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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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strike here in northern california. dense fog has moved in along the coastline. what does that mean for your temperatures today? we'll talk about that coming up. three lanes blocked and a person now reported trapped in their vehicle. this is all happening along the peninsula. we'll have details in your morning commute coming right up. well, good morning, everybody. it is thursday, september 22. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 6 a.m. and we begin with a nearly 15- hour standoff in the east bay and it ends with gunfire. >> officers say they shot a man wanted for murder in richmond. stephanie chuang reports from san leandro. reporter: this whole thing started here on the 12000 block of central avenue at 10:00 yesterday morning when police got here with a warrant for mr. zerate's arrest. it began in the house in the corner behind us. again at 10 a.m. it is not his house. when they got here mr. zerate would not come out. the s.w.a.t. team actually then went inside the first floor of that home.
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he though continued to stay upstairs and refused to come down. it was not until 1:40 this morning that police say he came downstairs. he was carrying a rifle. as soon as s.w.a.t. officers saw that, one of the richmond police officers shot him. mr. zerate never fired his rifle that he had carried downstairs. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition but the latest we heard is that he is now in stable condition. he is the man police believe shot and killed a 30-year-old san pablo woman found dead at angie's bakery tuesday night. the owner discovered jensy romero's body in the bathroom as she was closing up. police believe there was a domestic dispute with the murder suspect, 42-year-old rafael zerate.
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she told friends he was stalking her when she broke up with him a few weeks ago. tragic incident. mr. zerate was the only one in the house when this all happened. we do not know his connection to the home. again, it's not his house. they also had to of course evacuate some of the surrounding homes. he is in stable condition at a local hospital. >> thank you. thousands of nurses plan to go on strike in less than an hour against dozens of hospitals here in northern california. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the good news is that the hospitals are still open today but a lot of things like elective surgeries have been cancelled. and operation will be downgraded to emergency care. at children's hospital in oakland this is the third time that nurses have gone on strike
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in the past year. management is getting used to this. but this today is going to be the biggest nursing strike in northern california history according to the union. 23,000 registered nurses are expected to stay off the job at 34 hospitals today including kaiser, summit and children's hospital here in oakland. they are upset about staffing, hours, benefits and healthcare costs. the hospitals are bringing in fill-in nurse it maintain service during the strike. >> the experience of this three years ago with the nurses union, and we are totally confident that we will get through this with no degradation in service or quality. >> ironically, this is a nurses strike over healthcare. >> i think what rankles many of the nurses is the ceo of sutter earned $4 million in 2009. and that differential between the administrative costs and
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what the nurses actually see is something that i think stoked the fires a bit. >> reporter: it's one of the litany of beefs really between the two unions involved in this strike. the hospitals are hiring replacement workers for five days even though the nurses only planned on striking one day, meaning that those nurse are going to lose a week's pay. and get this you guys. the nurses striking over some of the kaiser hospitals are on sympathy strike. they already have a contract. they are doing it in solidarity with other nurses. we are expecting the nurse to show up within the next half hour to strike. >> thank you. two hikers released from iran are resting in oman this morning but not before reuniting with their loved ones yesterday. [ applause and cheers ] >> pretty happy day. josh fattal and shane bauer embraced loved ones yesterday. they were found guilty of
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spying after they crossed into iran while hiking in iraq but a judge granted their release after oman paid a million dollars. coming up at 6:15, we'll have a live report on what is next for those two released hikers. the release comes as iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks at the united nations general assembly today. he is expected to talk about global management and a reform of the united nations. now, president obama addressed the assembly yesterday saying now is not the time to grant palestine's request for statehood. the president says an independent palestine need to emerge from peace negotiations with israel. the names of two fallen firefighters are going to be added to a san francisco memorial today. lieutenant vince perez and firefighter paramedic tony valerio were killed while fighting a house fire that june. their funeral was the largest in san francisco in six decades. their names will be displayed at the line of duty memorial wall dedication at the fire
