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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. thank you, mayor. i appreciate and accept your apology. >> first, the shush, now the slap, now an apology. it's not over. why the councilwoman says she is not dropping the charges
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just yet. we told her we loved her. we kissed her on her nose, her pink nose. we were all crying. >> their dogs got out of the backyard and were killed by police. why they say they had to shoot family pets. >> speech so slurred it's virtually unrecognizable. why this recording is such powerful evidence in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. good evening, i'm dana king. >> a city councilwoman says it's nice that the councilman sitting next to her, who slapped her hand apologized to her in front of everyone. >> it's not over yet. as the city councilwoman tells sharon, actions speak louder than words. >> after a polite nod to councilwoman carolyn ford, he publicly apologized. he slapped ford on the hand two
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weeks ago. >> don't hit me. >> don't shoosh me. >> this was truly uncharacteristic behavior on my part. i am deeply embarrassed by my action and i apologize to carolyn ford and to the citizens. going forward, no matter how passionate or heated the debate, i promise to conduct myself in a respectful manner that befits the office of the council member. >> thank you vice mayor kelly. i appreciate and accept your apology. >> assault charges against kelly, launching a police investigation. the police chief turned the case over to the district attorney today to decide whether to prosecute on battery charges. ford and fellow councilwoman had complained that councilmen had a history of heckling and belittling the councilwomen. the other council members called for civility after kelly's apology. >> they call on us to solving problems.
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>> i look guard to the real change that needs to happen on this council. >> i think it's time that we attempt to respect each other. >> this meeting is the first since the hand slapping. the mayor sat between her and kelly. some long time residents called the dispute juvenile. >> if you have an attitude that anything goes, the city council will push the envelope as far as they can and that comes to slapping. who knows, there will be pistols. >> how do you feel about all this? >> embarrassed and angry. >> after tonight, do we expect things to be polite? more civil? >> i don't know. >> despite the apology, ford says she's not ready to droll the criminal case against kelly. >> i want to make sure that this behavior stops before i withdraw the charge. >> now wants to see an action
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plan, for example, team building exercises are canceling, so council members can develop more respect for each other. she wants to keep the new seating arrangement. dana. >> sharon chin, thank you. we have breaking news tonight out of the east bay. a man has been found shot in the garage of the clubhouse of the east bay dragons motorcycle club on 88th avenue and international boulevard in east oakland. robert lyles is standing by live with the latest on this developing story. robert. >> reporter: 88th and international is still an accountive crime scene. allow me to step out of the way to give you a better vantage point of what is going on. oakland police shut down the entrance to 88th avenue and in fact corded off the street in that shutdown in two sections. all of their attention is being focused on the garage. that is where they tell me that they found an adult male shot
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several times. now, this garage is a particular attention because it is the garage of the east bay dragons. a very well known and well established motorcycle club here in oakland. at this hour, police are not saying if the man they found shot several times inside the garage is in fact a member of the motorcycle club. but as we slowly pan our camera back over, police are telling us that there were no members inside the main section of the eastbound dragons club. however, three or four individuals had been on the sidewalk just prior to us going live. some of them were talking about the individual being shot, saying it was a relative, but they are not speaking about exactly who was there. we are also receiving reports that there was a suspect, possibly the gunman running northbound here on 88th avenue. he had a black mask on. police are gathering information. we are going to stay on scene and get more information and bring it to you before the
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close of this newscast. that's the latest from east oakland, back to you. >> i know it's early in the investigation. last weekend, the president of the san jose hell's angels motorcycle club was shot and killed in a fight in reno. they were talking about retaliation. it involved a different motorcycle club. not the dragons. any connection at all that these might be connected? >> if there is a connection, police are not mentioning that right now. what they are saying is they are trying to identify the victim in this instance. he has been raced to highland hospital. police put out a call that they wanted additional police officers to head over to highland hospital believing that members of the motorcycle club would be following the ambulance to that location and quite possibly that could turn into a scene that warranted some kind of additional patrol. they are also not commenting on how many officers were sent to that location. again, focusing most of their
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attention on the garage here and the victim found inside. >> all right robert lyles with the very latest from oakland. thank you. a natural gas line ruptured and caught fire in the sacramento area. this is the intersection of river side avenue and curby way in roseville. it led to a strange sight. a 10 by 20-foot section of the street is on fire and the flames are growing. area businesses and homes have been evacuated. >> not any real chance of this thing going anywhere. there's always a remote chance it might find a pocket of gas underground and have a small explosion. i think it's a remote chance for that. >> the fire officials say they were at that site a year ago because of a small under ground fire. pg and e repaired it, but it's unclear if this leak was a result of that work. one family is asking, did police really have to shoot and kill their pet dog? it happened at lori meadows park in san mateo. kit tells us what happened.
