulance was heading to the scene. the main lines of the freeway were not impacted but there were city street closures in the area. to the north bay, checking on the golden gate bridge traffic okay across the span but farther north up in novato actually southbound 101 right past the delong exit, just getting word of an accident there. apparently in the center divide. all right. looks like they are turning this bay bridge camera around. they tend to like to do this when i'm on air. they are spinning it around towards the incline it looks like because we have a stalled motorcycle and it's actually just past the tunnel. so if you are traveling westbound 80, it is stacked up beyond the pay gates.
6:47 am
it sounds like it's beyond the 880 overcrossing now. so by our next traffic hit we'll show you that it's crowded up the incline as well heading into san francisco. the san mateo bridge westbound 92 the commute direction. the bridge itself looks great but there were a couple of accidents on southbound 880 toward 92 and that really backs things up so traffic is slow from at least a street. and once again remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. 6:47. up employment claims up, consumer prices also up today, unemployment claims up. >> a check on the news impacting the market. we'll check in with jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a case where europe really is the prime factor for wall street this morning. we are getting a barrage of really weak economic reports. yet the market is moving higher because of moves out of europe. let's get to the economy
6:48 am
numbers first. on the job market really poor report. weekly jobs report surged by 11,000 to 428,000 four-week average also moving higher. it's the highest level it's been in three months. and it's even more disturbing was last week labor day factored in typically on short work weeks the numbers come down a bit. on the inflation front, yesterday we reported that wholesale side inflation was flat. but it looks like businesses are moving more of those costs on to the consumer. consumer side inflation rose almost a .5% although if you strip away gas and food it was up a more tepid .2%. but the core rate is up 2% in the prior 12 months. that's the biggest yearly increase in about three years. stock market however is pretty solid this morning after the european central bank in conjunction with several other central banks around the world including the federal reserve announced it's going to make more dollars available to struggling european banks that are trying to deal with that
6:49 am
debt crisis and the dollar is a lot lower against the euro and a weak dollar tends to help stocks. corporate profits over the past couple of years have done well because of overseas sales because of a weaker dollar and wall street is reflecting that this morning. right now the dow is up 77 points. nasdaq is gaining 12. the s&p is up by 7. netflix shares are down more than 13% after the company announced that it's got about 1 million less subscribers now than just a month ago. most of those losses coming in the dvd form, also some losses in streaming after the company raised its subscription fees for the dvd and streaming compensation this month. >> as expected. >> reporter: they knew it was coming and perhaps they didn't think it would be this big. a lot of other services are coming online to compete with them. it will be interesting. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and have a great day. >> reporter: you, too.
6:50 am
>> thanks. singing legend diana ross will be here in the bay area this weekend plus the much- anticipated movie being released tomorrow. liam mayclem is here from "eye on the bay" to tell us all the details especially about "straw dogs." scary stuff. >> yeah. a scary movie. i'm looking a little worn. i saw this film last night. i'm still disturbed. first, kate bosworth and james marsden star in a remake of a '70s b movie classic controversial film in its day "straw dogs." the story centers around a hollywood couple actress played by kate bosworth. she is amy and then the writer husband james marsden. they return to amy's roots in rural mississippi. and this is if you not original is a nasty tale about a disagreeable bunch of rednecks who brutalize the well-to-do city couple until the couple turn the tables on them. the film plods for the first hour, sadly by the time the action kicks in, you have already stopped caring. >> oh. >> the violence, gratuitous
6:51 am
over the top. the acting in places is wooden and some of the plot lines are just plain laughable. so i hate to say it, i rarely do this but spare yourself two hours this weekend. do something other. although frank you may like that scene. [ laughter ] >> you should have read the original from 1971. it starred dustin hoffman and susan george in the original roles. not a big fan of the film. i wanted to love it but just did not. so "straw dogs" gets one big [ noise ] from me. next up, let's talk about something happy, shall we? the complete second season of fox television's hit tv show "glee" is now on blu-ray dvd. i know you're fans. >> i'm a huge fan. >> love it. >> great music show. great acting. but this box set features a "glee" jukebox so frank you can singalong. >> there you go. >> plus some hijacked the scenes action including the making -- plus some behind the scenes action including the making of rocky horror show.