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department's headquarters. 6:06, hopefully clearing up soon. >> i think we'll clear up nicely except at the coast. more fog there meaning we are going to keep the temperatures cooler at the beaches and probably just inside the bay. still, if you are headed around the bay area, watch out for dense fog thick at the coastline. and inside the bay the fog continues but that's going to break up to leave lots of sunshine by the afternoon. pretty impressive numbers, though, throughout the day. these are the average temperatures usually about 70 in san francisco, by this afternoon we are a little above the average. two degrees warmer at 72. in concord though check out that number. the average temperature is usually 84 for this time of the year. they are going to be 12 degrees above normal and it should be 14 degrees above normal at 98 degrees in livermore for today. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic and see how fog is affecting travel. >> we have had numerous accidents this morning. the worst is on the peninsula right now. it's in san carlos southbound 101 right around the holly
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street exit. there is a traffic alert until approximately 6:30 this morning. they have the three left lanes blocked. this is an accident -- started as a stall, then another car hit it. one person was reported trapped in the vehicle. sounds like they got out. this was a five car crash. and we are told that one lane should open soon but those two other lanes are going to remain closed until again close to about 6:30 this morning. traffic is backed up solidly to highway 92. we'll have more traffic coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. she found michelle le's body. just ahead why she is calling the discovery miraculous. >> plus, more progress for bryan stow. what he is now able to do. that's all coming up. ,, ,this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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amtrak guest rewards members earn double points this fall for any trip on amtrak. details at do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. convicted of killing of an - duty police officer more th0 years ago. troy last night, ab welcome back. the state of georgia has executed a man convicted 6 killing an off-duty officer more than 20 years ago. troy davis was pronounced dead an hour after the supreme court declined to intervene. his case drew large protest and international attention.
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davis' attorney says the conviction was based on flawed testimony largely recanted by witnesses. the family says justice has been served. the southern california woman whose dog found the boat of michelle le says it was more than a mere coincidence. carrie mcgonigle and her group joined the search operation in niles canyon saturday. she started the group after her own daughter was killed two years ago. she named her lab after her teen and last week the dog led authorities right to le's remains. >> she truly is a hero here and i have to say that it was amber and michelle guiding her. there is no real explanation for what she did. >> mcgonigle plans to train her dog for more missions. blood clots are the latest concern regarding bryan stow beaten after a giants-dodgers baseball game in los angeles. his family says doctors have found a few clots since monday when they removed a filter designed to filter out the
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blood clots. a speech therapist has been working with stow and he has been able to say simple things like his name, his kids names, with the help of a speaking valve. so some progress there. >> making a little progress. a little baby step. 6:12 now. they have been released so what's up next? ahead live report on the future for those two hikers released yesterday in iran. >> and no more wipeouts. how the mavericks surf contest is back on board.
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morning. that's after spending two years in an irn jail, accused of spyin welcome back. 6:15. those two cal hikers are free men this morning after spending two-plus years in an iranian jail accused of spying. charlie d'agata reports from london. the release comes in time for a high-profile visit. the timing smacks of political implications, doesn't it, charlie? >> reporter: well, you know, no matter how cut it, certainly the timing whether it was by accident or designed, their release yesterday is just ahead of mahmoud ahmadinejad's address to the u.n. general assembly later today. last week, by the way, he said that he was going to release these hikers himself or suggested that anyway, within a couple of days. and then the hard line clerics who actually run the courts say not only was that wrong but he had no business saying that in the first place.
