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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  October 9, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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no longer on hold. the praise and criticism over a new law that helps undocumented immigrants pay for college. and a dangerous trend for chewy gummy bears. how kids are using them to get drunk. "the nfl wouldn't be what it is today, if it weren't for al davis." plus - the oakland raiders take the field today without their fearless leader. raider nation mourns the death of al davis. it's 8:00 a-m on this sunday, october 9-th. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. there s a lot to talk about in our next half-hour... (chat about it's 8:00 on sunday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we've got a half hour, and it's filled with news. one of the topics, federal crack down on pot clubs around california. and we have the opening of voting on the mayor's race in
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san francisco. >> lots going on. going to be a big week. first a moment of silence today for the man who changed professional football. houston raiders players will be wearing black armbands to mark the passing of team owner al davis, who died yesterday, 82 years old. the cause of his death has not officially been released, but several friends said his health had really been failing recently. a tremendous loss is felt. many of them came to show respects at raiders' headquarters. although many fans had never met davis, they felt like they knew him. >> mr. davis embraced anybody that wanted to become a raider fan. i feel pretty privileged that he's been a part of this
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family. >> not quite sure how this will change the organization, but they do know that davis' success won't soon be forgotten. a message from his team would have been simple. just win, baby. you can see how the raiders responded this morning in houston. that game starts here at 10:00 a.m. there's new help this morning for undocumented immigrants at california college. >> governor brown signed the second part of his cream act this weekend giving students access to pell grants even if they're undocumented, the goal to help pay tuition, college and graduate school. >> we've grown up in california since we were three years old, and we've come to recognize that california is our home, and we want to contribute back to the state. >> about $14.5 million is being set aside for the undocumented students. that might sound like a lot, but it's only about 1% of the
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total. cal grants is their help now. it all comes down to interpretation of 209, which made it illegal for schools and employers to use race or gender preferences. brown says the interpretation of the law should be left to the courts and not lawmakers. meanwhile here in san francisco, early voting underway this week. so you can expect to see fireworks fly between candidates because starting tuesday people can cast their votes for the mayor's race and other contests like the district attorneys, department of elections and city hall expected to see it open up and
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allow folks to go in and start casting ballots, plus mailing out 200,000 ball lots, which could be about half of the entire vote taken. election is november 8. several candidates reaching out to conservative voters, and religious us affiliations a topic in the campaign. conservatives have criticized mitt romney for being mormon.
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rick perry calling it a consult. a poll shows 42% of people say most people they know would not vote for a mormon as president. republican presidential candidates joining us at ate 30 right here on cbs 5. locally a police officer who was behind the wheel hit a six-year-old boy on a skateboard last night around 6 p.m. on the 900 block of beaver street. the boy is at a local hospital, injuries not considered life threatening. new this morning an armed robbery at a pet smart injuries
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one man, the suspect still on the loose this morning. customers were still inside the store and the man took the money and fired several shots. the man is suspected to survive. the latest shooting in san jose marks the city's 35th homicide. it happened yesterday on the 800 block of south third street. officers found a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds. a man died at the scene. paramedics transported the woman to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no arrests made. a warning from police. teenagers using those chewy little gummy bears to get drunk o.
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>> there are a lot of online instructions on how to make it. many kids are trying it. the problem has gotten so bad in hollister police posted a warning on facebook. count me out. that is the word from high profile republicans in the race for the white house. still to come, what may be next for their political career. first a battle brewing over the state and feds. in the middle of it is california's growing pot industry. blue angels gathering. how many visitors are expected for this annual military event. it was a gorgeous day yesterday. beautiful clear skies, but today more clouds and changes in store for the start of your workweek. i'll have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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did ya hear them? the blue angels are the tell-tale sign that the military is in san francisco this weekend. hundreds of thousands of fans on the waterfront yesterday, the blue angels is the telltale sign that the military
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is in town this weekend. they're showing off for fleet week. they'll be back in the air this afternoon. nearly 1 million people expected to attend this event. under the golden gate bridge into the san francisco bay, the parade of ships sailed through yesterday. one ship was used to dispose of osama bin laden's body. beautiful weather for it. i think that brought even more people out today. >> what are they going to have today? >> actually, we do have to mention the other big event today is the italian heritage festival. talk about crowds. going to be crazy combined with the good weather. >> it is going to be good weather for them. that's good news. we'll see a little more cloud cover today, so maybe a little
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more difficult for you, but cloud cover helping to keep the temperatures lower. mostly cloudy start for the day. this afternoon temperatures pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. we're going to see the high clouds make their way in during the afternoon. so temperatures are going to break into the 80s in some of the far inland locations, big changes in store over the next couple of days. right now outside you can see bay area pretty much blanketed in fog, cloud cover, and we're going to see that actually linger for the next several hours until we hit about lunchtime, and then clouds pull back a little bit, some clearing, parts of the south baguetting a break, even the next couple of hours looking nice. later evening hours, cloud
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cover pushes back in into the inland spots. definitely plenty of spots because of the low, but for today it's mild conditions and lots of sunshine. a little bit of cloud cover to contend with. lots of 70s. almost 80 in concord. santa rosa at 77. san francisco will top out at 67 today. so a few degrees cooler in the city than what we saw yesterday. making our way into the seven- day forecast, we're going to see little bits of a cooldown, cloud cover making our way to the end of the week. it locks like our computer is not advancing to the graphic, but more clouds tomorrow and a warmup at the end of the workweek. gorgeous conditions today, enjoy and get out side. big changes in store for
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tomorrow. let's not forget the 49ers. there we go. >> lots going on. we've been talking a lot about this. california's medical marijuana growers facing a major crackdown. >> what did you make of this? >> actually, the justice department has done some of these things a few years ago. there's been some up and down. >> we're talking about some people that some people estimate can be as much as $1.2 billion worth of pot being bought and sold in the state of california. that's a lot of aspirin. the bush administration had this policy basically that if
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you got big, too big, and you started buying houses and mercedes, they were going to come and knock down the doors. people thought the obama administration was going to taper off on that. this week those letters that they sent out to landlords saying basically unless you close these down, we'll take your buildings away, some people thought that was the most threatening move they've seen out of washington. >> apparently some of those letters in 2007 also mentioned asset forfeiture. that is a standard tool that the federal government has having to do with all illegal drugs, and also pharmaceutical drugs, controlled substances that are being sold out the back door. similar set of penalties.
