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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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early-morning hours and trying to basically take over the place. it happened here at this valero station in walnut creek very early yesterday morning. it was six armed masked men that broke into this gas station here on ygnacio valley road at 3:30 a.m. police say they stole cash, drinks and cigarettes. then one of the robbers fired a gun at a customer who was pumping gas outside. police think this most reese isn't robbery may be connected to an attempted robbery 24 hours earlier. three masked hooded men busted into a 7-eleven in pleasant hill or morello avenue but in that case the clerk locked himself in the restroom and then tripped a silent alarm. the robbers just ended up walking out and they didn't take anything with them. the only clue police have right now is that they left that first robbery that i mentioned in a dark colored volkswagen. we have also heard of several similar robberies at other location in the east bay like
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antioch and it appears right now that all these law enforcement agencies are trying to get together to work on catching these guys. grace and frank? >> thank you, anne makovec in walnut creek. a new protest against foreclosure blight in the east bay. homeowners made a special deposit to oakland banks yesterday: i mean special. chanting protestors and security guards piled into the chase bank on fruitvale avenue leaving behind stuffed garbage bags at the banks and others. organizers bagged the trash at foreclosed homes. squatters are taking over abandoned oakland homes they say because banks won't take care of them. >> hey hey, ho ho, community blight has got to go. >> cbs 5 found four homes on 9th avenue all boarded up, two lined with trash outside. citibank and chase bank are not commenting on the protests. wells fargo released a statement. once we take ownership of
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foreclosed properties we work diligently to manage them in a manner that benefits the community until the home is sold to a new owner. stay out of the woods north of highway 20. that's the warning from the mendocino county sheriff's department for people in the mountains between fort bragg and willits. they used automated phone messages to deliver this warning just yesterday. it came after a state forensics lab confirmed that a fingerprint found in a burglarized cabin is that of aaron bassler. the 35-year-old is believed to have broken into other cabins in the area. one of them had a surveillance camera. and that camera took a picture of bassler carrying an assault rifle. >> everything seems to be that we arer some points closing in on him. >> i feel scared but i know that they're good at what they do but he is better at what he does but they will find him eventually. he's scared. >> bassler is wanted for two separate killings in august. the victims were matthew coleman and fort bragg city
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councilman jere melo. well, a bay state man is behind bars this morning accused of planning an attack on the nation's capital. undercover agents posing as al qaeda operatives arrested rezwan ferdaus yesterday as part of a federal sting. they say he was -- thought he was wrapping up a weapons purchase for machine guns and c4 explosives. agents say the 26-year-old u.s. citizen plotted to attack the pentagon and capitol hill by using model planes armed with explosives. prosecutors will be calling michael jackson's former bodyguard to the stand today. now, yesterday, jackson's former personal assistant told a jury that murray made an:odd request shortly after the singer was pronounced dead. >> he said he was hungry, he haven't eaten all day or all night something to that effect, and he wanted a ride to get some food. >> and did you agree to give him a ride to get some food?
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>> no, sir. >> the bodyguard's testimony is considered crucial to prosecutor contentions that murray delayed call 911. murray has pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. new this morning a strong earthquake rattled northeast japan with a preliminary magnitude of 5.6. >> it centered off fukushima which was severely hit by the quake and tsunami in march you might remember. so far there are no reports of damage or injuries from today's quake. but i'm sure they were shaken up and scared out there. >> i can only imagine after what they went through back in march. time now is 5:04. let's check the weather. i can tell you one thing, it's been hot. >> it's been beautiful around the bay area. yeah. but that is all about to change folks as we'll see some cooler temperatures showing up beginning to see the fog and low clouds gathering along the coastline. that's a sign of that offshore wind breaking down. that means we have some cooler weather coming our way as early as today for a good part of the bay area. still going to stay hot in many of the valleys. it will take her to day or so for that cool marine air to work the way inland.
