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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. apple geeks have been waiting for this day anxiously for months. cupertino company is showing off its newest version of the iphone. they say it's faster and improved capability to handle wireless content and more. stephanie chuang is live in cupertino with more on what this new phone can do. stephanie. >> reporter: good afternoon. the media meeting has just
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wrapped up. some disappointed it's not the iphone 5. it's the 4s. but, you know, it is available for preorders starting this friday and then the next friday, the 14th, is when they will start becoming available. another big announcement out of this is that sprint indeed will become the third carrier for the iphone. at 10 a.m. the new ceo tim cook took the stage for the first time replacing steve jobs as the leader of an unveiling of a major product. >> the iphone has 5% share of the worldwide market of handsets. i could have shown you a much larger number if i just showed you smart phone but that's not how we look at it. we look at the entire market of handsets because we believe over time that all handsets become smart phones. >> after an hour of touting
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apple's accomplishments he finally announced the iphone 4s which is on the new operating system ios5. they decided to up great to the 4-s which looks the same as the 4 but inside he says is all different. as expected it has the a-5 chip a more powerful processor which will speed things up two times fashioner and dual core graphics, great news for gamers. the camera has also been upgraded from 5 to 8 megapixels and a 64-gigabyte model will be offered. when it comes to the success of apple's new products, some think it's less about the what more about the who. and that means steve jobs absence leaves doubt about apple's future. >> they presold a lot of this stuff so they will probably hit their numbers this year. we are worried next year when you get the full impact of steve jobs' departure and tim cook has done these while steve jobs was sick, but there was always that thought that he was
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going to come back. >> we'll have to see how tim cook does. he won't have much of a probe almost but going forward, how he will continue to lead this will be interesting to watch. >> reminders like pickup dry- cleaning... >> reporter: and a 64-gigabyte model for this iphone 4s will be offered for $399. 32 gigs for 299. 16 gigs for 199 with a contract. without one it's about $800. they also announced a new white ipod an upgraded nano that works as a clock and fitness watch in one. we talked about the intelligence assistance voice control feature that got a lot of buzz today. for instance, someone in the demonstration asked this demonstration -- do i need a raincoat today? and it literally responded by saying, it sure looks like rain today. so some folks disappointed about the iphone 5 not coming out but others excited about the new features available starting next week. back to you. >> well, that's pretty cool.
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let's talk about tim cook. were you you inside? did you watch this? -- were you inside? i heard it was more subdued, not as many people, that kind of thing. >> reporter: absolutely, frank. you know, tim cook we all expected him to have a much different style. he doesn't have that charisma that steve jobs has. i was not inside. we did have a crew inside. i was monitoring this though through our satellite truck here which had a camera inside. he was low key although he seemed to do the job. some people are pointing out that he is going to -- the company is going to need to pick somebody to be that charismatic point man in order to keep apple's momentum going. but again, today he did all right. >> well, it's all about the product, too. we'll see how the iphone 4s does. it sounds great. thank you. we'll see who gets one first. president obama is in texas today trying to win support for his jobs bill. it's going to be a tough fight.