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and we were just discussing with our producer, who is in oman where the hikers are now, whether or not they were aware of what was going on. and we were picking up some information. you know, you try to listen in on the arrival there at the airport last night. and it sounded like shane bauer's mother said you didn't even know what was going on. so maybe they weren't aware as the rest of us were that over the course of the past week, this to-ing and fro-ing is going on and their release is imminent. >> how about the million dollars? oman paid that. where does that come from? do get paid back? >> reporter: that's a good question. we are discussing that, too. legally, both shane bauer and josh fattal and sarah shourd, although they have been released each on $500,000 bail, they are not off the hook. they are still technically -- they have been found guilty. sarah shourd's case of illegal entry, the other two found
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guilty of spying. so technically, they are still on the hook in iran itself. as far as the money, it was put up as you said by the leadership in oman, $500,000 each for shane bauer and josh fattal and because this is a criminal case, the argument might be that the family would have to pay that bail money. they have not been freed under iranian law. they are simply free on bail. and yes, as things stand that money came out of the pockets of the leadership in oman. >> charlie, is there any indication -- now you mentioned before how the president ahmadinejad had said that he was going to release the hikers and the clerics said hang on a second. was there any implication or new details on why the clerics seemed to allow the hikers to be freed? at first it sounded like they weren't going to at all. >> reporter: yes. well, i guess what we're all walking around is the fact that any of these decisions would be bumped up to iran's supreme
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leader. so the clerics were probably and intentionally showing that they had control over ahmadinejad. we have to remember that mahmoud ahmadinejad may flex his muscles outside iran, but he has a lot of heat inside iran itself partly with these conservative clerics. so i don't think this was a political jostling where one was saying one thing and the other was saying the other intentionally. i think he had his own internal battles to deal with. ultimately the decision was made that the hikers would be released, again cynically we can look at the fact that iran is at the table, they will be speaking to people at the u.n. general assembly later today. it doesn't serve anybody, it doesn't serve iran's interests for this to continue. but analysts have already said, there's too much damage already done. if these guys were hiking, why would you take the men, charge them and then sentence them to eight years in prison? it doesn't make iran look good in the international forum. >> hopefully the two hikers had a good night last night. how could they not?
6:19 am
they are with family and hopefully soon to be back here in the states. charlie, thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. time to check in with lawrence. man, freedom! >> freedom. yeah. >> i want to know what they ate. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> like steak and potatoes. what are you going to have after that? >> what did they eat in captivity? ahmadinejad said they were treat like they were in a hotel. >> they looked thin. they will be eating good food now. we have changes in the bay area. some thick fog at the coast. watch on for that early on this morning. temperatures in the 50s, a few 60s as we we are seeing some patchy fog into the bay, as well. i think by the afternoon, that fog will be confined to the coastline mostly sunny inside the bay. temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. but you will notice some cooler weather approaching the coast. it will still be hot though in many of the valleys well into the 90s. so we are going to cool things down a bit as high pressure is now weakening allowing for that cool fog to spread onshore this morning. by the afternoon hours, it is going to be hot in the central
6:20 am
valley. 100 degrees in sacramento. about 99 in fresno. the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms as we head up towards yosemite, about 89 degrees in the afternoon. temperatures around the bay looking good. you're going to enjoy some nice summer sunshine again. 86 degrees in mountain view. 82 in san mateo. about 82 in hayward. east bay temperatures will be hot in spots. plan on 98 degrees in brentwood. about 98 in livermore. 96 degrees in pleasant hill. as you look towards san francisco, we are expecting temperatures there into the 70s and then it looks like out toward the coastline it will be cooler mainly into the 60s but you get the idea, we are going to cool things down slowly, especially inland. it's going to stay hot there for the next couple of days. it will take until the weekend before things really begin to cool down over the weekend. that's when those temperatures bottom out late sunday. warming up monday and tuesday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and if you are a mass transit rider if you ride amtrak, capitol corridor line, there are slight minor delays this morning between emeryville and oakland's jack london square
6:21 am
station. these are some live pictures actually from sacramento from our sister station kovr. so that capitol corridor line apparently there was some sort of obstruction on the tracks very early this morning. so again, they are saying minor delays from emeryville to oakland's jack london station. elsewhere, we still have this traffic alert along the peninsula, southbound 101 blocking up to three lanes. this was an injury crash, southbound 101 just past the holly street exit. unfortunately because this traffic alert has been there for a while now traffic is jamming up it looks like past hillsdale boulevard. so this is going to be a slower- than-usual ride. you can see one of our sensors picking up 10 miles per hour. they hope to get the lanes reopened by 6:30. but in the meantime, a long line of slow traffic even from beyond -- well, looks like from just past the highway 92 exit. that's where our sensors start to pick up some slowing. more delays at the bay bridge toll plaza now. at last check, the metering lights were still off but you can see delays are growing now in pretty much all lanes.