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so we are starting out very mild even warmer than where we're at yesterday at this time. 66 in san jose. 65 in oakland. and 63 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, though, these temperatures set to soar inland again up into the 90s so still hot well into the valleys about 78 degrees still pleasant and sunny in oakland about 90 in santa rosa and about 73 degrees still comfortable into san francisco. there is a chance of rain though in the forecast. we'll tell you when in just a couple of minutes. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> reporter: towards sunol word of a new accident that's already cleared to the right shoulder but it's 84 just west of sunol road. so we put up this map to show you it is a little bit sluggish in that area. out towards the bay bridge, everything is still nice and quiet here no delay this morning heading into san francisco. and checking out the ride on highway 4 so far no brake lights past hillcrest antinoro jock bridge traffic like usual moving fine this morning. it looks like a nice smooth commute towards pittsburg and concord.
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for silicon valley commuters westbound 237 looks great right there by the 880 interchange. quick trip towards san jose. back to you. >> thank you. 5:06. bart officers have a new crime- fighting tool. coming up, how it could really help protect the cops. plus, why a bay area teacher says he punished his student for saying "bless you" after someone sneezed. and do you need a little jolt of java to get your day going? it's national coffee day. where you can grab a cup of coffee and it's free. tell you about that -- well, that gives it away, maybe a little -- we'll be right back. ,,,,
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behind schedule out of lathrop due to earlier freight train traffic. a full look at the morning commute coming up. pg&e pushes forward with safety tests for their pipeline this time in the east bay. pressure tests will be applied to three miles of pipe from berkeley to emeryville. the pipes-mob -- the pipes will be mop toward for eight hours as part of their effort to assess the safety pipelines after last year's san bruno explosion. bart police officers have a new weapon a camera. the small cameras are clipped to the uniforms right on their chests and record everything from an officer's point of view. they turn the cameras on when they step into a situation that looks like trouble. bart is testing them out. >> we are trying to get more transparency and actually better protection for our personnel. here you have the cameras going to be the best evidence of what
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happens in the incident. >> cameras are the response to a criticism following two police shootings. they can't be tampered with and are uploaded to station computers every day. >> stocks looking good in asia. investors waiting for a key vote out of europe. they hole to stabilize the markets. nikkei finished up 1%. south korea's kospi was up 2.7%. and benchmarks in taiwan, malaysia and indonesia were also higher. wall street looks to be set for a higher open today after shares were declined after three days of gains to start the week. the dow down 179, nasdaq down 55, s&p down 24. so hopefully better times ahead but you just never know. you know? >> we'll be watching. that used to be a big day in the market.
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now no big deal. you remember the story of space junk? where did it land? we'll tell you the locatioof the fallen satellite. >> where you can satisfy your caffeine fix. at that store there and many more like it coming up. the mini heat wave ending. we have some major changes maybe even some rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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robbers wearing masks are hitting east bay businessesn in the headlines, robbers wearing masks are hitting east bay businesses in the early- morning hours. six hit a walnut creek gas station early yesterday. one fired a shot so no one was hurt. federal agents have shut down a terror plot against washington, d.c. they arrested rezwan ferdaus in a sting yesterday. investigators say that he was planning on on blowing up the possible and capitol hill. protestors are going it banks to protest foreclosures. they rallied outside a bank yesterday dropping off garbage collected from abandoned homes in their area. breaking news. we have just learned that shots have been fired at a bus in emeryville. we got off the phone with a spokesman from a.c. transit and they say the bus
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traveling near powell and san pablo avenue around 12:30 this morning and shots were fired. it was a bb gun or pellet gun and shot at the bus. there were six passengers on board. no one was hurt but a window on the bus was shattered. the bus is out of service. we'll have a live report coming up. good morning, bay area. hope you're enjoying the sunshine and hot temperatures. today changes as it looks like the weather should cool down a bit in parts of the bay area. the fog has returned and a cooling trend is in effect. we have some major changes in the next seven days even a chance of rain has moved back national forecast. so here we go starting out with some low clouds and fog at the coast, mostly clear skies in the interior valleys. this afternoon hot inland, not quite as hot. up into the 90s there.