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as danielle nottingham reports, lawmakers on both sides say his plan won't pass. >> reporter: president obama and vice president joe biden both hit the road heading south to settle president's job plan. the president is take his sales pitch to texas. he is urging lawmakers to approve the entire proposal including payroll tax breaks and new spending on public works projects. >> i'm very much looking forward to seeing congress debate this bill, pass it, get it to my desk. >> reporter: but that won't happen. leading republican congressman eric cantor says the jobs bill as a wheel is dead on arrival -- as a whole is dead on arrival. gop lawmakers want to break it up into smaller chunks and pass the parts they like. >> my suggestion to the president is that he put aside proposals for which we know there is bipartisan opposition. >> reporter: the senate starts work on the jobs plan later this week. even some members of the president's party say the bill
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does not have enough support to pass. the senate's number 2 democrat, dick durbin, says some members of his party aren't happy with some of the tax measures. others don't like the $447 billion price tag. the president's pushing lawmakers to find common ground. his own job is on the line next year. a new cbs news poll shows most americans don't blame president obama for the nation's economic troubles but 69% say they don't think he has made any progress fixing it. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. how does wall street feel about the economy? not good. down 178 points at this hour. investors really selling off today because of two major developments. not because of the weather. because greece announced that it only has enough cash to last through mid-november. and fed chair ben bernanke says the economy is covering a lot slower than expected. >> but not only is the dow down. it's cloudy out there and
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rainy. okay. today governor chris christie made a big announcement. he is not running for president. >> i have explored the options, listened to so many people and considered whether this was something that i needed to take on. but in the end, what i have always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. >> he went with his gut. the republican governor of new jersey said he wants to keep his commitment to the state of new jersey. a lot of conservatives not satisfied with the republican field had urged him to run. but he is staying put in new jersey. a man shot in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood has died. he hasn't been identified yet. police say a gunman shot the victim in the head inside a home on franconia street about 9:40 last night. officers arrested one suspect nearby shortly after that shooting. san leandro police would like to find this man. he is a person of interest in a triple homicide over the
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weekend. three people were shot to death over at a warehouse party. this man is believed to be 18 to 21 years old, 150 pounds and 5'7". the oakland city council will consider measures to crack down on gang violence including new injunctions in response to that august murder of a 3-year- old boy in a drive-by shooting in east oakland. the council proposed further injunctions in the spring but a new resolution could void that. there will also be a citywide curfew for kids discussed. amanda knox is on the way back to the united states. what the former murder suspect says is next for her in her hometown of september. plus, an east bay pot club gets a big bills from irs. why the operators say they unfairly owe more than $2 million. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. still plenty of clouds around
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the bay area. another storm is headed our way. just when it will hit coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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amanda knox is now on a plane heading towards the united states. >> she was set free yesterday when an italian jury overturned her murder conviction. as monique ming laven shows us, she was relieved. >> reporter: her face says it all. amanda knox is free. the 24-year-old smiled as she showed her boarding pass at a rome airport and headed home. knox's family friend giulia alagna says she spoke with amanda just before she left. >> she said i'm still not on my
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plane but i already feel like i'm flying. >> reporter: this morning monks said, "those who wrote, those defended me, those who were close, those who prayed more fee, i love you, amanda." knox looked calm and relieved today after an overwhelming night. knox broke down as an italian appeals court delivered her fate. jurors acquitted her of murdering her british roommate. knox was so overcome with emotion, police almost had to carry her out of the courtroom. two hours later, inmates cheered as she left perugia's prison. she had spent four years behind bars for the murder of meredith kercher. the kercher family spoke with reporters in perugia this morning and they said they are shocked, upset and still without answers. >> that's the biggest disappointment, not knowing still, and knowing that there are -- someone or people out there who have done this. >> reporter: knox's supporters in seattle watched the verdict and say they can't wait to have
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her home. >> godspeed and safe travels and see you soon. >> reporter: knox told the appeals court she wanted to return to her life, her future, later today she will. monique ming laven for cbs news, perugia, italy. a lost sea lion spotted crossing 101 over the weekend was suffering from a gunshot wound. veterinarians at the marine mammal center found out yesterday that she had been shot in her jaw at least a week ago. the animal was seen crossing the highway in burlingame saturday. rescuers caught her after she flopped off the broadway exit. veterinarians say she is now in stable condition. an oakland pot club has a big bill to settle with uncle sam. harborside health center says it just found out it owes $2.5 million in back taxes. operators got the news after a two-year audit under a special tax code. the law is meant to stop wholesale drug dealers from legally deducting business expenses while selling illegal