6:22 am
not too bad though. actually lighter than typical for this time of the morning just to about mid lot so maybe five-minute wait to get you on the span. then overall not a bad ride into san francisco. an earlier fog advisory for the bay bridge has been completely cancelled. but obviously fog still a story this morning. you can see it across our golden gate bridge camera and thick fog reported from petaluma all the way down into novato and once again from the waldo grade across the span of the golden gate bridge. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22. prohibition is over! the popular drinks that are finally legal for bay area bars to serve. and in just a couple of hours a meeting of the minds over facebook's future. how it could really change the way you use social media. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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up in arms... about a new se planni welcome back, 6:25. some merchants and parents in oakland's lake merritt area are up in arms about a new store planning on moving in. the store is called good vibrations. it specializes in sex toys, videos and book. it's a storefront on lakeshore avenue. the city planning commission is meeting about that issue tonight. could get "interesting." bottoms up after almost a centuries, sangria and other fruit infused alcoholic drinks officially back on the menu in california. recently violators have been fined $250. yesterday the governor signed a bill that reversed that law. the goal is to help small
6:26 am
restaurants and bars who can sometimes make up to $400 a day on infused alcoholic drinks. who knew? from bottoms up to surf's up. >> there's been somewhat of a rebirth for the mavericks big wave surf contest. tonight a permit will likely be approved for a newly formed organization that will operate the event. now the group includes the co- founders jeff clark. there had been some leadership changes and disorganization surrounding last year's mavericks event. hopefully, they will be able to get it together. it's amazing to watch these guys. >> look at those waves. are you kidding me? anyway. 6:26. coming up it's one of the hottest tickets in the tech world. the big plans facebook is revealing today. plus, the most wanted man in san jose is now crying in court. this morning, why a suspected murderer may have more victims. we're live in san leandro where a 16 hour standoff ends with police shooting the suspect in a richmond murder. all the connections there and
6:27 am
the very latest coming up. >> and they are lining up the picket signs for the largest nurse strike in northern california history. coming up, we are going to hear from one of the strikers live. ,,,,,,
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the federal reserve predicted the economic slump could last for years. your live moneywatch report coming up in 15 minutes. they don't look very excited. hopefully the market will come up a little bit because it was down 200 plus points yesterday. >> they just walked off. they are out of there. >> enough of this stuff, right? good morning, it's thursday, september 22. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. we want to get you out the door with some good weather and hopefully not a lot of traffic. >> lawrence would never walk out on us. >> never! >> he loves us. >> yeah. no, just kidding guys. we have a great day coming your way. we have some dense fog around the bay area this morning. watch out for that. temperatures running in the 50s coastside with even some drizzle there. 60s though in parts of the south bay. we'll have more on your weather coming up in a moment. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we still have this traffic alert in effect along the peninsula in san carlos southbound 101 just near the holly street exit. but chp says they hope to reopen those three left lanes here very shortly. we'll let you know when they do coming right up. thank you.