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you will see plenty of 70s inside the bay, 80s at the santa clara valley and some 60s at the coastline with a little sunshine and yes, that fog has moved back in. southerly surge moving back in a sign of the offshore wind breaking down, more of a sea breeze kicking in coastside cooling down temperatures as high pressure is sliding eastward. guess what, we have this trough moving in our direction. that will help usher in cooler temperatures to begin with. by next week it looks like it may open the door for rain. how about this? 87 degrees and sunny in san jose. 90 hot in morgan hill. 67 degrees patchy fog and some sunshine into pacifica. 90s in much of the east bay by the afternoon. it will take another day or so before it will start to cool down. 73 degrees in san francisco. 78 in oakland. and 85 degrees in kentfield. next couple of days we are going to watch the temperatures drop off. over the weekend looks like we'll stay dry although we'll see a few more cloud and cooler temperatures. but by monday, tuesday and
5:17 am
wednesday of next week, the storm door looks like it's going to open up. chance of showers each of those days. hard to tell when right now but major changes coming our way. time to clean out the gutters a little early this year. >> storm door opening. >> can't wait! [ laughter ] >> i know you guys can but i can't wait. >> excited at a root canal? i'm saying cleaning the gutters is right up there with that. >> how about traffic, elizabeth. in san jose, our photographer has been standing by near the mckee exit. 101 still looks great coming out of downtown san jose quick ride towards santa clara so yeah, smooth commute across the south bay. and much better news now along the peninsula. overnight there was a full freeway closure in mountain view southbound 101 right there at rangesdorf. all languages were blocked but they picked up the cones and everything is going smoothly on 101 and 280. in fact all lanes all across the peninsula up and down and up into san francisco looking good.
5:18 am
bridge check, san mateo bridge 92 cruising to san mateo. and in the opposite direction eastbound traffic headlights coming off the high-rise looks good this morning toward hayward. that drive time 13, 14 minutes depending on how fast you drive. bay bridge toll plaza looks good into san francisco. once again another foggy commute across the golden gate bridge so watch out for that heading into the city right now. there's a couple of headlights there. they should have just done the lane change a few minutes ago but not too bad. other bridges across the bay area, the benicia bridge -- looks good on southbound 680 no problems at all towards martinez. and one more look at this accident, this is just cleared to the right shoulder. highway 84 just west of sunol road again just an accident there off to the right shoulder so no longer blocking lanes, may find some slight delays and once again for mass transit riders, ace train number one got a late start out of lathrop manteca. there was earlier freight train traffic so about 10 minutes late but we checked in with bart, good to go.
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muni metro, caltrain, ferries no delays. and, of course, remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. all right, elizabeth, thanks. 5719 your time. politeness will get you punished in one vacaville classroom. teacher steve cuckovich actually knocked 25 points from a student's grade for saying bless you to a student who had sneezed in class. the teacher says his policy has nothing to do with religion. he just doesn't want class time disrupted. >> in the old days, they thought you were dispelling evil spirits out of your body. so they were saying god bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits. but today what you're doing doesn't make any sense anymore. >> everyone has a right to their own belief but they don't have rights to impose those beliefs on other people especially not schoolchildren. >> the school says they don't condone the punishment. cuckovich says he is going to continue to discipline students who say bless you in class. he will just find another way
5:20 am
around it. if you are worried, turns out no one was at risk for getting close to the space junk. a dead satellite dropped into a remote part of the south pacific last saturday. experts say about two dozen metal pieceses from the main piece fell over an area over 500 miles. >> can you imagine if that hit land, though? >> oh, man. >> 200 pieces? that's a lot of space junk. >> can the biggest one was like 300 pounds or something like that. >> like a small piano? [ laughter ] >> hello? better news. it's national coffee day and that means free coffee. >> hooray. 7-eleven wants to give a fresh brewed thank you to all its loyal customers. they have even dubbed it cofree day. you get a free medium sized cup of coffee, capuccino or latte while supplies last. give you a little creme in the coffee, too. krispy kreme by the way, their
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doughnut shop is giving away a 12-ounce cup of joe all day, as well. so free coffee out there. >> a lot of stuff to do today. >> we have to run at 7:00. it is 5:21. one of the wildest days in baseball history. it was very sad though. coming up, highlights from the last regular day in i majors. >> i know, tough for you red sox fans. and aw, check this guy out. the pup's bay area appearance and his claim to fame. ,,,,,, ,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it was! not for the locals you walk in see frank in the garage head hanging spirit low. bad night in baseball. >> for some. not for the locals. the world series champion giants finished their season yesterday at home. outgoing managing general partner that's bill neukom got a nice ovation as well as carlos beltran taken out of the game so his average didn't dip below .300. we'll see if he comes home. the rockies take it 6-3. giants finish the year 86-76. four or five more wins they would have been in. oakland as closed up in seattle. gonzalez struck out 11 in eight scoreless innings and in the second jay miller hit his first home run of the year a two-run
