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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nguyen. this isn't about marketing it's our company showing support for sharks. >> a tempest over a t-shirt. a season ticket holder threatened to lose his seats over a logo. >> the bay area's hells angel who died and the city of spark is under a state of emergency. a winner in the florida draw poll. good evening. sense offer ship at the shark tank, a season ticket holder is being threatened with ejection over what he wears. >> shark fans who watch their team on tv got plenty.
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gleams of the bench and -- glimpses of the t-shirts it's our company showing support for the shark -- our company is involved in 200 charities and each event we wear our t- shirts. >> as of this game, the free tv exposure is supposed to end. i received a letter from the council of the sharks said if i tried to go in with my t-shirts i will be recorrected and my tickets confiscated. >> that's $20,000 worth of the season tickets from a guy that has sold season tickets. >> this year he canceled the ads. >> this comes three days after we informed them we were no longer going to sponsor the sharks for this season.
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>> but the sharks in a statement handed out before the game say the purpose of the policy is to protect the investment of it's corporate sponsors. stanley insists it's a first amendments on issue aimed at him. >> t-shirts from google, oracle, nike, adidas, you will find out half the arena will not be full. >> stanley wearing his t-shirt walked into the shark tank, showed his ticket and mace hits his way to the seats. he loves the shark but he will go to court if that's what it takes. a head of the san jose chapter of the hells angels has been killed in sparks nevada
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during the motorcycle event. more than 20 shots were fired in a confrontation between rival motorcycle gangs. 87ry pettigrew was -- jeffrey pettigrew was killed when you have people enter our city with bad intentions bad things will happen. >> the mayor of sparks declared a state of emergency and canceled the rest of the event in the city. there's fears of retaliation and a drive-by shooting outside the hotel casino was that. a massive outage for los angeles cell phone. a thousand towers are out of order. no word on how many customers are affected, many have teen to twitter to complain. first weekend of fall and things are changing. let's check in with jim
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bernard. >> a chance of rain tomorrow. we see cooler temperature around the bay today, 10 to 20 degrees of cooling and a chance of rain creeping into the picture as well. as we see the futurecast expectations of rainfall moving north to south. on the light side. this is leftover tropical typhoon moisture, probably the one day event and clear out by monday morning. the skies will clear and warm into next week. tomorrow chances of light showers, we'll take a closer look in the complete forecast. thank you. a surprise winner in the florida republican candidate, her man kane was on top -- herman kane. what victory means. >> his name is herman kane,
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he's running for president and won the florida g.o.p straw poll in an upset. >> some people are spreading the rumor that i can't win, well i tell you what, that might be what they think, but the american people have a different idea. kane, a 65-year-old businessman from georgia doubled rick perry, 37% to 15%. mitt romney had 14% and michele bachmann 1 1/2%. >> kane was winning florida, romney and perry were in michigan speaking to the g.o.p faithful. >> in washington people don't understand america. the president and the people around him think that government is what makes us great. they are wrong, it's the people of america that made us great. there may be slicker candidates and smoother debaters, i know what i believe in. i'm going to stand on that belief every day.
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i will guide this country with a deep rudder. >> many have said the straw poll won't do much to change the candidates position nationally, they may have to rethink their position. herman kane in 2012. now that herman kane has won in florida. president obama arrives in the bay area tomorrow, he'll be making two stops for fund- raisers at the silicon valley executives sunday night, monday morning a town hall meeting in mountain view. the president's sagging popularity is not reflected here. his approval rating tops 50% in the bay area. the two cal graduates in iran for two years are on the way home tonight. they spoke to press before
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leaving amman. >> two hours after we left prison we were able to swim in the calm waters of the gulf. we stayed up all night with our loved ones, and we watched the most beautiful sunset. >> they thanked officials for helping to secure their release and said they hope to return to the country. checking bay area headlines, a sunny veil mother is held on suspicion of killing her baby. she was arrested threatening to jump over an overpass. minutes before her son was found unresponsive. an autopsy will determine how the baby died. a high-tech way to avoid being towed. david wants to create an early warning app to warn people when the car is about to be towed.