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6:31 your time. nearly 16-hour standoff in the east bay ends in gunfire this morning. officers shot a man wanted for murder in richmond. stephanie chuang has the latest from san leandro. >> reporter: good morning. here in the 12000 block of central avenue, the scene is pretty much clear now. this is where there was a lot of activity starting at 10:00 yesterday morning. this is where both san leandro and richmond police came looking for a richmond murder suspect, 42-year-old rafael zerate. it is not his house. but this is where they found out he was staying. the s.w.a.t. team came and tried to coax him out of the house. he refused to come out. this lasted for 16 hours sometime in between the s.w.a.t. team actually went inside to the first floor of the home. but zerate stayed upstairs. finally it was before 2:00 this morning police say he walk downstairs. however he was carrying a rifle. and that is when a richmond police officer shot him. zerate never find the rifle. he was in critical condition now in stable condition. all this of course very nerve
6:32 am
racking for neighbors. we spoke to a woman who lives a few doors down. >> it was a little bit scary. i even closed down my windows and stuff in the kitchen and everything because i got, oh, no if someone gets out and i'm going to you know... keep my windows down so they don't come get in here. >> reporter: police believe zerate shot and killed his 30- year-old ex-girlfriend, jensy romero, of san pablo, in a domestic dispute. she was found dead at her richmond workplace tuesday night. the owner of angie's bakery & restaurant discovered her body in the bathroom. officers say romero complained that he was stalking her after she broke up with him a few weeks ago. he was the only one in the house when police got here. we don't know his connection to the house yet but we know that he has an extensive criminal history according to police, also several warrants for his arrest actualfully alameda county. so not a new face i guess for
6:33 am
police around here. thousands of nurses will walk off the jobless than a half hour from now. anne makovec joins us from oak to explain who all would be affected. good morning, ann. reporter: business will go on generally as normal at many of the bay area hospitals that are going to be experiencing a strike today starting at 7 a.m. here at children's hospital in oakland. strikers are starting to show up. it will affect 34 hospitals including kaiser, summit and
6:34 am
children's hospital in oakland. the hospital is bringing in fill-in nurses for the strike. this registered nurse is here with us live this morning. i know that you guys have some beefs here at children's hospital. but we have so many hospitals involved in two different unions. what is the universal message here on this day. the message is that nurses are standing up for our patients's rights and our own rights. the employers are demanding severe cuts in wages and benefits for all healthcare workers despite the fact that sutter, kaiser and children's are doing fine financially. >> reporter: and they are saying that they are strapped for cash at this point and that they are trying to make a move that would save them some money. >> that's not the case for sutter and kaiser. here at children's they are demanding a reduction in our benefits that would make it prohibits prohibitively for us
6:35 am
to bring our children here for care. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: what do you say to parish who see you outside making noise -- what do you say to patients who see you outside making noise? >> it's difficult. i left my shift this morning and nurse will be walking out this morning. it's difficult to say good-bye. it's only for one day. we are attempting to work on safe staffing, as well. > >> reporter: i want to read a statement in sutter one of the many health organizations that are dealing with this strike today saying, quote, the union has rejected virtually every contract change proposed by our hospitals to improve efficiency and help make care more affordable. the union's contract commands ignore economic realities today and will increase the cost of healthcare. that was from sutter health, one of the many systems affected by today's strike. you just heard the nurse mention they are only planning on a one-day strike. some of the hospitals are manage for a five-day strike --
6:36 am
planning for a five-day strike because that's how they needed to contract with the nurses, the fill-in nurses that they brought in from all over the country. so tomorrow could be an interesting showdown as well as some of the nurse try to come back to work and they are locked out by the hospitals. >> is there any indication from the hospital side that the strike could be effective and they may give back to the nurses? >> reporter: we are talking about several systems involved here. the general word is that the systems say they are open to negotiations and that negotiations will continue. as far as anything really changing because of this strike, that's up in the air. >> thank you, anne makovec live in oakland. we just heard a little bit. dow is down over 300 already right out of the chute. so tough day. >> down almost 300 yesterday, as well. >> right now some tough sledding there. we'll have a live report in that in short order but first a little weather from mr. lawrence karnow.