5:25 am
shot that gave the as a 2-0 win. they finish 74-88. the as will open next year by the way against that same team, seattle, were a couple of -- were a couple of -- with a couple of games in japan. it was perhaps the most dramatic final day of the baseball season in history. tampa bay rays and the red sox. unbelievable. tied for the al wild card spot going into their final games. the yankees were playing the rays up 7-0. thanks to a couple of early home runs by mark teixeira. it should have been over. the rays battled back. longoria couple of home runs including this walkoff game winner in the 12th. they were down 7 runsth. they are moving on. right before that happen, rays guess what the sox had their backs against the wall they had to win. well, closer jonathan papelbon had something else in mind in the ninth. it was tied up at 3 with
5:26 am
baltimore. robert andino hit a soft liner that carl crawford could not handle. here's the playwright here. the bottom of the 9th you got a man coming in and that's your game winner right there. papelbon was down to two out the final strike no one on, all he had to do was fan the guy. couldn't do it. tampa bay headed to the play- offs. red sox suffered their biggest september collapse in baseball history! blowing a nine game lead as of september 4. atlanta did the same thing by the way. they lost and st. louis won so st. louis goes to the play-offs and atlanta much like the red sox are playing golf. >> that's why frank got no sleep last night. >> very sad. 1.7 million facebook fans as a profile in "time" magazine and now a best-selling author. >> we want to you meet boo. apparently the world's cutest dog. we have a little sale going. fans waited at the "w" hotel in san francisco just to get a glimpse of this 5-year-old pomeranian. looks like a little bear. boo's facebook fan page has made him a star and apparently he is now the author of boo, a
5:27 am
day in the life of the world's cutest dog. that's a good title. it was released a month ago. boo's book has sold out in a lot of bookstores showing you that people are crazy. >> complete with a very cute sweater. >> that is a really cute dog, i have to say. >> if elizabeth got ahold of this guy he would have snow boots on! [ laughter ] >> pretty could. a nice hat. that works, too. >> very good. 5:27. the people closest to the king of pop talk about the moments just after his death. the bizarre behavior from michael jackson's doctor coming up. >> and a terror plot targeting the nation's capital foiled. the alleged plan involving model airplanes and bombs in massachusetts. a rash of armed robberies in the east bay and in one case these guys took it a step further even pointing their guns at a customer. tell you about it coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. they're armed, dangerous on the loose how masked men are terrorizing late night stores at one bay area county. good old friend the fog has come back and that means temperatures will cool off today. still hot in spots, we'll tell you where coming up. live look this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good, but we have city street closures in san francisco. oracle world starting again. we'll have all the details coming up. thank you. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, september 29. good to have you with us.
5:31 am
i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5:31. we are following a developing story. shots fired in emeryville. they were shot at a bus with passengers inside. this morning, a.c. transit says the bus was traveling near powell street and san pablo avenue around 12:0 this morning. they believe someone with a bb gun or pellet gun took aim at the bus. the bus had six passengers on board. nobody was hurt. a window on the bus was shattered. it is now taken out of service. we'll have a live report coming up with stephanie chuang at 6:00. also, dangerous gunplay in the middle of the night. we have anne makovec in walnut creek and that's where a customer was almost hit by gun. good morning. >> reporter: a customer here in this valero parking lot in walnut creek was generally aquiet bay area city, a personal had a gun pointed at him and fired. that person was okay. but this is in the middle of a very creepy robbery if i may
5:32 am
editorialize a little bit, because these guys were wearing halloween masks and a hood. in this valero yesterday morning at 3:30, there were six of them all armed according to police. seems to be the same m.o. as we have seen in a rash of armed robberies around the bay area, taking place overnight. here in walnut creek, the six armed mask men on ygnacio valley road stole drinks and cigarettes from the store and one shot at a customer pumping gas. the latest robbery may be connected to an attempted robbery 24 hours earlier. three masked hooded men busted into a 7-eleven in pleasant hill on morello avenue but the clerk locked himself inside the bathroom, tripped a silent alarm and the robbers actually left empty-handed. we talked to some customers here at the valero this morning who were glad they weren't here yesterday. the. >> come here all the time a, coming here for years.