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>> i was talking with medical marijuana lawyers who say this is different because this is the justice department as opposed to the dea. this is a crackdown that's going on. >> deadline of 45 days. >> do they seem to be targeting specific type operations, or what is the thrust of it? >> i haven't seen a list of who they're targeting versus who they may not be targeting. >> it seems like a lot of huge operations included, but a lot of medium sized operations as well. it does seem to be people of all sizes, which is one of most surprise things to me. also the ease of getting a prescription might be in question. what seems to be the target here? >> interestingly, the u.s.
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attorney in northern california's language was very different from that little bit reported of what southern california u.s. attorney said, so i thought that was kind of interesting, and there are a number of communities in southern california that have been very concerned about the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries. so in a sense there's local officials who have clearly been talking to federal officials. >> and the irs is moving in as well. in terms of pharmacy law, as long as it's against the law on a federal level, but allows these clubs to exist statewide, that conflict, is there ever going to be a resolution? will we ever be able to go into a walgreen's and make sure the people that need it get it
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rather than people selling it or smoking it for recreation? >> that's the big question. when prop 2,151st came down, there was the question that the feds had about whether there was any legitimate medical use. the clinton's administration drug scar asked them to put out a report, presumably thinking the answer would be no, and to his great shock got a report published in '99 saying yes, there should be more studies. the government has made it a little easier to at least do studies. there are certainly legit legitimate uses of these drugs. the biggest fault i see in what the federal government has been
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doing has been petitioning several times to make it a schedule two controlled substance so it can be used in the pharmacy. i met as early as the late 90s with people in california who wanted to do things like skin patches for nausea. >> but it hasn't worked out. >> but you can have the lawyers making the moves, and i guess it's going to be heated up here. >> the lawyers have been making money out of this too. >> we appreciate you being here this morning. we're going to be right back. ,, ride muni every day. ,, i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"--
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high profile republicans who are not running for president. we ask former san francisco mayor willie brown... sarah palin says she's not in the race - but does she still count? we're talking about sara pay len not running for president today. we talked down with the willie brown. does she still matter? >> she counts and counts a lot. >> you don't think she's a liability? >> not at all. she's always been able to stay with her small constituency. she now knows it cannot translate into anything except
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a primary victory. >> christy, new jersey governor, says he's not in the race. >> he could very easily be the vice president den shall nominee. if he has any interest, he may well be the guy they tap to run second. >> this week we saw a protest on the flip side of the tea party. the message, enough with wall street give away. give us some jobs. >> that could be a powerful movement.
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>> they're going to run out there and say payroll tax extended, republicans got to buy that. they're going to say, how about the whole business of some incentives on the tax side for new jobs. republicans -- the millionaire tax is a different rate. that's going to be something they're going to have to do. >> a tough one to vote. how do you vote for the millionaires? you've got to vote. no one openly being caught
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defending millionaires. that's not a winning strategy. >> he did propose this with the health reform. rather than take something big that your critics can attack, you piece it off. in other words, you take one component after the other after the other, and you put those up to votes individually and then force the other side to have to say yes or no to something like do you tax millionaires or not rather than sort of cloud it around. it's an interesting strategy, and we'll see if they do this week in washington. >> there's still the mantra of no new taxes as well. >> but this is what splits that up. when you say no new taxes at all, everybody thinks, that includes me. if you split it around, it's not you, not me, it's the millionaire behind the tree. then it gets a little tough to say no. everybody wants to go after the rich thon deal. >> we're going to be right back. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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governor brown has signed the second part of the "dream act" into law. it's designed to help undocumented immigrants pay for higher education in california. and raider nation mourned the death of al davis. many came out to show their respects for team owner at the raiders headquarters. a growing of flowers, jers a lot of people coming out to show respects for al davis, the owner of the raiders.
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we're going to have a televised special right here at 10:00 a.m. >> "face the nation" one to watch. two great talkers join bob schieffer in washington starting here in less than five minutes here on cbs . and final check of the weather forecast this morning. it looks like it's going to be nice and a little cloudy. >> more cloud cover today, and tomorrow a very slight chance of showers in the morning hours. nothing like we saw last week. it will be cooler tomorrow and lots of sunshine warming to high 80s. >> clouds around blue angel time or clear? >> cloudy this morning, a little break and low clouds again. >> thanks for joining us this morning.
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