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towing is not a big moneymaker for the city. alameda county diners may tell at a glance if the restaurant is clean. new placards will be in the window, the idea comes up for discuss tomorrow. a lifelong richmond resident is dead hit by a car while sitting in his wheelchair. the family searches for answers and the police search for the driver. >> he was just kind of like a free spirit. all over the town. jim cox is talking about his brother dave who was hit and killed last night. >> dave is gone, it's all over with. there's a flower memorial at the intersection with 34th street today. >> i saw his body on the ground
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with the wheelchair 30 feet away from his body. she says after the driver hit cox from behind, he took off. >> he dried -- tried to drive forward, the wheelchair was stuck in the bump. he reversed the car and turn. >> it could have been an accident. the fact that the person failed to stop after hitting the victim makes it a crime at this point. it's a felonyhit-and-run. >> being in a wheelchair he was energetic. he loved life. he spent his life in that chair. his nerves can't go into his legs. >> jim cox lost his leg, dave had been coaching him.
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dave had the flag on his wheelchair, he all the criteria for running. it's just that it's a crazy thing to happen. police are looking for an older model black lexus, it probably has front-end damage from the crash. they are offering a $10,000 reward. >> i can't understand the guy just driving off. i don't understand that. in richmond. cbs 5. an exhibit of children's art is canceled. how supporters picked a new venue for the show. >> cries of protest inside and outside school, what's behind it and the looming deadline that students cannot miss.
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show could be labeled propaganda -- and cancell . >> is. >> hard to believe a children's art show could be labeled propaganda and canceled. the art was moved to the
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sidewalk outside the museum of children art today. several jewish organization protest the show featuring art work of palestinian children. who are they to say a exhibit of children's art should be modified this is a one sided hamas propaganda show. >> after a display outside the museum they were moved into a gallery. >> hundreds of oakland families are not happy. the district released the list of five elementary schools it wants to close. lakeview, santa fe. the list is based on neighborhoods where the fewest children are attending the schools. the announcement came hours after the grand opening of
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oakland high school refurbished campus with a state of the art health clinic. we have 101 schools, we have to be able to manage the resources better to serve the children better. the district says the goal is to create more campus a full service community school. no vaccine, no school. the deadline arrives this week. at south gate high school in los angeles it's a painful start to the new year. under pressure to comply with a new man date, nurses are doling out shots as fast as they can. >> all the high school and 7th grader and eighth grader needs a shot to protect against whooping cough, which has made
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a comeback in california and 10 infants died. >> at times we felt helpless. >> over the summer ads urged parents to vaccinate the kids before the start of school. thousands have not complied. in sacramento kids are being yanked from class. they took me out of school for not having my shot? in berkeley 600 kids have to show proof they have been vaccinated or roll up their sleeves and get the shot. potentially a lot of kids will be told you can't go to school. in california we can't afford to lose any students. i worry about that. >> 40 states have passed laws requiring secondary school students to be up-to-date on the whooping golf advantage -- cough vaccine. the parents have to be
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convinced. >> in california parents can opt out of the mandate if they are personally opposed to vaccines. only a small percentage is expected to do so. we heard jim talking about the rain in the forecast, but there's a warmup in there. >> rain first as we continue with the cooling trend. dramatic cool down today. 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. it was a warm week out there, but fall is here as we see the onshore breeze prevails in the bay. we'll continue to cool through the day tomorrow with a chance of showers. as the weak cold front will cross the bay area. the warming trend on monday and continues through the week as we see quite a mix of weather the last few days. warm temperature last week, cooling down today from 10 degrees around the peninsula on
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the 20 degrees across the interior, a cooler air with an onshore push, today we saw thunderstorm activity across the southern mountains as we look at the satellite picture, we see that activity for the sierra. here's the moisture on radar. now the tail end will cross the bay area tomorrow and have some showers for the north bay and maybe a few sprinkling for the rest of the bay. we'll pick up some, less than a quarter of inch for the weather locations up north and taper off across the bay area. as we look for temperature on the cool side. mid-to-low 70s in the south bay, mid-to-low 60s on the peninsula and upper 50s on the beach. with the warmer temperature
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upper 70s. north bay a better chance of rain and cooler temps. upper 60s, low 70s to prevail through the day tomorrow. you see the shower is short- lived. it will be a one day event. leaving us with a warming trend that kicks off on monday and continues through the week. we're not done with india summer -- indian summer. >> something for everybody. >> thanks. the giants had to win, kim coil is here with sports. >> the giants try to avoid being eliminated from the playoff. could cal rally on their final drive and remain undefeated? your sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants are playing out the kim is here to break my heart. >> how will you break the news to your doctor. they will be devastated. they are adopt the raid error on niner -- raiders. the giants will play out the string, they will watch the playoff like the rest of us. you can turnout the lights the party is over for giants. parra hits a slow roller to second, mike fontenot runs into the umpire. 2 runs score, sums up the year for the giants. surkamp lasted 2/3 of an inning. mota didn't put out the fire.