5:33 am
scary. people are crazy nowadays. >> right now it's between the court and dmv and police station a couple blocks away, i feel safe here. i think it was just a fluke. >> reporter: now, there have been about a dozen in the past couple of weeks here in the east bay, contra costa county, and so law enforcement agency are getting together now trying to share their information. we know here at this valero station they have a high-tech security system, color pictures they have shared with police. hopefully police will nab these guys soon. >> you mentioned this was creepy. i can't help but think of the movie point break. do we have any idea what those masks were of that these guys were wearing? >> reporter: i don't. some of them were halloween masks, some plain, some halloween masks and in some cases, people were wearing costumes but they won't say
5:34 am
what they were. police like to hold a few cards back so when they catch somebody it's easier to prosecute. >> thank you. bart police officers are testing a new weapon a camera. they have small cameras that are clipped to their uniforms and they record everything from an officer's point of view. if they enter a situation that has the potential for trouble the officers turn the cameras on. they are a response to criticism following two failed bart police shootings. the recordings cannot be tampered with and are uploaded to station companies every day. a warning about a manhunt in mendocino county. the sheriff's department is searching for a suspected killer in the mountains between fort bragg and willits. people in the area got reverse 911 calls yesterday afternoon. now, the warning came after a state forensics lab confirmed that a fingerprint found in a burglarized cabin is that of aaron bassler. the 35-year-old is believed to
5:35 am
have broken into other cabins in the area. one of them had a surveillance camera there that took a picture of bassler carrying an assault rifle. >> everybody seems to be that we are at some points closing in on him. >> i feel scared but i know that they're good at what they do. they will find him eventually. he's scared so he's being sneaky. >> bassler is wanted for two separate killings in august. the victims were matthew coleman and fort bragg city councilman jere melo. pg&e set to test the safe of its pipeline networks today in the east bay. crews will conduct pressure testing along three miles of the pipe from berkeley to emeryville. the pipes will be monitored then for eight hours. it's all part of the utility's effort to assess the safety of its pipeline after last year' san bruno explosion. and new this morningings a strong earthquake rattling northeast japan with a preliminary magnitude of 5.6. it's can centered off fukushima which was as you probably
5:36 am
remember severely hit by that quake and tsunami in march. so far no damage or injuries from this quake today. >> of course they are still cleaning up from that quake in the nuclear power plant and everything so imagine that rattled people's nerves in a big way this morning. >> i'm sure it did. back here at home it's been nice so warm. changes are coming. >> it was hot. it's about to get cold. in some parts of the bay area we have already seen some of the fog come back. looks like we are going to see more of that in the coming days and cooler temperatures. the fog surged up from the south along the coastline some thick down toward the surface. temperatures running into the 60s right now into san jose. also into fremont, very mild. even milder than at this point yesterday but by the afternoon, it's not going to be quite as hot. all right. the south bay looking at san jose checking in at 87 degrees, 86 in milpitas, 87 in santa clara, east bay numbers again up into the 90s but probably low 90s by the afternoon.