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drugs. >> the irs is claiming that we are a drug trafficking organization. >> state law allows medical marijuana. but it's still illegal under federal law. the dispensary plans to take legal action. a berkeley scientist has some really impressive credentials. >> doesn't get much better than that because he found out today he won the nobel prize for physics. kristy seifkin on his discovery that earned him worldwide acclaim. >> reporter: dr. saul perlmutter woke to a unique phone call, someone asking him how he felt about having just won the nobel prize in physics. >> my wife quickly pulled out the ipad to determine whether or not it was a hoax. >> reporter: but the call was no hoax. perlmutter and two other americans had just gotten the official call from the royal swedish academy of sciences when we arrived at his home in berkeley this morning. >> it's a wonderful piece of news. you can't hope for something like this as a scientist. it's just great. >> reporter: perlmutter and two
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others spent years researching the universe's expansion using super nova markers. perlmutter leading one research team and the other two on a competing team. >> we thought the answer would be wonderful and never expected that it is not slowing down. it's not at all. it's speeding up. >> reporter: dr. peril mudder is a physics perfect at uc- berkeley and also an astrophysicist at lawrence berkeley lab. the project that landed him the nobel prize stretches far beyond bay area institutions. >> many, many different cultures and -- and civilizations actually have contributed to the concept we now use in our understanding of the universe so it's really a human story going far back and it also, you know, recognizes what's possible to do when whole communities of science come together. >> reporter: peril mudder and the others will receive their shared $1.5 million prize on december 10, the anniversary of nobel's death. receiving the great honor doesn't mean saul perlmutter's
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research will stop. >> it's amazing how much we figured out but on the two- headed -- the other head, it's amazing how big mysteries are still left over and how much left there is to discover. >> reporter: kristy seifkin cbs 5. >> feel like you're back this school? >> a little bit. a proud cal guy right here. imagine being one of his students in. >> hello nobel prize winner professor, sir. growing health concern for children. >> what doctors are finding more common in kids that used to only be a problem for their grandparents. the rainy season getting started early this year. and there is a bigger storm on the horizon. we'll tell you all about it coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. still plenty of clouds around the bay area. we are waiting the next storm system, this one looks to be stronger than the one that moved through yesterday. let's take you outside now. clouds looking ominous over the city of san francisco. but looks like we're in dry period for the most part just some passing clouds and things will pick up later on this evening. that storm system just off the coastline, you can see some of the rain off the northern california coastline, right now the cold front bearing down on the bay area. it will bring with it more substantial rainfall overnight
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tonight. some places maybe over and ich of rain. so as we look toward the afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures mild, 60s and some 70s. winds will kick up. at the coastline, 20, 25 miles an hour gusting, it's going to be pretty good as this system comes through. tonight rain developing right off the coast here so it is going to slam right into us tonight and into early tomorrow morning. then it looks like it will begin to turn to showers. computer models picking up on it pretty well as you see the storm system coming through. the main cold front starting to impact the bay area about 10:00 tonight according to the computer models and then through the midnight hour it slides by and tomorrow morning scattered showers, even the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. so pretty interesting night tonight indeed, especially this early in the season to see this kind of storm. you're going to see a lot of rain out there so be prepared up in the mountaintops, of course we can handle this in all our creeks and rivers because things are so dry right now. temperatures are expected to be in the 60s and 70s today.
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over the next couple of days, it is going to stay a bit unsettled, maybe even a couple of lingering showers into thursday but friday and saturday we dry out, high pressure builds back into the bay area, and temperatures warm up. but you know what? they could even see a foot of snow above 7,000 feet in the sierra nevada. that's impressive for this time of year. >> just so you know, even with the new iphone 4s and forecasts, we are sticking with you. >> need forecast. [ laughter ] children are now getting diagnosed with a medical condition once only seen by their grandparents. dr. kim mulvihill on the consequences of high blood pressure in kids. >> what have you been doing to keep active these days? >> uhm....... i have been playing outside. >> reporter: 11-year-old oscar ramirez is getting a check-up at the healthy hearts clinic at children's hospital oakland. the visit includes taking a look at his blood pressure. >> 112/70 today. that's good. >> reporter: however, the
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picture is not so good for a growing number of children. new findings published by the american heart association show how overweight and obese children are three times more likely to have high blood pressure. >> and that blood pressure gets higher as they get heavier. >> reporter: the pediatric cardiologist and oscar's doctor says high pressure over time can lead to worrisome changes in blood vessels. arteries that go to the heart as well as the brain. and in kids, these changes can lead to chronic costly diseases. >> they are starting to have those vascular changes that will become cumulative over time and we're expecting earlier stroke, earlier heart disease. >> reporter: as for oscars, he is determined to get a healthier heart. that means more exercise. >> i didn't really like to exercise but now i do like it. >> reporter: like his mom says, just a little bit more every day. >> only a few minutes today and tomorrow, 20, more next day. >> reporter: oscar is also
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eating better. >> the things that i shouldn't be eating is pizza, hot dogs, soda, and candy. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. ,,,,,,,,,,
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