6:52 am
great show now on dvd. next up motown music legend miss diana ross continues her swing through the bay area last night. >> yeah at few went. >> she was there last night. friday golden gate theater but on saturday you can still get tickets for had guys. ma redskin center san rafael, a music leading edge -- marin center san rafael a music legend. touch me in the morning, miss diana ross, see her this weekend. next up, the annual concert. look at this cast of friends. dave matthews, tony bennett, many more. >> wow. >> tickets on sale tomorrow for this bridge school concert. it's a two-day affair. i have not missed this in 12 years. >> you have to love tony bennett. when you can put tony bennett and neil young on the same stage is it. >> the must see show this year. finally props to all those participants and pedalers including our lieutenant governor there he is gavin newsom. i'm glad they cut my legs off in that shot.
6:53 am
>> are you sitting down? on your bike? >> no, he was standing up in my biking shorts. big ride, best buddies all the way to hearst castle millions of dollars raised for those with intellectual disabilities and among those partying that weekend, well, he was riding and having an orange juice with me, there is he is captain sully at the big gala, maria shriver's gala night. what a cool guy he is. >> there is a reverence about him when you talk to him. i met him once. he is just amazing. >> humble with a capital h but we're signing you up for the ride next year 100 miles to marin. >> did you the whole thing? just 30 miles. >> the crutches that you came in on? [ laughter ] >> highlights from best buddies on "eye on the bay" coming soon and, of course, our big show on every monday through friday at 7 p.m. stay with us. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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[ male announcer ] everyday your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. very top of the organization. it's been a tough season for the giants on the field and off the field now, a big shake- up at the top of the organization. anne makovec at at&t park ahead of a giants press conference coming up. >> reporter: good morning.
6:57 am
it is a shocker. neukom out and baer in as head of the giants organization. these things are usually all about the money. bill neukom has been with the team since the end of the 2008 season when he took over as giants managing general partner and ceo. the drama began after last year's world series win brought in an influx of extra cash. much of it neukom spent as he saw fit and reports say his free spending ways appear to have caused some riffs with the executive committee of the giants owner ship group. they wanted to be a bigger part of the financial decisions. so it looks like giants president and coo larry baer is going to be taking over as giants ceo. he has been with the team since 1992 and pushed for the construction of at&t park. neukom will stay on, though, as chairman emeritus in 2012. he is also going to he remain a minor owner investor in the
6:58 am
team. press conference this morning at 11 a.m. we'll cover it for you throughout the day. >> thank you, anne. and it may be a little harder to get out of bed today because of the cloud cover and so cold. tough for a thursday. >> i wish i could deliver more warm for friday but it's going to be cool today and tomorrow. temperatures only in the mid- 70s inland today. but we are getting some sunshine, that's the glimmer of hope, only in the low 60s at the bay and mid-60s at the coastline. friday conditions peretti, warmer weather inland by the start of next workweek. any hope on the traffic front, elizabeth? >> we have spun this camera around to show the traffic on the incline of the bay bridge. it's stacked up past the pay gates to treasure island. i mentioned that motorcycle stalling out in one lane. that's cleared but just a couple of minutes ago we are getting a second stall on the upper deck. so this is not good news for the morning commute if you are
6:59 am
heading into san francisco. it is already backed up well into the macarthur maze. 880 through oakland, this is fine as you mac your way up towards downtown oakland. but -- as you make your way towards downtown oakland. bart has all trains on time. just a suggestion. >> just a thought. >> good one. >> hang out here in the bay area for 40 years... >> yeah. >> have you heard of it? >> thanks, elizabeth. that's our show folks. thank for tuning in. your next local update is 7:25. coming up on "the early show" the hpv vaccine the big issue in the gop debate. >> caption colorado, llc good morning, as rick perry hits the big city he dines with donald trump. the texas governor facing new questions for his support over the hpv vax seen and his ties to the company that makes it. why the issue is now front and center i


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