5:37 am
so hot but not as hot as it was. into san francisco should become mostly sunny and about 73 degrees. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. let's go towards the golden gate bridge. lawrence just mentioned all that fog out there. especially on the south end of the span you can really see it in our traffic camera here. headlights moving southbound towards san francisco. as i mentioned earlier, oracle world begins again. so there are city street closures in san francisco. howard is going to be shut down between 3rd and 4th streets beginning at 8:00 tonight and that closure continues all next week. so expect some delays and detours across that south of market area. elsewhere, ace train number one slight delays due to earlier freight training traffic. an attack on the united states ambassador to syria. supporters of syria's president
5:38 am
pelted the ambassador with tomatoes as he went into his office. the supporters tried to storm the office but staff kept him out. at last word ambassador are on the ford was still inside the office with about 100 pro- government protestors right out sight. we have new details this morning of another terror plot against the u.s. that's the result of a new government sting against potential terrorists. undercover agents arrested rezwan ferdaus yesterday at a storage facility. agents say the massachusetts man plotted to attack the pentagon and capitol hill using remote-controlled model planes armed with explosives. >> definitely could have been some fatalities but i don't think that you would have seen anything like hundreds of thousands of death. in many ways i think this individual was probably looking for some type of psychological victory. >> ferdaus will be back in court on monday for a detention hearing. if convicted he could face more than 50 years in prison. 5:39 now. prosecutors will call michael
5:39 am
jackson's former bodyguard alberto alvarez to the stand today. >> yesterday, jackson's former personal assistant told a jury that jackson's personal doctor made an odd request shortly after the singer was pronounced dead. >> he said he was hungry, he haven't eaten all day or all night, something to that effect, and he wanted a ride to get some food. >> and did you agree to give him a ride to get some food? >> no, sir. >> williams says murray told him that jackson had a, quote, bad reaction to the propofol blamed for his death. alvarez's testimony is considered crucial to prosecutors because their contention is that murray delayed calling 911. murray pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. state of alabama will enforce tough new immigration laws and it all starts today. university of alabama students protested the law yesterday and now authorities can question people suspected of being in
5:40 am
the country illegally and hold them without bond. plus officials can check the immigration status of students in the public schools in that state. a federal judge upheld those two aspects of the law yesterday. 5:40 now. coming up, it is the biggest risk factor for strokes. >> how just a slightly high blood pressure could be very dangerous. also ahead... >> he was my friend. he played with me. he was nice to me. >> a community grieves after a little girl killed crossing the street. what's even more shocking, the person behind the wheel. ,,,,,,,,
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we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas.
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i think it's more than that. i think that you care about me. you're a good friend. best friends? um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you. care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. ow. german lawmakers voted to ed the power of eur stock futures are rising this morning after german lawmakers voted to expand the power of europe's bailout fund. the move reassured investors
5:43 am
that the region is working to get a debt problem under control. the dow lost 180 yesterday after climbing more than 200 points in the previous sessions. one bright spot on the economy right now mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest level in a long time, decades. >> here to talk about the mortgage market and what to expect if you want it refinance our own jill schlesinger, editor at large for good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> just starting off, how low are these rates right now? >> reporter: the mortgage bankers association just released the last results. the average rate for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, this is for loans under $417,500 fell to 4.25%, wow, 15-year rates are at 3.47% and the five-year adjustable mortgage is under 3% at 2.95%. these rates are as low as they have been since the 1940s. >> some of the rules have
5:44 am
changed. you know? three or four years ago, jill, if you owned a car and had a dog you could get a mortgage. [ laughter ] >> now that's not the case. what do you go through to now refinance and, you know, should you do it? >> reporter: well, my friends who are dentists say this is mean to say but this is worse than getting your teeth extracted. the process is painful. it's really painful. but it save money, the pain really could be worth it to refinance. remember, air going to need at least -- you're going to need at least 20% equity in your home. for a lot of folks that's not possible given the current market but assuming you can get over that hurled, check your credit scores before you apply. you can get reports from all three agencies free of charge at what you're trying to do is spot if there are any problems so you can correct them before the loan process begins. and finally, run the numbers. i know we're talking about really low rates. don't focus only on the rates. you want to look at what you're saving and how quickly you can
5:45 am