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arizona scores 6 runs in the first, though pound the giants 15-2. kennedy picks up his league leading 21st win. former giant williams making the start for the angels. weeks ties it. three more hits tonight ups his average to .306. the angels answer with 3 runs in the sixth. his 23rd homer of the season the angels beat the a's 4-2. only two playoff spots remain that are up for grabs. the braves 2 games up for thard naturals. san jose state ran for a career high 209 yards and two touchdowns to lead the spartans as they beat new mexico state. cal has not won in seattle
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since 2005. opening drive for the bears, third and 20, deep in their own territory. allen is open and the sophomore receiver does the best. cuts it back to the outside and outruns three husky defenders for a 90 -yard touchdown. 2nd quarter, washington up 14- 10. price rolls right and takes the defense with him. that leaves jenkins with room to run. scores his second touchdown of the half. u dub up. the bears trailed 21-20 at the half. the two teams exchanged field goals in the 3rd quarter. it was washington finding the end zone in the four. got behind the bears, 70 yards later it's 31-23 huskies.
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polk had 135 total yards. maynard fines his brother. allen was huge all game. 10 touches for a career high. maynard threw for 349 yards, they wouldn't be able to finish off the drive. maynard overthrows allen for the goal. cal scores three points in the 2nd half as they lose the first game of the season. top ranked oklahoma taking on mississippi. jones throws for 400 yards. most the ryan broil. the sooners beat missouri 38-28 in their big 12 opener. second ranked lsu took care of west virginia. clemson handed florida state its second straight loss and arizona state beat usc for the first time since 99.
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third round of the tour championship. hits the flagstick and goes in for the eagle. he shoots a 6-under 64 to grab a share of the lead and joining him is hunter mahan, ending the round with a birdie putt to be in position to win the fedex cup and a $10 million prize. the raiders are ready for their home opener. what does hugh jackson remember about working with rex ryan? so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway
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see a very familiar face on the jets sideline... hue and rex ryan once worked together as assistant coache . when hugh jackson looks across the field he will see a familiar face. he and rex ryan worked to the as assistant coaches with the ravens. >> i was like his set-up man, i talked to all if quarterback before the game. i will keep everybody away from my quarterback before this game. rex is unbelievable personality. rex is a great coach and a great person. >> i'm also married to a supermodel. i happened to turn the page instyle magazine page 239. do we understand what i want to see tomorrow. the guys seem to like him and want to play for him.
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we had that in hugh jackson, hugh brings the fire, and i think we have the coach with swag and who likes to have fun. i don't know what they got, but i like what we got. you can see the raiders and jets tomorrow at 1:00. stay tuned after the game for all the highlights and reaction on the 5th quarter. it should be fun. are you going to be on the sideline. i'll be in the press box. if the weather holds true and it is wet, darren mcfadden could have a big day. barely wet. >> all right. well, they will have to throw the ball. >> the fact they will fill the stadium, that will give the raiders energy. this is a different team, the culture changed in oakland. they have not had a full stadium in a while. they believe they can win every game. they should have won in
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buffalo. they are mad for giving that away. >> we'll be right back. playoff
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