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>> she was playing at lori meadows park yesterday afternoon when a pair of boxer puppies came out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground twice. >> i feel very bad for them, but they almost tried to kill me and my dog. and i felt horrified. >> she called her dad and he showed up with a stick. >> one dog jumped on my chest and then i punched him because they were going to bite me. >> is there a chance the dogs were being playful? >> no, because the attitude was very different of a social dog. >> policearrived and tried to tase one of the dogs. >> one started charging towards him and so they shooed him away with their sticks. as the dog started running away, the officer pulled out a gun and shot the dog. >> the officers were in fear for their safety. >> jordan died at the scene.
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bella was euthanized. >> we told her we loved her, we kissed her on her nose and hugged her. diego hugged her, we were all crying. we love both dogs very much. >> owner, carla torez says the dogs escaped. both were well behaved. torez wants them to retrain their officers. >> police work can be improved and this might be an opportunity for learning. >> and so no people were hurt and the owner, carla torez will not be facing any charges. she will be talking with a lawyer. san mateo police will be investigating and if they need to make changes, they'll take that into consideration. >> thank you. hundreds of people gathered
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in oakland tonight to remember slain nursing student, michelle lai. the memories shared among lai's friends and family. >> she waited five years to be accepted to nursing school, but michelle lai won't march with her class in december. >> we know she would be happy to know that so many people fought for her and never gave up on her. >> michelle, she is beautiful inside out. >> so more than 200 mourners lit candles refusing to be robbed of the opportunity to celebrate michelle lai's 26 years of life. >> michelle was my 26-year-old role model. she lived life as if she knew it would be short. >> lai's cousin and brother spoke to the crowd for the first time since the grizzly discovery of her skeletal remains ten dais ago. those who searched that day say they had to attend this vigil
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tonight. >> it means that we were successful in bringing michelle home. >> early this month, police arrested lai's high school friend after both women cell phones were traced to the canyon. lai's family and friends did not want to talk, but through their tears, who may be responsible was palpable. >> the pain will always sit like a rock in my stomach. michelle will never be embalmed. she will never be a nurse. she will never see her future. >> in oakland, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. coming up, some oakland schools are on the chopping block. what makes oakland unified different than any other district? >> chilling audio played in court. why prosecutors wanted the jurors to hear from the king of pop himself.
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five oakland schools are on the chopping block tonight. the district wants to close
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lake view, lazier, max well park and santa fe elementary schools. eight more could be merged. elizabeth cook on how a closure of a school is more than just the closing of a building. >> her daughter, victoria, attended lake view since she was two years old. today, she couldn't help but get emotional. >> police don't close my school. >> in a major cost cutting move by the district, lakerue is one of the five schools set to close by the end of the year. >> it is an eviction process. >> she joined hundreds of other parents to blast the district at a meeting tonight. >> we need to be smarter and more efficient about how we use our resources. >> oakland has nearly twice the number of schools than most districts in the state. the district says the closures will save oakland schools up to $2 million a year. >> what that does is cause it to spread our resources too thinly across the district and
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not serve children well. >> the district considered enrollment, building capacity, and ranking when deciding which schools to close. administrators say the students will be placed in schools that are higher performing than their previous school. inn ingrid is worried about the emotional toll on her daughter. >> you guys aren't good enough. and i don't want my child to feel like she's a number. she's not good enough. >> parents are still inside here at oakland high school voicing their concern to the board. they have been here for more than six hours. now administrators will make their final decisions on which schools are going to close over the next two to three years. they plan to shut down close to 30 schools. ken. >> tough all over the bay area. elizabeth cook in oakland, thanks. opening arguments began today in the trial of the doctor accused in michael jackson's death. >> prosecutors didn't waste
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any time today. ben tracy with why they let the jury hear there the king of hop himself. >> it was dr. murray's repeated incompetent and unskilled act that led to mr. jackson's death. >> in opening statements, prosecutor david called conrad murray grossly negligent. a doctor for hire willing to give michael jackson what he wanted to treat his insomnia. an overdose of the drug killed the singer on june 25, 2009. prosecutors played an audio recording dr. murray made weeks before jackson's death. they say the singer was clearly under the influence of something.. prosecutorred showed the jury
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this photo. michael jackson's dead body lying on a gernie. they argue he ended up there because of the course of two months, dr. murray gave him propofal almost every day. murray left the singer alone in his room. it's normally only used in a hospital. >> he left him there, abandoned him to fend for himself. >> dr. murray has admitted giving jackson propofal, but the defense says it was jackson who ultimately killed himself, while dr. murray was in the bathroom. >> michael jackson self- administered a dose of propofal that with another created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. >> defense attorney ed chernoff says it was too late for dr. murray to save jackson. >> he died so rapidly, so
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instantly, he didn't even have time to close his eyes. >> dr. murray who charged jackson $150,000 per month was emotional as his lawyers talked about his relationship. members of the jackson family were also in court, including his sister janet. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. all right ms. berta. >> highs across the bay area, 91 degrees in sonoma. i want you to take a good look at today's high temperatures. today in san francisco, 6 degrees above average. 8 degrees above normal and santa rosa had 90. tomorrow, even warmer for your wednesday. in addition to that, it's the spare the air day. we will have rain possible. at least certainly possible by sunday here in the bay area. but let's backtrack to that spare the air day.