pay off the costs of that refinancing. to help you out on, we have five refinancing mistakes anot to make. >> can if you can drop it a point plus, it's probably good to do. >> reporter: but those old golden rules are not necessarily working in this day and age so you have to run the numbers for your own situation. it may be that a half point can help you out because you can shave years off your loan. >> we're all for that, jill. jill schlesinger, editor at large for, thank you. >> changes there, changes in the weather. >> yeah. let's go over to mr. lawrence karnow, who said time to pull out your wooly sweater. it's getting to be about that time of the temperatures starting to come down in some areas of the bay area. hot inland but changes this morning already as there is fog at the coast. cooling trend has begun and yes, there's even a chance of a few raindrops in the forecast. headed outside right now, very
5:46 am
mild around the bay area, plenty of 60s inside the bay and the valleys. out toward the coast we have noticed some of that patchy dense fog. this afternoon, still a couple of clouds out toward the beaches, temperatures there in the 60s. inside the bay it will be milder, 70s there. still hot but not as hot in the valleys with temperatures up into the 90s. southerly surge of low clouds and fog, offshore wind has broken down somewhat and that's allowed for some of the clouds it move in along the coastline. high pressure now sneaking eastward. as it moves east, this trough is going to begin to slide in toward the west coast ushering in some cooler air into the bay area. the temperatures coming down, and by next week, it could very well open that storm door. 90s expected in the central valley, 80s in toward yosemite. 67 degrees partly cloudy into the monterey bay. temperatures around our bay looking at 84 degrees in fremont, 80 in san mateo and about 64 in pacifica. 90s still showing up in some of the valleys but not as hot as yesterday. and as you make your way inside the bay, expect a stronger sea breeze by the afternoon. comfortable but those temperatures are going to be down. next couple of days, we are going to cool down the temperatures even further.
5:47 am
much cooler over the weekend with a few more clouds across the skies and by next week, looks like that storm door could swing wide open. all right, let's check traffic now with elizabeth. >> storm door? sounds so ominous. gosh. let's go out and hit the roads. we are off to a nice start on this thursday morning commute. here's a live look near the dublin interchange. headlights moving westbound 580 nice smooth commute approaching the dublin interchange. let's go a little farther east. here's a live look at our first bit of changing color on our sensors. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass a little sluggish over there but overall not too bad for your drive through livermore. you can see it improve once you get closer towards vasco road. only a 15-minute drive time so far. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 through oakland past the coliseum. looks grade towardser downtown. once again another look at the bay bridge toll plaza, fastrak users get by fine. first exit in san francisco, we
5:48 am
have cameras all over the place, here's one near the fremont street exit, westbound looks good into san francisco. street closures near howard street, san francisco south of market area for oracle open world. those closures begin tonight at 8:00. and again, it continues all next week long near the moscone center. that is traffic. back to you. 5:48. let's look at the top stories on this thursday. a developing story out of emeryville at this hour, where someone shot at an a.c. transit bus with passengers on board the bus. nobody was hurt. a windows was shattered. the bus is out of service and an investigation is under way. robbers meanwhile wearing masks are hitting east bay businesses in early-morning hours. six of them hit a walnut creek gas station yesterday. one of them fired a shot but nobody was hurt. the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage could eventually stand trial. a federal judge ruled that jared loughner can be made
5:49 am
mentally fit and extended his treatments another four months. there has been no arrest but the investigation continues this morning into the death of a girl in east palo alto. a memorial is growing at the corner where the 6-year-old was struck and killed by a car can as she was walking to school with her mother. the driver was a teacher from another school. some witnesses say she may have been going faster than the 25- mile-per-hour speed limit. >> it's a tragedy because? my heart of hearts, i knew that that teacher would give her life for a child. you know? with all the confusion and stuff that happened this morning, could have been -- could have been some inattention involved. >> victim sioreli zamora was struck down by a vehicle. federal health officials say apeople who have canteloupe and don't know where they got
5:50 am
them from throw them out. 16 people are dead from eating taint canteloupe. federal health officials say the melons have been linked to an outbreak of listeria that came from jensen farm in colorado. at least 72 people have gotten sick nationwide including some right here in california. health officials say if you have canteloupe and you're not sure where you got them or where they're from, as grace said, throw them out. even if your blood pressure is higher than normal, you could be at a sharply increased risk for stroke. normal blood pressure is under 120/80. high blood pressure is 140/90 or more. and anything in between is called prehypertension. research shows people who are in that category are 50% more likely to have a stroke and 80% more likely if they are under 65. a good diet and exercise will hopefully get that in control. 5:51 now. coffee on the house. how you can get a little caffeine fix today. all you have to do is go in and they will pour a cup for you.