6:37 am
>> yeah. numbers down a little bit, too but that may be okay. it's been hot around the bay area. looks like those temperatures will be coming down more low clouds and fog moved into the bay. so pushing further inland means our temperatures are going to be dropping off just a bit. still, we have some dense fog out at the coastline. some of the fog making its way into the bay but mostly the valleys are clear right now. by the afternoon, sunny and getting warm in spots even hot inland about 96 in morgan hill 88 in santa clara and 89 in san jose. as you as you make your way to the east bay hot temperatures well into the 90s there. as you approach the coastline those numbers cooler and comfortable 72 degrees in san francisco. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. check out this live picture now conditions at the bay bridge. they turned the metering lights on. it's busy behind the pay gates back up in all lanes, cash and fastrak lanes, it looks like to the first overcrossing, about the west grand so looking at maybe 10 minutes to get you on the bridge. elsewhere this traffic alert is still in effect. they were hoping to have all
6:38 am
lanes reopened by 6:30. that's not the case. they still have three left lanes blocked southbound 101 near holly street in san carlos so again traffic is really stacking up from at least highway 92. consider 280 as an alternate until they get the traffic alert cleared. back to you. >> thank you. police believe one man is responsible for killing people there and leaving a wake of devastation all around san jose. a day after a tearful arraignment, the recent actions of suspect paul castillo are still being investigated. kcbs radio's matt bigler reports on the search for more potential victims out there. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, it looks like this crime spree that we have been talking about actually started a week before previously believed. on september 6, according to court documents is when it actually began. that's when paul ray castillo allegely stole a car and then the next day, he committed an armed robbery stealing a man's wallet, phone and jewelry. then all that before castillo
6:39 am
last friday allegedly shot a man in a willow glen gas station and kidnapped and killed vietnamese talk show host cindy nguyen. prosecutor james leonard says 393-year-old castillo could face the death penalty. >> he is looking at life without the possibility of parole or potentially the death penalty if you make that decision plus an additional 230 years to life. >> reporter: castillo, who cried uncontrollably in court yesterday, that's the video you see there, is on a 15-minute suicide watch. meanwhile, san jose police are still work the case trying to track down the proprietors of a local pot club. apparently they helped castillo escape at least for a time. he was later tracked down in west sacramento. but the one person they are still looking for is the manager of the pot club in san jose. and they would certainly like to talk to him as soon as possible. again, the big news this morning, the crime spree that has been in the news quite a
6:40 am
bit started a week before previously believed. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. >> thank you. 6:40 now. later today iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad will address the united nations general assembly. now, the middle eastern leader is expected to speak on global management and reform at the united nations. his speech comes in the middle of a palestinian push for statehood a move the iranian president supports. his address comes one day after the two hikers were reunited with their loved ones. josh fattal and shane bauer ran into the arms of their loved ones yesterday. a court found them guilty of spying after crossing into iran while hiking in iraq but a judge granted their release after the oman government paid a million dollars to release them. they will spend the next few days in oman to rest before coming back to the united states. >> i bet they slept well last night. >> can you imagine?
6:41 am
2.5 years. coming up, new details about the release of the iphone 5 and facebook plans a face- lift. how it could change the way you use social media. plus this. [ tires screech ] >> she has a little need for speed. how a bay area granny got her birthday kicks on the racetrack. coming up. >> and the market opened about 11 minutes. dow down nearly 300, nasdaq down 59, s&p down 27. we are in the red. we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more fog pushing further onshore this morning. a sign that things beginning to cool down just a bit. looking out over the bay bridge right now, pretty gray out there. dense fog at the coast and drizzle at the beaches. that's how we start the day gray early on. 50s and 60s. still, got mostly clear skies inland. hot this afternoon in the valleys. temperatures in the 90s. 70s and 80s around the bay. and 60s with that patchy fog out toward the coastline. so we'll cool things down coastside. maybe just inside the bay it
6:45 am
will still stay hot inland as the ridge is too strong to let the cool marine air move inland. so we are going to watch the temperatures drop off over the next few days. it will take until the weekend before we cool down. hot, 100 degrees in sacramento today the with isolated thunderstorms in yosemite and 89 there. 99 fresno. 66 monterey bay. we are looking good here as we'll see plenty of sunshine inside the bay. about 84 in union city. about 88 in cupertino. 65 though some patchy fog into half moon bay. the east bay temperatures again going to be hot. plenty of 90s showing up in toward the afternoon. even 90s in the napa valley. 97 fairfield and 98 degrees in brentwood. as you get inside the bay you will see 70s into oakland, mostly sunny skies. it should become mostly sunny in san francisco but cooler today at about 72. and about 63 a little gray at stinson beach. next couple of days we'll watch those temperatures cool off slightly but more cooling over the weekend. even partly cloudy skies as a weak disturbance slides in come
6:46 am