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the most compromised areas will be east of the bay around the trivalley and high concentration of ozone in the atmosphere for the stan clara valley. let's get to the valley for temperatures for your wednesday. 94 degrees in morgan hill. jumping up to 89 in san jose. that's up 6 degrees in comparison to today. mid 80s. meanwhile, the hottest temperatures will be recorded and the brentwood area, 88 degrees. we veer around to the north bay. temperature wise into the mid 60s. 60s and 70s at the coast with the offshore flow. 90 degrees in petaluma. the first full week of autumn will be unseasonally warm through thursday. by friday, we'll see the temperature gradually go downward with increasing clouds. rain possible in the north bay, early on sunday, and then more probable on monday, tuesday for everyone. stick around, eyewitness news will return right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how did they build the bart tube under the bay? that's a couple of questions were asked all the time here. number one, why is the sky blue? number two, this question. how do they built the bart tubes under the bay? it's tonight's good question. you think of a tube as one long object. well it's not. it's cut into 57 different sections. roughly about a thousand feet, give or take. >> when it was finally opened in 1974, it was the longest submerged transit tunnel anywhere in the world. actually, two tunnels sitting side by side in a huge steel frame. >> basically trenched out the floor between san francisco and the east bay and took 57 sections and put them in the middle of the bay. >> divers working under water welded the steel sections together and pumped out the water. it took nine years to finish. the tube sits more than 135 feet below the surface at its deepest point and despite what you might think, it doesn't sit
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flat on the bottom. >> it goes up and down and left and right. you know, obviously you can't see it. no windows to show where you are, but sometimes if you are looking out at the train, you are sitting in the back of the train, you can see the train moving left and right. >> protect it from ships anchors. $40million seismic upgrade began two years ago and nearly complete. >> remember in the '89 quake, the bay bridge collapse? there were several thousand people in the tube during that quake who never knew there was an earthquake. that's how strong that is. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. ♪ sea bass... ♪
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home runs in the same game. and the red sox win 8-7. the rays and red sox remain tied in the wild card. it will come down to the last day of the regular season tomorrow. tony bennett tribute at the yard tonight. madison bundgaarder strike out nine. walked nobody in seven shutout innings. he'll finish the year 13 wins and 13 losses. two-run shot. the giants win 7-0. a's and mariners pitch the well. he went 7 shutout innings. josh willingham deep. that is his 29th home run of the season. this guy is going to be a big- time free agent. a's up 3-0. they win 7-0 tonight. long time executive, rick as team president and chief operating officer. he spent 36 years in the nba. he just resigned from the suns to move to northern california closer to his partner. he made news in may.
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he's the highest ranking openly gay man in proteam sports. >> as a special guy carrying a football for us right now. he's as good as there is in football. >> coach talking about darren mcfadden. the fact that coach's comments, mcfadden has been named the offensive player of the week. he rushed for 171 yards and 19 carries. scored a couple touchdowns and sunday's 34-24 win against the new york jets. and faces alabama this saturday, will will be facing his former boss. starts the top five. >> have a master versus patawan thing going on. >> what's a patawan? >> you have never seen star wars? >> i watched star wars 1 and after that, i watched empire strikes back. you didn't call me a bad name, did you? >> didn't think his first career home run would come like
11:31 pm
this. he gets the triple, he trips around third. look at, he is still going to get up and try for an inside the park home run. dana. >> oh, he's safe. >> number 3, prince fielder hit three home runs tonight against the pirates. count them. this guy look good in a giants uniform or what? the diamondbacks found themselves down 6-1. ryan roberts hit a walkoff grand slam. i hate those guys. they win 7-6. and number one, the rays stayed tied over the yankees because of plays like this. that is a triple play. yankee ball. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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newscast is tomorr always good one with st animals. david letterman is next with jack hanna. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with


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