5:51 am
tell you where. punished for being polite. why a northern california teacher wants to toban his students from saying bless you. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
funny-shaped shoes, the f-tc has some news for you. if you thought the road to a better back side ran through those funny shoes, reebok is no refunding $25 million to consumers who bought those shoes that they thought would tone their back side. reebok said the shoes would firm and strengthen your legs and glutes but the federal trade commission says that was not based on scientific research. reebok disagrees with the findings but agreed to the settlement. >> might have been marketing research? [ laughter ] politeness will get you punished in one vacaville classroom apparently. teacher steve cuckovich knocked
5:54 am
25 points from a student's grade for just saying "bless you" to a student who sneezed in class. the teacher says his policy doesn't have anything to do with religion. he doesn't want class time disrupted. >> in the old days, they thought were you dispelling evil spirits out of your body so they were saying, god bless you, for getting rid of the evil spirits. but today really what you're doing doesn't make sense. >> everybody has a right to their own beliefs. but they don't have rights to impose those beliefs on other people especially not schoolchildren. >> bet that guy's a coach. could be wrong. school says it does not condone the punishment but the teacher says he is going to continue to do it but in a different way. if you haven't heard, it is national coffee day. and that for you could mean some free coffee. just got one of these from lawrence. 7-eleven says it wants to give fresh brewed thank yous to all of its local customers. they even dubbed it cofree day.
5:55 am
the offer is good between the hours of 7 and 11 this morning and krispy kreme is doing the same thing giving away a 12- ounce cup of coffee all day long. all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> how about a free doughnut, too? [ laughter ] >> i know. come on, kick it in. >> do we have a seven close to -- do we have a 7-eleven close to us? >> we'll have to check it out. >> i heard doughnut and you lost me. we have fog and low clouds at the coast this morning and still some hot temperatures but temperatures cooling down inland. and i think that trend will continue into the weekend big time cooling as we are going to see temperatures top out only in the 70s as we head in toward saturday and sunday. and by this next week, guess what, that storm door opens up. chance of showers makes a return to the bay area. there is a big game this weekend. don't forget, we have the new england patriots and the raiders! >> wow. >> mostly sunny skies, just a couple of clouds, 71 degrees. this is going to be a tough
5:56 am
game. this is a tough matchup for the raiders. they pulled off the upset last week but this would be something else if they could beat the patriots. i think we find out today whether it's sold out or not. >> i did my part. i'm going. >> you are? >> i'll be there. let's go out towards san mateo county. getting word of a new accident now just reported now you an ambulance hilt a deer. no injuries to people. can't say the same thing about the deer unfortunately. so the deer may still be in lanes. there may be some slight delays to traffic, as well. across the south bay, no big issues. i realize it's a little hard to see this camera at this time of the morning. very dark outside. but you can make out a few headlights. northbound traffic on 280 looks okay right now coming out of downtown san jose. and your ride for silicon valley commuters westbound 237 great coming out of milpitas. no issues there. and we have had one little mass transit hiccup this morning. ace train number one some slight delays almost 10 minutes because of some earlier freight train traffic but ace train
5:57 am
number 3 is on time. >> that patriots-raiders game, that's why i'm sitting here. i have to keep these two apart. >> come on. i'm a raiders fan. come on. not as big as this guy, though. we'll do our best. >> all right, thanks, guys. it is 5:57 now. in the next half hour we have a developing story to share with you. >> that's right. a shooting on an a.c. transit bus with passengers on board. also at 6:00: >> i feel scared but i know that they are good at what they do but he is better at what he does but they will find him eventually. >> a massive manhunt for a double murder suspect. how he avoided cops for a month now and why they are now hot on his trail. all coming up. an armed robber -- and armed robbers wearing halloween masks in an area of the bay that's generally quiet. we'll tell you about the robberies coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
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