sunday. numbers bottom out then. then as we head in toward next monday and tuesday, we start to warm things back up. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> let's talk about the fog. we could really see it. it's blanketing the span of the golden gate bridge this morning. check out this camera behind me. especially as you come right into san francisco, yeah, visibility going to be an issue even though no official fog advisory has been issued. there was one overnight for the bay bridge but they cancelled that just before 6:00 this morning. we are still dealing with a traffic alert along the peninsula. we have seen a number of accidents this morning. not sure if fog is contributing to that. three lanes are blocked southbound 101 at holly street. around 6:30 that was the anticipated time of opening. but obviously we passed that now and our delays are continuing to grow backing up beyond highway 92 and speeds are really getting slow past the accident scene. about 11 miles per hour so apparently there was debris scattered all over the roadway for a while and there were
6:47 am
injuries reported. now getting word of a new problem in the south bay. the saratoga off-ramp remains closed from northbound 280. it sounds like a person is reportedly trapped inside the vehicle. so they are using emergency crews to help get him out. they have completely shut down the off-ramp. the main lines of the freeway out of downtown san jose look okay. but maybe a little bit of slowing again near saratoga because they do have that off- ramp completely shut down. busy morning at the bay bridge. apparently it's already stacked up to the macarthur maze not even 7:00 yet. so busy in all lanes fastrak and cash lanes. also, if you are coming down the eastshore freeway, we noticed our drive times started to get slow. westbound 80 before san pablo dam road, there's an accident there apparently blocking one lane. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. it's shaping up to be another ugly day on wall street. jason brooks with kcbs and joins us with the latest numbers and the big
6:48 am
shake-up rumored to be happening in palo alto. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: the bears are growling around the globe. the fed got it all started yesterday with operation twist where they are shuffling their short term holdings into some longer term holdings which would put interest rates pressure them lower on longer term loans like 30-year mortgages although they are at record lows. it's very uninspiring move as far as wall street was concerned. the fed also mentioned europe for the first time saying that global financial conditions are a significant downside risk to the u.s. economy. there are other economic pressures coming out there. we are getting fresh manufacturing reports out of the eurozone and from china that are showing weakening growth. china in particular is concerning because while u.s. and europe have struggled along trying to come out of recession, china has been the real economic bellwether out there, really showing strong growth and the rest of the world has depended on that. if china slows down that will have a ripple effect here in the u.s. as well as in debt-
6:49 am
stricken europe. word that unemployment claims fell last week slightly but at 423,000, the level is too elevated. big sell-off as a result. dow lost 284 yesterday. right now blue chips are down another 350 points. well under 11,000. nasdaq falling 74. s&p down by 35. hp shares are coming back to earth today. they spiked 7% higher yesterday on reports that the company's board is looking atoussty ceo leo apotheker and replacing him with former ebay ceo meg whitman. hp has had tremendous shock over the last year, apotheker taking over for mark hurd. shares cut in half this year and it shocked the world when it said it was spinning off its legendary pc business. investors were happy that they are looking at potential move with apotheker but mentioning whitman didn't get anybody excited this morning. and hp shares right now are down about 4.5%.
6:50 am
>> well, we still have time. >> that's a positive way of looking at it. we'll see if the market turns around. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >> time to check what's coming up on "the early show" with chris wragge live in new york on a thursday morning. good morning. >> frank, grace, good morning to the both of you. coming up on "the early show," shifting jobs overseas. one major american car company is expanding in china. our rebecca jarvis is there this morning to see what it means for workers in this country. is big brother watching? we'll look at the real technology behind the new cbs drama person of interest that premieres here this evening on cbs. that and more on "the early show." >> did you talk to jim caviezel? >> maybe. >> what do you think, you like him? >> yes. >> that's were asked. >> frank, you're a big fan? >> i'm speechless.
6:51 am
"the early show" starts at 7:00. >> bye, guys. facebook plans on adding music, movies and some more to its social networking experience. ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to announce new partners at today's conference in san francisco. the goal to make facebook more social for users as they share some of their music, tv shows and other media. the company hopes they can make more money and users spend a little more time at their site. and if you are in the market for a new iphone, wait until next month. a "wall street journal" blog reports apple will release the iphone 5 sometime in october. it was the same version of the phone that was lost at a san francisco bar earlier this summer. you may recall. noticeable difference with the iphone 5's announcement will be new apple ceo tim cook. he is taking over the reins for steve jobs. >> apparently how it came out, al gore slipped up in a speech in africa. he is on the board. ist like oh, yeah when the iphone comes out next month. >> there you go. this little old lady isn't
6:52 am
from pasadena. >> but she certainly fits the classic lyrics. check out the 85-year-old lillian. she celebrated her birthday with a drag race in her hot ford focus station wagon. [ laughter ] >> the rohnert park resident got up to 76 miles per hour. she won the race on the quarter- mile track because she knows how to put the pedal to the metal. >> revving it up in a ford focus. in a few minutes thousands of california nurses are about to walk out from their jobs. >> a live report on what they want and how bay area hospitals will be affected. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas.
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i think it's more than that. i think that you care about me. you're a good friend. best friends? um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you. care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. ow. [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. dozens of hospitals in nortn california anne makovec is in us know which hosp thousands of nurses will strike against dozens of hospitals in california at 7 a.m. anne makovec is here to let us know which hospitals will be affected. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at children's hospital in oakland. this is one of 34 hospitals being affected by a huge strike today. you can see some of the nurses gathering here behind me. they have their signs. they have been getting ready for days. and they say here at this
6:56 am
hospitals, there will be several hundred picketers walking the lines throughout the day. this is expected to be collectively the biggest nursing strike in northern california history. 23,000 registered nurses are expected to stay off the job at 34 hospitals today including kaiser, summit and here at children's hospital in oakland. they are upset over raises, workload and staffing, sick days and health care benefits. the hospitallings are bringing in fill-in -- the hospitals are bringing in fill-in nurses so it won't affect normal hospital operation. some electsive surgeries and procedures are postponed until next week. the nurse that they are bringing in from all over the country are being hired for five days. the nurse are striking for one day. tomorrow it could be interesting when the nurses try come back to work whether or not the hospitals will be locking them out. again the strike starts here in a couple of minutes.
6:57 am
you will notice it at hospitals all over the bay area. frank and grace? >> thank you. a 16-hour standoff in san leandro ends in a shooting. police say they shot a man wanted for murder in richmond. he was holed up inside a san leandro house until 2 a.m. he walked out of the residence carrying rifle and an officer shot him. 42-year-old rafael zarate is in stable condition. investigators say he shot and killed a 30-year-old woman in richmond. they say the two were involved in a prior relationship. and the two cal hikers who are jailed in iran are now with their families. josh fattal and shane bauer flew to oman yesterday after spending two years and two months in prison. both deny the spying charges filed by iranian prosecutors. boy, what a night they must have had. >> i wonder what they had for dinner last night? >> must have been fantastic. >> i don't know if oman has burgers and fries. >> i bet it was good. hey, weather-wise, we're
6:58 am
looking okay today, huh? >> yeah, a little more fog around the bay area but we have some sunshine in parts of the bay area. how about that. the sun just coming up from the mount vaca cam and you have nice clear skies in the interior and that's where it's going to be hot again. still, temperatures soaring into the 90s. inside the bay you will find some 70s and a few 80s. at the coastline, though, that fog likely to stick around and temperatures much cooler into the 60s. it will take until the weekend until we cool things in the valleys but then we bottom out on sunday warming up next monday and tuesday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. we have had numerous accidents so far this morning. a new one now just reported westbound 80 past san pablo dam road. there's actually two accidents reported in that same area. we took a call from big jim at the kcbs phone force. it's stacked up. thank you, big jim. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is already stacked up towards the macarthur maze. unfortunately, that accident approaching san pablo dam road is growing your drive time for a half hour from the carquinez bridge to the maze on westbound
6:59 am
80. elsewhere all lanes are once again reopened along the peninsula. traffic alert is now cancelled. southbound 101 just past holly. and i was going to show you the fog on the golden gate bridge but it is very foggy out there. >> been there, done that. >> been watching the last half hour, you know. >> big jim. >> he named himself. probably did. >> we get some unusual names to the kcbs phone force. >> thanks for calling. >> keep calling us. >> yeah. we're out of time, folks. thank you for watching cbs 5 "early edition." the next local update 7:25. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. convicted cop killer troy davis is put to death overnight after the supreme court votes unanimously to let the controversial execution move forward saying justice was


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